Posted:   October 18, 2011

The five of us, Scott, Corey, Kris, Colt and me, arrived at Kendall and Noah’s nice
apartment complex. We could see people gathered around the pool driving in. We
knocked and found the two waiting on us. Kendall and Noah looked great as ever and
were glad to see us. I did feel bad that we didn’t include them more in our doings
since they desired our company. 

Arriving at the pool area, Kendall and Noah signed us in and paid the small fee for
us to be a part of the festivities. Barely there, I looked up to see Kris talking
with a guy and girl.

Colt laughed, “Damn, he knows everybody.”

“Good to see he hasn’t changed one bit,” Noah commented.

We laughed. Scott said, “He hasn’t, and his temper is as bad as ever. Just ask
these three.”

“I just hope that big dude never gets pissed at me,” Kendall stated. “Kris could
really fuck somebody up if he’s not careful.”

Kris walked back to us carrying as many cups as possible and began passing them
out. “Bros, y’all got it made here. This place is fucking sweet!”

“I guess so, but we pay for it,” Kendall laughed.

With a full cup of draft, I took a drink and felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned
around to see Stephan and Grayson.

“Matt! It’s great to see ya!” Stephan stated with the rest turning around as well
to see him. He was wearing a skimpy bikini with his hair dyed blonde while
Grayson’s hair was jet black and hanging across his face. Both were like us and had
gotten ink since I’d seen them last with Grayson having a huge tatt on his arm.

“Great to see you. How’s it going?” I asked.

“Do you miss us?” Kris asked and laughed.

Grayson spoke up, “A little but it’s really nice here. You guys should consider
this place next year.”

“We’re good where we are but we might,” Colt said.

“Hell I would in a heartbeat,” Scott spoke up.

The others walked away while Corey and I moved to talk with Stephan and Grayson. We
took a seat in some nice lounge chairs and kicked back. We removed our shirts to
enjoy this nice evening.

“Damn, you two make such a hot couple,” Stephan commented. 

“I can see Corey hasn’t let up in the weight room one bit,” Grayson said. “You’re
both fucking hot as ever.”

“Thanks,” Corey said. We sat together and caught up on various things. While
talking, Grayson stood up and left us just a minute. He returned with Yancey behind
him. My heart skipped a beat right there.

“Matt, what are you doing here?” Yancey asked.

“I was about to ask you the same question,” I replied. “Some friends of ours
invited us.”

“Wow this is so odd that you two know each other,” Grayson said.

“We really just met Friday. Speaking of, Scott’s here with us too,” I said.

“Awesome,” Yancey said. “I’ll run and say hi to him.”

Yancey walked away in his hot Speedo. “So if you two know of anyone looking for a
nice boyfriend, Yancey sure needs one,” Grayson said. His statement left no doubt
as to what I had wondered at the pool.

We continued talking for a little while longer. All the while, I could see Kris and
Colt talking to various people. Corey stood and went to get us more to drink. He
returned with drinks and food. Seeing food caused us to get up and wander to the
area where the food was. I grabbed a few things yet still felt out of place.

Kris walked up to me with a hot dog in his mouth, “Awesome, huh?”

“It’s pretty nice,” Corey said. “Do you know everyone here?”

Kris swallowed, “I know a few here and there. I had no idea some many of my
classmates lived here. Write this shit down.  Come hell or high water, I know four
guys moving here next year.”

“We’ll see about that,” I said.

We stood around with Kris off again. Scott walked up and said the same thing as
Kris and stayed around talking with us. We finished eating and moved back to sit
down with Kendall and Noah. Just seated, they announced a belly flop contest in
fifteen minutes. 

“Whatcha wanna bet Kris is in it?” I stated and laughed.

“You think?” Noah said.

“We said the same thing last year at ‘Dorm Daze’ but he got Scott to do it,” Corey

They announced again with a call for contestants to meet inside. Corey stood and
smiled, “Wish me luck.”

“You’re doing it?” Kendall asked.

“Kris will need competition,” Corey said. 

We waited with Stephan and Yancey returning. They said Grayson was going to try his
luck as well for fun. We watched while the brave contestants exited the building.
Sure enough Kris was in the mix with Corey and Grayson trailing him. Viewing the
ten competitors, there were a few with some impressive guts that could make the

We watched with Colt joining us along with two other guys I didn’t know. The first
two jumped off with one making a nice splash in the pool. Kris stepped on the
board. I was shaking my head and didn’t know what to expect. He bounced off the
board, tucked his elbows in while holding his hands in a fist and hit the water
with a loud thud. It was easy to hear the oohs and ahs but Kris made a nice big
splash. He emerged with his hands held high. Getting out, there was a huge red spot
on his abs.

Corey was next and did his best to duplicate Kris’s feat with his arms spread wide.
His splash wasn’t near as impressive as Kris’s but made the loud sound of skin
hitting the water. He emerged and returned with his hands across his mid section.
Grayson was next and didn’t make much splash as he hit the water. 

They were followed by two big guys. One sent water everywhere and just missed
hitting us. When the winner was announced there was little doubt who the winner was
but Kris had finished second and another big guy third. 

The three came back with it now completely dark but the lights shining brightly to
illuminate the area. 

“Remind me not to do that ever again,” Corey stated.

“Hurt like hell,” Kris laughed.

“Hell yeah it did,” Grayson said. “Worse part was I didn’t make much of a splash
but it was fun.”

We stood around talking and drinking as well until the music came blasting out of
the speaker system. We looked at each other and laughed since none of us were great
dancers. It wasn’t very long until Kris and Colt were accosted by two cute ladies
wanting to dance. Even though Colt was seeing someone, it didn’t stop him from
going out to shake his ass. Corey grabbed my hand for us to start dancing as well.
Soon we were all dancing and having such a great time. After two, a brunette tapped
Corey on the shoulder to dance while a blond asked me. Stephan, Grayson and Scott
were laughing but we didn’t care. By now, I was beginning to feel about three nice
size cups of beer in me. 

With the music continuing, there were a few that had gone in the pool. It was a
little crowded but still enough room to move around and dance. After a few dances,
we stopped. The girls thanked us and moved along while Scott and Yancey were out
dancing with Scott making a fool of himself and not caring. Kris walked back with a
cigarette hanging out of his mouth. It was the first time I’d seen him smoke. He
laughed and said he didn’t want a dip but only had one. It was evident he was
feeling no pain either but neither was Colt while Corey didn’t seem too effected by

With a break in the music, Kris grabbed me by the arm while Colt did the same to
Corey. We walked in the clubhouse adjoining with Kris ordering 4 shots which were
some lemon concoction. We downed the first one and looked at each other with a big
smile. The drink wasn’t too bad at all so we ordered another round. After two quick
shots, the mixture of beer and alcohol were beginning to get to my ass. I did my
best to not act drunk but it was too evident that I was. 

We went back out before the music cranked up again. I danced without a care and
clung close to Corey. It was great in that no one spoke a word, or didn’t near us,
about us being gay since me and my friends weren’t the only gay ones attending the

We left just before they closed the party down. We did get to say goodbye to
Stephan, Grayson and Yancey before going to Kendall and Noah’s apartment. They too
were pretty drunk and begged us to stay. Scott explained about Corey’s work
situation, so they understood. We bid them good night and headed back to campus. 

Getting out of Scott’s ride, I held on to Corey while Kris and Colt did their best
to steady each other. Once in our room, we thanked Scott for a great night.

“Fuck yeah, motherfuckers! We got fucked up!” Kris stated.

“Hell yeah we did. That party was a blast!” Colt said right behind him.

Barely having my head, I laughed, “We did. The only problem is we forgot our

We laughed hysterically. “I’ve got more,” Corey said. “All I know is you are some
lucky fuckers since you don’t have to work tomorrow.”

“I pity your ass,” Kris stated.

When Corey’s phone alarm went off the next morning, it woke me as well. He didn’t
look so hot but was a real trooper. He returned fully dressed and came to give me a
kiss. “I feel like pure crap. I’ll be damned if I go out drinking again when I have
to work the next day.”

“I feel like crap too. I admire you so much,” I said.

“I’ll see as soon as I can get off. Remember I need to study something fierce
tonight,” he said and left the room, with me going back to sleep.  

I woke again about 10ish and got up to use the bathroom. Opening the door, the TV
was on with Kris sitting on the couch. I returned and took a seat next to him. 

“My boy is coming around I see,” Kris laughed. 

“When in Rome…”

“Whatever! You want me to be jealous,” he said laughing at my nudity but he was
naked as well. “So how do ya feel?”

“My head hurts a little but overall not as bad as I expected.  You?”

“Oh about normal after a hard night of drinking. We did do some drinking, huh?  You
were really close to Scott’s house drunk.”

“I was but kept my clothes on this time,” I said. “Kris, I’m glad to have you back
to normal. It really sucked when we were fighting.”

“Tell me about it,” Kris said. “I was miserable.”

“You are really something else. I swear you never meet a stranger but I wouldn’t
change that for nothing in the world.  I still can’t figure out what it is about
you that attracts people.”

Kris spread his arms out, “My fucking hot body.”

I laughed and pushed on his shoulder, “No there’s way more to you than muscle.
Kris, you can be whatever you wanna be in life. I’m not so lucky to be able to walk
up to someone and start talking.”

“Well, I don’t have your smarts. What a dynamic duo I would be if I did.”

“You aren’t stupid. I’ve seen what you can do in the classroom if you put your mind
to it. You scored high on your ACT…”

“Luck, pure luck there,” Kris said. “From now on bro, I’m living life to the

“Like you haven’t been already?” I said.

“No, just shoot me if I fall for another girl any time soon. I don’t wanna be in
another relationship for a while. I like being with other people…”

“You also like sex too.”

“True but I think I could have gotten laid last night if I would have wanted to.
You saw the girls all over me…”

“For good reason too.”

“The only problem is I don’t want you to say a word to me if I start fucking around
with different girls and maybe a guy here and there…”

“Really? A guy?”

“You know if the mood hits me and there’s not a girl around.  I know you wanna
watch out for me but please keep your mouth shut unless you think I’m going too far
and being a man whore… which would be kinda sweet.”

“I will and will let you do your thing,” I said.

“Another thing too, stop me and Colt if we start drinking too much as well…”

“Kris, so far you really haven’t. Of course we did last night but we didn’t any
time else… well you did one night but you had a good reason. Really we don’t every
night and usually only on weekends around here. I would have said something by now
if I thought you were going too far. Can you think of a night during the week where
you did?”

“I guess you’re right but watch me. I do need you in my life and realize it more as
the day goes on,” Kris said with Colt coming out in his boxers. He laughed and
threw them inside the room to join us.

“Great night last night, huh?” Colt stated.

“It was,” I said.

“Matt and I were talking about that very fact,” Kris said.

We relived some of the events. “You know we do need to ask Kendall and Noah over,”
Kris said.

“Yeah, I can tell that want us to…” I said.

“Plus we might get an invite for Christmas break and Spring Break,” Colt said.

“No, they are our friends. You saw their faces light up when we walked in the
door,” I said.

We snacked around and were about to get up to get dressed when we heard a knock at
the door. Kris barely opened it until seeing Bryson standing there.

“Damn dudes,” Bryson commented seeing us naked. 

“You’ve seen us naked before,” Kris said. “What’s up?”

“Ummm… do you know where Scott went last night?”

“He didn’t go to y’all’s room?” Colt asked.

“Why the fuck would I be here asking?” Bryson said as smartly as he could and took
a seat. “No. We all tell one of us if we’re not going to be in the room so we’re a
little worried.”

“Matt does that for us,” Kris laughed.

“So he didn’t say he wasn’t coming to the room?” Bryson asked and then bummed a dip
off of Colt since Colt had one in.

“You know I did see him talking to that guy… Yancey,” Kris said.

“Yeah, but they knew each other from swimming,” I said. “He did dance quite a bit
with this really cute girl.”

“Come off it, Matt. Scott was over fucking Yancey so don’t try to make excuses that
he’s not,” Colt said.

“No, since we don’t know, I was giving another possibility,” I said.

“Bryson, do Scott and Brennan hook up very often?” Kris asked.

“Well… I know they have a few times but not what I call much,” Bryson replied. 

“Is there any news on Garrett?” I asked to get off Scott.

“Nothing new to report. He’s still popping those pills. No telling what he’s paying
but I’m one to talk. I lost fucking fifty bucks on that sorry ass game yesterday,”
Bryson replied.

“You bet on it?” Colt asked.

“I got twenty on two games today,” Bryson answered. “Hopefully, it’ll make me even
for the weekend.”

After talking a little more, we dressed and headed to eat with Bryson and grabbed
Shawn on the way out. Eating with Bryson, we learned he was getting frustrated with
Toni since they had been on three dates and nothing sexual had occurred. He had the
stupid old rule of nothing in three dates and they were history. Shawn laughed and
said he and Terra would have been broken up a long time ago.

We returned and went to their room. We opened the door with Scott sitting on their
couch eating a fast food burger and fries.

“What’s up?” Scott asked.

“Nothing but we were worried about you,” Bryson replied.

“So, I didn’t come back to the room, who gives a fuck?” Scott asked defensively.

“Well... your roommates were worried,” Kris said.

“Excuse the fuck out of me but next time let me call you and tell ya,” Scott said. 

“No Scott, we were just worried is all. You never know,” Shawn said.

“I didn’t make it back so leave it at that,” Scott said.

“Alright then since you’re a grown guy. Sorry that we worried just a little,”
Bryson said.

“It’s cool. I appreciate that you were but it was late,” Scott said. “I know four
dudes who got really fucked up last night.”

“Hell yeah we did. Thanks again for driving us,” Colt said.

“Yeah, I owe you,” Kris said.

Scott laughed, “I’ll remember that.”

“Just for curiosity’s sake, was it a guy or girl?” Bryson asked.

Scott shook his head. “Fine, so you’ll stop badgering me with questions. It was a
girl. That blond girl I was dancing with. She up and said I had a hot body and
wanted us to hook up…”

“Hell yeah, dude!” Colt shouted.

“Now I’m jealous. Scott here doesn’t even have to wine and dine a girl to fuck
her,” Bryson lamented.

“Seriously, it was a girl?” Kris asked.

“Yes, it was. When you’re completely bi and comfortable with it, you can do that
shit,” Scott replied. “It was a nice change.”

“Okay, now that is settled I have to watch these games,” Bryson said.

“Dumbass thinks he can get rich betting on football,” Shawn stated.

“I’m doing okay so far,” Bryson said with the remote in his hand.

We left Bryson alone with Scott following us down. Once in the room, we got the
full rundown of Scott’s night. 

“Kris, now that you’re back on the market I can see your ass fucking any and every
body,” Scott laughed. “One nighters ain’t that bad since you’re not committed to
that person.”

“My latest one nighter caused a bunch of shit,” Kris stated. 

“It did but you were dating someone,” Colt said while I listened.

Once finished with Scott’s story, we asked his plans for the upcoming short break.
He said he was going home again since he assumed everyone else would. We talked a
little more about it but nothing was settled. We dressed with Scott borrowing some
of my shorts and a tee to go work out despite three of us still feeling the effects
of the previous night. 

Entering the Rec Center, we saw Corey wasn’t doing so hot and looked beat. We threw
our things in a locker and saw Ferdie, a guy Kris knew, entering. Kris spoke with
him a minute. We waited and had Ferdie join us in our routine. Kris was set on
doing an intense core routine. Intense it was, plus very tiring. We were covered in
sweat by the end and showered quickly.

We waited a few minutes for Corey to log out so he could walk with us. He did hear
about Scott’s night and laughed about it. Back in the room, Corey said he needed a
nap with Scott agreeing he did as well. Rather than go back to his room, Scott used
Kris’s bed while Corey took mine. Colt and Kris decided they needed to do laundry
for a change since Colt wanted to change his bed sheets and both stated they were
officially out of clean underwear. Kris laughed and said he had been for a week but
didn’t mind going commando. With them gone, I lay on the couch to watch TV and
before I knew it I was sound asleep. 

I was awake after a refreshing nap. I quietly opened the door to see Corey gone but
Scott still sleeping away. I walked across and smiled seeing Corey at his desk
studying. It dawned on me then that Kris and Colt hadn’t returned. Then I laughed
remembering who I was talking about. 

Scott was soon up and about but left to head to his room saying he needed to study
but be sure to holler at him for dinner. Finally Kris and Colt came in the room
carrying their clean laundry.

“What took so long?” I asked.

“Oh we saw Ted and Luke and were talking with them. Boy were they pissed about the
game,” Kris replied.

“They said the refs didn’t call shit. Ted said he was held so many times it wasn’t
even funny,” Colt stated.

“Hmmm… that makes sense why he didn’t have many tackles,” I said.

“Exactly. You know Bryson and Shawn were pointing that out during the game but I
thought they were looking for excuses,” Kris said. “Are we ready to eat after we
put our stuff away?”

“I sure am. Corey probably is too,” I replied. “He might need a break since he has
been studying.”

Kris smiled, “To impress his boyfriend so he doesn’t get his ass chewed out again.”

I smiled back, “Maybe but once we get back, I need to study as well.”

After eating with our regular crew with even Garrett in tow, our room was quiet for
at least two hours due to the fact we were hitting the books. As usual, I edited a
paper for Corey and then Kris after that I was done. Bishop and Keith came down for
a little while to see how our weekend went. By midnight, our lights were out with
another weekend in the books.  

“Man, what another epic weekend,” Kris stated, turned to me on his elbow.

“It was. The concert wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Over at Kendall and Noah’s it
really was a blast.”

“Both were great thanks to me,” Kris laughed. “Imagine if I’d been so fucking
stubborn and continued to be pissed at y’all.”

“I’m glad that’s over. So seeing Jacee with another guy didn’t hurt you?”

“Actually it did just a little, but hell, I fucked around on her.”

“Two wrongs don’t make a right,” I said.

“Now it’s over and done with. If you can’t see, I’m good with it…”

“No, I couldn’t tell how really happy you were,” I joked.

Kris got up from his bed and walked over to me with a weird look on his face. He
broke off a smile. He grabbed my face and gave me a hot wet kiss. He stopped the
kiss and moved down my body with his tongue, making me shiver. He grabbed my
hardening cock and licked the head.

“Okay, you’ve gone far enough,” I stated.

“I’m making up to you on my terms. I’m sucking your fucking hot dick.”

“I don’t think so. I’m perfectly okay with your apology, so let’s just leave it at

He looked up at me with his big blue eyes, “No Matt, I’m sucking your dick.”

While debating in my head the ramifications of this, I felt Kris’s warm mouth
engulf my cock. I wanted to tell him to stop but it felt so good I couldn’t. My
head was spinning feeling his tongue on the underside while he slid his mouth up
and down the length. He stopped and kissed my abs before moving to lick my hard
shaft. Again, I wanted to say we’d gone far enough but I was enjoying it way too
much. His mouth covered my head with his strong hand around the base. I began
softly moaning while hearing Kris slurp on my eight inches. 

He stopped with spit stringing from the tip of my cock to his bottom lip. He took a
breath, “Feel good, huh?”

I didn’t answer but watched him return his lips to my dick after he kissed and
licked my inner thighs. For a guy who battled with his sexuality, he was doing
great work and had me hard as a rock. He licked my shaft and got to taste the
precum oozing out of my cock. He reached to grab my nuts and returned his hot mouth
to the head of my dick using his tongue to caress it as it throbbed. I shut my eyes
to enjoy this. His mouth went faster and faster until he pulled off and feverishly
jerked my cock. My nuts were boiling. My body tensed up with my cum aching for its
escape. I cried out ‘Oh fuck’ as the orgasm overtook my body. Kris pumped my cock
for all the cum it was worth. My chest and abs had cum splattered all over them.
Kris stood and within a few strokes blasted his hot cum on my body, mixing it with
mine. Finished, he leaned over for a sweet kiss. I grabbed the back of his head and
continued to kiss him. 

Kris found a towel and wiped me clean. “I hope that tells you how sorry I really
was for all the trouble I caused you. Don’t you worry your little head because I’m
doing the same thing to Corey and Colt…” he laughed. “Well… let’s say Colt and I
have made up already.”

I smiled, “Kris, you can’t stay away from him.”

“I hear you got a little Colt dick yourself there,” he said smiling back at me and
getting back in his bed.

“I did, as did Corey one night. He had to have the same experience as you.” I said.
“Thanks for one hell of a blow job.”

“The pleasure was all mine. Remember this is between us for now but I plan on doing
the same if not more to Corey.”

“Okay,” I said. “Fuck him hard. He likes it that way.”

Kris laughed, “I might just do that.”

I laughed as well. “For a guy who said he was finished with gay shit, you sure have
been getting some dick here lately.”

Kris continued laughing, “Maybe I have and it’s just a phase I’m going through but
I’ve fucked around with way more girls than I have guys. That’s all that counts in
my book.”

“I guess so since I’m the only one that’s fucked you since we’ve been back here,

“You’re right there,” Kris said and rolled over.


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