Posted:   October 21, 2011

Finally cooler, I thought stepping out to start our week here in early October. Now
I was glad I had worn jeans for the first time all year to class as did Corey as
well. With all his working out, his legs were squeezed into his old jeans and had
him complaining. We walked toward our classrooms with Shawn and Scott before
separating to go to our individual classes. I was seated when Toni walked in and sat
next to me.

“Matt, sometime today we need to get together to study for the test in here,” Toni

“I agree one hundred and fifty percent. Just come knock on my door,” I said.

“Don’t you text?”

“Yeah but not very often. It’s such a pain when you can call,” I said.

“True but there are times when you can’t call. I figured everyone used their phones
like crazy. I know I do.”

“Actually I don’t,” I said with class starting.

My day finished on a sour note with the professor announcing a test Friday before
our small break. It would offer the opportunity for Corey and me to study together
with our plans still undecided for the weekend. 

Corey was gone before Kris and Colt came in the room. Kris was still in his jovial
mood and carrying on as he always did. He announced another work out for us so we
were soon out the door along with many others Kris had rounded up.

Back after our workout, we were kicked back as usual with the TV on. Feeling the
urge, Kris lifted up and slid off his shorts. Colt and I laughed at him.

“I swear dude you think now we live in a nudist colony,” Colt stated.

“So what? I like it. No sense in restraining the boys,” Kris said. “Plus my nuts
sweat something awful.”

“Thanks for the info. We appreciate knowing that,” I stated.

“Say someone comes to the door, then what?” Colt asked.

“They see my dick,” Kris laughed. “Like I really care if they see me, plus it’s
usually Scott or another guy that has seen my bare ass before. To me, it’s no
biggie. Just in case, my shorts are right down there.”

After five minutes or so, Colt slid off his shorts too. It was real tempting to
follow suit but I didn’t. Kris laughed before walking to grab two beers that were in
the fridge. He and Colt were sipping on a cold one when someone knocked.

I headed to the door and opened it slowly to see Toni standing there. “Did you get
my text?” she asked entering. She caught a glimpse of Kris and Colt sitting on the
couch naked and her brown eyes lit up with me shaking my head no.

Kris laughed while I think Colt was slightly embarrassed since he grabbed his shorts
to cover his privates. “What’s up, Toni?”

“Nothing actually. I came over to see if Matt wanted to study for our test on
Wednesday,” she replied.

“Give me a second and I will,” I said walking to my room. I came back with the three
talking. Toni and I walked down the hall a few rooms to her room.

“Your roommates are amazing,” she said.

“You can say that again,” I laughed.

“What’s with sitting around naked though?”

“Kris says he likes it so he does. If you can’t tell by now, there’s not a modest
bone in his body…”

“Nor should there be with a body like that. What was Jacee thinking?” she asked
entering her room. It was my first adventure there and was surprised how junky it
was. It looked more like four guys lived there instead of four girls. We walked into
her room with clothes of all sorts everywhere and bras and panties hanging on the
closet doors.

“Excuse the mess. I see your room isn’t this way,” Toni said, clearing a place for
me to sit.

“Nope, because I hate mess. Now Colt and Corey’s room does get like this,” I said.

“Seriously, you and Corey aren’t in the same room?”

“Nope. We decided this summer to go with it and see how it was. So far, it has
worked out great.”

We began on our work in our French class. Toni and I were on the same level and made
a good team as far as studying goes. After an hour and a half, we shut down our
computers and closed our books.

“Where are the rest of your roommates?” I asked.

“Oh, they are all probably over at their boyfriend’s place,” she replied.

“Are they gone all the time?”

“Not all the time. Sometimes the guys will stay here,” Toni said. “Now do you see
the reason I needed a boyfriend?”

I smiled, “I can see now. So how’s that working out for ya with Bryson?”

With her hand on my knee, she replied. “I think I’m dating some kid in high school.
I don’t know what it is with him but he has yet to make a move on me.”

“Is that a good thing or bad thing?”

“It is nice that he didn’t want in my pants after the first date, but hey, we girls
have needs as well,” Toni said. “I’m not saying we have to get naked but a hot make
out session would be great with him. He really does have such a cute body but jumps
back when I touch him.”

Rather than say anything since I had heard a little of Bryson’s side I changed the
subject. “So are you coming to watch him play tomorrow night?”

“I will since he has asked me to,” she replied. “You know it is a crying shame
you’re gay.”

“Why’s that?”

“You’d be such a great catch for any girl. You’re so cute and your body is so kick
ass right now. Perfect the way I see it,” she said moving her hand over my leg.


“So have you always been gay?”

I laughed, “Yes I have. And no I didn’t mess with girls like some to figure out who
I was. We have a lot in common in that I’ve always been attracted to guys.”

She laughed, “That was really stupid of me to ask. Anyway, I think you’re really
hot. The saying all the cute guys are gay now is becoming more evident every day.
Why is that?”

“I guess we care more about the way we look. Once a guy gets his girl, he sometimes
lets himself go.”

“Ain’t that the God’s truth,” she said. “My brother-in-law used to so fine but once
he got married he got the biggest gut ever.”

I smiled, “Guys like them some beer too.”

“You’re not alone there,” Toni laughed.

I stood and started to leave. Toni kissed me on the cheek as her way of saying

“So am I the first girl to kiss your face?”

I smiled, “Nope, my mom was, but yes you were.” I kissed her cheek. “Now you’re the
first girl I kissed on the cheek. How’s that?”

“One night I’d love to see if I could change you,” she stated.

“Thanks, but Corey suits me just fine,” I said.

“I’m sure that stud does,” she said.

I headed back down the hall and opened the door with Kris, Colt, Scott and Shawn
milling around. I was just in time for us to go eat, which was great since I was
rather hungry.

“Matt, we were talking while you were gone about what we’re all doing this weekend,”
Kris stated.

“Yeah, the last thing I wanna do is go home since I just went home two weeks ago,”
Scott said.

“Alright, spill it. What ingenious idea have you four schemed up?” I asked walking.

“Nothing. That’s the problem. None of us can decide a thing,” Kris replied.

“We still have a few days to decide,” I commented.

While we ate, they tossed about ideas. Nothing sounded that appealing to me at the
time with the best idea returning to the state park to camp out for the three days.
I still was undecided on telling them what Toni had mentioned about Bryson. On the
way back, Colt left us to see Andrea.

In our room, the four of us kicked up our feet with Bishop and Alex joining our
group after we were there a few minutes. In the midst of talking about what we were
doing, Bishop spoke up about going to his parent’s lake house. Kris was so excited
but it was for naught as we would later discover since Bishop’s parents were
remodeling the house at the moment. 

Corey came in at his usual time and joined us while we watched some Monday Night
Football like the others wanted. Kris, Bishop and Shawn had been enjoying a few
beers but not in excess more for refreshment. About ten or so near the end of what
was a boring game, the door opened with Colt coming inside.

“Somebody got their ass laid,” Kris stated since Colt was grinning ear to ear.

“You boys don’t know shit,” Colt said. “I made hot slow sweet love to her and
treated her like a lady should be treated.”

“Slow because it takes you forever to nut,” Kris laughed.

“Fucking shit Kris, what don’t you know about Colt?” Bishop exclaimed.

“Hey, we nailed girls in the same room before,” Colt stated.  “I’m proud as hell not
to have a quick trigger.”

“The last girl I fucked over ten minutes started gripping up a storm and said she
was sore as fuck,” Bishop stated.

“Andrea just takes it. I reckon she loves it since she came at least twice tonight,”
Colt said.

“Dude, she better be on the pill,” Scott commented.

“Knowing Colt’s stupid ass, he uses the withdrawal technique…”

“Give me a little credit, Kris. For one, she’s on the pill and two, I still cover
the boy as added protection. The last thing I need or any of us for that matter
needs is one in the oven. Hell, it’d ruin all the fun,” Colt stated, laughing.

“At least one of us is sexually active here,” Shawn said.

“Hey now!” Corey joked.

“You don’t count,” Bishop laughed. “Scott, you don’t count either since I’ve heard
you’re on both teams.”

“Hey, it beats jacking off every night,” Scott joked.

“My hand gets so sore,” Shawn laughed.

“Bro, I admire you. No way would I be with someone that didn’t like sex,” Kris said.

“There may be a day,” Shawn stated in defense. “I love her despite her not putting
out as much as I would like, plus there’s no worries that way.”

“Amen there,” Bishop said. “Way to look on the bright side of things.”

It wasn’t long before all of our visitors exited the room. Corey and I enjoyed a
little private time after Colt and Kris left to study. 

“Matt, I heard them say nothing is settled on yet for this weekend.”


“I just knew we’d have a plan in place by now.”

“It really won’t kill any of us to go home for a few days. I would love for you to
come home with me if nothing works out.”

“You know we could go off somewhere and stay in a hotel room,” Corey said.

“Yes, but that cost money.”

Corey shrugged, “I have it and would love for us to go away and have fun if everyone
else is gone. That way we don’t bother your mom.”

“We’ll think of something. We always do,” I said. I turned and kissed his lips. It
started a nice hot make out session for us. 

Corey and I said goodnight. I entered my room with Kris sitting at his desk with his
laptop on. It took me a second to notice he was watching some straight porn with his
cock in his hand. Quietly, I got in bed and under the sheets since I was hard seeing
Kris masturbate to porn. It wasn’t long before Kris let out a soft moan and busted
cum all up and down his taut torso. He tasted a little and turned to me with a
smile.  He shut down his computer and jumped on top of his bed.

“Looks like you enjoyed that,” I stated.

“Of course I did. I might be a fucking porn addict before all is said and done.”

I turned towards him, “Kris, I have a little problem on my hands and don’t know what
to do.”

“What now?”

“It’s really nothing but Toni told me that what Bryson said the other night is not
true. She tells it like Bryson is scared of her. I think she wants Bryson but she
thinks he doesn’t like her.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“How do you call someone’s bluff on something like that?”

“If you want, I’ll tell him,” Kris said.

“No, I know how you’ll put it.”

“Bro, I can just drop a subtle hint like saying I know Toni wants some of him. He
may be trying to be a nice guy for a change and not force things. It may open the
door for him to get some.”

“And I think she likes me, too.”

“What a fucking dumbass!” Kris laughed. 

“She just said I was hot and was running her hands all over my leg.”

“Bro, here’s your one chance to maybe get some pussy.”

“Never, with her dating Bryson, would I ever consider it,” I firmly stated.

“And if she wasn’t?”

“Who knows?” I said and left it at that before rolling over and waiting to hear Kris
lightly snoring before taking care of business. Not that Kris hasn’t seen me jack
off but sometimes it doesn’t feel right doing it with him watching.

Tuesday was a very windy day and a fresh reminder how I was in dire need of a
haircut. Entering the building, Alex was waiting outside on me and walked in the
door. Ted was already seated and held a spot near him for us to sit in the

“Sorry, we let y’all down Saturday night,” Ted said.

“That shit won’t happen again,” Mike, his friend and our study partner stated.

“I’m over it but I can see you’re disappointed,” I said.

“Damn right I am but it’s in the books now,” Ted said just as class was beginning.
Our test wasn’t ready but promised for Thursday if things went as planned for the

Back in the room, Kris came in the door with a big smile across his face. “We know
what tonight is right?” he asked.

“Hopefully not another ass kicking like last week,” I laughed and ran off to my
room. I locked the door but could hear Kris and Corey beating it. I gave in and as
soon as I opened the door I was tackled. They held me down and started tickling me
like crazy. “Stop it! I’m about to piss in my pants!”

I shouldn’t have done that for it added fuel to the fire with Colt now joining in on
my torment. I couldn’t hold it any longer. 

Kris jumped up, “Oh fuck, he wasn’t kidding!”

Still laughing now at Kris’s reaction, “I told you!”

“Alright someone tell me exactly why we are tickling Matt,” Colt stated.

“I asked if they knew what tonight was. Mr. Fucking Smart Ass had to reply it was
another ass kicking,” Kris said, wiping his hands.

“Good then, he deserved it,” Colt laughed. “We better not get our asses kicked all
over the field like last week.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Corey said.

I headed to change and washed off the foul piss that had run all down my leg. I
grabbed a towel and wiped it off our floors. With little to do, I went out and
approached Corey who was sitting on the sofa with Kris and Colt after the fun was
over. “I’m off to get my hair cut if anyone wants to go with me.”

Corey whipped his head around, “I take it that was a huge hint.”

“Actually I was offering in case anyone else needed their locks cut,” I said.

Kris pushed back his blond hair that had grown so much, “I need one but it can

“I’ll go to keep you company,” Corey said.

“No, you stay here. Watching someone get their hair cut is so boring,” I said.

“So are you doing some crazy shit?” Kris asked.

“I never know until I get there,” I said and left out the door. I was trying to be
nice but Corey took it like I meant I wanted him to go with me. He would have so
much more fun with the guys than watching me.

Back in an hour with a faux hawk like before and no highlights, I entered. Scott and
Colt were kicked back while Kris was off wondering the halls. I looked around for
Corey and both guys pointed to his room so I went there. He turned around and
smiled. “Just like before but I love it.”

“Thank you. Corey, I really was offering for the three of you and had no intention
of asking you to go with me. All of us could use a hair cut at this point,” I said.

“So you’re serious? I just knew you were dropping hints for me to go,” he said.

“Actually it was nice getting out alone. The place where I get my hair cut is right
next to where we went that night and got tattoos,” I said.

Corey smiled, “Now I’m glad I didn’t go. The temptation would have been too great
but I have enough ink for now.”

“To me it is perfect,” I said and kissed him. I left and went to join Scott and

After the game that night which the guys won easily, I looked up and saw Bryson with
his sweaty arm draped around Toni’s shoulder. I went up to them and told her to
holler when she was ready to study for our test the next day. 

Corey and I walked back to the room together. We entered with Corey heading to
shower. No more in the door, Kris undressed as did Colt since they were hot and
sweaty. I paid them no attention and went to gather my things and wait for Toni to
come by or text me. While waiting, I saw I had missed a call from Dad. I called him
back to see what was happening. As usual, he wanted to see me again but chose
Thursday night. I had to explain to him about my upcoming test. He understood and
said we’d get together the next week but he’d call and confirm it first. We
continued talking until someone knocked on my door. Seeing it was Toni ready to
study, I had to let Dad go.

“I’m ready,” I said. “I was talking to my Dad.”

“That’s nice,” she said while I gathered my things. I walked out with Corey and Kris
sitting around naked, Colt must have left to be with Andrea. 

“Y’all have fun,” Kris stated.

“We will,” I joked.

“Toni, come back again and you can have all this you want,” Kris said grabbing his
cock with Corey laughing.

“Kris that was so rude!” I screamed and didn’t think it was funny at all.

“Matt, it’s fine,” she said.

“Bro, we were joking around with her to start with. Weren’t we, Toni?” Kris stated.

“I started it by saying these hunks were doing their best to seduce me and it went
from there,” Toni said. We walked out the door. “Matt, thanks for coming to my
rescue but it was my fault. I was messing with Kris and went too far. I will say you
did a great job of picking a boyfriend. Boy, why don’t you sleep with him every

I smiled, “It would take some of the fun out of it.”

“I guess it would and be like old habit.”

“Exactly,” I said with her opening her door. 

Inside was one of her roommates in a long tee painting her nails. “Kanae, oh my God,
you wouldn’t believe the hunks in Matt’s room that just sit around naked like it was

“Are they hot?” Kanae, who was of Asian descent with beautiful dark hair, asked.

“You wouldn’t believe it. Muscles every where you look,” Toni said. “Just imagine
Bryson with more muscles.”

“Oh my God, I think I know who you’re talking about. That hot ass blonde guy…”

“Kris,” I said, listening to them talk.

“Kris is such a doll. He’s the funniest and most outgoing guy you’ll ever meet in
your life,” Toni said.

“Is that where those two gay guys live too?” she asked.

“Kanae, Matt here is one of those two. His boyfriend Corey is just as hot as Kris is
and that Colt is so adorable with the country accent,” Toni stated.

“I’m sorry if I offended you, Matt,” Kanae said.

“I wasn’t offended. I’m gay…”

“But doesn’t act like any gay guy I’ve ever known either,” Toni said. “We better get
to studying.”

“Nice to meet, you. You’re cute, too,” Kanae said while Toni and I walked into her

“Whew, I just knew Kanae was going to open her mouth and call you a queer or
faggot,” Toni said, moving things so we could study. “Does faggot offend you?”

“Does bitch offend you?” I replied.

“I get your point, and yes it does offend me. What’s worse is hearing someone say
the p-word. Just sends shivers all over me,” Toni said.

I laughed, “Just be careful around Kris then.”

Finished with our intense but productive studying, I came back to the room and
headed to my bed for a little peace and quiet for a change. There were others there
but I just said hi and continued on. I grabbed my phone to talk to Mom to check on
her. She asked what I was doing for the weekend but I was non-committal even though
I knew exactly what she wanted. She was aching for me to meet her guy, Vince. By the
way she went on about him; he was someone I knew I would have to meet. 

Finished with my call, Corey eased open the door and came to be with me. 

“Any word yet on what’s going down for the weekend?” I asked.

“As of right now, it looks like we’re going home,” he replied.  “Would you care if I
went to my house during that time? It could be my last time home before

“No, I could get to meet Mom’s boyfriend if I went home,” I replied.

Corey smiled, “Wow, Linda is getting some action, huh?”

I laughed, “I don’t know about that but I hope she can remember what to do.”

“It’s like riding a bike; you never forget,” Corey said, smiling back at me.


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