Party Continues

Posted:  September 14, 2009

Caden walked around while taking a break from the glory hole.  He need to stretch his long legs and get a drink of whatever he could find that wasn’t body fluids after a few guys took liberties and busted in his mouth.  Caden didn’t mind the cum and enjoyed the difference in the few he had tasted.  He spotted Adam and grabbed him by the neck in a stronghold.

“What the fuck?” Adam screamed out not knowing it was Caden that had a strong grip around his neck.

Caden laughed and spun Adam around, “It’s just me, Adam.”

Adam turned and smiled once Caden released the strong hold.  “How’s it going?”

“Fucking bitch ass!” Caden said with a smile. “Tell me next time why don’t ya?”

“Well you were acting cocky and shit so that was the plan to knock you down a notch or two.  I knew you wouldn’t mind,” Adam said.

“Oh well, I love it,” Caden said with a little smile. “I loved it when you came in my mouth too.”

“You knew it was me?”

“Fuck yea, by your cock and your moans,” Caden said. “Your dick is bigger than most.”

“So are you pissed at me for not telling you or you just putting up a good front?”

“Nah, I said I love it and mean it,” Caden replied.

“Holler when you’re ready to leave,” Adam said. “I’m going out to sit in the hot tub for a while.”

“You might be shriveled up by the time I’m ready,” Caden stated. “I’m like a kid in a candy store.  You know how many guys want me to fuck them?”

“All or most have mentioned how great a lover you must be.  I heard a few rude comments until I explained our situation,” Adam smiled.

“That’s pretty cool,” Caden said. “I have a lot of work still left to do.”

Adam went outside but did watch while Caden pranced his hot naked ass back inside.  Caden headed to the glory hole to resume his duties as the night’s cock sucker.  He found it was in use by Matt.  He joined Matt with his arm around the big guy.  The two of them worshipped and sucked the big black cock coming through the hole.  This was Caden’s first experience with a large black guy and thoroughly enjoyed the big slab of meat as did Matt.   Both ended up with a face full of cum but enjoyed the milky cum all over them. 

“Caden, I want you to fuck me now,” Matt said.

“In here?”

“Yea, we can do it,” Matt said.  He went and found Evan who was tired and worn out from being in the sling and having his ass used.  He instructed Evan to stick his cock through the hole.  Evan did but Caden could see it was no use and very tight once they got into position. 

“They didn’t say I had to do it in the glory hole,” Caden smiled.

“Damn straight,” Matt said. “Have you sucked Evan?”

“Not yet but I want to,” Caden said. “I owe it to him after fucking his hot ass in the sling.”

The three moved away and got in the floor.  They didn’t have a crowd now since they had been seen and center stage for a while.  Caden got hard again and entered Matt with a condom while Evan stuck his cock in Caden’s used mouth.  The three started moaning and groaning with Matt’s being the loudest from taking Caden’s long cock.  Caden fucked Matt long and hard until pulling out and coating Matt’s stomach with his cum.  Matt lay on the floor and jacked off.  Just a little cum emerged from Matt’s nice cut cock.

“I never thought I’d ever fuckin say this but I’m about cummed out,” Matt stated.  “How about you, Caden?”

“Maybe a few more loads are still in me,” Caden said. “Fuck this is so hot!”

“Yea, this is the fucking shit,” Evan chimed in.

“I agree,” Matt said. “Here to think we weren’t sure when we got here but damn at the cocks here!  All the guys are great and know how to use their cocks very well!”

The three needed to take an overdue piss.  Caden and Matt repeated the golden shower of each other while Evan watched the two piss all over each other.  Evan did partake a little bit and showered the two eager piss lovers with his golden stream. 

“Fuck, I don’t see where you guys get off on that shit,” Evan said.

“I love it and is like your fetish with my feet,” Matt said.

Now the three went out and jumped in the heated pool to rinse what was on their younger bodies.  They dried off with a few including Adam and Jay in the hot tub. 

Once inside, Caden finished blowing two guys he had yet to blow including Greg.  He let cum in his mouth and figured other guys had so what did it matter.  Greg finished it off with a kiss and announced he was leaving the festivities.  By now the crowd was down to a few hardy souls.

Caden turned around and saw Pete there in his face.  “I have got to experience this cock in me before the night is finished,” Pete said and grabbed Caden’s cock.  “You think you got one last good fuck left in this monster?”

“Fuck yea, I do,” Caden said.

“Great, I’ve waited all night to have your young hot cock deep in my old hairy ass,” Pete smiled. “I wish I could go and go like I was able to when I was your age.  How old are you, by the way?”

“19,” Caden replied.

“Damn, what a life you have ahead of you, I hope,” Pete said.

“I hope so too,” Caden said and kissed Pete on the lips.  He could feel Pete’s gray goatee and his body hair while Pete pulled Caden close to feel his young smooth body.

Pete dropped down and began sucking on Caden’s long cock.  Caden braced against a chair and felt the mouth of Pete again like he had when the night started.  It took a lot of licking and sucking until Caden was able to get hard. During the blow job, Caden was greeted with goodbye kisses from Evan and Matt with promises to catch up some time in the future. Pete pulled off once Caden was rock and grabbed a condom, “I want to be safe, just in case.”

“It’s cool,” Caden said.  He watched Pete’s skill unroll the condom on his cock.  Pete lubed it up and bent his ass over to take Caden.  Caden got behind the older man, maybe 60, heard him inhale some poppers and slid his cock inside.  He heard a sigh when his cock went past Pete’s sphincter and deep in him.

“OOO this feel so good,” Pete said. “I’d would pay for damn sure now to let you fuck me all night.”

Caden laughed, “This is on me for starting the night off right for me.”

“Fuck me, boy!” Pete stated with his head turned to catch a glimpse of Caden’s cock in him.

Caden grabbed Pete by his wide waist.  He slowly started fucking Pete and could hear soft moans.  He slapped Pete’s hairy ass and continued to feed him his cock.

“I said fuck me, Boy!” Pete turned his head.

“I’ll fuck you alright,” Caden said.

Caden rammed his cock in deep and heard almost a scream escape Pete’s mouth.  Keith moved close once he saw the action and wanted to take part as well.  Pete reached up and grabbed Keith’s cock. 

“Fuck him!” Keith murmured.

Caden smiled and picked up the pace.  He leaned over and fucked Pete’s ass hard to let him feel his long cock deep in him.  He kissed Pete’s back and neck while his arms reached around the older guy.

OOOOO yes!” Pete moaned.

“You like my young cock, old man?” Caden said.

Oh do I ever,” Pete moaned. “You like my old ass?”

“Feel so fucking good,” Caden said.  He leaned up and kissed Keith while fucking Pete.  His cock slipped out a few times.  Pete seized the opportunity to get on his back.  He spread his legs wide and watched Caden get between.  He moaned slightly when he felt Caden back in him.  Caden leaned forward and took Keith’s cock in his mouth.  The three developed a nice steady pace.  They moaned and panted with sweat pouring off Pete’s hairy body and face.  Caden continued to fuck Pete and give him all he wanted.  They changed positions again with Pete on his side and Keith jacking off standing above them.  Caden threw Pete’s hairy leg over his and returned to fucking him. 

The dream fuck for Pete ended when he busted his load onto the tiled floor.  Keith saw Pete cumming and instantly shot his load all over Pete’s hairy stomach.  Caden pulled out.

“I want you all over my face,” Pete stated.

Caden jacked his cock with force and determination to give Pete what he wanted.  His hand grew tired and both Keith and Pete took over.  Caden didn’t think he would be able to cum but did.  He grunted loudly and spewed Pete’s face with his cum.  It wasn’t much but was exactly what Pete craved from Caden.  Caden licked and tasted his own cum from Pete’s face.  Pete grabbed him and kissed him for a long time.

“I saved the best for last,” Pete said.

“I did too,” Caden said.

“I know you are just saying that to appease an old man,” Pete said.

“I mean and would love to fuck your hot ass again,” Caden said.

“Bear lover?” Keith asked.

“No just man lover who loves good hot sex,” Caden replied.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Pete laughed. “I’ve watched you have little boundaries and your enthusiastic approach to everyone here.  You took the little prank as well as anyone.” 

Caden, Pete and Keith stood up from the floor.  Pete needed a little help from Caden to get up however.  Caden kissed both and went to find Adam outside.  He looked and looked until he found Adam asleep in a patio lounge chair.  Caden nudged Adam to wake him and announce he was ready to leave.  Adam stretched out and rubbed his eyes.  They both headed inside to find their clothes and head back home.  There was a slight problem; Caden’s clothes were missing and nowhere to be found among the remaining clothes.  Caden found a towel and wrapped around his waist for the ride home.  They found Jay, the host and Adam’s friend, to say goodbye and give a big thank you for the invite.  Jay looked and was tired from the long night.  He did his best to compliment Caden for being a sport about the trick they played on him.  Caden laughed it off and said he might cum again first if they were ever invited back.

No more than barely on the road at 3:20, Adam looked over and saw Caden was sound asleep.  He smiled and found his way to his home.  He woke Caden in the drive.  Caden slumbered out of the car naked, leaving the towel and went straight to Adam’s bed.  Adam crawled in bed, held Caden tight and kissed him on the neck good night.  Adam saw a different side of his departed wife’s son.  He knew she wouldn’t approve of both joining in the wild party, especially her only and dear son.  He knew when his wife was living they had experienced some wild and crazy nights as swingers.  He pulled Caden close to him to fall asleep like he had some many times with Caden’s mom.

It was very late past noon before Adam woke.  He rolled out of bed and could smell Caden.  He didn’t the night before but could plainly smell various odors from Caden’s body from the party. 

Around 1:30, Adam heard Caden in the bedroom.  Caden walked out with his hair a total disaster and looking very tired.  Caden sat close to Adam and kissed him on the cheek, “Thanks!  Are you disappointed, angry or surprised at me at the party?”

“Actually none of them,” Adam replied. “How could I be since I took you?”

“I was wondering now that it is over,” Caden said. 

“Caden, first off do me a huge favor and go take a damn shower.  Your ass stinks!” Adam stated.

Caden took a big whiff and under his arms, “Fuck I do!  How nasty!”  Caden went to shower and returned with his shorts and a nice tee that complimented his body along with old flip-flops. 

“Ummm… going somewhere?” Adam asked.

“Yea, I’m going to get that job at the gym.  That is if it’s still open,” Caden said.  “Then I’m not doing one thing the rest of the day.  I’m so tired.”

Adam watched Caden leave and hoped he would able to get the job.  He sat and watched television for a little while but couldn’t get the previous night’s party out of his head.  He knew Caden had a little wild streak but never imagined he would enjoy sex freely as he did.  Adam knew Caden was a big hit and the pressure would be on to duplicate his actions for the future parties his friend Jay had planned.  He too enjoyed the freedom of having multiple sex partners in that environment but wasn’t sure he was showing or leading his wife’s son in the right direction. 

After more than an hour, Caden came back home and enter through the front door.

“So did you get the job?” Adam asked.

“Maybe if I want it,” Caden said and wasn’t as thrilled as Adam may have thought he would be.  “I had another job offer as well.”

“From who?”

“Pete,” Caden replied and walked to sit next to Adam.  “He saw me when I walked in the door and asked what I was doing there so I told him.  He offered me a job at his law office.”

“Caden, do what you want but…”

“I know.  I really didn’t know what to say since he offered good money to me,” Caden said.

“Caden, do you really want to work for Pete?  He is a well respected attorney in town from what I’ve heard but the other stuff might be expected,” Adam said.

“That’s what worries me.  Sure, last night was great and did fuck him but I don’t want to do it on a regular basis,” Caden said.

“The decision is up to you,” Adam said.

“I know but how do I tell Pete thanks but no thanks.  The money is good.  That’s what royally sucks about this.  Another thing, he’s invited us to his house if we want to lay out by the pool today or whenever,” Caden said.  “The pool does sound enticing.”

“Here’s my advice or suggestion.  Take the job at the gym for now.  See how that goes and tell Pete you will pass for now but keep it in mind for the future in case you don’t like the job at the gym.  Sort of like tell him you might do later but just not now,” Adam stated.  “Caden right now, we aren’t hurting for money.”

“I know all about what’s waiting on me in less than 2 years,” Caden stated.  “For one, dad’s money from the military.  Then mom’s from all those life insurance policies and bonds I thought she was so foolish for buying.”

“I suppose those years Anna working in the insurance business has paid off,” Adam said. “I benefitted as well.”

“I was really hoping you would,” Caden said.  “Thanks Adam, I knew I could count on you.  I’ll take your wise advice and break it to Pete as easy as possible then I’m taking a nap.”

Caden made the necessary calls and grabbed the job at the gym.  The job at the gym was to begin on Tuesday bright and early.  He spoke with Pete briefly and was gracious for the offer but told him he took the other job.  Pete was disappointed but the offer still stood to enjoy his pool anytime.  Caden went to his old room and went fast asleep.

With Caden asleep, Adam used the opportunity to change the sheets on his bed.  He cleaned his shower and bathroom to have it spotless while Caden was sleeping.  He could see he was slowly become a clean freak when it came to his house like never before.

When Caden woke after napping for nearly two hours, he stayed on his cell phone for the first time since he moved in.  Adam prepared a small meal for their dinner and was barely able to break Caden away from his phone between talking or texting.  Adam could see Caden was returning to the same person he remembered when he first moved in.  He knew things were completely different but could see little things were the same such as his nature to be sociable. 

Nearing sunset, Adam and Caden decided to hit the road again on their bikes.  They both enjoyed the nice pace and exercise the ride gave them.  It was shorter than the first ride and let both get out of the house a little bit before darkness set in.

Adam was still tired and retired to his room earlier than normal plus another work day was right around the corner.  He loved his job working as supervisor for a distribution company locally.  At times, it could be stressful with deadlines and strict instructions.  He was reading a magazine when the door opened.  Caden walked in and stripped down.  He got on the other side of Adam’s bed. 

“This is cool now, right?” Caden asked.

“I enjoy sleeping with you and feel secure with you near me,” Adam said and sat down his magazine.

“Great, I love this bed at how soft and comfortable it is.  It has mom’s hand all over it with the feminine sheets and pillows,” Caden said.

“I haven’t or wanted to change it.  With you here, I feel a little piece of her with me,” Adam stated.

“You should, I was in her for 9 months,” Caden laughed.

“I never knew your dad but I imagine you are more like him except for a few things,” Adam said.

“You know I never was around him that much growing up.  He was always gone off to some assignment,” Caden said.

“I know and Anna told me all about it and how lonely she was with him gone and having to practically raise you on your own.  I suppose that’s what attracted her to the swinger’s lifestyle more than anything and you to enjoy older men as well.”

“Adam, I do love you now,” Caden said.

“I love you too Caden,” Adam said with a kiss.  Caden felt the kiss and grabbed Adam.  The two enjoyed a long romantic kiss with their hands all over each other.  They rolled a little and had the fresh cleaned bed a little messed up.

“Adam,” Caden looked into Adam’s eyes. “I do love you so much but… don’t know if I’m quite ready for a full blown relationship with you.”

“I feel the same way,” Adam said. “If it was meant to be, it will happen.”

Caden smiled, gave one last kiss and rolled to his side to fall asleep.  Adam turned out his side lamp and wrapped his arms around Caden.

“I really do like falling asleep like this,” Caden said quietly.

“I do too,” Adam said.


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