I woke up and cursed to myself knowing the dreaded day was finally here.  I promised my mother that I would make the trip north with her, my brother, his girlfriend and their new baby to her family reunion.  I could hear little Nathan crying downstairs, so I hurried up and showered along with packing enough to stay the night as well.  Dad made up some lame excuse and got his way out of this family reunion.

“Seth, hurry up!” Mom shouted to me down the hall.

“Give me just one minute,” I said and finished having my hair perfect.  I finally appeared out of my room with my bag in hand and kissed Nathan’s sweet little head.  Mom loaded up the Tahoe for the trip.  If nothing else, she was going to show off her new grandbaby even though it was a mistake.  Once he arrived, Mom and Dad loved him and were relieved to have a grandchild after I came out last summer.

“Don’t either one of you boys embarrass me there today,” Mom backed the Tahoe out of the drive to head to the reunion.

“The same goes for me, too,” I said. “Mom, I expect you keep my sexuality quiet.  I can just see my cousins laughing and harassing me.”

“Seth, I wouldn’t do that,” Mom said. “I love you just like I love Steve, Nathan and Kelsey.”

“Mom whatever you do, just say we were getting married soon,” Steve said from the back seat.

“Steve, you are not the first to do that in this family.  I really wish you and Kelsey would get married.  It would make me feel a lot better and be a lot better for Nathan,” Mom got her say in on Steve.

“Dammit Mom, I told you we would sometime.  Right now we have enough to worry with as it is,” Steve said.

I just stared out the window and knew now why I went away to college and stay away from home as much as possible.  My parents were just okay with me being gay.  Steve still poked at me some but now he stopped with the birth of his son.  The trip took a long three hours plus I had to endure my mom’s driving as well.  She liked to talk with her hands a lot and just plain quit watching the road.  I don’t see how she didn’t have an accident at least once a month.

We finally arrived at the park for the reunion.  Mom got out smiling while I grabbed her two pies out of the back.  Steve toted his son around with Kelsey right behind him.  It had been now 7 years since we moved away from here and most of it looked the same. 

I recognized right off an old uncle and aunt to start and said hello.  They just looked at me strangely before I told them my name.  I passed a guy who was pierced and inked with shoulder length black hair. I just looked at Steve and he did the same.  I watched him walk up to my mom.  She pointed straight at me.  He walked back towards us.

“Damn Seth, I didn’t know you,” he spoke.

“Scotty?” I looked at him as did Steve.

“I guess I’ve changed a little since I last saw you,” Scotty, my 21 year old cousin, laughed.

“Damn boy, what happened to you?” Steve, now 23, asked.

Steve just laughed, “Oh I just like being a little different.  I’m glad to see ya’ll.”

He still sounded the same but sure didn’t look like the Scotty I knew.  Growing up, he was your normal skinny, bruised kneed kid. He was always around our house or Steve and I was at his being that our moms were close and first cousins.  Around here, family is a big thing but when we moved, we lost that connection.  I found a chair as did the rest of us.

“Scotty, this is my boy Nathan,” Steve proudly said.

“He’s a cutie, Steve.  I can tell you are a mighty proud dad.  Is this your wife?”

“Not yet, this is Kelsey,” Steve said.

“Nice to meet you, I’m their third cousin.  We practically grew up together around here,” Scotty said. “I’m sure glad ya’ll made it this year.  Every reunion, I ask Glenda (mom) where ya’ll are.”

“We always had something to do.  You know how it is?” I said.

“Yeah, shit happens,” Scotty laughed.  “Boy, I can’t wait to dig in here. This old folks love cooking and watching us eat here. That food sure smells good.”

“I know, when do we eat?” Steve asked while holding Nathan.

Scotty was great and knew practically everyone there.  He was able to point out who most everyone was until we finally were able to eat.  Naturally, a blessing had to be rendered by my mom’s brother, the preacher here.  After that, we all lined up to grab something to eat.  I never saw so many fried foods in all my life.  I now knew why so many of my mom’s family were dead, looked sickly or just plain fat.  I just grabbed a few vegetables and finally spotted some baked chicken to satisfy my hunger.  Steve was a big guy and filled his plate full as did Kelsey.  Scotty was picky as ever and tasted the food before he put it on his plate.  We both laughed at our plates when we found a table to sit around.  It was a bunch of my younger male and female cousins at our table along with the rest of us.  Scotty introduced us to them since he knew them well. 

I looked around and saw my mom carrying on.  If nothing else, she was happy to be around her family that she loved dearly and missed.  She was the worst of the family when we moved.  She still promises to move back when Dad and she retire. 

After lunch, mom found us and we had to endure a parade of introductions and boasting over Nathan. I could see how proud she was of him as Steve was.  I finally was able to escape and found Scotty just kicked back watching the younger ones play basketball. Actually, I had some very cute guy cousins if I must say so.  The thinner younger ones played without a shirt and gave me something nice to look at including one very hot 16 year old cousin.  We laughed and remembered when we were just like them.  The longer I was back around Scotty the more he still was the same to me except for his outer appearance.  Now, I started looking past it.  He still was outgoing and friendly as he ever was.

“Mom tells me Seth that you’re a fucking Aggie?” Scotty laughed.

“Sure beats the hell out of the ‘Horns,” I laughed.

“Man, my cousin a traitor like that,” Scotty said.

“Hey, they offered me a scholarship, so I took it,” I replied. “I actually wanted to go to UT.”

“You like it there?”

“Oh yeah, I really do. The best part is being away from home and getting out from underneath my parents.”

“I’m sure it beats the hell out of Marshall, Texas any day of the week.  Some day I hope to get out of here and move to Austin or somewhere really nice,” Scotty said.

“Yeah, that’s a nice town.”

“My friend and I went there a few times and really liked it,” Scotty said.

“What did ya’ll do?”

“Oh, we just went downtown and saw went to a game there.  We had a blast since the ‘Horns beat that ass pretty good that day,” Scotty said.

“I try to go to all the home games at school.  It’s an experience at College Station.”

“I bet it is.”

We talked more until Mom found us sitting on a hill.  “Seth, we’re going to the room.  Nathan is so worn out,” Mom said.

“Okay. Good to see you, Scotty,” I said and wiped off the dirt from my shorts.

“Hey, Seth just stay with me.  I have really enjoyed talking with you and catching up,” Scotty said quickly.

“Yeah Seth, do that.  You and Scotty haven’t seen each other since we left here,” Mom said. “Besides, after Nathan takes his nap, we’re just going visiting for the rest of the night.”

“If that’s the case, then I will stay with him,” I said promptly.

“My place ain’t much but it’s a roof over my head,” Scotty said.

“Yeah, Vera told me you lived alone now.  Seth, I’ll call you tomorrow when we’re ready to leave,” Mom said with Steve patiently waiting.

“I’ll bring him to you when you call,” Scotty said. 

We stayed a little longer til near dark and headed to Scotty’s place.  He was right when he said it was a roof over his head.  It was an old single wide mobile home that set off a dirt road.  We pulled in and it hit me that my clothes were with Mom but I could wait.  I stepped inside his mobile home and saw it was rather tidy and smelled actually very good.

“Grab a seat.  I’m dieing to get out of these jeans,” Scotty said.

I sat on the couch and looked around.  I saw a few pictures and took a look to see them.  Scotty came back out in just shorts. 

“This must be at the UT game,” I held up a picture of Scotty and a guy.

“Yeah, it was,” Scotty said in a hushed tone. “Don’t you know?”

“I don’t guess so.”

“He was killed in a wreck over last Christmas.  I lost my…” Scotty sat down.

“It’s hard losing a friend,” I said.

“Boy, my mom has kept her mouth shut.  Seth, he was my boyfriend,” Scotty said boldly with tears in his eyes.

“I see.  I know that was really rough then,” I said.

“You’re gay too?” Scotty asked.

“Shit, I told mom not to tell anyone.  I bet everyone there knows now,” I screamed.

“She didn’t tell me.  I just knew,” Scotty said. “Or at least I thought I knew.  Your reaction told me my gaydar was dead on.”

“Yours works way better than mine.  I had no idea you were gay.  This is actually pretty cool then,” I smiled.

“Yeah, it is.  We can really swap some stories now,” Scotty laughed.

“Yeah we can. First off, tell me about all your tattoos and piercings,” I said and pointed to his skinny body.

“You like em?”

“They fit you but I could never see myself with that many. I’ve thought about a tattoo and getting my ears pierced,” I said. 

“It just started as one and then grew from there.  I got one in memory of Beasley a few months ago,” Scotty said and turned to show me the tattoo at his waist.

“That’s really nice, Scotty,” I said. “If you don’t mind, I want to hear all about him. I knew it would be so rough if I ever lost a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, I was fucking mess til about March.  I tried every drug and drink to ease the pain.  Finally I just realized he was gone and no matter how much I loved him, he wasn’t coming back.  I talk to him every day and told him about the reunion.”

I gave my cousin a big hug and felt his pain.  I could feel the ribs of my 21 year old cousin when we embraced.  He shed a little tear.  “It’s fine Scotty.”

“I know it is.  Sometimes I just sit here and cry.  We bought this old piece of shit together.  I paid his parents the money for his half now and own it now.” 

“Before you have me bawling, please tell me the good things about him.”

“First, you want a drink or something before I get started.”

“Ummm… a beer or whiskey and coke would be great,” I replied.

“Damn we are just alike.  I think I’ll have a whiskey and just a little coke,” Scotty laughed.  He got up and poured the drinks.  He sat back down with our drinks and started telling me the good stuff about his boyfriend.  He didn’t hold much back in his stories either.  It was great to hear him talk so lovingly about his boyfriend and laugh a little too at each other’s faults.

“I’m about talked out.  It’s your turn now Seth,” Scotty said after a solid hour.  “First off, I can’t help but notice how well built you are now. You are 20, right?”

I just laughed, “Yeah. A&M has a great rec center. I love now working out there.”

“Alright, take off your shirt and let me see.  I’m a sucker for hot bodies,” Scotty said.

I proudly took off my shirt and showed my hard work.  My chest was nice and my abs were even nicer with a great 6 pack that I loved. 

“Damn Seth, you are smoking hot,” Scotty said, felling my arms. “I’ve tried working out and doing sit-ups and shit but I’m still skinny as ever.”

“I can tell.  Just like when I left,” I laughed. 

“Alright, start,” Scotty said.  I began telling my stories about my life.  It mostly centered on college and some of the times I had there.  I wasn’t quite as graphic as Scotty but did tell some of my best times with guys at college. 

After I finished, we had a third drink and stared laughing at all the stupid things we did growing up.  I don’t remember laughing that hard in a long time.  He remembered things I didn’t and I remember a few things he didn’t.

“Remember we used to dare each other to show each other our peters as we called them then,” I laughed.

“I remember that shit.  What were we ten or so?” Scotty laughed.

“Yeah probably.  We thought it was so cool to do that,” I laughed.

“I’ll show you my peter if you will show me yours,” Scotty laughed at himself.

I was just tipsy enough, “Remember, I would always say you go first.”

Scotty stood up and dropped his shorts and boxers.  He had the biggest cock I had ever seen in person.  My eyes fixated on it for just a second. “Alright big boy, your turn.  Wipe out that peter,” Scotty said standing with his shorts and boxers at his ankles.

“I was just kidding but oh well,” I laughed and dropped my shorts and colorful boxer briefs.  My cock was 6 and half cut inches hard.  “You are still bigger than me, damn!”

We both laughed and sat back down. “Seth, I don’t think I have laughed this hard I know before Beasley died.”

“Scotty, I haven’t either in a long time,” I said.  “Now that my pants are off, where’s the pisser?”

“Down the hall, you can’t miss it.”

I stepped out of my shorts and headed there.  On the way back I grabbed the bottle and poured what was left in our glasses.  “This is some shit, you know.”

“I know,” Scotty said. “We can pull up our shorts now.”

“I’m cool with this,” I said. “I run around the dorm naked some when my roommate was out.”

“I haven’t gone naked in forever.  You ever been to that nude beach in Austin?”

“No, I hear it is fun.”

“Yeah, Beasley and I went there twice.  I loved it.  It was weird at first and then I started enjoy seeing other guys stare at me.  Beasley got so jealous the first time we went. Boy did he ever fuck me after that!”

“I bet he did. I’ve stared a little myself and you are my damn cousin.”

“We are barely cousin.  I think we could even marry.  Speaking of, what’s with Steve?”

“Don’t ask.  She’s a real winner, huh?  He just fucked the wrong girl at the wrong time is all I can say.  He is proud of that boy though.”

“I don’t have any room to talk but she’s not what I expected from a girlfriend of Steve.”

“Me either.  We haven’t really talked about it.  He’s not real keen on me being gay.  How does your family take it?”

“Alright I guess.  Mom basically ignored it until Beasley died.  Now she wants me to find a girl.  There’s no way now.  I love guys, plain and simple.  Truth is I always have.”

“I bet they love you too,” I laughed and was very tipsy.  “Scotty, I’m the same way.”

I yawned since it was rather late.  “You ready to hit the sack?” Scotty asked.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll sleep here tonight,” I patted the couch.

“Get your ass up.  No way am I letting you sleep on that old thang.  You will sleep with me,” Scotty said.

“Okay,” I said.  We left our clothes in the floor.  His bedroom was filled with more pictures of his departed boyfriend.  He kissed the one sitting next to his bed and turned out the light.  I got under the covers as did Scotty.

“Seth, would it be asking too much to… shit you’re my damn cousin.”

“Scotty, go ahead.  Like we’ve beat around the bush all night.”

“Can I suck your dick? I haven’t really been with another guy or wanted to for that matter since Beasley died.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m very sure.”

I pushed back the sheets and spread my legs out.  I watched him in the dim light shining from outside go down to lick me.  I felt his tongue ring on my cock.  My cock instantly got rock hard when he opened his mouth and went down on me.  I just laid there and watch my third cousin suck my cock.  His mouth felt so good and his piercing sent shivers down my spine.  I knew this was red-neck as fuck but still enjoyed it.  Scotty sucked me up and down and played with my hairy nuts. 

“Damn, I sure miss this,” Scotty said and went back down on me.  It felt so good. 

I pulled him off when I felt I was getting close.  “I think I owe you one now,” I said.  I licked his big cock up and down.  I kissed the big head before taking in as much as I could. His cock got hard and nearly choked me but I wanted to please my cousin like I never had before.  I slurped up his big cock and smelled his musk. 

Running his boney fingers through my hair, he said, “Damn Seth, this feels so good.” I looked up at him and continued to suck the biggest cock to ever part my lips.  My mouth actually grew tired of bobbing up and down. 

He stopped me and pulled me up, “Seth, can I make love to you?”

I did feel sorry for him, really was very horny at the time and then looked at the monster that he wanted to stick up my ass, “Scotty, I’ll try my hardest to take you.”

“I’ll be so gentle.  If I hurt you, then you can fuck me instead,” Scotty said.  He grabbed a condom and lube and sit on the bed.  I held my feet wide and watched Scotty dive down to start rimming my ass.  His tongue felt so good and had my head spinning like crazy.  He licked and fingered me to loosen me up.  I had been fucked in months much less by a cock that was probably a solid 9 inches.

Scotty lay on his back after I decided it might be best if I rode him and controlled the penetration.  I straddled his skinny body and reached back to find his big cock.  I placed it at my hole and slowly sunk down on it.  Initially, there was a slight bit of pain but nothing too bad.  I slowly continued to lower my ass down on his long cock.  I started slowly riding him and saw the pleasure I was giving my cousin.

“OOOO shit that’s… a big fucking cock!” I moaned.

“You like it?” Scotty asked with his hands at my waist.

“OOOO yes!” I screamed. “You like my tight ass?”

“Oh hell yeah! Ride me Seth!” Scotty said with me bouncing up and down on his cock.

Once comfortable with his size going deep in me, I leaned back on my hands and rode him.  He ran his hands up and down my thighs.  All I could do was moan at the time over the tremendous feeling shooting throughout my body.  I leaned back up to catch my breath and his cock slipped out momentarily.  I reached back and slid back down on it.  I rose up to let Scotty take over.  His big cock rammed in and out of my ass and felt so good.

He pushed me over and put me on my back.  I just looked into his green eyes and let him take total control of the situation.  He pounded me good and hard to make me scream and moan loudly in pleasure.

“Fuck me! Fuck me, Scotty!” I bellowed out.

He slowed the pace and grabbed my cock.  I reached around and found his skinny ass.  He slowly fucked me while jacking me cock.  His free hand pinched my nipples while my hands ran up his sides slowly and feeling his body. 

“Oh fuck!” he screamed.  I knew what was about to happen when his slim body contracted.  Jet after jet hit my abs.  Seeing this sent me over the top as well.  I looked down to see my lower body with cum in various places.  Scotty, still over me, just smiled and grabbed a towel nearby.

He leaned his face over and then pulled back.  “Maybe I shouldn’t kiss you,” Scotty said.

“Shit, you just fucked me,” I laughed.  He leaned back over and kissed my lips. I got on top of his naked body to make out with him.  His hands ran up and down my back and to my hole.  It was so sensitive when he stuck his finger up there. 

“Finally, I feel like a gay man again.  Thanks so much Seth!” Scotty said after one great make out session between now kissing and fucking cousins.

“Scotty, this entire scenario might be weird and very awkward to others.  You know I don’t care what others think and know you don’t.  I could feel you did make love to me,” I said.

“I do love you Seth,” Scotty said. “If we weren’t kin, I could see us really have something going.  Normally with Beasley, I was the bottom.  He took me some but never like you just did.”

“I actually enjoyed it once I adjusted to your size,” I said.

Scotty grabbed me and held me tight.  He fell asleep holding me.  I finally dozed off in his arms.

I woke still being held so closely and felt his morning wood poking me.  He woke when I pulled away.  I went to the bathroom quickly and returned to his bed.  We talked for a while like we did when we were younger, expect now we were close together.  He loved touching and kissing my naked fit body.   Mom finally called and was ready to head back home.  I threw on my old wrinkled clothes for Scotty to take me to head back.

“Seth, I hope I see you sooner than seven years this time.  I haven’t felt like I do now in a long time,” Scotty said driving me back.

“Just call me.  I won’t hesitate to see you again,” I said.

“Great!  Maybe sometime we could meet say in Austin and spend the weekend together and do this all over again,” Scotty said.

“I could damn sure do that,” I smiled.

When he let me out and exchanged cell numbers, it was all I could do not to kiss him.  I could see the sadness in his eyes of me leaving but I just knew it wouldn’t be 7 years again. Mom told him thanks for letting me stay while I got in the car.

“How was the freak?” Steve asked with a smirky grin.

“He’s a freak alright,” I said and left it at that.  


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