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CHARACTERS if you need to refresh your memory.  It will be updated as the story moves

Seeing the city where my college was grow larger through the windshield was more
exciting to me than it had been last year at this same time.  Kris was speeding ahead
but I was on his bumper, doing my best to keep up with him.  The closer we got, the
faster he went.  Of course I was excited, but since we left, Kris was almost beside
himself and was ultra hyper, even more so than usual, if that’s possible.  He wheeled
into the lot and jumped out of his SUV.  “Hell yeah, we’re here!” he screamed at the
top of his lungs.  A few heads turned and surely wondered what the excitement was all

Rolling my eyes, I gathered him for us to check in.  Rick was waiting on us and had
our things prepared on this Friday, before our classes began on Wednesday. Needless
to say we had a few days to get adjusted. He said our other two roommates were
already here.  Kris fumed, “See I told you.  If we hadn’t stopped twice…”

Kris, we’re fine.  Calm down,” I said. “You’re acting crazy.”

Kris was almost sprinting to get to our room.  It was on the second floor again but
one room down from the corner.  He opened the door and let it swing inward with his
arms open wide in his sleeveless shirt. 

“Hmmm… I’m not sure but I think the asshole has arrived,” Colt stated, sitting with

“Where have you been?” Corey asked before walking up to me and kissing me on the

“Matt was late and had to make sure he had everything,” Kris replied with his eyes
moving at rapid speed to scan our new room.  “Get up and help move in so it will be

“I guess we’ll help, even though you didn’t help us,” Colt said.

“So are y’all set?” I asked.

“Yes, we did as we decided.  Colt and I will take one room for now,” Corey said. 

I looked at Corey and noticed something on the underside of his forearm.  “Corey, you
said you had a surprise for me.”  He held out his tattooed arm for me to see nice
Chinese lettering.

“Sweet as hell,” Kris said. “What does it mean?”


Colt said.  “It was the first thing I noticed.  Wait ‘til you see Alex and Shawn.”

“What?” Kris asked.  He turned to me, “See, I told your ass we should have left

“Kris, we’re fine!” I said. “Shit!”

“Which room are they?” Kris asked.

“You can see them later,” I said. “We need to get our stuff up in the room.”

“Better yet, I’ll go see if they wanna help us,” Kris said.

“Alex is two doors down across the hall.  Shawn is right next to us,” Colt said.  The
words were barely out of his mouth before Kris was out the door.  “They got some bad
ass ink since we saw them.”

I smiled, “They aren’t alone either.”  I slid down my shorts and slightly lifting my
shirt to display the stars I had gotten at my waist. 

“Wicked as hell,” Corey said. “No doubt…”

“No doubt you’ll see plenty of those bad boys,” Colt stated. “Matt, they do look
sweet though.  I bet Kris is aching…”

“He doesn’t know,” I said, all smiles.  “I couldn’t show him before Corey saw them. 
I waited ‘til three days ago to get them.”

The door opened.  Kris walked in with Alex.  Alex had his shirt off and was proudly
showing his big tattoo on his right arm.  “Fucking sweet, huh?” Kris asked.

“It is,” I said.

“Matt got a little too,” Corey said.  I slid down my shorts.

“You bastard!” Kris screamed.  “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wanted Corey to see it first,” I said.

With the door open wide, two very attractive girls looked in.  “Hey, come on in and
introduce yourselves by all means,” Kris said.  He extended his hand and went around
the room to introduce us.

Holly was the name of the cute blond while Jill was the name of a short-haired
brunette.   “We heard the noise and came to see what it was about,” Holly said.

“It was just Kris,” I said. “You might wanna get used to it.”

Without saying so, it was easy to see we were really being scoped out with their
eyes.  In return, the guys checked them out as well.

“Stop by anytime you feel like it,” Kris said. “A ton of our single friends live on
this hall.”

“Good to know,” Holly said. “Y’all take care and we’ll see ya around.”

Shawn was coming in the door while Holly and Jill were exiting. He asked, “You wanted
something, Kris?”

“Yeah, show me,” Kris replied.

Shawn turned and pulled up his shirt to show off his big tattoo in the center of his

Sweet,” I said. “I think someone hit the weights as well.”

Shawn smiled, “I had to or else I’d be behind.”

Kris walked over and slung his arm around Shawn. “That’s my boy right here. Got him
some fucking ink to be a part of the pact.  Matt’s a member as well.”

Finally I was getting the chance to check out my new accommodations after showing
Shawn my new tattoo.  The living area wasn’t as small as I had envisioned with ample
room for us to gather along with a microwave, a few cabinets and decent size fridge
tucked away in a corner.  I looked in the bedrooms and was pleased with what I saw. 
The bathroom was small and the biggest drawback of the place.  Thankfully they had
extra sinks in each room but only one toilet and shower.  However the shower wasn’t
that small and had me dreaming of all the hot sex that may occur within the confines
of those tiled walls.

We finished unloading all of mine and Kris’s things into our room.  Kris threw his
stuff down, wiped the sweat from his brow and said he could get it organized later. 
I on the other hand was cringing at the sight of stuff unorganized and not knowing
where anything was.  Corey was there to help me out.  During our sorting and
organizing, we talked and caught up on what happened since yesterday.  

Nearly finished, I heard two unfamiliar voices out in the living area.  I made an
excuse and went to see one tall dark guy standing and another rather large guy
sitting.  Being Kris, he introduced me and Corey to them.  The tall one was Keith and
the stockier one was Dave.  Both lived next to us in the corner and were friendly as
usual.  The only part I didn’t care for was Kris and Colt giving Dave hell about his
weight.  Sure, he laughed at Kris’s humor, but I didn’t.  Kris was one who never
poked fun at people so this was out of character for him.  Colt I could see doing it,
but not Kris.  We returned and finished up.

I looked at the room and snapped a quick picture to email to Mom so she’d know what
my new room looked like.  It wasn’t finished completely for I had personal pictures
to place around the room of our times together, including a large one for our living
area.  I went out and leaned up against where the microwave was.

“Sweet ass room, huh?” Kris stated. “We definitely made the right decision.”  We
talked about the room for a few minutes.

I cleared my throat. “Kris, you very much disappointed me just then…”


“You were making fun of Dave because of his weight…”

“Oh fuck! I was!” Kris screamed.  He jumped up and headed to the door.  “Colt, get
your ass up.  We need to apologize to him right now.  Matt is so right.  What a
horrible way to start the semester.”  

“Yeah, I guess we did without thinking about it,” Colt said before the two exited the
room to go next door to apologize.

Corey and I took a seat on the couch.  It was okay as far as comfort goes.  His arm
flung around my shoulders.   “Sorry we were running late.  Actually Kris was running
late too.  You talk about hard to escape…”

“My mom had a tear in her eye.”

“That’s awesome,” I said. “So the situation we agreed upon is suitable for you?”

“Of course.  The more I think about it you’re so right about making our sex special. 
It was so special this summer…”

I smiled, “It sure was.”

“Plus, I know how you and Kris are.  We may have great sex but I know my place in all
of this.”

“I consider you two equal. You’re the one I love romantically whereas Kris is more
like the brother I never had.”

“It does make it easier… just in case…”

“Heaven forbid that.”

A little knock sounded at our door.  I opened it to see Scott standing there with
sweat running down his dark defined hot frame with his tee tucked in his shorts.  He
commented how his space looked just like ours.  “Just came to see what everyone was
doing after hauling all my shit up.”

“Have Garrett and Bryson made it yet?” I asked.

“Nope, I think they’re waiting ‘til tomorrow,” Scott said and wiped his brow. 

“How are you going to like living with Shawn?” Corey asked.

“Actually, I think I will.  He’s really a cool guy.  Very easy going.  You know Matt;
he doesn’t seem to be easily upset like some people we know around here.   Speaking
of, where is Kris?”

“Where do ya think?” Corey replied.

“Ummm… let me guess...  Trying to meet everyone on this floor first before going to
the other three floors?” Scott laughed. 

“I imagine he is,” I said. “He gets to talking sometimes and calling out names.  The
trouble is I don’t have a clue who he’s talking about.  He can remember every name
whereas I struggle but can remember faces…”

And bodies,” Scott said. “I’m the same way.  Man, it does feel good to be back here
but damn did I ever have a crazy ass summer…”

“So are you and Hayden still split up?” I asked.

“Yeah, we are,” Scott stated.

“Did he know about the girl?” I asked.

“Yes, I told him and it’s the reason we split up.  I know it works for y’all but
right now, at this moment, I don’t know what the hell I want.”

“So are you saying you’re still truly bi more than truly gay?” Corey asked.

“Ask Teresa.  She’ll tell ya,” Scott laughed.  “The possibilities are so endless when
you’re bi.  We all love sex…”

“I don’t,” Corey laughed with his arm raised.

“Holy shit, you’re new ink looks wicked as hell…” Scott stated noticing. “I saw
Shawn’s ink and boy he looks great.”  I stood and slid down my shorts.  “Sweet as
fuck!  Where was the sale on tattoos at?”

“I guess we wanted to blow some money,” I laughed.

“Did ya see Alex?” Corey asked.

“No.  Don’t tell me he got some as well?” Scott replied.

We nodded and continued talking about whatever came to mind.  The door opened with
Kris and Colt walking back inside.

“This place is fucking sweet!” Kris yelled and was excited.  It didn’t floor me but
he was excited enough for the both of us.  He started rattling off names left and
right of the students he had meet.   It was amazing how he could remember names yet
not ace his classes.   Colt chipped in with a few Kris omitted.

Scott, shaking his growing blonde hair that he tried combing to his face, stated. 
“Just as I thought.  They were out meeting as many…”

“I had nothing to do with it,” Colt stated, throwing up his hands in defense but
showing off his nice guns.

“So what?” Kris asked. “The more friends you have the better it is.  You never know
when one could be helpful in a time of need.”

“Yeah, getting us beers in here,” Colt stated.  “We got a few lined up if we need

The two asked how Scott was since the last time we’d seen him at Corey’s place. 
Scott gave them the same rundown as he gave us. 

“Seriously, you’ve been still dating, or should I say fucking, a girl?” Kris asked.

“Yes.  I think I was the original bi around here,” Scott said in his own defense.

“We’ll tell all three of you right this second, with all the hot ass girls around
here, I don’t think Colt and I will have a need for a guy to satisfy our needs. 
Right, Colt?” Kris said.

“I’ll say.  Scott, the possibilities are endless here,” Colt stated. 

“Any cute guys?” I said to test out the new Kris and Colt.

“Sure there were,” Colt replied.

“You aren’t as straight as you think…” Corey said.

“He didn’t say one thing about fucking them.  What’s wrong with admitting whether a
guy is cute or not?  I saw a few I thought were actually hot… but still couldn’t
compete with us,” Kris laughed.

“Dude, that Baker dude was so bowed,” Colt said.

“True but almost too bowed up,” Kris said.

“Hmmm… I didn’t know there was such a thing,” Scott said.

“Well yeah!  You know the dudes that should be in bodybuilding contests and shit like
that.  Whereas we are just fit machines,” Kris continued to laugh at his own humor. 
We sat around until our stomachs began growling.  We gathered up our old friends to
head out to find something to eat.   We settled on a franchise deli spot that had
opened over the summer near campus. 

After finishing, I suggested to our group we could go shopping to stock our bigger
fridge since not one of the four of us had brought a thing to eat or drink.  Scott
tagged along with us while the others headed off.  Shawn and Alex had their girls
waiting on them and said they were lucky they got to come with us.  

In the oversized Walmart, I grabbed a cart.  We cruised around the store and looked
at different things.  Kris was still hyper and was joking around with everything.  A
few boxes of condoms landed in the cart when we had to go down that aisle.  Passing
the toys, Colt grabbed a rubber football and tossed it at Kris.  I manned the cart
while the other four thought it would be fun to pass the ball around the store. 
Kris’s mouth watered passing the wide selection of beer.  I heard all the comments on
each variety.  Kris wasn’t bold enough in this environment to try purchasing any. 
Leaving, he ran into a guy he had met in the hall.  Kris went away while we threw
things in the cart.

Kris found us in the fruit section.  “Bros, we’re set.”

“See, Matt, making new friends has it pluses,” Colt stated.

“So what did ya get?” Corey asked.

“Just two thirty packs.  It is the weekend,” Kris replied.

I shook my growing brown hair.  At the checkout, we divided things up with Scott
taking his stuff.  Corey wouldn’t have it and demanded he pay for all of our things. 
I didn’t want to argue in the store and let him pay whereas Colt and Kris were more
than happy to allow it.

In the parking lot, we waited and took possession of two thirty packs of beer.  Now I
saw where the duffel bags Kris had thrown in as we left would come in handy. 

As luck would have it, Rick was walking towards us when we got on our floor.  He
smiled and followed us in the door.  “I know what’s in the bag.”

“Come on Rick!” Colt said.

“Guys, we have rules around here.  I know Matt read the sheet but doubt the rest of
you have.”

“Damn!” Kris screamed. “Please bro.  Pretty please.”

Rick winked, “I’ll let it slide this time.   Actually, alcohol in the room is the
least of my worries.  Someone reported smelling weed.”

I looked at Scott and smiled.  “It wasn’t us,” Scott said.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Colt said.  “So are we getting the cool Rick or not this year?”

“Guys, I have to be honest with you.  Some things are easier here, such as girls in
your room.  If you noticed, there’s not a mention of that.  With this set up there’s
no way we can enforce it, plus everyone here is a sophomore or higher.  I will have
to check the rooms more often for damage.  They want to keep this place as new as
possible.  That means no nails in the walls or no painting the walls either.”

“Who is that stupid?” Kris asked.

“I’ve already been asked,” Rick replied.  “It seems taupe and beige are not what some

“At least they aren’t all white,” I said.

“So, do you wanna start the year off right and have a beer with us?” Colt asked.

“Ummm… I might stop by later.  A cold beer does sound great,” Rick replied.  He
headed to the door.  “I’ll see y’all around.”

“See ya,” we said.

With Rick gone, the beer was out and started being opened.  We fought over who would
sit on the couch and one chair.  To solve our problem, Colt dragged a desk chair. 

“I see one thing we do need and that is more seating,” Kris stated.

“You think?” Colt laughed.

“And maybe a fold away table as well,” Corey said.

“Colt, go find Rick and ask if we can bring another couch up in here,” Kris said.

“Why me?” Colt asked.

“Because…” Kris said.

“Ahh screw it,” Colt said and headed to the door.  He stopped when he realized he had
a beer in his hand.  We turned on the TV, which Colt had brought since he had the
nicer one.  We heard a knock at the door.

“Dammit Colt!” Kris yelled.

Scott eased over and opened the door.  I looked to see two girls standing there. 
“Colt sure has gotten hotter since he left,” Scott laughed.

“Hey Toni and Morgan,” Kris said. “Come on in and make yourself at home.  We were
just chilling and having a beer.  Want one?”

“No thanks,” the brunette with short hair replied.

Corey and I got up and moved to the floor to allow the girls to have our spot on the
couch.  We were introduced with the brunette being Toni and Morgan being a strawberry
blond.  Both were attractive with Morgan having a nice set, which I am sure got Colt
and Kris’s attention.

Colt busted in the door.  “Rick said we could bring whatever.”

Kris turned to the girls who were sitting with him, “We want get another couch.”

“I think there’s plenty of room,” Morgan said.

Colt downed his beer before breaking out his can. 

“My old boyfriend in high school used to dip,” Toni stated.

“How’d you like kissing him with one in?” Kris asked and finished his off so he could
grab a dip.

“I hated it.  He tricked me one time and did it.  It was nasty.  I almost threw up,”
she said.

“Beats your boyfriend smoking,” Morgan said. “I hated kissing him with the taste in
his mouth.”

After a little talking, I figured out that the two lived directly across the hall. 
It was different than last year when we rarely had girls come to the door.  It was
something I’d have to adjust to. 

Morgan spoke up after talking awhile, “God, did you see the fags we have living down
the hall?”

A hush went over us with Colt and Kris looking Corey and my way.  “You have two
living across the hall, too,” I stated.

“Kris, is he kidding?” Morgan asked.

“No, Matt and Corey are gay but not fags,” Kris replied.

“Oh well,” Toni said. “At least, they are hot!”

“Hey now,” Colt said.

“Well, I think all of you are,” Toni said. “I don’t have a problem with them being
gay.  I didn’t know it until he said something.”

“Me either.  I’m sorry if I offended you.  It’s just habit,” Morgan stated. “I think
they are hot and do make the cutest couple over there.  That Corey is a hunk.”

“Ain’t he though,” Toni said. 

“What about the rest of us?” Kris asked.

“You’re all hot in my book,” Morgan stated. 

“Scott is so adorable,” Toni said.

Scott nodded in a cocky way, “Thank you very much.”

“And I’m not adorable?” Kris asked, leaning away for the two girls.

“You’re smoking hot, Kris.  No girl can resist these big muscular arms,” Morgan said
and reached to squeeze them.

Colt faked a cough, “Bullshit!”

“You’re fucking jealous over there,” Kris said.  “So do you wanna go to the bed now
or later?”

“Oh god I’d love to go now,” Morgan said mockingly.  We all laughed as did Kris. 
With the girls around, it did cut back on the drinking.  They stayed a while to get
to know us.  I really liked Toni and thought she was really the nicer and more down-
to-earth one of the two. 

Once they were gone, the drinking started back up.  I withheld while Corey was
sipping on them.  Keith stopped by and had a beer before he was gone. 

About one, Scott headed out and thanked us for a fun night.  Corey grabbed my hand. 
“I guess we’re heading to bed as well.”

“Don’t lie to us. You’re going to fuck!” Colt said.

Corey smiled, “Alright then, we’re going to fuck.”

“Don’t break the bed the first night,” Kris stated.

“We’ll try not to but if it happens, it happens,” I said.

We entered my bedroom and locked the door.  We stripped out of our clothes and jumped
on my bed.  “Finally we get some precious alone time,” I said.

“I’m sorry and wish we could have more,” Corey said.

“We’re fine,” I stated. 

Corey pulled me on top of him.  “I love you so much.”

“I love you so much too.”

Our kissing was passionate and very hot.  In no time we were both hard as rocks. 
After quick blow jobs, I threw his muscular legs on my shoulders.  I looked into his
blue eyes with my cock going past his sphincter.  He was tight as ever but felt so

“OOO fuck yeah,” he moaned.

I knew he had a little pain and waited until I knew it was gone.  I leaned over and
kissed him.  He grabbed me while I started slowly fucking him.  His hands were all
over my back and ass. 

Oh Corey,” I groaned with our breathing getting louder.  We were so into the moment.

OOO fuck me, Matt,” he moaned.

OOO Corey I love you,” I said while fucking him. 

“OOO Matt, I can feel it,” he moaned.  Sweat was mounting on my forehead as well as
Corey’s.  My room was filled with the wondrous sounds of two guys having great sex. 
It was great to fuck/make love to my boyfriend.  Every sense in my body was taking in
this moment in our new environment. 

Out of nowhere, he screamed, “OOO Fuck!” I felt warm cum hit my body with Corey’s
cock exploding.  He was almost shaking and tightening his ass around my cock. 
Nothing I could do as my cock burst in his ass.  After the first blast, he rose for a
kiss while I pumped my cum into him.  We stayed lip locked in our bliss. 

Corey broke the long wet kiss, “That was as intense as fuck.  First time I can
remember cumming hands free.”

“It was so intense,” I said.

After slowly pulling out, we cleaned up our mess and I unlocked the door so Kris
would be able to get in if he wanted, but there was no way I was going to let Corey
leave.  I wanted to be held while we slept.  Thus, it ended our first night back in
what promises to be a great year.


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