Posted:  September 15, 2011

“Just calm down…” I repeated into the phone with Corey sobbing into his end of the phone.

“Please Matt… I need you now.  I’m scared,” he sobbed.

While he talked I debated whether this was real or some act.  “Corey, I’ll be there in the morning…”

He cried louder, “I have to see you as soon as possible.  I fucked up!”

“I’m on my way,” I said and glanced to see it was just past midnight. 

“Matt, please stay on the phone with me… please!  I need to hear your voice,” he cried.

“Let me get my things and tell Mom.  I can’t do that talking to you.  I’ll call right back when I’m in the car and on my way…” I said.

He cried, “I love you Matt.  This will never ever happen again.  I promise.  Call me just as soon as you’re in your car.”

I hung up and gathered my things in a flash.  I wasn’t great under pressure.  Thankfully my laundered clothes were accessible as well as my bag.  I threw things in my bag.  I walked as fast as possible to Mom’s room.  I opened the door and startled her from her sleep.  “Mom, something’s going on with Corey.  I have to go right now.”

She rubbed her eyes, “Matt… ummm… okay.  You be careful.”

“I will drive as safely as possible.  This time of night there shouldn’t be any traffic,” I said. “I love you and hate to leave like this.”

“Matt, good luck, son.  This is a sign of true love,” she said.

“I hope or else you may see me next weekend,” I said and kissed her goodbye. 

I threw my things in the car and called Corey with my phone attached to the charger.   “I’m leaving now.”

“You’re the best. I… I don’t deserve you… Matt.  I’m a damn fool…” he cried.

Driving I stayed on the phone with him while getting bits and pieces of his story which amounted to Scott and Juan telling him how stupid he was plus he was a tad drunk but not crazy drunk.   After an hour, we hung up but I was satisfied this wasn’t a trick. 

It was the longest three hours of my life.  I felt as though I was racing to an accident scene or worse.  I kept a positive attitude along while knowing that it could be a while before this occurred again.  I pulled in to the parking lot and ran to the door.  It didn’t open right away but finally did on the third try.  I bounced up the stairs and opened the door to find Corey asleep on the sofa bed.  He woke and ran straight to me.  We kissed with our door still open.  He broke our kiss and got down on his knees.  “I know you said you forgive me but I have to do this.  Please forgive me, Matt.  I was a complete fool and total idiot.”

“I’m glad it’s over,” I said and pulled him up.  We moved to lay on the pulled out sofa bed.

“Me too.  The worst five days of my life.  I knew last night how crazy I was.  I said I wanted us to see other people and started thinking through a short list of guys I thought I would like to date.  One by one I marked them off in my head with tears running down my face.  There’s only one guy for me ever in my life.  Today, I tried a hundred times to call you but couldn’t.  It was Scott and Juan who said I better do it before it was too late.  Tomorrow… or should I say today, I’m getting a leash.  I need direction in life but was too fucking hard headed to listen to you.”

“Corey, I was only trying to help…”

“I realize that now and worse Kris and Colt took it without any problem.  Here I should have been the one thanking you instead I fucking blew my lid for no reason other than I thought I wanted us to split up.  Then I had to throw Kris and you in your face to justify why I wanted out.”

“Stop, Corey.  You really wanted out for real?”

Tears came to his sleepy eyes, “Yes I did.  I see the others playing around again like I did last year.  I was stupid in thinking how great that would be.  I started drinking and thinking about everything that went into finding someone and getting to the point I was. The grass isn’t greener on the other side either.  It’s brown.”

“Corey, did you fuck around on me?  I want the truth.”

“No Matt, I didn’t.  There’s no way I was going to do that to you again.  I see all the hurt it causes.  I wanted to break up so I could but there’s no one else or will there ever be anyone else for me.  Matt Raymond is my life, my boyfriend and will be my lover and partner until I die or you say we’re done.”

“Next time just tell me you wanna break up.  It’ll be hard…”

“There won’t be a next time.  The next time, you and I are leaving and going for a long walk where we can discuss our, or should I say, my problems.  We won’t stop until it is solved.  I can’t see myself ever without you in my life.  From the day I saw you letting the water run for no telling how long, I knew you were my guy forever.  I’ve fucked up twice thinking I could find someone better.”

“I only consider it once.  This time we had a disagreement for a while but now we’re together.  It happens in relationships.  I want you to know I was extremely hurt by your actions but nothing like before.  As you can see I drove three hours in the middle of the night to be with you.  If I didn’t still love you so much, it would have never happened.”

“I’m so grateful.  Once again, you’ve proven to be the best guy on the planet.”

“Now let’s get some sleep,” I yawned.

“Without really making up?” he asked.

“Corey I could fuck you the rest of the night without any problem.  However we’ll prove we’re in this for more than sex.”

“Matt, for the next week, I want you to withhold on me as my punishment.  I don’t deserve for you to make love to me.”

I kissed him, “It would be punishment to me as well.  Now, just hold me as we fall asleep.”

“No, you hold me and never let go.”

The next sound I heard was the door opening.  “Holy shit!” Colt yelled.

“Thank goodness y’all are together!” Kris said very excited.

Corey and I woke and sat up with the two sitting down their bags before joining us on the sofa bed.  Corey told his story while the two listened.

“Seriously Corey, you wanted to break up with Matt and were looking for a way out?” Kris asked.

“I’m a fucking dumbass,” Corey said.  “As I said, I see all the options out there and think there is something better but there ain’t anything better.  Worse, I knew I was loved and would devastate Matt but I wanted something different.”

“That’s happened to me,” Colt said. “You think you can find better things.  Your ass is lucky Matt still loved you.  My question is how on earth did you fuck in your shorts?”

I laughed, “We didn’t.  He told you I got here after 3…”

“Withholding that big dick from him, huh?” Kris laughed.

“No, it was our way of showing we’re in love with each other and not the sex we’re having…” I replied.

“You always said it was an extension of love,” Kris commented.

“It’s okay by me.  I didn’t deserve to be made love to last night,” Corey said.  “That wasn’t my reason for wanting him.  I realized he is my life and will always be my life.”

“Well… I’m glad the war is over and we have peace around now,” Kris said, standing.  “Bout fucking time you came to your senses, too.  Now, I think I heard you say Juan…”

“He was here seeing Scott and checking things out,” Corey said.

“How was he?” I asked.

“He was fine and seemed pretty happy but had put on a few pounds,” Corey said with a smile.

“Is he still living with that girl?” Colt asked.

“Oh yeah, I think he came to ask Scott to be his best man.  He’s getting married next month,” Corey replied.

“Why? He should keep living with her,” Colt said. 

“I guess they wanted a real commitment,” I stated.

“I’ll say it right now.  I’m living with someone for at least a year before that ring goes on our hand,” Kris said.

“I’m with ya there,” Colt said and pumped his fist into Kris’s.  “The rough part will be over after a year.”

“Corey and I practically live together and it’s still rough…”

“Hell yeah it is.  One of us gets something other than a fat fucking dick up their ass and goes wild,” Corey stated.

“Nice way to put it there, Corey,” Colt laughed as we all were at his analogy.  “I’ll remember that the next time you’re like this.”

“If I can help it, there won’t be a next time.  The only thing that will be up my ass is Matt’s dick,” Corey laughed as well.

“Well… if I were you, I’d carry him to that room and not come out until your ass is so sore you can’t walk,” Kris said.

“Oh, would you?” Colt smirked while looking at Kris.

I looked at Corey and smiled, “I could go for that.”

“Let’s go then.  I’ll see you two after Matt fucks the shit out of me…”

“No makes hot sweet love to you,” I said.

Corey grabbed me and lifted me up.  With his strength he was able to carry me to the room.  He put me down on the bed and starting kissing all over me.  He stopped, “Let’s shower so we’ll be fresh.”

Once our shower was finished, Corey dropped to his knees again and began worshipping my cock.  I loved the feel of his mouth and tongue doing their thing on my rock hard eight inches. He was sucking me with so much passion. Just from the way he was making love to my dick with his mouth I knew how sorry he was.  My hands were on his head with his bracing himself grabbing my ass.  Kris walked in the door and sat down his things.  He smiled and continued on doing what he was doing before leaving again. 

After Corey took his sweet time working his tongue all over my big dick, swirling it around the head, running it up and down my shaft, tonguing my balls, all to have me on edge, it was my turn. 

I laid him on his back and stroked his beautiful thick cock. Even though it had only been less than a week I had really missed having my hands, mouth and ass around that hot cock. I held it upright so it was pointing at the ceiling and clamped my lips around it, loving the feeling of the soft, warm head brushing against my tongue.

I wasn’t allowed much time to pleasure him for Corey said he needed me in him.   Instead, I pushed his thick, muscular legs up, stuffing a pillow under his ass to give me access so I could rim his hot ass to ready it for me.  His breathing and moaning grew louder as I continued, but again I didn’t get to work on him for long when he tossed me the lube and was so ready to have intercourse, literally begging me to fuck him and having a look in his eyes that told me he needed my big dick inside him.  With his muscular legs on my shoulders, my cock slid into him, feeling his ass squeeze my length as I pushed deeper. It was like his ass was hugging my cock.

“OOO fuck yes!  Welcome home my beautiful big dicked lover!” Corey moaned.

“It loves how warm it is inside,” I said and leaned for a kiss.   I pushed his legs forward and heard the door open again.  I blocked out Kris’s entrance and continued to kiss Corey.

“That’s how to fucking make up right there,” Kris stated.

Still kissing and fucking Corey with long deep strokes, I pointed to the door.  Kris laughed and headed out. 

“OOO Matt… yes,” Corey moaned. “Let his ass watch us make love and see if care.”

“I care though he’s seen it before, and anyway, this is all about me and you. I love you,” I said.

I continued to slowly move in and out of his hot ass, his ass clamping around my cock with every thrust.  Our eyes stayed glued to each other with the occasional kiss to follow and Corey trying to hump his ass up on to my cock to drive me deeper inside him. 

“I wanna ride you,” Corey said, panting but with urgency in his voice.

I slipped out on a backward and lay on the bed, holding my cock up for him to sit his sexy ass down on it.  His body moved down and took my cock as it slid inside him, his ass welcoming me.  His face showed his great joy as I bottomed out.  He slowly started riding me and rotating his hips, plunging my cock into his depths while my hands were pressed against his big chest, stroking the muscles and playfully teasing his nipples. 

“OOO fuck yea!” Corey screamed.

“Feels so good,” I moaned and was enjoying the sensation and watching him fuck himself on my hard cock, taking all of me inside him, pulling up until only the head was left in his hot ass and then sitting back down as my cock ploughed in to him, making him scream.  I moved a hand to grab his thick hard cock that was dripping all over my stomach.  We got in to a great rhythm.  I took over and met his action with me thrusting up hard to meet his sexy ass as he thrust himself downwards.  Sweat rolled down his face.  Moans echoed off the walls with our skin slapping together. 

“Fuck!” he screamed throwing his head back.  His body tensed up and his back arched.  Shot after shot erupted from his cock.  One hit my cheek while another hit my chin.  I stroked him until the last drop of cum emerged, taking the last drop on my finger and bringing it to my mouth so I could taste the essence of the man I love. He pulled off me and moved his hot mouth to my cock. 

“OOO shit yeah!” I groaned, blasting my heavy load in his mouth and down his throat.  He stroked my cock until I finished cumming, licking the head trying to get even more rise up out of me.  We laid next to each other and trying to catch our breath while swimming in the bliss.

“You never disappoint and always deliver,” he said with a glow.

“I do because I love you and the act,” I stated.

Corey shut his eyes tightly.  Tears began leaking out.  My index finger wiped them off.  “I don’t deserve you, Matt.  These are tears of joy that you weren’t as stubborn and as stupid as I was.”

“It’s all because I love you,” I said, still wiping the tears. “Corey, I will confess that I made a list of candidates while I drove home Friday.”

“Give me one name,” he said.

“Scott, of course.”

“He was on my list but he’s determined not to have a guy right now in his life.  Any more?”


Corey pulled back and looked at me.  “I can’t blame you there, either.   There are a few at the Rec Center that were on my list but I didn’t know them that well.  I’m glad I don’t have to go through that process ever again.”

“I am too,” I stated. I looked at him and debated in my head first before opening my mouth.  “Corey, this may not be the right time but we could be a little more open, you know…”

“Of all people in the world to say that…”

“It could stem our desire a little.  I’m not saying every night or every weekend but if the chance does come, it could help unless you wanna throw it back in my face again.”

“I told you I did that to justify my wanting out.  Matt, it was so fucking hot seeing you fuck Kris.  He can say how he didn’t enjoy it but he did.”

“I know but it was over after the bliss was gone for him.  It lingered with me a few days.  On second thought, opening up may not be the best idea.”

“Babe, we’ll do whatever you want.  If we never involve another person in our sex life, I’m good with it.  Shit, I should be the one not wanting you to fuck other guys.  Hell, a big dick is addictive,” he laughed.

I smiled and kissed his cheek.  “Let’s see how things go before I say for certain.”

“One thing though, and we have to agree on this, is to never have sex without the other one present…”

“That’s a given for me and a golden rule in my book,” I said. “Then it is flat out cheating.  That’s why I never did it with Kris this summer.  To me, I’d have cheated on you even though you had given full consent,” I said.

We got up and dressed in our shorts.  Kris and Colt were gone elsewhere.  “Matt, what did I miss in our class?”

“Not much,” I replied. “I’ll get the notes together and transfer them to you.”

“I’m sorry… I really am.  I know you want me to stop saying that but I can’t,” Corey said.

I smiled at him and remembered my stuff was in the car where I had left it last night.  I probably forgot to lock the doors but I was in such a hurry.  We gathered my things and passed Brennan and Drew on the way inside.

“Hey, are y’all back together now?” Brennan asked us.

“Yes, we are,” Corey replied.

“That’s great.  I was worried about y’all.”

“Thanks Brennan,” I said.

“Any idea where Kris and Colt are?” Drew asked.

“No telling but they are either out playing football or over at the Rec Center,” I said.

“Thanks,” Brennan said. “I’m glad you’re back together.”

We shut the door and put my things away.  I finished and met Kris coming in our room.  He was covered in grass and sweat so there was little doubt where he’d been. 

“Oh I meant to tell ya but we have a game Thursday.  I messed with the schedule to have it where we were last so we’d have extra time to practice,” Corey said.

“That’s our boy right there,” Kris said.  “Good thinking.  Hey Colt, our first game is Thursday!”

Colt popped in the room, “Hot damn!  Thanks Corey!”

After they showered, we headed off to eat with just the four of us.  We encountered Shawn and Scott.  They were pissed we didn’t ask them to join us.  They understood and were glad Corey and I were back together.

When we got back to the room Corey and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other, our lips meeting, tongues demanding entry to the others mouth. We needed each other.

Without so much as a word we headed in to my bedroom and stripped each other out of our clothes, our mouths only parting to get our tops over our heads. Still holding me in his arms Corey fell back on to my bed, pulling me with him so that we were still kissing as he held on to my back and wrapped his legs around my waist.

The look in his eyes told me everything I needed to know. I reached over and grabbed the lube, slipping my fingers inside Corey’s hot ass to get him ready before lubing up my throbbing cock and slipping it inside him, feeding him the entire length.

I pulled back slowly, letting him feel all 8 of my hard inches, plunging back in to him, making him whimper in my mouth, but he never let go of me. I kept slowly thrusting in and out of his ass that he kept tightening around my cock. I could feel him smiling with his lips pressed against mine with every moan I let out against his lips feeling his ass squeeze me, almost pushing me over the edge.

I kept up the slow fucking for about twenty minute, having to pull out twice to apply more lube. When I pushed back in to him the third time he grunted and completely relaxed so instead of going back to the long, slow thrusts I decided to really pound his ass and make him feel my big cock as it fucked his brains out.

My thrusts became faster and harder, my balls bouncing off his ass as my cock started to pummel him. I kept hitting his spot and he let go of me so I took the opportunity to take his legs and push them back so it lifted his ass up off the bed so I could really pound him deep.

The slapping sounds were so loud as our skin met as I fucked him in to the mattress. Corey was screaming in ecstasy as I continued my assault on his ass. He reached up to grab his cock, but I quickly took his hands in mine so he couldn’t, almost folding him in half and I took a final few deep thrusts and blew one of the biggest loads of my life up his hot ass.

We were both panting as I came down from my orgasm, but I never let go of Corey’s hands. He pleaded with me to let him cum but I just shook my head. I had a different idea for where he was going to shoot his load.

After I recovered slightly, I pulled back, my cock slipping out of Corey, but it was still semi hard. I lowered his ass back down to the bed and grabbed the bed again, lubing his cock up. Now he had a smile on his face as I lifted myself up and sank my ass down on his thick cock, groaning as it stretched my ass.

Having just cum I knew I could last a long time but Corey was on edge and it showed. I tried to ride him slowly, teasing him until I finally let him shoot his load, but he had other ideas, just like I had moments earlier for his cum load.

He started thrusting up in to me hard, his hands clamped on my hips, pulling me down as he pounded up in to me, bouncing me up and down on his thick cock so hard and fast it almost hurt.

After a few minutes in that position he forced me backward so I was on my back, my legs spread either side of him with my head hanging over the side of the bed. He pushed my legs up and really went to work on my ass, fucking me harder than I had ever been fucked before. I had to hold on to the bed to make sure we didn’t end up on the floor with the force behind his thrusts. It was so amazing and I kept begging for more until I felt myself building to another orgasm, shooting a massive load that shot over my head and landed on the floor.

Corey, seeing my cum so hard and feeling my ass clamp down on his dick let out a scream, buried his face in my neck and pushed his dick as deep inside me as it would go, unleashing torrents of his hot cum deep inside me, breeding me. We were both so exhausted that Corey had barely pulled me back up on to the bed with him when he collapsed on my chest and we both fell asleep in total bliss and exhaustion after such and amazing fuck.

We woke the next morning, Monday, with my phone alarm going off.  Corey grabbed me for a long kiss.  “I’m very sore but it was so worth it.  I love you so much.”

“I’m a little sore as well but after fucking like we did anyone would be,” I stated.

We got up to see my sheets were stained as our cum had seeped out of our well fucked asses while we slept.  “Damn!” he commented.

“I know but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I said.

“I know, after you begged me to breed you both times,” he laughed.

I laughed, “I’m a pig now.”

We showered with lots of kissing and cleansing our bodies.  Coming out our door to start the day, we ran in to Toni.  She had heard the news earlier and had been over to the room the night before.  We walked and talked the entire way to our first class together. 

“You really do love him to do what you did,” Toni said.

“Yes, I do.  I hate that we were fighting.  This is so much better,” I stated.

“I can tell.  I feel for Kris and Colt for having to hear you two go at it all night,” she said and laughed.

“They were happy it was over as well,” I said.

“Are they okay with you and Corey having sex in the room?”

“Kris is used to it by now but I’ve had to endure him as well,” I said.

She laughed, “Here I thought I was the only one who had to listen to their roommate have sex.”

“I figure there’s a bunch of us that have to,” I laughed with her.

My classes went much faster than the previous few days.  I could concentrate on the subject matter without the distraction of personal problems.  It was a good thing for the work load got a little more and would begin to require more attention. 

After my day, Corey and I walked back to the dorm.  As we neared it, we saw Ted walking alone coming from a different direction. 

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” Ted asked in his deep voice.

“Actually great,” Corey replied.

“I heard,” Ted said and smiled at us.

“You did?” I asked with my eye’s brows raised.

“Oh yeah, I think everyone on the floor that is anyone knew,” Ted laughed.

“So you are okay with us?” Corey asked.

“I don’t care at all.  It is none of my business that you’re gay,” Ted replied.

“We appreciate that,” Corey spoke for us.

“I’d be remiss not telling you what a game that was Saturday night,” I said.

“You watched, huh?” Ted asked while we entered.

“Every second of it,” I replied.  “That was some hit at the end.”

“I thought I’d separated my shoulder once I got off the field,” he said. “I did lay a lick on his ass, huh?”

“I’ll say.  You could hear the screaming up and down the hall,” Corey said.

“That’s a surprise,” Ted said. “I can’t hear a thing once I’m in the room.”

“People had their doors open.  It was a big party, especially afterwards.  Rick was so cool,” Corey said.

“Who’s Rick?” Ted asked and came into our room.

“He’s the RA.  You know he hasn’t been around much,” I said.

“Oh, I know who he is now.  Really cool guy.  He hasn’t done much around here, has he?” Ted commented.

“Nope,” Corey said. “Ted, it was nice seeing you but I need to run and get ready for work.”

“See ya Corey,” Ted said.  “He works, huh?”

“Yeah, he works at the Rec Center,” I said.

Ted laughed, “He and Kris are pretty bowed up for guys who don’t play sports here.  Don’t mention that to Kris or he’d get the big head.”

“He knows he is,” I laughed as did Ted. “but I won’t say a word.  I appreciate you being so cool about us even you said you had a nephew who is gay. How’s he doing, by the way?”

“He’s fine.  It’s my brother and his wife that are having a hard time with it.  They love him dearly but know what a struggle it is for some.  I say some because you and Corey don’t seem to struggle at all with being gay.”

“Thank you, Ted.  Kris made sure from day one no one said a thing to me.  If you can’t handle me or any of the others, you weren’t welcome in our group.  So, over time, they’ve grown to accept me and now think nothing of it except for different times…” I was saying with Kris walking in the door and Corey saying goodbye.

“Here’s our big hero!” Kris said and patted Ted on the back.

“I’m leaving now,” Ted said and winked at me.  “Here I was enjoying a few minutes without someone carrying on about me and the game.  Hell, I know I did okay…”

“I’m sorry, Ted.  Please forgive me,” Kris retreated.

Ted laughed, “I had to fuck with you Kris.  It’s fine.  Matt and I were just talking a little.  I do have to run in a few for a quick practice. You didn’t hear me say this but Luke may start this week.”

“Why’s that?” Kris asked.

“Tim, we think, may have broken his hand during the game.  We’ll find out today.  We’re not supposed to tell before it’s official,” Ted stated. “Something about the betting line and not to give the other team much notice.”

“No shit?” Kris asked. “They worry about the betting line.”

“You don’t know how much we are preached to about that but I can see where they are coming from.  Say someone found out early they could pile a bunch of cash on the other team,” Ted said and stood. “So whatever you do, don’t post it on Twitter or Facebook.  My ass would be in big trouble.  For that matter, keep it between us for now.”

“We will.  We won’t tell Colt either,” I said.  “Good to see, ya.”

Ted headed to the door with Colt coming in.  “Colt, I haven’t forgot about the balls I promised you.  I’ll grab some on my way out today.”

“My brother will be so excited…”

“And you too,” Kris laughed.

“Dude, I’m over him being a big star.  He’s just our friend now,” Colt smiled.

“I’ll remember that.  Y’all take care and see ya later,” Ted said exiting.

“Still the coolest fucker around in my book,” Colt stated once Ted had shut the door.

“Alright Matt, did you wear Corey’s ass out last night or what?” Kris asked.

“Let’s just say we were both sore this morning,” I replied with a smile.

“Thank God that shit is over.  He was making my life miserable,” Colt stated.

“And Matt was making my life miserable as well.  I was about ready to light him up and to think he thought he could find someone better,” Kris said and grabbed me.

Colt joined with his arm around me too, “How fucking stupid was he?  To think he could find another guy with a big fucking dick like yours.”  They both kissed me on the cheek and playfully grabbed my crotch.  “Now let’s go practice, Kris.”


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