I was lying on my bed after another lazy day just swimming around in the pool and
catching some sun to add to my already impressive tan when I head the front door
slam shut. My parents were still at work so that could only mean that Trevor was

Pulling myself up I stumbled out in to the hallway in just my shorts, feeling a
little groggy, I must have been about to fall asleep, and sure enough Trevor was
climbing up the stairs, almost ripping his clothes off as he got nearer the top.
The look on his face was not a good one.

“Ya alright, bro?” I asked.

“Mind your own fucking business, Scott.” Trevor barked back at me.

That wasn’t normal. Usually he would say something to me like “ya” or just walk
past me without saying anything after a hard day at work, he never snapped at me.
He was a really quiet kid on the whole and even though I knew he would often
bullshit to make himself seem cooler or less like a geek, outbursts like that just
weren’t him.

“Hold on a second,” I said, grabbing his arm as he was pulling off his shirt to put
in the hamper we kept outside our bedrooms. “What’s wrong? You look upset.”

“Nothing’s wrong. Just leave me alone.” Trevor said, breaking free of my grip.

“Is it a problem with Landon?”

“No, now just fuck off!” Trevor shouted, throwing the shirt in the hamper. He
turned around and went in to his room, slamming the door in my face.

What the fuck was going on? Something had happened that had really got to him, but
why wouldn’t he tell me? If it was nothing to do with Landon then how bad could it
be? I know we don’t see eye-to-eye all the time and he can bug the hell out of me
but he’s my little brother, so seeing him like that concerned me.

I knocked on his door and called his name but he wouldn’t answer me so I pushed it
open and just walked in.

“What the fuck, Scott? I told you to leave me alone!” he shouted.

“I want to know what’s wrong with you. You’re not acting like yourself.” I said.

“And like I told you before, it’s none of your business. Now get out!”

“I’m not going until you tell me what’s wrong.”

“GET OUT!” Trevor screamed.

He came across the room with such a look of anger in his eyes I was afraid for just
a second that he might try to hit me. Instead he put a hand on my chest, pushed me
back out of the room and slammed the door again. I heard the lock click in to

I went back to my room and picked up my cell phone to call Landon, knowing he
usually spoke with Trevor every day so hopefully he would know what was going on.

When Landon picked up on the other end I had to try really hard to stop myself from

“Er… hello?” he said, sounding really uncertain. He had given me his number but I
never gave him mine so he had no idea who was calling.

“Hey Landon, this is Scott.”

“Oh… hey. Erm… what can I do for you?” he sounded really nervous.

“First of all you can relax, I’m not calling to have a go or anything. Trevor’s
just come home in a really bad mood, he’s slamming doors and told me to fuck off,
but when I asked him what’s wrong, he wouldn’t tell me. I wanted to see if you knew
anything.” I said.

“What? Is he okay?” Landon asked, I could hear the concern in his voice.

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m calling you. He can be moody at times but he seems
genuinely upset today. I wanted to know if you knew what was wrong because it’s
strange for him not to talk to me.”

“I have no idea. Do you want me to come over?” Landon asked and I could hear him
moving around on the other end of the phone.

“No, I think he needs to be left alone for now, but maybe you can text him or call
him and just ask him how his day went. If you find out what’s wrong, text me, okay?
I want to know if I can help him.”

“That’s really cool of you, Scott. Thanks for calling.”

“Hey, he’s my little brother. As much as I want to kill him sometimes I do love him

Landon chuckled and thanked me again before hanging up. If he didn’t know what was
wrong with Trevor it was clear that it was nothing to do with their relationship.
The only other thing I could think of was that something had happened at Trevor’s
summer job, but if he had been fired surely he would have said something instead of
acting like a girl during her period.

Come to think of it, a few days ago after he had been at work Trevor had come home
in a bit of a mood, but that day, instead of being angry and slamming doors, he was
uncharacteristically quiet. I mean he didn’t always speak a lot but he barely said
a word that day, even to mom and dad when they were asking him how his day went.
Something was definitely happening and I wanted to find out what it was.

I tried talking to Trevor at least three times later that night but he was just the
same, telling me that he didn’t want to talk, that I needed to get lost because it
was none of my business. He was starting to worry me, even though I was also kind
of feeling like I should just stop trying and let him deal with whatever it was
that was bothering him if he wouldn’t let me help.

I felt like going out in to the yard for a smoke but mom and dad were home and I
knew I couldn’t. I missed the freedom I had felt when I spent my weekend alone when
Jess had turned up. Damn, just thinking back to that made my dick rock hard. I
guess there were other ways to relieve some stress.

I went in to my bedroom and closed the door, losing all of my clothes, until I was
looking at my body in the mirror, running my hands over my muscles just like Jess
had done. I wished he was there with me, using his fingers and his tongue to work
my body. I was so hard. So many feelings were running through me and I was so
turned on that it didn’t take long while I was stroking my cock for it to explode
all over the mirror. I fell back on to the bed and went to sleep, naked and covered
in my own cum that continued to drip from the tip of my cock.

The next morning I woke up pretty early and heard Trevor moving around in his room.
At first I asked myself what he was doing up at that time, but I remembered that he
had his job to go to. That was when I knew that if I didn’t act now I might miss a
perfect opportunity to figure out what was wrong with my brother.

I jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed, throwing on a pair of briefs, some
shorts, a t-shirt and some sneakers. I spent a moment making sure my hair looked
good since I didn’t have time to shower like I usually did on a morning, although
after my jerk off session before I went to sleep there was no morning wood to
lather up and stroke.

Trevor must have already been up a while because I had been expecting him to use
the bathroom but he went straight downstairs to grab something to eat and within
ten minutes he was heading out the door.

I slipped out unnoticed since my parents were getting ready for work themselves and
would just assume that I was sleeping in because I was the lazy college kid. As I
followed Trevor I made sure I stayed far enough behind him so that when he crossed
the roads and looked both ways he wouldn’t see me but I could easily keep track of

He never spoke to anyone or even really acknowledged them being there as he
continued walking, mainly passing people who were out for a morning run or walking
their dogs. I wasn’t close enough to see if he had his ipod on but I wouldn’t have
been surprised.

It was only when he was nearing his work that I noticed a change in his body
language. He seemed to tense up and the speed of his walking slowed down
considerably. It was like he didn’t want to actually arrive there.

I kept following him, dropping off my pace to match his, until he finally walked
through the doors of the store and headed over to the main counter. I continued to
watch him through the window and everything seemed fine. He was chatting to the
manager and the girls he worked with and actually had a smile on his face.

Suddenly Trevor’s face dropped and his body stiffened up again. I didn’t understand
it until I saw him walk through a door from a back room. Standing in front of
Trevor and towering over everyone else in the store was the 6 foot 4, 200 pound
wall of muscle also known as the High School’s star quarterback.

Randy Albright was someone I remembered from my days at the high school. He had
started off in the grade below me but he had acted out and did no work because he
just thought he could get by on being a great quarterback, but he ended up failing
his sophomore year and had to repeat it, meaning he was only now just about to
become a senior even though he was already 18. He was the butt of many jokes at the
time from all us older than him because he had such a massive ego and we loved
seeing him take such a blow to it and feel like a complete moron.

From my position at the window I could see that Randy kept looking over at Trevor,
almost scowling at him, which made Trevor shrink back away from him. I continued
watching as the manager gave them all their morning briefing and then as they were
all walking away I saw Randy land a punch on Trevor’s arm that clearly hurt my
little brother. That was not right.

I was mad as hell. Trevor didn’t do anything, he just took the abuse. I continued
to watch them for a few minutes, noticing Randy say something to Trevor that made
Trevor cringe, but I had no idea what. I wanted to walk in there and confront the
bastard, but I didn’t want to embarrass Trevor so I decided to wait to talk to him
after work to see what was going on and for how long it had been happening.

I couldn’t just walk in to the store and cause a scene, I had to bide my time until
I could confront Randy without getting Scott in trouble. He loved the job and I
would hate myself if I got him in to trouble and got him fired.

I was on edge all day, waiting for him to finish. I walked back to the store so I
could meet him when he came out and hopefully I would get him to talk to me about
what I had seen. He shouldn’t have to take crap from anyone, let alone that moron
just because of his inflated ego.

As I stood outside the store, watching them lock up, Trevor came out, closely
followed by Randy, who slapped him on the back much harder than necessary.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, fag,” he said.

My face must have turned a shade of red as anger raced through my body. Trevor must
have noticed me standing there because he was staring at me wide eyed and was
shaking his head, mouthing for me to not do anything.

“What the fuck did you just say to him?” I said, loud enough so the other workers
could hear too.

“Who the hell are you?” Randy asked.

“No, you answer my question first.”

“Okay, I said he was a fag. What’s the big deal? That’s what he is, isn’t it? Why
are you so bothered anyway? Are you his boyfriend?” Randy said with a big shit
eating grin on his face.

I smiled. “No, I’m his brother actually.”

“Oh really? And what’s it like having a gay boy for a little brother?”

“Much better than having a dumbass little homophobe for a brother,” I said. “But
then I bet you don’t like to let people know you had to repeat a grade because
you’re too much of a moron to realise that playing sports and having your tiny cock
inside a slutty cheerleader isn’t enough to get you by in the world. Even now I bet
you’re struggling to process what I just said.”

“What?” Randy asked.

“Exactly,” I said. “Come on Trevor. Bye dumbass.”

I turned around and started walking away from Randy. When I reached Trevor I threw
my arm around his shoulder and made him turn around with me, heading down the
street toward home.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” Trevor said after a minute of us walking in

“Why not?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I just didn’t think you’d ever stick up for me like that. Especially
to him.”

“He’s just some stupid high school jock.”

“Oh, he’s so much more than that. He’s a hero to most of the kids at that school
and the rest of them are terrified of him.”

“Are you?”

“Not really, I just wish he’d leave me alone.”

“Why does he pick on you?”

“Because I’m gay.”

“Just because you’re gay?”

“Yeah, because I acted out and went all flamboyant and stuff last year because I
thought that’s what being gay was about, he always picked on me because of it, but
it was only ever passing comments in school. It’s worse now we work together.”

“And what about the hitting?”

“What about it?”

“How hard does he hit you? Enough for you to bruise?”

“Not usually, they’re just sort of taps, but because he’s so big, they hurt.”

“Have you told anyone?”

“No, it’s better to just keep quiet.”

“And let him keep doing it? You need to stand up to him bro, show him you’re not

“Yeah well maybe you did that today. I just hope he doesn’t take it out on me.”

“If he does, you tell me. I’m not having my little brother picked on by some idiot

Trevor didn’t speak so I turned to look at him and I could see that there were
tears in his eyes so I stopped him.

“Hey, what’s wrong, bro?” I asked, concerned.

“I just… I never knew you really cared so much about me.” Trevor said through his

“Oh course I do! You’re my little brother, I love you.” I replied, putting an arm
around him and kissing him on the forehead.

Trevor turned and threw his arms around me and hugged me really tightly to his body
as he cried on my shoulder.

“I love you too,” he said softly.

I teared up then. It was a rare moment for me and Trevor and even though I think we
both new those feelings were there we needed something to happen to bring them to
the surface. Maybe our relationship would be better after that.

“Right, come on,” I said breaking the hug. “We’re not that gay.”

Trevor laughed with me and we continued on our walk home. He went upstairs and
changed out of his uniform and joined me in the pool where we played around for an
hour before mom and dad came home. I think they were a bit shocked that we were
getting on so well, but they never questioned it.

We actually spent the rest of the night just chatting and relaxing, playing games
and just talking about anything that popped in to our heads. I can’t remember us
ever really doing that before, or not since we’d grown up at least so it was really

When I woke up the next morning it was already bright and when I got up I found
that the house was empty, everyone had already headed off to work, so I decided not
to put any clothes on and just enjoy my time alone. I even went outside and swam
naked in the pool, before going upstairs to shower.

I went downstairs to get some food but there was next to nothing in the fridge. Mom
had left a note on the counter telling me that unless I wanted to go to the store
she would be going after work and I would just have to either throw something
together or go out for lunch. I decided to go out.

There was nothing I particularly had a taste for so I just stopped off at a deli to
get a baguette and a drink. It was a lovely day so instead of sitting inside the
little building I decided to keep walking around the streets while I ate and
finished my drink.

I threw my trash in to a garbage can and was just about to turn around when someone
charged me and I was forced down a small alleyway between two shops. I barely had
time to think let alone realise what was going on. It was only when I was spun
around, my back against the wall and an arm across my throat, when I stared in to
the eyes of Randy Albright.

“So, think you can get away with embarrassing me that easily do ya?” He growled at
me. Fuck he was strong. He was almost lifting me off my feet.

I tried to answer him but his arm across my throat wouldn’t allow me to.

“Answer me!”

I managed a small croak and he seemed to realise what he was doing because the
force on my neck lessened and I was able to breathe properly.

“I was just looking out for my brother,” I finally managed to say.

“That little fag? Why do you even care?”

“Because I love him. And don’t you EVER call him a fag. He’s gay and there’s
nothing wrong with that.” I spat.

“You love him? Maybe you’re a queer too.” Randy said, applying the pressure to my
throat again.

His eyes were glaring right at mine and the weird thing was, I wasn’t scared at
all. Looking in to his eyes just made me want him; they were amazing. They were the
deepest blue I had ever seen and as he moved back further so I could really see his
whole face I saw how beautiful he really was. No wonder everyone wanted a piece of

“And what if I was a queer? What would you do Randy?” I asked.

He seemed to be taken aback that I wasn’t scared of him and would talk back to him.

“I should fuck you up right here.” He said, pushing me so my head hit the wall.

I ignored the pain and smiled, “Fuck me up the ass, you mean?”

He just stared at me with his mouth wide open. I moved my leg to try to knee him in
the balls so he would let go of my but he had me held too tightly, I couldn’t move
enough. As I brought my leg back down though I felt something rub against my thigh,
something hard.

I looked up in to the big quarterback’s eyes and moved my leg again, brushing the
same hard object. I saw Randy tense up. Holy shit! Was that his cock? Was he hard?

I kept moving my leg back and forth over the same spot, rubbing against whatever it
was until Randy moaned and that’s when I knew it was definitely his cock.

“Is this turning you on, Randy? It feels to me like you really do want to fuck me
up the ass right now.”

Instead of replying with words Randy let go of the hold his hands had on my body
and my throat, moving them to the sides of my head before lunging forward, mashing
his lips against mine.

I was crushed against the wall with this huge quarterback kissing me, his tongue
demanding entry to my mouth. I was reluctant at first because he was such an
asshole, but he was hot and I just really wanted to fuck someone so I had no reason
to resist.

I couldn’t believe this big macho stud who was the star quarterback of the high
school football team and who teased my brother about being gay was kissing me with
more hunger and passion that I had felt in a long time. I almost chuckled in his

“Fuck!” Randy shouted, pulling back from me. “What the fuck am I doing?”

“What you’ve wanted to do for a long time,” I replied, stepping forward and pulling
him back in to a kiss.

His arms wrapped around me and we made out like crazy. It was only then that I
remembered that we were just in the alley between two stores and that someone could
walk past and look in on us at any minute. I pulled back and ran my hand down his
hard body until I was stroking the impressive lump in his pants.

“Please tell me you have somewhere we can go to continue this?” I asked, still
panting slightly.

Randy was also breathing heavily as he replied, “Yes.”

We didn’t say another word to each other, we just stood up straight, made sure our
clothes looked okay and we walked out of the alleyway on to the street with me
following him. No one seemed to pay any attention to us so we carried on walking
and in less than ten minutes we were inside his front door, which he slammed behind

For a brief moment I was worried that I had made a mistake and that he had somehow
lured me back to his to attack me, but as he came toward me, his body seeming to
loom over mine, a smile crept on to his face and the only thing he attacked were my
lips with his own.

I grabbed on to him, running my hands all over his hard, muscular back. This kid
must work out in the gym for hours every day. Even with his clothes on I knew that
the body beneath would be incredible and I couldn’t want to get him out of them.

Getting up the stairs to his bedroom was interesting because he didn’t want to stop
kissing me so we just stumbled up them, holding on to each other. When we reached
the landing he nearly ripped my shirt off me and growled when he saw my body,
bending down to kiss my chest and lick one of my nipples as he pushed me back
toward his room.

He picked me up under my arms and flung me backwards on to his bed. He grabbed my
shoes and pulled them off, quickly followed by the rest of my clothes. I could see
just be the look in his eyes that he was so hungry for what was about to happen. He
crawled on top of me and kissed up my body until he was back at my lips, my hard
cock rubbing against his stomach, my precum wetting his shirt.

“You are so hot,” he said between kisses. “I can’t believe I’m actually about to
fuck a hot college guy.”

“And I’m gonna fuck a hot quarterback.” I smiled back. “Now let me get those
clothes off you.”

Randy moved back so he was standing at the end of the bed. I moved forward and
rubbed his cock hard cock through his jeans. I couldn’t wait to get my hands and
mouth on that big cock, but I wanted to make him wait too.

I slowly unbuttoned the jeans and pulled down the zip, but instead of pulling at
them I went for his shirt instead, pulling it up until I could go no further and he
had to pull it off himself because of his height.

Oh fuck! What a body! His pecs were large and they were rock hard. I ran my hands
over them, feeling the tight muscles. I licked my lips and leaned in to kiss and
lick them, almost suckling on his nipples that were fully erect as I played with
them between my lips.

I kept moving down with my lips and tongue, tracing the rock hard abs. I kissed
them and even gave a couple a playful bite. Randy’s body was like nothing I had
ever had my hands on before, there was literally not one bit of fat on it, he was
just pure muscle. I couldn’t believe I might have missed being with him.

Going down further I kissed and stroked his cock that I could feel throbbing
beneath the fabric. Slowly I pulled his jeans down and he stepped out of them but I
left his tight boxers on. I was mesmerised by the size of his legs, they were huge,
I wouldn’t be surprised if they were about the same size as my waist.

I continued to run my tongue along his cock, soaking his boxers. He was moaning
loud now and pressing my head in to his crotch. He loved it.

I pulled back, “So, sexy, you ever been with a guy before?”

Randy shook his head.

“You’ve never jerked off with one? Been sucked off by one?”

“No,” he breathed as I continued to play with his dick.

“So I guess that means you’ve never fucked a guy then?” I asked, emphasising the
question by lightly biting his shaft.

“No!” he squealed.

“So do I take if you’ve never been fucked either?” I asked, moving my hands back so
I could run them over his hard muscular cheeks.

He didn’t reply to that one, he just moaned, so I slowly made my way back up his
body with my tongue until I was standing with my chest against his.

“What do you say we change all of that right now?” I asked, pulling him in for a

“Oh fuck… oh fuck,” that was all he said before he nodded.

I smiled and kissed my way back down his body until I was on my knees in front of
him, I pulled his boxers down so that he was naked and was met by an impressive 8
inch cut cock throbbing right in front of me. Damn looked good.

I leaned forward and ran my tongue up along the shaft. My hands were on his thighs
and I felt his entire body tremble as my tongue touched his cock for the first
time. He moaned so loud it was almost deafening.

When I took the head of his cock in to my mouth and ran my tongue around it he
yelped and almost jumped back.

“Oh fuck, suck my cock, man, suck it good,” he whimpered.

I smiled around his cock and started to go to work on him, really sucking his cock,
taking as much of it in to my mouth as I could, which after a lot of practice meant
I was pretty much deep throating him.

It was driving him crazy. He was holding on to me to keep his balance and I felt
his legs almost give out on him at least twice. I ran my hands over his thighs, up
to cup his big muscle butt and down to stroke and tug on his balls.

Just as I felt as if he might be about to cum he must have felt it too because he
pulled me up from my knees, literally picking me up and placing me on my feet. He
grabbed my head and kissed me again, so deep, like he was searching for something
inside my mouth. Then he pushed me back so I was lying flat on the bed.

He knelt down before me and reached his hand forward. It was shaking as he wrapped
his fist around my hard uncut cock, giving it a few strokes before he held it
upright and leaned in to kiss it, taking his time to work his tongue up and down
the shaft.

When he took my cock in to his mouth he tried to do what I had done but I could
tell it was his first time sucking a dick because he almost gagged and choked
himself. I managed to pull him up my body and looked in to his eyes.

“Hey, baby, go slow,” I said. “Just take what you can.”

Randy smiled and leaned down to kiss me. He nuzzled my neck for a little while,
kissing and licking it before placing kisses down my body. When he reached my cock
again he took the tip in to his mouth and used his tongue to circle the head,
slipping it inside the foreskin and playing around rolling it on his tongue.

He would bob up and down on it for a minute and then he would take it out of his
mouth and just run his tongue along the length. I was leaning up on my elbows
watching this big muscle stud on his knees worshipping my cock.

I pulled him up again and kissed him hard. Then I got up off the bed and took his
hand in mine, leading him out of his bedroom and in to the bathroom next door that
I had noticed on my way in.

I turned the water on and pushed him under the spray, stepping in so we were facing
each other again and could make out. His lips barely left mine until I showed him
what he had to do to prepare himself for sex, having to improvise to get us both
ready. I loved teaching this innocent stud what to do if he was ever going to get
fucked in the future. My dick was so hard it almost hurt.

When we went back in to his room I laid Randy down on his bed, he seemed to love
being forced to submit to me, no doubt there were very few situations when he ever
let himself pushed around by anyone.

He was flat on his back with me on the bed with him, bending down to suck on his
big beautiful cock. Not only was his dick a good 8 inches long it was about 6
inches thick. I knew just from having my mouth around it that it was really going
to stretch my ass. I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me.

“Ooh, keep that up, baby. Your mouth feels so good on my cock,” Randy said, running
a hand through my blond hair.

I kept sucking for another minute or too, deep throating him and humming to send
the vibrations all the way up his body. He was whimpering and thrashing around on
the bed. Finally I pulled my mouth off his cock and we made eye contact.

“You ready to fuck me?” I asked.

“Fuck! I’ve never been more ready for anything,” he smiled.

He reached over in to his bedside table and pulled out two condoms and a bottle of
lube. I looked at him when he handed me a condom.

“What?” He asked. “Just because I haven’t fucked anyone yet doesn’t mean I couldn’t
be prepared. I am pretty hot, you know?”

“Oh you don’t have to tell me that.” I said, ripping open the condom wrapper with
my teeth.

I rolled the condom down his hard cock and lubed him up good, stroking him the
entire time. He was looking at me with so much hunger and passion as I lubed up my
fingers and turned around so that my ass was pointing in his direction. I ran my
fingers up and down the crack, getting it nice. Then I slid a finger inside to get
myself good and ready.

Holy fuck!” Randy screamed.

That was all it took. Seeing my fingering my ass awakened the sexual beast in Randy
that had just been waiting to get out. I felt his weight move on the bed and then
his big dick was pushing against my ass.

“Hey, take it slow,” I said, pulling my finger out so he could get access to my
hole. “You’ve got a pretty big dick you know.”

“Yeah, and you’re gonna love it,” Randy said, slowly pushing the head inside my ass
that instinctively clamped down on his dick, making us both groan.

His dick felt so good as it pushed its way inside me. He really was thick and it
stretched me wide. He kept pushing in until he was balls deep in my ass. He leaned
forward and rested his head on my back with me on my hands and knees on the bed.

“Fuck, your ass is so tight.” Randy panted.

“And your dick is so big,” I said right back. “Now slowly pull out and push all the
way in. Keep doing that and pretty soon you’ll be able to fuck me good.”

Randy followed my command and pulled his cock back until it actually slipped out of
my ass. Without me having to say a word he pushed back in and bottomed out before
doing it again and again, feeding me his entire dick and then pulling it all back

Soon he was really long dicking me, keeping his dick inside me but making me feel
its entire length as it moved in and out of me, first slowly and then faster and
faster until he was fucking me at a nice pace.

Since I was on my hands and knees I started rocking back in to him so that every
time he thrust forward I was pushing back to meet him, taking the whole of that big
dick inside me. The sound of our flesh slapping together made him groan and he
spanked my ass a couple of times as he continued to fuck me.

“That’s it stud… harder... faster.” I moaned.

He grabbed hold of my hips with both of his hands and really started fucking me,
pounding my ass and his balls were bouncing off me. Fuck it felt good. We were both
lost in the feelings just panting and enjoying what we were doing.

Randy then pulled his big dick out of me and in one swift move forced me to turn
over on to my back. It was so hot being manhandled like that. He was in control and
he was going to take what he wanted, which was my ass.

He threw my up on to his shoulders and plunged his dick back in to me, causing me
to moan and arch my back. He nearly bent me in half as he started pounding my ass
again, driving his dick deep inside me, leaning down to make out with me while he
continued to pummel my ass.

My legs were just beginning to ache when he pulled back and took my ankles in his
hands so I was spread eagled beneath him. His big dick continued to fuck my ass
with long strokes with him really pushing forward now, drilling his cock in to me.
I was in heaven.

Suddenly I felt him let go of my ankles and he used his hands to wrap my legs
around his waist. I looked deep in to his eyes as he bent forward to kiss me, his
dick still buried in my ass. He wrapped his arms around my back and in one swift
move, using all his muscles and strength, he picked me up off the bed so that I was
impaled on his cock.

He took three strides across the room and I felt my back pressed up against the
bedroom door. One of Randy’s hands was cupping my ass with the other on the wood
behind my head as he started to move his hips, fucking me up against the door.

His cock was going so deep inside me and was rubbing me just right that my eyes
rolled back in to my head and I clung to his huge body as he continued to fuck me
hard, driving me back in to the door.

“Oh fuck, this is so hot,” he panted. “I’ve always wanted to fuck someone like this
in the locker room, up against my locker, fucking him until he can’t take it no
more and cums without touching himself.”

I screamed and bit down on his shoulder as the fantasy he just described to me
played out exactly as he said, only against his bedroom door. His dick was hitting
my spot with every thrust and his words just pushed me over the edge.

My dick exploded all over our stomachs, the thick shots coating out abs. I felt my
ass tighten around that big cock as it continued to fuck me which much have pushed
Randy over the edge because he buried his head in my hair and screamed with his
lips pressed against my skull. His dick was throbbing inside me as he blasted his
cum into the condom.

Randy walked back to the bed with me still in his arms and still impaled on his
hard cock. He collapsed on to the bed with me beneath him, his entire weight coming
down on me but I didn’t care. He was still hard inside me as we made out.

I was amazed that his cock never went soft after he came, but I was also quite
pleased because it meant he was ready for more. I pulled back from the kiss and
looked in to his eyes that looked sort of glazed over, almost as if they had tears
in them.

So how was your first time?” I asked, stroking the side of his face.

“It was the most incredible feeling ever. Thank you.” Randy said, kissing me again.

“It was my pleasure, and believe me, that was nothing. Give me ten minutes and I’ll
show you what I mean.”

Randy smiled and we kissed again. He slowly pulled his cock from my ass and I was
almost upset to feel it leave it, it had felt so good inside me.

He pulled off the condom and tossed it in the trash. He was looking down at me with
so much lust that I actually felt loved. It was strange, but I also knew it was my
key to make my move. I took hold of Randy’s arm and pulled him down on to the bed so
he was lying on his back.

We made out for another minute before I kissed my way down his amazing body to that
cock that was still as hard as it had been before he fucked me. It was incredible. I
was so hungry for that cock, knowing that it had just fucked me good, and I could
taste traces of him cum on it that had been left behind from the condom.

As I kept sucking I reached over and grabbed the bottle of lube, using it to make my
fingers nice and wet. When Randy was completely relaxed and just enjoying the feeling
of my mouth on his cock I began to play with his ass. He tensed up at first but he
soon relaxed again, allowing me to slide one lubed finger up inside him.

His ass was so tight. I could tell just from the way it squeezed my finger that he
was a virgin. Damn! I couldn’t wait to get my cock in there. I knew that would have
to wait though because I needed to get him ready, so I continued to finger him,
adding a second finger, followed by a third.

“Oh God, just fuck me, college boy,” he panted after I had been working his ass over
about ten minutes.

I loved the way he kept referring to me as college boy, a thought that clearly turned
him on.

“Yeah? You want my dick you sexy quarterback? You want this college boy cock inside

“Fuck yeah!” Randy screamed.

My cock was so hard. This big muscle stud of a high school quarterback was begging
for me to fuck him. He could have had anyone he wanted he was that hot, his muscles
were literally rippling, his abs so tight, and yet it was me who was about to take
his ass cherry.

I lubed up his ass some more, sliding my fingers in and out until I knew he was
ready. I grabbed for the other condom and slid it over my cock, lubing myself up as
much as possible.

Randy positioned himself on the bed so he was on his hands and knees like I had been
when he first fucked me. I didn’t care what position he was in as long as I got to
fuck him.

I rubbed the head of my cock slowly up against his hole. He moaned, telling me to
stick it in. I was so surprised when his ass just opened up and accepted my cock as I
pushed in, in fact I’d nearly go so far as to say it sucked my cock inside it, like
it wanted, even needed me inside it.

We both moaned as my dick sank deep inside him. His ass was so tight around my cock,
squeezing every inch as I moved deeper. When my whole cock was inside him I stopped
and rubbed his back. He was panting but nothing he did told me he was in pain.

I ran my hands up and down his muscular back, leaning down to kiss between his
shoulder blades as I reached around to stroke his gorgeous chest, his cut abs and his
big dick. His cock throbbed in my hand.

I put my hands on his shoulders and pulled him upwards until his back was against my
chest, I continued to run my hands over his body and slowly jerk his cock as I
started to move my dick in and out of him, slowly at first before picking up the

“How does it feel to have my big college boy cock inside you?” I whispered in to his

“Ooh… so fucking good!”

“You like that dick inside you?”

Yeah… fuck me!”

He didn’t need to ask me twice. I started thrusting harder and faster in to his tight
ass, starting to make him moan, but he loved it, he pushed back against me to drive
my dick in deeper.

Ooh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Randy had been longing for this, I could tell. He was enjoying everything that my
cock was doing to his ass and I had a feeling that he wouldn’t be able to go long
without feeling another cock up inside him after I was done fucking him.

He was gripping the sheets and biting his lip when I pulled out of him and turned him
over, just like he had done to me. I drove my dick back inside him.

“Yeah! Fuck me! Make me yours college boy!” He screamed, he really did love being

I gave him everything I had really fucking him hard and deep, just pounding the hell
out of his hot quarterback ass. I had always wanted to fuck the quarterback who had
been the star of the school when I was there but he was straight as anything and I
never even dared to think of trying anything with him, but here was the current
quarterback, who so many people admired, respected and wanted, on the end of my dick
getting fucked for the very first time.

Just as that thought was going through my mind I saw Randy’s entire body tense up and
he started to spasm from his head to his feet. I was worried for a second until his
cock exploded with the biggest load of cum I had ever seen, coating his body with his
seed. I couldn’t believe he could cum so much, especially since he had only finished
fucking me less than 30 minutes before.

His ass clamped down on my cock and sent me racing over the edge, my cum rocketing
out of my dick, filling the condom until it was almost bursting.

I could barely breathe when I collapsed on to his hot, sticky, cum-covered chest.
After a few minutes I pulled back and ran my tongue through some of it, tasting him
as my cock still throbbed inside his tight ass, his legs wrapped around his waist and
his eyes, now with definite tears of joy in them, focused on mine.

I leaned in for a kiss and shared his cum with him. We made out for what must have
been about ten minutes until my cock was finally soft and slipped out of his ass.

“Oh fuck that was amazing.” Randy said when we came back up for air.

“I’d have to agree there, but I think I need a shower. Want to join me?”

“Hell yeah!”

We both chuckled as I got up and took off the condom, throwing it in the trash. Randy
took my hand in his and led me to the bathroom where we got back in the shower and
cleaned each other off, running our hands over every inch of the others body and
making out like crazy.

When we were all rinsed off Randy suddenly turned serious.

“Man, that was incredible. Thank you, even if you did embarrass me yesterday.” Randy

“I guess we’re even now after that?” I asked.

“Yes, but please don’t tell anyone about what happened, it could ruin my life and my

I paused for a moment and could see that Randy was nervous, even terrified that I
would tell everyone that I had just fucked him.

“I’ll make you deal,” I said, looking his straight in the eyes.

“A deal?”

“Yes. I promise not to tell anyone that we just fucked and you can carry on being the
big straight quarterback, but on one condition. You leave my brother alone. Never say
anything bad to him and never hit him again. You don’t have to like him, but don’t
treat him like some kind of freak, especially when you just got done fucking his
brother, okay?”

“Yeah, okay. And I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s okay. I’m guessing you were trying to cover up your true feelings by saying the
shit you did to him.”

“Yeah, I guess I did.”

“So we have a deal, as long as you leave my brother alone, I will never tell a soul
what happened with us. But if I hear from him that you’re still bugging him, I’ll out
you in a second.”

He hung his head and nodded. “I wish I had a brother like you.”

“I hope that’s not true, otherwise you would have just fucked your brother.”

We both laughed at that and go out of the shower, drying each other off and sharing
the occasional kiss. I got dressed and we headed downstairs, but before I made it to
the front door Randy turned me around and his tongue was in my mouth again.

“Please, can I see you again?” He asked when he finally broke the kiss.

“I got back to college next week.” I said, watching his face drop when I said that.
“But I could give you my number, that way we can keep in touch and if I’m back in
town either for a weekend or at Christmas then maybe we can get together again?”

“That would be amazing.”

I smiled and kissed Randy for a final time. We exchanged phone numbers and I left the
house still not able to believe that I had just fucked the high school’s star
quarterback. I could still feel the void in my ass from where his dick had been.
Thinking about that and how I going back to college within the week had my dick hard
again. I couldn’t say what was going to happen but I knew for sure that whatever
happened, I would be the one fucking hot college guys.


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