Posted:   October 2, 2011

Thursday was the coolest day weather wise so far of the new school year.  It was by no means cold but I wasn’t breaking a sweat by stepping out the door.  Usually I walked alone but today Ted caught me about half way to my first class.  We talked and sat next to each other in the classroom.  By the time Alex arrived, the seats around me were taken so he didn’t sit next to me as usual.

Alex came up to me right after class, “So what time are we heading out to the fair tonight?”

“I don’t know.  You’ll need to check with Kris,” I replied.

“Hey, I may see ya there.  A bunch of us guys are going to check it out,” Ted commented.

“We might,” Alex said.  “I’ll catch up with ya later.”

Walking to my next class, I was about to step inside when I heard a familiar voice call my name.  I looked to see Liz coming up from behind me. 

With a big smile, I asked, “How are you doing?”

“Great.  How is everyone?” she replied.

“Really pretty good, actually and you?”

She tilted her head, “You know, the same as always.  I better run.  Tell Kris I said hello.”

“You know I will,” I said and entered my last class of the day.  Once that class was finished, I journeyed to find my buddies and grab something to eat.  Crowded as always, I ventured to our usual area in the building to see Corey and Kris arriving and laying claim to our table.  Kris and Corey found something healthy while I grabbed a chili dog and fries.  Kris schemed his plan for the fair that night along with going to the Rec Center to try out the climbing wall.  While eating, Alex and Elise joined us followed by Shawn and Terra.  We sat there with them before walking to our dorm. 

Once at the dorm, Colt came in and seemed better today wearing a knee brace.

“Corey, are you climbing with me?” Kris asked.

“I’ll try.  They say it’s harder than it looks,” Corey replied.

“Awesome! I look forward to the challenge then,” Kris stated. “Colt, I take it you’re sitting out.”

“Hell yeah, I am.  I’ll go and laugh at your ass if you fall,” Colt said.

“Yeah, wouldn’t that suck if I got hurt too,” Kris said.

With Scott and Drew in tow, we headed over to witness Kris and Corey’s attempt at scaling the wall.  Corey knew the rules and safety procedure involved though he had never once mentioned it to us.  It took a few minutes for Kris to get up-to-speed but he caught on quickly and showed his athletism.

Ready and in position, Kris said, “I’ll race you to the top.”

“Kris, you go too fast and you’ll bust your ass,” Corey commented.

“Still, I’ll race you,” Kris said. 

They started up what looked to be a twenty foot wall, if not more.   Corey was taking it slow and easy while Kris was going at it with great gusto.  Corey’s words couldn’t have been truer with Kris missing a step and sliding down past where Corey was.  Kris’s strong determination and competitiveness showed but Corey beat him by a hair to the top. 

Coming down and to the ground, Corey was all smiles while Kris had a stern look on his face.  “Let’s go again,” Kris stated with sweat covering his face and his tee shirt clinging to his torso.

“Once is enough for me,” Corey said in the same condition.

“I’ll try,” Scott said.

“Great,” Kris stated.

Off they went to scale the wall.  Scott was a stunner and moved up the wall with catlike precision and beat Kris.  Kris was faster than last time and was pissed Scott had beat him fair and square.  Since they had a sweat going on, we moved to test out another area, indoor soccer.  Luckily, we had one end vacant and enjoyed kicking the ball around.  We left after a fun time doing things we hadn’t before.  We knew it wouldn’t be the last time to venture to those two areas.

We came back to our dorm with Drew heading to his room while Scott went inside with us.  Kris was hardly in the door when he stripped off his clothes with Corey not far behind him.

Scott laughed, “Y’all love to get naked.”

“Look who’s talking over there, besides I was about to hit the shower,” Kris said. “If I remember it right, you were right there with us both times this summer.”

“I guess I was,” Scott laughed. “So what’s the plan tonight?”

“I figure we’ll leave about six and grab something to eat there…” Kris said.

“Great, I love fair food,” I said.

“Hell yeah, nothing like a good foot long corn dog,” Colt stated.

“I guess just about everyone is going,” Kris said.  “Jacee’s going with me and Andrea’s going with Colt.”

“Matt and I are going together,” Corey stated. “Do you and Brennan wanna catch a ride with us?”

“What makes you think I’m going with him?” Scott asked.

“Ummm… y’all are fucking,” Colt said.

Scott laughed, “We are but we’re not dating.”

“Fuck buddies, huh?” Kris asked.

“For sure since I can’t get with any of y’all,” Scott laughed. “No seriously, I don’t wanna be tied down nor does Brennan.  He's the fucking best ever.”

“If that works for ya, then go for it,” Colt said. “I thought you said you were hitting some pussy.”

“I have but guys are so much easier,” Scott said. “I just mention wanting sex and some are all for it.”

“Like who?” Kris asked, leaning over the couch. “Surely you’re not hooking up with Bryson or Shawn.”

“No, but I would,” Scott said. “They’re sticking to their guns.  Bryson said he’s been there and done that where Shawn says he wants no part of it despite not getting any from Terra.”

“That’s cool,” I said, noticing Kris and Colt look at each other, but I never said anything. “Not everyone will wanna try.”

“Yeah, I don’t see Bishop or someone like Tanner trying it,” Kris said. “I didn’t think I would either.”

“You tried it and liked it,” Scott said.

Kris shrugged his defined bare shoulders, “I’ll admit I did but I’m not going around searching for guys.”

Scott stood from the couch. “Alright then, I guess I’ll see ya at 6.  I’ll see what Brennan wants to do.”

“See ya,” we all said. 

After showering, we did find the time to study.  Kris sat in his towel and did his studying while I helped Corey with a few things before looking over my notes in various classes while checking my schedules to make sure I had everything in order and a quick check of a few homework scores on the computer. 

Finished studying, Kris began dressing for his night while I cut my eyes up.  He put on some hot dark jeans without any underwear and pushed them down low on hips.  He rummaged through his closet and left.  I had no idea what he was doing.  He came back in wearing a red Polo shirt that hugged every muscle of his body and came down perfectly to his waist. He found a nice necklace and put it on as well with his growing blond hair looking great.  Throwing out his arms wide, he asked, “So how do I look?”

“You want the honest answer,” I replied.

I knew it.  I look gay as fuck.”

“No, you look hot as fuck!” I stated boldly.

“Really?” he asked and turned to the mirror.  “Damn, I do look hot as fuck! Tell me no girl in their right mind could resist me.”

“Let me just say I’m glad I’m dating Corey and you’re not gay.”

“Me too,” Kris laughed before squirting on some of my cologne. 

I began to dress in shorts and a v-neck tee to enjoy the nice weather when Colt walked in the room.  He was wearing his Wranglers and a blue Polo shirt.   “What do y’all think?  Corey thinks I should go with my plaid button up.”

“It is a little miss matched.  Your shirt is frat boy whereas your jeans are country boy,” I replied.

“Hmmm… I guess this is the fair so I’ll go for the country boy look for a change with the Skoal can in my back pocket,” Colt said. “Kris, what’s up with that shit?”

“I look fucking hot, huh?” Kris replied.

“Whatever you say,” Colt said.

“I don’t care.  I like the way I look.”

“If your shirt got any tighter, you’d suffocate but I don’t like my shirts that tight,” Colt said and left out the door. 

Corey was next with his hair spiked which made his earrings show along with wearing a button shirt and shorts.  He didn’t want our opinion and didn’t care that much how he looked though he always looked great to me.   Colt came back and had settled on the country boy look with a hat that looked so him.  Kris started laughing.

“What’s so damn funny?” Colt asked.

“Don’t take this wrong but you look just like Chase,” Kris replied.

“Well, it is his brother.  I always thought they favored,” I agreed as did Corey.

Once Scott, Bryson, his date Toni, Brennan and the rest of the gang were ready, we headed out with Scott and Brennan grabbing a ride with us. It was great to see Toni looking happy without me having the chance to intervene. We decided our first stop would be at the local grocery store to snag some discount tickets for the fair.  Parking wasn’t fun since we had to park a long way away. 

After we parked and got out to wait for the others to do the same, Colt threw a pinch between his lip thus Kris did too as well, along with Bryson.  Looking out in the distance, there were a few rides of interest to me.   Getting closer the smell of fair food filled our nostrils along with a few whiffs of cow and horse shit.   I could see tonight was the night to be there or at least half the area thought so with the crowd of people gathered.  We entered through the game area and caught the sights and sounds of the games along the annoying hawkers. 

Kris spoke up, “First let’s see all of what is here before we do anything.”

“Dude, it’s a fucking fair,” Alex commented. “We know what’s here.”

“First, let’s eat,” Brennan stated. “Everything looks and smells so good.”

“That’s what I mean by checking things out.  Then we can decide what we want,” Kris stated with his arm around Jacee.  Not ten seconds later, he was talking with a guy and girl.

While doing so, Corey was off and brought back a hot funnel cake. Various hands began digging at the fried powdered sugar concoction until it was finished off in a flash.  I was lucky and grabbed a few bites.   We continued walking with different people saying hi.  I said hi to a guy from a class, but not many, though a few faces looked familiar.  We walked to view the various rides and choose one to start our night.  Naturally it had to be one that spun us around and around.  Corey and I hopped in our seat and rode the spinning ride with me slammed up against his body.  We were laughing at each other for it really took a minute to get our bearings. 

We rode a few more before walking to the back where they housed the show cattle and horses.  I was so excited to see the cows and smell them made it that more enticing but not really.  Kris spoke his mind after a few minutes so we left and continued back in search of food. 

I grabbed a fresh corn dog while Corey took a big turkey leg.  Both were big enough so we could taste each other’s food.  We sat around eating in a great spot to watch all the people.  My eyes were filled with some really cute guys.  Normally I didn’t find guys in Wranglers that appealing but tonight I did.  There were some however that needed to check the mirror before they left. 

Walking out of our eating area, Corey elbowed me.  I looked up to see Liz saying hello to Kris.  Liz had a cute guy that screamed frat boy at her side but took the time to speak with us.  While talking to Liz, Ted and his football buddies, I assumed since they were some big guys, walked up.  Being so crowded and noisy I didn’t know what was said but we were marching on after a quick talk with Ted.

Kris laid back and let Corey and me catch up, “Ted mentioned something about free dip so guess where we’re walking to.”

I smiled and didn’t mind.  Colt stopped us with the booth in sight, “Y’all each get a roll.  The shit is free.”

“Great, I’ll give some to my buddies back home,” Corey joked.

“Better yet, give it to Matt since he likes the shit,” Scott laughed.  

We waited in a short line, all fifteen or so of us to sign up and take the five can roll of free dip.  Colt acted like he hit the lottery or something.  Next we went back to the games to start throwing away our money in pursuit of a stuffed animal.  Corey was off playing a game and had separated from us while I watched Kris and Colt trying to impress their dates with the football toss through some hanging tires.  They managed to throw away a few bucks but did get a few through the tires.  We had to bust out laughing when the worker handed them a tiny stuff animal.  I looked up to see Corey heading my way with a cute teddy bear.  I could hear the girls gushing over the bear. 

“Dude, where did you win that?” Colt asked.

“Come on and I’ll show ya,” Corey replied.  We walked over to the classic hammer and bell game. 

“Hell yeah, Jacee get ready to carry home a bear,” Kris stated. 

“Just ring the bell three times like your friend and the bear is yours, buddy!” the carnie stated.

“Fuck yeah then, bro!” Kris said.  He pushed up his sleeves though they were already pretty high.  He drew back the sledge hammer.  The ball almost made it to the top before sliding back down. 

“Yeah, show us!” Justin hollered.

“If it takes me all night, I’m doing this shit!” Kris said with great determination in his voice.  He drew back again but no bell.  We had to give him shit for his effort. 

“Haven’t you seen the commercial?  It’s all in the wrist,” Colt said and moved Kris aside with a crowd gathering to watch.  Colt reared back but didn’t get close. 

Kris walked over to Corey, “Show us big boy how it’s done.”

“Okay,” Corey said and threw down his money.  With his arms bulging, he drew back.  The hammer slammed on the pad to send the ball soaring to ring the bell.  He went two more times with the same results.  The smile on his face was incredible.  

Nothing doing Kris was back at it again.  He shook out his muscular arms before swinging the hammer over his head.  The ball raced up to ring the bell but a quiet sound.  Kris turned and looked at us, “It still counts.”

The next two times it seemed he got the hang of it and rang the bell with ease.  He snatched the bear and handed it to Jacee. 

“Alright,” Colt said.  “I know I’ve been beat plus you don’t have a bum knee.”

“Good excuse,” Kris stated.

We walked away.  While doing so, Corey handed the extra bear to Andrea. 

While walking next to Corey, I asked, “Would you care if I gave this bear to Toni?  I know you won it for me but she would get more enjoyment out of it than I would.”

“Nah, go ahead,” Corey replied with a smile and kiss on my cheek.

Toni at first didn’t want to take but I insisted she do so.  We continued down the nice midway with various stops.  Coming upon the Ferris wheel, we came to a stop.  Kris wanted to ride it so we waited in line to do what he wanted.  When our turn came, Kris told Colt and Andrea to take another cart and waved to me and Corey. 

“It’ll be like that time we went when we really first met,” Kris said.

I smiled, “I guess it would.”

When the ride stopped at the top, Kris pulled out his phone to snap a picture of us.  It brought back great memories plus we could compare the changes. 

After the ride, Corey grabbed some Cotton Candy while a few of the others tried the various fried items like Fried Oreos, Fried Snickers and so forth.  It wasn’t healthy but extremely tasty as we shared our various fair food.

We stayed until about eleven before heading back to the dorm.  Scott, Brennan, Drew and Justin hung out with us a little while in our room before heading down to their rooms.  Kris left with Jacee to go to her room.

“Corey, do you mind sleeping with Matt?  Andrea’s going to stay with me tonight,” Colt said.

“Oh god, please don’t make me,” Corey joked.

“I don’t want him sleeping with me,” I joked along with him.

“I’ll leave,” Andrea said. “I figured you would.”

“Damn, they were joking, babe,” Colt said.

“We were,” I stated.  “It’s no problem since Kris is gone.”

“He’ll be right back,” Colt said.  “It’s Jacee’s time of the month.”

Within a minute or two, Kris was back to our room.  Colt and Andrea said good night and left. 

“Damn was that ever a fucking blast tonight,” Kris stated.

“Yes, it was,” Corey said.

“Corey, you’re the man.  That fucking hammer thing wore my ass out…”

“You were bound and determined not to let Corey show you up,” I said.

“Bro, I was, plus the pressure in front of everyone.  It was really nice of you to give your bear to Toni, Matt.”

“Ahh, I didn’t need it,” I replied.  “The bear Corey gave me for Valentine’s Day just gathers dust though I really like it.”

Kris laughed, “Nice recovery.  Bros, there’s no doubt that Scott and Brennan are a couple.  It was nice to see Toni and Bryson together too.  I had no idea about those two.”

“She mentioned something to me earlier.  I’ve been meaning to drop the hint to Bryson but I guess she beat me to the punch.”

“Corey, Matt knows this but I’m about done with Jacee…”

“You are?” Corey asked.

“Yeah, it’s nice to have a girlfriend but I’d be just as happy without one.  And I can get laid just as much.  I saw the looks tonight,” Kris said.

“I saw them too from both guys and girls,” I mentioned.

“I saw the guys looking as well.  I took it as a compliment.  Colt said one dude was really checking me and I should go whoop his ass.  I was like he’s welcome to look just like anyone else,” Kris said.

“Kris, I’ll say you did look hot…” Corey said.

“Matt said the same thing and was glad you were his boyfriend,” Kris stated.

“It’s true,” I said.

Corey kissed me on the cheek. “I was thinking the same thing too.  Kris, did you dress like that to make a statement?”

“Actually, I thought it was too much but Matt said I looked hot so I went with it.  Corey, you and I both work hard so why not show it off every now and then?”

“You do quite often,” I laughed.

“No, I don’t.  Tell me when I wear anything to class or out in public to show off this body,” Kris said.

“He’s right.  We could but so could Matt and Colt too.  To me, Matt’s getting one fucking kick ass body. It’s perfect in my eyes,” Corey said. 

“You’re just saying that,” I said.

“Matt, I agree,” Kris said. “Take off your shirt.”

I pulled my tee over my head.  “Dude, you’re fucking hot as hell and don’t even know it.  Your pecs are perfect.  Your six pack is really nice with those hot Adonis cuts at your waist.  When I first met you, you were skinny.  Now you have a great body,” Corey said.

“Really Matt, you do,” Kris said.  “Another one is Scott.  Fuck he has a great body.  Just the right amount of muscle on him.”

“I agree one hundred percent there,” Corey said.

“I do too,” I said.  “Kris, again I have you to thank.”

“Ah, it’s nothing, Matt.  You needed a little push…”

“I’m glad you did.  Not that I didn’t love him to start with but now just watching him move in and out of me is a thrill.  You always say how lucky you are.  I’ll say it again.  I’m the lucky one here.  I have a fucking hot boyfriend who cares for me and wants me to succeed,” Corey said and grabbed me for a long kiss.

I broke the kiss and saw Kris smiling.  “I want all of us to succeed.  We came to college for a very good reason.   Sure you learn so many things about life but each one of us here want to have a better life.  We’ll have to admit we want to make our parents proud and do as well if not better…”

“I don’t have to do much to do better,” Corey said.

“I’d be happy to equal my mom and dad’s success.  They aren’t rolling but they aren’t hurting either.  Hell, they’re putting my ass through college,” Kris said.

“I’d say they are doing quite well then,” I commented.

We changed subjects and talked about all the fun we had at the fair along with getting a good look at Kris’s picture of us.  Corey and I decided to stay on the sofa bed while Kris headed to the room.

Stretched out and able to play, we stripped each other slowly with attention to various body parts.  After a little foreplay, I tongued Corey’s ass to get him primed and ready.  Munching and fingering his scrumptious ass had him moaning with each breath.  With my raging hard eight inches lubed and anxious, I threw his legs on my shoulders and pushed forward.  His ring gave way and allowed me to penetrate.  Looking into his blue eyes, I could see the immense pleasure he received.  His head tossed to a side while my cock sunk deeper.  Now with his knees near his face, I slowly started to fuck him.  My hands roamed his body while feeling such passion and lust for him.  His hands found my ass and pulled me closer and deeper.  My pubes brushed up against him during the slow and passionate sex.  Slowly his muscular legs moved down and were wrapped around my waist.  We continued to stare into each other’s eyes. 

“I could make love to this hot ass all night,” I growled.

“OOO yes babe, please do.”

Corey reached around to grab me by the neck.  He pulled me to his mouth for a kiss.  I continued to slowly feed his ass my hardness while we kissed.  Nothing came close to the feeling of kissing a guy while being eight inches inside his steaming hot ass.  Since we were at ease and comfortable missionary style, we continued to make love. 

Corey cried out, “Damn, I love getting my ass fucked.”

I kissed his neck.  Looking up at him, “I love fucking your ass and making hot love to your kick ass body.”

Leaning up, I reached to grab his hard thick cock that was oozing sweet precum.  His moans and breathing grew louder while I stroked his cock in tune with each deep push.  My breathing was loud as well while I loved fucking him and receiving so much pleasure.

“Fucking close,” he announced, breathless.  “Fuck the cum out me, Matt.”

I pulled out and slammed my cock back inside.  He tossed his head back and forth while I continued to slam fuck his ass with him taking over the stroking of his dick.   He grunted loudly with each muscle in his body contracting.  Cum erupted forth and spewed onto his body. 

My cock came out and with a few strokes, my cum was mixed with his.  He scooped up a few droplets for a taste after I collapsed at his side.  He scooped up a few more and let me sample the yummy mixture.  We lay in our bliss with our hands lightly stroking each other’s cocks. 

“I love you,” he said quietly.

“I love you, too,” I said.

We cleaned up the mess and spooned on the sofa bed. 


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