Posted:  September 21, 2009


The alarm rang loudly in Adam’s ear.  He rolled over and turned it off.  He looked to his right to see the alarm didn’t wake Caden.  He nudged him in his ribs to see Caden open his eyes.  Caden rubbed the sleep from his eyes and rose from the bed without an argument or word.

“Still the same I see,” Adam said.

“Yea,” Caden spoke concerning his distaste from early mornings.

The one nice thing was they could enjoy a shower together and wake each other up.  With the warm water, Caden started to come to life and enjoyed the time in shower with Adam washing his body for him.  He washed Adam’s back and ass before washing his hair.  They finished and dried off.  Adam quickly shaved, put on his deodorant and cologne and dressed his normal work clothes of a dress shirt and slacks.  Caden put on deodorant before getting dressed.  He was intent on doing his hair perfectly for his first day of working at the gym. 

Adam had a breakfast energy bar and juice waiting when Caden emerged with his hair spiked high and stiff as a board.

“Good luck,” Adam said.

“Thanks, I appreciate that,” Caden said. “I hope I like it.”

“I think you will really like it seeing a bunch of fit guys,” Adam winked.

Caden gave Adam a short kiss goodbye while Adam waited a little longer to head into work.   At work all day, Adam worried a little how Caden would like his new job.  He drove home and hoped for the best.  

He opened the garage door and went inside.  He found Caden sound asleep with the television going.  He watched him sleep for a few moments before doing a few things around the house that needed to be done at that moment.

Caden woke from the couch and found Adam sitting in a chair near him.

“How’d it go?” Adam asked.

“Actually not half bad for the first day.  I met a lot of really cool people there.  For working, it was sort of fun in a way.  I did get assigned the shit jobs you might say like washing towels, cleaning toilets and other janitorial jobs but oh well, it is a job.  By the way, I did see Jay and Pete there at lunch.”

“I take they spoke to you,” Adam said.

“Just briefly while jumping out of the hot tub,” Caden smiled.

“Fringe benefits, huh?”

“Hell yea plus I get to work out anytime for free,” Caden replied.  “That old Pete is still after my ass though.  He practically begged me to come to his house and sit by his pool with him sometime.  I told him maybe I mean maybe later in the week.  I thought about asking if he cared if I asked some of my buddies to come and join in since he really seems to like young guys.  We can tease the hell out of him.”

“You might get more than you ask for,” Adam warned.

“I doubt that,” Caden said.  “What time is it anyway?”


“Damn, I told Josh and Noah I’d go somewhere and hang with them tonight.  I better get a move on it and in a hurry.  I can’t go out and look like shit, you know.”

“Of course not,” Adam smiled. 

Caden ran off and started the shower.  He showed his speed and quickness by getting ready in record time.  He kissed Adam on the cheek and headed out the door with a promise not to be too late since he did go in again early to his new job.

Since Caden was gone, Adam seized the chance to go to the gym and work out.  He also wanted to check in to make sure Caden did everything like he was told.  He found one of the managers he knew well and asked about Caden.  The manager gave Caden high praise for his first day since Caden wasn’t a slacker and did come to work plus he was able to follow instructions.

With Adam about to turn out his light that night, he heard Caden enter the house.  Caden came in the room and stripped off his clothes to go to bed.

“Did you have fun?” Adam asked.

“Yea but we didn’t do much,” Caden turned to say.

Adam could smell the alcohol & marijuana coming from his breath and skin, “Dammit Caden, did you drink and drive?”

“It was just a few,” Caden said defensively.

“A few or not.  Not being 21 and blowing even a little will get your ass arrested.  You’ve been smoking weed too,” Adam said.

“Don’t preach to me!” Caden said. “I smoked a blunt and had a few beers alright.”

“Next time don’t drive.  Call me and I’ll come get you,” Adam said.

“You’re pissed off because I went out with Josh, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m pissed because you drank and drove,” Adam said.

“What a fucking hypocrite you are!  You drove us home Saturday night after the party.  I saw you drinking,” Caden said.

“Listen Caden, I stopped at midnight and gave it time to get out of my system.  I care so deeply for you and don’t want to see you mess it by thinking you can skate the line and make it safely.  I know it was a few blocks but next time it might be miles.”

Caden rolled to his side while Adam reached over and turned off the light and set the alarm.  Adam stayed on his side and could hear Caden tossing about on the other side.  Adam finally fell asleep after hearing Caden being uncomfortable.

The alarm sounded a new day.  Caden got out of bed in a hurry and went straight to the shower.  Adam opened the shower door and could see he was unwelcome.  Caden finished in a hurry and opened the door for Adam to enter.  Caden finished in the bathroom before Adam got out of the shower.  Adam tried to speak to Caden once but was given the cold shoulder.

Adam was a little upset at Caden but wanted to show concern for his wife’s son.  He knew if he didn’t say something the night before it might escalate and get out of hand.  He knew guys Caden’s age drank and smoke but he wanted Caden to be responsible and sensible about it.

Adam came home that Wednesday after work and found Caden dressed in athletic shorts and tee.  “Going somewhere?” Adam asked.

“Yes and you are too,” Caden said with a stern face.

“Caden, it has zero to do with you going out without me.  I was glad you did and want you to whenever you want I just…”

“Adam, I’m sorry and should have at least invited you along with me last night,” Caden said.

“Didn’t I just say that…”

“Give it up, bitch!  You’re still fucking pissed I didn’t ask you out to hang with us,” Caden said.

“Go without me!”

“No I’m not going without the one person left in the world that cares for me,” Caden smiled. “I know what it was about last night.  I just wasn’t up for you throwing it in my face.  I knew it was wrong and thought you might let it slide.  I learned a lot today about life and having a job.  For one, you can’t come to work and mope around without having someone in your ear.  I was carrying a grudge and took it to work.  I felt like I let down the one person that loves and cares for me.  Besides Pete’s expecting us anytime.  We’ve got to pick up Josh and Noah on the way too.”

Adam smiled and saw his sternness may have reaped rewards.   “I take we’re hitting the pool.”

“Yeah find something real sexy.  We’re going to give Pete his money’s worth tonight but just showing is all too.”

Adam went to his room and changed in a hurry.  He found a pair of trunks that weren’t a bikini but was all he had that was half sexy.  He returned and found Caden waiting patiently.

“I’m sorry about last night,” Caden said with a meaningful kiss. “I now know you did it out of love for me.”

“I did Caden.  I really love and care for you.  I promised Anna I’d watch over you the best I could,” Adam smiled and headed out the door. 

They stopped along the way and picked up Josh and Noah.  Josh and Caden dominated the conversation with Noah sitting back quietly.  During the ride to Pete’s house, Adam listened to the chatter and saw how gay they really were with constant talk about how cute and hot certain guys were and what clothes and swimsuits they wanted to buy for the summer for the beach. 

Adam drove straight to Pete’s very nice house in an upscale neighborhood since Pete was a successful attorney.  They weren’t the first there with Evan and Matt along with another couple of friends who all thought were cute.  Pete showed them inside and offered a quick drink while waiting on Rob and Mark to arrive.  Finally they did arrive a few minutes and both Rob and Mark were impressed with Pete’s nice house.  They were introduced as well as introducing Evan and Matt’s friends, Ian and Tony.  Pete showed them out back and invited all them to make themselves at home.  

One by one the guys took off their shorts to reveal some strikingly sexy swimsuits.  Rob really went all out and had a very skimpy hot blue bikini on that was close to being a thong.  Adam looked at Pete and saw how pleased he was to see all the skin on display.

“Hold on, just a minute,” Pete said.  “Have I died and went to gay heaven?”  He heard the laughter all around with all eyes pointing to Caden.  “Caden, thanks! It does an old gay guy good to see fresh young hot guys like all of you.  Have fun and enjoy yourselves.  There is beer, water, soda and a little wine for you over at the bar!”

The younger guys all jumped in the heated pool with the lights shining.  Adam was still seated and was presented a glass of wine by Pete.  “Do you like what you see?”

“I like that fact that someone is enjoying this pool and it’s not just here sitting.  I beg people all the time to use it but rarely does anyone take me up on it,” Pete said. “Yes I do like seeing all the young hot guys.  Who is that one there with the killer body in the blue thing?”

Adam scanned the water and finally saw who he was talking about, “Oh that’s Rob.  Caden just met him through his friend Josh the other day.”

“Who is the real skinny cute one in the red bikini?”

“Noah, he and Josh are step brothers.  They live right down the street from us,” Adam replied.

“You lucky son of a bitch!”

“Yea, I had a very quiet life until Caden showed up almost a week ago,” Adam said. He looked up and saw Caden coming his way.

“There’s no way in hell both of you are going to just sit and gawk at us all night.  Hit the water with us!” Caden stated.

“Yea, come on.  We won’t hurt ya!” Evan yelled.

Adam and Pete looked at each other.  They knew they would have not a minute of peace until they were in the water.  They tossed off their shirts.  Pete did an impressive dive off the board to enter and show out for his company.  Adam and Pete didn’t stay in the water very long and were out drying off. 

Once dried off, they did move closer to be close to the action and hear the talk.  After the group was in the water for a little while, they migrated to the bar.  A few grabbed beers while the others took water or soda.  They stood around talking and drinking before taking one last plunge into the nicely landscaped pool.  They had seen the large tub but it was dry.  Pete explained he would get right on having it repaired if they would come back sometime.

Around 9 all started to leave.  Pete was glad to have each one of them and welcome them back anytime they wanted.  Adam and his group said goodbye to Pete with Caden giving Pete a little lip in the end.

Adam on the drive home noticed Noah was still quiet, “Noah did you have fun?”

“I guess so,” Noah replied. “I need a boyfriend in the worst way!”

“You do,” Josh said. “He’s really struck on Rob.”

“Damn straight I am.  Dude is so smoking hot and what he had on tonight screamed fuck me,” Noah said.  “His boyfriend is the luckiest fucker I know.”

“I think he’s hot too, Noah,” Caden said. “I bet Mark takes that shit all night.”

“I know I would and all day too,” Noah said.  “Just one night with him would be off the charts.  I would be so happy to have his dick up my skinny ass.”

“I know I would too,” Josh said. “He could fuck me however he wanted.”

“Hell yea.  We need to set something up if he would like the one Saturday night,” Caden said. “He talked like he would the other day when we talked about the party.”

“Yeah he did.  We really need to do this shit,” Josh said from the back seat.  “You know I thought Ian was hot too.  He looked great in those shorts he had on.”

“I thought so too,” Caden said. “He had a nice bulge going there too.”

“I noticed,” Noah said. “Caden, you did too.”

“Naturally, it’s hard to disguise my big dick,” Caden laughed.

“I think they all noticed too but I knew you didn’t care,” Adam said.

“I don’t and proud of my shit,” Caden said.

“We know,” Josh and Noah said together. “You forgot about the strip tease thing again.”

“I did.  I knew old Pete would have loved that shit,” Caden said.

“Caden, did you really fuck him?” Josh asked.

“I did. Seriously, he’s not a bad fuck at all once you get past the hair and all,” Caden smiled.  “Both of you fags need to experience an older man.  You might grow to love it like I have.”  Caden kissed Adam driving.

Josh and Noah were dropped off at their house.  Adam and Caden went inside with Adam heading straight to his bedroom.  Caden grabbed a quick bit and headed that way.  He did a little strip tease for Adam and ran to jump on him.  He startled Adam slightly and started kissing him any and everywhere he could find. 

“You are just like your mom.  After we had gone somewhere that had stimulated her senses, she was all over me,” Adam stated.

“Ha ha, I love you like she did too,” Caden said.  “Who was the better kisser?”

“Ummm… now that your mom barely beats you since you had the softest lips I’ve ever seen.  You are far behind though.”

“Who sucked cock better?”

“Now there you might have her beat.  She did it but didn’t enjoy it near as much as you do.”

“Fuck yea, I know what I like and do it to them,” Caden smiled. “Who is the better fuck?”

“No doubt your mom was,” Adam said.

“Do you ever dream it is her when you’re in me?”

“No I haven’t.  No one will ever replace her in my life, Caden.  I do love you and growing to love you more every day you are here but there’s that special something your mom had,” Adam replied.

“I know what it is, a wet pussy that you loved fucking every night,” Caden laughed.

Adam chuckled with Caden on top of him, “I did love fucking her every night.  My only regret is we never conceived.  She was well past her child bearing year but we sure as hell had fun trying.”

Caden rolled off the bed and went to Adam’s dresser.  He pulled out a pair of his mom’s panties and slid them on his body.  “How do I look?” Caden asked with his hand on his hip.

“As always you look great but how’d you know those were there?”

“I… I was looking for something one day and found them,” Caden said.  “Sorry for snooping.”

“Did you find what you were looking for?”

“No where do you keep the dildos and shit around here?”

Adam laughed, “I have a special place for those.  I’ll pull them out one day but for now, keep those hot little panties on.  I think I can have a twisted little fantasy if you do… well more like a dream.”

“I got you.  You want to fuck me with these on,” Caden said.

“I suppose it will be as close as I ever get to having Anna back with me… dammit Caden I wish you won’t stir up great memories like this,” Adam said with a tear in his eye.

Caden got back in bed and crawled back on top of Adam.  “Make love to me tonight.  I know I’m not mom but just try and imagine I am.”

“I’ll try but she used to slide over the front and let me inside her.  Boy, those were so great nights.  I’m really surprised you never heard us having sex.”

“Oh trust me, I did and was grossed out by it.  You know, the thought of your own mom having sex,” Caden said.

“I know it’s hard to imagine but it happens every day in this world,” Adam said.

“Let’s stop talking.  My ass is ready to take you as long as you are able to handle it,” Caden smiled.  He dropped down and took Adam in his mouth.  He knew he would never replace his mother but he could give it a good try.  He could hear Adam groaning and felt Adam’s hands in his hair. 

Adam stopped Caden and pushed aside the front of the red lacy panties.  He pulled out Caden’s long cock and started sucking him.  He could still smell Anna’s scent at the crotch which drove him insane.  He sucked and sucked on Caden’s cock. 

Caden stopped Adam after enjoying a good long blowjob.  He lay on the bed with his legs spread wide and high.  Adam spit on his cock and forewent the lube not to mess up the silky panties.  He pushed away the back and saw Caden’s hole ready to be taken.  He stuck his hard cock in Caden’s ass and felt it go deep.  

OOO Adam, fuck my pussy,” Caden said in his mocking voice to emulate his mom.

Adam pulled his cock out. “Stop it.  Be Caden.  I know you want me to think of you as your mom.  I just can’t.”

“Alright, I was only trying to help.  It did feel so good though,” Caden said.

Adam was back inside Caden.  He pushed his legs forward and went deep.  He stared into Caden’s eyes while he increased the pace.  He pushed Caden’s leg from in front of him and leaned over to kiss Caden.  He could feel Caden grabbing his ass while they kissed.  Caden moaned inside Adam’s mouth while Adam slowly fucked his ass with long deep strokes.  The two lovers got in a nice rhythm and continued to shake the bed.  Both were breathing heavy and hard. 

“OOO Adam, you are on fire for me,” Caden moaned with his head back.

“Caden, I do love you.  Your ass is the best,” Adam said.

They continued at a nice steady pace.  They kissed a lot and enjoyed the night.  Adam pulled out and was met with Caden’s mouth.  He groaned and filled Caden’s mouth with his juice.  Caden took it all and swallowed.  Adam pulled out Caden’s cock and sucked him until he came in his mouth.

“OOO Adam that was fantastic!” Caden said laying on his back in bed.

“It was great,” Adam said.

“Damn, I love getting my ass fucked by a stud.”

“Caden, when was your first time?”

“I was 15 when I got my cherry popped.  He was the hottest guy in my eyes at the time.  I fucked him that night too.  We were a little high that night too.  We ended up fucking like 3 or 4 more times that night.”

“Good memories, huh?”

“The best.  The worst part was after that night he wouldn’t have shit to do with me and always left me hanging.  I knew without a single doubt I was gay after that.”

“I never knew you were but in hindsight, there are little things that should have told me.”

“I didn’t want to crush mom and tell her.  Now I sort of regret that I didn’t tell.  Do you think she would have accepted it?”

“I am pretty sure she would.  Like I told you, I fooled around with guys at the swinger’s parties we went to.  She had no problem with me.”

Caden looked at the ceiling, “Mom, I’m gay.  I taking great care of Adam here and he’s taking good care of me.  I know you’re watching and hope you approve.”

“That was sweet, Caden.  She might not approve but probably likes the fact that someone is watching after you.  She did worry about you a lot.”

“I figured she did and for good cause.  I never wanted to disappoint her whatsoever.  If I was going to drink, I tried to plan it where I could be elsewhere so she wouldn’t see me.”

“Good night Caden,” Adam said and rolled over.  He felt Caden’s arms wrap around him.  He felt loved and secure falling asleep like that.


Hope you are still enjoying reading this tale.