Posted:   September 26, 2009


Saturday morning came way too early for Caden.  The alarm woke both Adam and Caden.  Caden leaned across and hit the snooze button for a few more moments of sleep.  The next sound of the alarm Caden cursed loudly and got out of bed.  He went to shower and returned to dress to see Adam was able to return to sleep.  He leaned and kissed Adam on the forehead before finding something to snack on before writing a note to remind Adam about the beach later.  He found his sack from the previous night and pulled out on bikini to take along with him for later.

Adam woke around 9 that morning and relished he was able to sleep in on his day off.  He found some shorts and strolled to the kitchen.  He laughed out loud seeing Caden’s illegible handwriting and wondered if he could even write after seeing that horrendous display of penmanship.  He found some juice and a bagel and headed to his little used patio out back.  He saw a cigarette butt and wasn’t happy that Rob and Matt didn’t have the courtesy to clean up.  He sat looking across his vast backyard with thoughts of Anna coming forth.  It was her dream and desire to someday turn this into something they could be proud of and enjoy.  There was plenty of space thanks to Adam’s home being at the end of a cul-de-sac and with some additional property in the rear that came with the purchase.  He knew his property extended a good 200 feet straight behind what was fenced in but now it was a jungle with weeds, stickers and various undergrowth, which was dominating the area. 

He reentered his house and knew his next duty was to head to the large supercenter not too far down the road.   He didn’t mind going at all and remembered going with Anna many times to see her look and look before getting pissed.  He chuckled to himself over the nonsense while driving to the crowed supercenter.  He got what was needed and took much longer than expected with him doing a little shopping along the way.  He did his best to fill his kitchen with healthy food since Caden seemed to be on a health kick as well. 

He returned with his car loaded down with his buys.  He put them away and kept out the things he had for his visit to the beach.  He sat down and paid bills after all his things were put up.  He was missing one important bill, his mortgage payment.  He searched and searched until finding it.  Under the bill, he saw his wife’s handwriting and a sketch.  He knew it was odd and a strange coincidence to see that it was a rough sketch of his departed wife’s dream for the backyard.  He felt as though she somehow had the paper emerge at just the right time.  He did miss his wife and items such as these stirred nothing but fond memories.  He tucked the paper in a safe place and future reference.

Adam wondered where the time had gone and hurriedly got ready for the beach as promised to Caden.  He didn’t know what to expect there.  Driving to the beach, he wondered why he didn’t go more often with Anna until realizing she had grown tired of it years ago since she grew up near it.

Adam got out of his car and combed the beach where he thought Caden had told him.   He soon spotted Noah and Josh sitting with some guys.  He made his way to them to see Rob, Matt, Evan and Mark were there as well along with three others he didn’t know or had seen. 

“Welcome to the party, Adam,” Rob said and stood.  He was looking hot as ever in another stunning and well fitting blue and white bikini that showed Rob’s many assets.  “Where’s Caden?”

“Work I suppose.  I’m sure he’s about to have a cardiac arrest to get here,” Adam replied and took off his shorts and shirt to place in the bag he brought.  He was next to Noah and had a seat in the chair he had bought earlier just for the beach after finding his others were old and rotted.

“You looking good there, Adam,” Noah commented.

“Thanks, as always, you do too,” Adam returned the compliment seeing Noah in a yellow Speedo on Noah’s rail thin dark body. “I heard it went pretty well last night.”

“Yea, it did.  Noah here was shaking like a leaf where I played cool and calm,” Josh interrupted the two.

“Damn Josh, just like always, you are lieing out your ass.  You were more scared than I was,” Noah said.

“No I wasn’t,” Josh said.

“The hell you weren’t!  You even said you thought you were going to piss in your parents.  I was the one who came out and said it,” Noah said, stood from his towel and was red faced from the sun and getting angrier by the second.

“You are a fucking bitch, you know that Noah,” Josh said. “I’m the one who told them.”

“Motherfucker!  You did not! I had to do it!” Noah screamed and had everyone’s attention. “You were scared shitless! You’re one sorry bitch Josh, you know that!”

“Fuck you!” Josh said.

“Bring it the fuck on!  I’m not scared!” Noah said and was as animated as ever.

“Dude, calm the fuck down.  It don’t matter now.  It’s over and done with,” Josh said under control with all eyes on him.  “Here we were just chilling and you have to start some shit.”

Noah sat back down and bit his lip.  He was tired of arguing with his step brother for the time being.  Adam watched the entire thing and knew that Noah was telling the truth.  He could see how Josh was around his friends and wanted to show a little macho side when he could or as much as he could in a Speedo.

With Noah sitting quietly and staring at Josh, Ian, Tony and two more guys walked up carrying a large cooler.  “I guess this is the party, huh?” Ian asked.  “I drug along some friends if you don’t mind.”  He introduced his two friends, Blake and Sean.  “See I told you guys that some of them would be in Speedos.  Besides who really cares in the first place.”

Blake, a tall, athletic looking guy in boardshorts with curly brown hair, said, “If I’d known.”

“We never believe you, dude,” Sean said.  He was shorter with sandy blond hair, a pierce brow and hairy stomach and chest.   They sat down the cooler and opened it.  Ian pulled out just water and asked if anyone wanted any.  Josh and Adam said they did and were tossed two bottles.  Adam saw the new four guys move to the other three guys that Adam didn’t know to talk with them and Evan and Matt.  It appeared that Evan and Matt knew a lot of the gay guys in the area.

“So, what exactly are we here for?” Evan asked.

“I just asked a few if they wanted to come to the beach and hang this afternoon and chill for a while,” Josh laughed. “I take it spread from there.”

“There again who cares?  It’s a really great day so let’s go enjoy this bitch while we can,” Rob said.  A few headed off to the water.  Adam watched the small group in the water and moved to meet the three he didn’t know.  He found them to be nice with one, Corey to be very cute and attractive with highlighted hair combed to his face and a nice body as well.  The other two, Aaron and Devin, were fairly normal but a little punkish with an array of tattoos on their bodies.  He talked with them only briefly and returned to his place in the sand.

Finally, Caden came almost jogging up in his new bikini.  Adam could tell he was excited to be there by the smile on his face and his body language that he knew from the past.  Caden carried his emotions on his sleeve, so to speak.  Caden found Josh and Noah to give them a big hug before making his way up to Adam.

“Bout time you showed up here.  I was about to start worrying about you,” Adam said.

“I stayed a few minutes later than I intended to cover for a guy who was running late,” Caden said.  “Did I miss anything?”

“No other than a little brotherly spat between Josh and Noah, you haven’t missed a single thing,” Adam said.

Caden was looking around and spotted the guys he didn’t know.  “Are all these guys with us here?”

“Yea they are.  I think everyone wanted to come to the beach today,” Adam replied.

“I don’t blame any of them.  It is a great day out today and perfect beach weather,” Caden said.  He walked to meet the new guys and ran down to hit the water with the group. 

Adam sat there alone with those around him in the water.  He saw Corey and Blaze walking his way.  “Dude, is that your boyfriend or what?” Corey asked.

“Yea, he is if you want to call him that,” Adam replied.

“We wondering since you do look a little older than the rest of us,” Blaze said.

“Dude, I don’t blame him.  That Caden is fucking hot as hell,” Corey said.  The two returned to their little group.  Once the two returned, they headed to the water with a few returning. 

“Adam, the water’s not half bad,” Matt said.  “You should really get out there unless you just want to sit and watch.”

“Ummm… alright,” Adam said and decided to be a part of the group.  He was greeted by Rob and Josh when he got in the water.  He could see Caden was really eating this up and being surrounded by more and more friends.  Adam cherished the moment when Caden came up and threw his arm around him to give him a nice kiss in front of the crew.  Caden and the others had a little fun with Adam by splashing him and holding him under the water.  Adam didn’t mind and knew they didn’t mean any harm in it.  He felt as though as was being accepted more and more by the younger group of guys.

When the water time was over, Caden wrapped his wet arm around Adam for the two to walk up to the beach and take a rest.  After the short rest, the Frisbee and soccer ball & volleyball came out to entertain them.  Ten of the group of fifteen took the volleyball court and headed to the nearby court.  When they got there, they could all see most were couples other than Corey and Noah.  They divided up into teams, splitting the couples in two.  The games were spirited and gave all a chance to show if they had any athletic ability.  Matt and Noah were the ones with the least athleticism and were lucky on opposite sides.  They played a few games until tiring.  When they returned, four of the group, the new ones basically, were packing up their things and calling it a day while Corey decided to stay a while longer and hang out.  Soon it was evident why he wanted to stay and had an interest in Noah.

The group was now down to eleven guys.  They hung out at the beach until the sun began setting.  They all packed their things up and headed to their cars for the day.

Adam and Caden walked up the beach together, “Adam, would you care if Rob, Mark, Ian and Troy came and hung out at the house?”

“I don’t care since the others already had plans or making them,” Adam smiled.

“I’ll tell em to meet over at the house,” Caden said. “Do we have any food there?  I’m starving!”

“We do.  I went to the store today and stocked up,” Adam said.

“That’s cool,” Caden said. “I know they are going to ask but you don’t care if they bring beer and alcohol, do ya?”

“I really don’t care, Caden,” Adam said.

Caden left and found the four.  He yelled to Adam he’d see him at the house. Adam ended up following Caden to the house.  

“Now that was really fun, huh?” Caden said, once inside.

“You know it was,” Adam said.

“You said you liked younger guys.  Have you had your fill yet?” Caden smiled.

“I’ll let you know when I have,” Adam said and kissed Caden.  He loved how Caden wasn’t afraid to kiss and show affection to him.

Caden walked in the kitchen and scanned the cabinets to see exactly what all Adam had bought.  Adam opened the door when he heard a knock.  He let Mark, Rob, Ian and Troy in the house, dressed in their shorts and flip-flops to look like typical beach boys.  They entered carrying beer, vodka and gin.

“Hey guys,” Caden said.

“Caden, what’s to eat up in here?” Ian asked.

“Just pick something out,” Caden said. “I’m throwing a pizza in the oven.”

The four put away the beer which barely fit into the refrigerator.  Next they scanned the freezer and found something to their liking along with some chips and salsa.  Adam was now happier than ever he had made a trip to the supercenter and stocked up.  He didn’t mind seeing them raid his refrigerator either and knew how happy Caden was to have them there.

While waiting, they all grabbed a beer and handed one to Adam. 

“Now that was fun out there today,” Rob said and waited on his food in the microwave.  “Finally, Mark and I have some gay friends that are cool as hell and fun to hang out with.”

“Caden, you missed it.  I thought for a minute Josh and Noah were about to throw down and brawl right there,” Troy said.

“I heard. What happened?” Caden said with a beer in his hand.  “I was going to ask but one of them was always around.”

“I’ll tell you,” Adam said.  “I think Josh was caught in another of his little lies and was embarrassed Noah called him out on it.  Noah said he was the one to come out and Josh was scared to death.”

“Man, Noah was about to let him have it,” Mark spoke up.

“It was tense there for a minute,” Ian said. “All I heard was screaming with Noah calling Josh every name in the book practically.  He was pissed.”

“Guys, Josh does like to stretch the truth a little here and there.  Watch out if he says he hooked up with a really hot guy.  It is usually a crock of shit.  Either the guy isn’t that hot or he didn’t get fucked,” Caden said.

“Did you guys see how Corey latched on to Noah?” Rob asked while taking out his and Mark’s food from the microwave.

“You better be glad.  He had the hots for you,” Caden said.

“I do too,” Ian laughed and patted Rob on the ass in passing while putting his food in to cook. “You’d be a fool not to at least think you’re fucking hot.”

“Watch there, boyfriend,” Troy said.  “You might get to go home alone.”

“Hey guys, he’s all mine,” Mark said.

“I’m happy for Noah. He wants a boyfriend so bad,” Caden said.

“How did you guys meet?” Ian asked Rob and Mark.

“We met in a sophomore English class.  We’ve been together ever since,” Rob said. 

“How long ago is that?” Adam asked.

“Over 3 years now, right?” Mark said and had his mouth half full.

“Hold on, I thought you said you went to classes with Josh.  That doesn’t add up,” Adam said.

“I took a few years off and just started back,” Rob said.  “I thought I wanted to work and have a little money after my parents put their foot down and sort of cut me off.  I finally decided to go back after Mark graduated and got a good job here.”

“It makes sense now,” Adam said. “Ian, Troy, how old are you guys?”

“I’m 24 and Troy’s 25,” Ian said.

“You could have fooled me,” Caden said. “I knew you were about my age or close to it.”

“We’ve kept well,” Troy laughed. “Just like Adam here.”

“Yea, he’s looking better every day since I moved back,” Caden laughed and continued to wait on his pizza while sipping on a beer.

“Caden, you’re the youngest of that group, huh?” Rob said.

“Noah’s a few months younger than me,” Caden said.

“He looks 15 or 16,” Ian said.

“We’re both 19 now for your information,” Caden said.

“Hand me that beer then,” Troy said. “We can’t have underage drinking going on here.”

“Dude, you were practically a fucking teenage alcoholic.  You’re really one to talk,” Ian said.

“I’m under control now,” Troy laughed and took a big drink of the beer.

“Yea, sometimes,” Ian said and took out his food long after the buzzer on the microwave went off. “We better keep an eye on him tonight.  He gets so damn crazy when he’s drunk.”

Caden’s pizza was finally ready.  He shared it with Adam while the group continued to talk about whatever subject arose and enjoy the beer as well.  When they finished eating in and around the kitchen, the group moved to the living room and continues.  Adam stayed in the background to wash up and clean. 

“This is pretty awesome.  Mark and I think we’ve actually found some good gay friends we enjoy hanging with,” Rob said again and was thrilled about it no doubt. “Thanks guys!”

“Us too,” Troy said.  “It’s nice to be out.  We go to the few gay bars in town but that’s not really our scene anymore.”

“That gets old in hurry,” Ian said.

“Adam, why don’t you join us?” Caden said. “I’ll sit with you in the floor.”

“I will there in a minute,” Adam replied.  Adam finished quickly and did join the group.  They sat around for a few minutes before Ian suggested they play cards.  They moved to the little used dining table with their beer in hand and started playing cards.  The game was Spades since they were all familiar with it.   It was good fun and they continue to talk and drink.  Now Caden and Adam’s four new found friends were downing the beer quickly while Caden and Adam had slacked off a little.  Soon Mark was the one you busted out the hard stuff.  As the night wore on, the volume increased little by little with lots of drinking and socializing.

With the hour approaching one in the morning, Adam said to the four drunk guys, “There are two bedrooms that are unused on that side of the house.  I take it you are staying the night now.”

Ian laughed, “Yea, Caden said we could stay if we needed.”

“Thanks Adam!” Troy said.  “Maybe we won’t keep Rob and Mark up all night.”

“Same here dude!” Rob said.  “Mark, you ready to get that hot ass of yours fucked?”

“Hell yea, I’m always ready to take you,” Mark said.  The alcohol and smaller crowd had brought him a little out of his shell.  They kissed and walked to a bedroom.

“I guess we got the other one then, Ian,” Troy said.  “I’m ready to call it a night too.”

“No you’re fucking ready to have sex,” Ian laughed in his drunken stated.

“Hell yea, I am with my boyfriend,” Troy said and held out his hand to give Ian a big hug. 

Adam turned out the lights and headed to find Caden waiting for him in the bed.  Caden rose and kissed Adam when he got in bed.  They kissed passionately especially Caden wanting to show his gratitude to Adam.  They swapped blowjobs before Caden spread his legs to take Adam.

“OOO Adam, your cock feels so good tonight,” Caden moaned feeling Adam penetrate him and go inside him.

“Caden, your ass is so great,” Adam said and pushed Caden’s legs forward.

Caden felt Adam starting to buck inside him.  He loved the feeling, “OOOO fuck me!  Fuck that ass, Adam!”

Adam continued to fuck Caden a little harder than he had in the past few days.  Both reveled in the pleasure of raw man sex at its finest.  Caden moaned and groaned with each push inside him. 

For a change, the night ended sooner than normal.  Caden busted his load quickly with Adam buried in his ass.  Adam pulled out and found Caden’s face waiting to be covered.  A big hard pump of his hard cock, Adam spewed his creamy hot load across the face of his lover and on his outstretched tongue.

They kissed passionately after sex and called it a night after coming down from the bliss of sex together.  Adam wrapped his arms around Caden’s naked body and snuggled close as ever to enjoy sleeping with his lover in his arms. 


More on the way...