Posted:  October 3, 2009

Monday was very average for Adam at the distribution company.  He drove home and never knew what to expect from Caden.  He saw a car parked on the street which he recognized as either Rob’s or Ian’s but he wasn’t quite sure which one.  He took in the mail and was very surprised to see his ranch style home was quiet and untouched.  A devious thought entered his head.  He walked to Caden’s old bedroom but before he could get there he saw the door open and the room untouched.  He went to his own bedroom and found the same exact thing other than Caden’s shirt in the floor.  He changed clothes to something more comfortable. 

“Out in the back yard,” the thought he hit.  He opened the back door and saw the back yard was as clean as ever.  He could see and now hear the activity behind the back chain link fence.   He walked back and first saw the large pile of branches, weeds and other yard debris. 

Caden, standing next to Rob, spotted Adam, “It’s a jungle back here but we’re making progress.”

“Looks really good so far,” Adam said.

“It sure would be a big help if you’d haul that shit to the curb,” Caden hollered with the neighbors right there and could hear it plain as day. 

Adam went back to find garden gloves that hadn’t been used in years.  He started the slow process of having all the debris carried to the front.  After a long day, the three called it quits.  

“I’m more than impressed,” Adam said with water in hand for all. “I figured you be at the beach or somewhere.”

“I told you I’d do this.  The best part is I found this dumbass to help me out or he found me,” Caden laughed and nudged Rob in the side.

“More like conned would be the word,” Rob said with sweat dripping from his head and shirtless body along with dirt everywhere.  Caden was in the same shape if not worse with a few scratches on his arms.

“I told you it’d fun,” Caden laughed.

“My definition of fun is not sweating my ass off and looking like a pig who has rolled around in dirt,” Rob said and had the bottle of water downed.

“Why did you come here in the first place?” Adam asked Rob.

“Well… I called Caden here when I got out of class.  Lazy ass was just rolling out of bed and said he had some things here that needed done and wanted some help.  Here I am,” Rob said, wiping his face.

“I told him about the plans for this place.  I bet you didn’t talk to one person today, did ya?” Caden said.

“At lunch, I called Pete to ask who did his landscaping.  He warned me that they were expensive but did great work,” Adam said.  “They’ll be out in the next few days and look it over.  They really wanted an architectural drawing but said they could work with what we had.”

“Awesome!” Caden said.

“I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up too high just yet, Caden.  It’s for an estimate and not to start,” Adam warned and finished off his water. 

“Adam, Rob wants me to run over to his house and hang there since he thinks he’s overdoing it.  You wanna join us?” Caden asked.

“I appreciate but this old man will stay here,” Adam replied and was gracious at the invite.

“You’re more than welcome,” Rob said. “I was just trying to return the favor for a change and let you guys eat Mark and me out of house and home.”

“I was going to either work out or run but I’ve done my physical activity,” Adam said.  “You guys can go have your fun without me.”

“I better hit the shower,” Caden said and left in a rush.

“Adam, I really wanted you to see my place,” Rob said with his puppy dog eyes.  “I feel awful always barging in here.”

“I guess I could go.  All I was going to do is sit back and relax.  I feel bad now since you put it like that,” Adam said. “I better go join Caden.”

“Have fun but not too much,” Rob smiled.

Adam entered and found Caden just entering the warm shower.  Adam stripped off his clothes.  Caden was stunned but pleased to see Adam joining him.

“I’m going now,” Adam said.

“Great! Glad you’re here.  Scrub my back, please and get all that dirt off,” Caden smiled.   They scrubbed each other’s dirt away and made it quick.  They dressed in a rush but Caden did spike up his hair with gel.  They found Rob standing and waiting. 

“I’ll drive,” Caden stated with his keys in his hand.  They followed Rob along the streets and finally arrived at his duplex a few miles away. 
Rob entered first naturally and smothered his boyfriend Mark with a kiss.
“Make yourself at home while it’s my turn to hit the shower.”

Adam and Caden found a seat in the nice duplex that looked fairly new or recently remodeled.  “Why’s he so dirty?” Mark asked with a beer in his hand.

“He helped me clear out some shit behind the house,” Caden said.

“He said he was going to your house but didn’t say why,” Mark said.  “You want something to drink?  I’m a bad host here and not used to having visitors.”

“Water would be great,” Adam said.

“What you have sure would be nice,” Caden smiled.  He threw his arm around Adam and kissed him on the cheek. 

Mark returned with water from the tap and a beer.  “Caden, thanks for being so nice to Rob.  He’s really been down here lately.”

“He seemed perfectly fine to me,” Caden said.

“He just keeps everything bottled up…” Mark said and heard Rob emerged showered with long athletic shorts on.  Rob found Mark and snuggled up next to him.

“What’s going on?” Rob said.

“I was telling about to them about your dilemma,” Mark said.

“Oh it’s a little bickering between my parents and me.  After 4 years, they still don’t accept me if not more so now.  I was just asking for a little help and get fucking stoned every time,” Rob said. “I just push it to the back of my mind and forget about it.”

“It gets to him sometimes though,” Mark added.

“It did last night.  My mom started preaching to me how disgraceful it was I was gay and worse living in sin with a guy.  I had to just hang up before she got cussed out,” Rob said.  “I didn’t ask you guys over to hear my troubles but to forget how close minded my parents can be.”

“Sorry dude, if you ever need anything, just holler,” Caden said. “I’ll do what I can to help and hope it gets better.”

“Thanks Caden, you’re so sweet,” Rob said.  He noticed he was without a beer and headed to grab one.  “Caden, did you ask Adam about Gay Days coming up in June?”

“I haven’t yet,” Caden said sheepishly.  “Do you want to go, Adam?”

“You should,” Mark said. “We’re staying at my parent’s house.”

“I don’t know about that,” Adam said. “That would be weird.”

“He means his parent’s guest house,” Rob took a drink.  “His damn parent’s house is huge.  The guest house has two really sweet guest bedrooms.  We lived there before we moved here when Mark snagged this job.”

“Well…” Adam stuttered around and didn’t want to commit.

“Please!” Caden pleaded. “I really want us to go.”

“I think I’m beginning to see the real purpose and dragging my ass over here,” Adam stated.  “You and Rob wanted to back me into a corner.”

“No Adam, we talked about it today for a little while.  Mark and I would be thrilled if you guys would join us,” Rob said.

“Let me see about it.  I’ll let you know shortly,” Adam said.

Just then loud screaming started outside the front door.  “Ignore them.  They fight constantly,” Rob said.  “Worse, you should hear them making up at night.”

Mark laughed, “I try to keep with them.  They fucking hate us all because we’re gay.”

“I hate them because they are fucking Spics!  All they do is fight, argue and fuck,” Rob laughed with the shouting growing louder.  Within a few minutes, sirens were heard.  This gave the four a little excitement while they watched the large bearded guy being handcuffed and escorted.

“What the fuck you faggots looking at?” they heard a very trashy Hispanic girl say.

“Fuck off bitch!” Rob screamed from behind the window through the glass.

“Dude, you’re going to get our asses killed one night,” Mark said.  They retreated from the window and returned to the living room with the police still doing their duty. “I’ll never be so glad when we move into our house.”

“House?” Caden asked.

“Yea we’re renting this place until they finish our new house.  It was supposed to be finished two months ago,” Rob smiled.

“My parents are helping us buy one,” Mark smiled.

“Spoiled rotten,” Caden commented.

“We are I’ll admit.  The fight last night was about some furniture my parents promised to buy.  Now they are backing out and refusing to do it,” Rob stated. “The root of the problem is I’m gay and they can’t stand it.”

“How come you’ve never at least mentioned the house one time?” Caden asked.

“I didn’t want to seem like I was bragging and shit, dude,” Rob said.  “It’s really nothing special.”

“I bet,” Caden said.

“Caden, it is about 1800 square feet.  It was priced right so I did some talking,” Mark smiled.

“How much longer do you think it’ll be before you guys are ready?” Adam asked.

“Hopefully by the end of next month since our lease is up here,” Rob replied.

They sat around while Rob and Mark told about their house with excitement naturally.  Caden was excited for them and said they’d have a big bash to break the house in right. 

Adam and Caden stayed around until after 9 that night with Rob and Mark.  Caden was excited as usual to be gaining some good friends and loved that things were as normal as possible.

The next day when Adam got home he found Caden toiling away in the back yard without any help even after he had worked at the gym.  Adam donned his old clothes and went in the back to help out Caden.  They worked in the back until almost dark.  The shower afterwards provided great sexual satisfaction with Adam fucking Caden as long as he ever had.  Both could see the night wasn’t going to be much.

“Adam, I forgot to tell you Rob called and said they arrested that bitch too,” Caden said lying in bed early with Adam.

“How come?  Did he say?” Adam asked.

“Rob thinks it was drugs and guns.  He wasn’t sure but knows they did some strong shit there,” Caden said.  “Do you care if we stay like this the rest of the night?  For one, my ass is worn out.”

“What from my big cock in your hot ass or working?” Adam said.

“Both,” Caden replied with a smile.  “Please no one come and let us enjoy this night together.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Adam said.  Adam got close to Caden.  He began rubbing Caden’s shoulders and looking at the tattoos that adorned each blade.  “Caden, how much do you really know about your dad?”

Caden replied, “Actually not a whole lot really.  He was always gone here and there for most of my life.  We never did the usual kid thing like play catch or go to the park.  I think I took after him in looks though.”

“What about his parents?  I’ve never really asked about them before.”

“They both died when I was young as did Mom’s parents.  I really never got to know any of them.”

Adam continued to rub Caden’s shoulders and down his back.  “I’d given anything to be this hot when I was your age.”

“Oh I bet you were,” Caden said softly and enjoying the asked for treatment he was receiving.

“Caden, I wasn’t. Trust me,” Adam said.  “I was as average as anyone who ever walked the earth when I was 19.”

“Except you had a big dick, huh?” Caden said. “Did you get lots of pussy in college?”

“Some,” Adam said. “I was sort of shy at the time.”

“I can see that,” Caden said.  “When was your first time with a guy?”

“Well… I was a senior in college.  It wasn’t like it was today.  It happened rather innocently with this guy I knew.  We were buzzing on some…some weed.”

“You fucking pot head,” Caden laughed.

Adam continued to move his hands up and down Caden’s back.  “He just out and out asked if I had ever had a guy suck my dick.  I said no naturally.  At the time, I never ever thought about letting a guy suck me.  He then said he would, so I pulled down my pants.   He dropped to his knees and started sucking the hell of my big dick.  Next thing I knew I was fucking him in the ass.”

“Hot, dude!” Caden said.  “Just one time or did you guys hook up again?”

“Caden, we had an affair til I graduated.  I was dating a girl at the time and fucking her too.”

“You stud you!”

“I came to the realization that I liked both.  Finally the three of us ended it right before I graduated.  I had one great threesome with my two lovers at the time.  After that though, I graduated and haven’t seen either one of them since.”

“How old were you when you married Jill?” Caden asked and knew about Adam’s first wife.

Adam continued to rub and was now massaging Caden’s hot ass. “I was 26 and she was 28.  It was the biggest mistake of my life.  I was no more ready than you would be.  Not 6 months into the marriage I was fucking a college guy I met.  Caden, I left that marriage a year into it and never thought I would be married again until I saw your mom.”

“I never knew all this shit you did.  Adam, you were wild and quite the player,” Caden said.

“I was and do have regrets about it.  My parents found out that I was bi and haven’t said a word to me in almost 8 years now.”

“Where do they live, around here?” Caden asked.

“No, they live in Missouri.  I know exactly how Rob feels.  I’m over it now but it hurt me greatly but I was pretty much a fuck up then.  I was doing shit I never dreamed I’d do.”

“Like drugs?”

“Not really, just fucking around with whoever I could find.  I was with some real characters but not now.  Caden, you know a little more than I ever told your mom.  She knew I was wild in my day and we never talked about it.  I told you this so maybe you won’t make the same mistakes I did in life.”

“With you here with me, I can’t,” Caden turned around and smiled.  He pulled Adam close to him and kissed him.  This initiated the next long round of hot sweaty passionate sex.  Adam and Caden sincerely were in love and showed it to each other for the next hour. 

The latest rounds had Caden on his side and sound asleep afterwards.  Adam lay and stared at Caden and his wonderful beauty.  He felt love for Caden like he did shortly after meeting Caden’s mom.  This time he was the older wise one that was there to watch over and protect.  He knew Anna had her wild side and loved to show it but knew when to be stern and when to keep Adam in line.  He knew then he would go with Caden to Gay Days and enjoy it even though he didn’t consider himself 100 percent gay.  He fell asleep thinking about the project and wanted it to become a reality if the price was too outrageous.

That Wednesday was the most ordinary day so far in the now two weeks.  They rode bikes and ate.  Caden played on the computer alone and caught up with his social web sites while Adam did some cleaning.  

The next day Thursday, Adam came home to find Caden waiting patiently with something behind his back. 

“Alright, what is it?” Adam said.

“You’re going to have to tackle me to find out, bitch!” Caden smiled and was acting rather playful.

“Come on Caden. I’m not in the mood for games right now,” Adam said.

“I’m not in the mood to show you either then,” Caden said and darted outside. 

“Dammit Caden,” Adam said and saw Caden wanted to play like a dog with a new toy.   Adam headed out and saw Caden standing.  “Give it to me.”

“You are no fun, are you?” Caden asked.

“I basically had to tell with shit all day at work and listen to my boss chew my ass out over something I didn’t do or know about.  No, I’m not in the mood for your fucking games at right now,” Adam said.

“Here then,” Caden held the paper out.  Adam reached for it only to have Caden quickly take it back.

Adam was growing angry at this moment.  “Fine, give it to me inside!” Adam slammed the back door and went inside.  He kicked off his shoes and threw his feet on the couch.

Caden entered the house and threw the sheet of paper at Adam, “You win!”

Adam saw the heading from the landscape company.  He looked it over and saw the detailed list of the items he had requested.  He knew Caden was excited.  “I don’t know, Caden.  Maybe we should shop around a little before jumping at the first price.”

“I figured you’d say that,” Caden said.

“So do you have any idea the going rate for this stuff?  Look here at the price for that hot tub you wanted.  To me that seems like a lot especially when in the summer who wants to sit in it,” Adam said.

“Call around and get other bids then.  I knew you’d say that,” Caden said and was down.

Adam threw his arm around Caden, “We’re going to do this but let’s check around.  This maybe the best price but I don’t know the first thing about any of this.  They may be ripping us for a new one for all I know.”

“You said Pete said they were the best.  Maybe we get a lower price but will the quality of work be there in the end?  Then what do we have?  A shitty looking place with a fucked up hot tub,” Caden said.

Adam studied the detailed prices.  He went item by item while Caden stroked his back.  “I’ll call em tomorrow and see when they can start.  Caden, you were right.  The lowest price doesn’t mean the best work.  I want to look great in tribute to Anna.  I love the fountain outside our back window that will serve as a constant reminder of her with her favorite roses all around it.”

Caden smiled and kissed Adam, “Thanks. I thought it was high too but they did a great job on Pete’s place.  Before we call you wanna run over there and take another look see.”

“I could do that,” Adam said.

“Great, Rob and Mark were looking for a place to go swimming.  Did you feel hot it was already with May a week away.  It looks like a hot summer here,” Caden stated.

“I’ll call Pete first before you go call Rob.  I don’t want to just show up over at Pete’s in case he has plans or something,” Adam said.  He found his cell on the counter and called Pete.  The conversation was quick and to the point.  He told Caden it was okay.  Caden headed off and called Rob to tell them it was set.

“Pre planned, huh?” Adam said, overhearing Caden’s conversation.

Caden smiled, “Not really but we did talk about.  Pete said come over anytime we wanted.  We’re picking up Rob and Mark on the way, alright?”

“That’s fine,” Adam replied.  They walked and found their swimsuits.  Caden put on a green bikini that Adam thought looked stunning on him.  Adam wore his trunk suit again.

They stopped at Rob and Mark’s duplex and found them waiting and ready. 

“They got evicted today,” Rob pointed to the other duplex when he got in the car.  “They are in some deep shit with the law from what I heard from the landlord.  You should see that place.  Damn disgusting and putrid was what it was.”

“It was,” Mark said. “It was fucking gross and stunk.”

They drove and entered Pete’s subdivision with maybe an hour at the most for sunlight.  They explained part of their reasoning to check out the landscape.

“Holy fuck!” Caden pointed.

“You’ve got to be shitting me!” Rob said. “No fucking way!”