Posted:   October 12, 2009


With the five patiently waiting and dressed for the planned day at the beach, Caden came bouncing in the door shortly after noon.

“About time,” Ian said to Caden.

“I got here as quick as I could,” Caden stated with his shirt off and his shorts low on his hips exposing the tops of his boxer briefs.

“Make it quick.  We’re aching to get out there and enjoy this sunny day,” Rob said.

“I will but it’s not like we don’t have all fucking summer,” Caden said and headed to change into a bikini for the beach.  He returned, “I may have a friend from work joining us.”

“That’s cool,” Troy said. “What’s another person going to hurt unless it’s Josh’s old man?”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Caden said sarcastically.

Adam and Caden got in the car.  The others had their cars waiting and loaded for a fun day at the local beach nearby.

“So who’s coming?” Adam asked in the car.

“Nash,” Caden replied.

“Nash, huh?  Is he new?”

“No, he’s the cute blond I work with.  You know the one with the long bangs and pierced ears.  He asked what I was doing today there picking up his check so I told him and did warn him in case you’re wondering.”

“So he does know you are gay?”

“Oh yea, he is too and said he might bring some another gay friends too along for the day to join us on this great day,” Caden smiled.

“I take you are totally out at work.”

“Let me just say I freely tell em I have a hot ass boyfriend that I live with,” Caden laughed. “They know and really don’t think much about it as long I do my job there.”

“No discrimination then?”

“Why should there be?  I’m not the only one there that is gay or lesbian.  More are that aren’t.”

“I see.  I don’t guess I ever took the time to notice or for that matter cared.”

They continued to talk before arriving at the beach.  They easily found a place to park since they enjoyed a beach that wasn’t the most popular one and offered fun away from the crowds.  They all unloaded their cars and walked down the uncrowded beach to the far south end that was their hang out and known for the gay population.  They spotted Noah and Corey waiting on them and looking hot as ever.

“Where you guys been?” Corey asked.

“Someone had to work,” Ian gestured to Caden. “We were waiting on his ass.”

“It doesn’t matter anyway,” Corey said. “We’re just here taking in the sun.  Not too many people out on this bright sunny day so far.”

They threw down their things and got comfortable.  It seemed everyone now had a chair to sit in.  Even with a chair, Rob liked stretching out on a towel and was joined by Ian.  They put on lotion and were comfortable with small talk back and forth.

“Noah, have you heard from Josh lately?” Caden asked.

“Yea, he called last night and was pissed he didn’t get invited out to eat,” Noah said.

“Did you tell him we had eight as it was?” Troy said.

“I tried to explain that to him.  He might show up here today with Pete,” Noah said.

“That’s cool,” Rob said and shaded his eyes.  “Pete’s actually a cool guy and will keep Adam here from being the old guy.”

“Thanks Rob,” Adam joked. “Way to rub it in.”

They were lying out and enjoying the sun when Caden spotted Nash and two guys heading their way.  He got up and showed them where they were all sitting and getting some sun.  He did introduce the dark skinned Nash, who had a very fit body to match Rob’s but with a little more muscle, especially in the legs and wearing his Speedo to show it all off.  Nash introduced his friends, Yates and Mateo. 

Hearing the name Yates, Adam did a double take.  He got up from his chair and stuck out his hand to the tall Yates.  “How’s it going?” Adam asked in a friendly manner to Yates.

“Damn, I do know someone here,” Yates said and proceeded to give Adam a nice friendly hug.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you,” Adam said.

“I know.  A lot has happened since the last time I saw you,” Yates said.  “I heard about Anna.  I’m very sorry about that but man are you ever looking great and really have lost the weight too.”

Caden heard the conversation and his mom mentioned, “So you knew my mom?”

Adam could see Yates was a little confused, “This is her only son.”

“Nice to meet you,” Yates said.

“How do you know her?” Caden asked.

“Ummm… we met a while back at a few parties,” Yates said and didn’t know exactly how to word it.

Caden smiled, “I know all about those parties.  Nice to meet you.”  Caden returned to find Nash and Mateo, a young slim Hispanic guy.

“Adam, I take it you’re just here to get out of the house and hang with Anna’s son’s friends,” Yates stated and set down his things he had brought.

“Sort of but more than that actually,” Adam said.

“Don’t tell me you are hooking up with one of his friends.”

“Well… it’s Caden the one I’m hooking up with,” Adam said and looked at Yates.

“Still going after that young ass just like me,” Yates laughed.  “I finally left Susan and haven’t regretted it one day.  I enjoyed the pleasure and fun with guys and finally said fuck it I’m going to enjoy my life while I can.”  Yates stopped and looked at Adam, “I didn’t catch that at first but you’re… fucking Anna’s son now?”

“I am.  Let me explain…” Adam said and told Yates all about his and Caden’s relationship.

“Hey, I see your point.  Keep on doing it if you neither one of you see anything wrong with it.  Hell I would since Anna’s gone, plus that Caden’s one hot looking guy.  How old is he?”

“19. Are you dating either Nash or Mateo?” Adam said.

“Both actually right now.  The three of us are living together and seeing how that works,” Yates said. “So far it has been great.”

Adam looked up and spotted Josh and Pete walking their way.  He said hi and watched Pete walk over and sit his things done with the older guys. 
Adam introduced Pete to Yates. 

“See you like younger guys too, huh?” Yates said to Pete.

“I do and love it.  Josh there is the best but he’s about to kill me,” Pete laughed and reached in his cooler for a drink.

“I don’t blame you.  Get it while you can,” Yates laughed.  “Wait til you try keeping up and pleasing two young hot studs like me. I’m not complaining though.”  Yates pointed out Nash and Mateo to Pete.  Pete smiled and told Yates how hot they were.

Adam saw Caden walking swiftly and came to their little gathering.  Caden grabbed Adam by the arm and lifted him out of the chair.  “Let’s take a walk,” Caden said.

Adam and Caden walked down the beach while Pete and Yates continued to get to know each other.  “Is there a problem?”

“Big time.  Josh is rubbing it Noah’s face how he got a new car yesterday and bragging endlessly about all the shit Pete’s been buying him.  If we’re not careful, there’s going to be one big ass brawl and almost one already.”

Adam saw Noah and yelled to him and Corey to join them.  “Fucking bitch ass motherfucker!” Noah said once he was close and red faced already. “I’m going to fucking kill him if he says one more word!”

“Noah, don’t ruin it for everyone here.  Just steer clear of Josh.  In my opinion, you’re the one that has found the right guy,” Adam said.

“Yea dude, fuck him,” Corey said with his arm around Noah.  “You let him get under your skin and he knows it.”

“Yea but he opens his mouth just to rag my ass.  I’m sick of it!” Noah said.

“Adam say something to Pete and maybe he can control his little fuck boy,” Corey said.

“I’ll try,” Adam said.  They walked a little ways, turned around and headed back.  Adam scanned the water for Josh and finally spotted him next to Pete.  He walked over with Caden and had a seat.  Caden stared hard at Josh.

“What’s your fucking problem bitch?” Josh asked.

“You for one,” Caden stated. “Here we’re out having a little fun and you go all bragging to Noah about all the shit you’ve got.  Just cool alright with Noah.  The rest of us are sick of it too!”

Pete had a stern look on his face and turned to Josh, “Are you…”

“I just told em about the car and clothes,” Josh said.  “I was telling them how much I loved you.”

“If I were you, I’d keep it quiet around others,” Pete said. “We didn’t come here to be trouble.  If you can’t keep your trap closed, then we’ll leave.”

“I will,” Josh said.

“I’m warning you and remember what I said.  The best thing to do is make peace with your brother,” Pete said.

“He’s the one who got all hot-headed on my ass,” Josh said.  “He’s such a whining little bitch!”

“Go on,” Pete said and pushed Josh up.

“Fine,” Josh said.  “He better not say a word to me though.”

“Younger guys,” Yates commented. “We love em to death but they still have a little growing up to do even at 22 like Nash or 21 like Mateo.”

“I know,” Adam said and felt a strong push against his side from Caden.

“Caden, what really happened down there between Noah and Josh?” Pete asked.

“Basically Josh came down there bragging about all the thing you’ve bought him and how jealous Noah should be since he had such a great loving man now,” Caden said. “Noah said good for him and ignored Josh but Josh just keep on nagging and bragging endlessly.  Noah got in his face before we had to make a little peace.”

Pete stood and said, “I for one will not stand for this.  Josh knows what I told him but insists on opening his mouth.”  Pete marched down the beach to find Josh.

“I take he’s the boy’s sugar daddy, huh?” Yates said.

“Something like that,” Adam said. “They haven’t been together but a week.”

“Damn!” Yates said. “Here I’ve been with Nash for 5 months and Mateo for 4.  They better not get any bright ideas from my 38 year old ass.”

“I didn’t know anything about you guys, so I don’t think they will,” Caden said.  Nash and Mateo walked up with water dripping off them from the ocean and looking so hot with the sun glistening off the water on their bodies.  They each lay with Yates in the middle.  They could now see Josh and Noah making peace with Pete watching over them.

Pete finally returned alone and left Josh with the others.  He sat back down disgusted by the look on his wrinkled face and grabbed his drink, “That boy! Here better watch his ass or he’ll be gone as quick as he came.  I’m not putting up with that shit!”

Caden grabbed Adam by the hand.  The two went to the ocean to cool off and enjoy it for a while before most of the rest decided to join in.  The day went fast with no more arguing between Noah and Josh.  They weren’t buddy-buddy but they were peaceful and stayed clear of each for the most part of the day.  The beach started to fill up with more people with most being gay or lesbian.  Rob knew a young gay couple from his college that had just walked up to enjoy the day.   Soon the two were part of the growing group enjoying all there was at the beach.

Around 5 in late April, they started packing up their things.  Caden and Adam walked to their car with their arms loaded.  Caden saw Rob and Corey approaching.

“Caden, you guys wanna hang out at my place tonight?” Rob asked.

Caden looked at Adam, “Thanks but I wanted to spend a little alone with Adam tonight.”

“That’s cool dude and don’t blame you.  You need those nights for just the two of you,” Corey said. “See ya later then.  Have fun like I know you will.”

“We will,” Caden said. “Thanks for asking though.”

Caden and Adam loaded their things and said goodbye to all their friends.  Yates walked up and said goodbye, “You guys wanna go grab a bite somewhere?”

“We’ll pass tonight but we definitely will later for sure,” Adam said.

“See ya,” Caden said to Nash and Mateo.

Adam and Caden headed home with plans to get drive thru for their dinner. 
“Now that Nash and Mateo’s situation is kind of fucked up, huh?” Caden said.

“Different is all I’ll say but I know the reason why,” Adam said.

“I do too.  Yates had the biggest bulge ever in the bikini.  Damn!”

“I know and that’s what I was talking about,” Adam laughed.

“Is it as big as it looked?” Caden asked.

“Yates has a fucking horse dick, Caden.  Bigger than both of us.  Thick and long,” Adam said. “I’ve seen it at our parties.”

“Did mom…”

“Caden, she did with Yates being one of her favorites but I enjoyed his girlfriend too,” Adam stated.

“Hell I don’t blame Mom,” Caden laughed. “Did he ever fuck you?”

“Nah, we did tag team one young guy one night.  That poor guy was screaming his lungs out the moment Yates started fucking him,” Adam said.

“I would too,” Caden said.

They stopped and grabbed something to eat for the house.  Once home, they unloaded Adam’s car and ate the food.  They discussed the day and the events at the beach.  As usual Caden was happy to be surrounding by his growing number of friends he was making since being kicked out of college.  They cleaned up the mess that was minimal.

“I’m ready to take a bath,” Caden said.

“Start the shower and I’ll join you,” Adam smiled.

“I’m talking in the huge ass tub.  Not once have we got in there together.  I know it’s plenty big enough of two or else Mom wouldn’t have had it put in,” Caden smiled.

“You’re right there all accounts.  A long hot bath would be nice,” Adam stated.

“I’ll go run the water,” Caden said. 

Adam put away a few of their beach things and went to the bathroom to join Caden for a long bath together.  Adam stripped off his clothes and tested the water first. 

“You ready for me,” Caden said with his hand on his hip and naked with well defined tan lines and growing darker by the day.  He had candles burning and lights turned off to set the mood.

“You bet I am,” Adam said.

Caden stepped into the water.  He could feel the warm water.  He put his arm around Adam and saw it was big enough for the two of them comfortably.    “I bet Mom enjoyed this with you,” Caden stated.

“She did but we didn’t do it a lot.  Now I can see we really missed out,” Adam said.

“Adam, you do know I can never take her place and don’t want to.  I’m your next lover and am so different than her.  I do love you so much,” Caden kissed Adam on the cheek.  “You’re the best.”

Adam smiled and pulled Caden on top of him.  Adam loved the feel of Caden’s nice smooth skin while they kissed in the tub.  “Caden, thanks for showing me I could love again.  Thanks as well for showing me I could love a man as much as I could a woman.  I love guys but never imagined I would find that man that fulfilled my needs like you have.  You are simply the perfect combination for me of youth and a little maturity.  Caden, I just love you so much now.”  Adam and Caden kissed as passionately as ever with both of Adam’s hands holding Caden’s nice ass.  The setting was perfect for romance while the two showed their love to each other in the tub.  They did manage to clean their bodies and wash their hair while kissing and enjoying the tub for all it was worth. While there, they shaved each other’s pubes again with Adam having his shaved smooth clean this time to see what it was like since he noticed Ian, Rob and Troy were shaved as well the night before.

They exited the tub and dried each other off.  Adam took his time while drying every inch of Caden and kissing various parts of his youthful darkening skin. 

“Damn Adam that was so fucking erotic.  I’m more than ready to have great hot sex with you all fucking night!” Caden stated.

“I’m so glad you told your… I mean our friends you wanted us to be alone tonight,” Adam said with a wide grin.

“Me too.  We need one special night like this just for us,” Caden smiled and kissed Adam.  He grinded his body against Adam and loved the feel of the erotic and sensual body contact. “Let’s go to my room.  I want us to experience that first.”

“Sounds good to me,” Adam said and walked briskly to Caden’s old room.  Caden pulled Adam on the bed and kissed him.  The two lovers 69 ed in the bed before Caden spread his legs wide and announced he wanted fucked.  Adam dropped his head and ate out Caden’s ass like never before.  The rim job had Caden screaming, moaning and begging for Adam to take his ass.  Adam lubed up his cock, threw Caden’s ankles on his shoulders and slid inside him.

OOOO fuck!” Caden moaned. “Adam, fucking bred my ass tonight!”

“Are you sure?” Adam asked.

OOO fuck yea!” Caden moaned again with Adam going deeper by the second and scraping his prostrate.  “Fuck me Adam!  Fuck me!  Fuck me hard like the bitch I am! Let’s make this motherfucking bed sing with your dick fucking my ass!”

The bed soon began squeaking loudly and rattling.  The head board hit up against the wall with Adam driving his hard cock in and out of Caden’s ass.  The sounds added excitement to their sex.  Caden was going crazy and loving it for all it was worth. 

They switched positions to their sides.  Adam continued to fuck Caden with all he had and broke out in a nice sweat.  Within a few minutes of fucking, Adam knew he was about to bust.  He grabbed Caden by the chest, grunted and felt his cock explode inside Caden. 

“OOO Adam!  Don’t pull out of me.  It feels so fucking good,” Caden moaned.  He jerked his cock with Adam still in him and felt his nuts boiling.  He groaned and shot his load.  Seeing the explosion, they locked lips and continued to kiss well after Caden finished shooting his load. 

“Another hot fuck for me in here,” Caden said and was so blissful. 

“Alright who else did you fuck in here?” Adam asked.

“Josh for one then there was Brett, the guy on the soccer team.  He was one great fuck.  He said he wasn’t gay but hell he did everything and more with me.  Ummm… yeah, fuck what was his name?”  Caden said.  “Jackson.  He was scared shitless and wasn’t that good.”

“I remember Brett.  He had long brown hair and that little innocent face,” Adam said.

“Innocent maybe.  You should have seen it covered with my nut.  Fucking dude loved a facial but kept saying he wasn’t gay just horny,” Caden laughed. “I need to find him and see what he’s up to since I’m home.  I’ve about forgot all about him.”

The two calmed down and lay in Caden’s old bed petting and kissing.  Caden announced “I’m fucking ready for more, if you are?”

“Damn Caden, how can I deny such a hot young guy that I dearly love wanting me again?” Adam smiled.

Walking to the next room with Caden’s room a total disaster and smelling of sex, “You know last night was all good and shit but us together doing our thing out of love is special.”

“Yea Caden it is,” Adam said and was pushed onto the bed.  Caden in his youth was hard in no time.  He entered Adam with a hard push.  Adam grabbed Caden and pulled him close.

“You want this cock, huh?” Caden asked inches from Adam’s face.

Fuck yea, I love it.  Feels so hot in me!” Adam stated.

“Damn I love you so much!” Caden said and kissed Adam with lots of tongue.  He took it easy and wanted to show his love to Adam.  He slowly fucked him in a few positions before sending his hot seed inside Adam for the first time.   They kissed in the bed and could feel that special spark.

An hour or so later, they were back at it again in the kitchen.  Caden had dreamed of taking Adam perched on the countertop and did so.  Caden got a tad crazy with excitement and joy and wanted fucked on the dining room table.  Adam pounded Caden’s hot ass like he wanted and filled him again.

“Damn, you’re about to wear my fucking ass out,” Caden said while they flopped on the couch.

“Think of me.  I’m 34 and not 19,” Adam stated.

“Yea but a fucking great 34 year old.  You should be proud to hang with my ass,” Caden said.

“I am and happy to do so,” Adam said.  “You ready to call it a night?”

“One more, outside,” Caden gave Adam a look.

Fucking horn dog, you!”

“One you love though!”


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