I picked up the paper on my way inside from a hard day at the office.  I went inside and found my special chair in the living room vacant. I opened to the local section to comb what was going on in our town and then to the sports to pick out sons and daughters of my high school buddies. 

“Dad, I need to run over to Sean’s for a while, is that okay?” Ross, my oldest son who had just turned 18, asked.

“I don’t care. Just be home at a decent hour,” I said.

“Hey dad, I need some money for some gas if you got it,” Ross said.

I did keep cash on me for my 2 boys who were always needing a ten or twenty for one thing or another.  “I guess so. Here’s $40,” I reached in my pocket and handed him the money.  The next thing I saw were the back of his shorts as he headed out.

“Dad, what’s for supper tonight?” Cody, my other son who now was right in the middle of his teen years at 15, asked.  He had been hit the hardest when my ex-wife decided she was tired of being a wife and mother and just basically left us in broad daylight.  I honestly didn’t see it coming what so ever but when I thought back I should have seen the little telltale signs of her unhappiness.  That was 4 years ago so now the three of us had basically adjusted to living under one roof.

“I don’t know. What you feel like?” I replied.

“Oh how about a hot dog? Is that okay?” Cody said.

“Sure, you can fix that,” I said. “There should be some in the refrigerator and the buns are where they always stay. Hey, you got homework tonight, Cody?”

“Yeah, I’ll do it after I eat. Hell, Ross has a ton of homework and he just bolted,” Cody said.  I let my boys speak as they wanted as long as it wasn’t directed at me.  I guess I shouldn’t have let me start but it is way out of hand now to stop it.  I now I did it when I was a teenager just not around my parents.  Besides, if that was the worst thing they did, I considered myself lucky.

“Don’t you worry about Ross. I will ground his ass in a heartbeat if he doesn’t do it and he knows that,” I said.

The hot dogs actually smelled pretty good and my old gut was starting to rumble anyway.  I threw one in the microwave and joined Cody for a few minutes.  I will have to say my boys were nice looking kids but I generally let them grow their hair as long as they wanted since I was balding and knew they might have the same fate someday soon.

I waited around in the living room until I heard Ross drive back up.  I saw that it was almost 9.  He came inside with a group of papers.

“Ross, do you have homework tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah, that is what I was doing over at Sean. How did you know?” Ross asked.

“Oh…” I stuttered.

Before I got get out another word, Ross interrupted, “That damn Cody. He always has his nose in my business.”

“I guess he does. That’s what a little brother is for to be a constant pain in your ass.” I said.

“He is that! I am going to my room and play on the computer for a while,” Ross said while Ross stomped his way to his room.

I stayed in my chair until I had about dozed off.  I heard a big noise and immediately knew what was up.  I had to go pull Ross off Cody since they were fighting like normal brothers.  The least little thing would set one or the other off, especially in the morning. 

“Okay you two, I been going easy on you. No more! You are both grounded for the weekend!” I shouted and was feed up with it. They left me no other choice.

“If Cody would mind his own business, this wouldn’t have happened, you lil fucking bitch!” Ross screamed with his face now red.

“Fuck you Ross. I am tired of your shit anyway. You are always pushing me and around and telling me what to do!” Cody screamed.

“Guys! Enough of this shit. Stop it right here right now!” I now was furious with them. Ross and Cody stared hard at each other until Ross flipped Cody the bird on his way out.  I stayed to have a short word with Cody, “Cody, I know both of you are to blame. You don’t have to tell me everything Ross does or doesn’t do. I will find out one way or another. How would you feel if he came blabbing to me each time you didn’t do your homework or did do what I asked?”

“I don’t know,” Cody lowered his head.

“Hey, Cody,” I lifted his head to look him in the eye. “I know this hasn’t been easy on any of us but give me your word this will be the last time you fight.”

“Okay Dad, I’m sorry!” Cody said. “You are the coolest dad around. Jimmy loves to come over here since you let us horse around and don’t care what we say.”

“If a few things don’t change around here, quickly that privilege might be out the door.”

“Yes sir.” Cody said. “I love you dad.”

I hugged Cody, “I love you too, son. You’re still grounded though.”

“Damn, at least it was worth a try,” Cody smiled.

I headed to my room and did some light reading before calling it a night.  It was sure lonely without my wife curling up next to me, but I guess I had adjusted. Earlier on in the marriage, the sex was just part of going to bed that was until the two boys enter our lives.  Before she left, I was lucky to have sex with her one night every three weeks. For me, it wasn’t enough but I didn’t complain. Now I would give anything for once a year.

The next morning was the usual rat race to get to work and make sure the boys were off to school.  Cody was a tiger in the mornings and we steered clear of him the best we could.  I always was gone before they left for school.  I hoped they didn’t miss but I would find out later if they did. 

Since I grounded the boys from leaving the house for the weekend and it was Friday, I stopped by the video store to try to pick out a movie they might like to watch together.  When they were growing up, Friday night usually meant watching a movie as a family with the two boys in the floor and me and my wife on the couch.  Now I was lucky if one of them was home on a weekend night since their friends were now more important than their old man plus Ross had a 4 wheel personality and he loved to show it every chance he got.

I got home and again read the paper after sitting down two movies I thought by chance they might like.  Cody was watching MTV while I guess Ross was trying to make the most of his time chatting on the computer with his friends.

“Hey Cody, how about we order pizza and watch one of these movies I got?”

“I guess so Dad. I am stuck here anyways.”

“Go ask Ross what kind of pizza he wants. Knock first okay,” I said. I watched Cody knock on Ross’ door. In a minute he came back down the hall. “So what is it?”

“He doesn’t care or should I say like he did, I don’t give a fuck,” Cody said while he mocked his older brother in a deeper voice. “I want that meaty pizza like we got last time with jalapenos.”

“Cody, you know Ross hates hot stuff. I just get half then,” I said and ordered the pizza. After about 40 minutes, finally the pizza arrived and I called out to Ross that the pizza was there. He came out in just his athletic shorts.  I remember those days when I had a nice body like Ross’s.  I was always fit until after I had kids but I will say he had a bigger chest and better abs than I ever had.  At one time, I thought Ross was going to be a good athlete, but it seemed the others passed him by and he soon lost interest.  Cody was the same way but he found out early he just wasn’t made for sports since he was always so thin and not real athletic, though now he seemed to be filling out into a nice looking teen.

For the first time in I don’t know when, the three of us actually sat down and had a civilized meal together.  I guess that was one benefit of grounding and taking away their legs for the weekend.  After we ate like savages and ate every crumb of the pizza, I showed them the movie.  I don’t think they were that excited about it but since neither had seen it, we watched it.  I really think they kind of liked it since it was a hip-hop dance movie. It wasn’t really to my liking but at least it had a decent plot to it. 

I decided to call it a night and let them watch the second movie without me.  It was more sports themed but I was just too tired to make it through another one.  I was out soon after my head hit the pillow.

About one in the morning, I woke up and saw they had left some lights on in the living room.  I got up and turned them off.  When I headed back to bed, I noticed Ross’ light was still on.  I was just going to quietly check up on him but figured he was in bed or just chatting with his friends on the computer. 

The nearer I got to his room I could see Ross looking at the computer.  I then swear I heard a faint moan. I got closer and had a direct shot at his computer screen. I was honestly shocked to see 2 naked men in a sexual position. He clicked onto another picture and again naked guys.  I could now see Ross was naked and his hand was going up and down.

“Oh fuckin hot ass,” Ross said quietly and had no idea I could see what he was doing now. I then caught a glimpse of Ross’ hard cock. I was proud to see my boy didn’t take after his dad and had a nice long one.  I had seen him a little here lately but didn’t think much of it but could tell he had really grown into a man.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Ross but finally my oldest son blew his load while he leaned back and covered his stomach.  My heart skipped a beat when he took some of it in his mouth.  I never really thought Ross was anywhere near being homosexual but now I wondered.  I quietly tiptoed back to my room. I left the door open slightly so he couldn’t hear me shut it. 

I crawled back into bed and heard him go to the bathroom.  I tossed and turned the rest of the night.  Now I wish I had not seen this whole episode especially him viewing naked guys on his computer.  This was now going to change how I viewed Ross and wanted him to come to me instead of me telling him what I had just seen.  Now, at least it wouldn’t be such a shock or big deal if he did fess up to me but I seriously doubted he would unless he was forced to.  I also wondered if it was just a curiosity or if he had had sex with another guy. Who knows but I sure wasn’t going to ask him.


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