Posted:  October 29, 2009

Caden woke the next morning, Sunday, with his arm draped across Adam’s hairy chest.  He saw his naked lover there sleeping so peacefully.  He leaned over and licked around Adam’s nipple as softly as he could.  He continued to do so and went for the other one as well.  He saw Adam open his eyes and went for a kiss.  He returned to licking Adam’s nipples to start their morning. 

“Feels great Caden,” Adam stated quietly.

Caden continued until perching his naked fit body on top of Adam.  He kissed Adam passionately and enjoyed the feeling of their bodies grinding together.  The two kissed and kissed while making out to start their day.

“Do you have any plans for us?” Caden asked.

“No, do you?” Adam said with his hands on Caden’s nice ass.

Well… I do have a few hot ass swimsuits I’m itching to wear out and be seen in,” Caden smiled.

“Let me guess, you wanna head to the beach for the day,” Adam stated and looked over at Caden.

“Of course but how’d you ever guess?”

“Oh a shot in the dark you might say,” Adam grinned and went for more kissing. 

Caden broke the long kiss and looked Adam in the eyes, “I do love you so much.  I’m so lucky to have you and to get to love.”

“Thanks, I’m just as lucky seeing all the options you have out there,” Adam said.

“None of them could come close to comparing to you,” Caden said. “Adam you’re the total package in my book.  Fuck the age difference.  That means nothing to me or the fact you married my mom.  I’m past that and don’t know how much more explaining I can do about it.”

“You know Caden, I feel the same way.  At first, I thought it would be awkward but now it’s a simple fact.  I love my wife’s son just as much as I loved my wife.  I never thought I’d say that but I do feel it more and more every day we are together.  You’re just what I needed in my life and came at the perfect time.”

“I second that as well.  Walking in here a month ago I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to make it.”

“I think you’ve done great,” Adam said. 

The two kissed again.  The kissing and body contact had them both in the mood for one long hot sweaty hour of making love to each other in every way possible and as slow as possible.  They couldn’t seem to get enough of each other and climaxed nearly together with Caden shooting his thick creamy manload all over Adam’s furry chest.  Adam unleashed his load exactly where Caden wanted it and filled Caden’s guts up with his seed.  It was hard separating and coming down after the incredible high of their sex.  

Caden led Adam to the shower and continued to show his love to his man.  Caden asked and received his first golden shower from Adam.  Adam didn’t see what the big ‘turn-on’ was about getting pissed on but did it for Caden in the shower.  They ended by shaving each other’s crotch smooth again and enjoying the look as well.

Caden and Adam shaved their growth from their face with Caden leaving a little on his chin to see how it looked after the steamy long shower.

“Now the biggest decision is what to wear today,” Caden stated.

“My personal preference is the stripped one,” Adam said.

“I was thinking the same thing but wanted your input just like Mom used to do I’m sure,” Caden smiled.

“She did but my taste and hers clashed at times.  She asked and then did what she wanted to in the end,” Adam smiled.

“You care if I call some friends to join or you want some more alone time with my hot ass?” Caden asked with his hand on his hip to quasi pose.

“A few friends but not the entire group,” Adam replied. “Four or six will be just fine.”

“Gotcha,” Caden said.  He exited the bathroom, found his stripped bikini, admired it a minute in the mirror, especially the nice bulge and found his phone to call some friends to join them at the local beach. 

“Who’s joining us?” Adam asked after seeing Caden finished his multiple calls.

“Well… Rob and Mark are busy naturally.  I invited Brett and Sean along with Noah and Corey since Noah, Brett and I went to high school together,” Caden replied. “I did tell Brett to wear a Speedo since I was and know Noah’s tendencies.”

“Sounds like a great group to me,” Adam said.

“By the way, your new trunks look fucking hot on you,” Caden said.  “From now on, I’m letting you shop for me.  I think these look great on me.”

“They do,” Adam stated.  They loaded the car for another day at the beach with the sun shining brightly overhead to announce summer was getting closer and closer.

Once on the beach, Caden began laughing when he saw his old friends, Evan and Matt there as well. 

“Hey guys,” Caden greeted them and stuck out his chest with pride.

“Damn, you guys missed it at Jay’s last night.  Where were you?” Evan asked.

“Ummm… we weren’t invited,” Adam said and sat down his things.

Caden sat his things down as well, “We may have been but I forgot all about it.  Sorry Adam!”

“That’s fine. We were busy as it was,” Adam said.

“Everyone was looking for the two of you,” Matt said. “It was missing that something special there.  Pete brought Josh along though. The worst part it ended so early.”

Caden spotted Noah, Corey, Sean and Brett all walking together his way.  They found the group and sat their things down to enjoy the sand, sun and surf.  Caden was pleased to see Sean and Brett in their bikinis and looking great.

“What’d we miss?” Corey asked.

“Nothing actually.  Adam and I just got here too,” Caden replied.  “Brett, did you see Rob and Mark today?”

“I did,” Sean spoke up. “They waved was all. Good guys though and glad we’re neighbors you know”

Caden did the formalities of introducing Matt and Evan to Sean and Brett.  They all kicked back to enjoy the day and relax.  A good twenty minutes of virtual silence among the friends with only the sound of the waves hitting the beach.  Adam enjoyed the peace and quiet there with his new friends.

“Noah, you all moved in with Corey?” Caden rolled and asked.

“Yeah, I am,” Noah stated.  “It’s been great so far.”

“I know,” Corey said with a kiss for Noah. “This dude can’t get enough of me and about to wear my ass out.”

“I know the feeling,” Adam laughed.  He felt Caden shove his shoulder.

“Bitch, it’s fucking me you can’t get enough of,” Caden stated.

“I don’t blame him,” Brett laughed. “Damn, your swimsuit is the fucking bomb and looks killer on ya, Caden.”

“You know how that shit is, right?” Caden asked.  “Thanks for the compliment.  Adam picked these out for me.”

“Ole Caden broke me in good in high school,” Brett smiled.  “Now Sean doing a damn good job of it too.”

“Are you bottoming?” Noah asked Brett.

“Yea,” Brett smiled.

“Dude, you fucked my ass so many times,” Noah said. “Got me hooked.”

“When were you two hooking up?” Caden asked and didn’t know the two were hooking up as well.

“Oh when I wasn’t at your house, Noah was over at mine,” Brett laughed.

“Fucking two timer,” Caden laughed. “It’s all good.”

“Yea, look how it has turned out,” Brett stated.  “We all seem to have found the right someone now.  I know I have.”

“I have too,” Caden said.  “Adam is just what I needed at the right time in my life.”

“If not for Corey, I was about to go fucking crazy without a guy,” Noah said.

They all hung out at the beach and soaked in the sun for a few more hours.  Occasionally they would head to the water for a little fun with Sean showing his boarding skills along the way to impress the others.

At 4 that Sunday afternoon, they all packed up their things to head home for the day.  Adam was relieved when Caden didn’t ask or suggest company for them back at their house as a night cap.  They headed back to the house, baked in the sun and tired from the day and still a little from the previous day.  

Half home, Caden got a call on his cell phone, nothing out of the ordinary.  It was Rob inviting him and Adam for a reward for the previous day’s help in the form of grilled burgers at their new place.  Once finished with the conversation, Adam changed directions and headed towards Rob and Mark’s place.

Caden rang the door bell and heard Rob’s voice yell to come on in.  He opened the door and quickly saw they had been working with a few new things up here and there in the living room.  Walking to the kitchen, Caden and Adam quickly saw a nude Rob.

“How was the beach?” Rob asked.

“Fine actually,” Caden replied.

“I know… I know,” Rob said and could see both sets of eyes on him. “With this new place, Mark and I have decided to really just go as we please.  Mark is the one who is the real nudist here.  We figured of all our friends we could with you guys.  We’ll dress if it makes you feel uncomfortable.”

“We’ll just join you,” Adam stated and took off his swimsuit. “Caden and I do at times as well at the house.”

“It’s not like we haven’t seen each other so it’s no biggie,” Caden said standing naked as well.  “Matter of fact, I like it.”

“I figured you would,” Rob laughed. “Fuck Caden, you’re getting so dark already.  I love those tan lines.”

“I do too,” Adam smiled.

Caden turned around and showed his ass.  He felt a light slap from Adam.

“Wow, your ass is so fucking white but looks great with you getting dark here just at the first of the summer,” Rob said and heard Mark come in with the burgers, hot and ready.

“Damn Caden!” Mark commented.  “I see you guys don’t mind and have joined us.”

“When at your house, do as you do,” Adam said. “To me, it’s really nice among you guys.”

“To me it is too,” Mark said.  “Once we got out that duplex, I knew then I would let all hang out, you might say.  Anyone ready to eat?”

“I am,” Caden said quickly. “That sun and water really takes it out of you.  We did miss you guys but it really is starting to take shape around here.”

“We managed to squeeze in a little decorating here and there between… you know…” Rob said while grabbing the condiments and chips.

“I bet,” Adam smiled. “I know you two studs have been showing your love to each other.”

“He’s about to wear my ass out,” Mark laughed.

“I do because I love you,” Rob said and grabbed Mark for a kiss.

“Keep that up,” Adam said. “Never be afraid to say I love you and you might stay together a long time.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?  Mom was your longest relationship,” Caden laughed and dove in to eat.  Adam laughed as well and knew it was so true.

They all started to eat with beers handed to everyone as well to wash down the tasty burgers and chips.  Adam could see how happy and content Rob and Mark were in their new place with good laughs and chatter while they ate.  After filling up, Mark and Rob wanted to step out to the covered porch and show off their new patio furniture and grill they had purchased that day for that spot. 

Adam and Caden grabbed the loveseat while Mark and Rob took the two chairs to enjoy a smoke.  Adam threw his arm over Caden’s dark rounded shoulders and enjoyed having him close.

“Now it never crosses my mind about you two,” Rob stated, blowing out smoke.  “To us, you are just like us.”

“Thanks, we’re way past that and have been for a while.  Matter of fact, we talked about that this morning,” Caden said.

“You really look great there together and seem so in love,” Mark stated and was as talkative as ever.

“We are,” Adam said. “We’re both so happy with the way this has all turned out.  Caden is eating this up with making all kinds of new friends like you guys.  I’ll be honest and have had a blast in this different and unique environment.”

“Adam, we’re changing you, huh?” Rob asked before putting out his smoke.

“Not like a complete turnaround from totally straight laced to totally gay.  I’ve always liked guys too mixed with girls but until it was more girls with guys on the side.  I never have had what you would call a true boyfriend like I do now.  Right now, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Anybody gave you much shit over your relationship?” Mark asked.

“Not me, they don’t anymore or at least to my face.  I’m not so ignorant to think there are some that want to say stuff but I don’t care,” Caden replied.

“You know I see the looks and all after they find out.  I tell my end and leave it at that.  Most have accepted it and like you guys just see us as a couple now.  The age now is no biggie either,” Adam added.

“He keeps me in line though,” Caden smiled.

“Glad someone does,” Rob said. “I bet without Adam you’d be wild as hell.”

“More than likely without any parents around and no one to control me.  I really like this a lot better.  I look myself in the mirror and have no regrets in life,” Caden stated.

“Plus you have a little sugar daddy there,” Rob commented.

“No,” Adam stated.

“Between us, Mom worked in insurance so we’re not hurting now,” Caden said. “Just keep that between us.”

“We will,” Mark said. “We just knew…”

“I’m sure most of our friends do.  It’s something between us.  For now, I do support him since he’s not 21 just yet,” Adam said. “His mom really was a great planner and had the wisdom to think far ahead.”

“Something we need to look into,” Rob said. “You know when you’re young; death is the last thing on your mind.”

“I really need to check into it.  Right now at work, my company only covers me as far as insurance goes.  I tried to add Rob but they refuse since we’re not married.  It sucks!” Mark said.

“It does.  Maybe someday gay couples will have the same rights and privileges as straight ones.  It has come a long ways over the past few years.  Now there is discussion whereas before there wasn’t even that,” Adam said. “It is a big disadvantage for gays and lesbians.”

“It is but I’m not fucking changing,” Caden stated. “I love being gay like this.  No straight couples would sit around naked and not think shit about it.”

“I know,” Rob said. “This is the bomb.  Except for seeing two big dicked studs, I don’t think about it in the short time since you got here and dropped em.”

“That’s the way it should be too,” Adam said. “It’s a nice lifestyle if you look at it like that.  There’s nothing sexual about it unless you make it sexual like some people think.”

“I know.  People think it’s weird but like now there’s not one weird thing about it,” Mark said.

“It is weird I haven’t popped wood yet,” Caden laughed. “That tells me I too am getting adjusted to it.  I should be used it being in athletics for all those years.”

“Dude, seriously, you were a jock?” Rob asked.

“Actually he was very good at soccer or any sport he put forth the effort in,” Adam stated.

“Yea, I was,” Caden smiled. “You talk about hard.  Seeing a bunch of fit jocks in the shower like Brett.  Now you talk about a good athlete, he was.”

“I can see that,” Mark stated. “He does have that jock build to him.”

“Rob you weren’t?” Adam asked.

“I was a swimmer until my junior year.  I just lost interest and was getting my ass beat.  I knew I had no future in it but have kept up my fitness after slumping off there for a while,” Rob replied.

They continued talking until almost sundown.  Adam and Caden found their suits in the living room.  They put them back on and thanked their friends for a nice time.

Once at home, Caden headed to the couch and turned on the television to find something to watch while Adam cleaned a little that he had neglected for the weekend.  He finished up and joined Caden who had off his suit and continued to enjoy being naked.  Adam slid his off after seeing how at ease Caden was.  Adam sat down and threw his arm over Caden’s shoulder.  Caden sunk into him and could feel the love from Adam.

“So this is what it’s like to really have that someone special?” Caden looked up and asked Adam.

“You bet it is.  It’s nice holding your lover like now,” Adam said.

“Do you see me as mom’s replacement more than ever since we’re so in love?” Caden asked.

“Caden, I don’t know the right way to put this…”

“I understand,” Caden said.

“Actually Caden you’re better than your mom.”

“How so?” Caden asked with a strange look on his face.

“The more I assess us this relationship might be better.  Caden, I worried that Anna would find someone better than me at one of those parties.  After you were gone, she was really getting into em more than I ever imagined.  We’ve had our fun with other guys but you cling to me afterwards.  Sometimes your mom would be cold for a few days and then warm up when she was horny again.”

“I see.”

“We knew we were perfect for each other but we were fucking married.  It’s a downfall of the lifestyle.  Caden, I did catch her in bed with another guy right after you went to college.”

“You did and didn’t leave her ass? How come now you’re telling me this shit?”

“I needed to for one.”

“Oh you think I might pull the same…”

“No, for one, you can handle it now.  When you’re truly in love, you tell secrets to each other.  I’ve kept that one hidden.  He was a guy from our club but damn.”

“Yea, what the fuck?  Why?”

“I don’t know.  I did join em and had a good threesome.  She said it was her way of having a threesome with me and the other guy.”

“What a fucking cop out!”

“You’re right there.  So you see if not for the sudden barrage of headaches and her death I don’t if we would still be married.  Maybe we would since we both agreed it came with the lifestyle but you never know.  Besides Caden, you’ve really energized me more than what you think.  Every day I look forward to coming home and seeing what adventure you have for us.  In a short time too you have really matured into one hell of a man, too.  I couldn’t ask for a more passionate lover, even more than Anna, who I considered very passionate.  Now we have a really great and fun set of friends who I love being around.  Each one is different in their own way but similar.”

“Yea, we’re all fucking gay,” Caden smiled.

“True but most seem to be good guys especially Mark and Rob,” Adam said.

“They are really good guys,” Caden stated. “I’m glad I met them.”

“Me too,” Adam said.  “They are different like us but so in love.  I could see in their faces.  They had the glow whenever they are around each other.  To answer your question about being Anna’s replacement…”

“Yea I did ask that and you went off,” Caden smiled.

“I couldn’t have ask for a better one.  Caden, I might be more in love with you now than I was with her,” Adam said and soon felt Caden’s lips.

“I love you so much Adam.  Thanks!” Caden said.

Adam rose from the couch and grabbed Caden by the hand.  Caden liked being taken outside on the patio.  It was a mess with the work being done.  Adam sat Caden in chair and kissed his way down his firm smooth torso.  Adam gazed up at Caden before taking him down his throat.  Caden leaned back in the chair and allowed Adam full control.  He ran his hands through Adam’s thinning hair while moaning and hearing slurping on his cock.  They switched position for Caden to return the favor. 

Caden stopped and mounted Adam’s hot throbbing cock.  He slid his ass down slowly to enjoy the sensation and stimulation of taking Adam.  He gently rode his lover while having his nipples played.  Both got into the steamy outside sex and continued to revel in their sex.  There was a lot of long kissing to keep the love alive. 

Caden moved to the chair and spread his legs wide on the arms.  Adam slid in behind and continued to fuck him.  Caden moaned and groaned with each thrust into his body.  They stared into each other’s eyes while continuing to feel such pleasure.  

Adam knew he was so close and thrust hard into Caden.  He moaned loudly and shot his cum deep in Caden’s bowels.  Caden jerked his cock with hot cum in his ass.  Adam slid out only to have Caden want his cock in him when he came.  Adam pushed back with Caden pumping his hard cock.  Caden threw his head back and let loose a nice load all over Adam’s chest.  The two kissed and didn’t care about the mess.

“Love, baby!  Fucking true love,” Caden said in bliss.

“You bet it is!” Adam said.