Posted:   September 26, 2011


Sunday, I was sitting at my desk with a head start on my homework and studies along with looking over all the pictures from the weekend.  Tanner’s deep loud breathing didn’t disturb my thoughts but was pleasing with Corey off to work.  Our night wasn’t the loud drunken bash like I had imagined it would be.  Very little was drunk with socializing being the main jest of the evening.  Chase and Tabor ate up the attention thrown their way by a few girls that had wondered in.  All Colt could do was laugh while Kris urged the high school seniors to pursue college women.  Tanner acted as though he lived here and mixed very well like I knew he would.  By bedtime, the arrangements were set with Tanner in the room with me and Corey.  He said he’d fall asleep fast so we could enjoy the night.  We said we could miss a night and enjoyed a short talk before Corey was zonked out holding me tightly.

Tanner was up and smiled at me with his hair a mess.  He lay a few minutes before jumping out of bed while we quietly talked. 

Tanner spoke, “Matt, the more I know Corey the more I like him.  I thought maybe one day you and… mmm… Kris might get together.  I see why you’ve stuck with Corey like you have.  The sucker is built like a damn house.”

“I don’t care if he weighed 350 pounds.  He’s the right one for me.  We have our ups and downs like every couple but we’re great for each other…” I said and hesitated to get the right words for what I wanted to say next.  “Tanner, Kris is my best friend still to this day.  You saw yesterday how we need each other.  Whenever something goes wrong, Kris is there for me.  However, I can’t make Kris into something he’s not…”

“Matt, Kris has told he’s fucked around with guys but it wasn’t anything more than a sexual encounter,” Tanner said.  “You’re right. You couldn’t make him love you romantically no matter how hard you tried or wanted it to happen.”

“Nor would I wanna try to make Kris into something he’s not.  I’m perfectly satisfied with Corey as my lover and Kris as my best friend,” I stated with the door opening with Kris’s naked body standing there.

“Y’all wanna go grab something to eat?” Kris asked.

“I could for sure,” Tanner said. “I pray there’s time for a shower.”

“There is,” Kris said and shut the door.

Tanner was shaking his head. “He never ceases to amaze me one bit.  He didn’t give a shit whether we see him naked or not.”

“He doesn’t care either way but I have to admit Kris is built,” I stated. “You know both times at the lakes, he loved skinny dipping.”

“No shit, eh,” Tanner laughed.

We emerged from the room.  Opening the door, I saw Kris running to the other room with a towel in his hand.  Tabor stood there with his hands on his nice defined hips with water beaded up on his naked athletic body.  “He’s thinks it’s funny as hell to steal my towel, but you know, I don’t give a rat’s ass who sees me.”

“I damn sure don’t care to see you,” Tanner said.

Tabor laughed while I found a towel for him to continue to dry off with.  Chase came out of the bathroom with his towel around him.  Tanner raced and just beat Kris for the next shower.  Kris came out and sat on the couch to wait while Chase and Tabor dried off near us. 

“So, is there any doubt where y’all will be going next year?” Kris asked the two.

“I first have to pull my grades up and score well on the ACT before I can even think about it.  Next my mom is dead set on me staying close to home for one year,” Tabor replied.

“Not for me there’s not,” Chase gave his answer.  “I wanna be right here in this sweet dorm.”

“One small problem,” I said. “Unless they change the rules, this is for sophomores and older.”

“Shit!” Tabor screamed.  “Oh well, we’ll be here every night if I’m here.”

“I doubt that if Colt has anything to do with it,” Chase said.

“Next year, we may not be here either,” Kris said. “Depends on Matt’s situation.  His smart ass is tied to dorms with his full ride.”

“Wow!” Chase said. “I had no idea Matt was the smart one.”

Kris laughed, “If not for him, my stupid ass would be at home.  He makes us study.”

Once the showers were completed, we headed out in search of food off campus and Tanner’s treat as repayment for our hospitality.  We returned with Chase and Tabor itching to catch some pro football.  Kris, Colt and Tanner joined them while I headed to my room.  Corey called about three and said he was working a double shift and not to worry about him.

Around five, our three guests gathered their things to leave.  They made sure to say goodbye to everyone they could find.  Chase and Tabor hated that this visit didn’t include seeing Ted and Luke but proudly had their signed footballs with them when they were leaving.

Once the door was shut and the three were gone, we kicked our feet up.

Kris asked, “So Colt, what’s the big deal about Chase staying here?  He and Tabor are no problem at all.  You saw last night how everyone treated them.”

“I’m scared someone is gonna fuck up and tell him about us, Kris.  The last thing I want him to know is that I fucked around with guys,” Colt replied with his lip full.

“If it does slip out, then tell him you were just curious…” Kris said.

“Yeah right, tell him I wanted to suck a dick and fuck a dude.  Do you know how he’d look at me then?”

“Set the example and show it’s okay to explore your sexual curiosity.  He’s old enough to understand and may be curious as well after spending time around Matt and Corey,” Kris replied and packed his can for a dip.

“Colt, he’ll be shocked.  Everyone is unless they see it coming, but some guys are more curious than others.  You were around it for months before…” I said.

“No, I was sucked off by a guy in high school so it was there long before I met you,” Colt stated and spit into a bottle.

“Tanner was shocked when he found I did it but said it was something he’d never do.  We’re all different,” Kris said.  “You may be worrying about something that will never occur.”

“I couldn’t get that lucky ever,” Colt said. “I love him to death and really like Tabor as well.  I know he looks up to me so much.  I don’t want to disappoint him, ever.”

Kris grabbed Colt’s tattooed shoulder, “He may not be disappointed at all.  Don’t worry until it happens.  The three of us will explain it the best we can if it does.  Colt, do you think he’s sexually active now?”

“Ummm… I don’t know really and don’t care if he is,” Colt said.

“I’d worry about other shit than him finding out you’re curious…”

“Kris, we’re well beyond the curious stage,” Colt stated.

“I know that, but who else knows that other than maybe Matt, Scott and Corey?” Kris said.  “Just say it was a one time ordeal to see what it was like. He doesn’t have to know everything.”

“I guess y’all are right.  I sound like Matt over here worrying about shit that may never happen,” Colt said.  The words were barely out of his mouth before Scott came in the door knocking.

“I see all the visitors are gone.  Dude, that Tanner is one cool ass guy.  For that fact, I just wish my fucking brother was half as cool as yours, Colt.  I’d give anything to have him come stay one weekend with me,” Scott said while standing.

“See there, Colt.  Chase is alright,” Kris said. “Scott, Colt is worried shitless about him finding out about the famous night.”

Scott laughed, “I guess I see where he’s coming from…”

“Thank you Scott!”

“Well, I was on my way to check out Kendall and Noah’s place and stopped by to see if y’all wanted to go with me,” Scott said.

“Well hell yeah I do,” Kris said.

“Sure, it’d be great to see where we could have been,” Colt said.

“Don’t you say shit.  You love it here as much as I do,” Kris stated.

“I do but it never hurts to scout out their place.  Matt, are you coming with us?” Colt asked.

I looked at my watch.  “Sure, it sounds fun.”

“Matt, remind me when we get back to check out those sweet pictures you took of us.  I can’t wait to see them,” Scott said.

“I’ve downloaded them.  They are really sweet,” I said, having done so early this morning before Tanner woke.

“Damn you Matt, Chase would have loved to have seen them,” Colt said while we walked out the door.

“We got busy and I forgot,” I said.

We rode in Scott’s smelly ride the short distance to Kendall and Noah’s complex.  From the outside, it looked very nice.  The grounds were well kept with a sparkling pool.   Scott knew exactly where to park and directed us to the second floor.   Kendall and Noah were waiting on us and seemed very happy we had all come along with Scott.  Their apartment looked really nice with a nice big TV and game system. 

“So how is everyone?” Kendall asked with his brown hair short to show his stud earrings whereas Noah’s hair had grown out.  Noah was sporting a partial goatee.  Both looked great.

“We’re great.  My question is how come your ass hasn’t been to our tailgates?” Kris asked.

“We weren’t invited,” Noah said.

“Invited my ass!  You two damn sure don’t need an invite after what you two did for us!” Kris said. “Just show up and act like you own the place.”

“We will next home game for sure,” Kendall said.  “Does anyone want anything to drink?”

“A cold beer would be fire,” Colt said and laughed.

“We got it,” Kendall said. “Y’all might as well drink it.  We sure haven’t.”

Kris and Colt took a beer while Scott and I had water. 

“How do you like it here?  I know it’s so bad ass to be away from those damn dorms,” Colt asked.

Noah looked at Kendall and spoke, “Actually it’s boring as hell here…”

“You know where our dorm is,” Kris said. “This place is so fucking sweet though.”

“It is nice but once we get here no one ever comes around to hang out.  Everyone does their own thing here.  Not everyone here is a student, you know…” Noah said.

Kendall continued, “The walls are paper thin and we lucked out being next to people that love to fucking party to all hours of the night.  My room is right next to theirs.  I can hear them fucking.”

“And they can hear you fucking, too,” Colt said.

“I’m the only one getting laid around here,” Noah said with a smile. 

“Awesome Noah!  It’s great you have a girlfriend,” Kris said. “Colt and I have one as well.”

“And not each other?” Kendall joked. “Hell we all remember the night.”

“It is now legendary.  We still don’t know what you two did.  Noah, did you fuck the shit out of Kendall?” Colt asked.

“Hell fucking no!  We left once y’all starting getting nasty and didn’t want any part of that shit!” Noah said.  “It was cool with us that everyone else enjoyed it but not something we wanted to participate in.”

“You missed out though,” Kris said.

“Not really.  It’s something you may enjoy but I don’t see me doing it ever, especially with Kendall,” Noah said and stood to head to the kitchen.

“Why not?” Colt asked.

“We don’t wanna do it.  No way would I suck his hairy dick or let him suck mine for that matter,” Kendall replied with Noah mixing a drink and grabbing snacks.

Once Noah returned, we changed subjects to catch up on what they did.  They had been back to Noah’s beach house with some girls and other friends.  Both had taken nice trips and didn’t have the need to work all summer like me and the rest of the guys.  We did share a ton of laughs about both trips we had been on with them.  They stated we were a lot more fun to be with than their other stuffy friends.

We continued to talk and learn the pros and cons of living off campus.  As we expected, cooking sucked as did finding parking.   I knew Kris would make it different if we were to move off or else he’d be crazier than he already was.  We talked about our place with envy coming from Kendall and Noah.

We headed back after a great visit.  It was easy to see though forced we had made the correct decision in staying in the dorms.  We opened the door and found Corey on the couch doing some studying.  We told him all about our visit.

“The main question is did we get an invite back to ski again?” Corey asked.

“Bro, we couldn’t up and ask them.  We had to lay a little groundwork first,” Kris replied, packing his can.

“It hasn’t stopped you before,” Colt laughed.

“Do ya think maybe they will?” Scott asked us. “I’m not afraid to bring it up.”

“Just play it cool and let them be the ones who suggest it.  We really haven’t included them on any of our stuff here so it would be like we were begging for an invite,” I stated.

“Corey, how come you’re so late today?” Kris asked. “I thought you got off early.  I didn’t even think to ask Matt earlier where you were.”

“Oh someone called and said they couldn’t make it so I stayed so I could get next weekend off.  I hate that I missed saying goodbye to everyone,” Corey said.

“Bro, I admire you but damn sure don’t envy you working,” Kris stated.

“I’m used to it by now.  It does suck but living with y’all sure helps since things don’t get cranking around here til past nine anyway,” Corey said.

“Speaking of, I need to go see my girl,” Colt said. “I think I will after I finish this tasty dip.”

“Good idea, bro.  We need some female attention after being around the guys all weekend,” Kris said.   “Corey, if you want, just stay with Matt tonight in case I’m late.”

“Great then you’ll wake my ass up,” Colt said.

“Of course,” Kris laughed.   They watched TV with Corey and me before leaving to seek out their girls.  Scott left as well.

After the two were gone, Corey and I sat on the couch to watch TV together.  We talked some before his phone started ringing.  He jumped to grab it and rolled his blue eyes.  “Hey Mom!” he answered and walked away.

With him on the phone, I walked around and picked up some trash from our weekend.  Not that I’m a crazy neat freak, I enjoy a clutter and trash free environment since no one else would volunteer to do it. 

Corey finished his call and came up behind me.  He wrapped his strong muscular arms around my body.  “Boyfriend, I opened my mouth and told her I was off next weekend.  Guess where I’m going.”

“Corey, I know where this is leading.  I will go if that’s what you’re hinting at.”

“I promised one night is all then we can jet back here.”

“It won’t kill us,” I said. “We can see Heath and Lane again.” 

“It may kill me but seeing them will be a big bonus,” he said and kissed my neck. “Babe, is there any way I could talk you into giving me a massage?  I’m really sore right now after a hard workout today.”

I turned my head, “I’d love to run my hands all over your hot body.”  While turned, I found his lips for a kiss.  We headed to my room with Corey losing his clothes.  I found a towel and lotion to rub all over his insanely muscular body.  He didn’t know how much joy I’d get from this.

On his stomach, he laid on my bed with just the light of a side lamp.  Before me was the body of my lover that needed my hands to soothe the soreness.  He turned his head, “Please get naked with me.”

“I planned on it.  I want you to not say a word and enjoy this for as long as my hands can take it.”

“Okay,” he stated. 

I squeezed the lotion on his fairly hairy calf after I lost my clothes.  My hands went to work on this rock hard calf.  My hands moved up his thick, muscular legs with a gentle rubbing of his gluts.  Rubbing his rock hard body was such a turn on for me and a thrill.  He seemed so relaxed.  I moved over to the other leg and did the same routine.  Finished with his legs, I concentrated on his muscular gluts.  He let a few soft sighs release from his mouth while my hands worked every inch of his great ass.  Using my thumb, I rubbed around his sparsely hairy hole.  The temptation was to run my finger in him but I knew my massage would be over. 

With more lotion applied to his sculpted back, my hands moved slowly up and down his spine and traced his tattoo.  I climbed on the bed for better access.  After his spine, I worked each side of his back before going to his neck and shoulders.

I whispered, “How do you feel?”

“Like I’m in a spa,” he said quietly.

I kissed his cheek and began massaging his neck more and then his scalp.  I tried rubbing each arm but they were so solid it was virtually useless.  “Please turn over so I can work your front side.”

“You missed a spot, my prostate.”

“I have a special tool I’ll use later to massage it with.”

Corey turned over with his cock rock hard.  I leaned over to kiss the tip and saw one hell of a hot body before me.  Over the past year, I had taken for granted him and his body.  I admired and kissed on it several times but this was a true inspection of this work of human art.  If there was fat on him, I couldn’t see it after all the hours of his hard work and his good diet.  With more lotion, I rubbed his hips before running my greasy hands all over his granite abs.  His protruding pecs found my attention.  I looked to see his eyes closed and enjoying my work.  My hands were cramping so I started using my forearms to massage his pecs.  With the rest, my hands moved to his rounded shoulders and I started kissing his neck.

“I love you so much,” he spoke softly.

“I love you so much as well,” I said and moved to find his lips.  His fingers and nails dug into my ass while we kissed.  “Turn over for your prostate massage.”

He kissed me again before we moved.  On his stomach with his legs spread wide, I grabbed our lube for us.  One finger went inside and found his prostate.  He began squirming a little with my finger finding his magic spot.  I removed my finger and lubed up my hard dripping cock. 

“Are you ready for my special prostate massager?”

“Oh yes babe.”

“Again no words.  Just relax and enjoy it.  Hopefully this will take lots of time.  I plan on a nice slow massage.”  With my hand, I guided my rigid tool into his ass while lying on his back.  A small gasp followed once my cock was in him.  It was a nice warm place that always made me so very happy.  Once balls deep in him, I hooked my arms under his arm pits.  Slowly I began moving.  It felt as though I had melted into him after short methodical movements.  I turned his head for a brief kiss while keeping a slow pace.  I halted our action not to spoil the moment. 

“Feels so fucking good,” he whispered.

“Just relax and enjoy it,” I said.  I began kissing his neck and shoulders.  He was reaching back and doing his best to push me deeper.  After a little more kissing, my arms wrapped around his chest.  “I love you.”

“I love you,” he whispered back.

We heard the door open.  “Sorry but I need my computer to study,” came Kris’s voice. “Man, y’all are fucking beautiful like that!”

We didn’t reply and continued to enjoy our romance like he wasn’t in the room.  Kris was quick and left in a flash.  Corey turned to battle with our tongues as I raced towards a climax.  My breathing increased.  “Corey, I’m gonna give you some special lotion.”

“Oh I need that lotion,” he said.

I grabbed around his chest as tight as ever and began flooding his ass.  He grabbed my head for a strong kiss while I pumped my load in him.  While kissing, he groaned into my mouth.  I knew by the tightening of his ass, he was climaxing.  Between the slow massage and towel rubbing, he came.  I lie limp and satisfied to the fullest after a wonderful night.

“Let’s shower,” he suggested.  We moved and headed out.  Kris was on his computer and gave us a smile while we walked through.  We showered and showed each other lots of passion while doing so.  We exited and walked back out. 

“Sorry about walking in,” Kris said. “I stand by what I said earlier.  It was so fucking beautiful to see you two in such a loving way.  I witnessed for a brief moment nothing but love.”

I smiled, “You sure did.”

“I felt it.  Matt gives a great massage,” Corey stated.

“I’ll remember that sometime,” Kris said.

“I bet you will. Matt, you can stay and talk but I’m exhausted,” Corey said.

It was the earliest we had gone to bed with it just past 11.  Corey slept in the other bed and was out after the lights were out.  I wasn’t that far behind.

Waking I felt refreshed and rested as ever for a Monday to start the week.  With dark clouds on the horizon and rain forecast, Corey and I headed out the door with an umbrella this time.  Sure enough after a tough day with lots of work on my agenda, the rain started falling before Corey and I left our class together. 

Once back in our room, Corey changed for work.  “It seemed like I just left that place and now I’m going back again.  We’ll be so damn busy today with the rain since people can’t go outside.”

“I’m sure you’ll see me later,” I said and said goodbye with a kiss.

With the rain falling, Kris couldn’t think of anything better to do than go to the Rec Center.  We had a full crew with about everyone from our group going plus finding Ferdie, Kris’s friend once we arrived.  It took forever with the predicted crowd but there was little we could do about it.  I did work hard as ever with lots of encouragement from Shawn and Bryson as the three of us did our thing.  

The night was the usual for us with a few stopping by.  The thing was I didn’t see Colt for a majority of the night since he was holed up in his room. 

After Keith and Dave left after a short visit, I asked Kris, “Is something up with Colt?”

“You know I was wondering the same thing now that you mention it,” Kris replied. “I’m about to find out.”

We walked over and opened the door.  Colt looked up from his computer, “I remembered earlier I had a paper fucking due tomorrow.  Matt, do mind reading it once I finish up?”

“No not at all,” I said.

“Here we thought something was up,” Kris laughed.

“I’d have thought the same thing if it was you.  It hit me out of the blue.  The best part was I had started it last week.  Give me about ten minutes and I’ll be finished,” Colt said.

When he finished, he gave me the zip drive for me to read.  It was from one of his agri classes he was taking with thoughts of majoring in forestry or something related to the outdoors.   I read through it though not knowing what I was reading and corrected just a few mistakes.  Corey walked in the door as I was helping Colt and headed to his side after saying he had a few things he needed to study.  He made an appearance later before I headed off to bed.  He asked if I was angry.  Instead I said was tickled to death he was studying.

Kris and I had our night discussion before Kris said he was tired.  Two nights in a row, my eyes were closed before midnight. 

Tuesday, there was excitement in the hall of our dorm with the next game that night.  During my first class, our professor assigned a test for the following week.  I held my breath on the next class but didn’t get the same news.  Now, I was glad Corey had only committed us to one night for I would need some intense studying before the first test of my semester.

Again at the game, I was the water boy and didn’t mind at all since I could be near all my friends.  As soon as the game started, everyone saw this game would be different with the other team as good as we were.  Both teams scored three touchdowns in the first half.

To start the second half, our team had the ball and was driving.  I was filling the bottles when I heard, “Oh shit!”  I looked up to see our guys circled around someone on the ground.  I scanned the standing ones and didn’t see Corey.


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