Posted:   October 23, 2011

Starting out Wednesday, I was up earlier to review my notes and not be rushed like I was the last time before a big test.  Exiting with Corey, Toni stepped out of her room. I waited back while Corey continued on with Scott and Shawn. We talked about our test while making the journey. Coming to our buildings, I waved goodbye and opened the door nicely for Toni.

“Enough about our test but what did you say to Bryson?” she asked.

“Nothing unless…”

“Well whatever you did or didn’t do, thank you so very much.  Not that we did the nasty but he has been rather affectionate,” Toni said with a big smile.

“It was Kris then,” I said. “I’m glad you’re not pissed.”

“Can’t you see I’m not?  Now he hasn’t been like a high school student and is more like what I expected,” Toni stated.

We took our test in the class. Leaving, I felt pretty good but not great. The class was such a challenge for me having never taken French before. Toni felt the same way I did.

In my next class I waited on Bryson to appear. He came around a corner and spotted me. “How was the big test?” he asked.

“So so, I guess,” I replied.

“Toni was really nervous about it. She texted me that she thought she did okay.”

“That’s great. Say, did Kris happen to mention anything about her to you?”

Bryson snickered, “He did and I got the message. Here I didn’t want to go too far with her and offend her. We laughed about it last night since she was feeling the same way. She wants me to fuck her, right?”

“I can’t say for sure she does…”

“Either way, I’m going to try my best. Damn, I need to get laid sometime around here,” he laughed. “I know how Shawn feels now after not getting any in a while.”

After my classes and eating, Corey and I walked back to the dorm. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Hayden and Nick. I yelled at them across the road and stopped to watch them cross in the middle. We moved aside to talk.

“Glad you yelled at me,” Hayden stated with his hair grown out.

“How are things going?” I asked.

“Great,” Hayden said and grabbed Nick’s hand. “You remember Nick, right?”

“Sure, but I doubt Matt remembered his name,” Corey joked.

“I’m glad to see you two still together,” I commented.

“Very much together,” Hayden said with a smile.

“You two need to stop by Saturday since we tailgate in our lot,” Corey said. I was glad he was the one to say it and could take the blame if someone wasn’t pleased.

“We might just do that,” Hayden said. “Nick, you really need to meet all their friends. You talk about a good bunch of guys.”

“And a little crazy too,” I laughed.

“Crazy but not scary crazy,” Hayden said.

“Matt, I better get going. If you want, you can hang and talk to them,” Corey said.

“We better get going as well,” Hayden said.

We continued walking after saying goodbye. We entered the room with Corey going to get ready for work. I decided to clean our bathroom a little since no one else would. 

That Wednesday night in early October we didn’t do much. Kris and Colt were gone for a majority of the time while Shawn and Brennan entertained me and played our old Street Fighter with me a little rusty. After Corey arrived, we started studying for our test. 

“Matt, Blake from our class was over today and mentioned to me about going to a study group they were having at the library,” Corey said a few minutes in to our studying.

“That’s okay by me. Who’s Blake, by the way?”

“He’s the guy that usually sits in front of us. He’s the one with short blond hair and the mole on his cheek,” Corey said.

“Now I know who he is. Just like today, sometimes I forget names…”

“But never school shit,” Corey laughed. “I usually remember names but not school shit.”

Before going to sleep that night, Kris rolled over to his side. “Matt, I think we have a plan for this weekend.”

“Alright, what is it?”

“Colt and I are first going to his brother’s game Friday night. Saturday, Mom and Dad are coming in for the game so I have no real reason to go home. So Colt and I are going to his house after the game and kick it there until Monday. Then we’re coming back here Monday afternoon.”

“Wow, you do have plans,” I commented. “It sounds okay to me since Corey mentioned about going home whereas I need to head home as well.”

“Come back Monday so we can have some fun,” Kris said with a smile.

“No you wanna come back and get drunk,” I laughed.

“Maybe, I do,” Kris laughed. “Hey, then in two weeks all of us are going on a road trip to see the team play.”

“Alright, but you know Corey and his schedule.”

“Since he will know in time, he can ask for the entire weekend off. It’s only like a six hour trip. We can go and find a camping spot that Friday night, go to the game Saturday night and come back afterwards,” Kris said.

“Wow, you’ve really been doing some planning.”

“How does that sound to ya?”

“Like I said, it will depend on Corey,” I said.

“Matt, you can go without him one time in your life if he can’t go with us. He will survive and so will you,” Kris said. 

“What about tickets?”

“Ted has said he could get however many we need for the game.  It’d be so fucking tight, especially if they won.”

“And suck ass if we didn’t,” I said.

“Matt, you know I really think I’m gonna like this single thing. Colt and I were out walking around. Girls wanted to stop and talk to us. Now if I do get lucky every now and then, I better not hear shit from you,” Kris said changing subjects with ease.

“I’ll try not to, just as long as you are happy,” I stated.

“I think I could be especially with not having to worry about a relationship. Like tonight, Colt was worried to death about what Andrea would think about us talking to some girls and that he didn’t tell her where he was. I, on the other hand, loved it.”

“Of course,” I said. We talked a little longer before calling it a night.

Thursday, a big knot came in my gut when the professor came into class with our test graded not posted like most did these days.   He mentioned something about wanting to go over them before posting our grades online. Alex’s name was called before mine or Ted’s. He came back with an odd look on his face before showing his 78 score. My name was called right before Ted’s. A TA handed me the test. I looked to see my score was 86, a B, while Ted scored a 76. Once the tests were completely handed out, the professor explained that he would score the first one on a curve since no one scored above a 90 percent but warned this would be the only time all year such an event would occur.

Walking back to the dorm with Corey, he spoke up, “So Colt tells me that he and Kris are going to his house for the weekend. What about us?”

“Kris told me the same thing. You’re welcome to come with me if you’d like…”

“I’ll run home since it could be my last time until Thanksgiving. Man, I sure hope I can get off to go with y’all on that road trip,” Corey said while we continued walking.

“I do too. I’m not sure I’d go without ya,” I said.

“If you don’t then we would have a nice weekend together. I want you to do what you want to do and not worry about me.  I’ll be fine and will just work.”

“I’ve got time to decide.”

“Today why don’t you and I hang back when the others go to the Rec Center. We could use a little time alone,” Corey said.

I smiled at him, “We could do that.”

Corey and I stayed back from working out and enjoyed our alone time together while Kris, Colt and the others headed to get their fix at the Rec Center. Once they returned, we hit the books for a while before heading off to eat. Thanks to some advance planning, Corey and I left our friends and headed off to the study group in the library.  

Our library was very nice and completely modern with lots of computer and media things for us to use in our work. Corey found the room where we were to meet. Finally, I got a few names with some faces but wasn’t sure I’d remember them once we left that room.

About tenish or so, Corey and I came to the room. We were stunned to see Kris with Liz and another girl, Jocelyn, who I had seen before at the concert. Kris was rather calm and sitting in the chair while Liz and her friend sat on the couch. 

“Hey Matt, Corey, how’s it going?” Liz asked.

“Not too bad but my brain is fried at the moment,” I replied.

“He’s been studying for a test tomorrow. You know how he is,” Kris commented.

We talked for a few minutes before Liz and her friend went out the door. 

I looked at Kris, “Are you okay? That spark is missing.”

“I’m fine. Must be one of those days,” Kris replied. “So how was your studying?”

“Not too bad,” Corey replied. “They were some nice folks and smart as well.”

Smarter than Matt?”

Corey replied with a smile. “Well… a couple are I have to say.”

“I agree too.  There were some smart cookies there,” I commented.

“Speaking of studying, I’ve got to finish up a little myself,” Kris said. He went to his room and shut the door. 

“Corey, Kris was really not himself tonight,” I stated.

“Oh well, maybe he’s having one of those days.”

“True or maybe he’s realized it is really over between him and Liz,” I stated. 

“Maybe,” Corey said. We talked about some of the people we had just met before separating for the night. Entering the room, Kris was staring into his computer. I grabbed mine to put the final touches on my studying. For the next thirty minutes the room was eerily quiet with just the fan running from our central air system.

Kris finished, stripped off his clothes, did what was needed at the sink and jumped into bed. He lay staring at me for a few minutes before I took the hint he wanted to talk. 

“Are you realizing now that it’s over between you and Liz or what? You’ve been acting strange since we got back,” I questioned before turning off my computer.

“I guess I am. Maybe I was in love with her before and just now realized that,” Kris stated.

After doing what I needed to do, I returned to my bed and rolled to my side, “You can still date her.”

“I know that but I really thought one day we would be together and get married. I used to be able to see us settled down and having kids but not now.”

“For you, there will be plenty more to come along. You just said how you thought it would be great to date around before really settling on one girl. Just take a look at what you have to offer. Your body is so killer. Your personality is second to none around here. Your heart at times is so big. There’s not a prejudice bone in your body. You see everyone for who they are and rarely judge by skin color or sexual orientation. You’re so special.”

Kris smiled, “I knew I could count on you to pep me up. Hell yeah, I am very special. People just love me. Do you think it’s because I’m so fucking cut?”

I laughed, “I know a lot of people see you shirtless but even with a huge beer gut, you’d be special. I see no reason why countless women shouldn’t line up to be with you…”

“Yeah, I did fuck a girl this summer after meeting her in the store,” Kris stated with a smile and rubbing his bulging chest. “Between us, she wasn’t the only one I got with this summer. I did nail that girl a few weeks ago even though I was actually still dating Jacee. Man, you’re so right. I really don’t have much of a problem getting laid when I want to.”

Finally the spark was back in his voice. We talked about our plans with me filling him in on Mom’s guy. He understood why I was leaning towards going home. 

“Oh yeah, another thing I forget to tell ya is that next weekend is parent’s weekend here. You need to talk to Linda and get her to come with my parents that weekend and bring along her new man.”

“I’ll bring it up to her and see what happens,” I stated.

Friday started out rather calm. After my first two classes and eating, Corey and I took our test. Leaving, we both felt very good due to the fact the test wasn’t as hard as we had imagined.

“For once, I felt confident that I didn’t screw up on a test,” Corey stated while we walked back. “It’s all because you didn’t make me study instead you encouraged me to study.”

“You have the smarts or else you wouldn’t be here…”

“I know I do but I need someone to push me and pat me on the back every now and then.”

We kept walking and talking about our weekend plans after the game the next day. Back in the room and with Corey off to work, Scott came to the door and was ready for our weekly swim. We were talking when Kris and Colt came barging into the room. They saw us ready and quickly changed to head out.  

Scott and I arrived at the pool to find Yancey, Scott’s old competitor and who we ran into at Kendall and Noah’s. He smiled at us while Scott and I dropped our shorts and threw them into a locker. We did our thing in the water. In a way, I was happy to see Yancey there to give Scott someone who enjoyed racing against him and took the heat off of me. We headed to shower and came out of our wet Speedos.

“Damn Yancey, I know you have someone begging for you,” Scott joked while turning on the water.

“I wish, Scott,” Yancey stated. “Why? Do you know of any guys who would be interested?”

Scott chuckled, “I know a few that would get with you for sex.”

“That’s the problem,” Yancey said. “I want more than that in life. Of course it is fun but I need more than that.”

“I don’t,” Scott laughed. “Variety is the name of my game. Matt, do you know of anyone for Yancey?”

“Not off the top of my head,” I replied under the water.

“You two horse dicks would make a nice couple some time,” Scott joked.

“Don’t cut yourself short there, Scott,” Yancey said.

Scott reached over and grabbed Yancey’s nice cock, “No where close to this fuck toy.”

Yancey pushed Scott’s hand away. “How about you then?”

“I would just for a test run but I don’t want a boyfriend or girlfriend right now,” Scott stated.

We finished and turned off the water with two guys looking at us while they were showering. They must have heard part of our candid conversation. We dried off and went to our lockers. I slid on my shorts and threw on my tee shirt.

“Matt, what’s the secret?” Yancey asked.

“I dunno and I wish I could tell ya,” I replied.

“You don’t know how lucky you are. That boyfriend of yours is so hot,” Yancey said.

“Go to the weight room and maybe you can find one,” Scott joked. 

We laughed at Scott’s humor. We said goodbye to Yancey and waited for the others to finish up. In the meantime, I found Corey and talked to him for a minute to see what his plans were for the night. He laughed and said they hadn’t changed in the last hour. 

Coming out of the locker room, Kris was carrying on like he always did. “Bros, Shawn here is killing, kicking some serious ass now in the weight room. Matt, he can already squat way more than you can.”

“That’s not hard,” I laughed.

“The dude is really improving,” Colt said. “Getting some muscle tone as well.”

“Thanks guys but I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t met you,” Shawn stated.

We walked over to our dorm. Kris and Colt were talking about their plans to see Colt’s brother play football. Shawn kindly asked if they cared if he tagged along and then Alex said he wouldn’t mind going as well. Both would be single men with their girls gone home early and really not caring about tomorrow’s game. Colt was tickled to death at the two going with him and Kris. I don’t even have to say Kris was. They did ask Scott and Bryson but both said they’d hang around. They did give Bryson hell for a minute since they knew his plans were to get with Toni.

After the guys were gone, I hung around and cleaned the place up in case Kris’s parents decided to come to our room again unannounced. Finished and enjoying being alone, there was a knock at my door. Scott entered with his shorts hanging low showing his hot underwear along with his dolphin tattoo. 

“Matt, you wanna get smoked out?” Scott asked barely seated.

The idea was appealing since I hadn’t in a while. Rather than go to the bathroom, we headed out to a nearby park where we had done it before. It did feel great and made me very relaxed as the strong smoke took over my body. We sat there a minute.

“Dude, what’s Kris’s deal now?” Scott asked.

“What are you talking about?” I replied with a question of my own.

“His sexuality?”

I looked at Scott, “He’s straight with bi tendancies.”

Scott burst out laughing, “Good way to put it. I heard you fucked him.”

I smiled, “I did, but in front of Corey and Colt.”

“I heard about that shit too. Where was my invite to witness your big dick up his ass?”

“Next time, I’ll holler. Kris keeps saying he’s finished with guys, so we’ll see.”

“Whatcha wanna bet he and Colt have fucked a few times since we’ve been back,” Scott stated.

“I’m not like Bryson and into gambling…”

“Yeah, what’s up with that shit? Here one roomie is a pill popper and the other is a gambler.”

“Are both that bad?”

“I actually think Garrett has toned down the pill popping. He and I got high a few times this week though. As far as Bryson goes, I don’t think it’s anything major. It will be cool as fuck when we can get in a casino. Just imagine Kris…”

I laughed, “Pissed off if he loses. Yelling at the top of his lungs if he wins.”

Scott laughed, “That is something we need to do once we turn 21. Man, it will be here before we know. All of this will be over before we can turn around.”

“Don’t go getting ahead of yourself. We still have over a year, but it will be sad once we split up. I don’t even wanna start thinking about. Right now, I wanna get through four years.”

We headed back with Scott driving. We climbed the stairs and about ran over Parker coming down them. 

“Hey, there you are. I knocked on your door just a second ago. Before that, I sent you a text,” he said to me.

“I guess my phone is in the room. Wassup?”

“I was bored and was seeing what you were doing,” Parker replied and then started smiling. “I’m not sure but I think I have an idea.”

Scott and I giggled with Parker trailing us. We went to my room with Scott and me throwing off our shirts since they smelled like marijuana. I could see Parker staring at us.

“Damn, what some hotties!” Parker stated.

Scott spread out his arms, “Fuck yeah, you want some?”

“Don’t tempt me,” Parker said. “I’m horny enough right now to fuck a girl.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Scott said. “One day, you two gay boys need to get some real pussy.”

“I have before,” Parker laughed. “That’s why I’m gay. It didn’t do a thing for me.”

Scott looked at me, “Matt, I think I know someone for Parker.”

I smiled and knew who was talking about, “I do too. Yancey?”

“Exactly,” Scott said. “Parker, are you up for me and Matt hooking you up with this really cute guy?”

“Hell yeah,” Parker said.

Scott and I did our best to give him a full detailed description. By the end, Parker was eager to meet Yancey. 

We changed subjects just before Corey walked in the door a few minutes later than usual. 

“Are your ears burning?” Scott asked him.

“No, should they be?”

“They had the nerve to ask me who was hotter, you or Kris,” I said.

“You better say me or else you’re sleeping with Kris tonight,” Corey joked.

“I do most nights,” I said.

Really? You sleep with Kris, too?” Parker asked in great amazement.

“No, we sleep in the same room,” I replied.

“I still don’t get that,” Parker said.

“Neither do I,” Scott said right behind him. “Dude, if I was either one of you, I’d be getting some every night.”

Corey spoke up, “It works for us. It makes when we do have sex just awesome.”

“We talked about it and decided that we weren’t quite ready for it. We are together every weekend…”

“I guess if it works for you that’s all that matters,” Parker said. “Maybe I should have tried it with Darin… no, we were doomed from day one coming back.”

They waited until the four; Kris, Colt, Alex and Shawn came in the door.

“Boys, you missed one hell of a game!” Kris yelled.

“Yeah, Colt’s brother’s team won on a late touchdown and then had to keep the other team from scoring,” Shawn stated.

“How did Chase do?” Corey asked.

“He did okay, I guess…”

“Tabor made a sweet catch,” Kris said.

“Yeah and muffed a punt too that allowed the other team to score,” Alex said. “It really was a great game.”

“Guess what too?” Kris asked.

“Ummm… Shawn fucked a cheerleader under the bleachers after the game,” Scott jokingly replied.

“I wish,” Shawn laughed. “No, Alex and I are going back with them to stay this weekend.”

“So y’all really had a great time?” I asked.

“The best,” Alex said.

“The worst part was riding back with these fuckers. Colt’s mom made us chili dogs for supper. You talk about some nasty shit!” Kris said.

“Dude, you were right there with us,” Shawn laughed.

With that Parker and Scott left the room. It wasn’t too much after they were gone before Shawn and Alex left. 

“Kris, you know we should have invited Scott as well,” Colt stated.

“Shit!  Remind me to ask him tomorrow,” Kris said.

“Dudes, I’m out of here. Andrea is waiting on me for sure.  See ya tomorrow,” Colt said.

“Come on Matt. I’m exhausted,” Corey said.

Kris laughed, “But not too exhausted to get fucked I bet.”

“I was trying to be nice,” Corey laughed. 

Corey and I headed to our room. Kris trailed behind us. I stopped and turned around. “Kris, not tonight.”

“I was fucking with y’all. Have fun,” he said before heading in the opposite direction.

Once Corey and I were naked with me on top of him, he pulled away after a great start. He looked at me, “Matt, I have something to confess before this goes any further…”

“Kris sucked your dick,” I cut him off. “He sucked mine too.”

“Damn!” Corey said. “So what’s up with Kris now days? I can see it if we were all gay but for a guy who says he’s straight to suck dick as an apology.”

“When you figure Kris out, fill me in as well. Besides, bi, straight, gay or whatever are just labels people give people. In actuality I’m beginning to think those aren’t so defined any more in today’s world. Better yet, who cares? If you are happy, do it.”

“Well said.”

“Corey, I feel so good about us now. I think we’re over a big bump in the road. If we do things with our roomies, so be it…”

“I agree. We’re all so close here. God, I love Kris and Colt so much. Colt is such a great roommate. Unlike Michael last year, we can talk about anything and do anything, it doesn’t matter. I know you and Kris are the same way, so if things happen, they happen. At the end of the day, I know the one I really love.”

“I do too,” I said and kissed him as hard as ever. “Say we do, we do need to confess it to each other the first time we get back together. There doesn’t need to be any secrets.”

“I’m good with that and I take you are since you’re the one who brought it up?”

“Corey, to be honest with you, I think I’m more than ready to open us up more…”

“God, you’re the best.”

After swapping very long and passionate blow jobs, my ass was perched on a pillow and waiting to take my lover. He eased his thick cock into me. Shivers shot throughout my body after he broke past my sphincter and stretched out my ass with his thick hot cock. My feet were pressed against his muscular chest while he slowly went deeper. Our eyes stayed in contact until I felt his sparse trimmed pubes brush up against me. He propped my feet on his shoulders and pressed forward with my knees near my head. He leaned in for a kiss while my hands explored his side down to his ass. 

OOOO fuck me,” I moaned after a short kiss.

Damn, your ass is so hot tonight.” He leaned up with his arms at my sides and holding my legs in place. Seeing each muscle pop added to the immense stimulation. He began fucking me at a pleasurable pace. We were groaning and panting while so into each other. I could feel his love for me with each push while I pushed back and squeezed my ass for us to both enjoy our sex.

With his strength, he pulled me up. I started to ride his thick hard cock. I leaned back and started moving my hips while he was moaning. Corey started flicking my nipples and stroking my hard eight inches. 

OOO baby,” I moaned in such pleasure only he could give me.

“Fucking love you so much,” he said.

He took over and really began fucking me. At this point, I knew he was very close. I began screaming with great joy at getting fucked so hard. He pulled me close and moaned into my mouth while I felt his cock pumping his load into me. Without warning, I spewed my load between us, hands free. The intense orgasm overtook my body and had me almost shaking. 

He broke the kiss but I wanted more. Kissing with his cock lodged deep in me he pushed me to my back. 

We lie silently and enjoyed the intoxicating feeling of our love making. 

“Fucking great,” I said.

“It was,” he replied before we went to shower and clean up.


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