I wrote this story as a tribute to Wazputz’s story about Matt, Kris, Corey, Colt and the Gang.   The gang has been a part of my college life and all I could say is thank you for continuing it and making the story worthwhile.

This story is about an unseen character that maybe some of us can relate to. We all know someone has to play in the background. Someone has to be underneath everything and go unseen. Somehow, someone suffers from afar when we think everything is okay within eyes reach.

And we all know that there will always be a good story behind another good story.

Also thanks to Andy and Big D!!!

Watching from the Sidelines
Summer Sidelines
Chapter 6 -
"Autumn Breeze"

You know what I love about life? Its little surprises that give color in our daily routines. It's like joining the lottery and then all
of a sudden life gives a splash of winning and then, Tah-Dah!, you're life's changed.

I woke up early Thursday happy and excited. That's a new feat since I never really found interest sitting in classes with other people, but
today, I feel like introducing myself to every person I see. But I know that's not gonna happen and even if it did, not all people will like
a 'Hey, My name is Cord and Im gay' introduction. 'Oh well, that's not gonna change my mood today.' I thought.

Drizzle was genuinely excited too. She bounced up and down as soon as I left the bed. I took a bath first and then changed for the first day of
classes. Then I had a quick breakfast and gave Drizzle hers too. I made sure that she went potty and gave her more food since I won’t be back til

Walking to the University, I remembered the past two years when everything was just a boring routine. I was a robot then, now however, I feel really great. I walked up to Toni who was waiting for me in the school parking lot. Since I told her about me being gay, I felt really relieved. Toni was over it too. We even spent yesterday watching re-runs of How I met your mother.

"What took you so long?" She asked.

"What? I didn't. It's only 7:30. What time's your class?" I asked her.

"9, yours?"

"Cool I have mine at 9 too. So, where do you want to hang out?"

"Let's hangout by the school fountain and go boy-watching!" Toni said in an upbeat tone.

"Whoa! Very discreet Toni." I laughed but went with her.

Toni was right. The square was filled with students and an eyefull of hot freshies. We sat on the lawn and relaxed for awhile.

"Cordy, look! 9 o'clock, the blonde guy with blue shirt." Toni said and I looked to where she pointed. The guy was smiling and was talking to a
geeky guy with heavy rimmed glasses. He's cute but not my type.

"Too beefy if you ask me." I said.

"Not for you silly. For me."

"Seriously Toni? I don't see him with you. You feel like having a battered body?"

"Well I think he's the sweet and gentle type."

"Yeah right!" I said with my eyes rolled.

We spent an hour sitting on the lawn bathing under the morning sun. It was rather a nice way to start the day while watching lots of cute guys. I did see some gay guys or whom I think were gay. One cute brunnette guy passed by me and winked. I smiled back at him and showed him my dimples. Then he licked his lips, that's the moment I turned away. 'Ugh.' I thought. Very typical.

I accompanied Toni to her room first since my building was beside hers. When I entered the room there weren't a lot of students yet so I picked a chair at the back beside the window. I could see a lot of students outside. It was a happy and peaceful scene despite the population. The room was now almost filled.
I recognized 4 students who were in my theatre class last year and smiled at them. The professor entered the room with some students still entering hurrying to the unoccupied seats. The professor looked to be in his early thirties, lean and his clothes untidy. He began assembling his things and started writing down on his notepad.

The seat next to me moved and I looked up to see this really cute guy who sat next to me. He took his notebook out and looked at me and smiled. He's about 5'9” with a tan and blue eyes that smiles when he does.

The lecture started and went on about the basics of photography which I have already skimmed when I read the online lesson plan. The class was rather fun as the professor, Mr. McKinley, kept cracking jokes here and there. I listened to the laughter of the guy beside me and it was pure music. His laugh was the intoxicating kind where you can't help but join in. The class was over with some groans which made the professor laugh and promised to make the next lecture more fun.

"That was something new huh?" The guy next to me said.

"Yup, that was. I enjoyed it. I  can say you do. You were rolling on the floor."

"Yeah.. He's crazy. I'm Simon." He said and reached out his hand. The moment he moved to the light his eyes, which I thought were blue, were now light greenish. I stared in awe.

"Uh... Ahhh..." I smiled goofily and reached out my hand. "I'm Cord."

"Cord... Nice to meet you. Are you majoring in Photography too?"

"Yes, you too?" I asked still looking deep into his eyes. He nodded. "That's awesome, someone with the same course as I am."

He must have noticed me staring because he smiled awkwardly. I quickly looked down and I knew I was blushing. He gave a small chuckle.

"Why?" I asked and felt stupid for asking.

"Ah, Nothing. You blushed." He said and smiled again.

"Sorry, I was just.. I... oh God..." I looked down at my bag as I put my notebook back in it.

"Don't be, I think it's cute." Simon said as he turned and went to the door. As soon as he reached the door, he turned to me. "I believe we have the same schedule... Come with me?"

"I... Ah.. Okay..." I hurried to him and we went out together. Next class was about Media Laws and Ethics which I knew was going to be very boring.

Simon and I spent the whole class behind chatting. The professor, Dr. Volkova, an elderly Russian lady with a doctors degree in the subject, wasted no time and was soon writing notes and let us copy 'litterally' everything. Simon joked about how Ms. Volkova kept raising her eyebrows which clearly was her mannerism.

We got dismissed around 11:30. I still can't get over the fact that I have a cute guy with me and he just asked if we could have lunch together. My phone beeped and it was Toni. I then remembered promising her that we'd go to lunch together.

"Uh, Simon? Is it okay if my friend went with us?" I asked Simon.

"Yeah, sure. We could wait for her."

I texted Toni and she showed up in less that 5 minutes. She saw me and her eyes bulged when she saw Simon beside me.

"Hey! Cord!" She greeted winking. Obviously if I may add.

"Toni, this is Simon, Simon, Toni." I said animated.

"I'm his girlfriend." Toni said as she put her arms around my waist.

I was about to protest but she stopped my by pinching me from behind. I looked back at Simon who clearly was surprised with what Toni said.

"Oh... ah.. Nice to meet you." He reached for Toni's hand.

"You too. I see my baby's making friends already. Good boy." Toni said.

Simon was now clearly uncomfortable with Toni's actions. I didn't know what Toni's intentions were so I didn't stop her, but I would be asking for explanations later.

We decided to eat in the University's Eastside, Cafeteria with Toni, still acting all lovey-dovey. Simon was unusually quiet the whole time. I tried keeping up a conversation with him but all he said were , yes, no, yup, uhuh.

After we finished eating, Toni gulped the remaining juice from her cup then looked at Simon.

"I give up. I'm not Cord's girlfriend." She said smiling at Simon.

Simon was now confused, but a smile's building up on his cute semi-hispanic face. "What? I thought." He said motioning his hands from Toni to me.

"Nope, actually, Simon, I'm gay." I said and prepared for cussings and shoutings. But I knew Simon wouldn't do that. At least my gaydar did.

"Wow." Simon said smiling looking straight into me.

"Well?" Toni asked.

"What? I'm not a homophobe if you're asking me." Simon said. "I'm gay too."

"Just as I thought. You were drilling a hole into Cord a while ago, so I thought I'm gonna play with you a little."

It was now Simon's turn to blush. "I wasn't..." Then he looked back at me. "Was I?"

"I don't know." I blushed and the three of us laughed.

The day continued on and I was now really happy with who I'm turning out to be. I just need to get over one obstacle in my life. And I think finally meeting Matt will keep this boiling feeling in me away. Simon was now making advances on me, I can tell, but I really wasn't in the position to think of relationships yet. I just want to
get this feeling of Matt in me over with before I moved on. I want to give this feeling that changed me, a chance.

The next week, Toni, Simon and I are inseparable. We had lunch together all the time and Toni usually went to my apartment after class, not to visit me, but visit Drizzle instead. She kept going on and on about how she should be the one taking care of Drizzle. I turned her offers down as I wanted Drizzle in my watch cause I already fell inlove with the little bugger. Simon still continued to inch closer and closer to me so I decided to talk to him about it.

"I just wanna be in a relationship right now." He said.

"I know Simon. I'm really flattered but, in my situation now, I still cant focus."

"Can you atleat tell me who this guy is?"

"Just someone I saw two years ago."

"Whoa, I think you might be losing your mind." He said in a chuckle.

"I think I am."

"Can I kiss you?" Simon said seriously which surprised me. "What?"

"It's just that, I'm so attracted to you... I want to get it out of my system if you want us to be friends." Simon said. "And I want us to be."

I leaned in and kissed him softly at first and then our tongues were battling in a very seductive dance.

"Whoa... nice..." He breathed as he pulled from the kiss.

"You tell me..." I smiled breathing heavy.

"You're right.. I'm looking for a spark, but there's nothing there."

"Are you saying I'm a bad kisser?" I said in mock anger.

"You kiss great and I could go on and on but.. Ah you get it."

"OH MY GOD!!! You guys kissed?" Toni said entering my apartment.

"Yep." I said proudly.

"It's not what you think Toni. I just had to get that out of me." Simon clarified.

"Get your horniness out of your system? Horndog!" Toni teased.

Simon caught Toni by the waist and pushed her on the couch and started tickling her. Drizzle joined in and started licking Toni's face.

"Ewww! Dog breath!" Simon laughed.

"It's not disgusting! Right baby? Who's my Drizzle? Who's my Drizzle?" Toni said cooing Drizzle. "But seriously Cord. Who is this guy you're talking about that you're head over heels for?"

I went to sit both in front of them. "Okay, Toni, I know you will be shocked but, I-.... Ahhh...."

"Are you saying this is one of the guys?" Toni said shocked and I nodded.

"I saw him almost two years ago and I don't know what's gotten into me but, I know he's different. I'm in love with him and..."

"Is it Scott? Please don't tell me it's Scott, cause I don't think Scott has a good reputation in relationships.."

"It's not Scott, Toni... It's.."

"Is it Jess? Jess is so cute, you could go for him you know..."

"No it's not Jess... I've been in love with..."

"Ohh Brennan, there, but I heard he and Garret has a thing going...."

"TONI! Let me finish! It's not this Brennan guy or this Garret guy! Geesh! Calm down will you?" I said and Simon laughed.

"I'm just getting a bit excited you know. Sorry" Toni said eagerly."

"It's Matt." I said. Simon remained smiling. Toni however had her mouth dropped.

"Are you out of your freakin mind Cord? Of all the guys to choose from? Matt? Well, you pick well but you dont have a chance! He's in love with Corey
and you know there together for about 2 years now." Toni said scoldingly.

"I know." I said, my heart feeling the pain again, with Toni pressing the facts right infront of me. I looked down and felt tears building welling up.

"Hey, come here." Toni said. "I'm sorry... But you do know that what you're doing is suicide. Right? I just don't want you hurt Cord."

"That makes two of us Cord." Simon said.

"I tried rationalizing Toni, I really did. But..." I said between sobs.

"I know baby... I know... You know what, just do what you have to do and know that Simon and I are here for you. Relax, those guys are the best." Toni said and smiled.

"Yeah. The worst he could do is turn you down. He's not everything Cord. Or atleast you'll find out soon." Simon patted my back. "And as soon as you get that out of you we could have makeout sessions here."

We laughed at his joke. I felt good knowing that I had good friends to support me. The night went on with the three of us just hanging around.
I played organ for Toni and Simon and both of them danced around in a slow dance. We had a great time bonding and I was feeling great again.

"Thank you guys.. This was an amazing night." I said to both to them and gave them both hugs.

"Don't mention it Cordy." Toni said and kissed my cheek.

"Yup, you'd do the same for us if we were in your place." Simon said and hugged me tight. Looking at him now his eyes are blueish gray.

"How do you do that?" I asked amazed.

"Do what?" He asked.

"Change eye color. It's impossible." I said bemused. "The first time I saw you, it was blue, then green, then now it's gray.

"It's the light." He said simply and smiled.

"It is gray." Toni said, then she turned Simon towards the light. "Now it's blue! Cool!"

"Okay! Stop messing with my eyes." Simon chuckled. Then I remembered the salesman from the Camera Store. G.A. have been texting me and I have been turning down his offers of eating outside.



"I have this really cute guy who keeps on texting me. Do you want me to hook you up with him?"

"Is he really cute? How old is he?"

"Yeah, he is. He's 21 and is working a part-time job in this Camera store I went in."

"Ahhh... sure. But be sure to be there when you introduce us."

"Duh! Of course I'll be there." I said and hugged him.

They both said goodbye with Simon promising to accompany Toni back to her dorm room. I made sure Drizzle had her potty time before we went back to my apartment and prepared for bed. I got a call from mom, asking if I was doing well. I told her about the new friends I was making and was exceptionally happy for me.

The next day I ran into Ted who just got out of his classroom, next to mine.

"Cordy!!! What's up?!" Ted greeted in an upbeat, gaining attention from around the hall.

"Hey Ted! Nice man, haven't heard from you in a while. I'm good!"

"Sorry Cord, our asses are always on the field practicing. What with the upcoming game and all."

"I know.. That's next  week right?"

"Right! And I know who I'm expecting there."

"Consider it done!" I said and smiled at him.

"Oh, yeah! I forgot. Why don't you come to the pep rally too?"

"I'll give it a try. Although I'm not into crowds." I chuckled.

"Think of it as a preparation for the game."

"Okay.. will do boss." I said.

"Nice, carry on soldier!" Ted said and smiled."See you around buddy. And dont forget. You owe Luke dinner for four."

"See you! Tell him bring two of his best football buds!" I shouted back at him.

I turned to Simon whose mouth was open in amazement.

"That's Ted Wilcox!" He said.

"Yes, that's Ted Wilcox."

"Are you fuckin kidding me Cordy? You're friends with the University superstar?"


The whole day, Simon went on and on about how he loved the University football team and have watched all their plays.

That week I texted Scott and was concerned when I learned from Jess that they had an accident and his truck was still under repair. It was hard
to catch up with him because of his schedule but I did wish him and Jess well.

We did went to the pep rally and saw Ted and Luke with another guy and their coach on stage.
“Thanks for all y’all coming out tonight. I promise you I’ll give my best effort each play. Hope you come tomorrow to see us kick some ass!” Ted said and the
crowd went wild. Toni and Simon were shouting their lungs out.

Saturday, Toni and Simon was up and early and went buzzing outside my apartment. Drizzle's shouting woke me up. I greeted them and invited them in for breakfast.
We dug in the pile of pancakes I made with Simon hurrying the both of us.

"What's with the hurry Simon?" Toni asked.

"We need to get front row!"

"So you could take a closer look at the hotties?"

"No, I love football."

"You just love balls." Toni said.

"We both love balls." I said giggling.

"Get laid both of you!" Toni said in mock disgust.

The game was rather exciting, or so I think it is, according to Luke's victory shouts. He was so fun to watch trying to get the crowd to cheer with him or worse, do the wave. Toni and I were laughing at his antics but the crowd, surprisingly, saw it fit to cheer with him. Our team already won by a landslide by the start of the fourth quarter
leaving Simon bouncing up and down.

"That was awesome!" Simon said gleefully putting his arms around me and Toni's after we finished the fourth quarter that was a drag because Ted wasn't playing anymore. "We should do this often."

"Ohh.. I think I'm gonna puke!" Toni said seriously which made me look in the direction she's looking.

"I'm guessing that's Bryson..." I said.

"Yeah. Let's get out of here." Toni said and we moved the other way. I did see Kris and Corey talking, I tried to find Matt but the crowd was too thick.

After the game we had a 'victory' meal, according to Simon. Toni brought her friend Lilly and her boyfriend Viktor. Viktor was rather quiet, I believe it's because
we told him were gay, but he was polite enough not say bad things.

Going back to the apartment I was about to get in the complex and saw Matt and Corey get out their apartment building. They were holding hands and Corey was smiling. That moment, my heart was really breaking and I looked at myself. I was peeking from afar. Probably looking as stupid as shit. I'm better than this, I said to myself.

I called up Simon and asked about the gay, house party he mentioned awhile ago. I was in luck that he didn't ask if I was going as he wasn't. I picked up the best clothes I had and made sure I looked extra nice. I wore a long sleeved white polo with the top two units unbuttoned, semi fit jeans that hugs my legs well. I let my hair free as I looked in the mirror. I brushed and flossed and checked my nails. When I felt contented with what I saw I went to the address Simon gave me. Fair enough the
house was filled with lots of guys. Cute, Fat, Hairy, Twinkish, even Lesbians.

"Hey hottie." The guy on the door greeted me.


"Nice ride." He said.


"Enjoy. Let me know if you need any help." He said and did the sign for blowjob. I got nervous and entered.

Inside I helped myself with some heavy drinks and went to sit on one corner of the room. It was rather a nice party with lots of hot guys. As soon as the 5th bottle kicked in, I was dancing on the floor. I was really dizzy now and the room was getting more dark.

"Alright!" One of the hosts said. "Turn around and hug the person behind you!"

I did and laughed when a cute lesbian hugged me. We laughed and cheered with our arms on each others shoulders. The host shouted numerous directions that had the crowd going.

"Okay.. Last one! Turn to your right step back three times and then face the person nearest you and give each other a sweet kiss on the lips!" The crowd started cheering. I turned to my right. I saw the chubby guy in front of me and I smiled at him. He smiled back. I stepped back and saw a geeky looking guy who was cute. I stepped back another step and a beefy afro-american guy was beside me. I was starting to get anxious now and I heard the announcer shout '3' and I stepped back and was caught in the cutest eyes I've ever seen in my life... Now I know I'm really screwed...

-End of Chapter 6-

Hey guys. I hope this will do for now. I'm really sorry for the slow writes. God knows I'm trying my best to deliver but my condition's not getting any better. I know
writing this story will serve purpose and I hope one of it is to make you guys smile. I've been really really sick lately and am in the hospital at the moment. It's
hard to write with this needle thingy stuck in my hand. Anyways, I will be writing as soon as I feel well.

I hope Simon enjoyed this part of the story as he got the only correct answer. What is it with a lot of you guys? I think 8 of you guessed red. LOL 1 said purple. 3 said yellow 4 said blue... and so on.

also... Simon, G.I. is a real guy and he's 21... ^_^ (He's real and he's a reader too.) Maybe you should meet each other.LOL

Have a great day!


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