chapter one - the six tales begin

Josh was sitting in his special lab at college preparing an assignment for one of his classes. The lab was special because he and just a
handful of others had access to this highly technological computer lab. Josh Turner was born with learning disabilities and part of it
allowed him to have access to the computers, which has editing, reading and dictating features. It was a time consuming task that
needed his full attention, so Josh continued to work uninterrupted. He was kind of lucky these days, after his first year in college was
a complete and utter failure in all regards, things were looking up.
When Josh started college last year he was on a computer course. It was interesting and he choose it for his love of computers,
however when he started the classes he was completely out of his depth. Josh didn’t understand anything. He was not a quitter and
tried his best but it just wasn’t happening for him. The program taught him how to troubleshoot computer problems, how computer
hardware works and how to write and understand computer programming. He managed to grasp the basics but still went on to fail
most of the courses.
Eventually, with his advisor, they decided to enrol him in another degree program. The conversation was not fun when they looked at
his grades for the first semester and also the midterms. More importantly she was concerned with his wellbeing.
“Josh, come on. I really think changing programs would be worth it.”
“But I want to continue and try harder.”
She smiled but asked, “What more can you do? You spent so many nights in the lab, sometimes up to midnight.”
“That is true.” Josh sighed. “Well what do you suggest I do? Start over?”
“Yes,” she said pulling the catalogues of programs the college offered and putting them on the desk. Josh took the documents and
reviewed the course choices. They ruled the ones that were not of interest; cooking, workshops, auto body courses, etc, and instead
centered on the business programs. Josh decided that with it being a general admission course it would be easy to be accepted onto
Now he had a plan; he would get a degree in Business and use that as a fall back. He applied for Business Administration the following
year and never looked back. Ironically, though, even though he was in the building. He still needed to apply for Business course
online, just like he did for the Computer course.
The work was challenging, but the courses were interesting. The courses were geared toward common sense responses. The first
semester dealt with accounting, marketing, business math and basic business communication classes. They kept his attention
because they dealt with real scenarios that he could grasp, not codes and formulas or wires and acronyms that the computer course
employed. Moreover, the teachers were engaging and interesting, they made the class laugh and were able to convey the knowledge
in an appealing manner. His accounting course was taking a lot of his time. He had a test in a few days and needed to study. Although
he decided to forgo friendships to make sure his marks stayed reasonable, it was not a regrettable decision.
While he was working on an essay for his communication’s professor, his phone kept beeping and it started to annoy him so he finally
checked it. There was text message from his sister, Rebecca. The message was so tactless and shocking he almost dropped the phone. 
“Zaidy is dead.”
Josh didn’t know what to think of do. He just sat there in shock.
Ron had been working hard these last few years on numerous projects for his boss, Mr. Granger. In the small marketing firm he had
acquired many clients and had created some interesting campaigns. Mr. Granger had taken a chance on him when he saw some of the
school work Ron did at Penn U. The interview process was interesting, they talked for a long time about Ron’s goals and pursuits and
then the conversation turned to specific tactics to get new clients. The final test was to create an ad campaign for their biggest clients.
Ron not only created a unique strategy but the client’s applauded their effort and said with the proper training Ron Kendall would go
far. However three years later Ron’s latest task had been hard for him. In all honesty the three assignments were challenging.
Moreover, Ron had an early meeting with Mr. Granger.
Arnold Granger was the nicest man Ron had ever met. He was accepting of everybody no matter their race, religion or creed. But it
was more than that, he allowed his employees to grow, to be nurtured in his company, his top team of senior workers had been with
the company for more than 10 years.  When Arnold had called for this meeting Ron wasn’t sure what to make of it. Arnold and he
talked every two weeks about the current projects, and the latest conversation, last Tuesday, went well.
As it was approaching the time to move to Arnold’s office, Ron got his notes on his recent project as well as a cost benefit analysis
that he finished the day before. Armour was a new restaurant opening up and Ron was given the assignment to oversee the project.
While he was familiar with restaurant concepts and researched the target market he thought the restaurant was rather bland, with no
unique characteristics that made it stand out, and the food was awful. He couldn’t think of what to do to make the best of the
He left his office, which is what Ron called it, even though it was little more than a cubicle, and walked past the HR manger, who was
a hot single flamboyant gay person. He was very professional and had the ability to listen to anybody, but when he was outside the
office that was different story. Jerry had grown up on Washington Square west, the small gay community that Ron had visited during
his high school days. 
He was on the phone, typing on the computer and eating some breakfast. Ron’s boyfriend loved Jerry and had asked repeatedly if
Ron would ever fuck him. The answer was obvious, yes, Ron knew. It would be his first black dick and the thought excited him, but he
would never do anything with a fellow workmate.
Jerry waved at him as he walked by. Ron knocked on Mr. Granger’s office and entered. Arnold was sitting there enjoying his
newspaper and a muffin. He was old school in that he needed to read the newspaper and talk on the telephone. He didn’t even own a
blackberry or Ipad.
“Hello, Ronald.” He said nicely.
Ron knew this meeting was going to be anything but good. “Have a seat.”
As Ron sat across the desk he was wracking his brain to figure out what was wrong. He normally greeted him with a ‘Hey, Ronny’.
“Well, let’s get down to it,” Mr. Granger cut to the chase without preamble. “I’m worried about you. The last six months your
performance has been less than stellar. When I hired you your talent and uniqueness to your designs added many things to our
company. When you helped develop La Boyz the new clothing boutique in Sierra Vista mall it was almost a work of art. The next two
years, you were the most sought after guy in the company. You put some of our most seasoned designers to shame with your work.
Then two months later, after dozens of successes, Raker’s home hardware needed your assistance. Mr. Raker applauded your effort
and was thrilled by what you developed, but I knew something was off. It seemed similar to a previous effort.  After six more projects
I noticed similar features in you custom designs.”
He was right and Ron had to defend himself. “Arnold, you cannot expect unique work all the time. Not all of Da Vinci’s works were
Mona Lisa’s.”
“True, but Da Vinci had other talents.”  In a previous lifetime Arnold was art history teacher before he discovered his calling in
marketing. “I don’t expect masterpieces every time you complete a project. I expect quality and I expect it to meet the client’s
expectations. Your last three presentations didn’t the first time.”
“That’s right.” Ron was a little more defensive than he intended. He remembered those assignments vividly. “Jones was insistent on
specific features that were not possible, you agreed with that when I came to you with Jones’ comments.  Andrews, well that was a
mistake.” He tried fifteen times to get an idea on paper, not sleeping for four nights trying to arrive at one.
“And Barker? Five presentations to give the client what he wants, and now Armour’s proposal you sent me last night. It looks just like
Night, the restaurant site you created last year.”
Ron knew he was right, something was missing with his performance and the ideas weren’t coming. “Talk to me,” Arnold said.
“I don’t know what’s happening.”
“This concerns me greatly. There must be a reason. Is it possible you lost your originality?”
“After three years? No,” Matt responded too harshly.
“Are there problems with you and your boyfriend?”
Well, our sex life ended six months ago, Ron thought, “No.”
Letting the comment slide, Mr. Granger stood up and put a hand on Matt’s shoulder. “We need you at your best. I’m sorry Ronald. I
need to take Armour away from you, we can’t waste two months on assignments again.”
He was stunned. He had never been pulled off an assignment ever. He always received the highest marks in school, he was
considered a genius. And yet he failed.
“What should I do in the meantime?”
Arnold Granger looked at him. 
Coach Harry Wells was in his office grading the latest English midterms. Although he loved coaching the local football team, Harry had
to teach English too. He was just thinking about where his life had gone to get him to this moment. Ever since he was a kid and his dad
took him to his first football game he was addicted to the sport. Then in high school he met the girl of his life, Bianca. She was
stunning, beautiful and gorgeous at the same time.
He gave up his high school Captainship to spend more time with Bianca. He even ran away from his best friend, Ted, when Ted tried
to tell him that Bianca was taking over his life. In college, Bianca and Harry became the best couple and Harry the most popular guy in
the dorm. He was friends with all the football players so Coach Johnson tried him out in an assistant coach position. With training
Harry became a great leader. When he graduated, Bianca had received the perfect job in Dallas so Harry had to give up his coaching
position and moved with his girlfriend. He found luck twice. Coach Johnson arranged for him to coach a high school football team. 
Harry had received a University degree in teaching so he could teach anywhere.
Now two years later, 27 year old Harry Wells was grading papers and was very happy with his life. Bianca and he were on the cusp of
getting married and he had a way to blend his love of football with the love of his life.  There was a knock on the door and the Coach
told him to enter.
“Hey, Coach. I received your note that you needed to see me.”
His star quarterback, Phillip, was staring at him, wondering what this meeting could be about.
“Thanks, Phil, have a seat, please.” Coach said.
Phil sat, “What’s up?”
“We need to talk about this English essay you handed me a week ago. And your midterm test.”
“What about it?” Phil was curious.
“You failed them both.” Coach Harry announced. Harry hated to have this conversation but he needed to see what was wrong with
Phil.  “In fact, we need you to keep your grades up or I need to pull off the team.”
“YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”  Phil was a quiet guy and was his favorite student.
“Phil, you know you can talk me. What’s wrong?”
“Fuck that! Coach you can’t put me off the team. That would ruin my social life.”
“Firstly, don’t swear in here. You’re failing my English course, your math course, and quite frankly you’re only doing well in Phys End
and Auto Shop. Unless you do better I have no choice but to remove from the team.”
Phil stood up screamed, “FINE!” He opened Coach Harry’s door.
“Please talk to me, tell me why you’re doing this.”
He turned back and looked straight at his coach, “You’ll never understand.”
The look on Phil’s face made Coach Harry realize all too well why he was doing this. Before Harry could respond, Phil was gone.
Harry went after him, but as he got up too quickly he hit his desk and an envelope caught his eye. It was his mail he hadn’t had any
chance to read. He sat down and read it.
Michael loved the house he had built with his partner after their first house was lost to bankruptcy. In his younger life, Mike made a
huge gamble with a business venture and lost everything. It was during these times of absolute desperation a good friend of family
gave him a few bucks and within a few months their relationship grew to what it has become today, an incredible relationship.
Mike was happiest when he was doing his daily crossword puzzle. He used the 30 or so minutes to lose himself and forget the chaotic
life that surrounded him to concentrate on the task at hand. Over the 10 years since he got married he had a lot of issues, ranging
from having children, to paying the mortgage, to keeping the spark in his marriage.
It was Sunday and he was alone. He was expecting company very soon though. As he put the final word into his puzzle the door open
sooner than expected and standing there was his husband of ten years, Patrick.
“Mike, do you have a minute?”
Getting up, he moved to the foyer were Pat was and gave him an innocent look.
“You’re home early?”
“Don’t give me the innocent routine.” Pat was more frustrated than mad, but right now the difference was very subtle. “Why is that
thing still there?”
“What are you talking about?”
Pat shook his head, “Playing dumb won’t help you either. You know perfectly well what I’m talking about.”
He grabbed Mike by the hand and pulled him out the front door to their driveway. Pat’s SUV was standing in the drive in front of a
piece of metal. Well, that’s what Patrick believed it was, a hunk of garbage. To Mike it was a hobby he hadn’t got around to fixing.
“I thought we were going to move your ‘car’ project this morning.”
“I thought we decided I wanted to keep the car here so I can update and rework it.”
“We said that three months ago when your uncle left you it in the will.” Pat fired back. “However I seem to remember we went to bed
and you said you were going to get rid of it.”
“I don’t seem to recall that conversation.”
“Well,” Pat smiled, “You don’t need to remember the conversation since I know it happened.”
Mike looked at the busted Oldsmobile his uncle called babe manic in his prime. Now it looked like it had seen better days. The
windows were cracked, the wheels were gone, and the convertible mechanism didn’t work, not to mention the paint faded and the
dents were still there. Mike received the car with instructions from his late uncle to repair it.
When Mike was younger, him and his uncle would repair the car and keep it maintained while Mike was in High School and College,
so it made sense to Michael that he should keep it in honor of his uncle. He never had a chance to inform his uncle that over the years
while he was making his money in various investments that he lost the knowledge of car repair he had learned from his uncle.
“I can’t get rid of it. It’s a part of the family.”
“No, a child is a part of family. This is an old piece of junk that your Uncle couldn’t maintain.”
“So if I lost a leg or got seriously ill you’d throw me out like trash.”
Patrick knew Michael too well and responded with a deadpanned expression, “Depends on my mood at the time.”
When Michael lost his business, his home and his first boyfriend when the latest gadget he invested in went sour, Patrick felt for him.
Patrick was a buddy of Mike’s brother and always thought he was sexy. At first, when Pat offered him finances and a roof over his
head he had ulterior motives, but within a few days and the following few months a relationship sparked. Three years later Pat and
Mike got married and ever since the love was still a strong and the sex was even better.
“Come on,” Pat said, “Let’s take it to a friend of our mechanic. I’m sure he could restore it for you. Or at least tell us if it’s worth
putting our money into.”
“Okay,” Mike was defeated but he knew Pat was right. In the three months he had the car he had yet to even go near it. The real
reason was there were too many good memories with his uncle. As they both got into the car to see if it still ran, Pat dropped the keys
under his seat. As he was fishing it out his hand found a piece of paper.
He brought it up so he could see it. It was a letter to Mike from his uncle.
He had been travelling for five years now, ever since he dropped out of high school. He woke one day and decided he needed a
change. He left his parents a note and left home with 15 dollars in his pocket, a cell phone and his wits. He managed to secure jobs
and earn some form of money to keep him going.
He never knew where he was going, he just kept trying to get there. He left is home and his family because he just had a need to
leave and explore the land. In those five years he found his way from Florida to Montana to British Columbia and California. His last
visit was to a town near Vancouver. He met this older woman who was sitting on bench outside a church feeding the birds.
On a whim he sat next to an elder lady and watched the birds and the people going by. She smiled and offered him the seeds so he
could feed the birds. He smiled back and took the food.  As they kept feeding the birds she didn’t attempt a conversation. That alone
intrigued the Traveler. When he sat next to strangers before they would either look at him funny or try to make conversation.
“Nice day?” He found himself saying.
“Yeah, it is.” She went back to birds. He felt like he needed to continue the conversation.
“Do you come here often?” In his head it sounded innocent, but in a bar situation some people may think it was a classic pickup line.
She must have thought that too, with a chuckle exiting her lips.
“Yeah, found this place to be peaceful. Fifteen years ago, I came out here and saw a lonely bird on the church steps and thought it
needed company. The following week, the bird was still there and again the next day. So I continued to come and we enjoyed each
other’s company.”
He didn’t find it weird, but it was comforting. On his travels he never talked to many people unless he had to. He never made any
“That’s kind of sweet.” He thought and meant it.
“We can’t go through the world alone. We need some people in our life.”
That line stayed with him all this time. As he walked into this small restaurant looking for some breakfast he still remembered that
elderly lady.
“What the fuck are you doing?” The traveler heard someone say.
“I’m standing around, why?” Someone responded to the waiter.
The traveler, stranded by the entrance, watched the conversation continue, curious.
“Shouldn’t you seat that customer?”
“He’s fine.”
The waiter rolled his eyes at the other waiter and walked towards the traveler.
“Sorry about that, my brother is really slow sometimes. I’m Rodger.”
The traveler told him the name he gave himself and shuck Rodger’s hand.
“You guys run the place?” He said making conversation.
Rodger smiled, “Our father inherited from his dad and we bought it from ours.”
“That’s really cool.” He said and took a menu. Rodger walked toward his brother and slapped him on the side of the head. Getting the
message the brother walked over to another table and got the order.
The traveler chuckled. He watched the men as Rodger continued to bark orders at his brother. The brother took it and teased him a
After a few minutes, the traveller flagged Rodger’s brother down. “Hey, man. Have a seat.”
“Sure, I could use a break.”
The traveller smiled, “Does your brother always act like that with you?”
Liam nodded.  “The regulars seem to enjoy the act.”
“After watching you for a few minutes, I know it ain’t an act.”
Liam thought for a minute and nodded. “Actually, we’re great friends. I was six when I broke my toe falling down some stairs and
since then Rodger’s taken me under his wings. We shared everything from then on. We went to the same high school and the same
college. We even had the same circle of friends.”
The traveller smiled again. “Are you always this frank to strangers?”
“A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet. And hell, I like you.”
“Liam, stop annoying the guest and bus those tables.”
“Fuck the tables, I’m talking.” Liam said, seriously. “We know you did that before.”
“You taught me how.” Rodger shot back.
“Someone had to teach you the birds and bees,” Liam stated loudly.
“If you say so, bro.”
The traveller chuckled. He grabbed Liam’s arm as he went back to the tables. “When you guys are done for the night I sure would like
to buy guys a drink.”
“Fuckin’ awesome, dude.” 

Frankie was sitting with his boxers around his ankles watching his porn on the computer. He was really getting into it. The door
opened and Calvin entered. He watched Frankie for a minute. Good thing his cousin was gone. Kevin was great guy, but he never was
open about sex and masturbation.
Calvin stripped down to his boxers and sat next to best friend of nine years. “Need a hand?” Calvin stated.
“Rodney would be upset.”
“I broke up with him two nights before we left.”  Calvin reminded.
Frankie stopped stroking and turned to Cal. “When the fuck were you going to tell me?”
“I did, bro. You took me out to get drunk and forget him. You drank too much.”
“I don’t remember that.”
Frankie and Calvin had graduated from College two months ago and had decided to start afresh away from their folks and family in
New York since they were both aspiring actors. Calvin’s cousin had a place close to subway and allowed him and Frankie to stay with
him for three months and then locate a place of their own.
With one month left, they couldn’t find a place that met their means.  However, all that went out his head because Frankie had
started to blow his seven inch cock. Calvin was enjoying the treatment his cock was getting. For the most part Rodney never could
satisfy this particular need. 
Rodney and he had been dating only seven months, but when Frankie and Calvin decided to move to New York to try acting Rodney
couldn’t do it. He toyed with Calvin for two months, travelling to New York every other weekend, or having Calvin visit him back
home. In the end, Rodney came clean and broke up with him.
When Frankie heard about them ending he wanted Calvin to forget all about Rodney so they went drinking all night to as many bars as
they could find. They ended up at gay strip club, where a drunk Frankie started making out with Calvin right there. Calvin enjoyed the
pleasuring, arranged Frankie and him to go back to their place. When Frankie awoke Calvin was there helping his friend.
Calvin and Frankie had one of the best friendships, though over the last two and half years their relationship entered a more physical
stage. With Frankie being single most of his life and Calvin drifting from person to person they both had urges, and with some outside
help, they explored those urges with major success.
At that moment Calvin came in Frankie’s mouth and it was the most he had came in days. He kissed Frankie on the lips to thank him
for his special touch. Looking around Frankie’s bedroom, Calvin knew they needed to find their own place. Kevin was great cousin but
he didn’t like imposing on him. Especially with Frankie’s somewhat abnormal behaviour, it was too much.
“Tomorrow you and me are going to get an apartment somewhere.”
“Bro, we got one more month here.”
“I don’t want to over stay our welcome.”
“I guess you’re right, plus I feel very restricted here.”
Calvin was aware of this all too well. The day he met Frankie was odd to some people. They were both assigned to a group in school
that required a lot of work. So Frankie asked him to come over one weekend to get it done. He showed up at Frankie’s basement
room.  Frankie’s room had a separate entrance from the main house entrance. As Calvin knocked on the door, Frankie greeted him
“Uh…” Calvin stammered. Frankie looked down and gave an apologetic look. “Sorry, I should have warned you. I am nudist. Ever since
I was eight years old, I just never liked wearing clothes.”
“It’s cool,” Calvin said too quickly.
Sensing the lie, he stated “If you think so, join me.” 
Calvin did just that and stripped to his boxers. “I don’t want you to be jealous.”
“Oh please,” Frankie rolled his eyes, “I have seen it before, plus, you’re not my type.”
With that they became friends and over the next few years they have become very close. They were there through everything
together. And Calvin even enjoyed being naked so much he started to strip off when he entered his room.
Now, in Calvin’s cousin’s place, it was hard for either of them to be naked. They both respected Kevin enough to know he would be
uncomfortable with it, and their actions that they did for the last two years.  Just then, Frankie received an email. Moments later
Calvin got the same message. They looked at each other and they both hated the announcement it made.
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