Posted:  October 9, 2011

When we arrived at Corey’s house after a great party, it had to be well past one. 
There were lights on in the living room.  Corey almost fell out of the car but
steadied himself against it. He grabbed my hand while we walked and entered the house.

“There’s my boy!” Marie said.

“How was your night?” Larry asked at the same time.

It was obvious that both were very intoxicated especially when Marie had to use the
armrest of the couch to stand. 

“It was great!” Corey said with Marie coming over to hug him.

She pulled away, “Son, have you been drinking?”

“Yes, I have,” Corey replied. “You know I drink and did a lot this summer.”

“Here you come home and go out partying with your boyfriend,” she slurred. “You
haven’t spent time with me.”

“Mom, I did earlier today,” Corey stated.

“Still, you shouldn’t be drinking,” she said and sat back down before she fell. 

“I’ll see you in the morning,” Corey said. He kissed his mom on the cheek before we
headed to his room. Barely inside, he stripped off his clothes and fell on his bed.
The sight of my naked boyfriend on his bed would never grow old in my eyes with his
broad shoulders, great chest, incredible abs and his phenomenal legs. He held out his
arms and invited me to join him.

After a decent sleep, I woke Sunday morning to find Corey wide awake with his arms
behind his head showing his pits. Leaning over, we kissed.

“Was last night better than you expected?” I asked.

“Of course it was. To top it off, I made great love to one hell of a guy that I love
so dearly.”

“Yes, it was the proverbial icing on the cake.”

“I was here thinking just how great most of those guys were last night. Ben’s a total
asshole, though, but you know, forget him. If he’s half as bad as they said, I really
am glad he won’t talk to me. He was always very mischievous growing up and had me
there with him in his pranks.”

“Maybe it is for the best. So tell me about JJ.”

Corey turned to me, “In school, he was the most popular guy around so when he
approached me I didn’t know what he would do.”

“I could see the others gravitated to him.”

“He was so chill about everything last night. You know I think some of them were
envious of us once we told about our life in college…”

“Who wouldn’t be?” I asked.

“Matt for the first time, I felt normal around them and not like some outsider like I
did during high school. Sure they were hard on me but I never did anything about it. I
took the verbal abuse and punished the weights after school. If I’d stood up to them,
things may have been so different.”

“True, but there will always be some that will never accept gay people.”

“I’m learning everyday to accept that fact, but I’m not changing, nor would I want to
change. We’re not over the top gay even though we are affectionate with each other.
You saw the looks when I kissed you.”

“Yeah but no one said a word,” I said.

We got up and showered together in his small tub/shower. We dressed in his room before
he started packing his things to return to school. We found something to eat and drink
while waiting on his mom to wake. Just before we tired of waiting, Marie appeared in
an oversized tee, looking rather ragged.

“When you leaving?” she asked.

“Here in a little bit,” Corey responded.

“I’m glad you did come home. I can see how great you continue to do. Corey, I’m really
very proud of you. When someone asks, I proudly tell them how well you are doing in
school. I didn’t think you had it in ya but you proved me wrong as you have with being
gay. I have a lot of respect for you in the way you’ve handled things. If it were me,
I’d be crazy by now.”

“Mom, Matt and all my friends are such a big help. I owe the world to each of them. I
wouldn’t have made it without them.”

“Corey, do me one favor and don’t turn out like me. You have the potential to do great

“Thanks Mom, I appreciate you telling me that,” he said.  

We hung around a little longer and enjoyed telling her some of our stories from
college. She enjoyed our stories and loved laughing at our antics. We left about noon
to head back on the road.

We entered the lot about one thirty with less cars than normal.

“You know every time we leave something happens,” I stated, getting out of the car.

“There shouldn’t be much since it was really just Kris and Colt here…”

“That’s what scares me to death,” I said.

We entered, climbed the stairs and unlocked the door. Kris was sitting on the couch
nude with his legs spread wide and his limp cock sitting there.

“What did we miss?” Corey asked, sitting down his bag.

Kris laughed, “Not shit. So how were Heath and Lane?”

“Great,” Corey replied.

“Tell him about the party we went to last night,” I prodded Corey.

“Damn, I should’ve gone with y’all,” Kris laughed.

Corey went into great detail about the party. Colt came walking out of his room with
his lip poked out, so Corey started over. Corey was still very much excited about the
way things turned out.

“Now what happened here?” I asked.

Colt smiled, “One girl knows I love her so much…”

“Yeah right,” Kris scoffed.

“Fucker, I’m in love and can feel it,” Colt said.

“Feel her pussy is all,” Kris laughed. “And maybe her mouth on your dick.”

“These two will tell ya. You know what it’s like to make love to that special
someone,” Colt said.

“Kris, you know too,” I said.


“You said the night at the park…”

Kris bolted out off the couch and lunged for me. I tried to dodge but felt his grip on
my throat.

“Goddammit Kris, stop it!” Colt yelled.

“Kris, what the fuck!” Corey yelled and was pulling Kris’s hand from my throat.

“Motherfucker, not another goddamn word about Colt and me. Is that fucking shit

“I’m sorry,” I eked out with my throat sore.

“Kris, why?” Colt asked. “You blow up at the tiniest things.”

“You should be all over his ass too. I’m fucking sick of hearing about us, Colt…
Fuck!!!” Kris said and marched away to his room.

The three of us were stunned. I wanted to cry but withheld and clung to Corey for

“It’s not your fault,” Corey said. 

“Matt, don’t feel bad about it. We know how Kris is. By tonight, he’ll be fine,” Colt
said. “I swear Kris is fucking psycho. Yeah, we did make love that night and it was so
hot, but it was a once in a lifetime thing for us, we just fucked the other times.”

“Here Kris says he can fuck and move on but evidently not with you, Colt,” Corey
stated, holding me.

“I know,” Colt stated.

I looked at Colt. “Since you were here alone, please tell me you two didn’t get back

“Fuck no!” Colt said with emphasis. “I said that shit is over with. He tries that shit
again I’m kicking his fucking ass!”

“Okay,” I said. I took a deep breath. “So you’re in love with Andrea?”

Colt smiled, “I really am. Now that the psycho asshole is gone I can tell you without
a doubt I am. You know that feeling…”

“Every night,” Corey said and kissed me.

“I’ve got that connection that is way beyond sex,” Colt said. “I can feel it in my

“That’s so awesome,” I said and moved from Corey, feeling better. 

“I was coming out here to ask if anyone wanted to go with me to test out my knee,”
Colt said. “I was counting on Kris.”

“I’ll go,” Corey volunteered.

“I’ll stick around. Kris and I need to get things squared away first,” I said. “I’ll
ask if he wants to go though.”

“Be careful,” Colt said.

I stood and walked to our room. Opening the door, Kris had his laptop in his lap with
shorts now on.

“Kris, Colt and Corey were wondering if you wanted to go to the Rec Center,” I said.

“Are you going?”

“I was gonna stick around here and get some things done,” I replied.

“I’ll go then not to be around your fucking ass!” Kris stated.

Boldly, I moved closer. “What did I do that was so wrong?”

“Fuck you, Matt! You know what you said!”

“You said you and Colt were past that!”

Kris stood. “Move out my goddamn way, Matt!”

“You know Kris, fuck you!”

With rage in his eyes, he pushed me away so hard that I fell on the bed. I bounced up
and went straight for him with so much anger. I drew back my fist and connected with
his rock hard abs. All that did was incite him more. I felt one punch in my gut and
the other in my side. I raced to the door and was met by Corey and Colt.

“Fucking pussy run to your goddamn boyfriend!” Kris screamed, walking to me.

“Back off motherfucker!” Corey said with me behind him whimpering and scared like
never before. 

“You’re a pussy too Corey!” Kris said and landed a shot in Corey’s gut. Corey
responded and jumped on top of Kris, holding him down on the floor.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Corey asked with jaw clinched tight. “I don’t get
you, Kris!”

“He pushed me down. I hit him and then he hit me,” I explained.

“Kris, I should kick your fucking ass!” Corey said with Colt and I standing close by.
Kris moved and spit in Corey’s face. Next I heard the loudest slap ever in my life.
“Mother fucking son of a bitch!”

Colt grabbed Corey’s hand as it balls into a fist, stopping him from punching Kris.

“You fucking deserved it!” Kris yelled. “Let me up so I can get the fuck out of here!”

Corey turned and looked at us. He moved up off of Kris. Kris grabbed his keys and
wallet and bolted for the door, rubbing his face where Corey had slapped him. He
slammed the door so hard I thought it would shatter. I broke down and started crying
in Corey’s big secure arms.

“It’s okay, Matt,” Colt said and patting me. “You didn’t do anything wrong by the way
I see it.”

“Kris is lucky I didn’t beat his ass for spitting on me. How low was that?”

“Very low and he better be thankful we aren’t toting his ass to the hospital about
right now. Corey, you could have fucked his world.”

“Colt, I don’t guess we’re going today. I need to be here for Matt right now.”

“I’m not either. It pisses me off too.”

Once I gained my composure after a nice little cry, I told them what had occurred when
I came in. To occupy our time, we did some cleaning with Colt doing his bedroom while
Corey took the bathroom. I sat staring at the wall on my bed and should have been
studying for all my classes but I couldn’t at this time.

When we finished up, Scott and Shawn came down to the room.  We filled them in on our

“I was wondering who would be Kris’s next victim,” Scott said.

“Oh I was in line for it and got it,” I said.

“Any idea where Kris went off to?” Shawn asked.

“There’s no telling,” Colt replied.

“Even though we just fought, I hope he doesn’t make the situation even worse like he
did in high school.   I was just terrible what he did.   He called me every name in
the book and then did everything possible to hate him,” I said. 

“So how was y’all’s weekend?” Colt asked.

“Mine was okay,” Shawn replied.

“Mine sucked ass,” Scott laughed. “Boy, am I glad I go to college. It seemed
everything my family did got on my last nerve. Corey, how were Lane and Heath this
weekend? I know you saw them.”

“They were great. The best part was this party I was invited to…” Corey told the two
about our weekend. They hung around with us and eventually we gathered a few more,
Alex, Bryson and Brennan, to go eat with us on campus. It was different without Kris
but we made it okay. The spark was missing, plus I began to worry about him. I
realized we had just fought but that is life.

Returning, we hoped to find Kris cooled off and back to normal. He was still missing
and there were no signs he had returned either. While watching TV and joking around,
Ted came to the door. He was nice as ever by asking how our weekends went before
asking if I had time to study with him and another player we shared the class with. I
did and left the group to head with him to his room. We entered and saw Luke sitting
on the couch with a girl under his arm. He too was as friendly as ever while we waited
on the other player, Mike, to appear.  Once Mike arrived, I just thought Ted was a big
guy. Mike was huge and played on the offensive line for the team. He too was great and
very personable. We entered Ted’s room and cleared out a spot to study. We slowly went
over and compared notes along with going through the covered chapters. After a solid
two hours, we stopped with Mike suggesting a quick session tomorrow to be prepared. 

Opening the door, it was Colt with Andrea, Scott, Brennan, Bryson with Toni and Corey
who were sitting around. 

“No word, huh?” I asked, shutting the door behind me.

“Nope. As normal, his phone is on his desk in his room,” Colt replied.

Corey moved to join me on the floor to finish watching a movie they had. It was hard
coming in at the last moment to get interested in it. Once the movie ended, Bryson,
Toni and Andrea said goodnight. 

“Since it’s just us now, what’s the deal with y’all?” Colt asked, pointing at Scott
and Brennan.

Scott smiled, “We’re friends just like y’all.”

“Cut the shit, alright,” Colt said.

Brennan laughed, “We do hookup every now and then but nothing regular. We’re not like
boyfriends or anything. We just have great sex together.”

“I don’t see how you do it,” Corey said.

“Me either,” Colt said. “For one, both of you are so comfortable with being bi.”

“It’s something I don’t think about,” Brennan stated. “My dick has no idea of the
other person’s sex.”

“Colt, you’re bi,” Scott said.

“Not hardly,” Colt said. “Sure Kris and I have fucked but that doesn’t make me bi in
the least. Each time I did it didn’t feel right. It was like I was doing something I
knew was so wrong but felt so good.”

“I’m that way with weed,” Scott laughed. “I see what you mean.  You felt guilty.”

“Hell yeah, I did,” Colt said.

“I never have,” Brennan stated. “Guys and girls give me such great pleasure. So when
are you two gay boys going to the other side?”

“I have before,” Corey replied.

“You have?” Scott and Colt asked at the same time.

“I fucked two girls and didn’t care for it at all.”

“Matt, what about you?”

“Nope, never have,” I replied.

“Don’t you want to see the difference?” Brennan asked. “There is a difference. For
one, you don’t worry about getting shit on your dick fucking a girl unless you fuck
her ass.”

Colt shook his head, “Dude, what a fucking lame comparison. A pussy is wet and
naturally lubricated.”

“Who knows maybe one day if I get so fucking drunk I can’t think right,” I laughed.

“Next summer, I’ll make sure there are girls at my house when you visit,” Scott

“Guys, we do need to get Matt so drunk…” Brennan started to say.

“We do,” Colt said.  “This weekend at the concert.”

“That’s as good time as any and maybe I can enjoy that shit,” I laughed.

“Hey now, Rascal Flatts is fucking awesome,” Colt said. “Corey, have you got the

“Ummm… not yet. I figured we’d all buy them together,” Corey said.

“Yeah, we need to do that,” Scott said.

“Too late, Kris and I have got ours. You’re on your own,” Colt said.

“Scott, I guess we’re with you then,” I said.

We talked a little more until the door opened. Kris walked in without his shirt and
headed to his bedroom. He slammed the door without uttering a word or giving us a

“Your worries are over,” Corey said to me.

“I think they just started,” I replied.

Once Brennan and Scott left, I headed to the room. The light was out with Kris in bed.
I quietly got undressed and went to bed with Kris lightly snoring.

After tossing and turning a little, I went to sleep. Waking Monday, I wondered what
the day would hold. A majority of the time Kris is quick to apologize but to me he
didn’t always do that for some odd reason. Corey was waiting for me to shower and
showed great affection to me to brighten the start of this cloudy day.

After the long walk, I waited in my first for Toni. She came through the door right
after I took my regular seat and sat next to me. 

“How are things with Bryson?” I asked to get her view.

“They are okay. We’re just starting,” she replied.

“It does take time to really get to know some people,” I stated.

“Now what’s this I hear about a fight? Surely not you and Kris?”

“Yeah we did and again it was stupid,” I replied.

“Aren’t most fights? Usually it’s a culmination of a bunch of things or it’s that way
with me,” she said.

“Exactly,” I said with the professor starting our class. I felt like crying when he
announced a test for Friday to begin things.

After not seeing Kris while eating, Corey and I headed to our class together. We
finished it and headed back to the dorm.  Barely outside, we ran into Juan and loved
seeing him.

“Hey, I heard there’s trouble brewing,” Juan stated.

“Everyone knows,” I laughed.

“No Kris came by yesterday and was furious at you, Matt,” Juan said.

“We wondered where he ran off to,” Corey said.

“He said he needed to get away. Boy we had such a great time together. Made me miss
being around everyone.”

“So how are the wedding plans going?” I asked him.

“We’re putting them on hold right now til Christmas so her family can be there with
us,” Juan replied. 

“Just tell us where and we’ll do what we can to be there,” Corey said.

“It may be in Vegas,” Juan laughed. “That’s her dream. Stupid and weird, huh?  I
better run. See ya later.”

Corey and I walked away in the direction of our dorm. “It does make more sense now
that he stayed away so long,” Corey said.

“It does,” I agreed.  

We entered the room with Corey going off to change for work.  I turned on the TV to
watch some news and relax. Corey came back through and kissed me goodbye on the cheek.
“Good luck,” he said and left.

Within a few minutes, Colt and Kris came walking in the door.  They were talking and
laughing like normal. 

“Kris, I’m sorry,” I said.

“Colt, I’m not sure but I think I hear a voice,” Kris said.  “We’ll change and head
over to test out your knee.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Colt said with both walking to their rooms.

I followed Kris into our room. “I said I’m sorry,” I said to him.

He didn’t reply, continuing to get dressed. He walked passed me like I didn’t exist
and waited on Colt. I changed as well and readied to work out. I came back out into
the living area as they were leaving out the door. 


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