Posted:  November 1, 2011

Standing around with Kris’s parents talking to Colt’s, I began to wonder where Mom was. So far, not many of our friends had shown up since they had their parents coming to visit as well. We stood around and started eating when Corey spotted his mom Marie and step dad Larry coming across the parking lot. Since we knew them already, he walked with them to introduce them to the other parents. 

Finally, I got a call from Mom. She said she couldn’t believe the traffic and wanted to know where we were at. I gave her directions and hoped she could endure the walk. 

Jenny came over, “Matt, where’s Linda?”

“She’s coming.”

“I called her but she insisted on driving. She did sound very happy with Vince what little she told me. Is he coming?”

“I don’t know if he is,” I replied with a shrug.

After a little longer, I saw Mom walking across the parking lot with Vince by her side. It was a nice surprise to see him as well. I met them in the lot and knew who I wanted them to meet first and foremost. I found Marie and Larry eating. I interrupted, “Marie, this is my mom.”

She stood and embraced Mom, “It is so nice to finally meet you, Linda. Corey brags and brags about you and how well you treated him all summer.”

“It was nothing,” Mom said. “Corey’s a fine young man.”

“I’ll let y’all talk for a few minutes,” I said with Corey coming over. I stayed around while Corey talked with them. While we were talking, Colt’s parents came up and introduced themselves.

“What a fine looking group of young men we have,” Bob stated.

“I’d say so,” Marie said.

I told Corey I needed my camera and raced to the room to grab it. It took a little longer than I wanted since I had to find new batteries for it plus grab the shirt for Mike, who we hadn’t seen as of yet. I returned with everyone sitting around as a group with Scott now with us. I did get to meet his mom and Dad along with his younger sister while Trevor didn’t come. The parents had plenty to talk about while we held our breath hoping nothing bad would emerge while we ate. I snapped lots of pictures and made sure I got each set of parents.  

Finished eating, I grabbed Mom by the arm and insisted she come see my room. Corey did the same to his mom and Larry as well. We entered and climbed the stairs. Our hall was filled with all kinds of people as we entered the room.

“Matt, this is really nice,” Vince said. “Way better than anything I had in college.”

“I expected it to be so junky you couldn’t walk around,” Larry laughed.

“Matt keeps it clean for us or else it might look like that,” Corey stated.

“No wonder you never come home, Corey. You have it made here,” Marie stated while looking around. “This is really nice.”

Mom walked over and opened the fridge with Marie right behind her. “Not much in there.”

“I expected it to be full of water and beer,” Marie said.

Corey looked at me. I smiled and winked at him. I had put the beer away since I knew they would be looking. Not that they really cared that much but you never know. 

Our door opened with Kris having Mike by the arm. “Mike wanted to thank you for getting him a shirt.”

I smiled and could see he was already wearing it. “Kris, there may be one more cap in the room, too.”

“You’re nice, Matt,” Mike said and gave me a hug.

“I was wondering where you were,” I said.

“His parents missed out on their spot but he had to come find us,” Kris said.

Corey and I showed them our bedrooms and bathroom, thus ending the tour. Kris and Mike left with Kris telling us they were heading over to the stadium in about twenty minutes. 

Corey and I sat in our living area with our parents. They talked while Corey and I listened. I was more than pleased seeing them interact like they had known each other forever.

For one time in my life, I walked to a sporting event with my Mom. Vince was anxious to watch our team play and said he enjoyed college football. Corey and his mom trailed behind us.  We separated once we were at the game and knew we’d meet up with them afterwards.

The game was great. Our team took an early lead and gave it back right before halftime. The second half, our team dominated the game and won it easily. Ted had his usual great game with no telling how many tackles, while Luke did his part as quarterback.

We met our parents at the assigned spot and walked back them to our room. They mentioned they could attend a parent’s meeting at the arena but wasn’t sure if they wanted to at this point.

Kris and his parents were in the room when we returned. Jenny had leftovers since our number was down from the previous week. Colt and his family came in as well and started eating.   We talked about the game while enjoying the leftovers. 

“Colt, I see you’ve been a great influence on Matt and Corey.  You have them going to the game,” Bob stated.

“Dad, they’ve been to every game I have. Matt’s going with us next weekend, too,” Colt stated.

“Really?” Bob asked.

“Matt that is great. Keep Kris in line for me,” Walt stated. “Bob, why are you surprised Matt is going?”

“Oh you know what they say about those gay guys…” Bob said.

Colt stood, “Dad, you don’t like them because they are gay. He had this preconceived notion in his head about them before he ever meet them.”

“I did but I was wrong, alright?” Bob said.

Colt’s mom spoke up, “Maybe we should be getting back shortly.”

“Yeah we should,” Bob said. “Chase, you and Tabor finish up so we can get back.”

They finished eating. Chase did say next game he and Tabor would be back to stay with his dad pulling on his arm to leave. Going out the door, they said thanks to me. As soon as they left, Colt headed to his room and shut the door. We sat in silence.

“Man, I never knew Colt’s dad was so homophobic,” Kris stated. “I better go check on Colt.”

“Good idea,” I said. “Come on Corey, we need to as well.”

The three of us entered the room with Colt sitting on his bed.  “Fucking pisses me the fuck off!”

“Chill, Colt,” Kris said. “It pisses me off too. Last weekend they couldn’t have been any nicer.”

“I don’t get it,” Colt said and put his face in his hands.

“Colt, I know it’s not how you feel,” Corey said.

The three of us walked over and hugged him. “Colt, we know that wasn’t you,” I said, with Kris and Corey on each side of him while I was in front.

“Man, if that ain’t true friendship, I don’t know what is,” I heard Walt’s voice.

“Yeah Dad, Colt is pissed off,” Kris said.

“I was really embarrassed for you, Colt. I had to bite my tongue a few times earlier today.”

“Why? What did he say?” Colt asked, quietly.

“Well he was trying to be nice about it but said Matt and Corey were nice guys for being gay. He then said something about he didn’t understand why you would wanna room with them,” Walt replied.

“Now, I’m even more pissed off. He knew damn well about them and has known for a year now but never said one word about it. Now he meets them and suddenly he can’t believe I’m rooming with two gay guys. What the fuck?” Colt said. “Excuse my language.”

“Kris is the same way. Sometimes, out sight is out of mind,” Walt stated while the others came walking in.

“Is everything okay?” Jenny asked.

“Colt’s really disappointed and pissed off at his dad,” Kris replied.

“All I’ll say is I got to witness some really true friends.  The three were in here consoling Colt,” Walt said. 

“Hey we do fight like hell sometimes but in the end, we all love each other like brothers should. Now if anyone tried to mess with us, they’d have three others to mess with too,” Kris said.

“Guys, I’m really sorry for the way Dad acted today. I knew he wasn’t real fond of gay people but I didn’t get the full grasp of it until today. I’m really sorry all you parents had to see and hear that,” Colt said.

“All I know is I really don’t know any of you and just met Matt but I have a ton of respect for all of you now,” Vince stated. 

“It’s been hard on Marie and me to accept Corey. We fought it like hell not to accept and think he would change but in the end we love him to death. We’re not great parents by no means,” Larry stated.

“I love you too,” Corey stated.

We moved out of the small bedroom and returned to the living room with our parents. We talked a little more. I got a few more pictures and then had the parents sit around to see all of our great photos. We had tons of laughs even at some of the more lewd ones. 

Our parents probably stayed longer than they had planned. Of course they had missed the meeting for parents and didn’t ever mention it. We said goodbye to them with Mom and Vince having plans to follow Walt and Jenny home. It was just past eight thirty by the time they were gone.

“Corey, your parents were angels compared to mine,” Colt said and still wasn’t real happy.

“Yeah, I guess they were,” Corey said.

“Here you worried about them?” I said clinging to his big arm.

“Bros, y’all didn’t get to close to Larry then. I could tell he had been drinking,” Kris said.

“All I could smell was those mints he was eating,” Colt said.

Corey rolled his eyes, “Then he was drinking. He eats those to disguise the alcohol. No wonder Mom grabbed the keys when they were leaving.”

“Speaking of Larrys,” Kris said. “Where was your dad, Matt?”

“You know until you said that it never struck me that Corey’s step dad and my dad have the same first name…” I laughed.

“Then you two fuckers were destined to be,” Colt joked. “So where was he?”

“Oh he said he had plans,” I replied.

“Yeah Matt didn’t spring it on him until Thursday night,” Corey said.

“I’m just glad that shit is over and done with. I see why we didn’t do it last year,” Colt said.

“I didn’t know about it last year,” Kris laughed. “I don’t know shit that goes on here. So is there anything y’all been keeping from me such as events I should be aware of?”

I rubbed my chin, “Not really but I’ll check the school calendar to see. You know there are always free movies on Thursday night here.”

Kris whipped his head around, “No shit! Thanks for telling me.”

“Like you could pull yourself away from here and go,” Colt joked.

Kris laughed, “Ummm… maybe one night we could do that. Besides, half of our games are on Thursday night as it is.   Alright, do I have to even ask who stashed away our beer supply?”

I raised my hand, “I did. I know they probably wouldn’t have cared.”

“Good thinking though,” Colt said. “I saw my mom taking a peek in there. So where are they?”

“In my closet,” I replied.

“Great now they are warm,” Kris said. “Still warm beer beats no beer.”

“I’ve got a bottle of Jim Bean hidden if you want that,” Corey stated.

“You dawg. Hell yeah, break it out,” Kris said. “Matt, did you know?”

“Well… I thought so,” I replied.

“I haven’t drunk it just yet. I kept it for those needed moments. Colt has had more drinks out of it than I have,” Corey said.

“Damn, you knew?” Colt laughed.

“Well yeah. I can tell when someone has broken the seal and had a drink or two,” Corey laughed.

I went to grab the warm beer while Corey retrieved his bottle. Colt snatched one from my hand and opened it. He took a big drink and let out the loudest belch ever. Kris had to get in the act and do the same. There was no way I was drinking a warm beer. I did taste Corey’s drink but didn’t care for it.

We were sitting with the TV going when Scott didn’t even knock and came in the room with Brennan. 

“Whoever came up with the idea of Parent’s Weekend can kiss my white ass!” Brennan yelled.

“Oh wait ‘til you hear Colt’s story,” Kris stated.

“Can’t be any fucking worse than your dad calling you out and saying you enjoyed being a cock sucker, could it?” Brennan asked. “Give me that fucking bottle, Corey!”

“Seriously, he did?  First question is how did he know?” Kris asked.

“Well… he and I had a long discussion one weekend. I came clean, said I was bi and enjoyed sex with both. He said it didn’t matter to him since he was a player in his day. Hell, he let me have girls over this summer. Then in front of Alex’s and Drew’s parents he just ask me if I was sucking dick or eating pussy,” Brennan said before taking a big chug. He wiped his lips and shook his head.

“Mine wasn’t that bad but my Dad showed his homophobic side like never before and embarrassed me to death,” Colt stated. “He went on about poor Corey and Matt. I guess mine pales in comparison to yours. So what did you say?”

“What could I say? I laughed it off. Before he left, I gave him a good piece of my mind too,” Brennan said. “Fine, ask me in private but don’t do it in front of the others.”

“That really sucks,” Kris said.

Brennan was shaking his head. We sat around and continued to talk. We asked Colt about his girl but he said Andrea was tied up all night with her parents. Finally before midnight, she came down to see Colt. They left and went to his room after talking with us for a while. 

“Kris, looks like the couch is ours tonight,” Corey stated.

“I suppose it is,” Kris said.

A few minutes later while I was coming out of the bathroom, Scott intersected me and pulled me into my room. “Dude, is there any possible way Brennan and I could use one of these beds tonight?”

“What about your room?”

“Well… I thought about that but I think Shawn is in my bed tonight with Bryson and Toni in his room. Garrett is holed up with his guy. Please, Matt. I’ve seen you in action and you’ve seen me,” Scott stated.

“Okay, I guess you could but keep to yourself,” I said.

“I did it before. Seeing you and Corey fuck adds to the pleasure,” Scott laughed. “Thanks for being a good friend.”

I smiled with us walking back out. Kris was heading to the room while Corey was pulling out the bed. I grabbed Kris, “You’re sleeping out there tonight.”


Looking up, “Ummm… Scott and Brennan wanna use a bed tonight.”

Kris smiled, “I see now. A fucking foursome, huh?”

“Not hardly,” I said.

“Okay then. Y’all have fun,” Kris said and stripped off his clothes.

Scott and Brennan were admiring Kris’s sculpted naked body. I hate to say it but I do every time even though I should be used to seeing it. I can admire it but love the fact I get to worship Corey’s naked body regularly.

We shut the door with me locking it. Scott was out of his shirt with Brennan kissing his neck. Corey pulled me close and let his hands massage my ass under my jeans. I pulled him by the neck for a kiss with our tongues battling.

I quickly pulled Corey’s shirt off and noticed Brennan and Scott looking at his amazing body, which easily rivaled Kris’s. They smiled and walked over to Corey, approaching him from either side. They both leaned in to kiss him on the lips and then bent down to each take a nipple into their mouths.

With those two working Corey’s chest, I dropped to my knees and worked on undoing his pants, pulling them down along with his boxers until his thick, hard cock was bouncing in the air in front of my face. Corey’s moans were filling the room as I leaned in and licked a bead of precum from his cock.

Staying on my knees with Corey naked in front of me, I reached up and pulled down Brennan’s pants too, his big uncut cock slapping against his stomach when it broke free of his boxers. When I pulled Scott’s jeans down all three of us gasped, seeing him wearing one of the pairs of hot briefs he bought when we went shopping earlier in the year. They showed off his body perfectly, his hot muscles and his hard cock bulging.

Corey and Brennan dropped to their knees too and all three of us battled each other to be the one to pull Scott’s briefs down. It was pretty funny and had us all laughing, with Scott having a huge smile on his face, seeing the effect he was having on us.

When we finally got Scott’s briefs off I stood up, as did Brennan, but Corey stayed on his knees. He looked mesmerized as he looked at all three of our cocks.

“Damn!” he said. “Look at those hot cocks. This might sound strange but if Scott and Matt’s cocks could have a baby, Brennan’s carrying it.”

We all burst out laughing, but it was true in a way. Scott had a good sized uncut cock, I had my eight inch cut cock and Brennan had an eight inch uncut cock. Even though Corey had sucked Scott before I could see he was eager to experience one of the uncut cocks again, so I dropped back down to my knees and took hold of Brennan and Scott’s hard cocks, pulling them together so they were side by side. I smiled at Corey and we both leaned in, licking around the two hot cocks together, before I turned Brennan to face me, sucking his hot cock, loving the different feeling it caused in my mouth, especially with the size.

Corey was sucking Scott’s cock for a little while and then we switched with Corey easily swallowing Brennan’s whole dick after practicing on my cock, which really seemed to get Brennan going because he pulled Scott away from me and threw him onto Kris’s bed.

I walked up to Corey and we kissed deep, traces of Scott and Brennan’s precum on our tongues. I pushed him down on the bed so he was in a sitting position and went down on him. In this position I could only see my boyfriend’s thick cock but I could hear moans coming from behind me and knew something hot must be happening with the way Corey’s cock was throbbing and how he kept softly saying “fuck” under his breath.

When I pushed Corey back on the bed and lubed up his thick cock, I turned to see Scott riding Brennan’s covered dick, with Brennan pulling apart Scott’s cheeks so we had a clear view of his big cock sliding in and out of Scott’s hot hole.

Corey and I just stroked out cocks, watching the scene in front of us as Scott and Brennan were kissing passionately and really making out as Brennan continued to fuck up into Scott’s ass with Scott driving himself down on the hard dick.

Using some lube to get my ass good and ready I got on the bed on all fours with Corey moving in behind me and pushing his bare dick inside my ass. From our position we could continue to watch what Brennan and Scott were doing while still enjoying the pleasure of having sex with each other.

Corey’s dick felt so good inside me as he held onto my hips and started thrusting in to me. Scott’s back was to us as he continued to fuck himself on Brennan’s cock but Brennan was looking over Scott’s shoulder, his eyes focused directly on where Corey’s thick cock was starting to drill my ass.

I always loved the feeling of Corey fucking me hard and he was really delivering this time too, but there was something even hotter about watching a real life porno unfold before your eyes while also taking part in one for someone else. Corey seemed more aggressive than usual but he wasn’t hurting me, he was just really fucking me hard, his hips hitting against mine, our balls bouncing off each other.

We were really getting in to it, with me pushing back against Corey as he drove his dick into me hard, making me moan, when we saw Brennan almost throw Scott off him so Scott was on his back on the bed. Brennan climbed on the bed and grabbed Scott’s legs, pushing them up until Scott was almost bent in half, his feet actually touching the mattress on either side of his head, his ass pointing straight at the ceiling. Brennan then stood so he was straddling Scott’s prone body and aimed his dick down at Scott’s hot hole which was visibly twitching.

Corey pulled out of me and we both turned to watch in awe as Brennan sank his cock deep inside Scott’s upturned ass, pushing in until he was balls deep and his knees were bent. Scott screamed out in pleasure. Brennan straightened his legs, which pulled his dick up, almost out of Scott’s ass and then he bent his legs again, plunging his dick back inside Scott, going faster and faster until he was really fucking him.

I don’t think I had ever seen anything hotter. I pulled Corey to me and kissed him deep. Turning my head I saw Brennan’s eyes were on us as he continued to fuck Scott. Corey pushed me down so I was on my back and shoved his dick back inside me, making me scream. I wrapped my arms around him as he looked into my eyes with wild lust and started to pound my ass. He was fucking me so hard I could barely hold on to him.

Corey pushed my legs up to get better access to my ass, pushing himself up into a press up position so he could really drill my ass with his thick cock, grinding his hips against mine. His dick was moving smoother in my ass than it sometimes did but I knew that was because he was so turned on he was leaking untold amounts of precum into my ass which was acting as extra lube.

“OOOO fuck! Fuck me Corey!” I yelled as he continued to fuck me hard. He wasn’t making love to me, he was fucking me like a common whore and I loved it.

“Yeah, fuck his ass, Corey!” Brennan shouted from across the room.

Corey continued to fuck me hard and deep, really pounding my ass, his hips slamming against mine. I had never seen him so worked up but I loved the results because he felt so good inside me. Opening up our relationship a little was definitely a good thing.

Brennan then suddenly pulled out of Scott’s ass and pushed him so he was flat on his back with his head over the edge of the bed. He grabbed Scott’s ankles in his hands and moved them up so Scott was spread eagled below him before driving his cock back in Scott’s already well fucked ass.

Scott’s head was upside down but by the smile on his face and delirious look in his eyes I could tell he loved every second of the good hard fuck that Brennan was giving him and I wondered what other things they did together.

Corey suddenly pulled out of my ass and lay down on the bed. I got the hint without him having to say a word and straddled him, sitting my ass down on his thick cock to start riding him. From this position we could both easily turn our heads to see how hard Brennan was fucking Scott, almost sending him flying off the bed.

I was driving my ass down onto Corey’s cock and he sank flat to his back, holding on to my hips so that he could shove his dick up into me with all the force and strength he could muster, really bouncing me up and down on his thick cock. It was amazing.

All four of us started moaning and screaming, the sounds filling the room but it was Scott who was the first to blow, without touching himself, firing off one hell of a load that shot so far out of his cock it coated his face and some even landed in his open mouth that hung wide open as he panted, trying to catch his breath.

Brennan quickly pulled out of Scott and ripped off his condom, moving to straddle Scott’s chest, with a few strokes he took aim and shot his load all over Scott’s face, covering him with even more cum.

I was close and I felt Corey’s grip on me tighten so I knew he was too. We made eye contact and he had a really devious grin on his face. Suddenly I knew what he wanted to do. I nodded and pulled myself off his cock with a pop. We both got up off the bed and walked over to where Scott was still laying. We each grabbed our cocks and frantically jerked, cumming at exactly the same time and flooding Scott’s face and mouth with a third and fourth load.

Corey, Brennan and I all started laughing as we looked down to see Scott’s delighted face covered in more cum than I had ever seen anyone ever take on their face. We all leaned down and licked some off his cheeks and forehead, not knowing whose cum we were eating, before coming together for a hot make out session where we all kissed and shared some of the cum.

We cleaned ourselves up and got into bed. Scott cuddled up to Brennan’s chest and looked so sweet, he was asleep in seconds. Brennan smiled and closed his eyes as Corey pulled me close to his body and we fell asleep in each other’s arms, totally spent and completely satisfied.


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