Posted:   October 7, 2009


They drove and entered Pete’s subdivision with maybe an hour at the most for sunlight.  They explained part of their reasoning to check out the landscape.

“Holy fuck!” Caden pointed.

“You’ve got to be shitting me!” Rob said. “No fucking way!”

All four, Adam, Caden, Rob and Mark, were stunned to see Josh’s car in the driveway at Pete’s house. 

“Josh told me he may have found someone today at college when I saw him in passing the other day,” Rob said. “This might explain the new stud earrings and the expensive shirt he was wearing.”

“Before all of us jump to conclusions, we better go see what’s up,” Adam said.  “He might be here visiting just like us.”

“Visiting my ass,” Caden said. “I know what he’s doing.”

“Caden, don’t say a word if it is something.  Remember about us before you open your mouth.  He could get all over me and you as well,” Adam said.

“Yea but you’re not old enough to be…” Rob said.

“Let’s just see first,” Adam said.

The four got out of Adam’s car and headed to the front door.  Pete came to the door and greeted them with a big smile and hug for each.  They could see Josh sitting in the living in his bright yellow bikini.  “I know all of you know Josh.  Some better than others,” Pete laughed and gestured to Josh.

Josh stood and did indeed have new stud earrings that looked real and a nice necklace, “Hey guys, what’s up?”

“We came over to swim and check out Pete’s landscaping job.  Adam is thinking of having the same company do some work in the back yard,” Caden said.  He was soon greeted by hug from Josh.  “What are you doing here?”

Josh looked at Pete.  Pete spoke up, “He’s here for the same reason.”

“Checking out the landscape,” Rob smartly commented.

“Pete and I… well… you know…” Josh stuttered around.

“We’re seeing each other,” Pete smiled and threw his arm around Josh.

“Pete, I really hope it works out for you two.  Josh here is a pretty good guy,” Adam stepped up since the other 3 didn’t know what to say.

“Fuck it, dudes.  I was lonely and wanted a real man like you, Caden,” Josh said.  “Pete said something the other night about needing help so I went and checked it out.  Seriously, I know what you’re thinking and I would think the same thing too but it’s been so magical.”

“It has been, Josh,” Pete kissed Josh on the cheek.  “Are we going to stand here or what?  The pool is waiting on you guys.  I made some queso and spinach dip for snacks if you’re hungry.”

“Let’s go then,” Rob said.  Within seconds, the four were out of their shorts and headed out back with Josh to the pool. 

Before Adam could get too far, Pete grabbed him by the arm.  “While they have fun, let me show you what all they did.  They did such wonderful work as you’ve seen before.”

Adam and Pete walked outside behind the younger crew.  “Never gets old seeing those asses, huh Pete?” Adam commented seeing the four in barely enough cloth to cover their nice perky asses.

“No it doesn’t,” Pete said.  He walked with Pete.  Pete began pointing out various things with the splashing going behind them.  They continued to walk and look at a nice fountain accented by lights and beautiful landscaping. 

“They do a great job and pay close attention to detail I see,” Adam said.

“They may be a little more than most but to me for the job and extra care they took, it was worth every dime,” Pete commented.  They walked to the back and saw the work being done on the hot tub.   “Adam, I know what you’re thinking but it just happened between Josh and me.”

“Pete, do whatever you feel is right. If you like him, enjoy it and have fun,” Adam said.

“I have and feel that extra spark that has been missing.  I’m not the same old Pete I used to be.  It’s hard keeping up with him, if you know what I mean.”

Adam smiled, “Its hell keeping up with the younger guys but boy is it ever fun.”

“I’ll say.  Josh is so energetic,” Pete said. “I’m glad you guys came over and take a little heat off of me.”

“Pete, I let Caden do things or try to let him do things without me.  I think they still need the interaction with their friends,” Adam stated.

“I’ll keep that in mind.  You wanna join them now that the little tour is finished,” Pete asked.

“Sure, it is hot and very humid today,” Adam replied.

The two jumped in the pool to join the other four.  Caden swam up to Adam and latched on to him.  “So?” Caden said. “Are we doing it?”

“You bet we are,” Adam said and was smothered with Caden’s mouth. They kissed and used their tongues in front of the on looking four. 

“Sick dude,” Rob said.  “Wait til you get home.”

“Fuck off, Rob.  You got Mark there to kiss on,” Caden laughed and splashed water his way.  “I’m trying to show Adam a little love and appreciation.”

Rob returned the splash in a playful way in retaliation.  Caden splashed back and grabbed Rob by the neck.  He saw the sheer strength of Rob and ended up being the one who was taken under the water.  Caden came up spitting and laughing.  “Don’t mess with me, bitch!” Rob flexed and showed every muscle in his lean fit body.

“I will,” Caden laughed. “I’m sneaky fast.”

“That makes two of us then,” Rob said. 

Caden lunged at Rob to try to take him under.  He was able to for a quick brief moment before getting dunked hard and held under.  Caden came up and laughed, “Alright, maybe I’m not that fast.  Let’s eat!  Mark, I bet you don’t mess with him ever.”

“I do and will tell sometime how to get at him,” Mark smiled while the six exited the pool.   They found the warm queso dip and spinach dip waiting at the outside kitchen along with the refrigerator stocked full.  They sat around and ate what Pete had whipped up and talked.

After eating, the four younger guys hit the pool again while Pete and Adam sat and watched.  They didn’t stay long with Adam’s three ready to head home for the night.

Caden along the other three bid Pete and Josh good night.  He did his best to be kind and show his normal affection.  

No more than in the car, “Fucking sick!” Caden said. “Adam, I don’t care what you say but I know full well Josh’s deviant plan.”

“It is obvious,” Adam said. “Josh found the first guy who was horny and showed him attention.”

“Come on Adam.  You know Josh is using that old man and going to milk him for every dime he has.  He even told us his new earrings were real diamonds he bought with money he earned from Pete.  Earned by being a fucking whore for him,” Rob said.

“Guys, I know we can talk all we want and think it is wrong with the big age difference…” Adam said.

“What? Forty years?” Mark said.

“It is but love knows no age limit,” Adam replied and drove them home.

“Adam, we’re only 15 years difference.  You aren’t fat and gray like Pete.  Sure he is a really great guy but damn dude.  I know you saw them kissing,” Caden said.

“Adam, I know what you said about you and Caden.  Now I don’t even see it as far as step father and son.  I don’t see one thing wrong with it but I think Josh is seeing a sugar daddy there.  I saw it last time how he fawned over us.  Then it was just innocent little flirting and teasing.  Sure Caden had sex with him but that was different,” Rob said.

“You did Caden?” Mark asked.

“Yeah but I didn’t sleep with him.  It was at that party I told you about,” Caden said.

“Guys, Pete is a smart man.  He’ll see through Josh if Josh is not sincere.  It is his job to read people or else he wouldn’t be a successful attorney,” Adam said. “I think he is lonely and wants someone anyone. I see your points as well.  Pete will send him packing at the first sign of trouble.”

“Pete’s not too smart in my opinion for picking Josh,” Caden laughed.

“Caden, you’ve fucked around with him,” Rob laughed.

“You got me there.  I’ll say he is a good lay,” Caden said. “Right, Adam?”

“He is that,” Adam said.  “Caden, Josh may be so jealous of you since you moved back and see what we have.”

“He could be.   You noticed he had studs like mine now,” Caden said. “Mine aren’t real though like he said.”

“You said he stretches the truth too,” Mark said.

They finally arrived at Rob and Mark’s duplex.  They said goodbye and continued on Adam’s house that was slowly becoming Caden’s house as well.  They went inside and watched a little television together.

At 10, Adam stood, “I’m going to bed.”

“I guess I am too then,” Caden smiled.

“Caden, if you want to stay, go ahead.  We don’t have to have sex every night, you know,” Adam said.

“I know we don’t.  Adam, I really love you,” Caden said. “I love showing you I do every night.  I look forward to those moments when we were naked and showing our love sexually.”

“Horny 19 year old,” Adam smiled.

“Damn straight,” Caden said and was out of his swimsuit. 

Adam couldn’t deny he too looked forward to having sex with Caden now every night.  It was the highlight of his day to show his love and feel it coming back at him.

Friday, Adam walked in the door and saw a huge bouquet of fresh flowers sitting on the counter.  He read the card and felt a tear come to his eye.  The card read:  To the greatest man ever who I love with all my heart, Caden.

Caden walked out with a big smile on his face.  Adam walked up to him and kissed him.  The kissing lasted forever with both getting crazy but still quite passionate about the kiss.

“You didn’t even notice, did ya?” Caden said.

“I noticed, Caden.  I actually like it,” Adam said and pointed to Caden’s new pierced brow.  “What about the tattoo you talked about?”

“Well… I didn’t chicken out and decided to wait.  With this,” Caden pointed. “If I don’t like it, it can come out whereas a tattoo is so permanent.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my other ones but I knew how you felt and all.  With the money I saved, I figured something nice would be great and brightened up your day.  You said on the phone to me today how stressed out you were.”

“You know I’m really beginning to think you might be a keeper,” Adam smiled.  “Caden, I was wondering if I could ever love again.  Thanks to you, I can.”

“I would take you in the bedroom and fuck the hell out you right now but the guys want us to go to that Japanese steak house tonight,” Caden said.

“A quickie maybe?” Adam smiled.

“You fucking horn dog, you,” Caden said.  “We do have at the most thirty minutes.”

Adam grabbed Caden by the hand and led him just to the couch.  They were naked in a matter of seconds.  Adam wanted and did give Caden one great blowjob that had Caden moaning and groaning.  Caden did the same and sucked Adam.   He stopped, got on the couch and spread his legs.

Fuck me, Adam!” Caden shouted in lust.

I will,” Adam said.

He spit on his cock that was still a little wet from Caden’s slobbery blowjob.  He lifted up Caden’s leg and stuck his cock in him.  He heard the familiar groan escape Caden’s mouth.

OOOO Adam, fuck my ass,” Caden moaned with his head tilted back.

OOO Caden,” Adam groaned loudly going deep inside Caden’s warm ass.  He felt Caden’s hands on his ass and was encouraged to fuck harder.  Caden felt the increased and started screaming.  He tossed his head back and forth while taking all Adam had.  Adam leaned over for a short kiss before slapping Caden’s ass.   His cock slipped out and felt Caden put it back inside.  They continued there on the couch. 

Adam lifted Caden up.  Caden started to ride Adam with Adam’s hand stroking Caden’s big cock. 

OOO this feel so good,” Caden moaned and squealed.

Ride me, Caden,” Adam said.  He watched Caden’s nice body while it moved up and down and side to side.  Adam was feeling so much pleasure and love at that moment.  He could feel Caden’s ass tightening and loosening.

The excitement slowed and started up again.  Caden leaned down and kissed Adam with his mouth open.  The two kissed while Adam took over and fucked Caden’s ass along with stroking his long cock.  Caden broke the long kiss, threw back his head and screamed, “I’m fucking cumming!” Ropes of jizz flew from Caden’s cock and landed on Adam’s lightly haired chest.  He felt such relief from the orgasm and then felt Adam’s cock slip from his throbbing hole.  Adam kissed Caden and blew his load up Caden’s back.

Caden looked at Adam still there in his lap, “You do know that wasn’t my plan to fuck right when you came home.”

“It wasn’t my idea to fuck either.  Shit happens when you are madly in love and have such an undeniably fucking hot boyfriend,” Adam smiled.

They quickly made their way to the shower with little time for post orgasmic kissing and romance.  They were out of the shower in a flash.  As normal, Caden made sure every hair was perfect before announcing he was ready.  Adam kissed Caden seeing how hot Caden looked in his shorts and tight fitting polo shirt along with a choker necklace.

Once in the parking lot of the Japanese steak house, Caden grabbed on to Adam’s hand and walked in to the place. Caden didn’t care what any person thought and was glad to be seen holding Adam’s hand.  He felt the glaring look of one couple seated and waiting.   He found Noah and Corey along with Rob and Mark around the corner and waiting.  Within a minute or two, Ian and Troy walked in the door. 

“Hot Caden, I really like the brow pierce,” Rob commented.

“Thanks bro, I think I’m going to like it as well,” Caden replied. 

The hostess found them waiting and showed them to their table.  They each took a menu and looked it over before being greeted and asked for drinks.  Adam ordered water as did Caden and Noah with the rest ordering beer of different varieties after showing their ID’s. 

“Sucks for you guys,” Corey commented to Caden and Noah.

“Our day is coming but not a day too soon,” Caden stated.

They talked about what each one was ordering until the drinks returned.  They each decided to try something different and would be able to share if it wasn’t to their liking.  Adam took the scallops while Caden ordered the shrimp and steak.  Around the table they ordered until finishing. 

“Now we need to decide on something for all of us to do tomorrow,” Rob said.  “You are off right, Caden?”

“I am but I kind of volunteered if needed,” Caden said. “I’ll make it early so I can have the afternoon off.”

“We should go back to the beach again,” Corey stated.

“That’s going to get old really quick.  It’s not even May yet,” Rob said.

“What’s your grand idea?” Ian asked.

“We could go to Pete’s and hang out,” Rob smiled.  “Noah, you do know what’s going on there, right?”

“I heard,” Noah said. “Good thing we are in public or I would really let you know how I felt.”  Noah shook his long hair with everyone laughing except Ian and Troy.  Rob leaned across Mark and filled the two in on Josh’s older man. 

“Is he that hard up for a guy?” Ian asked.

“He’s jealous of me is what it is,” Noah stated.  Their cook wheeled out the cart loaded with their food to cook it right there in front of them.

“Damn, you’re cute,” Ian said. 

The cook laughed and continued his preparations for the meal.

Rob and Mark shot Ian a look.  “I was just saying,” Ian said.  “Sorry there, guy.”

The cook finished prepping the cook top.  He went around the table and verified the orders.  “Any special occasion?” he asked.

“It is our 4th anniversary,” Ian said.

“Four great years,” Troy kissed Ian on the cheek.

“Congratulations,” the cook said and didn’t bat an eye.  He started to entertain the table full of guys. 

Caden whispered to Adam, “I had no idea what we were here for.”

“It’s okay,” Adam said quietly and watched the cook.  He could see the smiles and soon the laughter with the corny jokes, coming from the cook.  The biggest roar came when Corey snagged the flying egg from the air with his mouth.  Food began piling up on their plates.  They dove in to enjoy the fried rice and vegetables in front of them.  Between the food and the cook, they really had a great time.  Caden shared his shrimp with Adam while Adam shared his scallops to give them a taste.  There was lots of food for whoever was the hungriest. 

After the meal was finished and all were stuffed to the gills, Corey spoke up, “Let’s go to the beach tomorrow and take it from there.  We can always leave if we get bored.”

“What about Josh?” Ian asked.

“Right now, let’s stay quiet,” Rob said.

They paid their bills separately and walked out stuffed beyond belief.  Rob and Mark went ahead to smoke a cigarette along with Ian and Troy.

“Caden?” Caden heard a voice while he was walking out with Adam, Corey and Noah.  He looked up and saw Alex, his old boyfriend from college standing there with a guy. 

“Hey Alex,” Caden said to be friendly and acknowledge his ex.

“How you been?” Alex asked.

“Great actually and you?” Caden said.

“Never better,” Alex said.  “I’ll see ya later.”

Caden continued to walk and grabbed Adam’s hand again.  “I was wondering if I’d ever run into him again,” Caden said to Adam.

“Who was that?” Noah asked.

“My ex,” Caden replied.

“He was cute, Caden,” Corey said.

“Cute but a bitch too,” Caden said. “He’s old news in my book.”

Noah and Corey said goodbye to Adam and Caden.  Caden found Rob finishing the last drags of his cigarette.  

“That was fun, huh?” Rob asked.

“It was until the very fucking end,” Caden said. “My worst nightmare passed me leaving.”


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