Posted:   October 10, 2009


With Adam, Caden, Rob, Mark, Ian and Troy all standing in the parking lot after a great meal at the Japanese steak house, Rob asked, “Adam do you mind if we all hang out at your house tonight?”

“I don’t care,” Adam said.

“Caden?” Ian asked.

“Dude, I don’t know about that.  I hate having you guys over,” Caden joked with his friends.  Caden smiled, “Of course you can!”

“Well… we might stay the night again too,” Rob said.

“The sheets are changed and waiting,” Adam said.

“Awesome!” Ian said.  “We’ll see you guys there then.”

Two by two the couples dispersed.  Adam and Caden walked slowly to Adam’s car and got inside.   “Seeing Alex really changed your mood a little, huh?” Adam said and now could read Caden well.

“I never wanted to see that bitch ever again!” Caden said in anger. “I hate him!”

“Bad breakup, huh?” Adam started the car.

“Bad is not the word… fucking nightmare was it was!” Caden said.  “That’s all behind me now since I couldn’t be happier.”

“That’s great Caden,” Adam said. 

“I just wish I’d never seen him.  In the end, he was horrible to me in every sense of the word.  I thought he was the love of my life, Adam.  It started downhill after Mom’s funeral.  We get back to college.  He walks up to me and says he wants fucked since I had been gone.  At that time, I wasn’t in the mood for anyone and still grieving Mom.  He basically raped me right there without my consent.  He said if I didn’t I was a bad boyfriend and had no feeling for him.  I cried all night long after that.  It got better when I went home with him for Christmas.  When we left, he started bragging about all the nice gifts he had gotten from his family where I didn’t get anything from mine.  He was rubbing it in since I had no one,” Caden said.

“I tried but you didn’t want anything,” Adam said driving.

“I know I didn’t want one thing at the time,” Caden said.  “After that it was like I wasn’t good enough for him or had enough money for him.  The ice breaker after months of fighting was going on spring break with him.  We went to the beach for some fun and sun and to do a little damage repair.  Every night, he berated me and told me how worthless I was.  He started to compare me to this guy and that guy.  The end came when we got back.  I was sick of it and started drinking one night.  I mean drinking.   He started up again.  I never hit him but I sure wanted to.  I tried to walk out and end it but he kept egging me on.  I finally light into him until some guys and the RA had to break us up.  I was so drunk then and didn’t care what happened.”

“I see,” Adam said. “My advice is to forget it and keep doing what you’re doing.  I know seeing him brought back bad feelings but you may never see him again.”

“I sure hope not,” Caden said.  “Sorry to be such a bummer like this.  This is really the first time I’ve had those horrible memories come back to me.  That food was kick ass and just the whole atmosphere was fun.”

“It was,” Adam said.  “Now I guess you can have more fun.”

“Oh I will, trust me,” Caden smiled. 

“I’ll be watching you like a hawk,” Adam said.

“Better have eyes in the back of your head then,” Caden laughed. “I feel like getting royally fucked up and so shit faced, Adam.”

“Please Caden, don’t overdo it.  Just try to act cool about it like I know and seen you can.”

“Don’t you ever feel like letting your hair done and letting hang out.  Now, I’m in the mood for that,” Caden said.

They arrived at the house with Caden’s bold announcement.  They turned on the television to watch LOGO while waiting on their friends for the night.  First was Rob and Mark to arrive with beer and an overnight bag.  Caden hustled to grab his first beer while Mark put their things in the room they had previously.   Next Ian and Troy were there with more beer and just a sack with their things.  

Ian opened his beer and asked, “Now what’s this about Josh and some old man?”

“Old as in 60 if not older,” Caden said. “How old is Pete, Adam?  Do you know?”

“I think nearing 60 but not quite there yet I think,” Adam replied.

“Still that’s way too damn old for any of us especially Josh’s.  He’s cute and all with a really nice ass.  What’s he thinking?” Ian asked.

“I’ll tell ya, dollar signs,” Rob said after a big drink. 

“Jealousy too.  He knows his step brother has someone and feels left out,” Caden stated.

“Wise one, what do you think?” Ian asked Adam and respected his comments.

“Both actually.  Pete likes younger guys and found the perfect guy who was willing to fuck with his old ass,” Adam laughed.  “Pete’s using Josh as much as Josh is using him but in different ways.  Wait til you get old and gray and have a cute young guy or girl show you attention.  Then you’ll totally get it.”

“Guy but not a girl,” Ian said. “Right guys?  We’re gay and proud of it.”

“I am,” Rob said.

“Me too,” Troy said.

“Adam, you’re well on your way to never wanting another girl here real soon,” Ian joked.

“You get some big chested older woman here and you’d see me differently,” Adam said.

“He likes older women for some reason,” Caden said.  “Take my mom for example.”

“So what if one showed up and showed your ass attention, would you leave poor ole Caden, here?” Rob asked and slung his arm around Caden.

“Not now I wouldn’t,” Adam said.  “If we were to break it off, then it would be a consideration.  Truth is I do love Caden as much as anyone except for his mom.”

“I’m slowly working on that part,” Caden said.  He walked slowly and kissed Adam with lots of tongue.

“Now we don’t have that problem, just all the young studs we’ve got as friends,” Mark spoke up.

“Guys, you do have a collection with the finest here on display,” Adam said.

Rob, Ian, Troy and Caden lifted up their shirts and showed what fine flesh was there.  “Damn Rob, how do you it?” Troy asked.  “I can slave for hours a day and never get those cuts like you.”

“I work it, trust me but a little good genes goes a long ways,” Rob said.  “Even my dad is still a fine looking man the last time I saw him.”

“Keep downing those suds and it will come evidentially,” Adam stated. “I know and have worked these past few months after letting myself go.  I do admire all you gay guys and even the older ones I know.  You are all very health conscience, which is not a bad thing at all.”

“We have to be.  Who wants to fuck around with a fat guy?” Rob said. “That is if you take Josh out of that equation.”

They continued to talking and drinking.  Adam kept his eye on Caden and watched him drink one beer after another but he wasn’t the only one.  It seemed a good night of drinking was what they all had in mind.  Rob and Mark would step out for a smoke and come back inside with the smell covering their body.  As the night wore on, Troy enjoyed one as well.

Adam could see things were close to ending and calling it a night.  He hoped he could get Caden away from them since Caden was eating this social opportunity up.  They paired up for kissing and making out as couple with the hour approaching midnight.  Adam looked across the room and could see Rob getting hot and heavy with Mark.  He watched Rob drop his head and pull Mark’s cock from his shorts.  Caden now saw what was going on and nudged Adam.

“You care?” Caden whispered.

“No, it looks like it was unintentional and an act of love,” Adam whispered back.  He kissed Caden more and felt Caden groping his cock all the while watching Rob suck Mark.  He could feel Caden reaching and undoing his shorts, aching to get at his cock.  He lifted up from the couch and watched his boxer briefs and shorts hit the laminated floor of the living room.  Caden got between his legs and looked up at Adam with his big brown eyes of lust.  Adam closed his eyes and leaned his head to enjoy this.  He could feel a wet tongue on his cock and then another one.  He opened his eyes and could see Ian had joined Caden in worshipping.

“Nice fucking dick, Adam,” Ian said and continued.

Adam saw Troy standing close.   Troy pushed down his shorts and boxers to stick his nice cock in Adam’s face.  Adam opened his mouth and let Troy enter it. 

“UMMM… yea,” Troy groaned while feeding Adam his cock.

“Fuck yea!” Rob yelled and saw what was occurring.  He and Mark moved near the four and joined in the unplanned cock sucking.  Rob positioned Caden to suck him and Mark together.

The sound of slurping and the occasional moan was heard in the living room.  Troy and Ian swapped positions.  Adam waited for Ian’s cut cock about 6 inches to enter his mouth while Troy was going down on him.  He looked at saw Caden blowing both Rob and Mark.  Lust was the only thing on Adam’s mind at the moment with him getting to experience two guys he considered hot.  Very little was spoken during that time they sucked on each other’s cocks.

Caden was gone for minute and returned with a box.  He opened the box and pulled out a condom.  He motioned to Adam while Adam and Mark switched places.  Caden put on a condom while Rob sucked Adam’s hard cock. 

Troy found the condoms and grabbed one to use as well.  Adam could see what was going on, planned or unplanned.  Caden kissed Adam before Caden stuck his cock in Rob.

OOOO fuck!” Rob screamed.  “Take it easy on my ass!”  Rob returned his mouth to Adam. 

Caden went deeper and deeper in Rob.  He could feel the tense body of Rob.  He pushed down on his back a little and felt Adam’s lips touch his.

OOO Caden,” Adam moaned and watched Caden take another guy.  He could see and hear Mark with Troy now in him. 

Caden grabbed Rob’s hips and thrust in and out in a steady motion.  Rob groaned while sucking Adam’s hard cock.  Adam pulled out of Rob’s mouth and kissed him.  “Fucking great dick, huh?” Adam asked.

OOOO fuck yea,” Rob moaned with Mark going nuts and filling the room with his loud groans and high pitched squeals over Troy pounding his ass.

Caden continue to enjoy Rob’s ass for a little while.  He pulled out and motioned to Adam.  “Your turn now,” Caden smiled.

Caden left Rob and Adam to fuck.  He found Ian and kissed him.  He grabbed another condom and entered Ian.  Ian was on the floor on his back taking Caden. 

Adam was deep inside Rob’s hot ass and saw him turn his head.  “Fuck me!” Rob growled.  Adam slapped Rob’s nice ass and drove his cock in deep.  “OOOOO fuck yeah!” Rob groaned loudly.

Adam directed Rob over to the loveseat.  Rob mounted Adam’s cock and started to ride him with Adam’s hand stroking Rob’s nice cock.  He could plainly see Caden enjoying Ian’s ass and Mark riding Troy’s cock in the floor.  

Every imaginable sound of sex was heard in the living room with all enjoying this little orgy to its fullest.   It was obvious a few were about ready to unload.   Ian wanted his body covered in cum as did Mark.  Adam and Rob stood over Ian while Troy and Caden stood over Mark.  Troy was the first to blast and coated Mark’s face.  Adam shot his cum on the chest and neck of Ian.  Rob blasted his cum all over Ian’s face and hair with Ian busting as well.   Mark grabbed Caden’s cock and let him shot his load down his throat.  Mark took every drop while Troy pounded his cock.  Mark was the last to blow and shot his load high in the air.

“Damn!” Ian said. “Everything is cool with everyone, right?”

Caden found Adam and kissed him.  He said, “It is with me.”

“Me too,” Adam said.

The other three agreed as well.  They were all now tired, still a little drunk and satisfied.   They cleaned up and found their clothes scattered about.  Adam and Caden made their way to their bedroom after saying and kissing each goodnight. 

Caden went and sprawled out naked on top of the bed.  “Man that was the fucking best!”

“You little horny bastard,” Adam smiled. “This was the plan all along.”

“Adam, it… it wasn’t,” Caden said.  “You saw it just happened.  That’s what made it great.  No big announcement, no plans.  Just fucking horny hot guys have good sexual fun with each other.”

“Caden, I’ll admit it was great.”

“It was, wasn’t it?” Caden stated and pulled back the sheets.  He threw his arm across Adam’s naked body.  He kissed Adam one last time and was asleep, holding Adam.

The next morning Adam woke and didn’t see Caden in bed with him.  It dawned on him about Caden’s job and something about maybe going in for a little while on the day they planned to go to the beach once again.   Adam rolled out of bed and found his running shorts to be comfortable for the morning.   He found some juice, what little there was, and poured a glass to have with some toast. 

Around 10 or so, Adam heard stirring coming from the other occupied bedrooms.  He watched Ian boldly enter naked and head to the refrigerator like he lived there.  

“Hey Adam,” Ian saw him and spoke. “Hope you don’t mind since you saw it all last night.”

“No it is fine with me,” Adam smiled.

“I’m sure Caden prances his naked ass around the house some,” Ian said.  “Both of you are very lucky to have each other.  It’s the perfect blend that really seems to work for you two.”

“So far I have no gripes whatsoever,” Adam said.  Ian had a glass of milk in his hand and walked freely to sit down.   “What a way to spend your anniversary, huh?”

“That was so unexpected but at the same time so off the charts,” Ian said.

“Tell the truth.  Was it planned?” Adam asked.

“Not to my knowledge it wasn’t,” Ian said. “That’s one of the reasons it may be so good.”

Troy appeared next and wasn’t as bold with his boxers.  “Dumbass, this in not our place.  How inconsiderate of you to go bare ass naked like this!” Troy said.

“Troy, if he’s comfortable with it than I am as well,” Adam said.

“He’s a showoff at our place and gets naked every chance he can,” Troy stated.

Rob and Mark were last to appear and right after Troy.  Ian saw the two in shorts and walked to put some on not to feel out of place.  Rob and Mark were in the kitchen and asked for some pain killers after the night of drinking.  Adam directed to the right spot while Ian returned in his shorts.

“Ian, you didn’t have to change.  You looked great matter of fact,” Rob stated.

“I didn’t want to start another orgy here,” Ian laughed and seemed fine after his night.

“So Adam, is everything really cool or was your ass still reeling after fucking me last night?” Rob asked.

“It is all good, Rob,” Adam smiled.  “I’d stopped it right then and there if it hadn’t been.  Let’s all be honest about it.  We all have wondered and lusted after each other.  I’m as guilty as anyone of us here.”

“I know I am very guilty,” Troy said and was met with a jab in the ribs from Ian.

“Does anyone feel guilty this morning about it?” Adam asked and saw not a one of them did.  “Caden’s mom and I used to swing as you know.  If I was there when she was with someone else then I had no problem with it and vice versa.  If say Ian and Rob had sex without their boyfriends knowing it, then it’s a big problem no matter if both of you say you’re in an open relationship.  I saw no jealousy whatsoever and only sexual excitement of experimentation with other consenting males.”

“Damn, you are the old wise one,” Rob laughed. 

“I personally didn’t see one thing wrong with Caden fucking either one of you,” Adam said to Ian and Rob.  “I was there and saw it was only sex between friends for the thrill and joy of it.  Sex is to be enjoyed and truly is an experience whether with one or a group.”

“It did put a charge into Ian’s ass last night,” Troy laughed.  “We had great hot sex after we got in bed.”

“I did that countless times with Caden’s mom after a night of being with both guys and girls,” Adam said.

“Did you last night?” Rob asked.

“Nope, Caden was asleep in no time,” Adam said. 

“Fucking pussy!” Rob laughed. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.  You were asleep in no time and all over that bed last night,” Mark said.

They decided to head out for a late breakfast after getting a call from Caden telling them he’d be home after noon.  Adam enjoyed his time with the four older ones.  He got to see and hear things from their prospective and the years of dealing with being gay.   None were ashamed naturally and freely admitted now they wouldn’t have it any other way in life.  The way Adam saw it they were happy and proud to be gay.


More still on the way.