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Posted:   October 17, 2009

Adam was up first as usual this cloudy Sunday morning.  He knew soon the clouds would pass for the sun to shine brightly this last day of April.  He found something to eat and just noticed by the microwave clock it was nearing 10.  He looked around the house and had nothing but fond memories of his and Caden’s sexual romps in every room of the house.  He went still naked for the first time since Caden had arrived and gathered up the sheets.  He threw all of them in the washer and started it.  He felt a grab around the neck and the naked body of Caden pressing against his.

“My lover,” Caden said and spun Adam around for a passionate good morning kiss.  “I could do that shit all over again.”

“Truthfully, I could too but let’s wait,” Adam smiled.

“I wasn’t talking about right now but, you know, again sometime, especially outside.  Man, was that ever smoking ass hot,” Caden smiled.  “Are you up for making your hot ass lover some breakfast?  I’m starving here.”

“You look it,” Adam said and rubbed Caden’s nice darkening abs.  “Caden, you have been doing more than work at the gym.  I can really notice it.”

Caden flexed a little and was proud to have Adam notice, “I have but the best part is I’ve just started.”

“I don’t know if I can stand it if you get all ripped like Nash,” Adam said.

“I won’t, trust me,” Caden said.  “I don’t care for all those bowed up guys with those big ass muscles.  I want to stay lean and trim but shredded as fuck.”

“I don’t either but some are hot,” Adam smiled.

“I could do it if you want me too,” Caden said. “I can get the stuff.”

“I bet you can.  Is it big there at the gym?”

“I don’t see it but hear about it in passing.  I have found a syringe in the toilet and one needle one in the locker room, so somebody is doing it somewhere there but not in plain sight.”

“Caden, don’t do it.  It really fucks with your head,” Adam said.

“I know. I’ve heard and shrinks your nuts.”

Adam started cooking some omelets while Caden sat close by.  Caden poured what was left of the milk and equally divided it.  Within minutes, the omelets were ready and smelled great with low fat cheese and mushrooms for taste. 

Since Caden asked for breakfast, he cleaned up the mess while Adam did another load of laundry.  “Any plans today Caden?” Adam asked.

“Not that I know of right now,” Caden said.  “Do you have anything you want us to do today?”

“No but one thing is for sure.  I need to go to the store.  We’re about out of everything imaginable,” Adam said.

“I noticed taking a dump we were low on toilet paper,” Caden stated. “I used the last of the spray too since it stunk something awful.”

“I will say your shit does stink,” Adam laughed.

“Look who’s talking.  You could gag a maggot with your shit,” Caden laughed.  He then could hear his phone ringing in the distance.  He walked around the house and found his phone in the couch and wondered how it got there.  “That was Ian calling.”

“So much for no plans,” Adam stated.

Caden redialed the number and spoke with Ian.  Ian wanted them two to meet and go swimming at the apartment complex where he lived or go somewhere other than the beach like the day before.  Caden hung up after telling him he’d see him in a little while.

“I heard the entire thing,” Adam said.

“Where do you think we should go?” Caden asked.  “We could go to his complex but we aren’t so sure how our attire would fit in.”

“I have another suggestion,” Adam stated and looked at Caden.

“I know… I know… call Josh and see if he wanted a bunch of guys crashing Pete’s place to swim,” Caden said.

“You can pretty much do whatever there you want and wear whatever sexy bikini you guys have,” Adam said.

“Speaking of bikini, I really need another one or two. With all the swimming and going to the beach, I need more.  Would you mind if I ordered one from the computer?  I’ll pay you back in two weeks,” Caden said.

“I don’t mind you ordering them one bit.  I can see you have good taste.  You know by looking what fits your body. Don’t worry about paying me back either.  I’ll make it,” Adam winked.  “Now call Josh and try to be nice.”

“I will since I want something out his sorry ass,” Caden said.  Caden dialed Josh’s number and walked off to talk with him.  He returned off the phone, “We’re set.”

“Caden, you can go without me,” Adam said. “You go do your thing while I run to the store and stock up.  We’ve been around each so much and really haven’t done much apart this past week or so.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.  Like last night when we said we needed time together, we also need time with our friends apart from each other,” Adam stated.

“Yea but you don’t have any so called friends to go hang with,” Caden said.

“I know but you go without and have a good time.  Tell Pete I was busy which I am and had things to do,” Adam said.

“Alright then but don’t bitch later,” Caden said.

“I won’t.  I’ll see you when you get back.  I’ll surprise you and order you a really hot bikini.  What size by the way?”

“I wear a 30 in jeans,” Caden said and put his hands on his small hips.  He went off to find a swimsuit and cussed having to wear his old Speedo.  He wasted no time and was out the door to head to Ian’s apartment.

With Caden gone, Adam went to the store and came back with a haul.  He finished up all the laundry before getting online and ordering more swimwear and other things for Caden and one for him as well seeing how the water was going to be a big part of the summer. He also managed to squeeze a nice run and could tell he had been slacking in that regard.

Nearing dark, Adam heard Caden drive up.  Caden entered through the garage and was getting ever so dark.

“How’d it go today?  I see you got your share of sun for the weekend,” Adam said.

“It was pretty relaxed and calm,” Caden stated.  “They all wondered where you were.”

“I did get a lot done today…”

“Including ordering more swimwear I hope,” Caden interrupted and popped the waistband of his Speedo.

“I knew there was something I was forgetting,” Adam said.

“Damn, I need more and you even said so,” Caden said.

“I’m sorry I got busy and totally forgot all about getting online,” Adam said.  “I can do it later.”

“Fine, whenever you want,” Caden said and was a little disheartened.

Adam broke a smile, “I ordered them, Caden.  You might be surprised.”

“I like surprises,” Caden perked up.  “I just know they are smoking hot.  Ian told me come back again when he was working and he’d hook me up.  He said they got some really hot looking ones just in that would be perfect for me and look freaking awesome.”  Caden walked over to Adam and found a weak spot and started to tickle him in the ribs.

“Stop,” Adam cried out while getting tickled.

“No, this is what you get for lieing to me,” Caden continued to tickle Adam.  He continued until his mouth found Adam’s.  He grabbed the back of his head and drove his tongue into Adam’s mouth.  He ran his hands through Adam’s thinning blond hair.  “You know I love you to death.”

“Same here Caden,” Adam smiled and continued a little romantic kissing.  He went to the kitchen and pulled out something to grill for their dinner.  He started the grill and came back to tell Caden to remind the contractors to add a new grill to the list of improvements to the backyard.

The rest of the night was rather quiet for the two with some television while Caden’s attention was with his phone and now all his friends he had made.  Adam didn’t mind since Caden allowed him to see and interact as well.

Adam and Caden were up the next morning at the same time.  They had gone to bed early the night before.  Adam enjoyed the early morning loving he tried to give Caden.  Caden wasn’t his peppy self but took Adam’s loving.   They headed off to their respective jobs.

Adam was home a few minutes early and found Caden sitting on the couch in his shorts. 

“They started!” Caden said.

Adam went to the back and saw the old chain link down and digging for the new privacy fence that he wanted.  “This is going to be nice.”

“I wish we would have included a pool though so we wouldn’t have to call a friend every time,” Caden said.

“Ummm…” Adam said and rubbed his chin in thought.  “Let’s see how this goes and go from there.”

“Alright, I guess I can wait,” Caden said.

“Caden before we see their work, let’s wait.  I saw Pete’s and was impressed but you never know what kind of job they’ll do for us,” Adam stated.

“Tight wad,” Caden commented.

“No, I don’t feel like throwing away money.  Keep up smart ass comments like that and I’ll never buy you anything ever again,” Adam said.

“I was just joking!” Caden said.

“No you weren’t.  I know I’m a little tight but damn, we are building a fucking hot tub and sprucing this yard up.  I don’t call that fucking tight!”

“Simmer down there,” Caden patted Adam on the shoulder.  “I was only stating how nice it would be to have a pool.  On the other hand, I’m a realist too and know they are very expensive.”

“Okay then,” Adam said and took a deep breath.

“You wanna hit the gym and take off a little of that tension you got today?” Caden said.  “I didn’t work out and know you’ve been missing it so I waited.”

Adam smiled, “I could do that.  You really waited on me?”

“Yea, Nash wanted to work out but I told him I wanted to come back with you.”

The two went inside and found their things for the gym.  When Caden hit the door, he felt at home and talked to various people he knew.  Adam could see the looks coming his way as well.  They hit the weights together and showered quickly to make a quick night of it.

The week passed in a hurry for the two with no drama or visitors.  A majority of Caden’s new friends were busy taking or studying for final exams now the first week of May.  The nights were generally quiet and peaceful for the two had a nice routine down.

Adam arrived at the house a little late on Friday.  He saw Caden’s car in the drive.  He gathered the mail and had a big smile seeing his package was there.  He entered the house with the package hidden away and sat it on the counter while Caden was talking on the phone.  Caden was so into his conversation he hardly noticed Adam had entered or the package was there.

Caden got off his phone, “Good news or maybe bad news depending on how you look at it.  We have plans this weekend.”

“Such as?”

“That was Rob and they signed or whatever you called it on their house,” Caden said. “I volunteered our muscle for moving…”  Caden’s eyes spotted the package and raced over to it in a split second.  He tore open the package to send the items flying in different directions.  “Hell yea! Now this makes my… hold on,” Caden said finding Adam’s only order and holding it up.

“Those are mine,” Adam snagged the trunk swimsuit.  “Of all the things, you picked mine.”

Next Caden grabbed a pair of thong underwear.  “You didn’t?”

“Well… if anyone can wear…” Adam said. 

Caden quickly stripped off his clothes and had to try on the thong.  He looked down at it and smiled with approval, “Fucking bad ass! I love em!!!”  Caden raced to find the closest mirror and headed to their bedroom with Adam trailing.

“Caden, this thong was made for you,” Adam said and threw his arm around Caden.

“I’ll say,” Caden said and stared into the mirror.  “I can’t wait to see the other things and how they look on me.”  Caden sprinted back grabbed the three bikinis.  He threw them on and glanced at the red and black stripped bikini first.  He leaned over and kissed Adam.  “Perfect!”  Caden was off for another pair.  The last thing he tried on in his rush was some low rise bikini briefs.   He looked in the mirror and saw they were a little snug in the crotch.

“I don’t know about those,” Adam laughed. “It’s like your dick is just begging to come out of there.”

“I know.  These are my least favorite of all what you got but still they will be used,” Caden smiled.  He grabbed Adam for a strong kiss.  Adam let his hand slide down and cupped Caden’s cock.  “I think I got someone all horny.”

“You did,” Adam said and kissed Caden’s neck.  “You didn’t have plans for us tonight did ya?”

“No but it looks like we have plans now,” Caden replied before ramming his hand down the front of Adam’s work khakis to feel his man cock that he loved so much.  He pulled out his hand only to unbutton Adam’s shirt and khakis in a hurried nature.  He put one finger in Adam’s waist band of his gray boxer briefs.  “We need to work on these.  My man needs hot sexy undies like me,” Caden said. He had off Adam’s boxer briefs in one quick motion and grabbed Adam’s cock.  “I’m working this hot fucker to completion and show you how much I love and appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”

“You don’t…” Adam said and felt Caden’s moist tongue running the length of his cock.  Caden cut his eyes up at Adam with his briefs now off.  Caden stroked his own cock and continued to lick Adam’s cock that was getting stiffer by the second.  Caden took each ball in his mouth and gently sucked each one with his free hand at the base of Adam’s cock.  “Caden, fuck yea!” Adam moaned, now lost in the feeling.

“I’m not stopping until I taste your jizz or you fucking lose it,” Caden said before opening his mouth wide to take Adam’s hard cock.

“Damn, I might see about buying you something every week if you’re going to act like this,” Adam smiled.  He closed his eyes and sat on the edge of his bed.  He could feel Caden’s tongue swirling on his cock head and groaned.  He opened his eyes to see Caden staring up at him with his cock just inside his mouth.  He leaned back on his elbows and continued to enjoy Caden’s now noisy effort.  The sound of smacking and slurping filled the bedroom.  Adam felt Caden’s stiff hair and moved to touch his tan shoulders.  “Feels great.”

“I want it to,” Caden said.  Caden kissed up Adam’s stomach and the hair on Adam’s chest.  He licked back down and kept on sucking Adam’s cock.  Caden repeated the scenario several times with alternating between kissing Adam’s stomach, hips or thighs. 

Adam was lost in the euphoria.  He moaned and started breathing harder.  He could hear Caden’s moans as well on his dripping cock.  He loved seeing the precum string from his cock to Caden’s tongue. 

The moment of release was close.  Adam threw back his head and screamed, “Fuck!”  Caden could feel the waves of cum hitting the back of his throat.  Caden wanted every last drop of cum and sucked down hard to squeeze the last pearls of goodness.  Caden licked up Adam’s body and found Adam’s puckered lips. 

Adam grabbed Caden by the back of the head for a tongue filled noisy kiss.  He pleasured in tasting the remains of cum still lingering in Caden’s mouth. 

“I love you and loved every second of sucking this fucker,” Caden said with hand wrapped around Adam’s cock.

“You’re the best and I love you so much.  My boy loves sucking his man’s cock, huh?”

Caden pulled back a little and looked at Adam, “For one, I’m as much of a man as you are.”

“You know what I meant,” Adam said.

“You still look at me like I’m a kid, don’t ya?  Buying me shit like mom used to,” Caden said with a loud tone to his voice.

“Great we’re going to argue over one little word,” Adam said.

“No, I want respected is all,” Caden said. “Matter of fact, I want to be seen as your partner, lover or whatever the fuck they want to call us.  I want you Adam for as long as we can stand each other.”

“Partner means equal you know,” Adam said.

“I know the meaning.”

“Does that mean chipping in on everything including groceries?”

“I will,” Caden replied. “I’ll hand over every dime I make if that what is necessary.”

Adam broke a big smile, “Caden, I see you as my lover, partner and boyfriend.  I’ve long forgotten you were my wife’s son and now see you only as someone I love with all my heart and soul. I don’t want or need your money at this point.  Someday when you make good money, then I will expect it.”

“Or when I can cash out those policies Mom had for me,” Caden said. “She was so smart.”

“She was.  She never said a word about it her last days,” Adam said. “We both knew she had planned for this tragedy no matter how sudden it was.”

“Did she suffer much?”

“Caden,” Adam started to tear up. “She did a little… but the drugs helped some.  That was the hardest moment ever… seeing her vanish there holding my… hand.”

Caden grabbed Adam for a hug.  He kissed him and felt the sorrow Adam was experiencing.  He wiped the tears that were streaming down Adam’s face with his hand.  “I promise to repay you someday.”

Adam looked up at Caden and smiled. “Someday.”

The two sat there silently in the middle of the bed.  Caden would steal a quick kiss in hopes of brightening this downer of a moment that he brought on.  “Sorry, I asked,” Caden stated.

“It’s fine.  I still have moments but they are lessening each passing day,” Adam said. “Time and a great lover like you are one hell of a healer.”

Together, they headed to grab something to eat and retreat to the couch to enjoy the night.  They were no more comfortable until they heard the doorbell ring.  Both scrambled to the bedroom to find shorts.  Caden headed to the door.

“Damn Noah,” Caden said shaking his head.

“We didn’t…” Corey said, standing there with Noah arm in arm.

“No we were just watching television in the buff,” Caden said while they walked inside.

“Hey guys,” Adam greeted them while coming out of the bedroom.

“Sorry but we tried calling but some dickwad won’t turn on his phone,” Corey said, making his way to the living room.

“The battery is down,” Caden stated.

“Whatever,” Noah smiled.

“What’s up?” Caden asked.

“We were just getting more of Noah’s things and decided to stop to see what you two gay fucks were doing,” Corey said.

“Yea, I’ve moved in totally,” Noah spoke.

“That’s awesome!” Caden said. “Noah, is your mom cool with it?”

“Yea,” Noah replied.

“She told him she’d never seen him so happy,” Corey said.

“You guys want something to drink?” Adam offered.

“Water would be great,” Corey replied.

“Anything with alcohol,” Noah smiled.

“You’re shit of luck there, dude,” Caden said.

“You know his ass drinks,” Corey turned to Adam.

“I know he does but why encourage it,” Adam laughed and grabbed some water.  He came and handed it to Corey and Noah.  “Noah, I can really tell you are in love and how happy you look just by seeing you there with Corey.”

“He’s the greatest,” Noah said and kissed Corey on the lips.

They talked a little while about Noah’s college ending and found that Corey worked for a lighting company as his job.  Corey and Noah didn’t stay long and were gone within thirty minutes.

As soon as they were out the door, Caden dropped his shorts and resumed sitting with Adam on the couch as they had before.  It took just a hint before Adam was out of his and enjoying their time together.