Posted:   October 21, 2009

With the alarm ringing in their ear, Adam knew it was the start of another day.  He pushed gently on Caden’s bare shoulders and announced it was time for them to get up to help their friends, Rob and Mark, move into their new house that was just completed.  Caden barely moved until Adam graced him with a kiss.  Supporting strong morning wood, Caden rose from the bed and wasn’t real happy about the early morning call on his day off but was eager to see his friend’s house and help them out.  Inside of showering, they scrubbed their faces to wake a little bit.  Caden took a long piss and was barely able to control it with his wood.  Adam shook his head seeing piss going all over the floor and seat.  Caden laughed before the two dressed in some old rags for the move. 

After a quick stop for some coffee and a little food, they arrived at Rob and Mark’s old duplex.  They were pleased to see there wasn’t a ton of stuff.  Within a short time, the two trucks were loaded with the remains.  Rob and Mark laughed at how empty they were and agreed one would have done the job easily.

Adam and Caden followed the trucks in their car.  They drove in the developing subdivision and to the back where Rob and Mark’s new house sat.  It too sat at the end of a cul-de-sac against wasteland in the rear.  Caden jumped out of the car and was excited to see their new house for the first time. 

Opening the decorative front door, the smell of new construction filled their nostrils.  Off the tiled foyer was a nice living room.  Next to it were the two guest rooms.  The well designed and stylish kitchen was on the other side with the master suite behind the kitchen.

“Looks like someone stayed here last night,” Caden stated seeing two sleeping bags on the floor.

“We were just so excited, we had to,” Rob smiled his brightest smile ever as was Mark.

“I don’t blame you guys one bit.  I can see you are both so proud and have every right to be.  I really like your new house and it looks great,” Adam said.

“We do too,” Mark stated. “Thanks, Adam!” 

They headed out with Caden and Rob laughing between the two of them.  Adam was smiling while hearing Caden ribbing his friend about breaking in the house the right way.  Rob was laughing and agreed it was well broken in with a marathon fuck session that lasted well into the late hours.

The trucks were slowly emptied.  With the May humidity setting in, the four were out of their shirts in no time with the hauling of the bed and other heavy bulky items. Load by load, they began emptying the rental trucks with sweat coming off each of their bodies.  With nearly the last load off the truck, they heard someone yell Caden’s name from the only house around which was across the street and down one lot.

Caden’s head went in every direction until seeing his old friend Brett standing across the street in nothing but gym shorts and looking very hot and nicely contoured young body with his shorts sagging low on his cut hips.  “Damn dude, what are you doing here?” Caden asked.

Brett walked across the street with all eyes on him.  He replied to Caden, “I was about to ask you the same question.”

“My friends Rob and Mark here had this house built.  I’m helping them move in after they signed the papers yesterday,” Caden said with his arms full.

Brett chipped in and grabbed a box, “Awesome, I moved in here with a friend say a month or so ago.”

Caden and the rest moved inside the house and put the boxes where they were told.  After a few more trips everything was cleared from the two trucks.  Caden walked and put his arm around Adam, “This is my boyfriend now.  Remember him?”

Brett got the strangest look on his face. “Your mom’s husband?”

“Yea, it’s Adam,” Caden said.  “I know what you’re thinking but let us explain…”

Brett listened to the story while Rob and Mark started unpacking boxes.  Brett broke off a huge smile at the end, “I can see where you’re coming from now.  At first it was strange as hell dude but totally get it now.  Caden, I heard about your mom and all. I’m sorry about that.  She was always so sweet and nice to me every time I saw her.”

“So Brett, you’re just rooming with your friend?” Adam asked.

Brett’s big brown eyes moved back and forth.  He cleared his throat and swept his hair from his face, “Well… ahh fuck it dude… I’m living with my hot ass boyfriend, Sean McGentry.”

“You’re kidding right?  Not geeky ass Sean?” Caden asked nearing doing the classic double take.

“Dude, fuck you.  He’s hot as hell now,” Brett said.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Caden stated.

“He left with his brother Jeff to get some things.  They might be back now and you’ll see how much he has changed. Not the old Sean for damn sure,” Brett said.  “Jeff and his boyfriend are the ones who bought the house with Sean and me shacking up there for the time being.”

“That’s great, Brett,” Rob said. “More gay friends! Can never have too many in my way of thinking.”

“Yea, not what I expected either but damn dude, both of you are smoking ass,” Brett laughed and looked out the front window.  “Dude, it’ll be awesome, you know until they start building more houses.  Sean’s dad, who built ours, said it might be a while with the market the way it is.  I think they’re home if you wanna go over there.”

“Sure,” Caden said.

All of them exited the house and ventured across the street.  Brett walked with Caden with Adam, Rob and Mark trailing close behind and loving the view.  Brett entered the house and loudly announced he was there.

“Dude, chill,” one guy said.

“Guys this is Paron, Jeff’s boy,” Brett announced and pointed. “The two in the back are our new neighbors.  Where’s Sean?”

“Where do you think?” Paron laughed and pointed to the back.  Paron was a big guy, maybe 25 with short reddish blond hair.

“Come on but I warn ya,” Brett snickered.  He opened the back door with two heads swilling around instantly.  “Look who I ran into today, Sean.”

With a burning joint in his hand, Sean stood, blowing out smoke first,  “Shit, what the fuck are doing here, Caden?”

“I was helping out my friends, Rob and Mark, who are your new neighbors,” Caden said. “Damn you have changed.”  Caden looked over the dark blond with his bangs to his eyes and swept aside with stud earrings in each ear.

“Different, huh?” Sean said, handed the joint to his brother and held out his arms to show his thin body.

“Yea,” Caden said. “but in a good way.”

“I told you he was totally changed,” Brett said and threw his arm around Sean. 

“Anyone want a hit?” Jeff announced in a high tone. Jeff was dark blond as well but a little bigger with a goatee and tattoos running up both arms.

Brett grabbed the joint and took a hit.  Rob wasn’t far behind with a quick inhale neither was Mark.  Caden looked at Adam and took a hit with Brett holding it at his mouth.  “You want some, Adam?” Brett asked.

“I’m good,” Adam replied.

“Dude, we used to get so fucked up,” Brett said laughingly to Caden.

“Yea we did,” Caden laughed and snuck in another hit in the end.

“I got more if you guys want it,” Jeff announced. “There’s fucking ass load of beer in the frig too.”

“Sure neighbor,” Mark said and went inside.

Jeff fired up another joint for the remaining guys.  In no time, it was gone with it passed around, leaving a strong scent in the air.  Still Adam refused a hit.  After the last puff was taken, they headed inside to the new house.  It wasn’t well furnished but decorative thanks to Paron’s work.  Between the table and couch, they all sat around and put the entire scenario together with Caden and Brett being the biggest link to them all.

After a few hours of talking and drinking, Caden and his group left the neighbor’s house and headed back across the street.

“Cool dudes,” Mark said.

“Yea, they’ll be fun to have as neighbors.  Bet they were as shocked as I was to know a gay couple was moving across the street.  I’ve seen Paron around outside and figured it was a young married couple living there,” Rob stated.  “Caden, what gay guy don’t you know?”

“There’s still plenty,” Caden laughed. “Seriously guys, Brett lost his virginity to me when we were 16 at his house.”

“No wonder you were so glad to see him,” Rob said and slapped Caden’s bare shoulder.

“Even though Brett wasn’t my first, I still remember getting hot with his ass.  Man what a night,” Caden laughed.

“I remember my first time, Nick Addison, freshman year of college,” Mark stated. “It was quick but hot.”

“I remember mine too,” Rob said. “He’s right here.  Adam, do you?”

“Yea but it was a girl,” Adam smiled. “My junior year after a football game back home. Nerve-racking but good.” 

“Fucking dude claims he’s bi but that shits changing every day,” Caden said, entering the house.

“I can see,” Mark laughed and grabbed a seat.

“I don’t know about you guys, but damn that combo of weed and beer is starting to hit my ass,” Caden said.

“I know me too,” Rob smiled and threw his arm around Mark.  He leaned over for a long tongue filled kissed with Caden doing the same with Adam to not be left out of the hotness.

“You ready to go?” Caden asked Adam.

“Yea let me get this pussy home before he does something stupid,” Adam said.

“Pussy that you love fucking every goddamn night!” Caden said.

“Hell yea,” Adam said. “Probably gonna do it tonight too.” Adam kissed Caden.

“I know Mark and I are going to get fucking nasty as fuck as soon as you guys hit the door,” Rob said.

“I hope so,” Mark smiled.

“In that case, see you fucking faggots later!” Caden laughed.

“Bye bitch!” Rob said back in joking manner.  “Thanks for the all the help!”

Once outside, Adam could see the combo was really hitting Caden.  He threw his arm around him and helped him to the car.  “Caden, I’ve never seen you like this,” Adam commented.

“Dude, it’s fucking awesome!” Caden said loudly.

Adam opened the passenger door to end a long tiring day.  He went around and got in to leave.  “Damn Caden!” Adam shouted seeing Caden’s shorts off and his big cock just laying there.

“Fucking great, huh?” Caden lifted his cock. 

“Whatever you say,” Adam said and started the car.

“I want fucked!” Caden said no more than 10 feet down the road and playing with his cock.

“Damn Caden, you are out of it,” Adam said.

“Maybe I am but shit let’s fuck somewhere besides our goddamn fucking house.  Let’s make this shit adventuresome!”

“Where then?” Adam asked as sarcastically as he knew how.

“Anywhere bitch.  I’ll take your shit anywhere!” Caden said in his drunken state.  He moved close to Adam which was hard to the console.  He leaned over and reached for Adam’s crotch.

“Dammit Caden, stop it!”

“No, I want your dick up my ass!”

“You’ll get it at home!”

“Fuck no!  I’m fucking bored doing it at the house!  Please Adam!”

Adam wheeled into a new subdivision with trees all around.  He found a street that looked good and rather secluded. He stopped the car.  The thought of nailing Caden in another place was just too enticing and did sound good to Adam to break their routine.  “In the back seat, bitch!” Adam demanded.

Caden crawled to the back seat and waited for Adam to get back there with him.  Adam kissed him and could taste a little of the beer still on his breath. 

“Gotcha! I should be a fucking actor after that performance huh?” Caden smiled.

“You little fuck!” Adam said and noticed maybe Caden wasn’t all that drunk after all. “While we’re here…”

Caden dropped his head and took Adam’s cock in his mouth.  He wasted no time and wanted to get Adam’s cock hard and wet.  Adam ran his hands through Caden’s growing black hair and loved the sound of slurping.  He felt his cock getting so hard with the thrill and excitement of this adventure. 

Caden pulled off, “Fuck me now.”

“I will,” Adam said.  “I will, Caden, as long as we both can stand it.” 

Caden spread his long legs and filled the back seat.  Adam spit on his cock again and lifted up Caden’s hot ass. He spit on Caden’s hole and jabbed his finger deep inside.  He finger fucked him for a minute to get Caden even more excited.   He found Caden’s hole and slipped his cock inside.  The conditions were cramped with the windows fogging up by the moment. It was quiet all around with Adam on the lookout for lights.  He felt his cock going deeper and deeper in his lover.  Caden moved and started fucking Adam’s hard throbbing cock with his ass.  Caden filled the car with some good loud groans of pleasure. 

“Fuck me!” Caden said and pulled Adam down.  The two kissed in the back seat while Adam drove his cock in and out of Caden’s ass.  They both soon realized this was about the only position and continued to rock Adam’s car with their actions.  “OOOOO Adam!” Caden moaned constantly when his mouth wasn’t closed by Adam’s mouth.

“Caden, this is fucking hot!”

“I know bitch! Keep fucking my ass!”

Adam continued to fuck Caden in the back seat and now couldn’t see a thing out the fogged up windows.  It didn’t matter to Adam for he was lost in his lust for Caden.  Adam reached down and felt Caden’s long hard cock.  He stroked it gently in rhythm with his cock pounding his lover. 

Caden sensed he was close.  He let out a deep moan.  Cum blasted out of his cock and hit Adam in the chest.  “I want your shit all over my face!”

Adam pulled out and creamed Caden’s face like Caden wanted.  Adam delighted in licking of his own cum and kissed Caden passionately.

“Dude, we better get a move on it,” Caden said.

“We better,” Adam said.  He jumped in the front seat nude as did Caden.  The smell of their sexual encounter filled the car.  Caden kissed Adam on the cheek as they drove away.

“I got ya, huh?”

“You sure had me fooled,” Adam said.

“I’m a little tipsy but not bad.  That was so fucking hot, dude!” Caden said.

“I know.  I’m glad you talked me into it,” Adam said.

“That there was a perfect cap to my day.  It was so cool seeing Brett again.  He’s fucking hot now just like always.  I still can’t get over Sean.  That dude has changed so much.  He was like the biggest geek in school,” Caden said.

“People do change and sometimes for the better,” Adam stated.

“Do you think I’ve changed for the better?” Caden asked.

“Caden, I don’t know.  To me you were just some punk ass brat who was my wife’s son before now, so I can’t say honestly,” Adam said.

“Bitch, I’m better now than I was at college,” Caden said. “I was totally out of control.  You just thought I was drunk then.  Boy did I ever drink and smoke at college.”

“Well then you haven’t changed a bit,” Adam chuckled.

“Trust me, I have.  Now I only do it socially like tonight.  Have I ever even asked you to buy my beer or smoked weed just for the hell of it?”

“Not that I know of,” Adam said.

“Now I don’t need it and have you to thank for it,” Caden said.

The two finally arrived at the house.  They found their clothes and walked inside the quiet dark house with the hour approaching midnight.  Caden had forgotten all about his phone for the day.  He saw how many calls he had missed and knew they could wait until later.  Both showered after a sweaty day and fuck session in the car.  They headed to their bed and made out for a little while.  Caden enjoyed running his hands all over Adam’s body.  After calming down, Adam rolled to his side and was fast asleep.  Caden cuddled up behind his lover and held him close to his naked body to help fall asleep.  Caden recounted the events of the day in his head.  He still wondered how different his life would be without Adam and knew how lucky he was to have such a mature stabilizing force in his life with both parents gone.  He kissed Adam softly before falling asleep for the night.


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