Posted:   September 23, 2011

Friday, we had made it back from class and were sitting around when Kris’s phone started to ring.  He smiled grabbing it.  I knew instantly Tanner was on his way.  Kris walked around talking on the phone until hanging up.

“He’ll be here in an hour,” Kris said.

“We’ll need to work out quickly then,” I stated.

“I thought you and Scott swam on Fridays,” Colt said.

It clicked in my head, “I will if he comes down.  He’s still pissed about Hayden.”

“Fuck him, Matt… I don’t mean literally…” Kris laughed. “He didn’t want him anymore but now he’s jealous?  I swear the dude says he’s bi but…”

Our door opened with Scott coming into the room.  We all stared at him.  “Matt, are you up for some laps?” he stopped and noticed. “Alright what did I do?”

“You’re jealous of Hayden even though you’re the one who broke it off with him and are getting a little on the side from Brennan,” Kris replied.

Scott threw up his hand, “Oh that, I’m over it now.  How stupid was that shit, really?  I don’t know why that went all over me but it did.  I’m sure y’all seen an old flame with someone else.  It does make you just a tad jealous.”

“I have,” Colt said and started laughing. “I wanted to kick his ass but I was the one who broke up with her.”

“Kris, how would you feel right now if you saw Liz with another guy?” Scott asked.

“Okay I guess, but you know I haven’t seen her since we’ve been back,” Kris replied.

“Alright enough bullshitting, we need to go now or wait on Tanner,” Colt commented.

“Let’s just wait.  The way he drives he’ll be here before we know it,” Kris said.

With time, I went to slip on my Speedo underneath my shorts.  I returned to the three of them dissecting the game and reliving the fine plays such as Scott’s demonstration of the long touchdown pass.  Before we knew it, Tanner was calling and needing directions to our dorm.  Scott grabbed the phone since he had the best sense of direction.  Kris headed downstairs to let him inside the building.

Kris opened the door with Tanner trailing him.  Once we informed Tanner what we were doing, he laughed and wasn’t a bit surprised that Kris, Colt and a few others were off to the Rec Center.

We were about to head out the door when we heard a knock on it.  Kris opened the door.  “Anyone need tickets for the game?” I heard the distinctive deep voice of Ted before he and Luke walked in with bags over their shoulders.

Colt jumped up, “I’ll take em.  My brother said he’d come if I could get a ticket.  How much are they?”

Ted laughed, “I can’t sell them.  They’re free.” Ted extended the tickets to Colt.

“You know his brother will really think you’re the shit now,” Kris commented.

“He’s getting used to it by now,” Luke interjected.  “We better run or we’ll be late for the bus.”

“Yeah, you don’t wanna get in trouble before your first start,” Colt stated.

“See ya,” Ted said, waving goodbye.

“Good luck, Luke,” Kris said. “You know we’ll give you hell if you fuck up.”

“I hope you do,” Ted said in the doorway.  They headed out while Kris shut the door.

“Wow, they are cool as shit,” Tanner said.

“Exactly what I told you,” I said.   We headed out the door with Kris going to round up a few more like three wasn’t enough.  With Corey working, Tanner easily got in as we knew he would.  Scott and I headed to the Natatorium to do our thing while Kris and the others headed for the large weight room.

Once back in the room, Tanner headed straight for our fridge like it was his own.  “Kris, where’s the beer?” he asked.

“We were fixing to head and get some.  We needed to know if you wanted that Molson or Labatt’s shit you Canadians love,” Colt wisely replied.

“Fuck you, Colt,” Tanner said with a smile.  “No wonder you and Kris are such good friends.  You’re both wise asses.”

“Seriously, do you want any?” Kris asked.

“Hell no, you know I’ll drink anything with alcohol in it, eh,” Tanner said.  They changed and headed out in pursuit of beverages for us.  While they were gone, I grabbed my phone and called Mom.  I was hoping she would say she was coming with the Stanton’s the next day but she said they had called but she wasn’t able to make it.  I pressed her a little for a solid reason.  She gave a very pleasing answer; she had a date for the first time since… hell, I don’t know that she ever did.  I was a so happy for her and knew she needed someone.

Once back with the weekend supply, Kris had to take Tanner around to meet everyone he considered his friend, including getting to meet his and Colt’s girls.  Tanner came back shaking his head with the vast array of faces and names.  We grabbed a bite to eat before settling down for the night.  Scott was there with us along with Keith and Dave from next door while the rest were doing their own thing, or so I was told. 

Before Corey arrived from work, it was very casual drinking and dipping.  Kris brought up the idea of playing our game again, ‘Flip, Sip or Strip’.

He explained the rules to Tanner, Keith and Dave.

“You’re kidding, right?” Tanner asked.

“Not unless you can think up a better game,” Kris replied.

“No offense Matt but it sounds really gay with just guys.  I can see it with girls and how fun that could be,” Tanner said.

“Who wants to see me anyway?” Dave laughed.

“I see enough of your sorry ass,” Keith said.  “He’d rather walk around our room without a towel than eat.”

“You’re the one who sleeps butt ass naked, not me,” Dave argued.

“Ummm… we all do,” Kris said.

“I do,” Scott said.  “I have seen junior high.  It sure makes it easier to flog the log.”

Tanner was laughing and almost spit out his beer.  “Damn Scott, your ass is a trip.  I feel left out though since I sleep in my boxers.”

“You should try it sometime,” Keith said. “I’m like Scott and have been doing it since junior high.”

“And to flog the log like Scott said,” Dave laughed.

“Look who’s talking.  At least I don’t sit at the computer and shoot my nut all over the fucking keyboard,” Keith said, heading for another beer.

“Just one time did I do that,” Dave said. “Now I have Kleenex handy.”

We sat around until Corey came in the door with a bag of food.  He ate something to have food on his stomach before he started drinking.  Again the game was fun and provided a ton of laughs for us.  The first to get totally naked was Scott, which for him was nothing.  He paraded around showing off his body that was accented by his great tan from the summer.

“I fucking swear you’d rather get naked in front of us than anything,” Tanner laughed.

“You’re really getting to know the real Scott now,” Kris joked.

The next was Keith to lose his underwear but didn’t strut around showing us his rather normal hairy cut cock with a great set of balls hanging below.

After another round or two, Kris lost his boxers.  He was feeling the effects of the beer and walked to Scott who was sat on the floor. “Come on, suck it,” Kris urged Scott.  Scott opened his mouth and took the tip inside.

“Alright, enough of this shit!” Tanner screamed while Kris moved away from the tempting mouth.

“We were just having a little fun,” Colt commented.

“I agree, enough is enough,” Keith said. 

Corey, the soberest one of us, spoke, “Guys, let’s stop right now before we ruin what has been a great night.”

“Yeah, Corey’s right,” Dave said.  “I would have hated to be next to get naked.”

We laughed as Dave did.  Those who were naked found some shorts while the rest of us sat around.  Dave and Keith hung around a bit longer before heading to their room around one. 

“I’ll say it was a fun game,” Tanner commented. “Next time, get some girls up in here, eh.”

“So there will be a next time?” Kris asked.

“Well… hell yeah, if you invite me again, there will be,” Tanner said.

“Bro, call me anytime,” Kris stated before he stood.  He barely got up before sprinting to the bathroom.  With the bathroom door open, we could hear him vomiting up the beer.  He returned while wiping off his mouth, “Now I can down a few more.”

“Hey, we need to save some for tomorrow night,” Colt said.

“Fuck that!” Kris shouted.  “You know I can buy like that.” He snapped his fingers.

It wasn’t that long before Scott exited our room.  We pulled out and made the sofa bed for Tanner before calling it a night.  Corey led me to my room and pushed me on the bed. 

“I’m in the mood for some loving,” he said. “I don’t care how much we’ve done it lately but just seeing your ass makes me want you that much more, that and my love for you.”

I came out of my shorts and boxers with his help.  He lost his and began smothering me with his kisses.  Between us, I could feel we were getting hard and enjoying the stimulation.  Corey broke the kiss and went straight for my cock.  There was very little licking until he took the head into his mouth and then his tongue really went to work.  I was lost in the feeling and watched him suck me.  He stopped and kissed my abs before taking my cock again.  The feeling of my impending orgasm began to emerge so I pulled him up.  “Great as always,” I said.

“My pleasure.  I love sucking your big dick,” Corey said.  He moved up, straddling my face and slid his cock in my mouth.  He started moaning as my mouth and tongue was working his thick meat.  With his hands against the wall, he used my mouth with force, fucking my face.  I didn’t mind and enjoyed doing it.  He halted his action, slid out of my mouth and moved so he could grab my legs.  He threw them in the air and started rimming my ass.  His wet mouth and probing tongue sent shivers all over me.  I wanted him more than ever.

“Corey, fuck me!” I screamed.

He gave me a big smile and reached for the lube.  With my feet in the air and my ass exposed, his bare slippery cock slid into my wanting ass.  He pushed forward and went deep into me.  I groaned at the incredible feeling that was overtaking my body and soul.  He slapped my ass hard while my hands reached to touch his body and he continued to fuck me deep.  I continued to express my joy with lots of moaning mixed with his primal grunts.  He released my legs, pushing them around his waist.  I looked into his eyes and felt we were as one with us breathing heavily. 

“I love you,” he whispered in my face.

I pulled his head down for a kiss.  We continued to stay lip locked with our tongues raging a battle.  He delighted all my senses while he continued to fuck me with great love and passion.  He pulled up to grab my hard eight inches.  His strokes were in harmony with his deep thrusts. 

“OOO fuck, Corey!” I screamed before releasing my load.  One forceful blast hit my chest with Corey exiting me.  I shot another jet.  I heard his deep grunt followed by warm cum coating my nuts and ass while I continued to blast away.  He finished depositing his nice load before sliding back in me.  We kissed with our cum smearing between us and my hands going crazy all over his body. 

Corey pulled out and lay next to me while we enjoyed the moment after another great session as lovers. 

“It never gets old,” I stated. “No matter how many times we fuck.”

“I hope it never does,” he said.

“And to think…” I began saying before his finger covered my lips.

“Don’t remind me that I almost threw away the hottest fuck I’ll ever have or ever hope to have in my life.”

Saturday, I was awake and sitting at my desk messing around when Colt came barging in the room.  “Matt, could you please come over and see what you can do with Kris?”

I looked at the boxer clad Colt in shock and stood, “So what now?”

“OOO… his parents called and said they had a little fender bender.  Now Kris is beside himself,” Colt said.

I headed over and saw Kris pacing the room naked.  “Kris, just calm down for a second.”

He turned to look at me with those eyes, “Matt… I can’t.  I’m worried sick.” 

His pacing made me rather nervous.  I grabbed him to sit on the unmade bed.  He dropped his head onto my shoulder.  “Everything will be okay,” I said with Tanner now in the room in his boxers.

“Kris, they said no one was hurt and were on their way here…” Colt said.

“You don’t know shit!” Kris exclaimed.

“Just get under control,” I said, comforting him on my shoulder. “I know what this is about but I’m sure if they said they are okay then they are.”

Kris gazed up at me, “I had a dream last night Nathan came to see us…” His voice tailed off.

Tanner came and sat next to us, “I understand Kris.”

“Thanks,” Kris said. “I’ll be okay once I see their faces…”

With Colt joining us, the four of us sat on the single bed.  We had a big group hug seeing Kris the way he was. 

“Anytime someone says accident I have horrible flashbacks!  Fuck!” Kris cried out. 

“We’re here for you,” Colt said. “Now I understand.  Are you going to be okay?”

“I think so,” Kris said.  Kris stood first and found his boxers.  Without warning, he punched the wall.  He withdrew his hand shaking it and leaving our first hole in the wall.  “Damn that felt so fucking good no matter how much it costs me. I needed to hit something.”

I stood and grabbed my best friend to have him cry on my shoulder.  This hunk of a guy was releasing it all with Tanner and Colt joining us again.  Corey walked in and didn’t know what to think.  We moved him to the couch and got him to sit.  I thought it was over before the punch to the wall but we weren’t taking any chances.  One by one, we showered with two of us always with him. 

Tanner finished, “Kris, you’re next.”

Kris turned and looked at me.  “Would you go with me just in case?”

I gazed up at Corey.  He motioned with his head to go on even though I was showered.  Kris stood and walked to the bathroom.  He undressed and stepped into the shower, pulling me to go with him.  I lost my clothes and joined him.  Once in the shower, he threw his big arms around me with water hitting his back. 

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I need someone I trust to hold me until I see my parents.  I’m sorry for acting like this but I can’t help it.  You remember the time we went to the hospital…”

“I do.  Now let’s get you washed up for the day.  We can’t have you smelly and nasty for your parents, Jacee and Mike.”

“Thanks for being here for me.”

I had him washed up and ready for the day.  He had that blank look on his face.  We got the call that Walt and Jenny were in the area but couldn’t park in our lot.  Kris told them to wait and he’d be there in a flash.  He headed out the door in a rush with us trailing him.  Once he saw their vehicle, he ran to it.  His mom stepped out of it.  Kris gave her a big solid hug while the rest of us unloaded a bunch of food for our tailgate.  Kris lightened up and saw the dented bumper of the vehicle before Walt left to find a parking spot.

Kris and Jenny walked together.  The rest of us were trailing behind.

“Miss Jenny, Kris was beside himself…” Colt said.

“Mom, you know how even the mention of an accident scares the shit out of me…”

“I should have thought of that before I called.  Next time, I won’t do it,” she said and turned to us. “Was he crazy?”

“Yes he was,” Tanner said.

“Kris, I’m sorry.  I won’t happen again,” Jenny said. “It really was nothing.  You saw the bumper.”

“I’m so happy you’re okay.  I just knew any minute you’d call me from the hospital to say Dad wasn’t doing so hot.  I love you, Mom.”

Just as we were putting out the food, I looked to see Chase and Tabor running our way.  By the time they arrived they were barely breathing hard after the long sprint.  “Whew, that traffic is something else out there, and to think we thought we were early,” Chase said. “So you got the tickets right?”

“Yes, they’re in the room, safe and sound,” Colt said.

“Famous last words,” Kris said and was back to the Kris we knew.

Soon all of our dorm friends were around with Walt back from parking.  The smell was about to kill us before they told us to dig in.  Walt and Jenny stood off to the side and watched all of us tear into everything thing they had brought.  While we were getting food, Jacee and Andrea walked up.  Kris introduced her to his parents.

We were sitting in and around Colt’s truck eating and enjoying the company of our friends.  The sights and sounds of tailgating were all around us in our dorm lot.  The atmosphere was great and made for a great time. 

Corey and I were testing the cookies when he jabbed me in the side.  Kris and Jacee had found Mike and his parents.  I could see and hear the joy coming from Kris’s voice while he talked to Mike.  I watched while they walked away and headed to the dorm. 

Colt caught on and turned to his brother and Tabor, “Oh yeah, Ted came through for ya.  There are two signed balls in the room.”

“Well hell yeah!” Tabor said.

“We’ll take them home with us tomorrow,” Chase said.

Colt whipped his head, “Excuse me but no one said a word about you staying.”

“I guess we’ll head back home after the game then,” a dejected Chase said. “See I told ya he wouldn’t let us.”

“Dude, I’ll sleep in the room with Matt and they can take the sofa bed,” Tanner stated.

“No, you won’t.  We don’t have room with Tanner staying with us,” Colt stated.

“He just said…” Chase started to say.

“I don’t give a fuck what he just said.  You’re not coming here every game weekend and crashing with us,” Colt stated.

“It’s cool Chase.  We’ll go home after the game.  It’s no big deal,” Tabor said.

“Fine then,” Chase said.

We looked up and saw Mike running as fast as he could.  He had the signed football tucked under his arm.  “Look… Look… look what I got!” Mike shouted.

Standing close by, Walt asked, “What do you have there?”

“My best friend Kris got me a signed ball from the team.  Ted gave it to him!”

“Man that is the best.  You better take good care of it,” Walt said.

Mike’s dad said, “Oh he will.  All he’s talked about since the last home game was Ted and Kris.  He couldn’t wait to get here to see Kris today.”

Jenny and Walt were smiling from ear to ear, “That makes us two very proud parents.”

“Your son made our son’s night when he took him on the field after the game,” Mike’s mom said.  “You should be so proud of him.”

Kris behind them said, “Ah it was nothing.  Ted’s a really great guy.”

With Kris back, I pulled him aside.  “Hey, I think we have two very disappointed guys here.”


“Chase and Tabor.  I think they thought they were staying with us after the game but Colt said they weren’t…”

Kris walked away, “We’ll see about that.  I’ll use a little charm and see if I can work some magic. There’s no reason they can’t stay with us.”

Kris came back to Corey and I and gave me the thumbs up.  “What did ya say?”

“I told him we didn’t care and there was no sense in them driving back that late.  He still won’t go for it until I told them what if something happened like Nathan.  Then he agreed,” Kris smiled.

Nearing game time, Scott came up to us.  “We need six guys to spell out Hawks.”

“Dumbass, Hawks has five letters,” Bishop said.

“No, we can use two for the ‘W’ to make it original.  So who’s with me to have their bodies painted?”

“Before we agree, who is doing the painting?  We don’t wanna look stupider than we already would,” Kris asked.

“Drew’s the artist and will do it,” Scott said.

“I can make it look really sweet,” Drew said.

The volunteers outnumbered the letters by three with Corey one of them.  “Just leave Chase and Tabor out.  They’re not even students here.”

“No, we can use them and have the school name too.  It’ll be so epic,” Kris said.

Colt shook his head.  While they were doing the painting, I was on picture duty to get some great shots of this moment.  Walt and Jenny laughed at the antics and said nothing could surprise them.  In the end, Drew had done a great job of body painting.   The last thing was to bring Mike over and paint his face in school colors.  Before leaving, I took a bunch of shots of them lined up.

We all made sure to thank Walt and Jenny for the food since they would be leaving shortly after the game.  The parade began with the painted guys walking in line to the stadium.  It was an attention getter for sure with lots of high fives along the way.  Once in the stadium, they lined up in the student section. 

It was game time.  Our team took the ball first with our section standing and screaming at the top of their lungs.  After two running plays, Luke dropped back to pass.  He threw a nice ball but it landed right in the arms of the opposing team.  I felt really bad for him at that moment and watched him come to the sidelines.  The result was only a field goal.  The next time, Luke led the team down the field for a touchdown with his passes right on target.  From then on, the game was almost what I call boring.  Even in my eyes with very little football knowledge, I could see the other team wasn’t very good. 

We headed back to the dorm after the game.  Kris had avoided showing his parents our room but did so after the game with them wanting to let the traffic subside before heading back.  We showed them around and heard how nice it was.  Jenny, being a mom, had to see what we had in our refrigerator.  She opened the door and closed it just as fast.

“Yeah Mom, there’s beer in there,” Kris said.

“Hun, what did you expect?” Walt said.

“I did expect it but not for beer to fill the entire thing,” she replied.

“They’re college guys.  Part of being in college is drinking beer.  I did my fair share of it when I went here,” Walt stated.

“Dad, ya want one?” Kris asked.

“I better not since I’m driving but I will next time,” Walt replied.

“Let that be an example to all of you,” Jenny said.

“Mom, we always make sure we have a driver before we get shit faced,” Kris laughed, as did the rest of us.   

We sat around with them with the guys going to shower off the body paint.  Kris waited and stayed around to talk.  His parents stood to leave. 

“I guess we can head back now,” Jenny said.

“Ya’ll be very careful,” Kris said.

“We will, son,” Walt said. “I’m sorry we frightened you earlier.”

“I’m over it now but please don’t call if you just have a fender bender.  Keep it to yourself,” Kris said.

“We will,” Jenny said.


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