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I was back early after a nice Christmas vacation. As usual, it was very nice with lots of great presents.
However, I was ready to be back with my friends once the realization set in that we only had from January
to the first of May before it was over. 

Not many were around so we celebrated New Year’s with the four of us plus Faith. Kris didn’t mind Melissa
being gone and really seemed to have a good time. Another reason to return was to be together to watch the
bowl game the night after New Year’s. Seeing it on TV really made us wish we were in the stands, but it was
just too far to make the trip. In the end, I was ever so thankful we didn’t make it since again we failed
in a bowl game. Actually, it was the worst I’d seen us play all year.

We had a few weeks to kill before classes started back. Corey filled his time at the Rec Center doing lots
of administrative things since he was now watching over most of the general operations. I was so proud of
him and could see how important the responsibility was to him.

The following Monday, I was up early. I exited my room and saw Kris coming out dressed nicely in his slacks
and dress shirt for his first day of student teaching. 

“Matt, what are you doing up?” Kris asked me.

“I just woke up,” I said.

Kris shook his blond hair he had cut nicely for the occasion, “Bro, that’s total bullshit. Admit you were
afraid I’d oversleep.”

I sheepishly smiled, “Maybe a little bit. I was making sure.”

Kris walked over and patted my shoulder, “I appreciate that. Bro, I’m fucking nervous.”

“Good. It shows this means a lot to you…”

“It could mean a job there too if I do well and they like me,” Kris added.

“Liking you is the last thing you need to worry about. However, don’t push it. Let the real you come out
naturally. Everyone has always liked you for being who you are. Don’t stop that now that you’re entering a
new world.”

“I’ll try not to. Can you believe this shit? I’m going to teach while the rest of you are on your last
semester,” Kris commented.

“I can’t. Now you better get a move on or you’ll be late,” I said.

“Okay. Thanks!” Kris said and headed out the door. 

As I was sitting watching TV with my laptop near me, I saw Colt come walking into the room. 

“I guess Kris made it this morning?” Colt stated.

“He did,” I said.

“Don’t tell me you were up to see him off.”

“Well… I don’t guess I will have to tell ya then,” I said.

“I swear dude…,” Colt said.

“I’d have done the same for you,” I stated.

“Bullshit, Matt. You’d do anything for Kris.”

“Colt, I swear I would have for you. I just didn’t want Kris to start off on the wrong foot. We need to be
there for each other for these moments while we can.”

“I get that, but he’s a grown boy now and don’t need mothering.”

“I was just making sure. Say he’d overslept…”

“He would learn,” Colt said. 

“No sense in that when we have three others that can help out.”

“I still don’t believe you… what am I saying here? I believe it.”

“Yeah, believe it ‘cause I’d do it over and over again,” I said with Corey coming out, dressed. He knew the
reason I was up early and thought it was nice that I would do so. He did think I’d do the same for Colt if
he were in the same situation. We talked and laughed about different scenarios we could see Kris in. I
wondered if he could control his mouth and temper. It would be a good test for him.

Kris came home about 4 after his first day. Colt and I were there waiting to hear all about it. He said he
didn’t do a lot and got a feel for the school and the staff. He would help in P.E. for the first half of
his day and then go to help the coaching staff in the weight room. I could hear in his voice that even
though he didn’t get his feet wet so to speak he loved it. In the meantime, Kris gathered the guys for the
last season of intramural basketball.

I began my classes the following week after being a real bum for a few weeks. My class load was minimal
with classes Monday through Thursday. It had worked out perfectly where I didn’t have class on Friday.
Corey had a light load as well thanks to his summer classes, whereas Colt had a full load so he could
graduate on time with us. 

I waited after my classes here on Thursday knowing Kris would finally be able to start student teaching. He
came bouncing in the door with a big smile on this cold wintery day.

“Life is good, bro,” Kris said.

“Don’t tell me you’re thinking of changing your mind,” I said sarcastically.

“Maybe I should. I’m not cut out for that shit,” Kris laughed.

“Alright, tell me all about it. I know you’re aching to,” I said, with Kris going to the fridge to get a
beer for us.

He returned and took a seat, “Bro, I think this moment calls for one. I can’t begin to tell you how much I
love it. The kids really don’t know what to think. The part I enjoyed the best was interacting with them.”

“Imagine that,” I said.

“I know. Then I was able to help them in the weight room. For some of them it’s their first time to mess
with weights. However, we’re not going to go too much since they still need to grow a little.”

“That’s understandable,” I said. “How do you like the coach and the guy you teach with?”

“The coach was cool as shit. He and I hit it off great. I gave him some ideas about the weight room. The
guy I teach with is cool but kinda quiet. I think the kids are scared of him,” Kris said. “He reminded me
of one of my PE teachers. So how was your first day of classes?”

“Typical first day,” I replied. “I know you’re gonna miss going to class.”

“I will miss every minute of it, but I’ll miss going to the Rec Center more. I suppose we’ll have a new
routine now,” Kris stated.

“Yeah, I forgot. We won’t be able to go like we used to.”

“Things are changing.”

That night marked the beginning of the season for the guys. Kris was excited about that as well, with the
addition of a new player, Casey. Colt and I headed over to watch. Colt wasn’t playing this year, saying his
heart wasn’t in it, plus they had plenty of players already. Corey was on the team and was excited about
the season, despite not going very far last year. We sat and saw Shawn, Jordy and Alton come in the door.
Alton was Jordy’s latest boyfriend. They had met during the summer but really didn’t start dating until
November. Finally Jordy had a guy who he really liked and seemed to be his type, with Alton being partially
deaf. We sat and waited with Chase and Tabor coming to watch since Corey talked about playing. 

Once the game started, I could see our team was a little better than the other. Garrett was taking things
as serious as ever and was ready for the season. The new guy was exactly what was missing since he was a
great shooter. The only bad part was he took Scott’s spot as a starter. The game was close going into
halftime. Once the second half started the guys pulled away enough so Kris could play everyone. Corey
surprised me and hit a nice jump shot towards the end of the victory. As usual, Kris was coaching them and
giving it his all. Colt and I could only laugh seeing the intensity he brought.

When we returned I saw Ted and Luke outside in the cold. Ted waved us over. We could see luggage sitting by
Ted’s car. 

“Good luck,” Colt stated.

“We’ll need it,” Ted said.

“Someone fill me in,” I said.

Ted walked over and put his arm around me. “Luke and I are off to train with a professional to get us fully
ready for the combines…”

“The combines are where the scouts watch and grade them,” Colt added.

“So you’re leaving for good?” I asked.

“Just for a month or so to get ready,” Luke replied. “We’ll be back.”

“Bros, I hope you do well. How fucking awesome is it going be saying we know some pro players?” Kris

“And watching them on Sunday,” Corey added.

“I guess I’ll be watching some NFL next season,” I said with a smile. 

“Let’s hope you do,” Ted said.

“Hope’s ass,” Colt said. “Dude, they are projecting you late first round or second.”

“Things can change,” Ted said.

“What about you, Luke?” I asked.

“I just hope I’m drafted,” he said with a smile. 

“He will be,” Ted said. “Hey, we’ll see ya when we get back.”

“If y’all need a wakeup call tomorrow, Matt’ll do it,” Colt joked.

“We’ll be fine. We’re driving tonight to the airport for our early flight,” Ted said.

We said goodbye and wished them well. It was nice knowing I didn’t have class the next day and didn’t have
to worry about getting up.

Sunday that weekend, we got a nice snowfall. Since we didn’t really get much the year before, we were
aching to get out in it. I barely stepped out the door and had a snowball hit my leg. I looked up and saw
Scott laughing. I ran after him and tackled him while the others watched in amazement. As I was playfully
wrestling with Scott, snowball after snowball came our way. We jumped up and headed for cover. It was a
full day of playing in the snow. The worst part was the snow hit on a holiday, so enough was gone by the
time classes were back in session.

Every day after classes, I would head to work and loved working with the computers, though it wasn’t
programming like my major. I was thankful that Mr Jackson had got me the job but missed the interaction I
had with him. Occasionally he’d call to see how I was doing or vice versa. It was nice that we continued
our relationship that way and I looked up to him for being a gay man who was so in love with his partner he
would change his life and move just to be with him. I knew I would do the same for Corey. 

This year, the birthdays were very subdued compared to the previous year. Now it meant we were another year
older and were fully into our 20s. I think we all realized things were about to get serious. For Corey’s
birthday earlier in the month he and I just went out for dinner. Colt and Faith did the same thing for his. 

February was very cold, windy and snowy for the most part. We had as much snow this year as we had the
previous three years combined. By the last one at the end of February, we were tired of it and ready for
the winter to be over. It had interrupted Valentine’s Day but for Corey and me it was another day, whereas
Kris and Colt got to enjoy their first Valentines with their girlfriends. I was happy for them and was glad
they had seemingly found two great girls. 

At the end of February, the tournament started in basketball. There were high hopes after an undefeated
season. The team was playing very well and didn’t have that many close games. We headed over to watch the
first game of tourney. It was a great game and became even better by some great shooting by Casey and
Grady, who had enjoyed a great season as well. 

The next week, we were back over to watch the next game of tournament. It was single elimination so they
had to be at their best every night. The other team was very good and had us down by eight at half time.
Our team came out firing the second half with Garrett scoring some easy baskets inside. The other team took
the lead with twenty seconds left. Kris called a timeout and gathered the guys around. Colt and I laughed
seeing how animated Kris was. We got back in and the ball was in play. I was on the edge of my seat while
watching them and the clock. With five seconds left, Bruce took a shot. It hit off the front of the rim.
Garrett was standing right there and put the rebound back in the basket for the victory. The entire team
was so excited and mobbed Garrett.

The next two games were close but we came out ahead in each of them. It was now down to the finals. I had
seen their opponent play a little and knew they were in for a dog fight. Before the game, Kris was a
complete nervous wreck. The three of us finally had to tackle him and make him stop pacing the floor. 

We headed to the game with a big crowd gathered. Everyone was now aware of the game and came out to support
the team. Our guys were playing their hearts out but were down by five at half time.

The second half started with Scott taking Bruce’s spot on the court. Colt and I wondered why Kris had done
so. We found out shortly Scott’s purpose was to guard the other team’s best player since Bruce was lacking
in that department. The gamble paid off with Scott fresh and all over the other team’s player. We tied the
game just before the start of the fourth quarter. The quarter started with Sergio making two great passes
to Grady and then a steal. I was getting excited, as were the rest who had gathered. With a minute to go
and up by five, Sergio hit a great three pointer. The other team tried to get back in the game but fell

When the buzzer sounded, I focused on Kris. He jumped higher than I had ever seen and threw a towel he was
holding in the air. He raced out onto the court and starting hugging all the players. Corey was excited as
well, even though he only played a minute or two. We ran off the bleachers and poured onto the court. 

“The best day ever!” Kris shouted.

“Finally we won,” Garrett said with a big smile.

“Yes we did. We kicked ass,” Scott said.

There was a big party to celebrate. It was great being able to celebrate the big victory with the guys,
however, Kris couldn’t drink that much, saying he couldn’t go to teach hung over. It didn’t stop the others
from drinking lots of beer and alcohol. I don’t believe I’d ever seen Bruce and Garrett as drunk as they
were when things ended.

Just before spring break I headed off to a Job Fair held here on campus. As the end came upon me it was
time to find a job. Colt was with me and hoped something would appeal to him. I walked around and found a
company that sounded great to me and my degree. I talked with them for a solid fifteen minutes and filled
out an application. I got the canned response of we’ll get back to you. Knowing it could never materialize
I applied at a few more places that would suffice in case the one I really wanted didn’t come to fruition.
The only thing I wasn’t crazy with was the location. It was back in my home town. I didn’t want to get too
far ahead of myself and worry.

Spring Break arrived and wasn’t the typical Spring Break for us. With no one ever committing to anything,
we were on our own. Kris had a big problem in that his school’s was the following week so he wouldn’t have
been able to go away anyway. He was ever so thankful we didn’t plan anything. Corey and I were together at
the end of the break and went to gamble for a few days. It was something we shouldn’t have done since we
lost almost all of our money.

The week after we returned on Wednesday, I came in the door and saw Kris sitting on the couch in his

“How was your day?” Kris asked with a big smile.

“It was great. Do you miss not going to school?” I asked, sitting down next to him.

Every day after Kris returned home, he had a story to tell us. We never had to question whether Kris had
made the right choice in life for he was always excited to tell us about his day. I think most of the
stories were true, but I was sure some were embellished. It didn’t matter since they were usually very

“I do,” Kris replied with a big smile. “Bro, I got a call today and it looks like I’ll be teaching next
year at Rowley High School.”

“That is so awesome,” I said and was so happy for Kris since he wanted the job at this private school. He
knew the pay wasn’t the best but he was doing to gain the experience.

“I’ve been so fucking excited all day. I can’t believe how things have turned out for me, bro. You know,
two years ago when I was really starting to fall for Colt all I did was question where my life was going
and what the future held for me. Then last year when I knew things weren’t gonna work out between us I did
the same again. But now things couldn’t be better. Colt and I are back to how we were before we got
together. I have the best friend I could ever hope for sitting right here next to me. I’m in love with the
greatest girl who I wanna marry and have kids with when the time is right. I’m doing something I love so
much and have just landed the perfect job for me. I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it, Kris. You really do deserve it. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me.
You’ve changed my life, and I know you’re gonna do the same for all those kids you’re gonna teach. I’m glad
we took this journey together.”

“Me too, bro. I don’t regret a second of it. You can stop worrying about me now. I’m set. I made it
through. Now you need to focus on you. When are you going to find a job?”

“I’m looking,” I replied, still waiting to hear from anyone.

That Thursday, as I was walking through campus, I heard someone call my name. I felt a hand on my shoulder
and turned around to see Alex standing there.

“How’s it going?” he asked.

“Pretty good and you?”

“Not bad,” he replied. “Dude, I’m sorry with the way things have turned out for us.”

“I’m too,” I said.

“I let my emotions overrule the rational side of me,” he said.

“That happens, but it’s fine now. We’ve moved on and I think you have too.”

“I have. I need to stop by and apologize to Kris and Colt. I was so damn stupid and hard headed, but I hear
I was right that they aren’t dating each other now?” Alex said.

“Maybe. It was nice seeing you,” I said.

“You too,” he said and headed off in a different direction. I did tell Kris and Colt I ran into Alex. Kris
hated it when I told Alex said he was right, but Kris was proud that I said we’d moved on.

Exactly one week later I got a call from the company I had applied for and wanted a position at. They
wanted to do a Skype interview with me the following day. I didn’t tell Kris since it wasn’t certain I’d
get the job. 

I came home early Thursday and did the interview. It was so different but so fitting for the company. I
guess it saved us both the expense and time of a true face-to-face interview. I was still very nervous and
kept my fingers crossed for the best. 

When Corey arrived I told him all about the interview, but still had yet to tell anyone else, including
Mom. I didn’t want to mention it until I was certain. He was well aware of the implications but fully
understood the situation. It was hard for me to act normal that night so I left and visited Scott and Jenna
to stay away. While I was visiting Scott, he told me there was a great possibility of him getting job near
where I had applied. For him it meant he’d have to leave Jenna since she had another year remaining, but
they both agreed that they’d make it work somehow. 

Friday, as I was sitting in the apartment, my email on my phone dinged. I looked down and saw that it was
from the company I had interviewed with. I was shocked to get one so soon. I opened the email and had such
mixed emotions seeing they were offering me a job. I tried calling Corey but didn’t get an answer. Since
Corey didn’t answer I called Mom and told her my situation. It took a minute before she realized why I
didn’t immediately accept the job. She was great and understood that I had two very good reasons to want to
stay where I was, but she told me I faced a decision of whether to take a low paying job here or take the
job and follow my chosen career path. 

As I was getting ready to run and clear my head Corey returned my call. He wasn’t expecting such a quick
decision either. He said it was my choice and he would leave it up to me. He gave me the pros and cons of
it while being rational as well, telling me that whatever happened we would figure something out. I headed
off for my run and went my regular route to the park. I took a seat in some grass and began to weigh my
options, trying to make a decision. It was the hardest one of my life, but I needed to think of myself as
well. In the end I decided to accept the job. I called the company’s personnel department to let them know
I would take it. It started the first day of June so there was still time before starting it.

Kris came walking in the door and was his usual bubbly self. I tried to listen to him tell me about one kid
but interrupted him since I needed to tell him my news. 

I reached over and grabbed his arm. “Kris, I need to tell ya something.”

“Okay, but don’t ya wanna hear the rest?”

“Yes, but this is way more important,” I said and was starting to get emotional.

“It must be,” he said. “Matt, are you okay?”

“Kris, I got a job,” I said.

“Congrats, bro! I’m excited for you!” he yelled. “Why aren’t you excited?”

“It’s at a company back home…”

Kris looked at me. The excitement on his face vanished while the statement sunk in. “What the fuck? How
could you take a fucking job there when you knew full well I have one here?”

“I’m sorry!” I said with tears rolling down my face.

“You sorry little fuck! I can’t believe you’d do this!” Kris yelled. “Why?”

“I didn’t have a choice…” I cried. “Stop making this harder than it already is.”

“Did you expect me to be jumping up and down?”

I walked swiftly to my bedroom and locked the door. His response was exactly as I expected. I was staring
at the wall while I lay on my bed. I knew Colt had come home but didn’t hear anything. He came to my door
and saw I was upset.

“What happened?” he asked. “Where’s Kris?”

“Colt, I got a job back near my home town…”

“Oh hell! I see what’s happened.”

“I really didn’t have much of a choice.”

Colt hugged me, “I’m happy for you and see how painful this is for you. Everything will work out. Kris is
probably just upset and hurting.”

“I’m hurt too, but I had to think of myself. If I took a job here it wouldn’t be the right one and would
pay much less,” I said.

“I take it Corey knows and it’s the reason why you weren’t around much last night? I knew something was up
but couldn’t put my finger on it.”

“He knows. He was great and said he’d find a job wherever we ended up. Now he can look for one. We’ve been
waiting for me to find one first since mine is more specialized.”

Colt grabbed my leg, “I understand. I hate like hell that this means the end of us four as roommates, but…
it was enviable at some point.”

I heard the door open and then saw Kris’s face. He came running to me and gave me a big hug. He started
crying on my shoulder with Colt watching us. “Bro, I’m so sorry. It was like I was hit with a bomb. I don’t
know what I’ll do without you, but I’m so proud of you.”

“Kris, I’m so sorry too. Imagine if it had been you.”

“I was thinking about that. I had visions of us all being together forever, but that wasn’t very realistic.
I fucking hate it, but there’s little we can do,” Kris said, wiping his face.

I looked over and saw Colt wiping his eyes too. “Damn, I hate this. It’s for the best though. Kris, unless
something changes, I’ll be here.”

“Your ass better be,” Kris said, grabbing Colt to join our group hug. “Brothers forever are what we will be
no matter where we live.”

“Yes we will,” I said. We sat down and talked some more. I really didn’t know a lot but told them all I

By the time Corey got home that night things had calmed down. Kris and Colt were there with their girls
when he arrived. Scott, Shawn, Dillon, Bruce and Aaron were there as well. Kris got up and ran to hug
Corey, followed by Colt. It was great emotion and I had to join them. Our friends watched us hug and cry
with the realization that Corey and I were moving away. Scott said his job was near mine too so we could
try and live close together and we could all visit each other. 

We sat around talking, with very little being drank. The night grew later as we didn’t want it to end.
People slowly started to leave, with Bruce and Aaron being the first and Scott and Shawn not wanting to
leave. Kris suggested Melissa and Faith head off since he didn’t know how long we’d be up. They agreed and
kissed their boys before heading out. Not all that long after Scott and Shawn finally decided to call it a
night and headed back to their apartments. Once they were gone, Kris stood and lost his clothes. Colt,
Corey and I did the same. Kris started staring at us. 

“Bros, I’ve got it!” Kris exclaimed.

“Got what?” Corey asked.

“Tomorrow night we need to make a trip to get a tattoo. I was thinking maybe our initials on our
shoulders,” Kris said.

“Ummm… where?” Colt said and pointed since he had his shoulders tattooed.

“How about if we all got one on our chest? Say with K M C C in a circle and BF in the middle?” I asked.

“Fucking perfect, bro,” Kris said. “Even though we’ll be apart, we’ll still be reminded of each other.”

“So we agree?” Corey asked.

We did and agreed to have it done the next night. It would have a special meaning to us and would be with
us until we passed away. We stood and hugged again.

When we were about to sit back down Kris reached over and grabbed my cock. “Bros, would it be horribly
wrong if we had sex with each other?” he asked as my dick started to harden in his hand.

“I think it would be so fitting,” I said. “One final time together.”

“I agree,” Colt said.

“We can show our love to each other that only we understand and enjoy,” Corey stated.

With his hand still wrapped around my cock, Kris pulled me to him for an incredible kiss that left my whole
body tingling. I looked over to see that Corey and Colt were also lip locked and were running their hands
all over each other.

After maybe of minute of making out, Kris moved his lips to my neck while he continued to stroke my cock,
using both hands to slide up and down the whole length, from the base all the way to the tip. His mouth
continued down until was sucking my nipples and licking my abs. It was so hot to feel him worshipping my
body and I could see Colt doing the same thing to Corey’s amazing muscles.

“I can’t believe what a stud you’ve turned in to, Matt. You’ve come so far since we came here,” Kris said,
looking up into my eyes while his hand ran over my abs.

A moan left my lips when Kris licked his way up my shaft and took my dick into his mouth. I threw my head
back at the incredible feelings as Kris wrapped his lips around my cock and went straight to work, sucking
me like never before. It had been a while since Kris fooled around with a guy and he seemed to be making up
for that by giving me one of the best blow jobs of my life.

“That’s it, Kris, suck my boyfriend’s dick,” Corey moaned. “Oh God, Colt, that feels so fucking good. Suck
my cock!”

I looked over to see Colt on his knees in front of Corey, who had his hand on Colt’s head, pushing him down
on his thick cock. Colt was moaning as Corey began to fuck his face, but he was running his hands up and
down Corey’s huge thighs and when I looked down between his legs his dick was harder than ever and was
dripping precum onto the carpet. He wanted this so bad too, just like Kris.

When I felt like I was about to cum I pulled Kris up off the floor and gave him a hot, tongue-filled kiss.
I ran my hands all over his body, admiring the amazing definition he still had despite not spending as much
time in the gym as he used to. I guess working with kids kept him more than fit enough. I licked my way
down his body, taking the time to give each of his eight abs the attention they deserve, until I swallowed
his dick and buried my nose in his trimmed pubes. I deep-throated him for a few minutes, using my mouth to
work his whole shaft, only pulling off to lick his balls and suck them into my mouth. I was rolling his
balls around on my tongue when he took hold of his cock and started slapping it against my face. I didn’t
think I’d like that but it was such a turn on, especially when I felt his precum smear over my cheek.

The next time I pulled off Kris’s cock I heard Colt yelp and turned my head to see him flat on his back on
the sofa with Corey between his legs. Every inch of Colt’s hot dick was deep in Corey’s throat and Corey
had two fingers rammed up Colt’s ass, fucking him with them.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Kris moaned.

“Hell yeah it is,” I agreed.

We were savoring every moment of this time together, knowing it was probably the last time the four of us
would ever be in a position to do this.

When Corey yanked his fingers out of Colt’s ass Colt could barely breathe. He was panting so hard and had
his eyes closed to tight I thought he might pass out.

“Holy fuck, Corey!” Colt moaned. “Oh man, I’ve missed having my ass played with. One of you is fucking me

We all smiled and I knew every one of us would like a chance to be inside Colt again. I helped him to his
feet and pulled him into the center of the room so he was standing next to Kris. They put their arms around
each other but didn’t move to kiss. I dropped to my knees in front of these two hunks who were such good
friends to me and started sucking on their seven inch cocks. I started with Colt since I hadn’t sucked him
yet and then switched back to Kris, using my hand to jerk Colt and then swapping again. After a while I
tried to get both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time but I just couldn’t do it. I got both heads
inside but my lips felt like they were going to split, so I just pulled them together so the heads of their
cocks were touching and licked around them both.

We had been so caught up in what we were doing that none of us noticed that Corey had pulled out the sofa
bed, laid towels down on it and had our big bottle of lube and a box of condoms ready. We all knew where
this was heading and we were so ready for it.

No words had to be said when we moved to the sofa bed. I knew I wanted to fuck Kris first and he must have
had the same idea because he took my hand in his and let me guide him into position so he was lying on the
bed, on his back with his legs in the air, waiting for my big cock to stretch his tight little hole.

I rolled a condom down my cock and spread lube all over it. I kind of wished we were going bareback, just
so I could feel even more of a connection to my best friend who I loved so much, but I knew it wasn’t the
smart thing to do. Once I was nice and slick I moved into position and brushed the tip of my cock against
his hole, causing him to moan my name.

Beside us on the bed, Colt had laid Corey down and was eating his big muscle ass while he fumbled around
trying to get a condom on his cock so he could fuck my boyfriend. It was only fitting that we fuck next to
each other and that we all be a part of what was happening. When Colt was finally ready he lined his cock
up with Corey’s hole and then turned to look at me. We made eye contact and nodded before turning our
attention back to the guy beneath us, ready to enter.

Corey moaned with such pleasure as Colt’s cock slipped inside him. It went in pretty easy because of how
often he had my dick in his ass. He arched his back and pushed back against Colt to try to get him to go
deeper. It didn’t take much for Colt to give Corey exactly what he wanted and they quickly found a rhythm
where Colt was fucking Corey pretty hard.

Kris on the other hand hadn’t been fucked in months so there was a lot of resistance as I pushed against
his ass. Finally the head popped in and he let out a scream. He was so fucking tight it was unreal. After a
moment of not moving Kris nodded and reached up to put his hand on my arm, letting me know he was ready. I
slowly sank my dick inside him, feeling his ass squeeze my cock and envelop it in such warmth. I was
overwhelmed and felt so much emotion. Tears welled up in my eyes as I bottomed out in him and held still
with all 8 inches inside him, letting him get used to me again. It was the only time I’d ever shed a tear
fucking a guy, but this was so different.

I gently withdrew my cock until only the head remained inside his ass. Watching his face as I pulled out
was amazing. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung open. A low, almost constant moan seemed to rumble in
his chest and then he started to whimper as I pushed back in and buried myself deep again.
Kris’s ass seemed to loosen up a little with every thrust I made into it until I was finally able to fuck
him at a nice steady pace. His eyes were locked on mine and I stared down into those beautiful blue orbs as
my dick slid in and out of him. There was lots of noise filling the room with me fucking Kris and Colt
fucking Corey. We were four guys who were all enjoying the physical pleasure that comes from two men having
sex. I knew there was a part of Kris that had missed having a dick inside him and I wanted to deliver one
hell of a fuck so it would satisfy that desire he still had within him.

I had been fucking him for maybe ten minutes when he pulled me down into the hottest, most passionate kiss
anyone has ever laid on me. He wrapped his arms and legs around my body and held me close as I continued to
slide in and out of him. The tears rose in my eyes again, feeling the closeness and the bond I had with him.
The whole situation, as well as the tightness of his ass around my cock, was just too much and I screamed
into his mouth as I came in his ass. I hated that I shot off so soon, but I couldn’t hold back.

I collapsed on the bed, trying to catch my breath back. I hoped that I hadn’t ruined the mood, but Colt
continued to fuck Corey while Kris lay next to me and ran his hand all over my body, even pulling my condom
off and taking my limp dick in his mouth so he could lick up any drops of cum that were still on it.

Corey began moaning really loud and I could tell he was about to cum. Colt must have sensed it too because
he pulled out of Corey’s ass and sat down on the bed between us, letting Corey come down from the brink of
his orgasm. Colt moved to me and kissed me on the lips. He pulled back and looked into my eyes. “Do you
think you can go again Matt? I want your big dick in my ass.”

I wanted that so bad so I could show Colt the same love I just showed Kris. Seeing me nod, Kris and Colt
both moved down until they were sucking my cock, one on either side, licking up and down my shaft. I was
soon hard again and was almost screaming when Corey moved and put his mouth over mine, slipping his tongue
between my lips and making out with my while Kris and Colt got my dick nice and wet with their saliva.

I was still on my back when Colt rolled another condom down my cock and lubed me up. My eyes opened wide,
even after everything Colt had done, when he raised up and sank his tight ass down on my big cock. He hissed
and threw his head back in what I knew must have been pain, his ass was almost as tight as Kris’s and I knew
he too hadn’t been fucked for months. Still, he took it like a champ and didn’t stop until he was sitting
down fully on my cock.

While Colt was getting used to my dick being inside him, Corey moved to the edge of the sofa bed and got
onto his hands and knees, presenting his ass to Kris. It was such a hot sight when Kris stepped up with his
covered cock and pushed it into Corey’s ass. I felt my dick twitch and jerk inside Colt. It reminded me of
the first time I saw Kris fuck Corey more than three years ago now, and it was even hotter than it was then,
with their incredible muscular bodies working together in one hell of a hot fuck.

As I watched Kris thrusting into Corey, who was pushing back against the cock that was slicing through him,
Colt started riding my dick. I let him set his own pace so I didn’t hurt him. At first he went pretty slowly
but then he started to pick up speed until he was really drilling his ass down onto my cock and rotating his
hips, moving them in circles to drive me in deep.

“Fuck yeah, Matt! Your dick feels so fucking good inside me!” Colt screamed, slamming his ass down on my

“Damn right it does, bro,” Kris agreed. “Ride that fucking dick while I pound Corey’s hot ass.”

Kris slapped Corey’s ass hard and I heard him yelp, but when I looked up at his face there was a glazed look
in his eyes and pure pleasure on his face, he loved it.

I turned my attention back to Colt, running my hands up and down his body as he continued to fuck himself on
my dick. I caressed his muscles for a while and then let my hands settle on his hips, so I could hold on. He
screamed when I rammed my dick up into him and I quickly flipped him over so he was on his back and started
hammering his ass. It was so hot pounding Colt while Kris did the same thing to Corey less than three feet
away. Colt was screaming, but they were screams of pleasure as I almost folded him in half to drive down
into him. All of a sudden I felt a tongue on my ass and jumped at the feeling, causing my dick to slip out
of Colt.

“Sorry, bro, your ass was just too tempting,” Kris said. “Can I fuck you?”

“Hell yes! Fuck me Kris!” I screamed, wanting to feel him inside me so bad.

I pulled off my condom and lay down on the bed, pulling my legs up, ready for Kris as he lubed up and slid
his dick straight into my ass. I moaned and threw my head back. He plunged his dick into me and started
fucking me right away. Every hair was standing up on my body feeling Kris inside me again.

“Fuck man…” Colt sighed. “That felt so good. Why did you have to make him stop?”

“If you still want a dick up your ass, Colt, I’ve got one that needs some attention,” Corey smiled.

Colt didn’t even reply to that, he just moved into position and presented Corey with his ass. I couldn’t
believe how hungry Colt was for that cock, but then he hadn’t had one inside him in so long I’m sure he was
almost desperate for it.

I watched the ecstasy on Colt’s face as Corey pushed inside him and started to fuck him. I’m sure it was the
same kind of expression that was on my face when I turned my attention back to Kris to see him looking down
at me with a smile on his face as his dick moved through me with ease. It was such a thrill having him
inside me and he certainly hadn’t forgotten how to fuck an ass. His dick was hitting all the right spots
inside me and felt so good.

Kris soon quickened the pace and I could tell he was going to cum. He pulled out of my ass and ripped the
condom off just as his cock exploded, covering my body with his cum. He collapsed down on the bed beside me,
but I still had my legs in the air and almost before I was even aware of it I felt another dick pushing its
way inside me.

I moaned and looked up to see Colt’s beautiful face looking down at me as he bottomed out inside me. I threw
my head from side to side as he quickly picked up the pace and was fucking my ass hard. I saw Corey smiling
down at me and then he moved to stroke my big dick in time to Colt’s thrusts into my ass. Surprisingly it
didn’t take Colt long before he was fucking me frantically and then he too pulled out and shot his load all
over my body.

Finally Corey moved between my legs and slid his bare dick into my well fucked hole. He bent down to kiss me
and then leaned back so he too could pound my ass, fucking me nice and hard for about five minutes and
jacking my dick the entire time until he pulled out and we came together, almost drowning me in cum.

We all lay silently for a few minutes, trying to catch our breaths. The four of us were one big cummy mess,
but it was so worth it. When I could finally speak I turned to Corey and said, “Could one of you get me a

“I’ve got a better idea,” Corey smiled.

With that he leaned down and started licking the cum from my body. Almost immediately Kris and Colt joined
in and started licking my body too. It was so hot. The cum covering me belonged to all four of us and it was
kind of symbolic of the relationship that had grown between us. One by one they moved up to kiss me and feed
me some of the cum and then Corey grabbed a towel to clean the rest off me. If that was the last time all
four of us were together like that then it was one we would remember. It had such great meaning to all of us
that it was so hard to separate when we were spent and ready to call it a night.

The next night, Saturday, we headed over to get our tattoos. I had a sketched of our initial in a circle
that we wanted to get. It symbolized to us a ring that would never to be broken no matter what. 

With classes going well, the days flew by. We could feel the end nearing with some getting jobs, while Colt
hadn’t found anything just yet. I liked the fact that not only Scott would be close to us but so would Shawn
and Bruce. 

In the last week of April we gathered in the apartment clubhouse. There was a camera crew there since we had
gathered to watch the draft with Ted and Luke. We still hoped Ted would be taken the first night in the
first round. As the draft neared the end we kept watching the TV and got excited when one of the analysts
said Ted could be taken with the 27th pick. However, Ted’s phone never rang. We left disappointed and had
been expecting a big celebration. Ted was positive and said it wasn’t the end of the world that he wasn’t
drafted in the first round. 

It gave us an excuse to return the following night. I was so hopeful Ted would go quickly for I saw he was
ready for this to be over. Before the fourth pick, Ted’s phone started to ring. We let out a big cheer while
Ted walked away. He came back and hugged his brother and Reese while wearing a Dallas Cowboys’ hat. They had
traded up to get Ted early in the round. We were so excited meaning he’d be playing close to home and thus
we could go watch him.

We kept watching with hopes Luke would be drafted. We weren’t around when Luke was taken in the 6th round by
the Chargers. I found out they had an experienced quarterback so the prospects of Luke playing were slim.

The next week, Corey called me with great excitement. He had found a job at a local health club near my job.
He said it wasn’t perfect but would be a great start to his career. Kris and Colt were excited for him but
it really emphasized that we would be leaving.

Every chance I got, Kris and I would run and talk at the end. One night we talked for an hour. It was
beginning to really set in that very soon we would no longer see each other every day. Every spare moment we
had, the four of us would do something together. Their girlfriends were the best and allowed us to do stuff
without them being around. We went bowling, to the lake, and ate every chance we could together. 

Finals signalled the end of my college life. There was still a lot of work to be done for me, Corey and
Colt. Kris was great and allowed us to get our studying done. Most of the time he was gone with Melissa so
he didn’t interfere. 

We were planning a party for graduation. Kris had found a nice place where we could gather one last time as
a group. We invited everyone and their families to be a part of the celebration. Jenny came one day as well
to find a caterer for our special event. Scott and I worked our tails off to produce a great show of all the
many pictures I had taken. It would be a great send off, with Scott adding the music. While we were putting
things together Scott said he had found a great place for us. It was close to my work and to his so we could
not be alone. I loved the idea. 

I finished my last test and headed back. It was both sad and joyous. It was sad because it ended my college
life and meant it was near the time to begin another chapter in my life. It was also joyous knowing that I
had accomplished a big goal in my life. All that remained was to graduate and get my diploma. 


I hope you enjoyed this chapter with just one to go.  Hopefully, everything was covered and brings a nice
wrap to the story.  I'm sorry the PDF from the last chapter didn't work.  I fixed the problem now if you
want to go back and read it that way.

All your kind comments and emails have been greatly appreciated. 

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