Posted:   September 18, 2009


Monday after a rather normal day at work, Adam headed home.  He saw two cars parked in his drive and another two on the street in the cul-de-sac where he lived.  He was able to squeeze in his garage and feared the worst when he opened the door.  He found Caden and Josh there along with Evan and Matt from the party along with a kid he thought was Noah along with two other guys.  The best part was they were all in their swimsuits.

Caden saw Adam and ran up to him, “We came back here after we meet at the beach.  Is this cool with all of here?”

“I don’t mind at all, Caden,” Adam said.

“See I told you he wouldn’t care,” Josh hollered out in his Speedo. 

“I’ll introduce to the ones you don’t know.  That is Rob and his boyfriend Mark,” Caden pointed to the two on the floor.  He could see they too were in Speedos with Rob definitely having the body for one.  “You know Noah.”  Caden pointed to the rail thin Noah in his bikini with long flowing blond hair that hit his shoulders and tucked behind his ears.

“Did you guys have a good time?” Adam asked the group.

“Oh yes sir, we did,” Rob answered with a beer in his hand.  “Do you care if we throw back a few?  I promise we won’t get wild and crazy, plus Caden here said you were picky about your house.”

“No, go ahead since you’re already got em,” Adam replied.

“Thanks, dude,” Matt said in his board shorts.  “We’ve bragged about that party Saturday.  Killer, huh?”

Adam rolled his eyes, “Yea, I think they liked a little fresh meat, you might say.”  Adam could hear the laughter.

“Especially mine,” Caden blurted out.

“Your damn mouth is what everyone enjoyed,” Evan said.

“Hey Adam, you think we could get an invite next time and really kick up a notch?” Rob asked and seemed to be the most outgoing of the group besides the ring leader Caden.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Adam said. “You really want to be around a bunch of old farts?”

“Hell yea, guys our age aren’t into that shit that much,” Rob said and took a drink. “We heard you older guys really put the hammer down and go at it.”

“They do,” Matt said.

“I just have one request.  Don’t try to reenact here, alright?  I don’t mind a bit having all of you but don’t… you know… get too wild,” Adam said.

“Ummm… we were waiting on you,” Caden said. “They want to have a little strip show here just for kicks. I thought you might enjoy seeing a little young college boy flesh here.”

“Guys…” Adam said. “Can’t you have fun by keeping your clothes on?”

“You can’t,” Caden smiled and heard the snickering like little girls among the guys.

“Fine, make yourself happy,” Adam said.

“No, we’ll make you happy,” Rob laughed.

Adam did desire to see what was hiding beneath three of those swimsuits.  He naturally had seen Caden, Josh, Matt and Evan.  Caden left and returned with his phone and used my small iPod playing system to give a little music and enhance the action. 

“I’ll go first,” Caden stated.

“You should this was all your idea,” Evan said.

Caden looked at him and then Adam.  Caden held out his hands whereas Adam had the sneaky feeling this was all Caden’s doings.  The music started with Caden doing a short dance.  He slid down on end of his Speedo.  He pushed down the rear to show his nice ass and shook it in Evan’s face. 

“This is so lame,” Rob said.

“Your ass is next then,” Caden said.  He pulled down and off his Speedo.  He moved close to Rob and practically shoved his long cock in Rob’s face. “Is this lame?”

Finally Mark spoke up, “He got you!”

“Damn Caden, no wonder you wanted to show us,” Rob said.

“I told you he was hung,” Josh stated.

“Move bitch! I’ll show you but I’m not that big,” Rob stood from the floor.  Caden had a seat and left his Speedo where it had fallen.  Rob showed his white boy dancing skills to prove he had little to no rhythm.  Adam was interested in Rob and watched the dark haired blonde shake and move. 

“Just fucking strip please,” Matt said. “We can see you have no dancing talent whatsoever.”

Rob dropped his Speedo and threw at his boyfriend Mark.  He paraded around with his uncut long cock swinging.  “Who’s next?” Rob announced.

“You pick,” Caden suggested.

Fine, skinny ass you’re next,” Rob pointed to Noah. 

Noah’s eyes grew wide at the moment.  Josh pushed his step brother to the middle of the guys.  Noah did a few moves with his hair flying everywhere and jerked down his bikini.  He exposed his average shaven cut cock quickly and just as quick had his bikini back on.  He walked over and pulled up Evan to be next.  Around the room they went.  Last up was Mark to show his stuff.  He was just as timid as Noah to match his quiet personality.  Mark did however revel in dancing since he was way better than the others.  He showed his moved before dropping his Speedo to show his small hairy uncut cock.  He too quickly had his bikini back on in a matter of seconds.

“It’s your turn, Adam,” Josh said.

No, my clothes are staying on,” Adam stated.

“Fine, way to take all the fun out of it,” Caden said.  “You have to say it was fun.”

“Dude that was so damn pathetic it was unreal,” Rob said.  “I hope you’re happy now to see everyone’s shit.  I see now why you did and wanted to show us all up.  I guess you win.”

“Damn right I do,” Caden said proudly and wasn’t ashamed of his endowment. 

Slowly the gathering began to disperse and got their separate ways.  Evan and Matt left first but took the chance to say thanks to Adam and Caden.  Noah left and said goodbye to the group as whole.  Josh followed his step brother out the door but did take his time and thanked them all for a good time.

“What’s for dinner, Adam?” Caden asked.

“I don’t have a clue right now.  Are you two staying?” Adam asked and pointed at Rob and Mark.

“Ummm…” Rob said.

“Yea, stay.  It’s cool,” Adam said. “We can order a pizza or something.”

“Sound like a plan,” Rob stated.  They got the order together.  Rob and Mark wanted a veggie where as Caden loved sausage and pepperoni.  Adam was agreeable with both.  Adam called in the order to a local pizza place while Mark and Rob went out back for a smoke break. 

“Again, you’re the coolest guy ever,” Caden said and kissed Adam.  “I’m so happy here.  It’s unreal!”

“I could see you were and still are happy with the way things turned out,” Adam said.  “That’s what matters the most.  As you can see, I’m pretty flexible with a lot of things.”

Rob and Matt came inside after smoking.  Adam couldn’t help but watch the two stroll across the living and join them. 

“Caden, how did you meet Rob and Mark?” Adam asked and averted his eyes to Caden.

“Josh and Noah were going first off with them after classes today.  Josh called me.  The funny thing was right as I was leaving Matt and Evan called me to do something with them,” Caden replied.

“It was really great,” Rob said.  “We have been looking around for more gay guys to hang with for a while.  Now we ran into all these at one time.  We have some other gay friends but they aren’t like us you might say.”

“None of us are what you would call fuckin’ flamers, huh?” Caden laughed.

“Exactly or from what I’ve seen so far.  You’re gay but don’t throw it in their face other than the Speedos,” Mark replied.

They talked a little longer with Adam inquiring about Mark and Rob.  Both came from good families with Mark’s more accepting than Rob’s.  Then the obvious questions hit Caden and Adam.  They explained their sides.  Both understood full well and saw their points. 

“So are you guys like boyfriends like Rob and I?” Mark asked. 

The doorbell rang for the pizza delivery.  Adam turned first, “No, more or less getting that way.”  He started to the door and was intercepted by Rob running to grab his wallet.

“I’m paying for this since you’re nice enough to let us hang here,” Rob said.   He opened the door and had the pizza man follow him to his car for the cash.  Rob returned with the large hot pizza for all to dive in and enjoy.  Adam grabbed two pieces and left the rest for the others to enjoy.  Adam enjoyed hearing the chatter between mostly Caden and Rob.  He could feel his house finally having that familiar buzz it used to have when Anna was living and enjoying having Caden’s friends over for whatever.  It made perfect sense now why there were so few females now but at the time Adam never gave it a second thought.

Rob and Mark hung around but not too late.  They were friendly and really seemed like two decent guys who were in very much in love by the open display of kissing between the two.

Once Caden’s last friends were gone for the night, he sat close to Adam and threw his arm around him.  “Thanks again!”

“Caden, welcome back home,” Adam said with a kiss.  He could see Caden’s confused look after the kiss. “This is the old Caden I knew.  Now your mom would feel right at home with all your friends here.  I remember the nights when this living room would be stacked full of kids.”

Caden smiled, “I don’t know why I even left.  Now I’m inspired to get my act back together and return to college.”

“Let’s hope come August you still feel that way,” Adam said.

“More like June,” Caden said. “I’ve got some catching up to do.”

“I’ll leave that entire situation up to you.  Do whatever you want.”

“I know one thing,” Caden turned and smiled at Adam.

“What’s that?”

“I’m making hot fucking love to you tonight,” Caden said.  “I fucking want you so bad and show you how much I appreciate everything you’re doing for me.”

Adam smiled, “What’s holding you back then?”

Caden unbuttoned Adam’s shirt as fast as he could.  He flung the nice shirt across the back of the sofa and kissed Adam.  He started at his lips, went to his neck and down to his nipples.  Adam propped his arms up and let Caden do as he pleased.   Caden stood and kicked off his Speedo.  It went sailing across the room and hit the back wall.  In the distance, Caden heard his cell phone ringing.  “I’m turning that bitch off.  I don’t want to be interrupted!”

Caden returned with Adam’s dress slacks on the floor.  Caden sat down and grabbed Adam’s nice cock under his boxer briefs.  Caden outlined Adam’s cock with his tongue.  He slowly pulled them down and had Adam naked with him.   He got on the floor between Adam’s legs and began licking up and down the shaft.  He could hear a little moan coming from Adam and continued.  He sucked each ball with a side trip with his tongue down near Adam’s ass and a good whiff of his sweaty balls.   He opened his mouth and used his tongue to swirl around the head.  He put his hand at the base and took Adam’s cock in his mouth.  He bobbed up and down with his mouth while his hand freely stroked Adam and the other playing with his cock. 

OOO Caden,” Adam moaned and continued to feel such great joy.  He ran his hands through Caden’s black hair while Caden continue to suck and lick him.  He closed his eyes to escape to another world with Caden on his cock. 

“I see you like this,” Caden said and stopped.

OOO am I ever,” Adam said. 

Caden lifted up Adam’s legs.  Adam grabbed his hairy legs and felt Caden’s tongue between his ass and cock.  He looked down and watched.  He felt a gentle slap on his ass.  He next felt Caden’s tongue circling his hole.  He moaned quietly and kept enjoying this.  He soon felt Caden’s wet tongue going in and out of his hole. 

MMMM very hot ass,” Caden commented.

“Damn this feels so good!” Adam said.  He let Caden eat and tongue his ass until pulling him up.  They kissed with open mouths and tongues going wild.  Adam kissed Caden’s smooth skin, licked his chest and pits before finding his cock.  He repeated Caden’s worship.  He opened his mouth and felt Caden’s cock in his mouth.  He could smell Caden’s musky man scent from his shaved pubes when he nearly deep throated Caden.

OOOO fuck!” Caden moaned.

Adam continued to have his mouth completely filled while Caden ran his hand through Adam’s receding blond hair. The musky scent of Caden was driving Adam insane with lust.  He sucked and sucked while lightly stroking his own cock.  He could hear Caden’s moans that added to the intensity and excitement.  Caden pushed down Adam’s head and was amazed Adam didn’t react.  Adam took Caden’s head down his throat with his nose planted against Caden’s shaven skin.

Caden pushed Adam off his cock and lifted him up for another long hot kiss.  “Can I make love to you after that hot shit?” Caden asked.

“I would love it if you would,” Adam said.

In a mad dash with his cock rock hard, Caden ran to the bedroom and returned just as quickly with the bottle of lube in hand.  He lubed his cock up and Adam’s ass.  Adam lay on the couch and anticipated feeling Caden in him.  He lifted one leg on the back of the sofa.  He watched Caden crawled in between.  He watched as Caden ran his cock up and down Adam’s crack to excite both even more. 

Caden leaned over with a soft kiss, “I’ll be so gentle with you.”

“I trust you will,” Adam said. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny to get fucked.”

Caden smiled and stuck his cock head at Adam’s hole.  Adam pushed out while Caden pushed in.  He felt Caden rush past his sphincter and into his ass. 

OOOOO Caden!” Adam said loudly.

“Adam, your ass is so tight and yet so fucking hot!”

“Go slowly, please,” Adam said and was feeling Caden going inside his ass.

“I will,” Caden said and felt his cock go deeper and deeper.  He waited a few moments to allow Adam to adjust to him.  He could see a little glimpse of pain across Adam’s face with each subtle movement.  He wanted both to enjoy this. 

Adam was doing his best to relax and enjoy Caden.  He took deep breaths and could feel Caden so far in him.  He pulled Caden down and stared into his eyes.  Caden slowly moved while the two looked into each other’s eyes.

“Feels so good,” Adam threw back his head. “Damn what a fucking dick you got!”

Caden grabbed one leg, kissing it and Adam’s feet while continuing to move slowly inside Adam.  He pulled back but too far.  His cock escaped Adam’s hole.  He put on more lube and reentered Adam slowly.  Adam moaned and breathed audibly once Caden was back inside him.  Caden leaned over and kissed Adam while he increased the pace slightly.  Adam was reeling like never before and had never felt such pleasure from a guy fucking him.  He grabbed Caden’s ass and pulled him deeper. 

“Damn this is so fucking hot!” Caden screamed.

“OOOO Caden, fuck me… ooo yes babe, just like that… makes me feel so good,” Adam moaned with his eyes about rolled back in his head.  He felt and heard Caden’s nice pace.  He could hear their skin smacking together in rhythm.  He ran his hands up and down Caden’s back while Caden put his hands next to Adam. 

Caden proceeded to lift Adam up and wanted him to take the ride of his life.  Adam started slowly bouncing up and down.  He squeezed his tight ass around Caden’s hot throbbing cock and heard Caden groan.  He was panting loudly while moving faster and faster up and down Caden’s shaft.  Caden grabbed Adam’s cock that was bouncing up and down with each ride.

“Fuck yea, ride that bitch!” Caden screamed. “You love it.”

“OOOO I do, Caden,” Adam moaned and groaned.  Adam lifted up slightly and let Caden fuck his ass with steady deep plunges.  They found each other’s lips and were lip locked while Caden pounded Adam at a nice pace and continued to jack Adam’s cock.

Adam sensed he was about to bust.  He leaned back and moaned.  He coated Caden’s torso with his load while having Caden’s cock deep in him.

Caden pulled out and shot his load up Adam’s back while the two kissed.  They continued to kiss long after Caden finished. 

“Did you feel the love?” Caden asked.

“I did and tried to return it to you,” Adam said.

“I do love you,” Caden stated.

“I love you too,” Adam said. 

They kissed a while longer and managed to get off the couch.  Both were in need of shower and did so.  Caden pulled Adam close and whispered in his ear, “I want you to fucking piss all over me!”

“Caden!” Adam stepped back.

“Adam, I love feeling the warmth and am willing to taste it as well,” Caden said.  “I remember how great it was to stand at the urinals and see other guy’s pissing at school.  Please Adam!”

Adam stood back and grabbed his cock.  He pushed out and watched the piss cover Caden’s body.  Caden leaned over and let Adam piss all over his hair.  “Yes! More!” Caden shouted.  Adam squeezed on long stream and watched it cascade down Caden’s lean body.  Caden pulled Adam close and tasted the piss for the first time.  “Not bad!” Caden stated.

“Don’t fucking kiss me until you’ve brushed your teeth,” Adam said. “I don’t see what the thrill is in it.”

Caden smiled, “Oh well, I like it.”

They turned off the water after Caden scrubbed his body vigorously.  He did take the time to brush his teeth and enjoyed fresh breath again.

Together the two lay in Adam’s bed close.  “Tomorrow’s a big day, huh?”

“Damn, I almost forgot all about it,” Caden said. “What sucks is I have to be there at 7.”

“No problem at all.  I’ll make sure you’re there on time.  You don’t want to be late your first day.”

“I know… I know but I work at 7 every day this week.  The best part is I’m off by 2 every day even though I have to work Saturday as well.”

“Welcome to the real world, Caden.”

“Thanks for reminding me.  See ya in the morning then,” Caden said.  He curled up next to Adam and held him tight.  The two shared a final goodnight kiss before the night was over.


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