Posted:   October 5, 2011

Friday here in late September came a little early for me.  Corey and I did our regular shower together but did so to wake up more than love on each other. 

Once class was over with enough work to keep me busy for the weekend, Corey and I walked back to the room.  Corey quickly readied for work and was out the door before Kris and Colt came walking in. 

“The weekend is here!” Kris announced. “We all know how we start the weekends off around here.”

“Working out,” I said. 

“Matt is as bright as ever,” Colt laughed.  “Your swim partner is leaving as are most of the rest of the guys.”

“We’ll show you how to really work that body of yours,” Kris said, hitting me on the shoulder.

We changed into our old clothes and for a change it was just the three of us.  They were intent on working with me but were amazed at my progress since we rarely worked out together.  The three of us were sweating head to toe by the end of the ninety minute intense work out.  We hit the showers before retreating to the inviting looking hot tub.  We sat down and began to relax with my body really enjoying it.  Barely relaxed, two guys walked by in their towels and looked at the tub.

“Join us if you wanna,” Kris said.  “We don’t bite.”

The two seemed shy but after a short debate decided to join us.  Both had nice bodies with one having nothing to be shy about when he lost his towel.  Kris as usual began talking with them.  When they mentioned where they lived, we burst out laughing since it was our old dorm but on the third floor.  That loosened the two up a little to enjoy their time in the hot tub with us.  We stood, bid them goodbye and headed to dress.

I talked with Corey for a moment since I had missed him coming in.  We debated on our plans for the night but nothing was settled.  We walked back to the dorm.  Before entering our room, we had a yellow post-it note stuck to our door from Rick.  Colt called him and told him we had returned. 

Within ten minutes, Rick was at our door. 

“Alright, how much?” Kris asked.

Rick smiled, “Kris, I don’t know yet.  We’ll wait and it’ll be added to what other damage is done.  You’re not the first room with a hole in the wall.”

“I got pissed,” Kris said.

“I see you haven’t changed one bit,” Rick stated. “I guess you’ve noticed you haven’t seen me as much this year.”

“What’s up with that?” Colt asked.

“There’s no sense in making trouble when there’s really not been what I call trouble.  I could bust everyone’s ass about every night, but why?  Y’all are going do it no matter what.  So far, it hasn’t been what I call wild but a bunch of friends having a great time and enjoying the college life.  With that being said, I don’t think you’ll have an official RA next semester here.  I told them it was a waste of money and my time.  Sure they could get some hard ass up here and make everyone go by the set rules but you’re old enough now not to be watched over,” Rick said.

“That’s cool,” Kris said. “So far not much trouble, huh?”

“Oh a little here and there but nothing crazy,” Rick replied. “Had one little domestic thing on the other end where the guy wanted to rough up a girl but that’s about it.”

We talked with him a little more before Rick left our room.  Colt headed to his room for a nap while Kris and I watched TV.  It wasn’t long before I looked over and Kris was sound asleep on the couch.

With Kris and Colt having dates, I was alone.  It offered me some great quiet time to study so that would be out of the way.  It was nice not having a room full of people or any visitors.  After I tired of looking at my studies, I played around on the computer and talked to Mom for a little bit while hoping Corey would hurry up.

Corey came in the room without his shirt.  The sight made me breathless.  I stood and went to show my boyfriend a little appreciation and affection.  Kissing, we made our way to the couch with Corey pulling me down on his hard body.  We broke the long kiss and stared into each other’s eyes. 

“What’s the deal, Matt?  You miss me that much?” Corey asked.

“You turned me on,” I replied. “You know you’re really in love when you’re still turned on by the sight of your hot boyfriend after seeing him thousands of times.”

“Maybe I need to enter without my shirt more often.  I was hot…”

“You are hot even in a shirt,” I stated. 

“Well just fuck me right here right now.”

“I could fuck your hot ass and enjoy it like I did last night,” I said. “As you can see, we’re alone tonight…”

“Yeah, it was slow even for a Friday night at work.”

“Let’s just stay here and enjoy being with each other.  You know we rarely are what I call alone now.”

“First, can we grab something to eat?”

I smiled, “I think we can do that but just us.”

“Of course, half the campus went home.  I would enjoy just the two of us.”

Corey threw on a shirt before we headed for the door.  Just outside, we encountered Keith and David but just to say hello before going down the stairs.  We drove around a little while and found a nice quiet place to have a late night meal.  For a change, the conversation revolved around us and not our friends.   We drove around and continued to talk before heading back to campus. 

We entered to find Kris sitting on the couch in the nude.  “Where y’all been?” he asked looking up from a movie he was watching.

“We went to eat and drove around a little,” Corey replied, beating me to the punch.

“Why?  Fucking gas is outrageous,” Kris stated before hitting pause on his movie.

“Just a little alone time together,” I said before we took a seat on the couch.

“Dude, what the fuck did you do?” Corey exclaimed.

“What?” Kris asked.

“Don’t play dumb with me.  You shaved your pubes,” Corey replied. By now I noticed Kris had gotten the razor after his pubes.  Actually, I liked that he left just a little above his dangling cut cock that was resting so nicely between his muscular legs.

Kris said smiling, “Something different.  No one will notice but y’all and maybe Jacee.”

“It does look hot,” I commented.  “So any news with her?”

“We have a date tomorrow night so we’ll see what happens…”

“I thought…” I started to say.

“Since no one is around I figured why not?” Kris said. “So do you wanna join me?”

“What?  Watching the movie or sitting around naked,” Corey said and laughed a little.

“Both if you want,” Kris stated. 

Corey looked at me.  We stood and lost our clothes since it was a matter of time before we did so anyway.  We moved around to view the screen while Kris resumed his movie, ‘Nacho Libre’.  We watched and laughed at the crazy movie until it was over.  We sat around chatting with Kris having a dip of Skoal. 

Just as we were about to call it a night, Colt came walking in the door.  He burst out laughing seeing us sitting around naked.  It wasn’t long before he joined us.  We talked for a few minutes before separating.  Kris went to his room while Colt went to his since Corey and I enjoyed the extra space afforded by the new and handy sofa bed.

I woke on Saturday about my usual time.  Corey proved to me how much he loved me the night before with two great fucks.  Our sex life in my eyes was perfect.  After nudging him to wake, we showered together and went at it again with me taking his hot ass in the shower.  Nothing was better than hearing his soft moans of delight combined with our wet skin slapping together while I made love to his great body.

We dressed and started on the road towards a night at his house. 

Driving and barely out of our parking lot, he looked over at me and asked, “Are we fucking too much?”

“Not to me we’re not. We’re both nineteen and in the sexual prime of our lives,” I replied. “Why do you even ask?”

“I wanted to check with you.  It’s something we don’t talk that much about.”

“I know and maybe we should.  Is there anything you don’t like?”

He laughed, “When it’s over.  I wish we could keep going, I love it that much.  Sex with you is fucking awesome in every way!”

“Yes it is,” I agreed. “Ummm… do you think we should open up more or keep things like they are?”

Driving, he glanced over at me in his shades, “That’s your call.”

“No, it’s our call.  If we do open just a little, we have to be in complete agreement.”

“True… so very true." 

We continued driving and talking.  We arrived at his house about noonish.  Corey entered through the front door and announced he was there.  Walking in the house looked like a wreck and smelled awful. 

“Corey, didn’t I tell you to call first,” Marie, his mom, said appearing from the back.

“I assumed you knew since I called you Wednesday night,” Corey stated.

“Fine then, Corey.  Make yourself at home,” she said and left the room.

“See.  Now do you believe me?” Corey stated.  “She’s fucking hungover.”

“I never doubted you for a minute,” I said.

Corey moved some papers for us to sit before we retrieved some laundry.  We returned with Marie sitting in the kitchen having a glass of juice. 

“I hope like hell you’re not expecting me to do your laundry,” she stated.

“Don’t worry, Mom. I wasn’t,” Corey said.  “I can do it since I do all the time at school.  By the way, where’s Larry?”

“He’s in bed and not feeling very good,” she replied. “Corey, I forgot you were coming home.”

Corey shook his head and led me to his bedroom.  He sat down on his bed and looked dejected.  I sat close to him and kissed his cheek.  “Maybe this wasn’t the greatest idea ever.”

“It’ll be fine,” I said. 

“Thanks for looking on the bright side of things.”

“No problem.  Say how about you call Heath and tell him you’re here.  If nothing else, we can hang out with them and have a great time,” I stated.

“Okay, I can do that.  That way we can get out of the house.  I’m so fucking embarrassed with you seeing my house look like shit.”

“I know it’s not you.  You can’t do a thing about what your mom and Larry do. Always remember we can’t do a thing about our parents and how they act.  You don’t know how I wish I could change Dad, but I can’t.”

Corey grabbed his phone and tried to call Heath, his cousin.  He said he got voice mail and hoped Heath would return the call.  He left the room to use the bathroom. 

“Mom, the toilet won’t flush!” I heard him yell.

“Fix it then!” she yelled back.

I got up and went to see Corey leaned over to check inside the tank.  “The flapper’s rotted,” he commented after checking out.  “I guess we’re headed to the hardware store.”

We left and drove to find the local hardware store.  It was an old store with items everywhere and in no particular order.  Corey said he needed to ask and was about to walk to the counter and turned around.  “Matt, you go ask where the plumbing stuff is.”


“Because I know that girl.  She graduated with me.  I don’t want any trouble,” Corey replied. 

He turned around and was face-to-face with the girl.  “Oh my God, Corey, you look so great!  How are you doing?”

“Kara, I’m doing great,” Corey replied.  “I’m looking for the plumbing supplies.”

“Follow me,” she said and started walking. “I keep telling Dad he needs to organize this place but he says he will when he gets around to it.  They are right there.”

“Thanks,” Corey said.

“Hey, there’s a bunch of our class getting together at Jill Bynum’s place about dark if you wanna join us.”

“Thanks but I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

Corey grabbed the part he needed. “For one, no one likes me.  Two, I’m not in the mood for what I went through in high school.”

“I like you, Corey.  If they can’t accept that you are gay, they need to get over themselves.  By the looks of things and what I’ve heard, you’re doing okay.  I’d say a third of our class that went to college has dropped out, including me.  I know they’d love to see you.”

“I’ll think about it but don’t expect me,” Corey said while she rung up his item.  He paid and we left out the door with the bell ringing as we opened the door.

“Hope to see ya!” she yelled.

“Matt, we’re not going,” Corey said as soon as we were outside.

“That’s fine with me,” I said before getting in his car.

“The nerve of her even asking me to join a bunch of people that think I’m nothing but a fag.  Fuck them!” he ranted.

“Okay but it could be your chance to show them,” I said.

“Show them what?  I’m still gay.”

“No, show them you’re a better person than they are.  You could gain a lot of respect by making an appearance.  It could be your way of saying what happened in the past is history.  I’m moving forward…”

Corey stood, rubbing his chin. “Brilliant!  I could wear the tightest shirt I can find and show all those who laughed at me how built I am.  Then I could laugh at their fat asses.”

“Don’t think about going if that’s your attitude.  People change…”

“You don’t know the people I went to high school with.  They are so close-minded to be even seen in the presence of a gay person.”

“Okay, I understand,” I said.

Corey drove and went inside to fix the bathroom toilet.  Within a minute, it was complete.  “Works as good as new now,” he stated after seeing it flush. “Matt, would you go with me to face them tonight?  If they start shit, we’re leaving.”

“Who’s starting shit?” I heard Larry’s voice coming from behind.

“Oh Kara from my class saw me at the hardware store and invited me tonight for a party,” Corey replied. “I was thinking about going.”

“I see now,” Larry stated. “Who knows, maybe your old friends have gotten over it, kinda like Marie and I.”

“We’ll see,” Corey said with Larry walking away.

“So you really wanna go?” I asked.

“Hmmm… yeah, what the hell.  If we don’t like it, we’ll leave,” he replied.

We hung around for a while and did laundry while Marie did get going and picked up things around the house, somewhat.  Heath did return Corey’s call and said that going to the party was in his and Lane’s plan for the night.  Before leaving, Marie had prepared a meal of pork chops, corn and beans to fill our stomachs.

We dressed with Corey looking hot as ever.  He had on a button up short sleeve shirt and jeans along with a necklace whereas I wore a tee and shorts.  We cussed our hair since neither of us had cut it in a while. We bid Marie and Larry good night while they were enjoying a beer on the couch. 

Corey knew the exact location.  I heard him sigh loudly when we pulled in the long drive leading back to a new looking home.  There were quite a few cars and trucks already. 

Getting out of the car, Corey shook his entire body.  “I can do this.”

“Yes, you can,” I stated.

We walked up and heard some music playing in the backyard.  Corey opened the gate with about 20 or so heads turning our way.

“Who the fuck invited the queer?” a guy yelled loudly.

“Yeah, Josh!  What the holy fuck is that homo doing here?” another guy said.

“Stop it, guys.  I invited him,” Kara said approaching us.  “I’m glad you came.  There’s a keg on the patio with plenty of other drinks.”

I saw two other guys coming our way with beer in their hands.  “You have got a lot of nerve showing up here,” one short stocky guy stated.

“I was invited, so I came,” Corey replied.

“You may have been invited but your fucking ass ain’t welcome!  Here you show up with your faggot ass boyfriend to prove a point!  Leave motherfucker before a bunch of us kick your ass!” the taller one of the two said.

“Kara, I told you.  Come on Matt, let’s get the hell out of here,” Corey said.

A cute brunette walked up, “So Ben and Freddie, what seems to be the problem?”

“Jill, you know the problem,” the short one said.

“What? Corey is in college where it was way too hard for the rest of y’all.  I swear a bunch of guys need to grow up,” Jill said. “Corey, you and your friend ignore these rude guys.  Kara told me how great you look and didn’t lie either.”

“Thanks Jill but I didn’t come to cause a problem but I can see I am not welcome just barely here,” Corey said.

Heath and Lane came strolling up with extra cups in their hands.  “You made it, cuz,” Heath said, handing us a cup.

“Yeah but I may not be here long,” Corey said. “It is just how I imagined it would be.  Some things never change.”

“Forget them, dude.  They’re fucking jealous,” Lane said.

“We’re not jealous of anything, Lane.  We hate fucking fags!” the shorter one said.

“Ben, tell me what I have ever done to you?  I get the part that I’m gay,” Corey stated.

“That’s what you’ve done.  You’re a fag and I don’t associate with fags,” Ben said.

“Dude, are you that stupid?” Heath said.  “I’m not gay but that doesn’t stop me from being friends and hanging out with Corey.”

“Shut the fuck up, Heath.  You’re his cousin,” Ben argued.

“I’m not.  You should see all the friends he has.  They are the coolest guys you’ll ever meet,” Lane said in Corey’s defense.

“Yeah right.  I bet they are nothing but fags too,” Ben said before taking a drink.

“Nope they’re not.  They’re just like us who see Corey and Matt as people,” Lane said with another guy walking up to us.  I could see fear in Corey’s eyes.

“I’ll be damned if ole Corey didn’t show up,” the guy said and extended his hand.  “How are you doing?”

“Actually I was doing great until a few minutes ago, JJ,” Corey replied. “How are you doing?”

“Oh I’m making it.  Corey, let me be the first to apologize to you for the way I treated you in high school.  I know we all treated you like crap.  I’m sorry and ask for your forgiveness,” JJ said.  JJ was about our height with short dark hair and big brown eyes. 

“I appreciate that,” Corey said. 

“JJ, what the fuck?” Ben asked.

“Ben, get over it, why don’t ya?  People are fucking gay in this world.  At least Corey’s not stealing us blind like Jim Gather or beating up some girl like Alex Walker did.  He doesn’t look like he’s strung out like you and Freddie are from all the fucking meth you do,” JJ said. “Ben, if I were you and some of the others I’d keep my mouth shut.  Corey looks like he could kick all our asses.”

“He’s showing out is all,” Ben said.

“No, Corey is built like a rock now.  Sure he was getting this way in high school but now he looks like he’s nothing but solid muscle,” JJ commented.

“Well, have fun with them, JJ,” Ben said and walked away.

“Loser doesn’t come close to describing Ben now,” JJ commented.  “Corey, I’m sorry but you haven’t introduced your friend to me yet.”

“This is my boyfriend, Matt,” Corey said.  JJ extended his hand to me for a firm handshake.

“Let me get a drink and let’s grab a seat.  I’ve heard here and there how great you are doing,” JJ said.  He grabbed his drink with Lane and Heath there with us.  We found some chairs and kicked back.  I could sense that JJ was well respected among the crowd.  JJ started asking us about college and telling us about his as well.  Another guy and girl walked up.  At first, it was easy to see they were taken aback by Corey’s presence but sat with us as well.  Soon more and more came to join in.

We were talking and having a great time while enjoying a few drinks.  As the minutes passed, Corey became relaxed and seemed to enjoy being around his old classmates.

“Boy was I ever wrong about you, Corey,” one guy stated. Phillip reminded me of Colt so much with his hat, his unshaven face and his country boy ways but was much bigger.

“Why’s that, Phillip?” JJ asked.

“He’s just a regular guy who happens to like guys,” Phillip replied. “I hate that we all treated you like shit in school and made fun of you. I’m sorry I did.”

“It’s in the past now.  I’ll be honest I was worried sick about coming and caught hell to begin with but now I’m having a blast,” Corey said.

“That’s mighty big of you, dude,” One of the first guys we encountered, stated. “Dude, I’m sorry, too.  I didn’t know you.”

“That’s okay, Teague,” Corey said.

“No it’s not okay.  I was fucking rude to you,” Teague stated. “We were all fucking rude as hell to you.  We’re lucky we’re not missing teeth right now.”

“I am,” Phillip said and opened his mouth wide to show.  “Remember that fight Freddie and I had our senior year.  He knocked out two teeth but I dotted that eye good.  Mr. Campbell was pissed!”

I sat back and listened to the story that I was sure had grown since it occurred.  I found out most of these people were like my friends with Teague just standing and turning around to take a piss.  Corey and I were laughing hysterically.

“What’s so funny?” Teague asked.

“Oh that reminded us of our roommate, Kris.  He’ll start drinking and just piss anywhere,” Corey said laughing.

“I take it your roommates are queer too?” Phillip said.

“No dudes, their roommates are straight as us.  That Kris dude is cool as fuck,” Heath said.

“Really, your roommates are straight?” JJ asked.

“Yeah, Kris is my best friend from high school.  He’s made sure we are never left out and everyone accepts us for who we are,” I spoke up.

“He must be a great guy,” JJ commented.

“All y’all need to take note of Corey and Matt, too.  They aren’t fat like most of you,” Kara laughed.

“Hey, this gut is well earned,” Phillip said, grabbing his roll. “How in the world do you do it, Corey?”

“You know I started here my senior year but Kris makes us go.  He’s the most sociable person you’ll ever meet.  Hell, he just up and invited Heath and Lane to camp with us one weekend this summer,” Corey laughed.

“Corey, make us all jealous and unbutton your shirt,” JJ said.

“Damn JJ that was really gay,” another guy laughed.

“It may be but Corey is really built.  Come on Corey,” JJ said.

“I don’t think so,” Corey said.

“Go ahead,” I said.

Corey unbuttoned his shirt.  The girls were in complete awe.  “Guys, you are damn lucky he is gay,” Jill commented. “For one, I’d be all over him.  You’re smoking hot, Corey.”

Corey had the biggest smile ever on his face.  He was practically beaming now.  We continued to talk and have a great time.  By now, a few like Ben and Freddie had left but a majority was with us.  Corey and I never had to move with people volunteering and encouraging us to have a drink.  I stopped early to let Corey enjoy his well deserved time with his old friends.   He did drink a lot but so did the others around.  The sound of Corey’s laughter was great to hear and grew louder with each passing moment.

As things wound down, Teague commented, “From here on out Corey, you’re definitely hanging out with us.”

“I’ll remember that,” Corey joked.

“Yeah, call me and we’ll do this shit again,” Teague said.

“Hell yeah we will and every time you can make it home.  This has been a blast,” Phillip stated.

I was with Corey while we walked around to say goodbye.  I loved seeing all the guys and girls hug him.  We found Kara and Jill cleaning up inside. 

Corey walked up to both and threw his arms around them. “Thanks for everything.  You don’t know how great I feel.”

“We could see it,” Jill said. “You’re a great guy, Corey, and so are you, Matt.  Y’all need to come around more often.”

“We’ll try,” Corey said. “Kara, thanks for taking a huge risk by inviting me.”

“It was nothing.  I’m glad you came.  It was rough at first but JJ really smoothed the waters over,” Kara said.

“He sure did,” Corey said and waved goodbye.

We walked out and saw JJ about to get in his truck.  “Hold on, JJ.  There’s no way you’re driving home.”

“Oh hell Corey, I do it all the time,” JJ commented.

“Not tonight.  Matt will get us home,” Corey said.

“Alright,” he said and got in the back seat.

Once at JJ’s house, Corey got out and thanked JJ for everything.  He got back in the car and kissed me on the cheek.

“Maybe the best fucking night of my life,” Corey commented loudly.

“I can tell you really enjoyed it,” I said, driving his car.


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