Posted:  July 31, 2010

Riley drove up to his dad’s house after his freshman year of college was complete.  Normally he lived with his mom but things changed when she and her new husband decided to move half way across the country.  Riley didn’t mind it since his dad lived on the outskirts of his old neighborhood where all of his friends lived.  He entered the empty house and found his room.  He was pleased to see it had changed for the better into something fit for a 19 year old instead of a 12 year old like it used to be.

Riley called his dad to let him know he had made it okay.  He waited patiently for his dad to arrive.  He heard him drive up while watching television.  His dad entered his house through the garage and spotted Riley on the couch making himself at home.

Riley stood and embraced his dad.  It had been a few months since he had seen his dad and was happy to see him.

“Riley, I must say you really look great now,” his dad stated standing back and taking a long look at him.  “You said you’d been working out hard over the last few months and boy does it show…”

“Dad, I can tell you’ve lost a few pounds too,” Riley commented.

“I have.  It looks like you need a haircut,” his dad said with Riley brushing back his long dark blond hair. “Son, I don’t know about those earrings, however.”

“Dad!” Riley said.

His dad smiled, “I suppose it’s the style.”

“Got a tattoo as well,” Riley said.

His dad shook his head while Riley raised up his shirt to expose the tattoo at his cut waist.  “Wow!  I’m even more impressed.”

“You like the tattoo, huh?”

“No, you’re really cut. You’re no longer my average son.  You’re going to have to clue me in on how you get those cuts,” his dad stated. “Do you live in the gym nowdays?”

“Dad, I’ve changed my diet a little and do work out hard,” Riley answered. “So when are we going to your gym?”

“Well… let me get changed and we can go.  I suppose you can show up your old man,” his dad stated.

Riley smiled, “I can guess I can for a change.”

Together the father and son headed to the gym.  They did their best to impress each other with their strength and prowess at the gym.  Riley was shocked to see his dad was close to him in bench press, squats and curls.  They ended the workout with cardio where Riley outlasted his dad by a good five minutes on the bikes.  They showered in separate stalls and dressed before heading home.

“Dad that was really a blast.  You have been working hard,” Riley said.

“As hard as I’ve been working, I realize I have my limitations, son.  My body could never get close to yours.  It’s the facts of growing old,” his dad said.

“Hey but still you can try,” Riley laughed. 

Once home, Rick, the dad, found his favorite chair and invited Riley to join to watch whatever Riley wanted.  They sat and enjoyed the precious father son time before Rick was snoozing in his chair.  Riley looked to see it was just after 9 and shook his long blond locks.

Riley stood his dad’s sleeping as long as he could.  He walked over and nudged his dad, “Dad…?”

Rick was shaken and startled from his peaceful sleep, “Ummm…”

“I’m heading out to Joe’s,” Riley said concerning a local coffee house he frequented often growing up.

“That’s fine,” Rick stated, rubbing his eyes. “I’ll probably be asleep…”

“No probably to it,” Riley laughed and headed to change to head out.

A big smile came across Riley’s face when he entered the old haut.  He looked around first and headed to order his usual from one cute barista.  He took the drink and spotted an old friend sitting alone enjoying a coffee.

“You want some company?” Riley asked Lane.

Lane looked up and broke into a big smile, “Dude, great to see ya.”

“I was thinking the same thing.  How’s your senior year going?” Riley asked and grabbed a seat across from Lane.

“Same old shit, dude.  Nothing has changed,” Lane said.

“I figured.  Where’s the old gang at tonight?” Riley asked.

“Probably out partying or doing some shit.  You know them,” Lane stated.

Riley nodded in agreement, “I see nothing has changed.”

“I’ll tell you what has changed.”

“What?” Riley asked.

“Your ass is fucking hot as ever, Riley.  Shit!” Lane stated.

“I’m sort of glad you noticed.  I still think about you a lot,” Riley said.

“Same here.  We really had some hot times, huh?  I bet you’ve found plenty of hot guys that can match me…”

“Get real.  I love how you’ve let your hair grow out…”

“Dude, I can see those muscles popping and those veins in your neck and arm…” Lane stated and finished his drink.

“You still have the greatest deepest brown eyes with those kick ass lashes…” Riley said.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” a familiar voice of another friend Travis was heard.

“Not much dude,” Lane replied.

“Whoa there Riley, you hitting the juice?” Travis asked.

Riley smiled, “It’s all natural.”

“Looking hot as ever,” Travis said and was soon joined by an unknown companion.  “See you hotties later.”

Lane leaned up and whispered, “That’s Kale, Travis’ new bitch.  Follows him around like a dog.”

“He looks young,” Riley commented about Kale.

“He’s a fucking sophomore,” Lane stated.  “He’s cute and all but damn Travis can do better than that.”

“I’ll say,” Riley said.

Lane continued to fill Riley in on all the local gay boy gossip from who’s dating who to who’s fucking around on whom.  Lane seemed to know a little bit about everyone.

“So Lane, who are you dating?” Riley asked.

“No one right now…  You?”

“Same here… free as bird,” Riley smiled.

Lane leaned up, “Is your mom home tonight?”

“She moved.  I’m living with my dad and yes he is home,” Riley answered.


“Are you thinking…”

“I was,” Lane raised his eyebrows. “I’d love to get back with you.”

Riley’s mind was clicking at warp speed.  “He’s probably asleep. He was even when I left so I’m sure he still is.  My bedroom is on the other end of the house from his, too.”

“You wanna?”

Riley smiled, “Oh yes, I do!”

The two walked out, shared a long kiss and sped towards Riley’s Dad house.  Quietly, the two entered the dark house.  Riley checked and saw his dad snoring. 

Once in his new room, Riley pushed Lane on the bed and started making out with him.  It took a few seconds before Riley’s shirt came off.  Lane dove in and enjoyed worshipping the gym body Riley had acquired.  Riley took the kissing, licking and sucking all he could and wanted to show Lane the same treatment.  Lane’s shirt flew off with his shorts right behind.  Riley moved down and returned the favor.  Once near Lane’s waist, Riley lowered Lane’s boxer briefs.

“Hmmm… just how I remember it, all big and fucking thick,” Riley stated before using his tongue on his cock.

Lane leaned back and tossed back his head to enjoy Riley’s wet hot mouth.  Riley played with the foreskin before taking Lane’s cock in his mouth. 

“Damn, you’re even better than I remember,” Lane stated.

Riley rose up, “Practice.”

Lane kissed Riley on the lips.  “Let’s fucking 69.  I want your dick too.”

Riley pushed off his shorts without a thought.  The two maneuvered around to the perfect position to enjoy each other.  Lane licked Riley’s hard cut 6 inches while Riley sucked on his hard 7 and half inches.  Both moaned and groaned with their mouth full. 

Riley stopped and sat up.  “I want you fuck me so bad.”

“I want to too.  You got any condoms?  I sure don’t on me,” Lane said.

“No but fuck it.  I trust you and it’s too late to turn back now.  I want you!”


“No to that as well, so you better get my ass good and wet,” Riley replied.

“That will be a treat,” Lane smiled.  He threw Riley’s legs high in the air.  He could see Riley wasn’t prepared for this.  “Riley, you need to clean your ass a little bit.”

“Fine,” Riley said and marched to the bathroom.  He returned to see Lane stroking his cock and looking so hot.  He crawled on top of him, kissed him and felt a finger go up his ass.  “Fuck it, I’m taking this dick.”  Riley moved up and lined Lane’s cock with his ass.  He slowly slid down the shaft with a little pain.

“Does it hurt?”

“Nothing I can’t handle.  I’m so horny right now,” Riley stated, looking into Lane’s eyes and feeling his cock going deeper and deeper.

“Me too,” Lane said. “and you’re the main reason.  Fuck, you’re hot.”

Riley slowly started riding the hard cock in his ass.  He wasn’t used to this unlubed experience or unprotected.  He began moaning with each deep plunge while staring into Lane’s eyes.  Lane leaned up and met him with a wet kiss.

Riley leaned back and got on his back at the foot of the bed.  He pulled Lane deeper while the two fucked in rhythm.  Both were moaning and groaning with the bed shaking. Lane took it slow so they could both enjoy this intense moment.  

“Oh fuck me, Lane,” Riley moaned.

“Your ass is so hot.”

“MMM feels so good,” Riley continued to moan with both of their breathing becoming heavier.

“You like my big cock?”

“Oh yes, fuck me,” Riley said in ecstasy.

“Fuck yeah!” Lane groaned. 

“Keep fucking that ass!  OOOO fuck yeah,” Riley said and was lost in the moment of euphoria with Lane deep in him.  “Harder!”

Lane pushed harder and harder to hear Riley’s deep moans and groans.  They continued to fuck with both breathing as hard as ever.  Lane reached down to find Riley’s cock between the two. It only took a few strokes of Riley’s cock by Lane’s hand to send him over the top.  Lane saw the burst and pulled out in a flash.  He leaned over and deposited his load with Riley’s load.

“We still got it,” Lane said while on top of Riley and at his face.

“I’ll say we do,” Riley said.

“You were as great as the last time if not better.”

“This better not be a one and done deal,” Riley said and reached to stroke Lane’s cheek.

“Are you kidding me unless you’re talking about tonight?  Otherwise, I have a strong feeling we might have something again this summer,” Lane said.

The two made out like crazy in their glow. 

“I guess I better head home,” Lane said.

“I know but man I wish I could wake up next to you,” Riley said stroking Lane’s dark hair.

“In case you’ve forgotten, your dad is here,” Lane said.

“No but I was lost in the moment of passion and lust,” Riley smiled. “I guess you better leave.”

Lane got off the bed, dressed and kissed Riley goodbye after the two walked quietly to the front door.  Still in gaga land, Riley drifted back to his new room with the smell of sex and Lane filling it.  He lay on the pillow with the cum dried on his ripped abs.

Riley was up about 10 and walked out in his boxers to find his dad sitting in the living room.  Riley went to the kitchen and was delighted to see all the healthy options he had for breakfast.  He grabbed a protein bar and a glass of juice to join his dad.

“Did you have fun last night, Riley?” his dad asked.

“Yeah I guess.  Didn’t really do a lot,” Riley replied.

His dad started sniffing loudly.  “Hmmm… I’m not sure but I think I smell a big load of BULLSHIT!”

Riley’s eyes grew wide. “I did have… ummm… have a friend stop…by.”

“Son, there’s one thing I can’t handle and it’s a liar.  I heard you and that friend.”

“You did?” Riley asked with his face red and eyes even wider.

“Mind telling me who it was?”

“It was…a girl I knew from high school,” Riley said and scared.

“For a girl, she sure had a deep voice.  Again I smell BULLSHIT.  Don’t lie to me, Riley!” his dad said and got in his face.

“Back the fuck up, dude!”

“Say it.  You are gay and had a guy come over and fuck you.”

Trapped and scared, Riley didn’t know what to do. “Dad, I’ve never seen you act like this.”

“You’ve never lied to me like this either,” his dad said in his face.

“Fine then.  I am gay and had an old fling come over for sex.  Are you happy now?”

His dad broke off into a smile. “I am very happy because it’s the truth.”

“Yes it is.”

His dad moved and sat next to Riley.  “Son, I really don’t care if you are gay.  I still love you as much as ever.”

“So I’m not kicked out of the house?”

“Not unless you want keep lying to me, you’re not.  I completely understand that a guy has needs, no matter what or where.  So when do I get to meet this stud who is one lucky young man or was it a one-nighter?”

A total look of relief came on Riley’s face. “Dad, so this is all cool with you, right?”

“Yes son, we’re both adults now. I can handle the fact that you're gay and am completely okay with it.”

“I guess you can meet him tonight if Lane wants to come over.”

“And stay the night?”

Riley’s eyes grew wide with excitement, “He can stay the night?”

“Beats you sneaking around.  I don’t care as long as you don’t care if I have a nice woman over as well on occasion.”

“Wow, this is awesome!  I can have Lane over?”

“I know what you do, so why not.”

“Dad, you are simply great!” Riley gave his dad a big hug.


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