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Kris and I finished a nice hard run in training for a race we had just recently committed to running. It
was also the day before our senior year of classes began. We took a seat outside our apartment with sweat
dripping down our bodies.

“Are you ready for tomorrow?” I asked.

Kris threw up his hands, “I’m as ready as I have been for the other three years. It’s hard to believe we
are fucking seniors, it’s our last year here.”

“It is hard to believe. You know you could go for a master’s degree,” I said.

“There’s a thought.”

“It is, but you could be here by yourself,” I said.

“Fuck that! Besides, I don’t see me studying another two years. Last year and this summer were hard

“Oh, just wait, there’ll be more,” I said.

“Just for one semester for me, then I practice teach.”

“Oh won’t that be an adventure,” I stated and paused for a moment. “Kris, I’ll keep saying it over and
over, but I’m proud of the way you and Colt have handled things.”

“I am too. We saw that the most important thing we have going is our friendship. It wasn’t like some nasty

“I suppose that made it much easier. It’s almost like it was before, but without the tension going between
you two.”


“I saw how the sexual tension was building between you two.”

“I’d call it more temptation and lust,” Kris laughed. He stood and helped me get up.

We went inside as always. Scott and Jordy had stopped by while we were running. Scott had an interesting
year ahead of him with his brother Trevor now here attending college. He also gave us the news that Sergio
and Dillon were going through a rough time as well. 

The next day signaled the beginning of the end. I took it all in while going to my classes. I had to smile
seeing those I deemed as freshmen and just hoped their experience could come close to matching mine. I
doubted it would, but there was always hope for another class of incoming students.

Friday, I started a new job thanks to a good word from Mr Jackson before he departed. He knew someone in
our computer operations department and got me a job there. The hours were similar to the ones I had with
him in that they understood the demands of college, especially during the final year. It would get me
around computers more, though no programming.  

The following weekend brought the start of the football season here on this Labor Day weekend. Thursday
night, we attended the pep rally with optimism at the highest for a great season, with the game on Friday
airing on national TV. I was hoping for the best for them, especially Ted, Luke and Myles. Ted and Luke
were getting lots of press but they were still the same guys we first met almost two years ago. I actually
hoped Myles would excel this season after living in their shadow somewhat.   

After the pep rally we saw Chase, Tabor and Deer leaving. We spoke to them before seeing Jess coming our
way with Trevor and some more guys. Scott had said this year there were now 6 rooms on Jess’s floor for
the incoming gay freshman, which I thought was a great idea since it would give them people of like mind
to hang out with right from the start. I had seen Trevor around during the summer once but must say he’d
really grown into a hot young man. He had thick blond hair and earrings in each ear, while still
resembling Scott somewhat with their dark tans. Scott talked to him and Jess while we mostly listened.

That Friday was strange indeed. Once I finished working, I returned with Kris, Colt and Corey anxious to
head over to find a place to tailgate. Walt and Jenny were on their way and counted on us to secure a
spot. Thanks to Jess, we were back in our freshman parking lot. We waited until Kris’s folks arrived
before getting things going since they had the food. The oddity of this year was all of us being of age to
partake in adult beverages. Our parents knew and didn’t have a problem, which made things easy. 

Slowly our group started coming together. It was nice to see Kris and Colt with their girlfriends, being
rather normal. Since Trevor was a freshman we had to break him in and pass along the tradition to him,
even though we knew Chase and Tabor would continue it. 

As we were eating some great barbeque I heard a voice yelling in the distance. I thought maybe it was
Bryson coming to join in, or even Juan, but a big smile came on my face seeing it was Mike in his #48
jersey with his parents trailing behind him.

Kris jumped up and spilled some of his beer. He met Mike and the two embraced. 

“Bro, it is so good to see ya again,” Kris said.

“Did ya miss me?” Mike asked.

“We sure did. How have you been?” Kris replied.

“He’s been okay,” Mike’s Dad said and surely noticed the beer we had. “Ummm… guys… I need to apologize to
you for what happened last year. My wife and I try to teach Mike what’s good and bad. However, we robbed
him of the joy of being with you. All he ever talks about is football season and being around y’all. To us
that’s more important than being stubborn.”

“It’s cool, sir,” Kris said. “We’re glad to see ya. Hope you’re hungry coz mom bought enough to feed half
the campus.”

It was nice to see Mike and to hear his Dad’s apology. It did cut back our drinking somewhat, but that was
a good thing. We cleaned up and began heading to the stadium. Once there we headed up on this warm, late
summer day. We had our normal seats in the student section and were soon joined by Reese and Latham. 

The game was fun to start out. Ted and Luke trotted out to the center since they were captains for the
team. We jumped up and made as much noise as possible to cheer on our team. At the beginning they looked
in mid-season form, with Luke marching the offense up and down the field while Ted manned a tough stubborn
defense. By half time the first game was getting out of hand, despite the other team being ranked as well.
It was academic in the end with our team coming out on top and looking great in doing so.

Saturday, after Corey returned from a short day at the Rec Center, he took my hand and led me to his car.
He got in starting driving away.

“I’m ready this year,” I said.

“Ready for what?” he asked.

“It’s the anniversary of the first time I dated the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

“Damn! I didn’t think you’d remember.”

“How could I forget? Where are we going this time?”

“Well… you’ll have to wait and see,” he said, smiling.

We drove and headed to the campgrounds we loved. I smiled and kissed him since I knew it would be a
perfect retreat for us. We headed out with a few things, but we were missing our tent. Corey directed us
to a spot where I saw the tent set up along with two chairs.

“Alright, clue me in,” I said, mystified.

“We’ve been saying how we needed to see Jeff and Bailey…”

I saw the two walking towards us. “Happy Anniversary!” Jeff shouted. “It’s an honor to be here.”

“It is,” Bailey said. “We fully understand what it means and we won’t be in the way… Well, not most of the

“Man, it’s so good to see ya,” I said and greeted our friends from the cruise. We talked for a few minutes
before Corey headed off and said he had a surprise for me.  

He returned with his hands behind his back. He walked to me and kissed me before pulling his hands out
from behind him to show me a nice bottle of champagne. He handed me a note. It read: “To Matt and Corey.
Happy 3rd Anniversary, with many more to come. We love ya! Kris and Colt.” I stood misty eyed that they
would do such a thing. It was the beginning of one super weekend. It was so great to have Jeff and Bailey
with us while we fished, hiked and cooked. Each night Corey and I made passionate, steamy love to each
other in every spot in and around our tent with Jeff and Bailey off at another site doing the same thing. 

After another week of classes and working, I headed home since I hadn’t been there in a while. I was going
to check up on VJ and see how his first few weeks of college were going. He decided to stay close to home
and attend a prestigious school. He was home when I arrived. It was great hearing about a different school
and how he was adjusting to being there. He had the smarts to succeed, but I also saw and heard a
determination in him as well. It was also nice seeing and being around Mom again. She had adjusted to her
new life and home with such great ease. Vince was the perfect mate for her, which made me so happy.
However, each time I was there I didn’t feel as though it was really my home, even after the time I’d
spent there before returning to college for my summer classes. It was Mom’s home where I came to sleep and
visit her. It wasn’t anything anyone did or said, the feeling was just different. I attributed it to
another part of my maturation and my moving on in life.

Our weekdays were rather non-eventful. People still dropped by, but not as frequently as before. Scott was
the one person I saw regularly and still enjoyed being around. Each week, we continued to swim on Fridays
and didn’t want to break that tradition. He was adjusting so well to having a girl in his life. It was odd
for me to see him so happy with Jenna, but he, like Kris and Colt, were happy. I think she had been a good
influence on him too as he had really cut back on smoking.

Before we knew it there was another football weekend upon us, with excitement as high as ever in and
around the campus. I still saw Ted, Luke and Myles on occasion, but those moments were rare with the
season going. We again gathered near Jess’s hall to tailgate. Walt and Jenny were there and promised to be
there every game unless something really important came up. Colt’s mom came as well, wanting to see what
the excitement was about and to get away. Things were still the same between Colt and his dad. With time
passing, Colt didn’t seem to care anymore and neither did Chase. They were content with just their mom, as
I had been for many years.

As we were eating, I saw a long haired, short guy approaching us. As he got closer I realized it was
Bryson. He looked so different now with his hair long and tattoos all over his arms.

Kris leaned over and said to me, “He looks like shit.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” I said, trying to hold back a chuckle.

We greeted Bryson and told him how great it was to see him. I could see something was different about him
in the way he acted and looked. We finished up and headed to the stadium to watch the third game after I
had missed the big viewing party the week before, but I did catch it a home. We thought the previous
opponent was bad, but they were good compared to the ones we were playing this week. By the middle of the
third quarter, Luke, Ted and Myles were on the sidelines. We didn’t stick around much longer after that
and headed back to our complex.

Rather than going into to our apartment, we gathered at the pool area to have some fun. Rico didn’t mind
at all and seemed to enjoy that we livened up the complex. 

We sat around discussing the game until Colt spoke up, “I’m sorry, but Bryson looked like fucking shit if
you ask me.”

“I agree,” Shawn said.

“His whole face was sunken in,” Colt added.

“He’s on fucking meth,” Garrett said.

“Really?” Kris asked.

“He’s bad from what I hear. A friend back home told me he’s gotten messed up with the wrong people,”
Garrett stated. He and Brennan were still as strong as ever, I think. 

“I knew something was different about him from when he came for Colt’s party,” Bruce said.

“What a fucking shame!” Kris said with Melissa at his side. “Let that be a lesson to all of us. When you
leave us, you go straight to hell!”

“Ummm… so we’re all going straight to hell next year?” Ethan laughed.

“Bro, we might,” Kris laughed. “Damn, I wasn’t thinking.”

“Tell me when you are,” Colt said.

“That must have been the case when you and Colt dated,” Cody stated.

“No, that wasn’t the case there. I wouldn’t change a thing,” Kris affirmed.

“Me either,” Colt said with his girl Faith with him.  

As we were sitting around drinking, Ted, Myles and three other teammates came up and joined our party. Ted
knew we’d be here and introduced his friends to all of us except Colt. We partied until late into the
night and did our best not to disturb the others, but it was pretty hard not to. We separated out and
headed off. I had to hold Corey up after his night of drinking, but then I wasn’t much better. It didn’t
stop us from jumping in our bed, ripping each other’s clothes off and fucking until we both fell down
exhausted. It was great that after three years, going into a fourth, we still lusted after each other and
longed to have sex with each other. There was still no better sight to see than Corey’s look of pleasure
with my eight inch cock buried deep in his ass. 

After I woke up on Sunday I had to remember to don my shorts since Faith wasn’t like the rest of us and
wanted no part of being naked. Melissa didn’t mind, but she didn’t partake when it was just us and her. I
respected Faith and tried to remember her wishes. Most weekends now Kris would be with Melissa and Colt
would be with Faith. Some weeknights, one or the other would be gone to stay with their girlfriend. 

As the semester continued, we kept busy with our studies and couldn’t let things slip with the end being
so close. We usually had plans for the weekend to relieve the stress and get together for some fun.  

The first weekend in October brought an unusual excitement for the four of us. We had signed up for a
nudist 5K race to take place about three hours from our campus. Corey and Colt didn’t run but they didn’t
want to miss this race. We loaded Kris’s SUV up and headed that way with all of us able to get away
shortly after lunch.   

We arrived at the camp about 4 and were given directions to our camp site. Looking out the back windows I
could see how nice the park was and how it was rather rustic.

“Damn, we’re by far the youngest ones here,” Colt stated after seeing a few older people, who were nude.

“We knew that beforehand,” I said. “Imagine the looks we’ll be getting.”

Corey shook his head, “Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all.”

“Bro, that’s some bullshit right there. Who says we have to do everything? We can do what we want when we
want,” Kris said, driving and finding our spot. Kris parked his vehicle, stepped out and shed his clothes.
“Freedom bros… pure freedom.”

We laughed seeing his excitement. You’d have thought this was his first time, but things had been rather
different over the last two months. At Kris’s urging, we lost our clothes and began unloading. We had the
basic essentials, with a little food due to the fact that most meals were offered to us. 

After sitting around and knowing it was almost time for a meal, we decided to walk near the clubhouse to
eat and see what else was offered. It was very unique eating nude. As we looked around we begin to wonder
if there was anyone in their 20’s. Finally, we saw 2 guys and 2 girls that looked to be college age. They
were looking around and spotted us too. Kris welcomed the 2 thin guys and fairly cute girls to join us.

It was nice having at least a few more people our age around. We sat eating and getting to know a little
more about them. The guys, Trey and Collin, were friends with the girls, Bev and Angela. They attended a
college nearby, and like us were newbies to this race. 

After we finished eating, we headed over to play volleyball with our new friends. We joined a few others
who were already there and enjoyed playing. It was nice getting my heart rate up and working up a nice
little sweat. We headed to the pool where most of the people were gathered. 

We finished cooling off and headed back to our tents with the sun setting. We took a seat to relax while
the smile hadn’t left Kris’s face. 

“Kris, you should fucking move here,” Colt stated.

“I might just do that one day. I’m here among my people,” Kris said.

“I like it too to be honest with ya,” I said. “Everyone was really nice.”

“I think they were happy to see some younger people here,” Colt laughed. 

“It didn’t hurt we were fit,” Corey said. “Man, were there some older women checking us out.”

“Along with Trey and Collin,” Kris laughed. “They never said it but my thinking is all four of them are

“I think they were too,” I added. “No doubt, Trey is the top.”

“No shit,” Corey said. “That big uncut dick gives you a run.”

“I saw that,” I said. “I’m interested in seeing exactly how things will work tomorrow.”

“Me too,” Colt said. “I’m just saying, but you and Kris better not run off and leave us.”

“We might,” Kris laughed.

The night was great with the four of us sitting around talking. Moments like this with just the four of us
were so rare now. Each of us soaked it in and really seemed to enjoy the night. Once in our tent, I was so
ready to enjoy Corey and his great body. I didn’t care if Kris and Colt heard us having hot sex, they were
used to it by now. Hell, I didn’t care if the whole world heard how much I love Corey. While I was buried
deep inside him and he pulled me down into a kiss I wasn’t sure but I think I heard Kris and Colt fucking
too. It could have been their first time since the breakup.

I was up early the next morning before the race. It was a picture perfect day with temperatures expected
to be in the mid 70’s. As I was sitting out, soaking in the surroundings, Kris came out of his tent and
headed off into the woods to pee. I was surprised he didn’t just do it beside the tent. He came back and
pulled up a chair next to me.

“I think you’re having a good time,” I stated.

“Bro, I sure am. What’s not to love around here? If I could only talk Melissa in to coming here one
weekend, it’d be that much sweeter.”

“It sounded like you still enjoyed your night,” I said and smiled at Kris.

“Fuck yeah I did. It was like old times last night. I went in with no expectations. Then things happened…”
Kris said.

“Are you okay with things happening?”

“I am. Melissa and Faith are fully aware of our history. Besides, it was our first fuck in months, and it
really was a fuck, nice and hard, no soppy stuff. I think we both just had that urge after so long without
a dick in our ass. Damn, it really did feel good,” Kris said.

Once Colt and Corey were up we walked up to eat a breakfast they were serving. We looked around for the
other four but didn’t see them. Since driving up no clothes had been worn by any of us.

At one, it was race time. We gathered along with about one hundred and fifty other nudists waiting to run
the course. Just before we were off, our four new friends found us and started with us. After the gun was
shot, we started out in the middle. We passed those content on jogging or walking. 

Quickly, I saw Trey, Collin and Bev were serious. I wanted to bolt off but also wanted to stay with our
group. It was so unique with just shoes on and my cock flopping back and forth. We laughed some along the
way and stayed together throughout the race. It was by far the most fun I had ever had running.

We crossed the finish line with Corey and Colt barely hanging on. Corey put his sweaty arm around my
shoulder. “I’ll hand it to y’all. That was way harder than it looked.”

“We made it,” Colt said, bent over.

Kris slapped his back, “We did. Now this is something we will have to do again. I love it.”

“Me too,” I said, “nowhere else can you do this.”

We headed off to shower and found Trey and Collin. They were showering together when we walked in. They
had done well and finished near the front of the group. 

An older man, maybe 50, walked in. “It is great to see you young guys here today.”

“We loved it,” Kris said.

“That was great,” Collin stated. 

“My wife and I run it every year. Thanks for coming,” he said.

“No problem,” Colt said.

We stayed around to enjoy all the campsite offered. We were exhausted by the end of the night. We had
brought plenty of beer but had hardly touched it. It was nice sipping on one and not feeling like shit the
next day. 

We left the next morning and hated having to put clothes back on. It was the longest I had been nude. It
was such a great experience for all of us. The park wasn’t for everyone, but it was for those who enjoyed
being nude. There were a lot that could have been ashamed but they weren’t. It showed us to be happy with
our body and with ourselves.

When we returned Scott was anxious to see us and get a full report. We tried to talk him into going with
us but he decided not to at the last minute. 

He entered our apartment and slammed the door. “Y’all missed it this weekend.”

“No, you missed it, bro!” Kris said.

“I’m sure I did. It’s now officially over between Sergio and Dillon,” Scott stated.

“What happened?” I asked sitting down.

“It was touch and go there for a minute. Sergio came running to my place crying. They had been fighting.
He said Dillon didn’t hit him, but I think he was covering for him. Just as things were calming down,
Dillon came down and wanted to start shit all over. It got pretty nasty there for a while so Sergio stayed
with Jordy and me that night,” Scott stated.

“Bro, that sucks that they broke up,” Kris said.

“It happens,” Colt said. “We’ve had our share here.”

“After a horrible day yesterday, cooler heads finally prevailed. I think they’re still going to room
together,” Scott said.

“Damn, they’re just like you and Jordy,” Corey said.

“No, more like Kris and Colt,” Scott stated. “They said if you two could do it anyone could. You set the

“Maybe they can… since they were friends before they were lovers. It ain’t fucking easy, though,” Colt

We told Scott all about the race once he finished with the breakup story. Scott was rather envious and
could see what a good time we had. Later that night, we got a chance to see Sergio and Dillon. Their story
was that they had fallen out of love and things just came to a head. They did say they had little choice
but to try and stay together since both of their names were on the lease.

Classes were rough as ever for me after we returned. I had lots of projects staring me in the face. They
were each challenging and time consuming. I poured a lot of my time into them and wasn’t letting up, being
so close to graduation.  I still did my best to stay in contact with Jeff and Bailey throughout the year
and to keep our friendship going.

The next two weekends did bring us the joy of home football games. We tailgated like usual with Kris’s
parents. The first weekend Mom and Vince came along to help out and to see me. The following weekend we
got a return visit from JJ and Teague with their team visiting us. It was the shot in the arm Corey needed
at the time, with his studying taking a toll on him. The best part was that our team was undefeated and
ranked pretty high so far.

As I was sitting around after my classes here in late October on a Thursday, Kris came in the door. He had
the biggest smile ever on his face so I knew something was up.

“Okay, I can see it on your face. What is it?” I asked after he threw down his backpack.

He reached in his back pocket and handed me an envelope. Before I could even open it he almost shouted, “I
got a practice teaching spot at Monroe Junior High next semester!”

“Kris, that’s great! I can see how excited you are.”

“I am. I couldn’t wait to tell you. You’re the first person I’ve told. Damn, things are really starting to
fall into place around here.”

“They sure are. I’m so happy for you!” I said. I stood, gave him a big hug and kissed him.

“Now I can call Melissa, then Mom and Dad to tell them. Bro, thanks! Without your help I doubt this would
even happen.”

“Oh Kris, you have the smarts, you just needed to apply them,” I said.

“Maybe, but you pushed me like hell those first few years. I had to tell you first.”

“I’m honored,” I said. Kris walked away and called Melissa. There was such great excitement in his voice,
but that was to be expected. He calmed down a little when he called his mom to tell her the good news. 

The excitement didn’t stop though. Colt came walking in while Kris was on the phone with his mom. 

“What’s his deal?” Colt asked, sitting down his backpack.

“I’ll let him tell ya,” I replied with Kris walking to his bedroom.

Colt and I talked until Kris came running out. Kris grabbed Colt and hugged him. 

“Don’t tell me Melissa’s pregnant,” Colt laughed.

“Fuck no. I’d be crying if that was the case. I got a practice teaching position!” Kris yelled.

Colt gave him a high five and hugged him. “Congrats! I think you’re a little excited about it.”

“Just a little! I can’t wait to tell Corey now,” Kris said. 

He didn’t need to wait long. Corey came in the door and was ambushed by Kris. Corey was excited for Kris,
as we all had been. It was nice seeing each other succeed and meet goals we had set. To celebrate, we
decided we needed a night out. We called up and invited those willing to join us at the place where we
went for Kris’s birthday.

Before we left, the four of us sat down. Spring Break plans weren’t made. Now with the uncertainty of
Kris’s situation, we didn’t have any at all. We decided to wait and could always do something at the last
minute. We always had fun and would no matter where we ended up.

A few weeks later, we were gathered around the TV in the complex’s clubhouse. It was there all hopes of a
perfect season vanished. All I could tell was we were out played and didn’t get one break in the game.
Every time it looked like things were going our way they reversed a call or the ball bounced wrong. I was
disappointed as hopes had been running so high throughout the campus. It left us down with two games
remaining. The optimistic ones still knew there was hope as crazier things had happened over the years. 

A week later, just before Thanksgiving, we gathered for the final home game. Things were coming so fast I
wanted time to stop. The season had flashed right by, but it had been a fun one. Every game we did our
best to make the most of it. One last time we headed to the stadium. We did so early to get a good seat to
see our friends on Senior Day. Myles was first and walked out with his parents. That was strange since
they were now divorced and Myles still wasn’t real happy. Next it was almost sad to see Ted walk out with
his brother and sister-in-law. I’m sure it was a moment he really missed his deceased parents. I knew a
little about how he felt and still miss my Dad to this day. Luke was last and did get to walk with his mom
and dad. 

We cheered on our team once the game started. The wind was blowing pretty hard and made things rather
chilly. The game was so exciting, with Luke having one of his best games. He threw for a ton of yards
while the defense did their best to stop the other team. It took a late field goal to secure a nice ten
point win for us. There was still hope we could make it to the big championship game. 

Once the last play was run, we didn’t move. The younger ones like Chase, Reese and Trevor headed out while
we sat there. 

“Bros, I’ll miss this!” Kris stated.

“I know I will,” Shawn said. “Damn, it is hard to believe our senior year of football is done with.”

“Hey, look on the bright side,” Aaron said. “We’re still having a kick ass year.”

“We are. We can always come back next year and the years after that,” I said.

“We can, but it won’t be the same,” Colt said.

We stood and started to head out. Now the stadium was almost empty with the players gone to the locker
room after a great victory. I walked slowly down the steps for one last time as a student. Coming here, I
never imagined I get so wrapped up in the game, but it didn’t hurt knowing three very good players. It was
sad leaving and knowing we’d never come back to the student section again.

For a change, I was able to leave early for Thanksgiving. It was nice being able to do so. It would give
me more time to be around my Mom and my new family. My hope was my feelings would change and it would feel
more like home rather than just a house where I stayed.

Returning on Sunday, I felt a little better since I was able to stay around for more than a day or so. I
gave it an honest effort and did enjoy my time there. Mom and I were able to talk quite a lot. It was
beginning to hit home that it wouldn’t be long before I’d be out in the world. The brightest spot in that
was that I’d have a great man I could do it with.

As always, the next few weeks were crazy. We were winding down our semester and getting ready for finals.
Kris was the one where this would be his last big test. In the end, I had my first ‘B’ in college. It
wasn’t a case of not giving it my all. I came up just short at the end and would have to live with the

There was just one more semester to go and what an adventure that would be.


There's another chapter for you.  I really appreciate all your comments and glad you understand.  It was a
tough decision but one that needed to be done.   There are only 2 more, Senior Spring and Graduation.



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