Posted:   September 23, 2009


After a hard day of work that had Adam a tad stressed, he headed home.  He had smile when he drove up.  He saw Caden out in the yard shirtless and shorts sagged very low exposing his boxers trimming the weeds.  He saw the grass had been mowed and done without any provocation.  Adam waved and went inside after gathering the mail.  He sorted through the mail and tossed all of it but a travel magazine and a credit card bill, which he kept manageable.

Caden came in the house and a little sweaty though the weather wasn’t yet warm and humid like it could be in the coming months ahead.

“Damn, its hot even for April,” Caden said and began stripping off his shorts and boxers.

Adam walked up and kissed Caden without touching his sweaty dirty naked body.  “Thanks, you didn’t have to do it.”

“I know I didn’t but I could see it needed to be done or sooner or later,” Caden said. “I need to do something around here to make my keep.”

“Fine, then it’s yours for the summer,” Adam said.

“Shit!” Caden screamed.  He looked at Adam and broke off a smile, “Deal.  That was my plan as well since you keep everything in here clean and do my laundry.”  Caden headed to the shower and knew he would leave Adam plenty to clean once he was finished.

Caden returned smelling fresh in his shorts and sat next to Adam.  He threw his arm across Adam’s shoulder and kissed him passionately.  “That was for last night again.”

Adam looked at him, “The pleasure was all mine.  Caden, I am a little surprised just how passionate and loving you really are.  I love that you aren’t afraid to show it to me or anyone else.  It is a trait I really like out of my lovers, guys or girls.”

“I love kissing and showing a little affection to my guys.  You know even some gay guys don’t like kissing.  Weird but I love it,” Caden said.

“That is one trait you took from your mom as well.  I knew something was really bothering her the moment she stopped kissing me.  It was the biggest tell sign other than she was downing Tylenol left and right.  Maybe if I would have realized then, it was more than a constant headache something could have been done.”

“She always hated the doctor.  You know I would have to be almost deathly sick for her to take me when I was a kid.  She said she feared doctors and doctor’s office.”

Adam quietly stood, “I am going to ride the bike.”

“I’m sorry to stir up bad feelings again,” Caden said.

“I need to go for a ride, if nothing else to relieve a little stress from work.  These past few days have been hell,” Adam said.  He found his things for his bike and was off.   The nice long ride gave Adam plenty of time to analyze what had been a whirlwind week.  He knew he was falling head over heels in love with Caden.  He had no remorse whatsoever about it.  He saw the reaction of others when they heard about the relationship but nearly all understood the dynamics once it was explained how he was only married to Caden’s mom 18 months and Caden had lived there a year if that. 

Riding up to his house, he was a car that he thought was Josh’s car.  He stored his bike and walked inside.  He found it was Noah instead who was sitting on the couch with Caden but on opposite ends.

“Check this out,” Caden said to Adam once he was inside.  “Noah has joined the club.  Show em Noah.”

Noah walked over and pulled up his shirt to show a tattoo. It was two small dolphins around Noah’s belly button on his thin flat stomach that was beginning to darken. 

“What do ya think?” Caden asked.

“You know Noah, I really like it a lot and looks great on ya,” Adam replied.

“Thanks dude, I wanted something to do with the ocean,” Noah smiled and was glad to see the approval and pushed back his long blond hair.  “Do you think it’s gay at all?”

“Oh no dude.  Like you said it shows your love of the ocean,” Caden said.

“Awesome! That’s the explanation I’ll give my Mom if she asks,” Noah said and removed his shirt.  “Do you guys have any Vaseline or something to keep it from drying out?”

Adam gave it some thought and remembered Anna may have had some.  He went to his bathroom and returned with a large jar of Vaseline. 

“I know what this is for,” Noah smiled.

“No, we use the good stuff for that shit,” Caden laughed.  “You want me to put that on ya?”

“Sure,” Noah said.  Caden opened the jar and quickly applied the Vaseline around Noah’s new art work. Caden enjoyed doing it for Noah.

“I still can’t believe you two are fucking?” Noah said.

“Why?  You and Josh have fucked,” Caden said.

Noah’s eyes grew wide, “No we haven’t.  That sorry motherfucker told you, didn’t he?”

“Yea he bragged to me about it a while back,” Caden said with Adam listening.

“It’s a lie.  We’ve jacked each other off a few times and one time swapped blow jobs.  I know he wants to and all but we’ve never fucked.  He has a little tendency to stretch the truth at time and loves to brag but that’s something you don’t go around bragging about,” Noah said and was more talkative than Adam had ever seen him.

“I assumed it was true.  Maybe he said you guys had sex if he considers blow jobs sex,” Caden said. “What’s so wrong with Adam and me?”

“A little strange but I see your point,” Noah said.

“We’ve talked about it, Noah and respect your viewpoint.  I even thought about it today.  We didn’t do when his mom was living and honestly I barely knew him when he lived here for that year.  He was like having someone stay here who happened to be my wife’s son.  Sure if we had lived together years like your parents and you and Josh’s dad started having sex.  It just happened and now I consider Caden to be my lover,” Adam said.

“Same here but we’re not exclusive,” Caden said.

“No we’re not yet,” Adam smiled.

“I get your point Adam.  I never looked at it like that.  Josh and I are really more incest than you and Caden though we don’t fuck,” Noah said.

“Hey Adam, Josh and Noah are manning up this weekend and coming out to their parents,” Caden said.

“I’m so ready to do it.  Mom has asked me and I keep saying no I’m not gay.  We’ll see how it goes tomorrow night,” Noah said.  “Our sister is leaving to go on some stupid tournament, so we decided to get it over and done with once and for all.”

“I really hope things go well,” Adam said. “There are two extra bedrooms here if it comes to that.”

Noah smiled, “I hope it doesn’t but you never really know.”

“Dude, it’ll be fine,” Caden smiled.

“I better jet.  See you hotties later,” Noah said and grabbed his shirt. 

“You can stay a little longer if you want,” Caden said.

“Sure Noah, we’re doing anything just yet,” Adam smiled.

Noah sat back down and watched Caden move right next to him.  “I don’t have a lot to do anyway.”

“Adam, you know Noah here has never been in a threesome,” Caden stated and rubbed Noah’s leg.

“You haven’t?” Adam said.

“No but it does sound fucking hot,” Noah replied.

“You care?” Caden looked at Adam and asked.

“I’ll just watch my lover get fresh with another guy.  It is hot,” Adam replied.

“No threesome?” Noah asked.

Maybe,” Adam replied.

“He’ll get horny as fuck then we won’t be able to get him off us,” Caden stated.  

Noah looked at Caden, “I’ve wanted to do this shit forever.”

“Here’s your chance,” Caden said. He felt Noah’s hand rubbing his cock.

“Get naked,” Adam said and watched the two begin.

“Are you sure about this?” Noah asked.

“Yea, it’ll be like watching twink porn,” Adam stated.

Caden and Noah stood and dropped their pants.  Noah was skinny as they come.  Caden could sense Noah was very apprehensive about this.  He kissed Noah’s chest with his hand on Noah’s cock.

“Not too much, it’s been a while for my ass,” Noah stated.

Adam watched and felt the growth in his shorts.  He watched Caden take Noah’s cock in his mouth.  Noah threw back his head and moaned.  Adam smiled and saw Noah cut his eyes.  He rubbed his cock under his shorts.  “Fuck it!  I can’t stand this shit!” Adam said.  He stood and removed his shorts.

“That was quick,” Caden said and felt Adam’s lips on his.

“Fucking shit dude, you’re both fucking hung!” Noah noticed.

“Yea, we are,” Adam smiled and tasted Noah’s cock.

OOO fuck two motherfuckers on my dick!” Noah shouted.

Adam and Caden alternated licking and sucking Noah for a few rounds.  Noah pulled out of Adam’s mouth and left a string of spit trailing. 
“You about to bust?” Caden asked.

“No I wanted to suck dick too,” Noah said.

Caden and Noah pushed Adam down and worked together on Adam’s cock.  “Fucking hot, huh?”

“Fuck yea,” Noah replied and went to on Adam.  He bobbed up and down while Caden rose and sat next to Adam.  They kissed there on the couch.  Caden felt Noah’s wet warm mouth on his long thick cock.

Fucking heaven here,” Noah said and sucked Adam. “Stand and I’ll try both of you fuckers!”

As asked, Caden and Adam stood.  Noah was on his knees and pushed away his long hair.  He opened wide and took Adam’s cock.  He grabbed Caden’s and stuck it near his mouth.  He wanted to suck both at the same time but wasn’t able to stretch his mouth out far enough to accommodate them. 

Adam got next to Noah in the floor to help work over Caden.  Adam kissed Noah and started to work the cock he loved.  He sucked Caden while Noah worked on Caden’s nipples and stomach. 

OOOO shit!” Caden said wide eyed.

Noah moved fast and got down on the floor to take Caden’s nut.  Every muscle contracted when Caden sent his load out with great force.  Cum flew and mostly hit Noah and his long hair.

OOOO fuck! Now I’m about to fucking nut!” Noah said.  He stood and coated Adam’s chest with his creamy load.

Noah and Caden moved to the floor to work on Adam.  They sucked and licked along with some hard strokes.  Adam threw his head back and felt great relief.  Caden opened his mouth to catch the streams of white hot cum.  Noah took a shot across the face as well.

“Fucking great!” Caden said and grabbed Noah for a kiss and to lick off Adam’s cum.

“Damn, that was so hot, guys,” Noah said. “Thanks for letting me suck two mean dicks!”

“The pleasure is all ours,” Adam smiled. “So are you ready to tell your mom you are gay?”

“I’m more ready than ever after that shit!” Noah said. 

The three sat together.  Adam and Caden shared a long kiss with Noah watching the entire thing.  Caden let Noah join in as well and share the love.  Noah broke away and found his clothes to leave.  He gave each a final kiss and headed out the door.

“That dude is so fucking hot!  He maybe skinny as hell but I really think he’s smoking hot,” Caden said once Noah was gone.

“He’s cute to me.  It’s hard to believe you two are the same age.  Every time I see him I think he’s still in high school,” Adam said while they sat together in the living room.

“Who do you believe?  Him or Josh about what they’ve done together,” Caden asked and stood.

“I’m leaning towards Noah.  Other than here today, he doesn’t say much and when he does, he’s blunt and to the point,” Adam said.  “Watch out for those silent shy guys like him and Matt.  They are usually speak the truth and can be sneaky though.”

“I think you’re right.  Josh does like to brag a lot.  In high school, he bragged he banged this chick that was so hot.  I knew that wasn’t true and kept my mouth shut since that night I was fucking him,” Caden laughed and headed to the kitchen.  “Adam, you want something to eat.  I found some fish in the freezer and want to try and grill it.”

“Go ahead.  Knock yourself out but be careful,” Adam said. “While you do that, I’m hitting the shower.”  Adam took a shower and returned to find Caden doing his best to cook.  He stepped in and helped but only after Caden asked first. 

The fish was a little old tasting but Caden did his best to spice it up with some seasonings he found Adam had.  They enjoyed the meal together before heading over to watch a movie on the couch for the night.  Adam delighted when Caden laid his head on his chest and soon was sound asleep near the end.  He hated waking him when it was over.  Caden pulled off his clothes and went straight to bed.  First the first time Adam read a little while Caden lightly snored, a good sign that his job and constant running was catching up to him.  He could just watch and did so admiring Caden’s black hair and nice naked body.  He wondered how long this would last before Caden’s attention turned to one of his friends like Noah or another young guy he might meet along the way.  He was determined he would allow Caden his freedom and would try to understood Caden’s desires if that moment ever was to arise.

The next day was a short one for Adam by his own doings.  He took off early and stopped by the gym to work out.  Caden was surprised to see him so early.  They spoke just briefly before Adam started working out.

Finished with his long and grueling work out at the various stations offered, Adam saw Jay approaching him in the locker room.

“Adam that Caden is really a prize, huh?” Jay stated.

“What do mean by that?” Adam asked and wasn’t sure exactly what his friend meant.

“He’s really a good person with a good heart.   He’s so helpful here and well liked.  I heard about the little trip over to Pete’s house Wednesday.  You should have heard Pete go on and on about all of Caden’s friends,” Jay said. 

“Thanks, I appreciate you telling me that.  He’s been through quite a bit lately and seems to be back to normal.”

“He told me all about his mom and his dad plus he went on forever about you in here the other day.  He thinks the world of you,” Jay said. “At first, I was a little taken back that he was your step son but now I think I understand the logistics of it.  I heard what you said at the house and wondered about it.  I get it now and man, I don’t blame you single bit.  Adam, Caden’s very hot!”

“I’m glad you understand,” Adam stated.  “You know you might have a house full next time you throw a party.”

“Tell me about it,” Jay said. “It started as a bunch of us middle aged and older guys wanting to have some fun.  I’m not sure about having the mix of the younger ones now.  That wasn’t my intention at all.”

“I know what you mean,” Adam said. 

“I’ve thought about having the younger ones one night and the older ones another night.  I think it might be better that way if this is to continue.  I’ve even thought about just ending it all together.  You don’t know how long it took me to clean that place up.  I was down there all day Sunday,” Jay said.

“Do whatever you want, Jay,” Adam said. “I totally understand.”  Adam left the gym and headed to his house early.  He saw Josh and Noel along with two other guys shooting baskets at their house and honked in passing. 

He came home to an empty house for a change and actually welcome the alone time to do a few things as keep up on laundry that was growing with Caden’s arrival.   Around 4:30, Caden came home with a bottle of pills in his hand.  He set them on the counter and told Adam they were for his work outs. 

“What’s the plan tonight for you?” Adam asked.

“I sure would love a real date with one smoking ass hot guy if he wanted to go,” Caden replied.

“Who are you going with then?” Adam asked slyly.

“Dumbass, you.  Who else?  You are the one I love right now and want us to go on a date. Last night was fun and all with Noah but I want you all to myself tonight.  You know, out to eat and catch a movie or something alone,” Caden replied.

“Ummm… so I’m being asked out by you, huh?”


“Are you paying since you asked?”

“Only if you’ll spot me.  I don’t get paid until next Friday,” Caden replied.

“Caden, I’ll pay.  I was just playing with you,” Adam said. “It’ll be a huge honor to be seen in public with you.”

“Same here, dude,” Caden said. “Fuck em if they don’t like the age difference.”

“Caden, it’s not that big, is it?”

“No, no but you are older.  That hairline is starting to push back a little too,” Caden stated the obvious.

“Not much I can do about it now,” Adam said. “You just wait.”

“Dude, my dad had a head full of hair just like me,” Caden said and ran his hands through his hair.  “I sure hope I don’t lose it any time soon.  Adam, you know I’ve really enjoyed being with you this past week.  I used to raze a few gay guys I know who went for older men.  Now I see what they did.  I love being with a mature man now who doesn’t always act his age but does when it is necessary.  I’m beginning to think you are just what I needed at this time in my life.  I needed someone with a little stability.  I was a bad boy after mom died…”

“That’s understandable.  You were mad and felt left alone in this big old cruel world,” Adam said.

“Yea, I can see that now but I don’t feel like that now.  I feel like I have purpose and family in you.  Let’s go get dressed before we get really mushy here.”

The two headed out to dinner.  It was a nice casual place since both were in shorts.   Caden had a nice Polo shirt on that hugged his body while Adam had on a tee shirt.  They ordered some fresh seafood that was in season and locally caught.  They dined and talked about Caden’s job mostly.  Caden told Adam he was really enjoying it and getting used to the early hours with more on the schedule for the next week but just 4 days upcoming.  At the end of the dinner, Caden’s phone rang and rang.  He ignored it once and took the next call.  Adam watched Caden’s expression and was told it was Josh.  Adam remembered it was Josh and Noah’s big coming out.   He saw Caden’s face grow red and heard him talking loudly.  Then he saw a big smile on Caden’s face at the end.  Adam paid the tab while Caden walked out still on the phone.

“How’d it go?” Adam asked when Caden finally ended the call.

“Bitch had me going for a minute by telling me him and Noah were kicked out.  Truth was Noah’s mom was cool with it while Josh’s dad wasn’t thrilled but vowed to try and accept it.  We’re all meeting at the beach tomorrow after we get off work too.  That’s why I was on so long and working everything out,” Caden said. “You are coming too!”

They headed to the local mall for the movie.  They bought their tickets and walked around the mall to kill time.  Caden went straight to the surf shop/ swimmer’s store.  He went straight for the swimsuits and looked them over.  “Perfect,” Caden pulled out a stripped small bikini.  “Adam, will you buy this for me?”

“You get paid next week you said,” Adam said.

“Please,” Caden pleaded.

“I will,” Adam said. “I don’t guess you’ve broke me just yet.  I’ll say it’s your mom’s money like I used to do.”

“Awesome!  You pick one out too to flaunt your stuff,” Caden said.

“I’m pretty fine with the one I have,” Adam stated.

Caden was on a mission now with Adam standing by idly.  Adam watched Caden and a little excitement Caden had shopping in this store.  They were asked if they needed help and looked to see Ian there.  They knew Ian as Rob and Matt’s friend from Wednesday night at Pete’s house.

“Damn Ian, we don’t need help,” Caden laughed. “I got this under control, maybe.”

“Excuse me; I didn’t realize it was you Caden and Adam here.  I wondered who the two hotties were over here,” Ian smiled and flipped his brown hair from his face.

“On second thought, I do need your help.  You mind?” Caden said.

“Of course not, it’s my job, dude,” Ian smiled.

Now Caden had an assistant in his ongoing search.  Ian knew the store well and was able to help Caden out.  “Adam, you like these?” Caden held up a pair of trunks.

Adam walked closer and did like what he saw, “Let me try em on first.”
Adam did and loved the love and feel.  “You made a sale there, Ian.”

By the end, Caden had two new bikinis and a few tee shirts that he liked.  Adam paid for them along with his new swimsuit. 

“We’re set, huh?” Caden said.

“I guess,” Adam said.

They thanked Ian for the help and told him about the little beach thing if he and Tony wanted to join them.  Ian said he would try but made no promises.  They took their purchases to the car first before going to see their movie.  The movie entertained both for the two hours and served it purpose.

Once home, Caden pulled Adam into the bedroom in some most seductive way.  “We’re ending this date properly,” Caden said.

“I’d hoped we would,” Adam said with a huge smile.

The two undressed each other, taking their time and slow about it to heighten the excitement and anticipation for sex.  They made out like crazy in the middle of the bed and grinded their similar long cocks together.  With lust and passion, the two 69ed in the bed to enjoy each other’s cock.   Caden wanted to make hot sweaty love to Adam and did so with Adam’s approval.  Adam loved feeling Caden in him and loved the passion he was feeling with each deep plunge that thrilled his every need for sex. 

Caden lasted as long as he could and pulled out of Adam at the exact moment.  Stream after stream hit Adam’s ass.  Adam reached down on his back, tasted Caden’s cum and guided his cock back in him while Caden jacked him off.

Adam soon climaxed by sending his load high in the air.  He loved cumming with Caden buried inside him. 

“Adam, you want another round?” Caden asked and knew his cock was getting hard again.

“Oh Caden, fuck yea I want you to keep fucking me!  Your damn fucking big ass cock feel so good in me!  Fuck me!” Adam said in delirium.

Caden liked what he heard and couldn’t stop if he wanted.  He wanted to continue to please Adam and give him his every desire sexually.  He knew he had found his match sexually and continued to make hot love to Adam.  He wanted it to last and did so by taking it easy and slow.  They switched position to get on their sides.  The night ended after a long 20 minutes of passion.  Both were tired and exhausted from the day and night.  Caden hated it was nearing one in the morning but didn’t mind since he was having sex with someone he loved so dearly now and more each day.


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