This is a tie-in to Chapter 7 of 'After Graduation' and was written by Big 'D'.

“Fuck, we can’t do shit tonight!” Kris yelled at the TV.

“We suck!” Colt joined in with their team losing big time on national TV. He sat with Faith while Kris was
with Melissa. The four started the night with Melissa making a homemade pizza for them. It was a perfect
complement to the beer they had for the game. “You know, fuck this shit!”

“I don’t know why you’re so emotional about this game, Kris,” Melissa said. “At the start of the season you
said they’d be lucky to win 5 games. They’ve won 7 so far.”

“Now we’re heading for our fourth fucking loss in a row. Yeah, I said that, but then they got my hopes up,”
Kris said and slammed his empty beer bottle down on the end table. He stood at the exact same time as Colt.

“Where the hell are you going?” Colt asked.

“The pisser, bro,” Kris replied.

“You’ll wait. I got up first,” Colt said.

“Just pee together,” Faith said. “It’s not like you haven’t seen each other’s dicks before.”

Kris and Colt laughed and headed to the bathroom. They did their thing and returned with Melissa making
another bourbon and coke. 

“So did you kiss and make up?” Melissa asked, seeing the two walking back, a slight smile on her face.

“No, but we will if you want us to,” Colt laughed after hearing the playful tone of her voice.

“I think they should, Melissa. Colt has told me about him and Kris being together. It’d be really hot to
finally see them kiss, if it’s not all a load of crap,” Faith said.

“A load of crap? I’m insulted, babe,” Colt smiled. “You really wanna see us kiss?

Faith didn’t answer she just grinned at her boyfriend, raising her eyebrows and sticking out her tongue
slightly so it just barely ran across her bottom lip.

Kris turned his head to see Melissa’s reaction to the suggestion. She seemed almost indifferent and
shrugged her shoulders, but at the same time she never turned away and her eyes were locked on her

“Hide if you don’t wanna watch,” Kris said.

He grabbed Colt and pulled him close, placing his hands on the side of Colt’s head enough to draw him in
for a kiss without blocking the view for the girls as their lips came together and they kissed with
passion. Colt’s arms wrapped around Kris as his lips opened and their tongues collided, twisting around
each other. Kris felt his dick getting hard, not just from the hotness of the kiss but from the feel of
Colt’s trim beard against his face letting him know he was really kissing a man, a fact that only made him
kiss Colt harder.

“Damn,” Melissa said. “I’m getting jealous.”

Kris stopped and laughed, moving his fingers up to touch his lips, wondering if they were swollen from the
incredible kiss. “Don’t ask us to do it again. Now you both can say you’ve seen us kiss.”

“It was hot. Colt, I sometimes I wish you were that passionate with me,” Faith said.

“Babe, I’m always passionate with you. Kris and I were just showing off,” Colt laughed, returning to his
seat. He leaned over and kissed Faith with the same passion he had Kris, placing his hand on her flat
stomach to feel it jerk as she moaned into his mouth when he caressed her tongue with his. 

Faith smiled at Colt when he pulled back after the long kiss. “I suppose you are passionate when you want
to be.”

“I’ll show you passion later, babe,” Colt grinned, leaning in for another quick kiss.

“Seriously, another goddamn touchdown? I see this shit on Friday night every week and don’t wanna have to
fucking watch it on Saturday!” Kris yelled, turning his attention back to the screen as the other team
celebrated another touchdown. “Where the hell are Ted and Myles when you need ‘em?”

“I think Ted is playing Sunday and Myles is in the next building,” Melissa replied, sarcastically.

“Good one, Melissa,” Colt said with a chuckle.

“Let’s just turn it off,” Faith said.

“I agree, besides, I think two boys have had enough for tonight,” Melissa said.

“I think two girls have too then,” Colt stated. “Kris, turn this shit off.”

“Bro, one more series and I will. I wanna see if we can come back,” Kris said.

“You’re a glutton for punishment,” Colt said and walked to grab one of the few remaining beers.

“Fuck you, Colt! You can walk your ass next door!” Kris said.

“Yeah, you just wish I’d fuck you,” Colt said, holding his beer.

“Boys, you just made up and you wanna go at it again?” Melissa said.

“Mel, you haven’t seen shit. There were times I wanted to kill his ass,” Kris said.

“I felt the exact same way,” Colt said.

“Did you fight when you… you were dating?” Faith asked them and finished off her light beer.

“Ummm… bro, can you think of any time?” Kris asked.

“Not really, I’m sure we did but we were more interested in other things,” Colt laughed.

“I can’t believe you two would ever have a serious argument,” Melissa said. “Though I still kind of find it
hard to believe you actually did the nasty together. Kris tells me everything and I appreciate that but I
don’t think I believe it all,” Melissa said.

“I believe it,” Faith said. She smiled as she continued, “It is hard to believe two studs like this are bi,
especially when they have such hot girlfriends. Yes I just saw them kiss, but girls kiss all the time.”

“Damn, Faith, you’ve had way too much to drink tonight. You’re starting to say shit that just isn’t you.
It’s almost like you wanna see me and Kris fuck,” Colt said.

Kris turned to Melissa, “Yeah, are two scheming shit on us?”

“No, I was stating facts,” Melissa replied.

“I was too,” Faith said.

“Just trust us, we have ‘done the nasty’ many times, but it’d be fucked up to do anything in front of you,”
Colt said.

“Yeah, really fucked up,” Kris said.

“Just pretend you’re staying with Corey and Matt,” Melissa said. “That seems to fuel your ass.”

“Don’t get me started. You said you were okay with that. Something tells me different right about now,”
Kris said.

“Again, just stating facts,” Melissa said.

“Do you still not trust me?” Kris asked.

Melissa sighed. “I trust you, Kris, it’s just hard for me to understand.”

“And will watching us fuck make you understand me better?”

“Let’s just drop it,” Colt said, not liking the tension building between Kris and Melissa.

“I agree,” Kris said.

“I think it’d be really hot to see my boyfriend and his old lover go at it,” Faith said. “You’ve both got
great asses.”

“I said drop it!” Colt said, loudly.

“I was giving you a chance,” Faith said, turning her head and taking another sip of her drink.

Colt leaned over and kissed Faith. “Thanks.”

Melissa looked hard at Kris for a moment and seemed to be in deep thought. Ever since she got back with
Kris she had been trying to understand his desire to be with men and to truly come to terms with his past
experiences. In the many conversations they’d had since, quite often when Kris brought up the urges he was
having or when they talked openly about his encounters with his three best friends, Kris had tried to
explain the physical sensations that rushed through his body when he was being fucked by another man.
Melissa wondered if that really was all it was for Kris; physical pleasure. The one reason she allowed Kris
to still have sex with Colt, Matt or Corey was simply that she couldn’t provide him with the relief he
wanted, she couldn’t fulfil that desire. When Kris told her that he loved her, that he had never slept with
another woman since he had been with her, and that sex with men was no longer emotional and was purely
physical, she believed him. But there was still a small part of her that doubted and she found herself
thinking that if she could just witness the act once, if she could see the reaction Kris had and the
expressions on his face as he was getting fucked, maybe then she would fully understand and it would be the
final hurdle they needed to get over before they could truly settle down into a life together.

Then her thoughts changed as she looked over at her boyfriend and his best friend. She had seen Kris and
Colt naked more times than she could remember and had always admired their bodies, in fact there was
nothing she enjoyed more than worshipping Kris’s amazing muscles as a prelude to being taken by the stud
she called her boyfriend. The kiss between the two really had been hot and made her feel a warmth in her
gut that wasn’t just jealousy, it was arousal. And she wanted to see them do more.

Melissa whispered to Kris, “I agree with Faith. It’d be really hot to see you and Colt get sexual with each
other. It would probably make me so horny.”

Kris turned and looked at her. “Melissa, I know guys like watching lesbian shit but do girls like watching
gay shit?”

“I don’t know. I might,” Melissa replied. “And it’s a chance for me to see you with Colt, to see what you
get out of being with a guy instead of me.”

“Only if you’re sure, babe,” Kris said.

“I am…” Melissa smiled.

“I’ve seen two guys together and it is turn on,” Faith said.

Colt jerked his head around, “You have?”

“Well… yeah, I have,” Faith replied, blushing a little. “What? A girl can’t be curious too?”

“If we’re really gonna do this, first, we need an agreement so no one gets pissed. If either one of you
can’t handle it and says stop, we stop,” Kris said.

“Kris, are you fucking serious?” Colt asked.

“I think they’ve dropped enough hints. What do ya say?” Kris said and looked at each one of them.

“I agree,” Melissa replied, sure she was making the right decision and comforted in knowing if she hadn’t
she could ask them to stop and they would.

“I do too,” Faith said. “Do you two agree?”

“I do,” Colt replied.

“Me too,” Kris said. “Bro, get naked and maybe we can show them.”

“I hope I can. It’s gonna be weird,” Colt said.

Kris stood first and removed his shirt.

“Damn, it doesn’t matter how many times you see it, that is still one sexy body,” Faith said.

“I never get tired of seeing it,” Melissa agreed, feeling that familiar tingling of lust rising up inside
her whenever she saw Kris naked like this.

They watched as Kris kicked off his shoes before pulling off his pants. He was going commando. 

“Kris never wears underwear,” Melissa said with a slight smile.

“Except to school,” Kris added.

“I bet it’s great for easy access,” Faith said with just the slightest hint of a slur to her words. “Has he
ever come home, just dropped his pants and fucked you?”

“Fuck, you really are drunk,” Colt laughed.

“I’m fine,” Faith waved him off. She turned to Melissa, “Has he?”

Melissa couldn’t help but blush. “Yes, he has.”

“That was hot, wasn’t it?” Kris asked. “Against the fridge and on the kitchen counter…”

Melissa smiled, remembering that time with Kris. It had been so passionate and erotic, feeling his desire
and love for her as it overtook him, making him into an animal who pleasured her in a way no other man ever
had. Thinking about that day got her so hot as she stared at her hunk of a boyfriend. She wanted him, but
more than that, she found herself wanting to see him in action with Colt.

“What are you waiting for, Colt? Go get my man,” Melissa smiled.

Colt stood up and got naked in a hurry, throwing his clothes around the room. He kept his boxers in his
hand and hung them over the end of his hard cock, moving his hips from side to side to put on a show for
the girls. He looked at Kris and smiled. “I think you gals need to get naked too,” Colt said, tossing his
boxers aside.

“Yeah, sit together and watch. If you get really turned on maybe you can join in,” Kris said, heading for
the bathroom. “We’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” Faith said. She and Melissa both got naked, quickly folding their clothes, unlike their boyfriends.
Faith moved to the couch and sat next to Melissa so they could watch the spectacle together.

It wasn’t long before Kris and Colt emerged from the bathroom, both still hard, their hot bodies glistening
with a few drops of water from having grabbed a very quick shower to prep themselves. Kris ran into his
bedroom to grab his bottle of lube and some condoms, neither of which were getting much use with Melissa
these days since they had started to go bare.

“So how are we gonna do this?” Colt asked, watching Kris set the condoms and lube on the end table.

“Suck his dick,” Faith said, pointing at Kris. “Show us how good you are at it.”

Colt shook his head. He couldn’t believe the words coming out of Faith’s mouth. He never expected her to
want to see him and Kris together at all, let alone that she would get so turned on by the prospect.
Looking at Kris, who had a smirk on his face that said he couldn’t believe what was happening either but
was excited by the prospect of showing the girls this side of him, Colt closed the gap between them again
and brought their lips back together.

“Alright, we’ve seen enough kisses,” Melissa said after a long, tongue filled kiss.

“One of you drop to your knees already,” Faith giggled.

“Is that all you think we do?” Colt asked. “You just want us to suck dick and fuck ass?”

“What else is there to do?” Melissa asked.

“You’re kidding, right? With bodies like these?” Kris asked, running his hand down his body to show off his
abs to the girls.

Colt chuckled and turned to look at the girls too, running his own hand over Kris’s rock hard abs. He could
see the lust in both Faith and Melissa’s eyes. Letting his hand drift lower, Colt wrapped his hand around
Kris’s hard cock and gave it a few gentle strokes until a large drop of precum formed on the tip.

Still looking at the girls, Colt swiped his finger over the head of Kris’s dick, scooping up the precum.
Slowly, he raised the finger to his mouth and made a show of extending his tongue to lap up the juices
coating it. He let out an exaggerated moan and watched as the girls seemed to squirm in their seats. The
sight was really turning them on.

Wanting to capitalize on the moment and really give their girls a show, Colt leaned down and moved his head
to Kris’s chest, placing kisses across the skin. He flicked his tongue out and traced their initials that
were tattooed on Kris’s chest before sliding down to suck and nibble on Kris’s hard, pink nipples.

The whole time Colt made sure the girls had the perfect view of his mouth as he worked over Kris’s body and
kept teasing Kris’s nipples, moving down to worship the eight abs that felt like little pieces of stone
beneath the smooth skin. He let his tongue slide into the belly button as he dropped to his knees and
placed his hands on Kris’s big thighs.

With another glance over at the girls, Colt saw that Faith had moved her hand so it was resting between her
slightly spread legs. She wasn’t quite touching herself yet, but he could tell it was only a matter of
time. Melissa had her hand on her breast and was slowly playing with her nipple between her thumb and index
finger. She had started when Colt was working Kris’s nipples, wanting at least in part to feel what her
boyfriend was feeling. It felt so good and she let out little moans that almost mimicked those that escaped
Kris’s lips as Colt worked his body.

“Suck my dick, bro,” Kris moaned.

“Yeah,” Faith said in almost a whisper, her breath catching in her throat.

Colt smiled and ran his hand up the length of Kris’s cock, circling his fingers around the head, smearing
the growing pool of precum over the surface. He wrapped his fist around the dick, gently stroking up and
down, going so slow that to the girls it looked almost like a movie being played out frame by frame.

Kris felt his dick jump and jerk in Colt’s strong hand. He moaned and bit his lip. The grip was so firm as
it slid up and down his cock, increasing in speed until it was jerking him at a pace that had him gasping.
Each time Colt’s hand reached the head of the cock, he swirled his fingers around the tip and under the
ridge of the head, but it all happened so fast that it was lost to the naked eye. Still, Kris felt it all
and it sent waves of pleasure shooting through his body. Colt could play him like an instrument. His abs
tightened across his stomach, his mouth hung open and his panting breaths rose up until they filled the
room and seemed to echo off the walls.

“Fuck,” Melissa sighed. She pointed at Kris, whose body was clearly trembling with pleasure, but directed
her comment to Faith, “Look at him.”

“He loves it,” Faith replied, licking her lips at the sight of her boyfriend pumping away on the hot
blond’s cock. For the first time she let her finger slide between her legs.

“I’ve never got a reaction out of him like that just from stroking his dick.”

“It’s incredible to watch…” Faith said, mesmerised. “Clearly Colt knows what he’s doing. How does it feel,

“Oh fuck!” Kris moaned, throwing his head back first before he brought it back down to look at the girls.
“So fucking good… you have no idea!”

Colt smiled hearing Kris’s reaction and also from seeing how the girls were reacting too. Their eyes hadn’t
left his hand as it continued to glide up and down Kris’s hard shaft. He saw that Faith was gently letting
her finger touch that most intimate of places between her legs and he looked up to see pure hunger and lust
in her eyes.

“Do you see now?” Colt asked, letting his hand rest at the base of Kris’s hard cock, pushing it down and
away from Kris’s hard abs.

“See what?” Melissa asked, finally turning her gaze to Colt’s face.

“What a guy can do for another,” Colt said.

“Yes,” Melissa nodded.

“It’s not just about fucking,” Colt continued. “It’s so much more. You may think you know our bodies by
now, and believe me you do, sex with you two is so good for us, it’s just that we know each other’s bodies

“Because you’ve been together all those times before?” Faith asked.

“No,” Colt said. “Because we’re in them.”

Both Faith and Melissa looked a little confused.

“He means that just his hand on my cock can feel so good because he’s got one too,” Kris said. “He knows
what makes him feel good, what makes his dick throb, and what he does to himself to make him cum so hard it
almost hurts.”

Faith and Melissa gasped hearing the way Kris was talking. They looked at their boyfriends and could see
the smiles on their faces.

“You should try it,” Colt said.

“Try what?” Faith asked, confused.

“Touching each other,” Colt said, seriously, his eyes focused on Faith’s.

“He’s right,” Kris said. “Think about how good it feels when you touch yourself. Think about how good it
feels when we touch you, when we slide a finger inside you or play with your clit. Now think about having
someone else touch you, someone who knows better than any man ever could what makes a woman feel those
tingles, what sets her heart racing as pleasure surges through her. That’s what women can to do to each
other, and that’s what men can do to each other. Try it.”

Melissa looked at Faith. She could see the curiosity in the other girl’s eyes and was sure it was a look
that was reciprocated. When Faith’s hand slowly moved across Melissa’s thigh, gently sweeping against the
skin, it caused Melissa to take a deep breath that she held in until a high pitched moan escaped her as she
felt the tip of Faith’s delicate finger brush against her clit and a jolt of electricity shot through her.

“Holy shit!” Melissa gasped, throwing her head back.

“Feel good, babe?” Kris smirked.

“Amazing,” Melissa panted. Her body was almost overcome with the sensations.

As the boys watched on, Melissa slowly moved her hand across, slipping it down between Faith’s legs and
focusing on the spot where she knew her own clit was. She flicked her finger, letting it dance across
Faith’s skin, and she only knew she hit the right spot when she felt Faith’s body tremble and a high
pitched yelp filled her ears.

“Oh my God!” Faith groaned. “Is that what you two feel when you jerk each other?”

“Yes,” Colt smiled, giving Kris’s cock one final, long stroke. “We know what buttons to push.”

“And if you think that felt good,” Kris added, “just imagine what a tongue feels like down there when it
knows exactly where to go…”

Colt emphasised Kris’s point by extending his tongue and licking all the way up from the base of Kris’s
cock to the tip. He swirled his tongue around the head and dug it into the slit, tasting the precum that
was leaking from it. He felt Kris’s body shudder and he knew the girls had seen it too.

“Oh, fuck yeah, Colt, lick that dick,” Kris moaned, reaching down to place his hand on the top of Colt’s
head, letting his fingers slide through Colt’s dark hair as his dick throbbed harder than it ever had

Colt’s lips turned up into a smile as he ran his tongue along the underside of Kris’s dick and then teased
the head with the tip of his tongue, lapping at it gently. Kris’s stomach tightened with every lick Colt
gave to his dick and the more attention Colt gave his cock the more Kris felt like his body was hunching
over from the sensations. The whole situation was just too hot and unreal. Colt was licking his cock and it
felt so good, but the fact that their girls were watching and were seeing everything only made it hotter,
especially since they hadn’t moved their hands from between each other’s legs.

“Suck his dick, Colt,” Faith moaned. “Take it in your mouth.”

Colt loved hearing how turned on Faith was. He didn’t know if it was the booze or her hormones talking, but
he liked this different side to his girlfriend and thought that maybe she’d finally become a little more
sexually adventurous now she’d had her eyes opened up to another dimension of sex.

“Yeah, suck my boyfriend’s beautiful cock,” Melissa agreed.

Placing his hands on Kris’s hips, Colt turned the hot blond to the side so the girls had a clear view of
the amazing bubble butt on one side and the hard, protruding dick on the other. Sitting back for a moment
to let the girls take the sight in and also to give himself time to admire Kris’s cock, Colt then leaned in
and opened his mouth to let Kris’s dick slide inside, moving past his lips and brushing against his tongue.

“Fuck yeah, Colt,” Kris groaned.

Colt pushed his head down onto Kris’s leaking cock, taking five of the seven inches before sliding back up
it, letting his lips glide across the skin following the trail of his tongue as it led the way and then
danced around the tip.

Soft moans and whimpers came from the girls on the couch and both Kris and Colt turned their eyes toward
them, seeing that they were moving their fingers, gently caressing between each other’s legs.

“That is so fucking hot,” Kris whispered, looking down at Colt as his dick was swallowed again.

Feeling his own painfully hard dick between his legs, drops of precum falling from the tip as it bounced in
the air, Colt picked up speed on Kris’s cock and was soon bobbing up and down, sucking and licking on
almost the entire length of Kris’s shaft. He reached a hand up and wrapped it around the base, using his
fingers to rub and massage whatever part of the dick wasn’t in his mouth. When he felt Kris’s dick begin to
twitch and the grip tightened on his hair, Colt knew he had Kris right where he wanted him. He moved his
hand down and tugged on Kris’s balls, hearing a deep moan from above him.

“Suck my fucking dick, Colt,” Kris gasped. “So fucking good.”

“Is he better than me?” Melissa asked, moving her hand from between Faith’s legs and sitting up straight.

Kris didn’t answer immediately, which was all the confirmation she needed. She nodded her head and watched
as Colt devoured her boyfriend’s cock, finally letting it slip into his throat so his nose was buried in
Kris’s pubes.

“Damn…” Faith gasped like she was in awe. “He took it all.”

Colt ground his face against Kris’s hips and then licked his way back up, pulling off Kris’s cock
completely. He held it in his hand for a second and then slapped the dick against his cheek, once again
making Kris shudder and moan.

“Don’t take it personally, Mel,” Kris said when he finally regained his breath. “You’re amazing and I love
it when you suck my cock. You’re better than any girl I’ve ever been with.”

“I’m just not as good as Colt?” she asked.

“No…” Kris reluctantly admitted.

“But I know what feels good on my cock so I just do the same to Kris and it feels great on him too,” Colt

“Does it work the other way too?” Melissa asked.

“What do you mean?” Kris asked.

“When you suck Colt’s cock?”

“Yes,” Colt answered.

“Show us,” Melissa smiled.

Kris chuckled and placed his hand under Colt’s chin, pulling him to his feet and then into a deep kiss,
sending his tongue deep into the mouth that had just sucked his cock.

“Damn, I can taste my own precum on his tongue,” Kris said.

“That is so hot,” Faith said, pushing her finger inside herself as Kris sank to his knees.

Kris slid his finger along the underside of Colt’s hard cock and pushed it up so it was pressed against his
abs. He then leaned in and licked all the way from Colt’s balls, up along his shaft until he was flicking
his tongue against the head and pushing it into Colt’s belly button at the same time.

Moving back down, Kris took the dick in his hand and stroked it, keeping it held upright as he focused in
on Colt’s balls and began to lick and suck on them, tugging on them gently as he rolled them around on his
tongue. Colt had his head thrown back and was moaning, his hands were balled into two fists that were
tightly clenched against his sides.

Hearing how much Colt was enjoying the treatment, and seeing that the girls were focused fully on them,
Kris then pushed up Colt’s balls and slipped his tongue under them to get at Colt’s taint. The sharp yelp
that filled the room was accompanied by Colt’s whole body jumping and shivering from the sensation.

“Wow,” Faith said, almost in a daze.

Kris smiled and pulled Colt back to him, sliding his hands up Colt’s thighs and around to his hot ass as he
opened his mouth and swallowed all seven inches of Colt’s cock, pressing hard on Colt’s ass to make sure he
had every inch buried down his throat.

Colt’s eyes were closed with his head lolling back slightly and his mouth hanging open as he panted for
breath. Kris was rubbing his ass while bobbing up and down on his cock, doing wondered with his tongue and
lips. He hadn’t had a blowjob quite so good in a long time and wondered if it was just Kris’s talented
mouth or if the feeling was heightened by knowing that his girlfriend was watching him get his dick
swallowed by his best friend. 

“Fuck yeah, Kris, fuck,” Colt panted.

“Look at my boyfriend suck that dick…” Melissa whispered, impressed by the way Kris handled Colt’s cock.

“Oh yeah, right there, Kris, right fucking there,” Colt groaned, reaching down to hold Kris’s head in place
as his tongue flicked against the corona of his cock, sending shivers up his spine and down his legs.

Kris continued to attack that spot and Colt’s groans soon turned to high pitched whimpers that had him
standing up on his tiptoes and his whole body began to tense.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck…” Colt moaned.

“I’ve never heard Colt moan like that,” Faith said, mesmerised by action in front of her and so turned on
by the sounds coming from her boyfriend.

Feeling the reaction he was getting from Colt’s body, Kris decided to try one more thing. He kept the head
of Colt’s cock in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the tip, and then he reached down to stroke his own
cock, which hadn’t been touched since it was in Colt’s mouth. He scooped up some precum on his finger,
making sure it was nice and coated and then as he sank back down on Colt’s cock, letting it slide into his
throat, he rammed his finger up Colt’s ass.

“Holy fuck!!” Colt screamed.

The girls both watched, their eyes wide, seeing the look of intense pleasure on Colt’s face as he ripped
his cock out of Kris’s mouth and backed away, falling down onto the other sofa, his body glistening with
sweat, his hard cock, stiffer than ever, covered in Kris’s saliva and pointing to the ceiling. He had been
just seconds away from shooting his load down Kris’s throat and his body was jerking with little spasms as
he tried to come down from the edge.

Kris had a huge smile on his face. He looked at the panting heap that was Colt, laid out on one sofa and
then he turned his attention to the girls on the other.

“As Colt was saying,” Kris said. “Guys know what makes themselves feel good, so they know what makes other
guys feel good. I think I’ve just shown you that with Colt.”

“You sure did,” Faith said. “I can’t believe you got him so close just by sucking him. Sometimes he fucks
me for hours before he cums.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. He was the same with me,” Kris laughed. “But sometimes if you work him just
right you can get him to cum pretty quickly.”

“I can see that,” Faith chuckled, looking over at her boyfriend as he still lay gasping on the sofa. “Now
I’m jealous that I’ve never made him whimper like that.”

“With a bit of practice I’m sure you could,” Kris smiled. “Maybe I’ll have to show you how one day.”

“Kris?” Melissa asked, staring into her boyfriend’s blue eyes.

“Yes, babe?”

“How different is it?”


“Between me and Colt?”

“Sucking my dick you mean?” Kris asked.


“I can’t explain,” Kris said. “The only thing I could do would be to show you, but I’m not sure Faith would
be willing.”

“What do you mean?” Faith asked.

“There’s no way Mel can feel exactly how I do when Colt sucks my cock, but if you’re up for it, we can show
you both the difference between when a guy goes down on you and when a girl does.”

“You want me to go down on Mel?” Faith asked.

“Only if you want to,” Kris said. “Like Colt said, you felt how good it was when she touched you with her
finger, so imagine how much better it would be with her tongue.”

Faith and Melissa looked at each other and slowly nodded their heads in silent agreement. Both thought that
if this was the only time they would ever get to experiment and to see what their boyfriends felt when they
played around with each other then they were going to make the most of it. It also didn’t hurt that they
were both more turned on than they ever had been before and had been drinking for over an hour.

Kris dropped down to his knees in front of his girlfriend and pushed her legs apart so he could get between
them. He leaned in and let his tongue slip from his mouth, sliding across her skin, seeking out the place
where he knew her clit was. He quickly worked the area with his tongue and heard Melissa gasp, knowing he
was making her feel good. He then pushed his tongue forward and felt it enter her, eliciting a deep moan.

Before she could get into it too much, Kris pulled back and stood up. He backed away from Melissa and
watched as Faith silently took his place. The look on her face was one of intrigue and concentration as she
moved closer to her target.

As Kris watched Faith’s head move down between his girlfriend’s legs he felt a strong arm slip around his
waist and turned his head to see Colt staring at him. A smile curled Colt’s mouth and they turned back to
look at their girls, their dicks now so hard the heads had changed colour and were an angry shade of
purple, pumping out precum every time their hearts beat.

“HOLY FUCK!” Melissa screamed as Faith’s tongue hit her spot. She quickly grabbed onto Faith’s long hair
and held the head in place as she threw her own back and melted into the sofa.

Faith closed her eyes and rather than thinking about what she was doing to Melissa she instead focused on
what she would like to have done to her. When she did that her instincts took over and it was almost as if
she was on autopilot.

The moans, yelps and whimpers coming from Melissa as Faith settled in and began really eating her pussy
almost made Kris cum without touching himself. He could see that his girlfriend was overwhelmed and that
pleasure was surging through her body.

“Fuck bro,” Kris whispered. “I never thought I’d see that.”

“I know,” Colt agreed. “My girlfriend is eating your girlfriend’s pussy. Are we dreaming?”

Kris leaned over and playfully bit Colt’s shoulder. When Colt jumped at the pain, Kris laughed, “Not
dreaming, bro.”

Colt laughed and slapped Kris’s hard dick, watching it bounce and sway in the air.

“How does that feel, Mel?” Kris asked.

“Fucking incredible,” Melissa gasped, pulling Faith gently away by the hair. “Is that what it feels like for
you when Colt sucks your dick?”

“Yes,” Kris smiled. “I told you I couldn’t explain it and you needed to feel it for yourself.”

“I felt it,” Melissa said, her hand still in Faith’s hair.

She looked down into Faith’s eyes and their faces slowly moved together until their lips were locked in a
kiss. Kris and Colt grabbed on to each other, feeling their cocks throb at the sight of their girls kissing.
But if that surprised them then the next more shocked them even more as Melissa pushed Faith into a seated
position on the couch and moved between her legs. Kris and Colt barely had time to react before they heard
Faith groan and saw her legs shoot up as her back arched. Melissa’s tongue ran across her clit and flicked
back and forth sending tiny little shockwaves through her body.

“Holy fucking shit,” Colt moaned.

“Unbelievable…” Kris said, unable to take his eyes of his girlfriend as she used her tongue to pleasure

When Melissa pulled back after what was in reality no more than a minute, Faith was panting on the couch and
had a handful of cushion clenched in her fist.

“Now do you see?” Colt asked. “You don’t have to have feelings for the person, but you can make each other
feel so good.”

Faith just nodded her head, still overwhelmed.

“Yes, I’m attracted to Kris,” Colt continued, “and yes, I love the guy to death. But now when we fuck it’s
all about what we can do to each other physically, how good we can get each other off.”

“And you haven’t even seen the best way for us to get each other off,” Kris smiled.

“So show us,” Faith said.

Melissa nodded and then turned to look at Colt, “Fuck my boyfriend’s ass like you have so many times before.
I want to see how much he loves it.”

Colt walked over to the end table and grabbed a condom and the bottle of lube as the girls sat back down next
to each other on the sofa. He tossed the lube to Kris, who quickly popped the cap and poured some into his
hand before applying it to his ass. Meanwhile, Colt tore open the condom packet and rolled the rubber down
his throbbing cock.

Kris walked over to the sofa opposite the girls and climbed up onto the arm so his feet and ass were dangling
over the edge while he leaned forward with his body and braced himself for what was to come.

Admiring the view of Kris’s amazing muscle ass, Colt ran his hand up and down his cock, coating it in lube
ready for its entry into Kris’s ass. He stepped up behind the hot blond and spanked him, making Kris jump and
moan in pleasure, his hard cock slapping against his abs as it bounced in the air. Colt then moved in closer
and laid his cock in the crack of Kris’s ass, just resting it between the cheeks. Taking it in his hand he
slapped it against Kris’s hole and then slid it up and down the crack, grazing against the opening until Kris
was shoving his ass back, trying to impale himself on the hard cock.

“For fucks sake, just shove it in, Colt,” Kris growled. “Fuck me already!”

Colt smiled and turned his head to see the girls wide-eyed, staring at the two of them, both of them clearly
aroused at Kris’s words and the sight of Colt’s cock as he pulled his hips back and put his dick in the
perfect position for entry.
Holding on to Kris’s hip with one hand and pointing his cock with the other, Colt pushed forward and felt
some resistance at first, but when he added more pressure he felt Kris slowly open to him and the tip of his
cock slid inside. Kris groaned in pleasure and pushed back, sinking Colt’s cock into his ass until he was
buried balls deep.

“Fuck…” Melissa gasped. “His dick is really in him.”

“I can’t fucking believe it,” Faith agreed. “I know they told us about it but seeing it is something else.”

Colt just smiled and slowly slid his dick out of Kris’s ass until just the head remained inside. He turned
his head to look at the girls and then pushed his dick back into Kris’s depths, watching the reactions on
their faces as they watched the cock disappear into the blond stud’s ass.

Kris felt the dick stretching his insides, gliding into him and pulling back out, pressing against the walls
of his ass and rubbing against his gripping sphincter. He gasped when Colt’s cock plunged into him, drilling
into his depths, occasionally brushing over his spot. He gripped the cushions on the sofa and turned his
head, making eye contact with Melissa.

For the next minute, Colt continued to slide back and forth inside Kris’s ass while Kris stared into
Melissa’s eyes while he got fucked. Kris wanted to make sure she was okay with what was happening, and when
he was sure that she was he wanted to make her see just how good he was feeling with Colt’s dick inside him.

Colt slid in hard and deep, punching a hole right through Kris, who had no choice but to close his eyes as
his body bucked and his back arched. “Oh fuck, Colt!”

“Yeah, you like that cock in your ass, don’t you, Kris? Tell your girlfriend how good it feels,” Colt said,
taking hold of Kris’s hips as he started to pick up the pace to really fuck Kris’s ass hard so their skin was
slapping together.

“Oh fuck, it feels so good, babe,” Kris said, looking back at Melissa. “His dick is hitting all kind of spots
inside me that I just can’t explain. Oh god, yeah, Colt, fuck me bro.”

Melissa’s mouth hung open watching Kris get fucked so hard, not only because she was surprised that he could
take the pounding that Colt was delivering to his ass but because of how much he was loving it. She could see
the pleasure on his face by the way his eyes rolled back into his head on the hard, deep thrusts and by the
smile that was curling his lips.
Soon Kris was pushing back hard against Colt’s cock, ramming the dick in even harder. Colt saw that Kris
really did want to be fucked hard so he held on even tighter and hammered away at his friend’s ass, plunging
his cock in as hard, fast and deep as he could until Kris was screaming and moaning his name.

Kris still hadn’t touched his dick since the fucking began. It was rock hard, bobbing up and down between his
legs, but he felt it swaying and jerking with every thrust that Colt made into him. He wanted to reach down
to stroke it but he knew he would blow if he did.

Colt bent his knees slightly and changed the angle of penetration so his cock crashed into Kris’s prostate
every time he drilled his dick into the stud’s ass. Kris’s breath caught in his throat and he could do
nothing but whimper like a wounded puppy as Colt’s cock pulverised his spot and had him racing towards his

“I never thought I’d hear that noise coming out of Kris,” Faith said, fingering herself as she watched her
boyfriend fuck Kris’s brains out.

“I know,” Melissa whispered, unable to believe it herself. “He sounds helpless, but you can tell it’s because
it feels so good.”

Just when Kris thought he was going to cum just from having Colt’s cock inside him, Colt yanked his dick from
Kris’s ass and flipped him over so he was on his back. Colt pulled Kris’s body up so his ass was once again
hanging over the arm of the sofa, only this time Kris’s shoulders were pressed against the cushions. The
girls stared in amazement at the sight of Kris’s rock hard, throbbing cock that was standing up away from his
sweaty abs, covered in precum and ready to burst. They knew how good it had to feel from the sounds he was
making, but seeing his pulsating cock made them realise just how close to shooting he had been.

“He nearly came just from you fucking him,” Melissa said in disbelief.

“Yeah,” Colt smiled. “I know how to fuck his ass to make him cum without even having to touch his dick.
There’s nothing better than feeling a hard cock sliding back and forth across your prostate. Think about it
like your clit was up inside your ass and you had a cock constantly rubbing it.”

“Damn, babe,” Faith said. “This is amazing. I knew it must be good, but not this good.”

Kris still couldn’t talk. His body was almost limp on the sofa and he was panting for breath as his body
calmed down and his impending orgasm began to fade.

“I can get him from this angle too,” Colt grinned.

Before Kris could get his breath back enough to speak he felt Colt lift his legs up onto his shoulders and
felt the hard dick plunge back inside him. This time Colt wasn’t slow. He immediately went to work, fucking
away at Kris’s ass, pounding him hard as he held onto Kris’s legs. Normally he would push Kris’s legs toward
his chest to get better access to the ass he was fucking, but he wanted the girls to have the best view of
Kris’s dick they could so he remained upright as he hammered away on Kris’s ass.

What the girls saw was Kris writhing around, throwing his head from side to side, his back arching as he
tried to push his ass up onto Colt’s cock as it fucked him. Kris’s own cock was rock hard, waving around in
the air as Colt drilled into him, rising up as Colt withdrew and then slapping back against his abs as Colt
plunged in deep. Neither girl could believe how hard Kris’s cock was, nor the pleasure that was etched on his
face as Colt hammered him.

The slapping sounds of Colt’s hips slamming against Kris’s ass filled the room until Faith finally spoke.
“Okay babe, now I wanna see Kris fuck you.”

Colt turned his head and smiled hearing Faith’s request and knowing how much she was in to what was
happening. He could see in her eyes that she understood what Kris got out of being fucked and now she wanted
to see if Colt felt the same. Instead of pulling out of Kris’s ass, Colt continued to fuck him. He slowed
down the pace and reached over to grab the other condom. He kept up the rhythm of his thrusts and tore open
the packet, taking the condom in his teeth as he tossed away the wrapper and reached down to grab Kris’s hard
cock. He gave it a few strokes and then rolled the condom down it, all the while he was still fucking away at
Kris’s ass, hearing Kris panting and screaming alternately.

With Kris almost ready, Colt slowed down a little more, gently pushing his cock back and forth inside Kris as
he grabbed the bottle of lube. He poured some into his hand and coated Kris’s dick with it until it was slick
and glistening. He then pushed Kris’s legs apart and bent over, still buried in Kris’s ass as he reached
around and slipped a lubed finger inside his own ass, fucking himself with it while he fucked Kris.

When he finally thought he was ready, Colt pulled out of Kris, physically threw the panting blond further up
onto the sofa and climbed on top of him, straddling his waist as he held up the cock and sitting his ass down
on it, throwing his head back as it penetrated him and sank inside.

It was only when he was sitting down on Kris’s pelvis, feeling the hint of Kris’s trimmed pubes on his ass
and the whole of that seven inch dick inside him that Colt stopped and pulled off the condom from his raging
hard cock. He glanced over at Faith, who was sitting opened mouthed, watching her boyfriend impale himself on
his best friend’s dick. He smiled and lifted himself up before sitting back down as he started to ride Kris’s
cock hard and fast.

When Kris had recovered enough to fully take in what was happening, he moved his hands up to Colt’s hips and
pulled him down onto his cock, shoving up to really fuck Colt’s ass. They quickly settled into a rhythm,
working their bodies together so Kris’s cock was sliding in and out of Colt’s ass while Colt’s humped himself
onto it, throwing his head back as he ran his hands around his body and pinched his nipples.

The girls watched Colt ride Kris’s cock. In this position they had the best view so far of the rock hard cock
of the guy getting fucked. Colt’s dick was as hard as Faith had ever seen it and she could see the precum
flowing from the tip. It was flailing around as Colt bounced up and down on Kris’s cock.

Colt was moaning loudly now, feeling nothing but pleasure as Kris’s cock crashed into his prostate. He began
to rotate his hips slightly, making sure Kris’s cock caught the spot every time it slid into him, sending
tingles through him and he felt his balls beginning to churn.

Kris could feel his own cum bubbling up, ready to race up and shoot out of his cock into the condom. He knew
after being so close before that this time his orgasm would be that much harder, better and he would shoot a
much bigger load.

“Stop!” Faith said, sounding almost like she was shouting. She had been staring at her boyfriend’s cock for
minutes, watching it throb in the air as his ass got fucked. Suddenly she felt an overwhelming urge to ride
it herself and have the cock buried inside her that just minutes ago had been inside Kris.

“What?” Colt asked, turning to look at his girlfriend, worried that something was wrong.

“I can’t stand it anymore,” Faith said. “Get off that cock, come over here and fuck me.”

A grin lit up Colt’s face as he saw the lust in Faith’s eyes. He pulled himself up off Kris’s cock, letting
it fall from his ass. He felt empty without the dick in him but he was too focused on Faith, who had laid
back on the sofa, spreading her legs for him. He walked over, pulling off the condom as he went, moved to
between her legs and shoved his dick straight inside her in one smooth motion. She threw her arms around his
neck and moved one hand to the back of his head, gripping his hair and pulling him closer to her. Their
mouths collided and they made out as Colt fucked her hard, both of them wanting to get off in the worst way.

As soon as Melissa saw Colt slip his cock into Faith, she turned her attention to Kris and saw him lying back
on the sofa, stroking his hard, no longer covered cock. She smiled and walked over to him, throwing her leg
over his body so she was straddling him. He smiled up at her and slowly pushed his dick inside her. He ran
his big hands up her smooth thighs, over her flat stomach and her breasts to her shoulders and down her arms
until he was holding her hands, linking their fingers together. With a single, Melissa started to move,
riding Kris’s cock, feeling it fill her, pushing in and then sliding out of her, making her feel so good.

A symphony of moans rose from the four hot, sweaty bodies that were engaged in heated, passionate sex. Kris
and Colt were sliding in and out of their girlfriends, feeling their dicks being caressed by the twitching,
tightening holes surrounding them and their balls finally churned after all the action, sending their cum
racing up their shafts.

For the girls, they felt the thrill of the hard, raging cocks pressing all the right buttons inside them so
that soon they were both screaming out as their orgasms ripped through their bodies and they felt the heat
inside them as their boyfriends exploded simultaneously, filling them both with the biggest load of cum
either had ever taken.

When all four eventually came down from their orgasms and lay side by side on the two sofas, panting, covered
in sweat and staring at each other, Kris turned to Melissa and placed his hand on her cheek.

“Now do you understand?” he asked.

“Yes,” Melissa nodded.

“It’s not above love. I love you. I make love to you. But what me and Colt do, it’s physical. It’s mind-
blowing sex that feels so damn good. But the thing is babe, as good as it is, I’ve proven to myself I can go
without it. I don’t think I could ever go without making love to you.”

With that, Kris leaned over and pressed his lips against Melissa’s, kissing her deep, with all the passion
and love he felt for her.

“You understand too now?” Colt asked Faith.

“I do, I understand you now, and it’s fine. I can’t give you what Kris just did, so if you two need to get
together every now and then, I’m okay with it,” Faith said.

“Thank you, babe,” Colt smiled, leaning in to kiss her.

“You know…” Kris said after a few moments of the couples making out in silence. “Matt did make a suggestion
last time we were there.”

“What kind of suggestion?” Melissa asked with her hand on Kris’s firm chest.

“Well, he said that maybe you could give us something like what we just got from each other,” Kris said.

“How could we fuck you?” Melissa asked.

“You mean with a strap on?” Faith asked. “You’d actually let us fuck you with a fake cock?”

“It’s worth a try if you’re interested, babe,” Colt said. “Maybe you can give me that pleasure, we just
haven’t tried it yet. Would you be up that?”

“Maybe,” Faith smiled, seriously thinking about it.

“What about you, Mel?” Kris asked.

“I don’t know,” Melissa said, unsure. “I’m not sure I could.”

“That’s okay, babe, it was just an idea.”

“One I’ll think about,” Melissa smiled. “I think I’ve already done and seen more than enough for one day.”

Kris laughed and kissed her again. He was so happy he finally got to show her why he enjoyed being with guys
so much and he just hoped that now she understood she could fully accept who he was and they could move
toward the future they both wanted to have together.


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