Posted:   April 11, 2009


Nate and Ross were sleeping soundly after their late night at the club and then hot as hell sex in a secluded park.  About 9, Ross’ phone began to ring.  Ross fumbled out of bed and answered.  He tried his best to wake from the short sleep.  He listened and then slammed down his phone on the bed.

“Bitch ass motherfucker!” Ross screamed.

Nate woke and rubbed his eyes after hearing Ross scream, “What’s the deal?”

“I have to go into work today.  Some bitch called in sick and I’m on fucking call.  I don’t need this shit!”

“Ross, you knew it was part of the job.  We can sleep in tomorrow,” Nate said.

“Fuck! Fuck! I hate my fucking job!” Ross screamed.  He continued to rant and rave while heading to shower the fastest ever.  He dressed in his scrubs and headed off to the hospital in a tizzy.

Nate fell back asleep but missed having his lover there with him.  He gave up trying to go back asleep and got up around 10.  He threw on his shoes and shorts for a run around the neighborhood there at their extended stay motel.  He was quick with it and gave him time to sort a few things out in his head.  He thought a lot about the previous night and the nasty scene he had made.  He still had a hard time believing this was actually happening to him.  Growing up, he accepted that his brother was gay but never dreamed he too would be gay after many romps with some of the hottest girls at college.  He loved the feel of a wet pussy around his big cock but loved the affection and passion that his new boyfriend showed each times they had sex.  His sex drive was high for a 22 year old and found his 24 year old boyfriend to be a willing sex partner with the same sex drive.   He loved sex but wasn’t keen on everything else associated with the gay lifestyle.  He considered himself lucky to find someone so patient while adjusted to the tag of being gay or bisexual at best.  He thought back to his brother saying having sex with a guy every night and loving a guy was the meaning of gay.  He smiled and realized he too was gay as his older brother but didn’t exhibit the stereotype mannerisms associated with the gay community.   He glanced down at the sweat glistening off his fit body and was more determined than to be a gay macho jock.

Once back at the room, he showered and shaved, leaving a little hair on his chin to gauge Ross’ reaction.  He made the bed, put out the towels for laundry and turned on the television.   After just a few minutes, he bored with television and jumped in his car to grab something to eat and find some new clothes to accent his new life.

Nate grabbed a salad to fill his hunger before heading to the mall.  Once parked in a far corner, he headed in.  He didn’t hate shopping and was lost in the array of stores and selection.   He headed to the popular stores and searched for the right things.  After an hour and nothing to show for it, Nate knew he needed either Ross or Nick’s help.  On the way back, he detoured and checked out a few apartments.   He liked what he saw but wanted to bring Ross for his opinion.  He checked out a house or two then a loft apartment not 3 blocks from the club in a developing new area, centered on the thriving new gay community.  The minute he walked into the loft, he knew Ross would love it.  There was one big problem, the cost.   He grabbed a flyer to show Ross and headed back to his apartment.

Back at the room, Nate patiently waited for Ross to return from work.  The second he heard the key at the door, he jumped to his feet and ran to greet his boyfriend.  Ross looked tired and was dragging.  Nate grabbed Ross and kissed him passionately.

“Fucking shit, I’m exhausted,” Ross said before he stripped off his dirty scrubs. “I cleaned up shit for old people all day.  Nasty!!”

Ross sprawled out on the bed naked and grabbed a pillow.  Nate tossed off his clothes seeing his boyfriend nude and eagerly wanted to join him.  He curled up next to him and rubbed his shoulders.  “Tired, huh?”

“I’m past tired,” Ross said with his hand on Nate’s nice chest. “Nate was I dreaming or did we actually fuck last night in a park?”

“We made love right there.  Maybe… no, it was the best sex of my life!”

“Yeah, it was fucking hot!”

“The best part was just me and you outside having great sex without a worry if we were going to get caught.”

“Stupid, huh?”

“I don’t care how stupid it was.  I wanted to show my love to you Ross.  I’ve done a lot of thinking today.”


“Smart ass.  I’m coming to grips with this whole gay thing.  Part of me hates it like no one’s business but I love you Ross and feel as though we were destined to be together.”

“Nate, it’s scary finally admitting that you are gay.  It took me a long time to admit to myself I was gay and severely attracted sexually to guys.  Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way, especially since you came over that night expecting to see your brother Nick.  It’s funny in a way how I totally seduced a really hot straight boy to fuck me that night.  Then he blows up with his girl and comes running to find me.  The people at work think it’s a fairy tale and cannot believe how in love we are.”

“Ross, I went looking for a place today,” Nate spoke while running his hand down Ross’ chest.

“You did!”

“Yeah, I found this sweet ass loft that you would love.”

“Keep dreaming there boyfriend.  In case you forgot we both are so fucking broke.”

“I know but I did find some nice apartments that we run by occasionally.  They were tight with a pool and a sweet gym.”

“The question is how much?”

“For one bedroom it is $600 but a two bedroom is $850 a month,” Nate stated.

“I can handle that.”

“I know but I’m not sure I can,” Nate said and began to doubt his financial situation.

“Dude, $425 a month to get out of here.  We’re paying $450 a month.  We can definitely afford it if we put our mind to it.”

“I guess.”

“Nate, is there still a question with you whether this is real or not?  I’m getting this weird vive here that you aren’t willing to commit one hundred percent to this relationship.”

“What?” Nate said.

“This is just happening so fast for us.  Are you ready to say Ross Gentry is the one you want to live with and be your partner?”  Ross asked.

“Fuck yeah!  Just look at the sacrifices I have made.  I left my girl, though I wanted to.  I moved 200 miles here to find you.  I absolutely worship you.  We have the greatest sex known to man.  Of course I’m ready or else I would be out of here in a heartbeat.”

Ross smiled, “Exactly what I wanted to hear!  Nate, I am sickly in love with your hot ass.”

“Fuck, I’m so in love with you it’s fucking off the charts.  I just thought I knew love until that one magical night,” Nate kissed Ross passionately.  The two rolled on the bed together in lip lock.  Soon after some great foreplay, Ross had his legs spread and taking Nate’s hot 8 inches up his ass.  They went slow and made hot sweaty love to each other.  Nate couldn’t last and blasted his load deep inside Ross’ hot ass.  Ross felt the load up his ass and grabbed Nate around the back of his head.

“Fuck, I hope I don’t get pregnant,” Ross laughed.

“God, I wish you could,” Nate said.  Ross jacked his cock a few times and blew his load on him and Nate.  “Fucking hot!  Damn, I just love this!”

“I love it even more.  You’re the first guy to ever breed my ass.  It felt so fucking good.  Just keep it in there while we make out.  Push that fucking seed of yours as deep as you can.  God, I fucking love you so much!”

The two were aglow and continued to make out with Nate’s cock shoved deep inside Ross’ cum-filled ass.  Nate felt his cock pop out and quickly shoved it back in.  He quickly grew hard again and fucked his lover with passion and vigor for a second time with the cum acting as a great lubricant.  Ross moaned and groaned feeling his ass fucked again.  It was a little tender but he enjoyed having his boyfriend’s hot cock in him as long as he could stand it.  The bed rattled and shook with a fury while Nate fucked Ross as hard as ever.

‘FUCK YEA!” Ross screamed constantly.  He pulled Nate for a deep kiss and again felt Nate’s load shooting up his ass.  Cum was oozing out of his ass but he knew how good it felt. 

They finally came down after their sexual high and laughed being it was almost ten.  Both were hungry for food and dressed quickly for something to eat this late night. 

After filling their stomachs with food, the couple headed back to their room.  They undressed each other and still had the excitement of just a few hours ago as the room still lingered the smell of sex.  They lay close together in bed and watched television.  Soon, Nate looked down and saw Ross sleeping soundly on his smooth tan chest.  He resisted the temptation to run his hands through Ross’ blond locks.  He quietly turned off the television and woke Ross briefly to spoon for they loved to sleep close and have close intimate body contact with Nate holding Ross’ naked body against his.

Ross woke earlier than normal.  He lay staring at the stud he now called his own.  He admired how fit Nate was and wanted to touch his lover.  He lay there in his deep thoughts until Nate woke an hour later. 

As now growing a custom, Nate and Ross enjoyed their Sunday in bed together once they were awake.  They kissed, tickled and petted each other.  The best part was they were growing so close and able to share their thoughts and emotions with each other.

“Nate, do you really deeply love me?” Ross asked.

“What brought this on?  How many fucking times do I need to tell you? Yes Ross, I’m crazy in love with you.”

“Good, so we’re ready to leave this phase behind and find an apartment.”

“Are you so fucking insecure that you need to keep asking me that shit?  Hell, we made love 3 times in less than 24 hours.”

“Sorry for asking then, bitch!”

“Who the fuck you calling a bitch?”

“You are.  You have the shortest temper I’ve ever seen.”

“So.  I get over it and it’s finished.”

“Damn, just forget I even brought it up, then.”

“Ross, I do everything I know to display my love to you.  There’s nothing better right now in my life to see your cute face.  We fuck like damn dogs, make out like savages but still you wonder.”

“Nate, this is just as much as an adjustment for me as it is you.  All my other boyfriends didn’t question whether they are gay every day and just accepted that they are.  You find something or some way to question it.”

“I’m trying to adjust to this.  You try changing from waking up with a guy and go sleep with girls.  You’ll see; it’s not that easy just to snap your goddamn fingers and change.  Give me credit for trying to adjust and see things from a new prospective.”

Ross smiled and kissed Nate, “I was just testing you.  You ready to find a new place today?”

“You bet I am.  Most of all I want to spend the entire day with you.  After today, you won’t question me anymore.”

“What?  Are we going to fuck again in the park?”

Nate smiled, “Sounds like a great idea but there may be too many gawkers though it would be hot. Ross, I want you to go shopping with me.  I’m ready to be more gay.”

Ross laughed, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know.  Sexy tight clothes.  Hot underwear.  A hot little bikini.  You know gay things like that.  If I’m going to be gay, I want to look it at times.”

“Holy fuck!  My confused boyfriend is really catching on here.  I’ll really gay you up.  You’ll be a flamer before you know it.”

“Fuck that!  I’ll leave that to my brother and Chris.  One flamer in the family is plenty.  Like you ever flaunt that you are gay.”

“Well…  I do when it is appropriate.”

After the little chat, they headed to the shower and went off to spend the day together.  They jumped into Ross’ SUV.  The first stop was at the apartment complex.  They got out and headed to the office to check to see what was available.  The cute girl manager was there and willing to show what was open.  The first place was a three bedroom with all the luxuries.  Both Ross and Nate loved it but knew it wasn’t for them.  Next came a one bedroom apartment.  Again they liked the look and feel but wanted to see the two bedroom apartment.  The second she opened the door they knew this was their future home. 

“Ummm… you guys roommates?” she asked.

They both laughed, “If you want to call two guys who sleep together roommates.”

“I see.  You’ll like it here then.  This place is filled with your type.  You guys look straight.”

“He’s still thinks he is but I’m one hundred percent gay,” Ross laughed.

“Trust me.  We are madly in love,” Nate said.  He surprised Ross with a kiss there in front of the girl.

“Wow, I guess you two hotties are lovers,” she laughed on the way out.

Next they toured the pool area before finding the fitness area much to their liking since it had new equipment and recently remodeled. 

“So, are you ready to sign a lease?” she asked at the end.

“Ummm… I am.  It’s perfect Ross.  Did you see those hot ass girls… hold on… I mean the pool area with all the people?”

She laughed, “Not fully gay but well on your way, huh?”

“I guess so,” Nate smiled.

“It looks good to me,” Ross said. “Let’s think about it but we’ll probably be back.  By the way, when’s the earliest we can move in?”

“Tuesday if all your paperwork is good,” she stated.

“Awesome!” Nate replied.

They left the office and headed out.  They sat in Ross’ SUV and debated.  In no time, they were back inside signing a 6 month lease for the two bedroom.  They knew the place was perfect and catered to people in their age range and lifestyle.  Now they had to wait to see if their credit was secure enough to officially sign the lease and have a place they could really call home.

“To the mall, huh?”

“Of course, I’m ready for my makeover to start,” Nate said.

“Nate, I appreciate the kiss in the apartment in front of… Kathy… there.  That meant the world to me.”

“I thought you would like it. I told you I was going to prove to you my love.  Now off to the mall!”

On the way to the mall, Nate called his brother Nick to tell him the good news about the new apartment they had signed for.  Nick told Nate how happy he was for him.  After he finished, Ross called his mother, who he rarely talked with, to tell her the news.  She was happy to hear from Ross but still had a hard time accepting him for being gay.

Ross found a place to park at the upscale mall.  Once out of the SUV, Nate walked over and grabbed Ross’ hand to walk into the mall.

“Are you sure you really want to do this?” Ross asked. “You know people will stare.”

“Fuck em.  Let em stare at me with my hot ass boyfriend,” Nate replied with a quick peek on the cheek.

Together they walked hand-in-hand.  Right when they stepped in they saw two boys, no more than high school aged, holding hands.  They smiled as they passed the two teens with Nate becoming more relaxed by the moment. 

“You know, I like this,” Nate said quietly.

“I do too,” Ross winked.

Ross directed them to an upscale department store that was one of the four anchors.  Nate and Ross still holding hands walked back to the men’s department.  Nate perused the jeans.  He found his size, 30, and picked up the pair.

“You’ve got to be shitting me! $250 for a pair of jeans!” Nate said in disgust since he did like the jeans.

“Well… maybe we can find some on sale.”

“On sale, I still can’t afford them.”

“Okay let’s check out the underwear.  I know for certain they carry some really hot fashionable underwear,” Ross smiled.

Together they headed to the underwear.  Ross smiled seeing he was correct in that there were hoards of Clever, 2(x)ist and CK underwear.  Nate checked them out and smiled, picking out a pair of trunks and low rise briefs from 2(x)ist.  Ross loved the selection and glad to see Nate’s great selection.  Ross grabbed a few pairs to add his wardrobe that wasn’t much to speak of.

After the department store with bags in hand, the two waded through the crowd and headed to Abercrombie.  Nate knew full well of this store but rarely was able to afford the prices.  He walked to the rear of the store and was able to find a few things he considered affordable along with being very stylish.  Ross was there for help but sensed Nate was doing great.

After a few more stops which resulted in nothing, the two headed to the swim shop located in the mall.  Ross laughed at Nate when they entered and even more when Nate grabbed a very skimpy Speedo. 

“Try it on,” Ross egged him.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Nate laughed.

“You never know.  You might actually like it,” Ross said.

“Fine, I’ll show you,” Nate snatched the Speedo and headed off to try it on.  He found a dressing room.  He threw off his shorts and pulled up the Speedo.  He immediately looked down and began laughing, seeing how it accented his large cock.  He poked his head out the door and motioned for Ross. 

Ross stepped inside the dressing room and looked down, “What’s the problem?”

“Here’s the problem,” Nate pointed to his obvious bulge.

“Well, it looks great to me.  Be proud you have a bulge,” Ross said.

“Are you serious?”

“Dude, these are so hot on you and really accent your tan body.  Just look how it really shows off your hot body.  If I were you, I would definitely grab them,” Ross said.

“Okay then,” Nate said and quickly undressed.  He was rather unsure but purchased the blue Speedo since it was on clearance at a low price.

After a few more stores, Hollister, American Eagle and Banana Republic, the two headed out with a bag in each hand.  Nate threw his things in the back seat and hoped in the front.

“How’d I do?” Nate asked with a wide smile.

“Actually great.  The best part was you weren’t shy about being seen with me.  I really think someone is trying their damnest to accept this new life,” Ross smiled.

“Hey, I’m trying to see it just like you and Nick.  We did get a few stares from the older crowd but you know most of the younger were cool with us,” Nate said.

“Say, you wanna go check out the park after we get home and shot a few hoops,” Ross stated.

“Yeah, I still need to get your ass back after that first day,” Nate laughed.

“Yeah,” Ross laughed as well. “I forgot all about that ass whooping I put on you that day.”

“You’re on for sure now!” Nate exclaimed.


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