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Not to derailed by Kris and his horrible temper, I headed over to the Rec
Center.  Corey greeted me with a smile and pulled me aside.

“Matt, steer clear of Kris. Colt said he was looking for any excuse now to
turn on both of us,” Corey stated.

“How immature of him,” I commented. “We all fight, but now he has some
vendetta against us?”

“I know, but I’m warning you.  If he starts some shit, walk away.”

“How can he start shit when he acts as though I don’t exist?” I questioned
and walked to the large crowded weight area. I did steer clear of Kris but
was found by Shawn and Scott.  They knew and sensed there was trouble.  When
they asked, I just said it was Kris’s temper and didn’t give the details. We
worked our core like never before and were drenched in sweat by the end. All
during the workout I could feel the menacing stares of Kris each time I
looked over to his area. 

Showering at the same time, Kris again acted as if I didn’t exist and did
everything to talk over the top of me when I did speak. We dried off with
Kris acting normally with the others but still ignoring me.

Back in our room, I heeded Corey’s warning and went straight to my room.
Since I had enough school work to occupy my time, it wasn’t too much of a
bother. I started reviewing my notes and continued until Kris walked in. 

“Kris, can we…” I started to say only to see his hand fly up and him exit the
room.  “Fucking asshole!” I screamed in the vacant to rid a little
frustration.  After he was gone, I pulled out my phone and needed to call my
mom. Not that she wanted to listen to my troubles but I had neglected to call
in a few days. Her sweet voice sounded great and cheery. She began telling
about this man she had been seeing and hoped I’d come home soon to meet him.
I said I would try as soon as I could. Then she reminded me of an upcoming
four day weekend after next week and would be a nice opportunity to meet him.  

It was around time to go eat when Colt opened the door and startled me after
I had dozed off.

“Matt, you wanna go grab something to eat?” he asked.

“I’m not going if that motherfucker is with us!” I heard Kris yell from the
living area.

Colt summoned me with his index finger. I got up and went to the doorway.
“Kris, enough is enough already!”

“The fuck it is!”

“Yes, it is. I’m stuck in the middle of this shit!” Colt yelled with me
standing there.

“That bastard hit me!” Kris said walking towards me.

“You pushed me first,” I said and tried to be calm.

Ah, the little pussy boy can’t take a little push!” Kris said mockingly and
approaching me. “You’re lucky your boyfriend was there too!”

“Leave Corey out of this! This is between you and me! He did what he had to

“Fucking slapped my face!” Kris stated with Colt now between us.

You deserved that,” Colt said. “If you’d spit in my face, you’d be going to
the doctor!”

“Now you’re acting all tough and shit on me,” Kris said to Colt and put his
hand on Colt’s chest.

Colt pushed his hand down, “Fucker, I fight your ass too.”

“Stop it!” I yelled and knew this was about to get nasty.

Kris backed up with Colt doing the same. 

“Kris, this is crazy and you know it,” I said trying to regain my composure. 

“The hell it is!  You think you can talk shit and get away with it!” Kris

“Oh this is the thanks I get for all I do for you.  Never again!  Fail all
your fucking classes and see if I care!” I said.

“You think you’re so fucking smart!” Kris said.

“Smarter than you’ll ever be!” I said.

“Kris, this is fucking stupid as hell!” Colt yelled. “Matt said something
about us and you go fucking ballistic on his ass. I don’t get you!”

“Move the fuck out of my way and neither one of you will have to deal with
me! I’m tired of this shit!” Kris said. Colt and I moved aside. Kris walked
by me with his fist drawn and acted like he was going to hit me. I flinched.
“Fucking pussy!”

“You take a swing at him…”

“Let’s go motherfucker!” Kris shouted with his fist balled up.

“Leave Kris!” I yelled.

“Don’t wait up on me either! I doubt I’ll be back!” Kris said after getting
his things and mumbling under his breath the entire time.

“So much for trying to help matters,” Colt pondered. “It looks like I’m in
this now. You know fuck him, Matt! You didn’t do a thing wrong the way I see
it. Then he wants to fight me.  If he wants to act like a kid, then let him.”

“Colt, there’s more to this. There just has to be. He’d come around and let
it go by now if not. At least, he normally does except our big fight in high
school.  Then he did hit me hard and called me every name in the book but I
did say I wish he was dead like his brother.  It was like now, a war.”

“I’m beginning to suspect something going on we don't know about. When we get
back, I’m talking to Jacee to see what exactly did happen Saturday night,”
Colt said. “You really told him you wish he was dead like his brother?”

“Yeah I did in the heat of the moment,” I said. “Something I’m not proud of
either but I was mad.  I was madder than I was earlier since he caused me to
break up with a guy over some stupid prank.”

“Kris really hasn’t changed a bit,” Colt commented.

“Nope,” I said.

We found a few of our buddies with me asking Parker, Garrett and his
boyfriend Eric to go along with us. They made it so easy for me to put the
fight in the back of my mind. Everyone was joking, including a few about
laughs Kris and his temper. 

That Monday night, Ted found me again but wanted to use my room since his
roommates were back in the room. I agreed and welcomed him and Mike to study
in my room. We buckled down and studied very intensely for the next two
hours. With the previous night and today, I felt confident about the test in

I walked back into our living area with the two and felt so small trailing

Colt turned and asked, “Another easy game this week, huh?”

“Dude, there are no easy games in conference on the road,” Ted replied.

“Cut the shit,” Colt said. “You’ll kill them like you did last year.”

“I think they are better or at least look better on film,” Mike said. “They
got a stud freshman running back that’s been killing.”

“Ted will take care of him,” Alex said.

“I hope so or we may not win,” Ted said. “Say, where’s Kris?”

I spoke up, “He’s fighting with me…”

“More like all of us now and being a total asshole about it,” Colt said.

Mike laughed, “I wondered if I was the only one here that fought with their

“Luke and I fight too,” Ted said. “We all fight with our roommates at one
time or another.”

“You don’t know Kris,” I said. “He has one hell of a temper plus it’s not our
first time either.  We had a really big one in high school.”

They soon left and I went to do some work for my other classes. I was in my
room and finishing my last studying when the door opened. Kris came in. “Get
the fuck out!” he screamed.

Arguing with him was useless so I slammed my computer shut and carried it
with me. Lightly I knocked on the door of Corey and Colt’s room before being
told to enter. Both were on their beds naked with their laptops on.

“Kris is back,” I said. “And still in his pissy mood.”

“Fuck,” Colt mumbled. “I should go over there…”

“Nah, it wouldn’t do any good,” I said and sat at Corey’s desk. “So did ya
talk to Jacee like you said you would?”

“I did but she said nothing out of the ordinary and wondered where he was the
last few days,” Colt replied.

“Hmmm… we did run into Juan earlier. He said Kris was there Sunday night with
him and he also said his wedding plans had been moved back until the winter,”
Corey stated.

After we finished talking, I undressed and went to snuggle close to Corey.
Colt smiled at us and rolled over on his side.

Corey reached down and grabbed my cock. He turned his head slightly and
whispered, “Get hard and slide it in me.”

With him lightly stroking me, my hand reached around to grab his cock and do
the same. He turned his head for a kiss and found my tongue. My cock was
growing harder and harder by the second. He spit on his hand and rubbed the
saliva on my dick. On our side and facing away from Colt, he guided my hard
cock to his hole. He opened and took me inside. 

“MMMM,” Corey quietly moaned. “Feels great…”

“A little rough…” I whispered.

“Love the friction.”

I moved slowly and felt the heat of his ass. My arms wrapped around him to
hold him while slowly moving in him. 

“Are y’all fucking over there?” Colt asked.

I turned my head, “Yes, we are.”

“Okay then but you don’t have to be so quiet about it,” Colt laughed and got
out of his bed. He approached us and I saw his cock was harder than I’d ever
seen it before.

“We were being nice,” I said.

“What would be nice is if I could get my dick sucked. Andrea doesn’t suck
worth shit,” Colt said.

Lust ran through my veins. I pulled out of Corey and heard a pop. I moved on
the bed with Corey moving as well. We got in position where Corey was on his
hands and knees and I was behind him. I pushed my hard cock back inside him
with a moan. Colt was standing right beside me, his dick throbbing and
twitching in the air. I moved my head and began licking Colt’s dripping cock
while slowly fucking Corey. We said we were going to be more open so here it
was. With my mouth open, I took Colt’s nice veiny cock inside, loving the
feeling of the soft head against my tongue. It tasted so divine with
electricity running throughout my body. I was fucking my hot boyfriend while
sucking off a good friend with a nice body.  My head was spinning out of
control while sucking Colt. Corey managed to bend his body enough to join in
by lapping at Colt’s low hanging nuts.

OOOO fuck yeah!” Colt moaned. “Two hot mouths working my fucking dick!”

I moved my head back with Corey taking over, really swallowing Colt’s cock as
I moved slightly so I could really pound Corey’s ass as Colt and I spit
roasted him. I wondered if this was the first time Corey had tasted Colt’s
cock since they’d been roommates but now wasn’t the time to bring it up. We
were having blazing hot sex. I looked over at Colt. He leaned over and kissed
me on the lips, slipping his tongue in my mouth, with his cock deep in
Corey’s throat.

“Fucking awesome!” Colt said.

Corey stopped, “Hot as fuck if you ask me.”

“Oh hell yeah it is,” I said. "I really needed that."

“Watching you two fuck is incredible,” Colt smiled.

Colt was moaning loudly while I pumped my cock in Corey’s ass.  With so much
stimulation, I knew I wouldn’t last long. With sweat running down my face,
Colt offered his wet cock back to me. I leaned down and took it in my mouth
again but could feel my nuts boiling. I pulled off his cock and out of
Corey’s hot ass. My cum blasted across Corey’s back with a loud groan of

Before I knew what was happening, Colt leaned over and licked my cock clean.
Fuck what a sight that was as his tongue ran along my shaft and he took the
head between his lips. Corey went back to sucking Colt’s cock as I wiped off
Corey’s back.  He flipped over and Colt bent over and started sucking Corey’s
thick cock, moaning with delight. I knew Colt had fucked around with Kris but
actually seeing him sucking dick was such a turn on. I sank to the floor,
taking Colt’s hot cock back in my mouth. 

Corey pushed Colt off and groaned, “OHHH fuck yeah!” Every muscle contracted
as he released his load. It was so beautiful to see his cum dripping in the
creases of his cut abs.

Colt went over to sit on his bed as I helped Corey clean up. When it was all
done we got on our knees and crawled along the floor, getting between Colt’s
legs to work his cock. His cock really was beautiful, it was a nice size and
really was quite veiny, which gave me something to focus on as my tongue ran
up and down his shaft.

Corey was tonguing Colt’s balls with Colt moaning above us with me
alternating between working his head and his shaft, loving the taste of his
precum. A few times Corey would join me and we would almost kiss with Colt’s
hot cock between our lips, our tongues wrapping around it so they could meet
each other. I really had Colt moaning when I deep throated his hot cock,
sucking it all down until it was pushing into my throat. He was screaming,
telling me how good it felt and that no one had taken all of his cock before.
That was hot so I continued to suck even harder, wanting to make him shoot
his load.

Colt’s reputation of taking a while to cum was well earned.  My mouth was
tired when he finally erupted onto my face. It wasn’t planned but I didn’t
move away. I licked a drop that had landed on my lip. Seeing that I liked the
taste Corey grabbed me and licked some of the cum off my cheek before kissing
me passionately, our tongues passing Colt’s cum back and forth until we
swallowed it. Then Colt joined us and kissed us both.

“Whew, I’m fucking exhausted,” Colt said, laid out on his bed but looking
hot. “I had no idea y’all would deliver.”

“We’ve talked about it,” Corey said. “The moment was right.  We needed sex
for some relief from stress.”

“Felt great,” I said. 

“Are we cool?” Corey turned to me.

I kissed him so hard and pushed him to the floor. 

“Oh, I don’t think Kris needs to know about this one bit.  Damn I’m trying
like hell to avoid gay shit but fuck it is so damn hot I can’t do it. Sure I
love sex with Andrea so much but guys damn sure know how to suck a dick.”

“Because guys like doing it,” I said.

“So do y’all think I’m straight or bi?” Colt asked.

“Since you asked, I’d say you’re straight but don’t mind gay sex. I can never
see it being something you do all the time,” Corey replied.

“Hmmm… I guess I see that too. Now I need a fucking dip to get that dick
taste out of my mouth,” Colt stated.

Corey and I laughed and went to his torn up bed. We remade it and crawled
inside. We talked with Colt a little while before I dozed off to sleep.

I woke the next morning Tuesday and looked around. I realized I had just
fifteen minutes until the start of my test. In the turmoil, I forgot to bring
along my phone and set it to get up early like I liked to do before a big
test. I bolted up, found clothes and threw on one of Colt’s hats to cover my
messy hair. I walked briskly to the class and made it with seconds to spare.
After sitting near Alex, I took a deep breath and gathered my thoughts with
hope that I could put on paper what I had studied very hard for. 

After the test which I felt very uneasy about, I left the room with Alex.

“I think someone about overslept,” Alex said.

“What makes you think that?” I asked with a big smile.

“The hat and your unshaven face,” Alex laughed. “You had me worried there for
a minute.”

“I woke up fifteen minutes before class,” I said and felt a big hand on my

“Thanks Matt, Mike and I owe you,” Ted said.

“Anything you want or need just let us know. I can’t thank you enough.
Everything we studied was on that test,” Mike stated.

“Damn, next time holler at me too,” Alex said. “I could have used Matt’s help
too. Is there anyway I could get a signed football?”

“Sure Alex,” Ted replied. “Matt, what about you?”

“I’m good,” I said.

“We’ll think of something,” Mike said. The four of us walked away discussing
various parts of our test. 

After my next class and grabbing a bite, I headed to the room and wondered
which Kris would appear. I was really beginning to miss the happy-go-lucky
Kris. I opened the door with Kris sitting in the nude, which was becoming
normal for him. I didn’t say a word and kept walking, moving straight past

“Matt, did you get up late?” Colt asked.

“Yeah but I made it to my class in the nick of time,” I replied standing with
my towel over my shoulder.

“Kris, how are…”

Kris got up and headed to our room while Colt was mid-sentence. Colt and I
were shaking our heads. 

“Are we still cool about last night?” Colt asked.

“I haven’t had a chance to think another thing about it. I’m very cool with
it. Matter of fact, I hate to say it but I really enjoyed it,” I said.

“I did too. Oh yeah, not a word to Andrea either. I’d shit if she knew.”

“So would she.”  

Colt slapped my ass before I walked away to shower.

The rest of Tuesday was spent with Kris avoiding the three of us. Not wanting
to risk anymore trouble, I again slept with Corey but didn’t have sex with
him or Colt. 

Wednesday was the same with Kris avoiding the three of us. We continued along
with me feeling closer to Colt than ever before.  The strange part was that
Kris stayed in his bedroom.  I did have to go there one time to grab some
clothes and got his evil stare.  I kept my mouth closed and didn’t want to
stir things up.

Thursday, the guys had another game. Kris was really quiet and didn’t show
his normal emotion in the game. I don’t think it would have mattered since
the other team was clearly better than the guys but they did put up a nice

After the game, Kris went straight to his room and studied for a while before
leaving out the door without saying a word. I steered clear of him again but
could see Kris’s demeanor changing from anger to almost depressed.

Friday, after class, Corey and I were back in the room. We had a plan with
Corey getting off at 6:30 for us to head to the campus arena for the concert
that began at 7:30. Colt came in and threw down his backpack.

“Matt, I don’t know what to do about tonight. Kris and Jacee’s seats are with
ours. It’s gonna suck ass,” Colt said.

“I’m sure there will be other seats,” I said with the door opening.

Kris walked inside with his shoulders slumped. He walked over to me. I backed
away thinking he might hit me again until he grabbed me for a hug.

“I’m sorry! It’s all my fault!” Kris said, slapping my back as he hugged me.
“Has Corey left yet?”

“I was about to,” Corey replied.

“I need my three best friends in the whole wide world to take a seat for one
minute,” Kris said.

“I wish I could,” Corey stated.

I motioned him over and pointed. “You can spare a few minutes.”

Kris stood before us, “You are looking at the biggest fuck up known to man. I
compounded one mistake and continued to make mistake after mistake. It wasn’t
bad enough to start with my best friend but I let it spread to all three of
you before I was finished. I’m sorry I made your life a living hell for the
past week. I beg for your forgiveness. Let me lay it all out for ya.”

“I’m gonna be late, but who cares?” Corey stated.

“Let me just say I fucked up and took out my anger on three people that I
dearly love. Saturday night after I was with Jacee, I headed off and went
down to Market Street since I knew Colt and Andrea would have the room. I got
in this kick ass bar and felt like a million dollars. I started mingling
around and before I knew it, I was following this girl to her apartment. I
justified it by saying Jacee and I were finished after the concert. Yeah, I
fucked her but the second I pulled out I knew I had fucked up. I don’t fuck
around in a relationship.”

Kris took a breath. “Sunday I told myself I could play it off and be normal,
though I felt so damn guilty. Matt, you were so right and yes Colt and I did
make love that night at the State Park. I’m really proud of you too for
standing up to me.” He turned, “Corey, you did what you had to do. I’m scum
for spitting on you and deserved an ass kicking like no other.

“Colt, you were trying to help me but I was still so mad at myself for
fucking around.”

“It makes total sense now,” I said. 

Corey stood, “Matt said there was more to this than what meets the eye. I
better jet or I’ll be fired.” Kris grabbed him and hugged him. 

“Now what about Jacee?” Colt said.

“I told her last night so we are finished. She has both tickets for tonight.
I don’t deserve to go after what I’ve done.”

“I’d give you mine in a heartbeat but I know Corey is dead set on us going,”
I stated.

“You go and have a great time. All I know is I know four motherfuckers that
are going to so fucking drunk tomorrow night it ain’t even going be funny,”
Kris said. I knew he was back to normal.

“So why on earth did you fuck that girl?” Colt asked.

“You knew I wanted to break up with Jacee plus Matt said I could get a girl
whenever I wanted one. I did. It was just a fuck and nothing else. No emotion
other than I felt like pure shit afterwards.”

“How did Jacee take it?” I asked.

“She took it really well. I think she knew we’re finished too. The past few
weeks the passion was gone for us, not just for me either,” Kris stated.

He walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek before giving Colt a big hug
but no kiss. “So, now that I’ve spilled the beans, are we ready to go work

“I guess, but I wonder where Scott is,” I stated.

“You made it just fine without him last week,” Kris said, poking at me for

While dressing, Scott came to the door and didn’t know what to think when
Kris opened it. He was dressed for our laps.

“Ummm… is Matt here?”

“Fuck if I know!” Kris screamed.

“Excuse the fuck out of me,” Scott said with me standing at the doorway.

Kris broke into a big smile before I started laughing. Scott caught on and
playfully punched Kris.

“We’re back to normal,” I spoke up.

“Well thank goodness…”

“Yeah but it’s a long story,” Kris said. “The war is over and a peace treaty
has been signed.”

While walking over to the Rec Center with Scott, Bryson, Shawn and Alex, Kris
filled them in on his week and how everything went down.

“Hey, at least you have conscience about it,” Shawn stated, “so many would
keep it quiet.”

“That was my plan, bro, but I lost it,” Kris said.

“Imagine Kris losing it… but usually you’re over it in a matter of minutes,”
Alex said.

We entered and split up. Scott and I continued to the dressing room to store
our things and to wash up before hitting the pool. We dove in and did our
thing. With my mind clear, I was able to enjoy the water with Scott picking
up the pace. 

We stepped out of the water and saw a guy approaching us.  “You’re Scott from
Northern High, right?”

Scott looked at the very nice looking guy who had great definition in his
prototypical swimmer’s body. “Yes, I am, and you are?” Scott asked mystified
while I sat to catch my breath.

“Yancey McGregor from…” he said.

“I’ll be damned. I knew the face looked so familiar.”

“I knew you the second you emerged from the water,” Yancey said, running his
hands through his wet short blondish hair.  “I’m surprised you didn’t know me
after all the epic battles we had.”

Scott laughed, “I should’ve. We sure did battles in the day.  I got your
sorry ass in Regionals but you out touched me in State.”

“Those were the days. Now we just swim for fun, or at least I do,” Yancey

“We sound old but those were some great days,” Scott said.

“You bet. I see you still keep in great shape…”

“Look who’s talking,” Scott said.

“I know, but in a different shape for swimming. Hey, it was great seeing
you,” Yancey said.

“It was. If you want, I’d be happy to race you for old times’ sake.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Yancey said.

“Matt, would you mind watching us and seeing who wins?”

“Of course not,” I replied. “I was afraid you were going to ask me to compete
as well.”

“Yancey, I’m such an ass. This is my good buddy, Matt,” Scott said.

“Nice to meet you,” I said but hadn’t taken my eyes off him since he walked

The two assumed the position at the edge minus the starter blocks. I said go
and watched the two dive in the water. I watched while Scott gave it his all
to best an old rival. Yancey touched the wall first with Scott barely missing
out. They agreed it was fun and exited the pool. 

We walked into the locker room to shower off the smelly pool water from our
bodies. Scott quickly came out of his Speedo with me right behind him.
Yancey’s eyes were glued upon us as we revealed all. He pulled down his to
show off his rather nice cock that was uncut and thick with a small amount of
hair above and some nice low hanging balls. We showered with me not trying to
look at Yancey or any of the two others that had joined us in the open

Finished we towelled off with Scott prancing around the locker room with his
towel draped over his shoulder. 

“Man, it was really awesome to run into you, Scott. We’ll try to do it
again,” Yancey said while starting to dress.

“Yeah dude, we’re same time each Friday. Normally Matt and I work out with
our friends here and swim on Friday,” Scott said. “Give me your number for
sure so I can call ya if something comes up.”

Yancey blurted out his number and took Scott’s in his iPhone.  Scott and I
finished dressing and walked out of the locker room to wait on the others. We
said goodbye to Yancey and took a seat with Corey walking to assure me he
would be off in time for the concert.

Back at the room, Kris, Colt and I were back to normal. It wasn’t long before
they left the room in search of brews for the weekend. 

Returning after a successful trip, Colt was all smiles. “Kris is going to the
concert and will hopefully get a ticket there.”

“It’s not sold out I don’t think,” I said.

“Well bro, there we go. My ass will be there. They better be kick ass since
this thing is costing me three fucking tickets,” Kris said and opened his

Soon we dressed. Colt came in his blue Polo shirt, jeans and a cap while Kris
was dressed in a nice button up shirt and shorts with leather flip flops and
a necklace. I wore a black tee with jeans and flip flops while my hair was a
disaster. Colt did say it was time for the clippers while Kris denied he was
getting his buzzed again. Corey came in the door and dressed in a flash while
Colt was off to get Andrea. Scott, Brennan and Drew came down since the three
had seats with us.   Drew and Brennan had a beer, as did Corey, before we
headed to make the short walk to the arena.

Kris was all smiles after getting his ticket and sat with us a good way away
from the stage. The first act was boring and twangy but it was country music.
With the lights up, Kris text Colt to say there was plenty of seats since we
moved to sit as a group. Colt text back and told us to meet him in the foyer
to grab a soda.

Walking down in front of us, Kris came to a sudden stop.


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