Posted:   August 18, 2011

Saturday, in my new dorm, I woke with Corey’s arm draped across my naked body.  I hated to wake him but did so to escape.  Entering the bathroom, I could see we could have problems since hitting the toilet wasn’t a priority.  Next was to see what mess had been left in the living area.  It was okay other than a spit bottle and empty beer cans sitting in the floor.  I could see who was in charge of cleaning and keeping the place decent. 

Sitting with my computer in my lap, I heard the first movement of the day.  All I saw was a naked ass flash across my line of sight.  Since there was no tattoo on his back, I knew it was either Kris or Colt.  After hearing the toilet flush, I turned to see Kris walking out with his cock swinging a little.  He came and sat right next to me.

“You care?” he asked.

“I’ve seen you naked a few times,” I replied with a smile.

“With many more times yet to come.  I enjoy this actually.  My favorite time this summer was all of us sitting around naked,” he said. “So how was the new bed last night?”

“Probably the same as yours.”

“You know what I meant.  I know for damn sure you christened that thing with a nice hard fuck.”

“Of course, I fucked him and loved every second of it, too.  We’re boyfriends who are in love, so what did you expect?” I commented and slammed down the top of my laptop.

“Bro, this is the best.  It’s gonna work better than I imagined.  All the girls.  Fuck those who said shit about freedom.  Hell, we drank in the room last night…”

“Kris, promise me right now it won’t be a nightly thing.”

“It won’t be but it will be nice to have a cold one after a rough day.  Bro, I’m glad you were forced to stay on campus.  Looking back, it would have been rough on all of us.  We’d have to buy all kinds of stuff.  It wouldn’t be near as easy meeting people…”

“Yeah but the walk…”

Kris laughed, “We’ll make it.  It’ll be tough getting up five minutes earlier to make that walk.”

We heard footsteps and turned to see Colt standing in his boxers and looking great as ever with his tanned skin and defined body.  “Damn dude, a little decency would be nice.”

“Like you’ve never seen my shit before…”

Colt laughed, “Yeah I have but hellfire.”

“Bro, I didn’t feel like putting anything on right now and I enjoy hanging out naked.  Besides I was talking to Matt bout how sweet this place is.”

“I can’t deny that.”

“I was thanking him for having to stay in a dorm.”

“Well… it would have been nice…”

“We have it made here.  What’s not to like about this joint?”

“Hmmm… I don’t know since we’ve been here just a day. I reckon I’ll figure sumpin out,” Colt stated and packed his can.  “No doubt you and Corey got to know each other again, huh Matt?”

“Matter of fact, I did and it felt really great,” I said and laughed. “I gave him everything he wanted and more.  He knows who his boyfriend is now.”

“Kris, are you getting a boner?” Colt said.

“Well… yeah,” Kris said with his cock pointing upward.  “Excuse me while I go take care of a little business I didn’t attend to last night.”

“Damn,” Colt stated throwing back his head. I was thinking the same thing as well.  Soon Kris returned with a smile and shorts sagging low on his hips. 

We continued to talk before Corey made his first appearance.  He did say hello and requested I join him for a shower.  I didn’t have to be asked twice to join him.  Nothing sexual occurred other than great touching and kissing.  It was a nice way to start the day.  We dressed with Corey stating he was going to the Rec Center to check things out as far as his work schedule was concerned.  Once we told Kris and Colt where we were going, they were eager to go along with us and work out to begin our sophomore year out right.

At the Rec Center, Corey was asked to come the next day, Sunday, to help out with things.  He agreed since it would only be for a few hours.  He was happy with his schedule of 3 days during the week and one day on the weekend, as needed, with a full weekend off each month.  The nice part was a short walk back to our dorm.  We entered the hall and were about run over by Brennan.  We spoke just a second before entering our room to shower.  Corey and I finished first and walked out to see Bryson and Garrett with Kris and Colt.  Automatically, I noticed a knee brace or something on Garrett’s knee. 

We returned while Kris headed off to shower.  “Garrett, what’s the deal with the knee?” Corey asked.

“He fucked it up, or says he did, playing basketball three weeks ago,” Bryson replied.

“I’m lucky it wasn’t bad.  I just knew I had blown it out,” Garrett stated.

Kris’s shower was quick since he didn’t want to miss one word we said.  He came back in his shorts while Colt took his shower.  “Next time, we’re showering there.  It’s so much easier,” Kris stated.

“You couldn’t wait, could you?” Bryson said with a smirk.

“Well… Corey had to go check on his work.  Thus I had an excuse,” Kris said. “Hell, I haven’t worked out in three full days.”

“It shows too,” Bryson joked. “Seriously, do you wanna get just so bowed up?”

“Nope, just stay cut up and mean as hell,” Kris replied.

“Garrett, how was your summer other than hurting your knee?” I asked to engage him in the conversation.

Typical of Garrett, he replied, “Fine. Just worked.”

“Did you find a boyfriend?” Corey asked.

“Nah but I wasn’t looking,” Garrett stated.

“I heard there was a party here too last night and how cool Rick was about everything,” Bryson said.

“Damn right there was, with more tonight,” Kris stated.

“Alright then,” Bryson said.  He started laughing, “It’s not like my brother didn’t keep me drunk all summer.”

“So things went pretty well for y’all?” I asked.

“Really well actually.  Dad started to wonder what was really up.  I think we both grew up a little,” Bryson stated.  “It was his last summer home so we made sure he enjoyed every second of it.  I swear the dude can just snag a girl anytime he wants.  It’s not like he’s anything special either whereas I fight like hell to get one.”

We continued talking and finally met Drew, Justin’s friend.  He was very normal with glasses and thick dark hair combed to his face.  He seemed rather nice but didn’t stay very long. 

This Saturday night was pretty normal by our standards with casual drinking and a whole lot of catching up.  The girls, Toni and Morgan, stopped back by for a while.  No doubt Morgan had her eye out for one of them but I wasn’t quite sure yet who it was.  Toni was sweet and talked to me and Corey for a while with the others carrying on a conversation separately. 

Sunday, our order of business was to scout for a couch that would fit in our extra space.  With Corey off to work, Kris and I went in Colt’s truck to begin the search.  The first place we went the couches were way out of our price range but we were stupid and went to a furniture store.  Next we hit a second hand store but nothing caught our eye since we knew it had to be durable and not show stains.  The second thrift store had two that would be perfect.  They were the right dimensions.  When we looked to see it had a pull-out bed, it was sold.

Back with the new couch in place, the area was a little cramped but Kris was grinning ear to ear knowing our place would be the social area just as it was the year before.  Corey walked in with sweat all over him. He had worked out after finishing his time at the Rec Center.  With about six in our living room, I went to my bedroom to wait for him.  We talked while he dressed.

“Matt, please let me go enjoy everyone.  I know you want my attention but please…”

“Alright then, and the reason I came in here for a few minutes of your time,” I said.

“Are you annoyed with me?”

“No, I understand totally.  It’s what’s so great about us living together here.  I get that you cherish your social time with all the friends we have.”

He kissed me, “Thanks for understanding.  We’ll retire early and have our special time again tonight.”

I smiled and knew that was the best option.  Returning to join the rest, even with the new couch there wasn’t enough seating.  Corey and I sat on the floor and listened to Kris hold court, you might say.  Even with a few girls, he was the same but I wouldn’t change him for nothing.  Kris was deep in his element and loving every second of it. 

The next day, Monday, I was up first and woke Corey so we could get something accomplished.  We, along with most of the others, needed to make sure everything was in place for the semester.  Having Corey with me made the lines much easier to navigate and tolerate. 

We finished about one and returned to our room.   Now we could see the difference in the walk from the old dorm.  Walking past it earlier brought a big smile to our faces.  The place would always mean so much to me but I knew I was going to enjoy the new one that much better.

Entering the hall, we said hello to Toni.  She said hi and followed us into our room.  We talked about our day to find she gave up and would try again tomorrow.

“You know I will say something about you two.  Just a few days around you and I see nothing wrong with your relationship,” she said.

“Thanks, I guess,” Corey said.

“I mean you don’t make a big scene, like last night.  Colt said some things and you were both laughing right there with him.  The other gay guys I’ve been around and am friends with let you know they are gay and proud of it.”

“We’re proud of it but we don’t make a scene.  Besides we’re all friends now.  If I didn’t sleep with Corey, nothing much would be said about it…”

“Another thing.  Your friends are utterly amazing.  The straight guys I know won’t have shit to do with any of the gay guys,” she said.

“Kris is the catalyst.  We were friends in high school and continue to be best friends…”

“Corey, you don’t have a problem with Kris?” she asked.

“No, why should I?  Kris came before I did.  I’m great friends with him, and Colt as well,” Corey replied.

“That is so cool.  I’m beginning to see why all of y’all are pretty close.  I just love hearing your stories.  It sounds like you’re a fun group to be a part of.”

“Toni, don’t let ‘em fool ya though.  There could be a hidden meaning behind it.  I mean come on we’re talking about a bunch of single nineteen year olds,” I said.

She laughed, “I know what you mean, but hey, we have those same feelings.  We don’t quite express them the same way or make it as obvious.  So far, I haven’t felt any pressure from not a one of them.”

“Just say something to one of us.  We’ll tell them if you’re not interested,” Corey said.

“I’m sure you could get the message across.  I’ll say one thing.  All of y’all are really built.  It is something you should be proud of…”

“Trust me.  Kris is very proud of it,” I laughed. “I guess we all are.”

“Yeah!  Nothing more pleasing to a straight girl or a gay guy than a bunch of shirtless hunks, huh?”

“I know that’s right even if they are my friends,” Corey laughed.

“Just get used to it.  They enjoying showing off the hard work,” I said.

“Tell ‘em to keep showing off and we’ll keep admiring,” Toni laughed right along with us.

The door opened.  Barely in the door, Kris started ranting, “Fucking shit!  Why does every fucking student have to be such an asshole?  I know about two or three mother fuckers that about got put on their ass!”

Colt was right behind and did the honors of slamming our door.  He chimed in, “Fuck yeah!  Punk ass fuckers were rude as hell today!”

“Oh hey Toni,” Kris said. “Sorry but I needed to get that off my chest.”

She smiled, “It’s okay.  Nothing I haven’t heard before.”

Kris walked over to the fridge and opened the door, “Dammit, who drank all our fucking beer?”

“Ummm… Kris, you were passing them out like candy for the past few nights,” I said.

Kris laughed, “I guess I was.  Oh well, I’ll get a dip instead to cool me off.”  He yanked off his shirt before putting a dip in.  Colt did the same.

“See what I was talking about?” I said and gestured to them.

“Hey, I have no complaints whatsoever.  They can be naked for all I care,” Toni said.

“Alright then,” Kris said and pulled down his shorts to expose his ass before pulling them up.

“Go ahead,” Toni said and was laughing.

“Don’t encourage him,” Colt said. “We see enough of his bare ass in the morning.”

“Y’all are such a trip.  No wonder I love coming over here,” she laughed.

“We love having you,” Kris said. “The more the merrier.  We all eat together…”

“No big surprise there,” Toni said.

“You’re welcome to join us,” Colt said. 

We continued to talk.  Toni seemed so at ease around us.  I suppose we kept her laughing and entertained. Soon our room began to fill again.  There were even some I didn’t know with people everywhere.   Finally, a herd of us headed out on campus to eat. 

Heading back, I suggested, “Instead of everyone in our room, why don’t we go to Scott’s or Toni’s instead?”

“We love going to your room,” Brennan said. 

“My room is a mess,” Scott said. “We have shit piled everywhere, plus you have that new couch.”

“Yeah, someone won’t move their stuff,” Bryson said looking straight at Garrett.

“I said I’d move it when I felt better,” Garrett said sharply.

Rather than put up a big fuss, everyone was back in our room.  Instead of joining everyone, I sat quietly alone in my room on my bed.  I was on the phone with Mom when the door opened.  Kris and Corey waited ‘til I said goodbye.

“What’s your deal?” Kris asked.

“Nothing actually.  I didn’t feel like hanging out with everyone is all,” I replied.

“Come on Matt at least join us.  You’ve enjoyed it so far,” Corey said.

“I might later but for now, I’m perfectly fine,” I stated.

“Fuck dude, what is it?  I know what you said earlier but fucking deal with it!” Kris said.

“Kris, I am dealing with it.  I’m not hurting anyone in here,” I said.

“Leave Kris.  I think Matt wants me alone,” Corey said.

“Corey, you’re fine. Not every fucking night do I want ten to fifteen people here,” I said. “Kris, for one, this is my room as well.”

“But it’s also for the other three of us too, you know,” Kris said. “I’ll tell everyone to leave so your fucking ass will be happy.”

“Do whatever you want.  I was happy in here until you came in,” I said.

Kris moved and got in my face, “What’s the fucking deal? I wanna know right now!”

I pushed him back, “I said there was no fucking deal, alright?  Now get the fuck out of my face!”

“Whoa!” Corey said and pulled Kris back.  “Someone is having a bad night.  Let’s just leave him alone.” 

I rose out of my bed.  “I wasn’t having a bad night, Corey.  I wanted a little time without everyone around so I came in here.  Tell me what’s wrong with that?!”

“Let’s go Corey and leave this asshole alone,” Kris said.

Corey and Kris headed to the door.  Corey stopped and turned around, “Go ahead Kris.  I’ll stay here.”

“No, go on Corey.  If you wanna be out there, I’m fine,” I said.

He motioned for Kris to leave, which he did.  He came over and sat with me on my bed.  “Too much for ya, huh?”

“I’m just tired of everyone right now.  You know I get this way sometimes.  I wanted time alone or with you rather than all the others.  I love the rest of them but not all the time.”

“I guess I could stand to be away from them as well.  I love being out there but you’re right, it does get a bit much.  We’re both only children and like our time alone…”

I smiled, “Yes that is part of it.  I love being around everyone but not every second of every night.  I enjoy the peace and quiet.”

“You know it is nice in here,” he said and leaned over to kiss me.  “Feel better now?”

“I didn’t feel bad before but I always enjoy your kisses.”

Even though it was a little noisy, we lay together and enjoyed a great conversation.  The best part was feeling Corey’s strong arm around me while we talked about anything that came to our mind.  Corey did confess he did drink during the summer, which I knew, but he had smoked a lot of weed as well.  We openly discussed our parents, me mostly my dad since he did call a few times during the summer.  One time, it was easy to tell he was under the influence.  Corey did state his mom had calmed down and didn’t live for the bottle but wasn’t sure she would with him gone. 

About eleven or after, the door opened.  Kris and Colt walked in and sat on what was to be Kris’s bed. 

“I heard we about had our first throw down here,” Colt said.

“It was all my fault,” Kris said.  “I know how Matt is.  As much as I try, I can’t turn him into me.”

“Thanks Kris, I appreciate that.  I’m glad you understand.”

“I try,” Kris said.  “Matt, I just want you to enjoy everyone…”

“I do, but not every minute of the day.  Right now with the four of us is fine and I rather enjoy this,” I stated.

“If nothing else, we did have a nice long talk,” Corey said.

“Anything big?” Colt asked.

“Nah, we talked about our family and stuff,” Corey stated.

“Dude, you never had a real father?” Colt asked.

“No, I don’t even know his name,” Corey said.

“That must really suck,” Kris said. “My dad and I are close as ever now. Hell, a few nights we sat and drank together.  I know I told him shit I shouldn’t have but he had done the exact same thing at my age.”

“My dad is just dad.  Chase and I did get closer this summer,” Colt said.  “Man we had some fun.”

“He did enjoy being around us,” I stated.

“I know.  All he can talk about was what dipshit said about coming here,” Colt said.

“He’s welcome to come here.  You said you were close to him now,” Kris said.

“I know he is welcome and Tabor is about to bust a gut to come too,” Colt said.  “Is it okay with y’all if they come one weekend?”

“Sure,” Corey replied. “He’s more than welcome now with that new sofa.”

Colt smiled, “They’ll be excited.”

“Alright, who’s going to be the first one to nail Morgan?” I asked.

“I would in a fucking heartbeat.  Nice ass and titties,” Kris said. “I could get lost between those hot things.”

“Hell, I would too.  I can see that being our biggest fight.  As sure as one of us fucks her, then the other will be jealous or fucking Toni,” Colt said.

“Oh back to the fucking next to each other,” Corey laughed.

“Beats us fucking each other,” Colt said.

“Neither one of you can say you didn’t enjoy it,” I stated.

“I won’t deny it but I’m past that curiosity.  Colt and I both know the sole reason…”

“Which was?” Corey asked.

“To get off, especially the first time, and to cure my vicious curiosity.  I don’t see how y’all do it.  Don’t it hurt getting fucked up the ass all the time?” Colt asked.

“It does but man does it feel good once that first pain is gone,” Corey said. “It helps too when you’re in love.”

“You know if you are in love, it is just natural to be sexual with each other.  I know you two are both in love and sexual.  We as humans were made to crave both,” Kris said.

“This shit is getting deep,” Colt said.

“So have you worn each other out yet?” Kris asked.

“Not yet,” Corey said. “I guess after tonight things will be normal or as close to it as possible.”

“They will,” Kris said. “I actually miss my buddy and our talks.”

“Me too,” I said.

“Yeah, this is going to work.  I can see it already working,” Colt said.

“It better,” Kris stated.

There was no telling how long the four of us sat and talked.  Kris’s throat should be sore by tomorrow with all the talking he had done.  I couldn’t help but smile with us four together.  Yes, it was like a dream happening right in front of me.


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