Posted:  November 3, 2009

Adam was awake and staring at Caden before his alarm went off, signaling the start of another work week.  Even after 4 weeks, he still couldn’t believe he had found such a great lover and partner in his deceased wife’s son, Cade.  He so admired his young lover and treasured the excitement in his life now.  He finally rose and headed to start his day a few minutes early.  He soaped up in the shower and saw Caden walking into the bathroom.  Caden opened the door and joined Adam.  Caden pulled Adam close for a great kiss to start their day.

“I thought you said you didn’t work today,” Adam stated almost finished.

“I don’t but I woke when you got out of bed,” Caden smiled. “I had to come in and help you start your day off on the right foot.”

“I appreciate that,” Adam said and kissed Caden with lots of tongue and feeling the body of his lover. “It is a great start of the day.”

They turned off the shower.  Caden dried quickly and left while Adam was preparing for his work day.  Adam finished and walked into the kitchen to see Caden there with a bagel and juice. 

“Alright what do you want out of me?” Adam asked.

“Nothing, can’t a guy show his appreciation to his boyfriend other than sucking his dick or fucking him all night.  I was trying to be nice and help you start your day,” Caden said smartly.

“Okay,” Adam replied. “I do appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome then,” Caden stated in a sharp. “See if I do it again though.”

“No… no… you normally aren’t a morning person,” Adam said between bites.

“Fuck it!” Caden said and headed to the bedroom in disgust.

Adam trailed between him.  Once in the bedroom, he grabbed Caden and gave him the best kiss he could muster.  “I’m sorry for insinuating something that wasn’t there.”

“Adam, I just love you so much and want to be the best boyfriend you could ever ask for but damn dude don’t go thinking I’m being a kiss ass cause I want something.  I pretty much have what I want right now in my life.  I couldn’t ask for much more.  Here I was trying my best to be nice,” Caden stated.

“Again I’m sorry and it won’t ever happen again,” Adam said. “Are we cool now?”

“I am,” Caden smiled.  He kissed Adam again, “Have a good day at work.  I might just go back to bed since I’m here.”

“Do whatever you want,” Adam said and left to head to work.  He jumped in his car and was angry for opening his mouth.  He felt bad since Caden was doing from the bottom of his heart for him.

When Adam returned home after a rather normal day, he noticed Caden’s car was gone.  He gathered the day’s mail and headed inside with a bag he had as a make-up item for insinuating something that wasn’t there.  He looked around and was pleased to see work had been restarted on the back yard project with the nice fence just about completed.  He called Caden’s cell phone but only got his voice mail.  He figured Caden had let it run out of juice or left it in his car.  He gathered his things and decided to head to work out at the gym instead of waiting on Caden.  

Walking in the door at his gym, Adam was greeted by Nash.  Instantly Adam asked if Caden was there but Nash said he wasn’t.  They talked for a moment before Adam headed to the locker room to store his things.  He headed out and quickly ran into Jay and Keith who were there working out as well.  Adam had to endure the talk of the last get together and said they would try to make it next day if Caden remembered. 

Hot, sweaty, achy and a little tired, Adam threw off his gym clothes for a quick shower.  He entered the shower and stood next to a young guy around Caden’s age.  He could feel the eyes of the young guy while Adam soaped up his sweaty body. 

“Damn, you’re hot,” Adam heard a whisper.  He looked and saw the guy with his nice cock in his hand. “Wanna maybe hookup sometime?”

“No, I have a boyfriend but I do appreciate the interest,” Adam replied.

“Lucky guy whoever he is,” the guy stated and left.

Adam headed back into the locker room and saw the guy getting dressed in the corner.  Adam could see he was cute but had no interest in ruining a good thing.  The guy stopped and slid a piece of paper in Adam’s hand.

“Call me if you wanna mess around,” the guy said. “I’ll make the time to get with you. I love older sexy guys.”

Adam looked at the number and waded the paper up.  He tossed it in a corner and knew the guy had a lot of nerve to approach as he had done. 

“Was he hitting on you?” Jay walked over in his jock.

“He was,” Adam replied.

“You dawg,” Jay smiled. “Nice looking kid there Adam.”

“Jay, I have all I can handle and more with Caden.  I’m not about to start something I’ll regret,” Adam stated.

“Caden tells me you two are tight but still I bet he fucks around on you,” Jay stated.  “He’s an idiot if he does though.  You two make a good couple despite being his step dad.”

“He may do it but I hope not.  I’ll see ya later Jay,” Adam said and grabbed his things.  He headed off to the car.  He stopped to grab a few needed things quickly at the store before heading home.

He pulled in the drive and still no sign of Caden.  He entered the house just as it was turning dark and put away the few items he had bought.  He walked into the bedroom and stripped the bed after a few good nights of sex was beginning to show on the sheets.  He loaded the washer and heard a door.  He waited and saw Caden walk through the door in one of his new bikinis.

“Sorry but we got to the beach late and were having a blast,” Caden said.  He walked over and gave Adam a kiss.  “Did you miss me?”

“I tried to call you…”

“Fucking phone!  Bitch will not stay charged up,” Caden said. “I try and try!”

“Go get you a new one then,” Adam said.

“I guess I’ll have to splurge a little get one of those sweet ass iPhones,” Caden said.

“They are nice if you can afford it,” Adam said.

“Dude! I have a little money,” Caden said and stripped off his suit.  He spotted the bag on the counter and walked to it. “What’s this?”

“A little something I bought since I pissed you off this morning,” Adam said.

Caden opened the bag and pulled out the two t-shirts and shorts, “You are the bomb!  You didn’t have to do this.  I was over it right after you left. I really appreciate it!”

“Caden, I felt so bad about thinking…”

“Thanks though, you really have a good grip on my style.  These shorts are killer!” Caden stated.  He had to give them a try and loved the look against his dark skin and nice body.

“I did notice you haven’t had any new clothes.  I went to the mall and grabbed them.  You needed them anyway but I’m sorry Caden,” Adam said.  “So who went today with you to the beach?”

“Ummm…” Caden rubbed the little growth on his chin. “Rob, Brett, Noah and Evan.  All the ones just finished with college.  I was bored shitless so I called em up.  It was kind of nice without each other’s boyfriends.  We had a great time.  Want a little bit of gossip?”

“Sure,” Adam replied.

“Rumor has it things are so peachy with Josh and Pete according to Noah,” Caden said. “What a big fucking surprise, huh?”

“Yea, I wondered how long it would last,” Adam stated. “Caden, stay out of it though.  Pete will handle it if there is a problem.”

“Oh I know he will but knowing Josh he’s fucking up like always.  Some guys know when they have a killer boyfriend,” Caden smiled and headed to put away his things.  Adam did love seeing the defined tan lines that formed around Caden’s naked ass as he walked away.

They stayed together and close the rest of the night.  Caden announced at 9 he was going to bed since his work schedule called for him to be at the gym to open at 6 for the week.  Adam followed behind and was pulled down on the bed by Caden after making the bed.  Caden pressed his wet lips against Adam’s lips with his hands on Adam’s ass.  The two made out in the center of the bed before Caden worked his way to start the night off sexually. Caden let his tongue work its way downward with extra time on Adam’s nipples and stomach.  Adam felt Caden’s mouth and longed to suck Caden off as well.  They position in the bed for some 69 action since they both wanted to suck each other off. 

Caden spread his legs after a good blow and felt Adam’s tongue and mouth at his hole.  Adam spread Caden’s cheek wide and dove into the tasty ass he loved.  Caden grabbed his legs behind his knees to allow Adam free access to his ass.   Caden could feel the tongue now probing his hole and began breathing hard with deep moans.  Adam licked and probed with a few dives on Caden’s cock as well.

Adam stopped to grab the lube and threw Caden’s long legs on his shoulders.  He lubed his cock up nicely and smeared some at Caden’s entrance.  He leaned over for a kiss with his hand guiding his cock into Caden’s ass. 

“Fuck me, Adam!” Caden screamed. “I want fucked tonight.  No pussy love making! Pound the fuck out of my goddamn ass! I wanna feel my man fucking my hot ass!”

“I will babe! I pound this hot ass til we can’t take it any longer!” Adam said with fire and lust in his eyes.  He shoved his hard cock deep and heard Caden groan.  He pulled out and shoved it in harder and deeper.

“Fuck yea, bitch!  Bring that shit on!” Caden screamed and felt another deep ram in his ass.  He reached up and grabbed Adam’s ass to help.

“OOOO Caden!” Adam groaned with his skin popping against Caden.

“Wild shit, huh?”

“Fuck yea!”

“Fuck my ass like the bitch I am,” Caden said with his teeth clinched together.  He felt Adam’s cock deep in him and heard the pounding along with feeling it. 

“Different huh?”

“Hell yea but I love it!  Fuck me!” Caden screamed with his voice getting higher.  Caden was breathing harder.  He loved the look in Adam’s eyes. 

Adam grabbed Caden and pulled him up, “Fuck yourself on my cock!”

“I fucking will!” Caden screamed.  He bounced up and down as hard as he could.  Adam grabbed Caden’s cock and felt it grow hard in his hand.  Caden moaned and groaned loudly with each plunge.  He squeezed his ass tight to hear Adam moan as well.

Adam took over and started long dicking Caden’s ass.  He leaned over and bit Caden’s nipple while jerking his cock.  Caden held Adam’s head down and screamed loudly.  A few more plunges until Adam felt his cock explode into Caden’s bowel.  Caden squeezed his ass tight and shivered.  He knew he was close as well.

“Fuck!” Caden screamed before bombarding Adam’s hairy chest with his load.  Caden pushed all he had out before leaning over to kiss Adam. 

Knowing there was no way they could sleep in their mess, they quickly showered with lots of lip action along the way.  They dried off and returned to the messy bed. 

“That was killer sex!” Caden stated, holding Adam tightly.

“A damn good change for us.”

“I know.  I missed a little hard ass fucking and you delivered it for damn sure.”

“It was still love making on a different level.  It was giving your lover what he desired how he desired it,” Adam said with a kiss.

“Wore my ass out good though,” Caden stated.  They kissed goodnight and rolled to their position to fall asleep with Caden holding Adam tightly against his body.

The next morning, both hated to hear the alarm go off at 5.  Caden rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom.  Adam laid there a few minutes before hearing the shower start.  He rose from the bed and could repay Caden from the day before.  Caden welcomed him in the shower with a nice kiss.

Both finished showering and did what was necessary to prepare for the day ahead at their separate job. 

“A little early for you,” Caden spoke.

“I can get ahead before everyone gets there,” Adam said. “I don’t mind one bit.”

Caden was out the door first after downing a breakfast bar.  Adam cleaned for a few minutes before he too was gone to work.   He liked being early and would give him a great head start on his day along with doing a few neglected items he needed to do at work.

Adam came home a few minutes early and found the house empty.   Instead of waiting around, he donned his shorts and shirt to take a nice long run around the neighbor.  He did the long run and returned to still no sign of Caden.  He showered and threw on some loose shorts in case visitors came with Caden.

At 8, he finally heard Caden drive up.  Caden walked in the house like he normally did.  Adam walked over and saw a big smile on Caden’s face.  He gave him a kiss and knew something was up.

“Where’d you go after work?” Adam asked.

“Around here and there,” Caden giggled.

“Caden, you’re high!”

“Yea, so what.  I’m high as fuck dude,” Caden smiled. “Feels awesome!”

Adam bit his lower lip.  “I don’t mind you having fun with all your buddies but does it have to involve smoking that shit.”

“I did it.  Who gives a fuck?”

“I do for one,” Adam replied. “I definitely give a fuck.”  Adam mocked Caden. “I should have said something at Brett’s Saturday but no you go and do that shit again.”

“I got smoked out, so deal with it alright.  Nash and Mateo were hitting it so I dove into too,” Caden stated.

“Please Caden don’t start doing it all the time,” Adam said. “I’m begging you.”

“I can do what I want.  You said we needed time with our friends and do shit with them, so I did.”

“Yea I said that but don’t go off the deep end.”

“It’s just fucking weed! I can handle it!”

“Don’t get that attitude with me!”

“Fuck you then if you don’t like it!  I had fun tonight!  No harm in that!”

“Let’s sit down and talk this over,” Adam said and tried to be civil.

“Fuck no,” Caden said. “There’s nothing to talk about!”

“The fuck there ain’t.  You come in high as fuck as you put it and think it’s cool and shit!  It’s not cool with me!”

“Deal with it Adam!  Your fucking boy toy here is a goddamn stoner and loves it!  It’s not the first time I’ve done it either!  I do it a lot and will keep doing it!”

“Fine!  Do whatever you feel like big man!” Adam said, red in the face and walked towards his bedroom.

“I will motherfucker and you can’t do shit about it either!” Caden said and showed a totally different side of him.

Adam slammed the door with emphasis.  He was pissed beyond belief and was not about to watch another lover be done in by a drug habit.  He lay on his bed and could hear the television loud as ever.  He rose and opened the door.

“Caden, please.  Let’s talk about this,” Adam pleaded.

“What’s there to fucking talk about?” Caden said. “I don’t feel like right now.”

Adam approached Caden, who was on the couch.  “I love you!” Adam stated.

Caden pushed Adam away, “Dude, you saw a fucking hot stud and have been using my ass far too long!”

“What the fuck?  You started it!” Adam said.

“Fuck no I didn’t.  You begged my ass!  I remember!” Caden said.

Adam threw up his hands and saw it was no use dealing and arguing with Caden.  He knew the truth.  He headed back to his room and did his best to fall asleep alone.  

Adam was up at his normal time the next morning.  He opened his bedroom door and saw no signs of Caden anywhere in the house.  He was pleased to see he had at least gotten up and gone to work that morning.  He hoped by the time he got home Caden had simmered down and come to his senses.

Adam had a hard time concentrating at work with his mind on Caden.  He thought Caden was past his demons from earlier but somehow they had reared their nasty head.   Right after work, he headed straight to the gym to see if Caden had shown up, which he had.  While there, he worked out to rid some of the mounting tension and frustration he was feeling.

Adam got home about 6:30 and was sorely disappointed not seeing Caden’s car in the drive.  He tried to keep occupy his time with various things around the house and checked on the progress in the backyard.  He gave up waiting and headed to bed.  At 12, he heard Caden enter the house.  He wanted to get up but soon feel asleep knowing Caden was at least home.


Not many more Chapters left here.  Hope you are enjoying it.