Posted:  October 29, 2011

On a cloudy day with it raining on and off here one Tuesday in October, I had a
productive day. Being a good roommate, I washed and changed everyone’s sheets,
mopped and swept the entire suite and got ahead in a few classes. Corey arrived
after his day over at the Rec Center, hitting the door so I knew something was

“I asked about next weekend and got completely shot down. Two people have already
asked for the time off…” It was the weekend where a few of us were heading out of
town to see our team play.

“That’s fine. Now I have to decide…”

“Fuck that. You’re going like we talked about. Why do you have to suffer on my
account when you can be having a good time?”

“Okay then it is settled. I reserve the right to change my mind,” I said with the
door opening.

Kris, Colt and Shawn entered the room. They looked tired and ragged with all three

“How’d it go?” Corey asked.

“We had a blast!” Kris said, perking up. “Colt’s parents loved us.”

“You two missed it,” Shawn stated.

“I’m glad to hear y’all enjoyed it,” I stated. “Did you lose Alex along the way?”

“Nah, he was aching to see Elise,” Colt laughed.

“Tell us every detail worth telling,” Corey said.

They started talking over each other. Piece by piece I gathered the information. I
knew they slept in Sunday and rode four wheelers most of the day with Chase. That
night, they stayed out by the pond where we camped and had a few brews with Chase,
Tabor and two more of Chase’s friends right there with them despite it being a
Sunday night. By the way they tell it, Chase and his friends didn’t drink since
they had school the next day. Yesterday I gathered they hung out and got a tour of
Colt’s town. They watched practice for a little while before heading back to Colt’s
house. I’m not sure but I think Colt, Alex and Shawn tossed Kris into the pond.
That’s where they were laughing so hard I could barely understand them. 

After they finished, we found Scott, Bryson and Garrett to go grab something to eat
on campus since things were back to usual. They had to retell their stories to
those three while we ate. Once back, Scott, Kris, Corey and I came back to the
room. They asked how our weekend went. I told them about mom and her new man while
Corey talked about his time back home. 

“Last night, Matt and I went to that sex shop just outside of town,” Corey stated
to my embarrassment.

“You did?” Kris asked.

“Damn, I’ve wanted to stop and check that mug out. How was it?” Scott asked with
excitement and curiosity.

“Actually, it wasn’t too bad,” I replied.

“What did you buy?” Kris asked with a half cocked smile.

“I’m not telling…”

Corey talked over me, “A nice dildo, a double dong dildo, cock rings and some lube…
what? I can’t tell our friends.” He was looking straight at me.

“That’s private,” I said.

“Who gives a fuck, Matt?” Scott asked. “No doubt I know two gay guys that had fun
last night.”

“No doubt,” Corey said. “Actually, the real thing feels so much better.”

“I agree, but hey, sometimes you can’t have the real thing,” Scott laughed.

“I’m in complete shock Matt would go,” Kris said.

“Kris, tell me what was wrong with it. I was embarrassed that Corey told y’all but
since you know, I don’t care. Corey and I wanted to venture out in our sex life and
did,” I said.

“Attaboy Matt. Let loose and enjoy the fact you’re a sexual being and have one hell
of a partner…” Scott said.

“How the fuck would you know Corey’s a great partner?” Kris asked him.

“I’ve witnessed them in action…” Scott replied.

“Trust me, Scott and I have never once fucked around if that is what you’re
implying,” Corey said.

“Damn! Here I wanted to see if they had fucked around,” Kris said and laughed.

After a calm night with a few more stopping by to say hello and see how things were
going, we called it a night. 

Kris undressed as usual and jumped on top of his bed. “Wow, thanks Matt for washing
my sheets. It’s something I never think of.”

“I had to do mine so it was no problem,” I stated now in bed.

“Okay, so how was Linda’s man?”

“He was really a nice guy. I liked him, though we only had lunch together Sunday…”

“Is it hard seeing your mom with someone else?”

I tilted my head, “Kris, I’m happy she’s not sitting around and has someone to do
things with. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t date.”

“Does he know you’re gay?”

I smiled, “That was the coolest part of the entire weekend. Mom said if a person
can’t accept me then she doesn’t want to date them. So yes he knows and she said he
didn’t have a problem with it. It wasn’t brought up though at lunch.”

“Bro that is fucking awesome!”

“I take it you had a great time like I knew you would?”

“Oh hell yeah! You know me…”

I laughed, “Far too well.”

“You know I think his mom and dad were happy to have all of us. That damn Chase did
get on my nerves just a little bit at times.”

“Now you see why Colt doesn’t want him around all the time.”

“Yeah but it was still cool as fuck. I could seriously hang with Tabor. That dude
is fucking crazy.”

“So he fit right in with y’all?”

“For sure, bro.”

“Please tell me the four of y’all didn’t get crazy drunk.”

Kris smiled, “Not really but we were feeling really good. That fucking Shawn and
Alex put away some whiskey. Let me tell ya.”

“Oh by the way, Corey asked if he could get off next weekend…”


“He got shot down,” I replied.

“That sucks. So you’re not going now since he can’t?”

“You’re wrong. I’m going. So how many are making this trip?”

“Ummm… I think six or seven right now. Bro, I’m proud you are going. Now promise me
you won’t worry about him the entire time and make yourself miserable.”

“I’ll try but I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yeah, you can have a free shot at all of us,” Kris laughed.

With a pillow nearby, I grabbed it by the loose end. Quickly I got up and hit him
with it. Kris covered up his face but was laughing. I returned and waited for the
retaliation but it never came.

Kris returned to his bed.  We continued to talk but I couldn't help notice he was
playing with his cock while doing so.  His cock grew with his light stroking. 
"MMM... you care if I bust a nut?"

"Why do you ask?  You do it all the time with me here."

Kris smiled, "I guess I do.  You're welcome to join in the fun unless there's
nothing left in the tank."

Watching him stroke his hard cock caused a reaction with mine.  My hand slid down
and began stroking mine.  He turned and smiled while really pumping hard. "Feels so
fuckin good huh?"

"Yeah," I said, jacking my hard cock.

After a few more minutes, Kris sat up in his bed and groaned.  Every muscle in his
great torso contracted with cum erupting from his cock.  With cum covering his
chest and abs, he stated, "Damn, I need some pussy."

I wasn't far behind and blasted a nice load on my body.  Kris got up and found a
cloth to cleanse his body.  He came over and cleansed mine as well.  He kissed me
on the forehead before returning to his bed.

"Good night," I uttered.

"I can sleep now," he said with me hitting the light.

Wednesday, it was back to the old routine of classes. The few days off were a nice
break. The day didn’t start out so hot when our French teacher returned our test. I
was sorely disappointed with a score of 86 but I knew that already after seeing it
posted online.  Toni was a little lower than mine.  

In my next class, I caught up with how things were with Bryson, mainly how he and
Toni were doing. He was all smiles and had nothing bad to report before we talked a
little about Shawn and his weekend. After that class, Bryson and I found our
friends for lunch and got to hear the stories of the weekend that were growing by
the minute. 

Walking back from our last class, Corey spoke up, “I’m nervous about how Mom will
be this weekend. I just know she’ll do everything possible to embarrass me. What’s
worse is I’m terrified she’ll come a little drunk too.”

“Let’s hope she doesn’t. If she does, she’ll embarrass herself as well…”

“Bullshit. She’s past the point of caring what others think if she drinks. Say, is
your dad coming?”

“I don’t know. He’s supposed to call sometime this week for us to eat. Do ya think
I should mention it?”

“Out of courtesy, you should,” Corey replied.

Back at the room and with Corey gone, I was waiting on Kris and Colt to arrive so
we could go work out. I heard a knock at the door and opened it to see Ted standing
there with a big box in his big arms. 

“Hey Matt, wassup?”

“Just waiting on Kris and Colt to get back from class,” I replied.

“Here,” he said shoving the box in my direction.  “I told you I owed you.”

“Ted, you didn’t have to do anything,” I said taking the box.

He laughed, “It’s was nothing. I’m doing it to bribe you again. Dude, I’m really
struggling with accounting. Do you think you could help me out tonight after

“Sure, I can,” I said. 

“Awesome. Luke needs help as well too,” Ted stated. “Go ahead open the box.”

I smiled, “Alright.” I opened it to see some nice hats sitting on top. Under the
hats were all kinds of tees about this weekend’s game which happened to be
homecoming. “Wow thanks but you shouldn’t have.”

“They were free so I grabbed a bunch,” Ted said. “I’m sure there will be plenty who
will wear them.”

“No doubt,” I said.

Ted said goodbye. Not five minutes later, Kris and Colt came in the room.

“Hey, what’s in the box?” Kris asked.

I grabbed it, “Oh nothing. Someone gave me a few things.”

“What, more fucking dildos?” Colt laughed.

“For that smart ass comment, I’m keeping all the things Ted gave me,” I said.

You’d thought I had a million dollars in the box with the way the two tore into it.
I stood back and watched. 

“Chase will be pumped now,” Colt said, holding the tees and hats.

“Oh like you aren’t,” Kris laughed.

Colt did have to laugh, “Shit! It is nice of him. It does pay to have a smart
roommate though.”

“It does,” Kris said, removing his shirt to put on the new tee. “A little big but
perfect to work out in.”

That night, Ted came to our room and got me to help him and Luke with a few
problems they were having in their accounting class. Luckily I was a little ahead
of them in my class so I thought I might be able to help them out. Entering his
room, Luke was there waiting along with another guy, Jerome. He was a black, tall
and lanky receiver on the team as well. Ted’s other two roommates were elsewhere so
we got down to business in their living area. While helping them, I did have to ask
about their tutor they had. All three said he was good but couldn’t help them grasp
a few things. Ted stated that if I could help him understand Econ I could do it in
this class as well. By the end, I did help them out and hopefully help them grasp
the concept. All three were very thankful for my time and said they’d help me in
any way possible. I seized the chance to remind them how we were counting on
tickets for the following weekend. Ted knew and said come hell or high water we’d
have every ticket we needed with Luke and Jerome agreeing.

After spending time with Corey and helping him out with some studying after he
returned, I was exhausted. While about asleep, Dad called me. I had missed his call
earlier and didn’t even check my phone to see if I had missed any calls. We set
something up for the next night even though I knew the guys had a game. 

Kris came in the room after I was off the phone and did his thing. He jumped in
bed. “Damn, what would we all do without you? You tutor everyone here now.”

I smiled, “I don’t know but I really don’t mind at all.”

“Here you say I should be a teacher. You’re the one that should consider it, too.”

“I really don’t think I’d have the needed patience to do it every day.”

“And you think I would?”

I nodded, “I do. Deep inside you are one big heart and have the ability to lead. I
hate being a leader and would rather follow along. To me, teaching is getting
others to go follow behind you.”

“I guess so.”

“I did mention to Ted, Luke and Jerome about our tickets next weekend.”

“Sweet but who the hell is Jerome?”

“Ummm… I think his last name is Churchwell. He’s number 84.”

Kris laughed, “Bro, he’s pretty damn good, you know. Before too long, you’re going
to be close personal friends with everyone on the team.”

I chuckled, “Yeah, me of all people. Before last year, I didn’t give a flip about
football other than watching the band.”

“Now you’re going to an away game. Next thing I know you’ll be discussing the game
plan with those guys and giving them tips about what plays they should run.”

I laughed, “I’d hate to see that.”

“No, I can see you giving them tips on uniforms and how to dress on the road,” Kris

“I could come closer to doing that than any real football stuff,” I stated.

Thursday, Alex and I did sit next to Ted for our Econ class. Ted bragged on me and
thanked me again for helping him out. We sat through what had to be the most boring
lecture ever. I had to prod Alex more than once to keep him awake but it was all I
could do to hold my own eye lids open.

That night it was time for another game of flag football. So far, the guys had only
lost one game. After the first series and me handing out water bottles, I knew we
were in for a real battle. Kris had his coaching face on from the first play and
marched up and down the sidelines. When he played, he was a ball of energy and
running around in every direction.

We led going into the last quarter. On the first play of the quarter, Alex twisted
an ankle and had to leave the game after playing so well. The game came down to the
end and was a real nail biter. The other team ran a trick play, a reverse and throw
back. Kris just missed grabbing the flag before the guy tossed it back to the
quarterback. The quarterback threw to a wide open receiver who scored with ease. 

The guys were sorely disappointed with Alex hobbling back to the room. Corey did
okay with two catches. Colt had three with one being a one handed grab. I tried to
liven them up by saying it was a great game. Kris was distraught and disappointed
as was the rest of the team. 

Back in our room, Corey knew about me meeting Dad and agreed to go along with me
since he could enjoy a free meal off campus. By the time we were out the door, our
room was filling up. 

Dad was waiting on us with Gloria when we arrived at our usual place. He greeted us
before we took a table. Dad was really on his very best behavior and said nothing
to offend or rile me. 

“Dad, I know this is short notice but it’s parent’s weekend this weekend,” I said.

“Matt, I really wish I could but I already have plans. I’m sorry about that,” Dad
stated. “I wish I’d known earlier and could have re-arranged it.”

“I’m sorry too. Next time, I tell ya earlier.”

“You’ll have a good time otherwise. I take it Linda is coming?”

“She plans on it.”

“Well, it could be best I didn’t come anyway,” Dad stated. 

I left it at that and didn’t delve into the reason behind it. Of course it would
have been awkward but they should be able to handle a few moments together.  

Once back, we joined in the heavy talk that continued about the game. Before
finishing, we discussed this weekend and the following one. Colt reminded us the
next one after that was Halloween so we had plans for every weekend in October.

Friday to date was the calmest Friday we had since returning to campus. I did swim
with Scott as usual but Yancey didn’t show up. Scott wasn’t sure if Parker had
called him or not since he hadn’t run into Parker since we returned. Colt had a
date thus leaving Kris and me. Scott and Brennan came down to hang with us. Kris
had a few cold ones on hand but didn’t drink that much. We watched some TV and
played a game or two on the video system.

That Friday night, Corey and I went to my room.  Inside, we put on our cock rings
to begin our sexual encounter.  There was lots of kissing and petting that left us
both so hard.  It led to us getting a little wild by our standards.  It started
rather calm but Corey wanted fucked hard.  I agreed and pounded his hot ass with my
long hard cock.  He was almost screaming and moaning with every hard thrust. 
Feeling I was about to cum, I pulled out and blasted a few shot on his ass before
ramming my cock in his well fucked ass for the last few.  In doing so, I felt his
ass tighten around my cock.  He grunted and exploded his load.

With an early game time of two, the four of us were up at it before 10. We knew
Kris’s parents were coming prepared to tailgate. About ten thirty, Colt got a call
from his parents, Bob and Victoria. He left to show let them along with Chase and
Tabor in the door downstairs.

Colt opened our door and was followed by his dad who was about Colt’s height with a
head full of graying hair. His mom was shorter and rather big.

“Alright Colt, I need to meet your two queer roommates,” Bob stated.

“Dad, are you serious?”

“Well yeah boy, I want to meet those two fag roommates of yours,” Bob said, now in
the door with his wife at his side. “I’ve heard all about them for you and Chase.”

“I can’t believe you,” Colt stated.

“How come?” his mom asked.

“They are gay…”

“Same difference…”

I could see Colt clinching his jaw.

“Let’s see… I know Kris. So the other two must be them,” he said, standing now near

Corey and I stood. It was awkward shaking his hand and introducing ourselves.

“Hmmm… they don’t seem too queer to me but maybe Matt does with all those
earrings,” Bob laughed.

“Thanks a lot for embarrassing the living shit of me. I really appreciate that,”
Colt said.

“Son, the language,” Victoria said. 

Kris jumped up and caught his phone.

“Mom, he doesn’t know these two at all but insists on calling them names. Yeah they
are gay. Yeah it took me a while to accept them but now all I see are two regular
college guys…”

“Who kiss,” his dad said.

“They do. I wish I was in love like those two are. I’m nowhere close with Andrea.
Dad, you’re the one who always said everyone is equal. Skin color makes no
difference. Their sexuality shouldn’t either…”

“Guys, my parents are here so I better run,” Kris stated.

“Yeah son, I did say that,” his dad stated with Kris slamming the door.

“Tell ‘em Chase how great these two are,” Colt said to his brother.

“Dad, they are really great guys. They’ve adopted Tabor as sort of their brother.

“Alright I get your point. Guys I’m sorry if I offended either one of you,” he said
to us.

“No problem,” Corey said.

“Same here,” I said and thought the weekend was off to a little rocky start.

“I guess they are alright or else Colt wouldn’t have a thing to do with them,” his
dad said to his mom.

“Exactly,” Colt said. “Oh by the way Chase, Matt got you and Tabor a tee for
today’s game. That is if Dad will let you accept a gift from a queer boy.”

His dad stared hard at Colt. Colt didn’t appear fazed and went to gather the

“Sweet!” Tabor said. “Thanks a million, Matt!” He threw off his shirt and had to
put on the new one along with the hat turned backwards.

Chase was taking off his shirt and putting on the new one along with the hat,
“Wicked, Matt! Hey, Ted and Luke signed them for us.”

“Ummm… I didn’t even know that,” I said.

“That was really nice of you to think of Chase and Tabor like this,” his mom said.
“It was, wasn’t Bob?”

Bob approached me with his hand extended. “I’m sorry as I can be. Any one who
thinks of my sons has to be a really great guy.”

I smiled, “I appreciate that.”

“I’m sorry if I offended either one of you. You are welcome at our house any time,”
Bob said.

“Alright now that Dad feels like a total ass, we better get going and help Kris
out. He’ll be pissed if we don’t,” Colt stated.

We headed out the door with Chase and Tabor smiling and wearing their new shirts
for the day. Once we found Kris, he had most of the stuff already unpacked and set
for the day. 

“Sweet shirts,” Kris stated. “You do know who gave those to us?”

“Of course,” Chase said. “Matt.”

Kris laughed, “No, Ted did but yeah Matt was the reason he gave them to us. He
helps them with their studying.”

“Really? Matt helps him study?” Bob asked overhearing us.

“Yeah Dad, Matt helps everyone who asks. If not for him, my ass would be failing
about now,” Colt said.

“Then your ass would be home. Now, I even feel that much worse,” Bob said.

“We told you before we got here, Dad,” Chase spoke up.

“I’m too damn stubborn, Chase,” Bob said.

Walt and Jenny came walking back. Kris had to make sure that they met Colt’s
parents. He left them to talk and rejoined us.

“Colt, your dad really did make a complete ass out of himself…” Kris said.

“I tried to talk to them on the way here…” Chase said.

“He fucking knew. It pisses me off and I’m glad he feels bad about it. He deserves
it,” Colt said. “Matt, Corey, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Corey said.

“Yeah, I was proud of you…” I said.

“Oh I was too and really embarrassed for you. I sure was glad Mom called me,” Kris


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