Posted:  October 26, 2011

Was I dreaming? Something warm was on my cock. I opened my eyes and looked down to
see Corey giving me a blow job on this Saturday nearing mid October. Our eyes met. He
stopped and greeted me with a kiss.

“I had to do it,” he said.

“I love it,” I stated with him returning. With his mouth and one hand working my hard
cock, his other hand moved slowly up my abs. The sight of him sucking me was enough
and never could get old to me. He continued to suck me and jerk me.  He stopped and
kissed my thighs before sucking and licking each of my balls. I was in heaven. His
mouth returned to making love to my throbbing cock. He moved up my body with kisses
until finding my lips. 

Breaking the kiss, he reached for the lube and covered my cock and his ass with it.
He descended down on it with every muscle bulging while doing so. “I’m so goddamn
horny and want fucked by this big motherfucking dick,” he said like he was begging me
to fuck him.

I smiled, “No problem, boyfriend.” I leaned forward and tested my flexibility. I knew
I had sucked my own cock once and wanted to see if I could suck his thick hard cock
while he fucked himself on me. I was barely able to reach the head but wrapped my
lips around it. It took some doing to keep up with him bouncing.

OOOO fuck yeah!” he screamed.

I kept sucking until he was bouncing so hard on my cock I had to pull off. I leaned
back up to see his eyes rolled back and soft moans escaping his lips. My hands moved
up and down his hips. 

He stopped and moved off the bed. I applied more lube and stuck my dripping hard cock
back into his hot ass. “Fuck me hard! Give to my ass!” he said with his back turned
so we could fuck doggie style.

I slapped his ass and grabbed his hips. I started slow and built up to a nice rhythm.
Soon there was the sound of our skin slapping together and his loud moans and ‘fuck
yeah’, when he could muster it, filling the room. I kept pounding his hot ass while
loving every moment of this morning encounter. My lips found his neck and shoulders
while he reached back to feel my ass. I leaned back up and knew the end was near. My
thrusts became shorter and harder.

I cried, “I’m fucking cumming!” I could feel the cum racing up my cock and filling
his well fucked ass. I shook a little and could feel my cum oozing out of him. He
groaned just as I finished. His ass tightened around my cock. He turned his head
while releasing his load onto the floor below. 

My body was like a dishrag, limp and lifeless while on his back. He turned his head
for a kiss. My softening cock escaped his hole. He moved around and sucked me clean,
which I naturally loved and wasn’t too sensitive after one hell of an orgasm. 

We were still reeling and in bliss as we left to shower. We showed our love and
appreciation for each other with water and soap cleansing our bodies. Damn it was
hard not to turn his ass around and fuck him again.  I just love him so much plus
loved sex with him.  

Drying off in my room, I commented, “No doubt we’re in love.”

“I know that’s right,” Corey said and moved to kiss me and steal a quick touch of my
flaccid cock. “You know I’ll miss you.”

“I will too. There’s still time to change our minds you know.”

“I know but Mom is expecting me and you said Linda is dying for you to meet her new

We threw on jeans and waited in the living area. About 11, Kris came out in all of
his glory with his blonde hair going in every direction. 

“Big day today, huh?” Kris commented.

“It is. Please tell me you invited Kendall and Noah,” I stated.

“Bro, I got that covered,” he said. “I called them while we were on the way to the
game last night. They’ll be here for sure.”

With a 5 pm kickoff, we knew we had a little time to kill before Kris’s parents
arrived to tailgate for the game. About noon, Colt came with Andrea to get our plans
for the day squared away plus he needed to grab a can of dip. 

Before arriving, Kris’s parents called to see how many their boy had invited. Kris
said bring as much as they could since he wasn’t sure how many would actually come. 

Once his parents were there and handing off the food so we could use our parked
vehicles to tailgate, we laughed at the amount of food they had purchased. Slowly
people began arriving with Mike and his parents a few rows away but letting us know
they were there. Kris showed his big heart and spent time with Mike.

I looked up and saw Kendall and Noah coming across the parking lot. They were toting
a few things. Kris scolded them but they said they wanted to do it. Next, I saw Scott
walking away. He reappeared with Juan in tow. Kris was so excited and let it show as
well. Next, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Hayden and his boyfriend, Nick,
walking in our direction. Scott didn’t show any ill effects and greeted both as long
lost friends.

Walt commented, “Kris, you said bring a bunch. If any more show up, I don’t what
we’re going to do.”

“Chill, Dad. We’ll make it,” Kris said. I swear the smile never had left his face.
“This is so tight. All the crew is here.”

“You wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?” Colt commented with his arm around

“Hell no, I wouldn’t,” Kris replied as we erupted with great laughter.

In looking around at the mass of people, I could only think of two people missing,
Chase and Tabor. Colt said something earlier about that they had something to do or
else they’d be here. 

While pitching in to help clean up, Jenny grabbed me by the arm, “What’s this I hear
about Linda having a boyfriend now?”

I smiled, “I guess Kris told you she does. I guess I’ll meet him this weekend.”

“Good for her. She needs someone in her life since you are here now.”

“I think she knew it was time as well,” I said.

We finished helping clean up before making our way to the stadium on this nice autumn
day. The temperature couldn’t have been any more perfect at right around 75 degrees
and just a slight breeze. 

Entering the stadium, it had the usual buzz but was kicked up a notch. Everyone
sensed the importance of the game. The student section I was a part of was at a fever
pitch with lots of screaming and jumping around to enhance the atmosphere. As usual,
shirts came off left and right including mine and Corey’s with sweat running down our
faces from the hysteria. The crowd was as loud as ever when the other team kicked off
to us. 

Corey elbowed me and pointed with Luke starting the game as quarterback. 

Kris turned, “Yeah, I knew he was starting. Something about the starter’s hand
hurting him.”

Six plays later we were back loud as ever after Luke threw a perfect ball to
streaking receiver for an early touchdown. Ted entered the field and was juiced up as
ever with his hands encouraging us to get louder. Second play he hit the running back
so hard that we could hear the pads banging together. No sooner than Ted entered the
field, he was off with our defense holding them.

By the start of the fourth quarter, we were ahead by four touchdowns. I leaned over
to Corey, “I think I’m gonna leave and beat the traffic out of here.”

“Good idea,” he said. 

Walking down the aisle, Kris yelled at us, “Where the hell are you two going?”

“I’m getting out of here so I can get home. See ya Monday!” I yelled back.

Corey and I raced to the dorm and grabbed our things.  We shared a long goodbye kiss
before getting in our cars to head home. In the car, I called Mom to tell her I was
leaving and on my way. Being a mom, she told me to drive carefully.

After the long lonely drive and almost running out of gas by not paying attention to
the gas gauge, I drove in the driveway to see a light on in the front window. It was
about eleven thirty but I knew my mom far too well to know she wouldn’t be waiting up
for me.

Entering the house, I saw a big smile on her sleepy face with her hair cut a little
shorter than normal. Her skinny arms wrapped around me with my bag in my hand.

“My boy still looks great,” she said after kissing me on the cheek.

“Thanks, it’s nice to be home for a day or so.”

“You know you’re always welcome here…”

“So you can spoil me rotten.”

“Like any good mother should do. Are you hungry? I have some left over spaghetti in
the fridge if you are,” she asked.

“Nah, Walt and Jenny filled us up at the tailgate party like always,” I replied.
“Mom, in case, you didn’t know next weekend is Parent’s Weekend…”

“Matt, I’ve already made plans to be there. I got a letter just this week in the mail
telling me all about it. Besides I haven’t got to see your new room. Now, Vince may
not come with me.”

“If he doesn’t, you can catch a ride with the Stanton’s then.”

“We’ll see,” she said. “I’m glad you’re home safe and sound. Now I can sleep well

I kissed her goodnight and headed to my room. I called Corey to see if he made home
okay but could barely hear him with the loud talking in the background. He moved
outside to tell me he was with JJ, his old high school, along with two others I had
met, Teague and Phillip. I let him go so he could enjoy his time with his old high
school friends. I watched a little TV before falling asleep.

Waking in my own bed felt great. Mom never touched a thing nor did she have to since
I was organized. I showered first before showing my face. Entering in my shorts, Mom
was staring at me.  

“Matthew, I swear you are filling out to be a very nice looking young man…”

“Thanks but you can thank Kris next weekend,” I said.

I knew breakfast was ready and could smell it. I ate everything in sight and was so
full afterwards while we talked about school and then about her new man, Vince. She
explained we were meeting him for lunch while we were out shopping. She sure knew how
to spoil me for sure. I didn’t want to sound excited but in reality I could use some
new clothes. 

We headed out shopping. I knew exactly what I wanted and what style. I tried on each
shirt to make sure it fit perfectly and wasn’t too long. We bought some jeans as well
but not the outrageously expensive ones like I see some guys wearing. I can’t see
paying those big bucks when the others now were close in quality and about as

Mom got a call right as we finished up. She knew where to go and drove us to a chain
restaurant where we could sit down and visit. We entered the front doors. I saw a man
stand with a teenager. He walked up to Mom. He was about 6 foot tall, rather average
weight for a guy in his mid 40’s with graying thinning hair. He extended his right

“Nice to finally meet you, Matt,” Vince said. “This is my son, Vince Junior or VJ as
everyone calls him.”

With a smile I shook his hand, “Nice to meet you as well.”  I then shook VJ’s hand
but barely got a hello out of him.

The four of us were shown to our table. We ordered drinks but nothing alcoholic. I
found out Vince worked in banking and lived about 15 miles from us. VJ was a junior
in high school with a distinctive skater look to him but rather quiet at the time.
Vince wanted to hear all about my college so I told him about my studies while we
ate. In all, I thought he was a really nice guy and was suitable to date Mom. 

We left the restaurant to head back home.

“Matt, you didn’t say a word about Corey,” she said driving.

“Mom, I wasn’t sure if he knew I am gay.”

“He knows you are. I made it very clear on the first date we had that I had a gay
son. I told him if he had any problem with it to let me know right then and there. I
wasn’t going to have anyone in my life at this juncture that could not accept my son
for who and what he is. I may die lonely but I wasn’t going to be with someone that
didn’t accept the person that comes first in my life. He understood and said he
didn’t have a problem with it.”

I smiled hearing all of this, “You make me so proud. I love you and no doubt you love
me too.”

“Very much so,” she said. 

“VJ didn’t say much,” I commented.

“Never has really. Vince says he’s a loner and would rather get on his skateboard
with his iPod stuck in his ear,” Mom stated. “I have really only met him one other
time since Vince and his ex wife share custody of him.”

That night at home, I tried calling up my old high school friends but being a Sunday
night they weren’t available or had already returned to their college. After calling
Corey and talking with him, I hung around and enjoyed the solitude while playing on
my computer. Around eight, Mom came to check to see how I was doing. I asked her to
sit with me and see the pictures I had taken. I gave a disclaimer before showing her.
When necessary, I told a story. At the end, I came to the realization that I hadn’t
taken as many pictures and was missing a lot of great opportunities that had happened
to me and the rest. 

“I’m really proud of you. You have what appears to be a great group of friends. It
surprises me a little that you have so many now. I just knew when you left last year
there would be one or two friends,” she commented.

I laughed, “I was the same way, Mom. I do love them in their own way. As you can
tell, we have such a great time…” I said and filled her in on the next two weekends.
“Mom, should I go even if Corey has to work?” I asked concerning the possible trip to
an away game coming in two weeks.

“You really should. Remember after three more years, the real world begins for you.
You don’t want to look back and say you wished you’d done this and that when you had
the opportunity. I do know how much you love Corey but there could be a time when it
is all over…”

“Heaven forbid that but it could happen.”

“I agree. If, say it did, you’d regret sacrificing for him when you could be out
doing things. What has he said about you going without him?”

“We haven’t talked about it just yet,” I said.

“I suggest you do that first and see how he feels about you going with a bunch of
other guys.”

“I don’t think he would care since they’re straight,” I laughed.

Finished up, Mom headed out. I got on the phone to call Corey. He knew all about the
planned weekend and was going to ask for it off. He did state that he was tied to the
Rec Center as part of his work-study ordeal so he had to go along with whatever they
said. I asked his feelings if I went without him. He didn’t hesitate and insisted I
go if I wanted to. He said it would be a good test for him to prove he could handle
being alone if no one was around. 

Monday, I set my alarm to be up to say goodbye to Mom before she headed to work. She
was shocked yet appreciated I did so. As usual, she had a nice big plate of goodies
for me to take back with me. I don’t know when she found the time but I was so
appreciative of the effort.

I returned to bed after she was gone and slept long enough to allow the morning rush
to dissipate to where the traffic was manageable. I left earlier than planned since
otherwise I’d have been sitting alone. 

Arriving back, it was easy to see our parking lot rather empty. I knew Corey would be
later than I was, thus I had time to do a few things.

I was kicked up and watching TV when Corey came in the door. He came and sat next to
me and noticed my new shirt along with a new necklace I was sporting. I did point out
the covered paper plates sitting near our fridge. Seeing those Corey knew what it was
and was digging in. I heard about his time with his friends.

“How were Marie and Larry?” I asked.

He shrugged, “Oh about the same. Some things will never change no matter how much I
would like them to.”

“Did you ask if they were coming this weekend?”

“I did and listen to this. They’re coming.”

“That’s great. You know our moms have never met.”

Corey rubbed the stubble on his unshaven face, “I don’t guess they have. Remind me to
stay away from that conversation. So Linda’s new guy got your stamp of approval?”

“He did. He was a really nice guy and brought along his son as well,” I replied.


“You think Garrett is quiet. This kid said less than Garrett ever does,” I chuckled.

“I see…Matt, I’ve been thinking since you called last night about the trip. For sure
I want you to go no matter what.”

“I appreciate that.”

“I think the only reason you’d stay is to make sure I do okay. Hell if I can’t handle
one weekend here alone, I need to pack my bags and leave right this minute. You get
what I’m saying?”

“I do. It won’t be that long by the way Kris talks about it. We may drive straight
home after the game,” I replied.

After being there a few hours, we both begin to wonder where Kris and Colt were. Our
worrying was over when Kris called Corey’s phone… Mine wasn’t around… to tell him
they were staying another night. We laughed and knew there was no telling what they
were doing. 

We sat together and enjoyed our time alone without a hint of interruption. Corey
began stirring and getting antsy. “Ummm… Matt… what you think… you know… if you and I
went to that porn store just outside of town?”

“Really? You want to go?”

He smiled but nervously, “I’ve never been in one of those before…”

“Well… I have but just a glimpse one time on this trip I took.”

“Honestly, our sex life is rather vanilla. Even though I love it I was thinking about
adding just a little spice to it, plus we’re almost out of lube.”

“I agree. So exactly what are you thinking about?”

“You know maybe a good size dildo like those Jess had. A cock ring would look so damn
sexy on you. I’m not talking about any whips and chain shit. You know some fun

“I guess we could go check it out and see what they have.  A cock ring would look hot
on you too,” I said and kissed him.

First we ate locally away from campus. It was obvious we were unsure and nervous
about our planned trip to the sex shop. We drove up to the place, which externally
looked nice and new. We looked at each other.

“Damn, we’re fucking 19 and scared to death,” Corey nervously laughed.

I laughed back. “We are and not afraid to admit it. So are we going to sit here or

Corey took a deep breath, “Let’s go. If we don’t like it, we can leave.”

We walked to the front door and opened it. An array of erotic signs hit us walking in
the door. Passing by the two clerks, both in their mid 20’s I’d guess, we combed the
rather large store. One said if we needed anything to let him know. 

Down the first aisle of female things, Corey commented, “Wow, there’s more than I

“Same here,” I said with us looking at both sides.  

We came upon the dildos and smiled at each other. Corey picked one up, “What do you

I saw the big price tag. “It looks nice but it’s too expensive. Remember we may not
use them much.”

“Good thinking,” Corey said. 

I continued to look to find one reasonably priced and 8 inches. Corey laughed, “I
damn sure handle that one. Let’s get it.”

I nodded. Corey reached up to grab a double dong dildo. “You wanna?”

“Sure,” I agreed with a smile while thinking about what fun that could be.

“Don’t worry. I’m paying for this since it was my idea.”

We continued to shop and let the nerves evaporate. We found some cock rings that we
agreed on and kept going. 

“Not too bad, huh?” I commented.

“Actually it ain’t,” he said. We looked at the movies and agreed we’d rarely watch
them and didn’t need the stimulation. Finally we searched until finding the lubes.
Corey grabbed two of the biggest bottles he could find before we walked to the
entrance of the movie booths.

“Maybe some other time,” I stated.

“Yeah but it could be hot,” Corey said.

“Just think about it. We can do what they do in there at our place tonight.”

“You’re right.”

We checked out with both guys giving us the eye. Corey paid for our many purchases
with cash. “Have fun,” one said handing us the bag.

Corey smiled, “I know we will.”

I breathed a sigh of relief exiting the store. “It was nice and clean.”

Corey started laughing, “Just imagine if Kris and Colt…”

I began laughing, “I don’t even wanna to think about it. I can hear the lewd comments
now.” We exchanged mocking comments while getting into Corey’s car. 

Back in the room with our bag in hand, Corey was eager to try out something. Fishing
around he pulled the double dong dildo. “We have to give this bad boy a go tonight.”

“Before we do anything, let’s shower and be so fresh for each other,” I said.

He liked the idea. We removed each other’s clothes slowly before stepping into the
shower. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him. His hands found my ass while
we kissed. We cleaned every part of each other and took our time doing so. He told me
to wait and returned with shaving cream and a razor. “Not totally bald but a good
trim would be sweet,” he commented.

I agreed and had the pleasure of trimming his pubes. They weren’t a big bush but
needed a little something. I left just enough hair and commented on how sexy he
looked. He gave me the same treatment and had my pubes looking hot. 

We went to my bedroom. After a long make out session that left us hard as a rock,
Corey opened the double dildo. “Whew, this fucker is huge.”

I saw it. “You wanted it.”

We took turns rimming each other’s fresh clean asses before using the last of our old
lube. With one end lubed up, I was waiting on my hands and knees to feel it. It
definitely was a different sensation to the real thing. He slowly pushed it in with
me moaning. 

“How’s it feel?” he asked.

“Fucking great,” I replied. “Fills me up.”

“I can see that.” He began moving the dildo in my ass and was exciting me. 

“Ahhh yes, fuck that ass!” I screamed. 

“Damn, I can’t wait to get my ass on this motherfucker!” Corey said. 

With the dildo lodged deep in me, Corey lubed up the other end. I clamped my ass
muscles tight while turning to watch as much as I could. I knew it had penetrated his
ass when I heard him moan. I held steady and could feel him pressing back. 

“OOO fuck yeah!” he moaned loudly with us on the floor. “Let’s try moving but nothing
too fast.”

We began moving with both of us moaning. It was hot but I missed seeing him. We
stopped after a few minutes. 

“What did you think?” he asked.

“It was nice but I love the eye contact.”

“I was thinking the same thing. I’m fucking hard as a rock.”

I laughed, “Me too.”

“Matt, fuck me with the dildo now,” he said.

I found it and opened the box. The smell was rather strong once it was out. We
applied the new lube on it. Corey put a towel on the bed and a pillow under his ass.
He snapped on his new cock ring around the base of his shaft before getting on the
bed, spread eagle. There was no better sight to me than to see him with his ass so

With the thick latex dildo in my hand, I moved and slid it in his ass. It was a
little thicker and opened his ass wide as ever.

“OOO fuck yeah,” he moaned.

I slowly moved the dildo before leaning over to taste the drops of precum on his hard
cock. My mouth moved down to suck his cock while I fucked his ass with the dildo. His
moans grew louder.

“Goddamn, just fuck me, Matt! Fuck my ass! I want your big fucking dick in me!”

I put on the cock ring and lubed up my cock after removing the dildo and tossing it
to the floor. With his muscular calves on my shoulder, I easily slid inside him. I
was able to penetrate deep into him. He pulled me down for a kiss. I leaned back up
and started thrusting hard into him. He screamed with joy and encouraged me to fuck
him harder. I fucked him hard. Sweat was mounting on my forehead with the sound of
loud breathing filling the room coupled with moans and groans of great hot sex. 

The tingling arose in my nuts. I pulled out and coated his shaven loins and lower abs
with my load. 

“Shit, I wanted your cum in me,” he said.

“That can come later,” I said and kissed him. While kissing, I moved my hand and
stroked his cock until he came. It was a nice big load.

We stopped kissing and lie limply next to each other. 

“Holler when you wanna fuck me again,” he said.

“Next time, I’m not fucking you. I’m making sweet love to you like any great
boyfriend should.”

He smiled, “I’m not sure which I enjoy more. Getting fucked like a whore or having
you make love to me.”


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