"The 100th Chapter of the Story"

Posted:  November 3, 2011

Sadly, Corey was gone before I woke the following Sunday here in mid October. I looked to my left to see Scott and Brennan spooning together so peacefully. They can deny they’re in love with each other but what I witnessed was pretty close to love, even though I’m pretty sure both don’t like the idea of being tied down and loved playing around. Now, I wondered how much each really did play around while here. I was pretty sure about Scott but had no idea about Brennan.

Entering the living area, Kris was still asleep with a sheet barely covering his naked body. I felt a little trapped at that moment since I had to be quiet even though it was just after 10. I returned to my room and jumped on my bed with my laptop to do a few things.

“You’re the best,” Scott said quietly, with his cock erect, while Brennan’s arms were wrapped around his tan body. He slowly removed himself from Brennan’s hold. Brennan moved but continued to sleep. Scott came and moved me over to sit on my bed. He grabbed my head and kissed me very passionately. It was hot but so wrong.

“Damn Scott, please,” I said quietly.

He reached down and grabbed my cock, “This motherfucker is one hot tool. One day, I want you and Corey to have your way with me.”

I pushed his hand away, “Scott, maybe one day we will. Just don’t badger me or Corey about it. All that does is make us not want to do it.”

He laughed, “Like you and Corey would ever fuck around with me.”

I closed my laptop and moved it aside. “As I said, we might. You’re seriously hot, not that Corey isn’t the hottest guy around, but you’re built differently.”

Brennan opened his eyes, smiled at us and left the room with his strong morning wood leading the way. 

“Scott, you can’t sit here and tell me you don’t love Brennan,” I said once Brennan was gone.

“I do love him, but I know we’re way too much alike. We both like to fuck around too much to be exclusive like you and Corey are.”

“You may have a point there. You two are perfect for each other since you’re both as bi as anyone around here.”

Scott chuckled, “We are bi for damn sure.”

Scott and I left the room to find Kris and Brennan sitting on the couch with the sofa bed already folded back up. We took a seat.

“This is some shit right here. My ass is the only one here that didn’t get laid last night,” Kris commented.

“You should have hollered,” Brennan laughed and slapped Kris’s bare leg.

“I was cool with it,” Kris stated. “I know my time is coming. I told Matt I’m just playing the field and not getting involved in a relationship.”

“It works for us,” Scott said.

“I can see that,” Kris said with the door to Colt’s room opening. 

Colt and Andrea walked out in their full glory to join us. “See I told ya they’d be naked.”

“Okay,” Andrea said. She sat down and gave us a full view of her nice body. Her brown hair was a little shorter now and she was still shaven downstairs. Her bikini tan lines were still evident across her body and average tits.

“Now if this is a problem or you’re uncomfortable with this, Andrea, let us know,” I said.

She smiled, “For me, this is heaven. I get to feast my eyes on five extremely hot naked college guys who really take pride in their bodies.”

“Damn right we do,” Kris said with his arms open wide.

“This is very cool that you five can do this and not think a thing about it,” Andrea stated.

“Why should we? We have the same equipment,” Scott said. “Do you think it’s odd or something?”

“No not at all. My roommates and I will do the same things some mornings,” Andrea stated.

“So what exactly are Brennan and Scott doing here or do I have even ask?” Colt questioned us.

“They stayed the night,” Kris replied.

“They’re both bi,” Colt said to Andrea.

“That’s awesome. Nothing wrong with that at all. I’ve messed around with my roommates here and there,” she said.

“You have?” Colt asked.

“You’re not alone then,” Brennan laughed.

I looked to see anger written across Colt’s face. “Mother fucker!”

“Colt, there’s not a thing wrong with it if you have. I find that extremely hot that a guy can mess around with another guy yet still know how to please a woman like you did me all last night,” Andrea said and kissed Colt’s cheek.

“So you’re cool with it?” Colt asked her.

“Dumbass, she just said she was. We’ve all fucked around with our roommates…” Kris said.

“Part of the college experience the way I view it. You really never know what you like until you try both,” Andrea said.

“So are you now trying to tell me you’re bi?” Colt asked.

“No, I’m not bi but I have experienced a girl or two. A few experiences don’t make you bi no more than it makes you and Kris bi. Now I don’t know about Scott and Brennan other there,” she replied.

“We’re bi,” Scott said. “I find you incredibly sexy and more so now that you’ve admitted you’re not afraid to try out a girl for the experience.”

“All I will say is I see why you and Brennan hook up along with seeing what Corey sees in Matt. Those are some really nice pieces of man meat you have between your legs,” Andrea commented.

“Hey! What about me?” Colt asked.

“Colt, I love all of you and not just your… your dick. I hope you love all of me not just the slit between my legs,” Andrea replied.

Colt kissed her on the lips and fondled her crotch, “I do love all of you, babe.”

We sat around and talked for a while longer before Kris said something about grabbing something to eat. Andrea said she had things to do and left us. We dressed and headed to eat. Colt was a little shocked by Andrea’s confession and scolded Brennan a little until we told him to drop it.

Back in our room, Kris suggested we start putting our heads together and make plans for the game the upcoming weekend. With our computers out, we began searching in earnest for a camping spot either near or on the way. We were about finished and had plans for a nice sounding park when Bishop came to the room. 

“Wassup?” he asked.

“Oh just finishing up organizing our trip… damn bro, you wanna go with us?” Kris asked.

“I guess but where are we going first?” Bishop asked.

“The game this weekend to see the guys play. It’s only like six hours away,” Scott replied.

“What the fuck?” Bishop asked with his arms spread wide. “Here you were going without me?”

“Sorry dude,” Colt said.

“So do ya wanna go or not?” Kris asked.

“Fuck yeah, I wanna go!” Bishop replied. “I’d have been pissed if you hadn’t asked me. So what’s the plan?”

Together, we gave him the itinerary of the trip. 

“Dudes, remember that lake house I mentioned a few weeks ago?” Bishop asked.

“Sure, but you said…” Kris stated.

“It’s done. Come to find out they were finishing up. It’s just on the outskirts of where they’re playing and just about thirty minutes from the stadium,” Bishop stated.

Kris looked at all of us, “Bros, we have a change in plans as of this moment.”

With Bishop added to our group, I counted eight of us going; me, Kris, Colt, Scott, Brennan, Shawn, Alex and now Bishop. We had asked Bryson and Garrett but they didn’t seem to be interested. We did have to worry about tickets even though Ted said he’d make sure we had them.

Once Corey returned, I suggested he and I head out and to be alone together. We found somewhere to eat and then caught a movie for a change. It was great since it was only us.

When we returned, we opened the door. Colt and Andrea were on the couch and making out passionately with Andrea’s top gone. “Where’s Kris?” I asked only to get a reply of Colt pointing to my room.

I opened the door to see a girl with dark hair and dark skin bouncing up and down on Kris’s hard cock. Quickly I shut the door.

“Thanks for telling us,” Corey said.

Colt broke his kiss, “What?”

“Kris was in action,” Corey replied.

“Dawg, just met Andrea’s roommate and he’s already fucking her,” Colt said.

“Yes,” Corey stated. Corey took my hand and led me to his room. He locked the door and came back with his shirt pulled off his body. 

I smiled and felt him lean in for a kiss. “We can’t be left out,” I stated.

“Left out or not, I need you again after a great date we had. I’m sorry,” Corey said.

“Sorry for what? Sorry for being my boyfriend? Sorry because you want to have sex with me? Sorry because you’re horny? Each and every time we make love I feel so privileged. I have one fucking hot boyfriend who I love so much and who loves me…”

“I do love you so very much,” Corey stated. “I hate to feel like I’m pressuring you to make love to me.”

“We’re lovers. Hell, Kris is over there fucking some girl he doesn’t even know. We do it because we’re in love…”

“And fucking horny as hell most of the time,” Corey said, taking off my shirt.

“If we did it every time we were horny, we’d fuck almost non-stop, or I would,” I giggled and kissed his chest. “We do it for the right reasons. We make love to each other. It has been fun since we’ve opened up a little but at the end of the day, we know who we love.”

“I’m proud of you for saying that. I worried if we were going too far in our messing around,” Corey said. “It sort of energizes me more when we’re alone like this. It’s hard to explain but it does.”

“We’re gay and enjoy the stimulation of being with others. We use that to please each other that much more in our sex.”

After some loving blowjobs, Corey put me on the bed. He separated my legs and smiled at me. He dropped his head down and began eating my ass with lots of tongue. The rim job was driving me nuts. I grabbed his head and pushed it forward, feeling his tongue slip into my ass.

“OOOO fucking eat my ass!” I yelled.

He glanced up with a smile on his face. “Yes I will.” He continued to eat and tongue my ass with such vigor and passion. I was squirming and yelping helpless.

“Just fuck me, Corey! Fuck me now!” I screamed.

In lightning speed, he lubed up his cock and my ass. With my legs on his shoulders, he pushed them forward with my bony knees near my face. My sphincter opened up to let his throbbing thick cock slip inside. He crushed his lips to mine while his cock went deeper. 

Once fully inside me, he leaned up and pulled back. He gave me a mischievous smile and rammed his cock hard into my ass. With the great force of his thrusts, I did move back but could feel all off him in me. He repeated the motion several times with me yelling and screaming. Not caring whether the walls were well insulted or not, my ass was on fire and felt the extreme friction caused by his repeated slamming. 

“Like it?” he asked.

“Fucking love it!” I said.

“Move off the bed and let me pound this hot ass some more,” he commanded.

I jumped off his bed and threw my hands on it to brace myself with my ass in the air. He grabbed my hips and slammed his hard cock back in me. I was expecting more but felt him lying on my back and kissing my neck. 

“Had to slow down just a little or I was about to nut,” he said.

I turned for a kiss and felt him fucking my ass at a very pleasing pace. With his strong arms around my chest, he sped up. We were both panting hard now and moaning with each push. He quickly pulled out and grabbed my shoulder. I spun around in time to have my face plastered with his fresh hot load. My tongue licked what was dripping downward. It tasted heavenly since it was from him.

I woke to an alarm in Corey’s bed to start out the week. He left me in the middle of the night to sleep in Colt’s bed. We did have very pleasing sex with only a brief interruption by Colt to get condoms and lube. While there, he said he’d sleep out in the living area, making it his first time to do so.

After showering, I walked into my room to dress with Kris sleeping on stomach. I was quiet as I could be while getting ready. Kris woke just before I left. 

“Remind me to lock the door from now on,” Kris stated, waking up.

“You’d think by now we’d learn that,” I said, grabbing my backpack.

“See ya later,” Kris said with me walking away.

After my first class with Toni, I walked to find Bryson waiting on me.

“Great weekend, huh?” he commented.

“Actually it was,” I replied.

“All except the parent’s thing. I could have done without that but I made it,” he said. “Tell me Matt, are Scott and Brennan an item or what?”

“Man, I don’t know. They say they aren’t but you can’t tell it,” I replied.

“I heard,” he smiled at me. “Nasty as fuck, but you’d probably thought the same thing if you saw me and Toni this weekend…  Dude, I’m falling in love with her.”

“You really picked a great one, Bryson,” I said.

“I did, and I know she’s really fond of you, but at least I don’t have to worry about you and her fucking around,” he joked.

“You’re lucky,” I joked with him.

I was waiting on Kris and was ready when Kris and Colt came in the room after our classes. Something just wasn’t right since they weren’t cutting up.

“Tell him, Kris,” Colt said.

“Alright I was gonna. I fucking bombed a test,” Kris said. “Barely made a ‘D’.”

“Oh well, you’ll have to study a little harder to catch up,” I stated.

“Matt, we need to get with our advisor sometime this week,” Colt said. “We can start registering for classes after 12 on Thursday.”

“I guess I have something to do in the afternoon,” I said.

“Now, I’m ready to work my ass off and get out some of this frustration. Colt and I were thinking of a light work out to get our blood pumping and then checking out to see if there was a volleyball game or soccer game for a nice change of pace,” Kris stated.

“If there are no games, with as many as usually go, we can start one of our own,” I said.

“Good point,” Colt said.

Sure enough after a good blood-pumping cardio session, Kris motioned to the crew which consisted of me, Colt, Bishop, Alex, Brennan, Bryson, Drew, Shawn, Scott and himself. “Basketball or volleyball?” Kris asked us.

Bryson piped up, “Basketball.”

I shook my head. Scott threw his sweaty arm around me, “Volleyball so we can all play.”

Bryson said a few words under his breath but agreed. We walked down the hall into the area where they had 3 courts set up for volleyball. We saw one was vacant and grabbed it along with a ball. Sure I wasn’t great but I was better at this than basketball. Spotting a few girls next to us perked up Kris. He pulled off his shirt as did most of us. While warming up, I could see Kris wasn’t paying attention to us. He left without saying a word and was trying to put on the charm to two very attractive girls. 

Colt leaned over to me, “Look at that shit. He thinks he can walk up to any girl…”

Kris came walking back with four. “They are finished and want to join us.”

Seven per side wasn’t a major ordeal. We split the girls up evenly among the two teams. Still Kris was flirting like there was no tomorrow.

We did manage to get in two games before we headed to the basketball court. Kris was in no hurry, adoring the attention he was getting, but most of us had caught these girls’ eye. We entered the basketball courts with a few open courts. Kris was nowhere in sight with us shooting around or should I say them shooting around. I had done okay in volleyball but basketball was an entirely different thing. 

Just before the game started, Kris came wondering onto the court. I was roped into playing since they saw Drew wasn’t much better than I was. It was a full court. I only thought I was sweating before we came in here. By the end of the game, my tongue was hanging out with my shorts soaked in sweat. 

In the locker room, not a one of us had one problem stripping down and heading to the shower. The open shower felt great with water flowing over my sweat covered body and hair. I did manage to check out Drew and confirm his status of having a little boy cock along with seeing Bishop’s cut smallish cock and Shawn’s smallish uncut cock with lots of foreskin and a large man bush. My thrill was seeing a black guy and white guy enter with two impressive size cocks and nice bodies to match some of ours. The white guy made me feel inadequate with huge balls while the black guy sported a nice uncut cock. I’d love to have seen his cock fully erect. With Kris near me, he had to jab me in the side and smile. He knew what had my attention. 

Entering the locker room, Brennan walked by me. “Damn, I only thought me and you were hung.”

“God, I know,” I commented quietly.

We dressed quickly and exited the locker room to walk back over to the room. Walking back, I couldn’t ever remember being this exhausted and drained. We came inside with Kris making me a protein shake from what little was left while the others went to their rooms. All I could do was down it and sit limply on the couch.

“Wore your little ass out, huh?” Colt commented.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I have to admit I’m tired as well,” Colt said.

“Fuck that bros! That’s what I call one hell of a cardio work out,” Kris stated.

“Whatever you say,” I said.

“Patricia and Nicole will be there same time tomorrow,” Kris said.

“So you know them on a first name basis?” Colt asked.

“I hope better than that. Now I don’t which one I’d rather fuck first,” Kris replied.

“Just fuck em both,” Colt laughed.

“I wish, and would do it too,” Kris said. 

That night all I wanted to do was lie on my bed and study, which I did until Corey came in the door. He laughed once Kris told him how tired I was. He did come and try to get me going even though his great kisses and gentle touches usually had me ready. 

“I’ll leave you alone,” Corey said, standing. “I’ll tell Kris to ease off a little bit in the future.”

I smiled at him, “Don’t do that. Maybe my body will become something you’re proud of.”

He sat back down and ran his hand up my tee shirt. “Don’t even kid yourself. I have guys busting their asses daily hoping they can achieve what you have, a lean hot body that I love seeing each and every time we make love.”

I kissed him passionately. To me, I was still a skinny kid like I was when I arrived here on campus. I knew my body was filling out yet was a work in progress where Corey and Kris were just tweaking their bodies to maximum hotness with Colt catching up to them. “If I wasn’t about to crash, you and I would make hot love right here right now.”

“I’ll jack off with Colt and satisfy that need,” he said winking at me.

“Be my guest,” I said and did hope he would.

“I was only kidding. Besides, Colt saves all his sexual energy for Andrea.”

“I wasn’t though. Corey, I can see the bond forming between you and Colt…”

“Maybe one day we’ll be as tight as you and Kris.”

I laid my head on his stomach. Even though there was no cushion, I felt so comfortable and at ease. The last thing I remember was him running his hand through my hair and lightly stroking my face.

Waking twenty minutes before my alarm went off, I felt so refreshed. I did notice how knotted my boxers were after sleeping in them and thus confirmed that I loved sleeping in the nude. While showering, my cock got hard as ever with thoughts of having Corey with me. I wanted to jack off but also wanted to save it for our next encounter.  

Walking into class with Alex, I spotted Ted. He saw me and waved me over. He stuck out his hand with an envelope in it. “Now they aren’t the best seats in the house,” he said.

“Dude, like we care,” Alex stated. “Thanks.”

“You better thank your friend Matt, Alex. Mike and Jerome are the ones who came through in the clutch,” Ted said.

“Thanks, Mike. I appreciate it,” I said talking across Ted.

He threw up his big hand, “No problem at all. Y’all cheer us on.”

Alex snickered, “Dude, you know we will.”

I opened the envelope to see 10 tickets. I handed two back to Mike but he said keep em in case we ran across anyone else who was brave enough to make the trip. 

Back early in the room, I hid the tickets in my desk drawer. Knowing I had a few minutes before the others came back I went down the street to stock up on some items at the health store. At first, I was lost as ever but was helped by a nice lady. The sticker shock got me at first but knew the guys would be happy.

“Sweet,” Corey rang out spotting what I had bought, tearing into a bar.

“Alright Corey, tell me you gave him money this morning,” Kris said, grabbing a bar.

“I swear,” Corey said and swallowed. “This is the first time I’ve seen him today.”

Kris with the bar in his mouth, “Yew did good.” He patted me on the shoulder.

“Thanks. A few things first while it’s on my mind. Remember we have got to get with our advisors, and I mean soon…”

“Fuck! We do!” Colt said.

“What’s next?” Kris asked.

“Ummm… Ted could only grab four tickets for this weekend,” I said and did my best to keep a straight face.

“You’re kidding, right?” Colt asked. “Now who is out and who is in?”

“All I’m staying…”

“Dammit Kris, don’t talk with your mouth full,” Colt said.

Kris swallowed, “I was about to say we almost have to include Bishop since he has a place.”

“We can draw straws,” I stated.

“It’d be four of you who didn’t care one thing about the game,” Kris said.

“Fuck that. It’ll be us three and Bishop. The rest can cry me a river,” Colt said and bit into a bar. “Damn, these are a little dry so they better be good for ya.”

“They are very good for ya,” Kris said. “Bros, what do we do now?”

I winked at Corey, “I still think drawing straws or flipping for it is the fairest way.”

“Yeah, it is. All of ya wanna go,” Corey chimed in.

“Fuck!” Kris exclaimed loudly.

I cracked a smile. “Oh by the way, do you anyone else who needs tickets? We have ten.”

Colt and Kris looked at each other. I knew what was about to ensue so I bolted off to the room and barely made it to lock the door. Finally I was able to laugh and could hear them banging on the door. I heard Corey’s voice to open up. I did and was tackled. I was bamboozled by my boyfriend. The three tickled me and had me squirming. 

“I’m about to piss!” I yelled after catching my breath.

It did the trick with the three getting off the top of me and scurrying. We enjoyed the good laugh since they did think I was serious. Come to find out, the game was of great importance with both teams ranked and may decide who won our conference, so tickets would be scarce.

Before leaving to head over to the Rec, the four of us secured time with our advisors with Corey needing to go late this afternoon.  We told the rest of the guys but a few had already been and left us in the dark. We had another great work out with Corey and Kris taking charge to train me, Brennan and Shawn.  

After Corey and Kris put us through hell, I was exhausted but in a good way. I did appreciate the extra pointers the two gave me to enhance what I was doing in the weight room. While we worked out, a few did come up to Corey and speak with him. He was a nice enough guy to help them out on his off day.

We hit the books hard as ever with relative silence other than one of the three asking for my help. It was nice to see we were in this together and for the long haul. We could have great fun, laugh with and at each other, but we were here for an education, which at times got lost.

After a nice dinner on campus with Kris giving me pointers on what to eat for some odd reason, we returned to the room with it being the four of us.

“Call me weird or kooked out but tonight, why don’t we all leave this room? Corey, you hang with Matt since y’all be apart whereas Colt and I go off in different directions,” Kris stated with his lip packed.

“It’s a great idea, dude, but what brought this on?” Colt asked and spit in his bottle.

“Before one of us blows up again, I thought it could be a great idea. For one, you, Matt and I will be together all weekend. A little separation won’t kill us,” Kris said.

“I have no objections whatsoever,” I said. “Kris is right. We’re such close friends now but getting away from each other every now and then might deter another massive fight.”

Corey looked at me, “You know I could stand to go to the store for a little while, maybe even the mall.”

“Sounds great,” I said.

With us parting ways, Corey and I headed off in his ride. He was all smiles driving to the mall first and then a trip to Walmart for some needed things. 

“You know I’ll miss you so much this weekend,” Corey stated.

“I will too,” I said.

“Let’s get this straight right now though. I know full well who you’re going with. If something happens, it happens…”

“If I can’t be restrained one night, then I might as well stay here.”

“I’m just saying in case.”

“Okay then. We have agreed to be more open in our relationship and I have enjoyed it.”

“I have too. So have you and Kris done anything?”

“Nope, it hasn’t even crossed my mind. Have you?”

“I won’t lie, it has crossed my mind,” he chuckled. “Colt has been pretty wrapped up Andrea though, so no, we haven’t.”

“Corey, since you are in way offering me a free pass, I owe it to you to offer the same. It’s part of being open.”

He laughed, “It is but who’s left for me?”

“Get real, boyfriend. I saw you at the Rec Center. Test one out and give me a full report so we can have candidates,” I said.

Corey nearly rear ended the car in front of us. The look on his face was priceless. “Fuck, I just about had a heart attack.”

“I meant it though.  We only live once,” I said.


First, thanks for reading the next chapter in my story.   I hope you're not bored with it yet.   Second, you noticed this is NO. 100.  Hard for me to believe I could write a story this long that so many of you enjoyed.   It is truly a labor of love.  I'll say it again but it couldn't have possible with all my great and loyal readers.  I greatly have appreciated each email that I have gotten over each chapter.  I couldn't have done it as well without Andy and Big D's help.   Not only have they written fine stuff to compliment the story, they are always encouraging me.  I owe them a lot.   Over the next several days, they  wanted to celebrate the occasion and have written so great stories.