Posted:   October 15, 2011

With Kris coming to a sudden and abrupt stop I ran into the back of Scott
since I wasn’t watching what was going and looked around. There, not 10
yards from us, was Jacee holding hands with a guy. Fear ran through my

“What some shit!” Scott said very loudly.

Kris turned his head, “Tell me about it. Let’s find Colt before I do
something I shouldn’t.”

We walked around a little and found Colt and Andrea. “Kris, our seats are so
sweet,” Colt said.

“Is Jacee there?” Kris asked.

“Nah, she hasn’t sat there yet,” Colt replied.

“Dude, we just saw her with some dude,” Brennan stated.

“Are you okay, Kris?” Andrea asked.

“I’m fine. I guess I deserved it,” Kris stated. “Let’s forget that shit. I
know y’all are bored. There’s lots of room where we’re sitting. We can kick
it up there.”

“Andrea?” Colt turned to her.

“I guess we can,” she replied with a tilt of her head.

“Kris, any ideas on us scoring a beer here?” Colt asked.

“No but I wish like hell there was. Nothing better than having a cold one
and listening to some jamming country music,” Kris replied.

We mingled around in the foyer and saw a lot of people we knew from our
classes and around campus. I turned and spotted Liz with two girls. She
approached us with the girls holding beer.  Kris and Colt’s mouths began to
water instantly.

“Kris, how are you doing?” Liz said very friendly.

“I’ve been better…”

“Excuse me then,” Liz said and was taken aback.

“No… no… it’s been hell this week you might say,” Kris said. “It’s great to
see ya.”

“Yeah, so where are you seating?” Liz asked with her friends now talking to

“Basically in the nosebleed section but there’s no one up there,” Kris

“What section?” Liz asked. “We have a bunch of old farts around us. Do you
care if we joined you?”

“Sure, come on. We’re in Section 225 at the top so we can kick our feet up,”
Kris said.

“We may see ya up there,” Liz stated.

In the meantime, Scott and Brennan had bought sodas and popcorn before
finding us to return to our seats. The lights went down again before the
next act hit the stage. My eyes lit up when I heard the first bars and
actually knew the song. 

“It’s Darius Rucker,” Corey said.

“I know… Hootie and the Blowfish,” I said.

It was odd to see a black guy singing at a country concert but I was glad to
see him. I knew his old stuff but none of the newer stuff where as Corey
knew the new stuff. He finished and the lights came back on. We sat and
talked instead of going back down. 

Within a few minutes, Liz and her two friends were climbing the steps and
coming to sit with us. Liz introduced them but she couldn’t remember
Brennan’s name nor knew who Drew was. Not long afterwards, Alex and Elise
joined us as well, after texting Scott. Shawn and Terra were next to join

The lights went down again with the main group, Rascal Flatts taking the
stage. Everyone stood up so I did as well and didn’t know the song but had
Corey singing in one ear and Kris in the other. Even though I didn’t know
the songs, we danced like crazy fools and really enjoyed it. Finally with
the last song, I knew it and was able to join in the singing. We probably
sounded awful but didn’t care since we were having such a good time. 

“That wasn’t too bad, huh?” Scott asked with his shirt tucked in his waist
while we walked out of the arena.

“Nah, we could have fun anywhere,” I replied.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Liz said.

With his shirt unbuttoned, Kris threw his sweaty arm around Liz, “We haven’t
changed a bit. Still crazy as hell after one year. Imagine what we’ll be
like as seniors.”

“Fucking drunk is all I know,” Colt laughed with his arm around Andrea’s

We headed to our dorm. Just before we split, Kris asked, “Liz, you, Kat and
Jocelyn are more than welcome to come to our room and have a beer with us.”

“Ummm… I don’t think so,” Liz said.

“Why not? It’s still early,” Kris asked.

Liz pulled Kris aside while we continued on to the room. For one, I was
about to piss in my pants. We climbed the stairs with me running to the
bathroom with Corey right behind me. We came back out with Scott, Brennan
and Drew helping themselves to a cold one. Corey went over and pulled two
out for us. Kris came walking inside with Liz alone. He was grinning from

“Where’s Colt or did he go down with Andrea?” Kris asked before getting two

“He went to say goodbye,” Scott replied.

“What’s up with that?” Kris asked and handed Liz a beer. I wondered what
their talk was about and surely Kris wasn’t jumping out of one relationship
into another.

“That was pretty kick ass, huh?” Brennan stated. “Even Matt liked it.”

“It was okay. If a group comes here that I like,” I said and took a swig. “I
know a bunch of guys that better come with me.”

“We will,” Scott said. “No matter who, unless it’s some fucking rap artist.”

The door opened with Colt returning. Kris turned his head and asked, “What’s
your ass doing here?”

“Aunt Flo is visiting Andrea this weekend,” Colt replied and laughed.

“No pussy for you then,” Scott said.

“Damn we have a lady here for crying out loud,” Kris said.

“When has that ever stopped you?” Liz joked.

“So what was so important we couldn’t hear you two talk?” Colt asked since
none of us were brave enough to do it.

“Oh, just a few things here and there,” Kris replied.

Liz took a drink, “I told Kris I didn’t want to date right now since…” she
took another drink. “I like women too.”

Colt did the classic spit take and spewed beer across the floor, “Holy fuck,

“See Kris, I told you…”

Kris looked at Liz, “Except for Drew, you’re in the presence of guys who
have been with other guys, me included.”

“Are you serious?” Liz asked.

“Yes I have,” Kris stated. “Since you were brave enough to tell me, I needed
to tell you in front of everyone. I’m not bi like you said you were, but I
do enjoy both.”

“Y’all are fucking perfect for each other then,” Scott said. “Brennan and I
are bi and you know about Matt and Corey.”

“Man, I feel so left out, but I plan on keeping it that way too,” Drew

“Don’t tell me you and Colt…” Liz asked.

Colt laughed, “Then don’t ask.”

We had a very nice talk, even though I could see Drew was so left out,
probably feeling like an outsider. Once the sexual confessions were out of
the way as well as any details the guys were comfortable with discussing, we
kicked back until the others left.

With just the four of us, we separated to grab some sleep.  Corey and I had
just got in bed together when the door opened with Colt and Kris coming
inside with their cocks swinging.  The two sat on Kris’s bed while Corey and
I sat on mine.

“Crazy fucking week, huh?” Kris said. “Again, I’m sorry for making your
lives hell. It was hell for me as well.”

“It’s over and done with now,” Corey said. “We can move forward.”

“Wasn’t it crazy that Liz said she was bi? Kris, did you know or have a
clue?” Colt asked.

“Actually, I didn’t, but those other two girls I can see. Liz was scared to
death but I insisted she come up so I confessed as well that I’m bi too,”
Kris replied.

“I don’t really classify myself as bi but I enjoy a little fun with guys. To
me, bi is like Scott and Brennan. If given the choice, they can’t decide,”
Colt stated.

“I thought Scott was bi but I’m beginning to think the true Scott is gay,” I

“Me too but who cares? Just like I don’t care that Liz is bi one bit. She
said she broke it off that dude we saw her with at the fair because she felt
bad that she couldn’t tell him,” Kris said.

“All I’ll say is Andrea better not find out the shit I’ve done,” Colt said
and walked to grab a dip.

“Why?” Corey asked.

“Bro, would you want to know your boyfriend was bi?” Kris asked.

“I would,” I replied.

“I don’t so she doesn’t think I fuck around with Kris all the time,” Colt
said while Kris couldn’t stand the temptation of not having a dip.

“Kris, would you date Liz again knowing she’s bi?” Corey asked.

“Hell yeah I would. Knowing makes it better for me.”

“Would you have sex with her and another girl?” I asked.

“What a fucking stupid question, Matt? Straight guys get off seeing two
lesbians go at it,” Colt laughed.

Corey and I laughed. Corey said, “Maybe a girl would get off seeing two guys

“Maybe,” Kris said with a smile. “Hell these two motherfuckers got off
watching us fuck, Matt.”

“I did,” Corey said quickly.

“I did too,” Colt said. “Actually it was hot.”

“Matt, could you get off watching Corey get fucked?” Kris asked.

I smiled, “I sure would. We’ve actually talked about it some.”

“Good for you,” Kris said.

I looked across to see Kris’s cock getting hard. “Kris, does it excite you
to talk about this?”

Kris laughed and grabbed his hard cock, “What do you think? I haven’t had
sex in a… while.”

“Colt, here’s your chance,” Corey joked.

“Yeah, show me what it’s like to have my dick sucked with a dip in your
mouth,” Kris laughed.

“Okay,” Colt said. “Let me spit first.” He spit into a bottle and leaned his
head over. He opened his mouth and took Kris’s hard cock in his mouth,
bobbing up and down on it. Kris leaned back on his palms, moaning and
throwing his head back.  

Corey reached over and kissed me along with grabbing my cock.  I looked over
to see Kris really enjoying Colt’s mouth. 

Colt stopped and sat back up. “Did it feel any different?”

“Wetter for damn sure,” Kris said.

“Kris, it’s your turn now,” Corey said.

Kris spit and moved down between Colt’s legs. Colt closed his eyes to enjoy
the brief blow job with Kris having a dip. Kris sat up and wiped his mouth
with Skoal spit stringing off the end of Colt’s hard cock.

“Now try kissing,” Corey encouraged them.

Kris looked at Colt, “How about we do it with them so they can see?”

Kris walked up to me and gave me a kiss on the lips while Colt did the same
to Corey. Colt was finished before Kris pulled off. Kris moved over and
kissed Colt and then Corey.

“I had to do that shit,” Kris said.

“Weird if you ask me getting kissed with a dip in your mouth,” Corey said.

“Definitely wet but kinda nasty,” I said.

“Enough gay shit for me tonight,” Kris said. 

“Me too,” Colt stated. “We better get some sleep.” The two headed out with
their fine asses shaking.

“MMM,” Corey said. “There went two hot fucking guys.”

“Yes they are. Imagine how I feel with three really hot guys living here
with my boyfriend being the hottest.”

“You don’t have to take a back seat to any of us now. Your body is fucking
perfect right now.”

I kissed him as my way of saying thanks. “So are we okay with the way things
are progressing?”

“I am, but are you is the big question?”

“I’m great with it. We should have fun and enjoy being sexual beings. At the
end of the day, we know who we really love,” I said.

“You only live once. No reason horny guys shouldn’t have a little bit of fun
every now and then with willing guys or even girls for that matter.”

All we did this Friday night was jack each other off to satisfy our desires.
Corey moved to Kris’s bed to sleep and wanted to be more comfortable. For a
change I didn’t object and needed a good sleep.

Waking the next morning, Saturday, in early October, I had lots to do before
the noon time game. I quietly showered and dressed to leave to buy some
snacks and other things to make our game viewing enjoyable.

Returning with both arms full of plastic grocery bags, Kris was sitting
naked on the couch and watching TV. He jumped up to help me.

“Bro, why didn’t tell someone you were going out to buy shit?” he asked.

“I wanted to surprise everyone, plus waking y’all up would have been a

“Thanks,” Kris said and helped me unload the sacks. 

“So are we now just going naked all the time around here?” I asked.

Kris laughed, “I enjoy it…”

“No shit, you’re naked all the time now.”

“Yeah, I am,” he kept laughing. “You know this summer we definitely need to
find a nude beach somewhere.”

“You’d be in heaven then.”

“Matt, you’d love it as much as I would,” Kris said.

I smiled, “I might, especially if Corey and Colt came along.”

“I think the best time I had all summer was us just kicked back by the two
lakes and being butt ass naked. Hell, no one really said a word about it. I
think everyone enjoyed it, especially Scott.”

“He likes being naked,” I said with Colt coming in the room naked as well.

“We better start getting ready for everyone,” he said.

“So how many are coming?”

“Who knows?” Kris threw up his hands. “It don’t matter to me how many come.”

Corey was finally up so we showered and dressed for the day.  Just as the
hour struck noon, Bryson, Shawn and Scott came down to the room. They smiled
seeing the snacks I had bought and dove right in. Next, Toni, Heather
followed by Andrea came down. Brennan was next with Bishop, Alex and Drew
while Justin went elsewhere according to them. Justin did have other friends
on campus so I guess he liked hanging out with them. 

With our furniture scooted back and pillows in the floor, we sat around the
TV. Just before kickoff, Liz and Kat came to the door to make the room jam
packed. Kris was all smiles not because Liz was here but because everyone
else was there. It did get loud until our team kicked off. A few beers were
in hand but most stated it was too early to start whereas Kris, Colt and
Bishop said it was never too early.

At halftime, we were down by three points but lucky to be that close. We
stretched our legs and continued snacking. Most made the necessary trip to
the bathroom as well before we settled in for the last half. 

In the end, we lost. Everyone was very disappointed but the guys didn’t seem
to play up to their normal standards.

“What a fucking way to start conference!” Kris bemoaned. 

“Hell yeah, there went my dream of a National Championship,” Bishop said.

“Fuck yeah,” Colt said.

Everyone spoke their mind and started leaving. I was disappointed like the

“You know there are still going to be four drunk guys tonight especially now
after that shit!” Kris said with just us in the room.

“Maybe a lot more to forget that game. How in the world could we lose to
that sorry ass team?” Corey asked.

“When you don’t tackle for shit and drop half the balls, you’re bound to
lose. That reminds me. I need to call and see how Chase did in his game. I
know he’s disappointed,” Colt said and walked into his room.

“It sucks…” I said.

“Really?” Kris asked.

“Yeah, I hate that we lost. You saw how nervous I was.”

“Fuck!” Kris screamed.

“Just calm down. After tonight, you’ll forget all about the game,” Corey
stated. “Even though I work tomorrow, it ain’t stopping me. Kris has
promised we’d get drunk. I’m getting Matt fucking wasted.”

“I guess we can since next weekend we’ll all probably go home,” I stated.

“Why’s that?” Kris asked.

“We’re out Monday and Tuesday after next weekend for some stupid reason,” I

“News to me,” Kris said. “So what are we doing? Colt, get your ass in here.
We need to make more plans.”

Colt poked his head out, “Just a second.”

“I had no idea we were out either. I guess we need to keep up more, but it
makes sense with the shit they poured on me this week,” Corey stated. “Matt,
make sure I start studying right when I get off tomorrow.”

“Alright, but remember you asked me too,” I said.

Colt came out of his room while putting in a dip and had lost his shirt in
the meantime, “Sorry fucking weekend all around. Chase and them got fucking
killed. Now what do you need me for?” 

“Matt says we’re out Monday and Tuesday next week…”

“So… I knew that,” Colt said.

“Thanks for clueing us in, bro. We need to make plans right here and now,”
Kris stated.

“We do shit at the last minute so why change now?”

Corey and I laughed. “True. So what were you thinking, Kris?” I asked.

“I was hoping you and Corey had an idea. If nothing else, we can kick it
here and party those days.”

“I sorta planned on going home since no one had said anything,” Colt stated.
“It would be a nice break for us.”

“Why don’t we see what the others are doing? If everyone goes home, then
maybe we should too,” Corey said.

“Yeah Kris, it may do us some good to go home,” Colt stated.

“I know but I don’t wanna. We could go camping again,” Kris pondered.

“We could do that,” I said. “Where?”

“We can find a place,” Corey said. 

“We can talk about this later,” Colt said. “Are we staying here and getting
blitzed or going out?”

“I’d say let’s go out. Surely we can find a few parties around campus. We
haven’t really done that all year,” Kris said.

“We can go out but who’s driving?” I asked.

Kris and Colt looked at each other. They both replied Scott at the same

“So we’re just asking Scott to drive us around?” Corey asked. “Maybe he has

“If worse comes to worse, I’ll get Andrea to do it,” Colt said. “She doesn’t
have plans but knows what we’re doing.”

“Scott is the best solution, Colt. What if you wanted to mess around?” Kris

“I’m not a total dumbass like you,” Colt laughed. 

“Don’t remind me,” Kris said and laughed. 

After we hung around, Corey and I retreated to my room. We weren’t there
five minutes until we were both asleep.

Kris came in the room about an hour later and woke both of us. “Dudes, we’re
set. Scott was about to ask us if we wanted to go over to Kendall and Noah’s
for a pool closing party at their complex.”

Rubbing my eyes, I said, “That’s fine with me.”

“Scott said if he drinks a little, then we’ll crash at their place.”

“No we can’t. I have to work tomorrow,” Corey stated.

“We’ll figure something out. Scott said the attire was swimwear as well. I
pray neither of you embarrass me by wearing a Speedo,” Kris stated.

“Kris, you know me. I wouldn’t embarrass you,” I stated.

When came the time, the four of us dressed. Luckily I had a pair of old
board shorts handy, as did Corey. We put on flip flops and waited. Kris came
in the door with a beer in his hand and changed in his board shorts and tank
top. “We’re tearing up tonight, right?” Kris asked, looking straight at me.

“Maybe,” Corey said.

“You know I will,” I smartly stated with Kris walking over to me. 

His muscular arm went around my shoulder, “Matt, I want us to have fun.  We
may not get fucking hammered but I know we’ll have a blast.”

“I’ll sacrifice getting drunk since we really can have fun without drinking
like we proved last night at the concert.  Kris, I know you think now you
have to drink to have a great time but you really don’t…”

“It helps though,” Kris laughed. “I know what you mean. Hey if we don’t then
so be it. My goal is to make the best roomies in the world have a hell of a

“Great then,” I said with Colt entering in his board shorts and tee.

We sat talking for a few minutes before hearing a knock at the door.
Together we went out to find Scott raring and ready.


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