Posted:   September 19, 2011

Tuesday, here in mid-September, I was taking it easy after my classes.  It was great that things were back to normal between all of us.  We had just returned from the Rec Center after a gruelling work out with our regular crew. My phone began ringing.  My eyes lit up seeing Hayden’s name appear on the screen. After exchanging hellos, he asked if he could stop by, see our place and catch up a little.  I was more than thrilled to have him do so with the others out practicing for their Thursday game. 

Within fifteen minutes, Hayden was at my door.  His thick dark hair had grown out as well as having some stubble on his face.  We exchanged hugs before I showed him around.  Not going into Colt and Corey’s side much, I didn’t realize how messy it had become.  We both laughed about the mess and came out to sit in the living area.

“Matt, I heard you and Corey about broke up,” Hayden stated.

“Who hasn’t heard?” I laughed. “I take it you still talk to Scott?”

“How’d you guess?”

“Anyone who will be friends with Jess after what happened will keep being friends with exes.”

Hayden laughed, “He is something, but I’m moving on.”

“That’s great to hear.”

“Scott and I both have issues in life. Sure, I was heartbroken when we broke up but I couldn’t change him like I thought I had.  That’s the breaks when you deal with a bi guy.”

“So how are things with your parents?” I asked.

“Oh, alright at best.  They’re trying to accept me but I can see they aren’t real happy with me being gay.  They rarely mention it when I’m around but we made it fine this summer.  How was your summer after Scott’s?” he asked with a big smile.

I smiled back, “It was great actually.  Didn’t do much other than go to Colt’s and be with Corey.”

“How close did you come to breaking up?”

“He said he wanted to but in reality, I think he needed a break.  We have been together a year you know.  Things are back to normal now.”

“Whoa! I bet the making up was intense, huh?” he smiled.

“I’ll say. You know how it was when you’d make up with Scott,” I laughed.

“I wish someone would fuck me like that again,” Hayden said with a big smile. “Damn it was so hot.  Matt, I think… I may have found someone.  He’s the best ever or at least I think so…”

“That’s all that really matters, Hayden.  If you’re happy, go for it.”

“The nice thing is his parents aren’t happy he came out either so we have that in common. We understand each other better than Scott and I ever did. I really want you to meet him one day.”

“I’d love to.”

“He’s not smoking hot like you or Scott but he’s been great to hang around with so far,” Hayden said.

“So are you dating?”

“We had our first real date this weekend,” he replied.  “He’s a freshman here and lives down the hall from me.  We met oddly enough at the Gay Alliance. Speaking of, I need to ask you and Corey about joining someday.”

“I know I should but getting Corey there may be a different story.  Is Stephan still going to them?”

“Of course and still dating Grayson.  They’re living together off campus.  I think pretty close to Kendall and Noah if not in the same complex.”

“Wow, I haven’t seen any of those guys since the end of last semester,” I stated with fond memories of all of them. I really should have done a better job trying to keep in touch with them.

“Ummm… Scott talks to Kendall some.”

I laughed, “Who doesn’t he keep up with?”

Hayden laughed as well as we continued to talk and catch up with each other.  It was really great to see him again and see how at relative ease he was with all that was happening.  He said he couldn’t leave until he saw Kris, Colt and Corey.  The sweaty threesome came in the door and gave Hayden three hot guys to ogle at.  They were very nice and seemed happy to see him again.  Corey wiped off his sweaty body and took a seat with us to catch up with Hayden. 

With water dripping off his body, Kris came and leaned over near Hayden, “Seen Scott much?”

“No, I haven’t but we still talk,” Hayden said but was distracted due to Kris’s naked body near him.

“If you get a chance, most of us are playing flag football this Thursday night,” Kris said.

“I might try to come,” Hayden said. “You know maybe I should move here next semester if hot guys walk around naked all the time.”

Kris laughed, “Not all the time but hey you’ve seen me before.”  He left leaving a nice puddle of water on our floor.

Hayden politely stood and said goodbye.  Corey and I wished him well before Corey took me to shower with him.  We locked the bathroom door behind us and started to strip off each other’s clothes, taking the opportunity to run our hands over the other’s body.

Corey turned the shower on and I playfully pushed him under the spray before it had gotten warm. He shrieked but then a mischievous grin came over his face. He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me under the spray too. I tried to get away from him but he held me under the cold spray as it started to heat up, his big arms wrapped around me keeping me close.

When the water had warmed up he turned me around so we were facing each other and softly licked my lips. I pulled him in for a deep kiss and reached for the soap, lathering up my hands before running them over his hot chest and down to his hard abs, massaging the muscles, pretending that washing him was my only goal.

I dropped down to my knees in front of him, soaping up his gorgeous legs, focusing on his thick, muscular thighs. When I looked back up I saw Corey’s thick cock bobbing up and down. It was rock hard. I reached a soapy hand up to give it a few strokes, causing Corey to moan. I smiled and turned him so the water washed off the soap before turning him back around so I could take his throbbing cock in my mouth.

I quickly went to work on the head, running my tongue all over it, probing the slit for a taste of the precum that was starting to flow. Slowly I started taking more of him in my mouth until I had my nose in his pubes. I loved deep throating his thick cock, feeling the head of his dick as it started to stretch my throat.

My hands continued to massage his hot thighs, running around to his muscular ass where I teased his hole with my slippery fingers without actually penetrating. He was moaning and started to thrust in to my mouth until he let out a scream and without warning his load started shooting in to my mouth. I didn’t have time to think, I just started swallowing the hot load.

When he came down from his orgasm, Corey pulled me to my feet so he could kiss me, pushing his tongue deep in to my mouth. He finally broke the kiss, turned me around and wrapped his arms around me so his big chest was against my back. He started to kiss my neck, nuzzling against me as he got soap on his hands and ran them all over my body until he reached my hard cock.

Still kissing my neck, Corey used one hand to stroke my big dick, swirling the palm around the head, running it up and down the shaft, cupping my balls. His other hand he used to run all over my chest and stomach, pinching my nipples. He was jacking me good and I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be shooting my load. I loved been in his arms with him holding me and kissing me, bringing me to a screaming climax as shots started to fire out of my cock, splashing against the wall of the shower.

I was dressing after the nice affectionate shower and saw Kris on the phone.  He finished with a big smile.

“So what’s up?” I asked.

“Tanner’s coming this weekend for the game,” Kris replied.

“That’s great.  I told him he should try to make it,” I said.

“Damn, I guess every weekend we’ll have someone here,” Kris said.

“Oh like you really hate that,” I laughed.

“You know me too well, brother,” he laughed.

Nothing much happened that night since Kris and Colt desired a little female attention.  I was proud of the fact that up to now, our study time was holding up with Kris making sure we did whether we had other things to do.  

I was on my computer and playing around midnight when Kris came in our room.  He jokingly looked around, “No Corey, huh?”

“We finished about thirty minutes ago,” I smiled.

“Give me some then.  We both got fucking laid tonight,” Kris said with his hand held high.  I slapped his hand and laughed.  He collapsed on his bed.  “Feels so good to have a girlfriend!”

“So Jacee is now your girlfriend, huh?”

“Hell yeah, she is.  Great kisser and really doesn’t mind sucking my dick,” Kris laughed before taking off his shirt and shorts.  He grabbed his cock, “Little man, we’re having a great time.”

I pulled off my boxers and grabbed my flaccid cock, “Big boy we’re getting lots of Corey.”

“Oh thanks for rubbing it,” Kris laughed. “So, are things back to normal?  I assume they are between you and Corey.”

“It’s like we were never apart.  I guess we needed time to step back and assess things.”

“Corey’s ass need to step back and realize how fucking great you are.  Oh you do boss him around a little…”

“I really never thought I did.  I always considered it a suggestion.”

“Between us, he probably needs direction.  I saw how he could be without you in his life.  I know we all drink but I think he’d let it control his life without you… and he’d never make it here.  I know I’m nowhere near your and Scott’s league but I can see Corey having big time problems with his classes.  I can tell already things could get rough.”

“I can sense Corey may struggle as well but I think Colt could as well.  You know how much I love each person here and would hate to see one of us be another Jess…”

“Yeah but with a little more dignity,” Kris interrupted me.  “Changing subjects, I’m excited Tanner is coming this weekend.  Found out too Mom and Dad are making the trip, so we can really tailgate big time this weekend.”

“That’s awesome.  I bet… ummm… Mike will be there,” I said in reference to his friend from the last tailgate party.

“I hope he is.  By the way, Ted didn’t stop by, did he?”

“No. I’ll mention it to him in class if we don’t see him tomorrow,” I said.

“I heard Luke is starting for sure.  Tim’s hand isn’t broken but really sore.  We should kick ass again this weekend before the big conference games start,” Kris stated.  He started laughing.

“What’s so funny now?”

“The fact you keep up with football,” Kris laughed.

I laughed too, “Tanner nearly shit his pants when he heard.”

“Matt, ain’t it the best feeling in the world to have fucking sex… damn I love it,” Kris said switching back like he always did to get me alert.

“Oh hell yeah it is.  I have had plenty lately,” I smiled.

“Bro, Jacee was on fire tonight.  Hell, she should have been with all the pussy eating I did…”

“Eww!” I laughed

“Bro, it’s a hell of lot better than licking some dude’s ass.  Come on, shit comes out of it,” Kris said.

“Which do you like better, eating pussy or sucking dick?”

He smiled and answered, “That’s too easy, eating a girl’s pussy for sure.”

“Alright, who sucks better?  You can answer that one since you’ve experienced both.”

“Ummm… fuck!  Guys do,” Kris said. “She sucks my dick but really you and Colt are so much better.”

I turned and looked at him, “Kris, I have a feeling you are being so honest.”

“I am.  Between us bro, I’m bi as fuck but not as open with it like Scott and Brennan are or as active as they are.  I’m bi for three guys living here.  I just love all of you so much it seems so natural probably more than with Jacee at this point but we’re getting there. Damn, I just love sinking my hard dick in her hot pussy and fucking her.”

“At least, you don’t appear to be fighting like you did…”

“Oh I’m not now.  I’m going with the flow but I still don’t want everyone to know.”

“I can see that,” I said. “Kris, I love you, bro.

“I love you too,” Kris stated.

We rolled over and headed off to sleep.  It was odd not having Corey with me.  I’m glad life here is back to normal where Kris and I can share our room and our true feelings.

Wednesday started with showering with Corey.  It gave us some special time together before the rigors of another college day.  We headed out the door to encounter Shawn, Scott and Parker all walking down the hall.  While Corey, Scott and Shawn discussed the upcoming flag football game, Parker and I trailed behind.  

“Matt, I’m happy for you that you and Corey are back to normal.  I just wish there was that magical solution to where Darin and I could return to where we were at the end of last semester,” Parker stated.

“I wish you could but sometimes you can’t.  Things happen.  People change. You move on,” I said. “I know your situation is different but I almost got to see it firsthand.  Other than switching with one of the others, do you know anyone else around that would switch with you or him?”

“I wish but the others he and I know live in the regular dorms, thus it’s not practical money wise.”

“It may not be but for your sanity it could be worth losing a few bucks over,” I said. 

“I guess we’ll switch rooms and see if that works,” Parker stated with Toni coming up from behind us.

“So how’s my favorite gay boy doing?” she asked.

“I’m your favorite!” I said. “I am doing great.”

“I’m not but thanks for asking,” Parker laughed.  I had no idea the two knew each other but they did.

Toni and I veered off to our building after I said goodbye to Corey and the others.  We chatted about the weather, which could get nasty before the day was done.  Then she asked, “Matt, do you know of any guys that need a nice sweet girl to date?  I’m desperate here since you are out of the question.”

I gave it a thought, “I could ask around if you don’t mind dating someone on our hall.”

“It works for Kris and Colt so it could work for me.”

“Bryson, maybe?  Or Drew and Justin but I don’t know them that well,” I stated. 

She smiled, “Bryson is really hot.  You think maybe you could put a good word in for me.”

“I will but don’t blame me if it doesn’t work out.”

“I won’t and now how it is playing match maker,” she said while we entered the class.

After my three classes, I had plenty to keep me busy with the work load I was given.  Corey and I stepped out of our class and felt the raindrops hitting our head.  We looked at each other and laughed.

“Nothing to do but run or get drowned,” he said.

“Either way, we’re going end up soaked,” I said.

We started out in a sprint and made it half way before we stopped.  We walked with me catching my breath.  Now one of the disadvantages of our new dorm came into clear view.  By the time we made it to the door, we were soaked head to toe.   Hitting our door, we flung off our wet clothes and found a towel.  Barely dried off, Corey ran towards the bathroom, “Damn burrito is tearing my stomach up.”
It was funny to me how we had such a routine as far as bathroom habits.  I was right after dinner where Corey was usually after lunch.  Kris, I think, was a morning person where as Colt went more than anyone of us.

Corey emerged from the bathroom and waving the stench back in it.  “Don’t dare go in there for at least an hour.  We’re out of spray.”

“We’re out of a lot of things.  We don’t have one thing to eat in here either.  After you leave, I’ll run to the store and stock up,” I stated.

“I’ll pay my part for sure,” Corey said.  “Follow me and get some money while I get dressed.”

I followed him to his side.  “Have you ever thought of… forget that.  I’m sorry!”

“I know this room is a disaster area.”

“You think?  If you don’t mind, I might do you a big favor while you’re at work.  It gives me the creeps just being in here,” I said with trash, clothes, and whatever else scattered all over their space.

“Knock yourself out,” Corey said.

After he finished dressing, we came out to see Kris, Colt and Scott standing in the living area naked as they come.  “Excuse me but were we interrupting something?” Corey joked.

“Yes, you were.  Scott was about to give us head,” Colt laughed.

“Hey don’t say that.  I might just do it,” Scott laughed. “I haven’t sucked a dick in a while.”

“Come off it, bro.  We know you and Brennan are fucking,” Kris said.

“Well… maybe I have sucked his dick a time or two,” Scott joked. “No just one time now that I think about it but it was so fucking good.”

“Damn Scott,” Colt said shaking his wet dark hair.

“Hey at least I admit I’m bi.  You two won’t,” Scott said. “Instead you sneak the fuck around and do it.”

Kris and Colt looked at me with a glare.  “I didn’t tell him,” I said with my hands thrown up.

“Aha, so you have been fucking around,” Scott said. “I just guessed.”

“Scott, don’t say shit about either of us.  We know how you get on that fucking phone,” Kris said with his jaw clinched.

“I won’t but if you ever wanna mess around again, let me know,” Scott said. “I’d be all for that shit.” 

Corey found an umbrella to leave while Scott followed Colt to grab some shorts.  It wasn’t long before we headed over to the Rec Center on this rainy miserable day.   Once back, Kris and Colt left the room to go see their girls since it was raining still. It gave me the perfect opportunity to do a little cleaning with Tanner and Kris’s parents due in this weekend. 

Once back from the Dollar Store with ample supplies and snacks, I tackled our bathroom first.  Here was another disadvantage of this place, cleaning your own bathroom.  Our commode was disgusting.  I swear no one could hit the bowl.  Next came our shower followed by the sinks. 

Stepping into the disaster zone, I knew I had my work cut out for me.  My first chore was to pick up all the trash.  Colt seemed to enjoy throwing his spit bottles under the bed or leaving them sitting around with a few spills here and there.  Luckily I knew Corey’s wardrobe well enough to be able to separate their clothes minus a few questionable odds and ends.  The entire suite got a nice sweeping followed by mopping the bathroom floor.  Once finished, I stripped every bed and headed down to wash sheets.  I left them and knew they would be okay so I could continue cleaning. 

Just as I finished putting back on the sheets, Kris and Colt came in the room.

“Holy shit!  When did the maid come to our room?” Colt asked.

“You’re looking at the maid.  It had to be done,” I replied.

“Thanks, dude,” Colt said patting me on the shoulder.

“We came back to study for a little while before we went to eat,” Kris stated.

“Holy fuck!  Thanks a million, Matt!  Corey must have been good to your ass last night,” Colt said, opening the door to his room.  “You didn’t touch my can pyramid, did ya?”

“Nope, it’s still just as it was,” I replied.

Colt came back walking to me.  He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Don’t tell Corey I did that. You deserve a lot more but I’ll leave that up to Corey unless Kris is game again.”

“Fuck you, motherfucker!” Kris laughed. 

“Dude, you can see our floor now…” Colt said.

“And I changed your sheets, too.  Boy, were they ever stained,” I smiled.

“Hey, what can I say?” Colt laughed. “Hell we all jack off so it’s no biggie, huh?”

“Nah, I was messing with you.  I didn’t look,” I said.

“Bet you inspected every inch of Corey’s though,” Kris said.

“Your sheets were the worst.  I don’t see how you slept they were so crusty,” I shot back at him.

“Oh well… you know I jack off and get some cum on them,” Kris laughed.

“You know it’s a damn good thing we’re all good friends.  I bet the others can’t laugh about jacking off and shit like that,” Colt stated. “Matt, thanks again.”

“No problem,” I said.

Thursday, I headed off to class and encountered Ted while walking to the class.  I did remember to mention to him about the signed footballs.  He said he had them in his room and ask that I tell Colt to run down.  After that we talked.  I did ask if he had a girlfriend.  He said he didn’t and how hard it was to do so in the fall with the demands of football and all that surrounded it.   

Once I saw Colt after class, I mentioned the balls were in Ted’s room for him.  He bolted out the door and came back with four signed footballs by the team.  Having an extra one, Kris took one to our room for his friend, Mike.

That afternoon, Kris and the rest of the team met down the hall to go over what he called the game plan.  Now I could really see the excitement growing, especially with Corey since he never played in high school.  Once back in the room, Kris told me I was designated as water boy.  I laughed and agreed to do it for them. 

We were at the field in plenty of time for the game.  It gave them a chance to warm up and get ready.  I had the water bottles filled up and ready on this nice late evening.   Our offense took to the field first.  I almost had to laugh when I saw Kris begin pacing up and down the sidelines.  He watched intensely as I did since Corey was out on the field.  We moved the ball up the field and scored to start the game.   Kris was first out on the field to offer congratulations while I was there with water.

Corey looked at me and laughed, “Kris is at it again.”

“Hell yeah, Coach Kris is doing his thing,” Scott laughed.

Once on the field, I focused on Kris.  He was a bundle of energy and ran all over the field.  He was the first one to tell our guys ‘good play’ in his loud booming tone.  The other team moved the ball just a little but didn’t score. 

After downing some water, Kris was back in his spot.  On the first play, our quarterback, Taylor, who I didn’t know at all, dropped back and hit Scott with the prettiest pass.  Scott caught the ball in stride and scored with ease.  Kris was jumping up and down as if he was the one who made the play.  By now, the others that didn’t get to see Kris’s antics in basketball had caught on and started calling him Coach Kris as well.

From then on, the game wasn’t much.  We won easily by four touchdowns with everyone getting a chance to play and play a lot.  The nicest play was a great interception by Alex just before the other team was about to score. 

As we were leaving the field, everyone was giving Kris a hard time but in good fun.  He took it in his stride and laughed about it with Jacee coming to congratulate him.  Corey and I were walking off with Corey losing his sweaty shirt as had the others.  I looked up and saw Hayden walking towards me with a cute guy trailing him. 

“Great game, Corey,” Hayden stated.

“I didn’t do much but it was fun,” Corey said, hot and sweaty.

“I wanted to introduce Nick to ya,” Hayden said.  We greeted the blond bushy headed Nick cordially. “Sometime when you get the chance, we need to go out together.”

“Definitely,” Corey said.

We stood around and talked for a minute before walking back to the dorm. We just got in the door when it was flung back open.  “Who the fuck was that with Hayden?” Scott asked.

“Nick,” I replied.

“I see.  He came to tease my ass with him,” Scott said.

“No, we invited him to come since he knows all of us…”

“No, he had to show off his new boyfriend and rub it in my fucking face,” Scott said. “Pisses me the fuck off.”

“Ummm… Scott, are you jealous?” Corey asked.

“Shut the fuck up, Corey!” Scott yelled.

“I’m sorry Scott.  I didn’t do it to get at you.  Next time, I won’t mention it,” I said.

“See if I talk to his sorry ass again,” Scott said and left by slamming the door.

Corey and I looked at each other with Kris coming out in his towel.  “What the hell was that all about?” he asked.

“I’m not sure but I think Scott was a little jealous,” I replied.

“More than a little if you ask me,” Corey said. 


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