Posted:  November 7, 2009

Adam woke as he normally did with sadness in his heart.  He was now beginning to doubt himself, Caden and the entire relationship that the two had shared where he was for certain it was working just a few days before.  He dressed and was at least glad to see Caden was gone off to work early as scheduled.  Adam’s day at work was long with very little chit-chat with his co-workers, which was both intentional and non intentional.  The argument was starting to wear on him but could do nothing about it until Caden would at least show his face and face him.

When Adam drove up to his house after work, he spotted Caden’s car in the drive with a car he thought was Rob or Mark’s on the street. His mind raced with hundreds of questions and thoughts while truly wondering what was really going on. Maybe his love had blinded him so that he could see clearly.  Maybe Caden and Rob were more than friends.  Maybe Caden was ready to go and just leave it all with Rob or Mark having a few spare rooms.  He entered the house to find Caden and Rob on the couch.  He gave them a look before ducking in the refrigerator for something to drink.

“There’s not shit there,” Caden said barely audible.

Adam pulled his head out, “I can tell.  It’s good to see you here finally.”

Caden ran in a deep sprint with tears in his eyes to Adam.  He grabbed him and gave him a tearful hug.  “I’m sorry… I really fucked… up.  Adam… I’m so… so sorry!” Caden sobbed.

Adam looked at Caden and wiped the big crocodile tears from his face.  He couldn’t help but have a big smile on his face, “I feel a lot better now.  I’d hoped you’d come back and not keep running.”

Caden wiped his snotty nose and threw his arm around Adam to walk over to the loveseat across from Rob.

“Adam, he’s been like this since yesterday,” Rob said. “He came to the house and started bawling his eyes out.”

“Why didn’t you come to me?” Adam asked. “I understand you more than any person around, Caden.”

“I made a fool out of myself for one.  I was so embarrassed once I came to my senses.  Here I about threw the best thing ever out the fucking door.  I’m just a stupid 19 year old guy who still does stupid shit,” Caden said still wiping his eyes.

“At least, you realize that now,” Adam said and draped his arm around Caden. “I’m elated to have you back.”

“This is more like it,” Rob commented seeing the two back together. “I told you, Caden, you didn’t have a thing to worry about.”

“I asked Rob to come here as support,” Caden said and gestured with his tattooed arm.

“Thanks Rob. You’re a great friend for doing so.  We all need friends in the tough times like this,” Adam said.

“No sweat,” Rob stated. “Dudes, I was really worried all last night.  I’ve never seen anyone so down and out like Caden was. At first, he was uncontrollable then he sat and stared at the wall before starting to scream every four letter word combo there was.  Once that stopped, he continued to cry and cry.”

“Sorry about that, Rob. I didn’t sleep a wink last night either,” Caden said. “Adam, please forgive for being such a dumbass.”

“I will as long as you go running away like you did.  You know I worried a little bit about you,” Adam said. “Seeing Rob’s car here I was worried something else might be up.  You know you have been around each other a lot.”

Rob looked at Caden, “I know.  We’re just great friends now.”

“Adam, we did one time swap head,” Caden lowered his head.

“Sorry Adam!  We did it one time and both knew it wasn’t right.  Mark knows in case you’re wondering.  I repented to him right after we did it,” Rob stated. “I still feel bad about doing it behind his back.  I was so fucking stupid.”

“I’ll really have to keep an eye on you two from now on,” Adam said.

“Don’t worry. It won’t happen again,” Rob said.

“Caden?” Adam looked at him.

“Trust me it won’t.  Dude can’t suck my dick for shit like you can,” Caden managed a smile.

“Oh fuck you dude,” Rob joked.  “I didn’t hear you bitching while I was blowing your shit.”

“Who does bitch when some dude’s givin em head?  Fuck I don’t but dude you can’t suck worth shit!  You gagged with 4 inches in your mouth!”

“Oh well, Mark doesn’t complain,” Rob said with a big smile and put his veiny dark arms on the back of the couch.

“Well, it’s good to see I have my old Caden back by the sound of it.  Promise me you’ll never do pull a stunt like that again,” Adam said.

“I promise I won’t on both accounts.  I think I’ve learned a pretty hard lesson,” Caden said.

“Let’s hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson.  What pissed me off was your attitude not that you were stoned out of your mind,” Adam said.

“I was so out of it.  It’s a wonder I made it home,” Caden stated. 

“As for you two, I would be very hypocritical if I was to be upset or shaken about your little soiree. I heard what both of you said but I really expected it.  I’ve done it in the past but that doesn’t make it right.  At least you two were upfront and honest with me about it. I’m actually surprised with just once since you both are two hot guys that really love sex.  I know how horny Caden is at times.”

“I know.  Everyone thinks we’ve got some wild affair going or something.  We both felt it was wrong doing behind our boyfriend’s backs though.  I did love it at the time but dude, it was so fucked up on some many levels,” Rob said.

“I loved it too but it was so wrong to do behind your back, Adam,” Caden said. “It’s not like you haven’t been open with me and let us share at times.”

“I guess I better be heading,” Rob said and stood to leave. “Looks like you two have a few personal things to chat about.”

“You can stay,” Caden said. “There’s nothing secretive about it.  You pretty much know everything.”

“Nah Caden, you two need to do it on your own,” Rob said. “See ya around.”

Both Caden and Adam stood to give Rob a very sincere and heartfelt hug.  They watched him leave and moved to the couch.

“Start,” Caden stated.

“Start what?”

“Bitching my ass out.  Now I’m ready for you to lay it on me thick and heavy about being a dumbass,” Caden replied.

“I think you know what went wrong,” Adam said.

“That’s for sure.  Not to get fucking high and come home with an attitude like nothing was going to be said,” Caden said.

“I’ll agree on both,” Adam said. “I was disappointed seeing you high but I know you far too well.  One thing you aren’t too good with is peer pressure.”

“You’re right there.  Nash just mentioned it and I was up for it,” Caden said.  “I still have that deep desire but most of the times repress it.”

“I know and it’s part of growing up.  You done a lot of growing but hey you’re still 19.  I was upset about it since I don’t want it to be a habit and get out of hand.”

“I did realize just how much I did love you,” Caden said.

“I did too,” Adam said. “I hated it.  I was about to go nuts.”

“Me too.  You do care so much about me which I appreciate,” Caden said.  He looked at Adam, “You didn’t really seem to care about Rob and me.”

“There again I figured it would happen, Caden,” Adam said.

“So you really didn’t care?” Caden asked.

“Not really but let me ask you one thing.  Was there passion or was it just sex between you two?”

“Just sex and needing to get off,” Caden replied.

“If you’d said passion, I’d worried but hey, we’ve been fairly open so far.”

“You don’t care if I fuck around with guys?”

“I can’t stop you but it has to be a two way street there if that’s what you want.”

“Gotcha, but now let’s just keep the way it is,” Caden stated.

“So Rob has been the only one?”

“Yea, you can mark my word on that.  There have been offers but I turned them down like Nash and Mateo after smoking.  They wanted me to fuck em but I wouldn’t.”

“Okay then,” Adam said.

“I’ve got more than I can really handle right here,” Caden said and pulled Adam for a kiss.  He reached down and ran his hand across Adam’s crotch.  “This is okay, right?”

“Are you kidding?  Fuck yea, it’s okay!” Adam said. “I didn’t stop loving you or lusting to be with you because of a few incidents.  I knew going into this with a young hot guy it was part of it.  Hell, you still have about a million more fuck ups in a relationship and in life to match me over the years.  To me Caden, none of your friends are as hot as you. There’s no one I rather be with and have sex with.”

Caden unbuttoned Adam’s shirt and dove in to play with his nipples and hairy chest.  He flicked the nipples with his tongue and would steal a short kiss before going back down.  He went lower on Adam’s torso and kissed his stomach with his hand on Adam’s crotch.  He stopped and threw his tee across the room.  Adam saw Caden’s tan body and went for his nipples.  He sucked and lightly bit them.  He could feel Caden’s hand on his head.  “Ummm… I like this,” Caden stated. “Adam, no one knows how to jump start me like you.”

“After a month, I know what thrills your horny ass,” Adam said.  He rammed his tongue in Caden’s mouth.  He pushed him down on the couch and got on top of him.  He could feel Caden’s hands all over him.  “Damn, I missed you!”

“I’m sorry that shit happened,” Caden said. “You care so much about me and I’ve never felt so loved and adored.”

“It was a little spat and it happens,” Adam said and went for more kissing.  He ran his hand down Caden’s shorts and felt the stubble and Caden’s cock.

“Damn, making up is fucking hot,” Caden said softly.

“It is,” Adam said. “I love you Caden.”

“There’s no doubt I love you as well,” Caden said.  He pushed off Adam’s dress pants and ran his hands over Adam’s ass.  Both rose and shed the remaining clothes.  Caden pulled Adam close and grabbed their cocks together. “I have a feeling tonight’s going to be fucking great!”

“I have that same feeling!” Adam said.

After swapping long slow blowjobs on the couch, both were edging and about to bust.  Caden pulled Adam close and kissed him forever while getting under control.  He grabbed Adam by the hand and led him to their bedroom, where it was more comfortable and easier to fuck.   Caden pushed Adam down on the bed and spread his legs wide.  He dove down to taste the manly ass of Adam’s.  He could smell the musk and could taste it as well.   Adam closed his eyes to enjoy Caden eating out his ass.

Caden grabbed the bottle of lube that stayed out on the night stand.  He smeared it on his cock and then on Adam’s ass.   He jerked his cock to achieve his maximum erection.  He put Adam’s ankles on his shoulder and pushed forward.  He ran his cock head up and down to heighten their excitement.

“Fuck me, Caden!” Adam screamed, now in desperate heat to take Caden.

“No, I’m making sweet ass hot sweaty love to the person that loves me,” Caden said.  He stuck his cock at Adam’s hole and felt it enter Adam. 

“OOOO Caden!” Adam practically growled.

“All for my man,” Caden said.  He slowly slipped in more.  He pushed Adam’s legs even further for a kiss.  “You’ll know I love you after this.”

“I already do,” Adam said.  He bit Caden’s pierced brow and moaned. 

Caden leaned up with Adam’s ankles in his hands.  He opened his mouth and took a toe in his mouth while slowly pumping.  He stopped and kissed Adam’s calf while going so slow in his love making.  He felt Adam’s hands on his ass and felt the pulling inward.  He leaned forward with his hands resting on each side of Adam.  He plunged slowly and looked into Adam’s eyes. “I love you!”

“I love you too Caden,” Adam said. “Just a little harder, please!”

Caden leaned over to kiss Adam’s hairy chest and increased his pace to a level they both could enjoy and get great satisfaction out of.  Caden took it easy and wanted their sex to last and be so magical. 

Adam adjusted to his side after growing a little tired.  Caden slid in behind him and stuck his dripping hard cock back inside.  Caden wrapped his arms around Adam.  He nibbled on Adam’s neck and ears before sticking all of his tongue in Adam’s mouth.  He slid one hand down and found Adam’s cock.  He stroked in time with his actions.  He could hear the soft moans of Adam along the bed rocking with their sex. 

A nice steady pace made it last 20 minutes if not more.  Caden felt he was so close and pulled out to Adam’s disappointed.  Adam wrapped his mouth around Caden’s cock to taste the mixture that was on it. 

“OOOO fuck!” Caden screamed.  Adam didn’t flinch and was flooded with Caden’s jizz.  Adam continued to suck and wanted all the juice from his lover.  Cum was flowing out of Adam’s mouth and down his face.  Adam cleaned Caden’s cock dry and watched Caden return the favor.  Adam didn’t last long and shot his load in Caden’s throat. 

Tired yet blissful over great hot long sex, they held each close.  Caden rolled on top of Adam and kissed him until both had no more to offer.  Very little was spoken but both knew it was beyond great.  Adam lay with Caden and petted various parts of Caden’s body.  He told Caden how really fit and hot he was.  Caden returned each compliment. 

Finally Caden lay quiet for only a few moments and was sound asleep.  Adam gently wrapped his arms around Caden and was glad he was there.  He missed the cuddling and kissing really more than the sex.  He missed the smell of Caden next to him.  It was a lot easier to fall asleep that night for Adam as well.

When the alarm went off to start their Friday, Caden popped out bed.  Adam rubbed his sleepy eyes and knew Caden barely moved all night.  Adam got out of bed and joined Caden for a good morning shower together.  Both felt thing were back as before. 

Rubbing down Caden’s back, Caden reached behind, “One quick fuck for a great start.”

“Caden, we’ll have all weekend for that.  You’ll be late,” Adam stated.

“I won’t be late.  Please Adam I need to feel you in me,” Caden pleaded with water dripping down his body.  “Besides we have something to do tonight.”

“Now you tell me,” Adam said.

“A kind of house warming for Rob and Mark,” Caden said stroking Adam’s cock.  “I know you want big dick up my ass.”

Adam felt his cock growing hard in Caden’s hand.  Caden positioned his fine ass and guided Adam’s cock into his ass. 

“OOO fuck yea,” Caden groaned. “Fuck me, Adam!”

Adam knew and wanted now to fuck Caden.  He slapped Caden’s ass and grabbed Caden’s hips.  He pulled back and shoved his cock deep.   Both moaned at the same time in the tiled shower.  Caden leaned over and put his hands against the wall.  He started moaning louder and louder with Adam fucking his ass. 

“OOOO Caden!” Adam groaned.

“OOOO Adam, your fucking dick feels so good! Fuck that ass!” Caden stated.  “OOO fuck yea!” Caden screamed feeling Adam’s cock pounding him.  “Fuck me… ooo shit yea… ooo fuck me Adam… ooo yea just like that,” Caden moaned with each plunge.

“OOO yea Caden,” Adam said and feeling the intensity of the early morning romp in the shower.

“Keep fucking me with the big dick!” Caden screamed. “I love it… OOO yes... Fuck me... OOOO fuck!” Each plunge produced the same short scream of ecstasy from Caden.  He pulled up and stroked his cock.  He continued to voice his pleasure of taking Adam.

The shower sex ended when Adam pulled out and shot his load on the tiled floor.  Caden turned out and soaked Adam’s feet with his load.  The kissed passionately.

“Fucking awesome!” Caden said. “Just want I needed for a great day.”

“I agree.  Nothing better than a good fuck!” Adam said and was still reeling.

“Nothing fucking better!” Caden stated with a kiss.

Caden wasn’t too far behind schedule and skipped a little something to eat.  Adam calmed down and dressed with Caden gone.  He could do nothing but smile over the events.  He thought back to the day before when his world seemed gloomy.  Now with Caden, Adam was back to feeling normal and ready for whatever lies ahead at his job.


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