Catching My Son Part 2

Since I had grounded my two boys, I figured the least I could do was prepare a nice breakfast for them.  I started the eggs and bacon around 10 the next morning.  I went and knocked on their doors for them to get up.  Cody, the youngest, was up already and came directly to the kitchen in his boxers.  Ross took his time and found his way to the table after I hollered for him.  I could see that he must have stayed up late and imagines of the night before flashed in my mind.

I think they were both a little surprised at the breakfast I had cooked for them.  Neither said much since both weren’t exactly morning people. Cody was nice enough to help me clear the table and put the dirty dishes up.  Ross headed for the shower to clean up.

I saw Ross, the older of my two sons, head back to his room with a towel securely fastened around his thin waist. 

I headed to his room and knocked on the door, “Ross, you need to clean your room up and hand me your dirty clothes so I can wash them today.”

He opened the door and peeked out from behind it, “I will in just a minute.”

I could tell he hadn’t put on any clothes just yet, “Ross, if nothing else hand me your dirty clothes.”

He shut the door and I could hear him gathering up his clothes.  He opened the door with just a pair of boxers on, “Here you go.”

“Thanks, son. I expect you to pick up everything in your room not just your clothes,” I said.  He shut the door without saying a word while giving me that teen stare.

I went and gathered Cody’s clothes as well and started doing the laundry for the weekend.  I pretty much stayed out of their way the rest of the day and let them do whatever they pleased as long as they didn’t leave the house. 

I could tell they were really bored by being trapped in the house.  I had read earlier where our local minor league baseball team was in town that night.  Since we had not been in a few years and I had control of them, I figured a night out with their dad wouldn’t kill them. 

I found Cody sitting on the couch playing his favorite game, “Cody, how does going to a game tonight sound?”

“Alright I guess. It sure will beat sitting around here,” Cody mumbled while he stared at the television screen.

Cody was the easy one and now I went back to tell Ross of my plans. I knocked on the door, “Ross, open up.”

I heard him finally come unlock the door. “Yes,” he said with his hair messed up from sleeping.

“We are going to the game tonight as a family. I know you probably don’t want to go but you don’t have a choice in the matter tonight,” I told him.

“That’s fine. Sure beats sitting on my ass all day here,” Ross replied.

Around 6 or so, I gathered the two boys up to head off to the game.  I saw both were sporting their fashionable clothes like typical teenagers.  I always tried to make sure if nothing else they got the clothes they wanted so they won’t feel out of place at school.  I knew growing up that sometimes the other kids looked down on the ones who couldn’t afford decent clothes.

We headed off to the game.  I rather enjoyed having them go with me, especially Ross since he might be gone in the fall to college. Even though it was just us 3, I could see that I really wasn’t a big part of their lives.  I guess that happens when kids get older and really was no fault of any of ours.

I think they had a good time at the game.  I let them eat whatever they wanted at the game.   Both of their appetites could break someone if we did this very often.  I did let them talk with some friends they saw at the game.   I actually believed Ross liked the game and seemed interested in watching the game since at one time he was decent at baseball.  Cody on the other hand seemed rather bored and spent a lot of time roaming the park with a friend of his.

After the game, I headed straight to my room and left my sons in the living room for the night.  If nothing else, I thought grounding them had made them spend a little time with me.  I really liked it probably more than they did and felt it had done them some good and slowed down their hectic pace of teenage life.

The next day I made them mow and clean up our yard as one last punishment.  I could see they were both tired and sweaty from the yard work.

“Guys, I am proud of you.  I guess you are free to go now,” I said.

“Awesome.  I am heading over to Sean’s house then,” Ross said.

“Hey Ross, drop me off at Jimmy’s for a little bit, please,” Cody said.

“I guess so. What time we got to be back?” Ross asked.

“No later than 9, guys.  Any later and the whole next week you are back grounded,” I said.

“Trust me, we won’t be one second late,” Ross said.

They both showered in a hurry and were out the door like scurrying mice to freedom.  The house seemed very quiet without them now.  I headed to make sure both boys had cleaned their rooms like I had requested.  I was happy to see both rooms were as clean as teenagers could get them. 

I noticed Ross’ computer was still on and running.  I normally didn’t pry around my kids’ room. I was drawn to Ross’ computer to see if what I had seen Friday night was just a coincidence.  I did know a little about computers since I was on them a lot at work.  His desktop icons seemed normal with the regular ones you might find on any computer.

I was now curious to see if Ross had downloaded any dirty pictures onto his computer.  I knew the internet had replaced the dirty magazines like I found when I was a kid like Hustler and Playboy.  I opened up his ‘pictures’ on his computer.  I felt sort of bad doing it but really had to find out for myself.  I was amazed when I opened up a folder containing all sorts of folders which he had organized by guys, girls and sex. The most shocking one was of Ross posing naked on his bed.  I will say that he made a great model even if he was my son.  I then saw naked pictures of his friend Sean on there as well.  I hope they were only having fun and acting stupid.  I then realized what kind of fun they were having when I opened the movie folder and found a short clip of Sean sucking Ross, I think since it just showed Sean’s face.  The movies were all gay action clips which had no interest to me.  I closed out the folders. 

I just lay on my bed and realized that Ross was gay or least leaning that way.  Now I wished my curiosity had got the best of me and I would have left well enough alone.  Still, I wanted him to tell me and not force it out of him. I got up and turned on the TV when I heard them drive up at a few minutes until 9.

“We’re back,” Cody said.

“I heard you drive up. I guess I got my point across,” I said.

“Yeah, that sucked ass this weekend,” Ross said. “I am going to bed. See ya’ll in the morning.”

I watched some television until I feel asleep with it still on. 

The next week seemed to be back to normal since we were back in our daily routine.  I couldn’t get Ross off my mind but never said a word. 

Thursday night, Ross came up to me, “Can Sean stay with me Friday night?”

“I guess so.  You have plans?” I asked.

“Not really.  We will probably go out with some friends and then come back home,” Ross said.

“It’s fine with me,” I said.

By the time I got home Ross and his friend Sean were already gone out.  I could tell Cody was lonely a little so I treated him and me to a nice meal at a local steakhouse.  Cody didn’t seem to mind being with his dad plus it meant he got to eat well too.

Cody was off to his room when we got home that night.  I could hear him on the phone with a few of his friends.  I just watched a little television that night before I heard Ross drive in the driveway.

“Dad, my car is a piece of shit. I barely got it started,” Ross said.

“Son, maybe this summer we can see about getting you another one before you head off to college,” I replied.

“I hope it makes it that long,” Ross said before he and Sean went to his room for the night. 

I continued to watch television.  Before I knew it, I was asleep in my chair. With drawl running down my face I finally woke up and decided to head off to my room for the night.  My curiosity was peaked when I heard sounds coming out of Ross’ room.  His door was closed tight but I could hear grunting and moaning.  I dropped my head and knew I needed to have a long talk with Ross before it ate me up inside.  I could then hear his bed squeaking. 

I tossed and turned all night long and got very little sleep.  I was worried sick over Ross and the proper way to approach the subject.  I got up and read the morning paper. 

Cody approached me while I was reading, “Can I go to the lake camping today and tonight with Jimmy and his family?”

“Cody, why are you waiting until the last minute to ask me?”

“I dunno know. I didn’t think you would care,” Cody said.

“I guess so.  Cody, we don’t have a sleeping bag or any camping supplies for that matter,” I said.

“That’s fine. Jimmy said he had everything.  We are going skiing today and out on the lake most of the day,” Cody said.

“It sounds fun.  Have a good time and remember your manners in the presence of his family,” I said and watched Cody quickly head back to his room.  I guess he had it planned all along because shortly I heard a horn outside blowing for him.

Sean came out of Ross’ room around 11 and headed out since he said he had to help his dad with a project at home.  I knew this was my chance to have a nice chat with Ross.

I nervously waited until I saw him come out of his room in his boxers and head for the kitchen.  My stomach was now in knots.  I watched him eat and put his dishes in the sink.

“Ross, do you mind having a seat here just a second?” I said.

“No, wassup Dad?” Ross said.

“Umm… son it is just you and me.  Is there anything you need to tell me?” I asked.

“Umm… I dunno know.  What has Cody been telling you?” Ross said.

“Cody has not said a word to me,” I said solemnly with my stomach doing somersaults as well.

“If it’s about college, I am really leaning towards staying close to home,” Ross said.

“That’s great.  Anything else?” I asked.

“Yeah dad there is.  I am sorry I have been drinkin’ a little bit here lately out with my friends,” Ross said.

“Ross, you know how I feel about that,” I said.  My stomach was killing me. “Alright… are you… ahh… straight or maybe leaning a little bit?”

“Oh that.  Dad I love you but I am gay,” Ross said matter of factly and without any shame or second thought. “I thought you knew by now. I have been trying to drop hints and shit like the night I jacked off with you at the door or last night when I fucked the hell out of Sean or when you looked at my computer last Sunday.”

My face was red as a beet.  “You knew I was watching you.”

“Oh yeah, I heard you get up and opened the door for you to watch.  Hell, Sean and I have been boyfriends for a year.  Did you like our video?”

“How did you know?” I asked.

“Oh I checked my computer and saw someone was on it while I was gone Sunday.  Dad, I know my way around a computer.  So are you cool with me being gay?”

“Ross, I don’t have a choice.  I love you no matter what.  I guess I was the idiot the whole time,” I said.  “See if Sean gets to stay the night again.”

“Dad!” Ross said.

“I’m kidding.  Do his parents know about him?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, they have known about us for a while. They are cool with it.  They want us to move out together after we graduate if that is possible,” Ross smiled.

“That’s fine with me if you can afford it and get a new car too,” I said.

“Damn, oh well, I need a new car anyway,” Ross said.

“I guess Cody knows,” I said.

“Yeah, he thinks it’s nasty but he sure has been curious lately,” Ross said. “You ever messed with a guy, dad?”

“Nope and I plan to keep it that way too Ross. Whew that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Now about this drinking…”

The End

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