Just then Frankie received an email. Moments later Calvin got the same message. They looked at each other and both hated the
announcement it made.
Frankie had been in contact with the author for some time and knew the announcement was going to happen sometime soon, but
all the same he wished it didn’t.
“Well that is the end. It wasn't easy to write the last chapter since I was saying goodbye to some very good friends in the story and
outside the story. I've got emails from some really great people over the years and still do today. That's been my reward… Mostly, I
want to thank all of you for sticking with me over the years. I'll miss your emails especially from my regulars, who know they are,
and the comments for my great readers.   I know some will be greatly disappointed as you’ve told me the guys seemingly are so
real to you, which is a big compliment. “
Frankie looked at his best friend and saw tears, “it’s over,” he said.
“Yeah, Cal, we knew it was going to happen. We didn’t expect Waz to write continuously did we?”  Frankie suggested.
“That’s true, but I wanted to see how Kris and Matt handled senior year. The Kris and Colt break up was completely unnecessary
“It’s called drama,” Frankie stated.
“It’s called stupid.” Calvin shot back.
“Whatever, it brought us closer together.”
“Frankie, we were always close. We just added sex to it.”
“Yep, that’s true.” Frankie was the one who discovered the story when it was starting out when Kris and Matt were entering their
freshman year. He was telling Calvin all about it every time they hung out together.
To shut Frankie up about it Calvin started reading “Rooming with Best Friend.” He became a fan almost instantly and started
reading every chapter and all the comments too. Every day at lunch Frankie and Calvin would argue about aspects of the story for
an entire college term. When Corey entered the story Calvin was hoping that it was short term and that Kris and Matt would still be
together, whereas Frankie knew it would never happened.
When the story did the unthinkable, with Kris and Matt fucking for the first time, Frankie wouldn’t speak about it for a whole
week. He was scared because up until that moment he and Calvin had been just like Kris and Matt. They had talked about their
lives, they had grown up together and they had been there for each other. When Kris had the ecstasy early in the series, Frankie
was reminded of a similar instance when Calvin had too much to drink and Frankie nursed him in bed. When Matt and Kris fought it
was similar to how Calvin and Frankie fought.
Then Kris and Matt fucked and they finally had something that wasn’t similar. Frankie loved Cal like a brother, and even more so.
He was gay like Cal, but they never even talked about sex or exploring each other’s bodies before. Frankie had always wanted that
opportunity he just never knew the right way to go about it.
Finally, three weeks after Frankie and Cal read Matt and Kris first sex story, Calvin approached Frankie one night. Frankie was
studying or reading. Calvin didn’t know and didn’t care. He just smiled at his friend, took his arm and led him to Frankie’s bed.
Frankie was so surprised by this act he just let it happen.
They didn’t make love that night, they just stared at each other and used their hands to explore each other’s bodies. The next
morning Frankie left a simple note before going off to class. “Thank you.”
A text later replied. “Anytime, bro.”
That night the two of them chilled at a burger joint and Calvin finally broke the silence, “Well, don’t you think it’s time to bring our
friendship to another level? Come on, Frank, I’ve known since we started college that you wanted to fuck me.”
Frankie blushed as Calvin continued. “It’s not like I didn’t wanna rip you a new one.”
“I… didn’t want to hurt our friendship by suggesting it.”
“If Kris and Matt could do it,” Calvin stated.
“It’s not real life. That’s why I couldn’t talk to you after that story. It could destroy our friendship. I want to fuck you, blow you, rim
you. But what would happen?”
“We’d have a pleasant experience,” Cal said sarcastically. Frankie shot him a look.
“Okay, of course, I was scared of what it would do to our friendship. But all we’re doing is showing our love for each other.”
They left the burger joint and decided it was time add sex to the things they share.
Thinking back, the sex only made their bond stronger. There was more shared in those moments of love making than they could
ever have said to each other during their entire friendship. Now the story that helped their friendship develop into a what it is
today was ending.
“Frankie?” Cal was staring at him. “I can’t believe it’s over.”
“I wished I had the balls to submit my story.”
“You should have.”
“Oh, come on, bro. You’ve been writing stories for a long time. You can even create a fantasy with Matt and Kris if you want. Since
we know they’ll never get together.”
“Okay, sure they will. Corey will just die.”
“Now that’s an idea!”
“Yeah and you’ll alienate the people who like Corey and Matt together.”
“You, my friend, you wont leave me.”
“I will if you kill of Corey.”
“Just send Waz the story you wrote, he might like it.”
“Maybe, but I’m hungry now.”
It was almost dinner time and the two friends decided to head out for bite. They were turning their attention to what they were
going to do to find a place. It was at that moment that Calvin saw a newspaper opened on a bench that gave them an idea.
The traveller chuckled. He grabbed Liam’s arm as he went back to the tables. “When you guys are done for the night I sure would
like to buy you guys a drink.”
“Fuckin’ awesome, dude.” 
Liam had told Rodger about the Traveller’s idea and in two hours the restaurant was closed and the three were heading up the
street to the local watering hole.
“Evening everybody,” Rodger called out.
Everybody yelled, “Rod,” And the barkeep, Aaron, shooed two guys away from the center stools.
“I take it you guys come here often?” The traveller asked.
“Nah, never been here before,” Liam answered smartly.
The traveller laughed and they joined Rodger at the bar, who had three cool ones there waiting for them.
“So, what’s your story?” The Traveller asked.
“No story, we’re just brothers who like each other.”
“So the shit you did today in your restaurant, that’s all an act.”
Liam answered, “Sometimes, but like brothers we do bicker a lot.”
“So, true.” Rodger raised his bottle in toasting fashion. “However, when the chips are down we are there for each other.”
“What about you?”
“Me?” The traveller wasn’t one to share his past. Not with these guys, not with anybody.
“What brings you here?”
“You guys seemed like okay guys.”
“We are.” Liam stated, “But what my brother is getting at is why did you come to California?”
He remembered the day he left home like it was yesterday. He was fifteen and his dad came in from the cold one winter night
stinking of booze.
Turning back to the brothers, “Let us just say that for the past few years I’ve been travelling, wanting to see the world. I packed up,
left home and never looked back.”
“What about your family?” Rodger asked, sincerely.
“I’d prefer not the talk about them.” 
They continued drinking and the brothers had decided to talk about their lives some more, and soon Liam was talking about his
lack of sex life.
“Why?” Rodger said.
“What?” Liam shot him a look.
“We don’t need to know about your lack of sex.”
“He asked if I had a girlfriend.”
“That doesn’t mean you need to tell a total stranger you’re a virgin.”
“There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin.”
“You’re missing out on some great action though. Back me up, bud.”
They turned to the Traveller but he had gone.

Outside, The Traveller decided it was time to move on. He just couldn’t bring himself to watch it anymore. He left the bar and
walked out of the town.
Liam and Rodger were like him and his baby brother, Thomas. They were inseparable for six years. They shared the same
bedroom. He taught Thomas how to jerk off too. Then when he was fifteen all that ended. His father came in drunk while he was
He heard the footsteps climbing the stairs and so did Thomas too, “Daddy’s home.”
“I can smell him from here.”
“LET ME IN!” They heard outside the master bedroom, their mother was asleep.
Early the next morning he got out of bed, kissed his baby brother on the forehead, leaving him a note. He packed his shit and
walked out of the house, never turning back. His father didn’t even realize he left until three days later.
Now the Traveller was doing what he did best, walking away and never looking back.  
As they both got into the car to see if it still ran, Pat dropped the keys under his seat.  He was fishing the keys out when he found a
piece of paper. He brought it to his eyes and it was actually a letter to Mike, from his uncle. But it was more than a letter.  He
handed the letter to his partner of so many years. Michael took it and read it aloud.
“My favourite nephew, I know I left this world too soon and for that I am sorry. I left you my old car to remember some of the
better times. You made me proud. Love your uncle.”
Mike’s uncle was a man of few words and such a great force in his life. They had great camping trips together when they were
younger. The stories he would tell made Mike laugh. When Patrick and Michael got married, Mike gave him one of his most
treasured processions, a fishing rod.
On one summer evening, Mike used the rod to capture one of the biggest fish of his life. It was also his first fish. Then his uncle
showed him how to properly gut, clean and cook the fish. Now that fishing rod hung in main living area next to a picture of Mike
and his uncle.
“Oh my god,” Patrick stated, reading the next page.
“What?” Mike snatched the paper out of his husband’s hand. It was the missing page to his will. Pat pointed to the second
“I hereby give to my nephew, Michael Charles Tucker, $50,000. It is my hope the money will bring him and his partner more
happiness.  Secondly, I give to Michael a stupid investment.”
Michael read the paragraph which outlined in detail what he would receive.
“How is this possible?” Patrick read over his shoulder. “Where did your uncle get this kind of money, and more to point, how on
earth did ever get something like that?”
Michael didn’t speak. The implications of the message just were too hard to calculate it. He felt Patrick hug him.  “Are you okay,
“I don’t know.” Mike spoke, “I thought I knew the man. I guess I didn’t.”  He stared down at the words again. “How on earth did
Connor Tucker ever get a building?”
“I don’t know, hon.” Patrick was still surprised that Uncle Connor would actually give them a building. “I didn’t even know your
uncle had ever been there.”
“When he was kid he grew up there. It was when he married that he settled in Toronto.”
“What do you want to do?”
“I want to see this building.”
So they got out of the old car that is no longer a heap of junk. Patrick made all the arrangements as Michael walked into the living
area and stared at the fishing pole.
“Uncle, who are you?” He whispered, and just stared.
Eventually, Pat came into the room with a bag in his hand, “I got a flight that leaves in four hours.”
Pat put an arm around Michael and kissed him on the cheek, “Come on, let’s see what other mysteries your family have in store.”
That made Mike smile, “One thing about my family is that they’re never boring.”
“Yep,” Patrick stated, “And don’t worry, you don’t have to throw out the Oldsmobile if you don’t want to.”
“Finally,” Mike laughed, “After so many years I won a fight.”
Pat laughed, “Don’t get used to it.”
Harry hit his desk and an envelope caught his eye. It was his mail that he hadn’t had a chance to read. He sat down and read it, or at
least he was about to. A red haired kid came running in his office.
“Toby,” Harry asked, seeing the look on his face what is it?
“You need to come to locker room. Something is happening.” Coach Harry was perplexed. Nobody should be in the locker room
now. He put the envelope aside and followed his student to the room.
He saw the scene and couldn’t believe his eyes as they moved over the three piles of clothes. The locker room is normally cleaned
at night so there shouldn’t be any clothes left behind. Then the situation dawned on him as Toby pointed to the floor.
Jeans, a t-shirt, an undershirt and a pair of boxers were leading toward the showers.  Remembering his youth and what he did one
time when he was young he ran. And there they were; three students naked.
“What’s going on here?”  The three boys looked surprised to see their coach. When they heard the locker room door open they
had stopped their activity and hoped they would go away.
“Nothing is happening.” The lead boy said, even though his dick was in another kid’s mouth.  Toby laughed at the ridiculous
Harry laughed as well. Clinton who had been jerking off had eyed his coach, “You’re not mad?”
“Not in the slightest.” Harry smiled, “However, as your coach, I cannot allow you guys explore on school grounds.”
Ryan stared daggers at Toby, seeing him for the first time. “You fucking asshole. I can’t believe you would snitch on me.”
“Well you are kind of cheating on me with Clinton and this guy.”
“This guy has a name.” The third member said.  “It was just a dare.”
“I don’t give a fuck. He’s my boyfriend.”
“Not anymore.” Ryan smiled.
Toby was more than angry with Ryan. He let the emotion enter his body and within seconds he punched Ryan in the groin and then
slapped him hard on the face.
Harry knew this was going to escalate. He grabbed Toby and pulled him off of Ryan. “Guys, seriously. You four were the closest of
friends, what the hell happened?”
They all began to speak at once. Harry put up his hand. “I don’t care. Listen, this is what needs to happen. Clinton, Ryan and
William have detention, and Toby you join them.”
“What?” Clinton asked. “I thought you weren’t upset.”
“I’m not, but as your coach, I need to make sure you guys understand the seriousness of what’s just happened.  Moreover, you
guys need to work out this out. So, I expect to see all four of you in my office at 3 o’clock. Or else a call will be placed to your
That made everybody nod in agreement. “Good, now get dressed.”
The guys did as they were told. Harry gave them all an unhappy look before going back to his office. He chuckled all the way. 
Harry was shocked that they would be so open with their sexual activity, especially in this school. Although there was zero
tolerance for any fighting or discrimination, it was still hard for them be open and be who they were. Three years ago was when
the first openly gay student entered the school. He opened up in such an interesting way. He was assigned an essay assignment to
tell about their best day. Harry had brought the assignment out to work on their use of commas.  Every week, the essay with the
least amount of mistakes would be read in class.
The student wrote about coming out to his family and how hard it would have been and the essay went on to explain that the
family accept him more than ever. The student wrote the best essay, so before asking him to read it aloud, he gave him the choice
to say no. Toby thought about it, but went ahead to read it with confidence. Surprisingly, when he finished most of the class
applauded him.
It was then that William, Clinton, Toby and Ryan became great friends and a week later Ryan and Toby started dating. They had
been together since then. Harry hoped they would get past this. He was chuckling again as he approached his office. Seeing three
friends get caught brought him back to his summer of Ted, Tad and Tom.
He opened the door to his office when his cell rang and he got a call from Bianca. He was surprised to hear from her. He sat down
on his chair eyeing the envelope he was looking at earlier. 
Alton was just finishing lunch at the restaurant where he worked. He was the manager of a small local Italian restaurant that had
some of Philly’s best Pizzas. He really enjoyed his job and in a few minutes he was expecting a new trainee. He got up and went to
his office to get the file on this new guy. He was 26 and had been working in the restaurant business since he was 14 years old. He
started as the dishwasher at his father’s restaurant. 
Trevor had moved his way up to waiter, then floor manager in the span five years. His father had taken ill when Trevor turned 25 so
he took over the management of that establishment. However, six months later the restaurant did so well that another competitor
bought it out for a huge sum of money and with a blessing from his father Trevor accepted the deal.
He missed the restaurant business so he applied for the position within Philly’s Pizza Pie. Although, Alton did not own the
establishment, he was given incredible responsibility, especially in the realm of hiring. He knew Trevor had the experience, and
after a short interview process, where Alton learned Trevor’s background, he knew he found the right guy.
However, the position was for an assistant manager, which was way below Trevor’s pay grade. During the interview process Alton
made it quite clear that this position would not pay that well at first. Suggesting with time raises may be seen. Trevor told him that
he didn’t need the money he just missed the working in a local restaurant.
Today was the first time Trevor would actually see the restaurant at its full capacity. His main responsibility would be to manage
the front of house people and make sure the communication between the front and kitchen worked well. Alton’s major duties
were to expedite a service. Over the course of the week Trevor would move into that position.
Right on schedule, Trevor walked in, smiling in a black shirt and black pants, the unofficial uniform of the Philly’s Pizza Pie.
“Welcome, Trevor. How’s your father doing?”
“Quite well, with the money from selling the restaurant he is receiving the best care possible.”
“That’s good.”
Alton showed Trevor around the restaurant and introduced him the wait staff and cooks. The wait staff were currently cleaning
cutlery and setting the tables while the cooks prepared for tonight’s rush.
“So, I would like you to run the pre shift meeting as well. If you need me I will be in the office handling the paperwork. I suggest
you talk with the Head Chef, the owner’s cousin, Rico. He has some interesting creations that he would like to wow you with.”
“Have you tried them?”
“No,” Alton said. He never did like Rico’s cooking. “But, I’m sure it will be great.
“Boss, you okay?”
“Fine, just been a long week. And please call me Alton. Nick is the boss around here.”  Honestly, Alton was feeling down lately. He
was worried about his partner, but there was more to it than that.
“Does Nick come on the floor a lot?” Trevor inquired.
“Yeah, mostly he talks to the regular customers. His main duties are the host and sometimes he tends bar when the bartender is
With few more quick questions about some of the more general practices, Trevor left to talk with the head chef. Alton walked
back to the office. Just as he was about to go over next week’s food delivery, his blackberry rang.
“Hey, Lover.” The caller said.
“Hey yourself.”
“Can you get away for dinner tonight?”
“Actually, I’m putting Trevor through the hoops so I need to keep an eye on him. However, we can meet for drinks after.”
“That’s good.”
“How was the meeting this morning with Granger, Ron?”
There was long pause, “It went fine. I will pick you up at the restaurant when it closes. I love you.”
Click. Alton knew it wasn’t that fine. Ron had been worried about his performance of late and he stayed up all night worried about
his meeting with Mr. Granger.  However, another call came in, this time from the office line.
“Hey Nick.” Alton said, recognizing the phone number.
“How’s Trevor doing?”
“Great, he will be managing the front of house tonight.”
“Good. This is good.” Nick wasn’t much for chitchatting or small talk. He was direct Italian, who happened to have lived in a Jewish
“Yep, Nick. My replacement is going to work out well.”  Then he added in his head. I hope.
“Zaidy is dead.”
Josh Turner didn’t know what to think of do, so he sat there. Eventually, once the shock passed, he called his sister to get the
necessary information on what had occurred. Zaidy is what he called his grandfather. And to hear he died so suddenly surprised
His sister explained really quickly, “Well he was having problems and was sent to the hospital. Dad and your aunts drove to
Montreal to be with him. By the time they arrived at the hospital Zaidy was gone. It was a brain aneurism.”
Josh asked the obvious question, “Why couldn’t you tell me last night?”
“Your phone wasn’t on, we tried though.”
It was true he had forgotten to charge the batteries and he put the phone in his charge as he came to the lab today. “Is mom
Rebecca, his sister currently lived with his mom, as her house was being built by her construction orientated husband. “Yeah, hold
on,” she replied.
“Yeah, how is dad doing?” It surprised Josh that this would be the first question he would ask. He didn’t have the best relationship
with his father. Whenever he tried to talk to him Josh said something wrong to get his father to give him the stare. Basically, his
father would lower his head so his eyes would appear above his glasses and then frown.
“He’s doing okay.”  She replied, his dad wouldn’t show his emotion to anyone.
It was obviously not the case. Josh couldn’t imagine how his Dad was coping with the loss of his parent. He decided to call him
“Okay, I’m checking the computer as we are talking and I will catch the first bus out of here.”
“You don’t need to rush home.”
“Yes I do.” Josh gave her the information. The one thing his dad had taught him was that family sticks together. And this was a time
when the family needed to be together.
He talked to his accounting teacher and asked for a postponement for the test he was supposed to write. It didn’t occur to Josh
that he was shaking as he talked to Jim, his professor.
“Josh, don’t worry about it. Once you’re back, contact me and we’ll arrange a makeup test. You sure you’re okay?”
“Yeah,” Josh responded, more an automatic response than a true answer. After that he packed up his stuff and dashed to the bus
station. As he was waiting for the Toronto bus to arrive, Josh called his dad.
“How are you doing?”
“Things are going okay.” He then informed him of the plans in Montreal, when the funeral would happen and how Josh was asked
to be the pallbearer.”
“The hardest part is writing this eulogy.” 
Dad was always the one Josh went to when drafting speeches. He never knew how to balance the humor and the seriousness of
the situation. Writing a eulogy requires more planning, as death is a touchy subject for everybody.
“I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Then Josh said the phrase that he never uttered. That most of his family never spoke. “I love you, dad.”
“I love you too. I’ll see you when you get here.” He hung up.
Before Josh knew it he was on his way to Toronto. This next five-six hours bus ride passed slowly. Josh was accustomed to the trip
and normally brought a book or something to keep him occupied. This time in his rush, he forgot them. He tried to sleep instead.
An image entered his mind, a happier one. It was back a year ago, during his Father’s birthday. Josh had come up with a plan to be
there for his birthday and completely surprise him. He had emailed his mom and told her when to pick him up from the bus
After he was seated on the bus, Josh called his father, wishing him a happy birthday and apologizing that a test prevented him
from being there, all the while Josh was heading closer to him.
His Mom picked him up and Josh had a few hours to kill before his dad arrived for his birthday. He went to use the computer in the
basement to pass the time. The front door opened and his dad walked in. Josh walked up and walked past the foyer, smiling to
Dad, “Happy birthday.” The smile on his dad’s face of surprise made Josh smile some more.   
Another image entered his mind, of his grandfather. Josh was 10 or 11 and his Zaidy was taking him and his sister fishing. They
were on a lake, three years after Zaidy and Bubby moved to Montreal. In the boat, Josh wasn’t having any luck.
“Here, maybe this will help.”
Josh eyed him, skeptically. “Your rod?”
Zaidy shrugged, “It gave me luck.” So, cautiously, Josh took the rod and waved it in the motion his grandfather had showed him.
An hour later the rod was pulling.  Josh grabbed it with two hands, but the fish was pulling strong. Zaidy laughed, putting his hand
on the rod so Josh wouldn’t be pulled into the lake. However, the fish pulled more and Zaidy’s precious rod left both of their
hands, flying into the lake.
Josh looked at his Zaidy, “I’m so sorry.”
“It’s just a thing.”
“No, it’s not.” Josh jumped in the lake after it, shocking his sister and Zaidy. A minute later Josh broke through the water holding
Zaidy’s rod.
Zaidy patted his head and smiled at his grandson. “Thank you.” 
From that day on Josh and his grandfather carried a special bond. More images entered his head. Before he knew it, Josh had
arrived at the bus station and went to meet his Mom. He walked up the stairs to the general parking area, but his mom was
nowhere to be seen.
Josh got nervous.
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