Posted:   June 29, 2012

Corey and I saw Kris and Colt returning. They didn’t seem mad at each other anymore. 

“We’re just gonna go with the flow while we’re here,” Kris stated.

“Yeah, I know I’m not ready for us to be like y’all or will ever be ready for that matter.  You know how it is after you have sex,” Colt said.

“The main thing is that you understand each other,” I said.

“Why do I always seem to fuck up a great trip? Why? I promised myself I would have the best time ever here in Holland,” Kris said.

“It’s okay.  I’m the one to blame,” Colt said.

“It’s just a bump in the road. Let’s go grab something to eat now,” Corey said. 

They put back on their shirts while we walked over to eat at Hard Rock. We crossed the canal and went to the restaurant. It seemed everywhere you turned there was a canal. Like coffee shops, I was initially worried about seeing a canal. More than anything, we were thirsty. We each ordered a Heineken to start our lunch. 

“Next year, the US better watch out,” Kris said. “We’ll all be 21 and drinking like this all the time.”

“Hell yeah, we will,” Colt said.

We drank and ordered our lunch. It wasn’t food local to the area but so far I had seen many places that were. We finished and headed to the gift shop. We all had to have a shirt, with Colt buying one for Chase as well. Not wanting Tabor to feel left out, we grabbed one for him too. Leaving, we said we did need to buy our friends a souvenir.  

Next on our list was to take a canal ride. We boarded the boat and took off. It was a great vantage point to see all of the many unique homes and houseboats. We couldn’t believe that people actually lived on the houseboats but agreed how cool that would be.

After the scenic and informative canal tour, with me grabbing lots of photos, we began our hike back to the hotel. Rather than take the quick bus back we decided to walk. As we were walking, naturally we all had the urge to take a piss after having beer with lunch. We spotted a familiar sight, the golden arches of McDonalds. There we could use the bathroom and get something to drink. 

As we were leaving, we heard, “Crazy Americans.” We turned to see Fredrik and Jonas walking in our direction while holding hands and carrying souvenirs, as I was doing as well.

“Bro, wassup?” Kris asked.

“We went to the Van Gogh and have been enjoying this beautiful weather. The last time we were here it rained every damn day,” Fredrik said. “What are you doing?”

“Matt dragged us to that one museum with the long name. Tell me, why does every word here have like fifteen letters?” Colt asked.

They laughed, “Oh it is just Dutch. So, are we still going tonight to the gay bar?” Fredrik asked.

“You bet we are, and we’re looking forward to it,” Kris replied as we walked along the crowded streets. I was looking in every directions and was trying to take as much in as possible.

A few blocks from our hotel, Fredrik and Jonas wanted to stop at the market as they called it. We entered and saw it was similar to our grocery stores. We were amazed at the variety of common items, like chips, that were offered in different flavors. It amazed us as well that they kept the eggs on the shelves and not refrigerated. We did sample some awesome Dutch cheese and grabbed some cheap Dutch chocolate. Naturally, we bought beer and cheap bottled water to enjoy on our trip instead of spending a fortune at some places. 

Fredrik and Jonas enjoyed seeing us combing the store and got a big kick out of us. I did find the local people very friendly and willing to help when they overheard us wanting to know where something was. 

We stepped out onto the street with our loaded down sacks. 

“Herring? It’s a Dutch delicacy,” Fredrik asked when we saw a fish stand on the sidewalk.

“Not me,” I said quickly.

“It is very good,” Jonas stated.

“I’ll try it,” Kris said. He stepped up and ordered the two of the nasty looking fish. “Here goes,” Kris said and took a big taste of one. 

“How is it?” Colt asked.

“It’s fresh fish alright,” Kris said with Colt grabbing the remainder. 

Colt ate the fish and had a horrible look on his face, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. That was awful.”

Curiosity got the best of Corey and me. I tasted just a little and agreed with Colt while Corey said it was okay but not something he’d desire in the future.  

At the hotel, we made our plans for the big night at the club before retiring to our rooms. Just as Corey and I were settling down, Kris and Colt came to the door. 

Kris took a seat on the bed while Colt grabbed a chair. “Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty here,” Colt said.

“Yeah, we really wanna know if you two are going to let go and have some fun tonight,” Kris said.

“We’re going to have fun,” I said.

“No, we mean let go of each other. You know your asses will be hounded by other guys,” Colt stated.

“Corey,” I said, turning to him. “We should, but not for the sake of getting fucked. Let’s go with a very open mind.”

“I’m all for it, but are you?” Corey asked me.

“What the hell? We’re here and can see how it goes,” I replied.

“That’s my boy…” Kris said patting my shoulder. “Let some Danish boys enjoy that big fucking gift.”

Corey and I laughed. Corey said, “Even I know they’re Dutch.”

“Same difference. Dutch, Danish, French, Italian, Brits… they are just Europeans to me,” Kris laughed, with Colt shaking his head.

“So I take the little disagreement is over and done with?” I asked.

“It is. What was even thinking?  Colt is the smart one, thank goodness,” Kris replied. “Here I was thinking of being something I’m not.  Sure I like a good dick but not a real relationship even if no one else knows us.”

“Hey, Colt, I noticed you haven’t had a dip, or I haven’t seen you or Kris with one,” I commented.

“We’re trying to cut back and slowly quit,” Colt stated. “Way to change the subject there.”

“Alright, so who’s getting fucked the most tonight between you and Kris?” I asked.

“We’re like y’all and wanna see what happens before saying we will,” Kris replied. “We’re a little nervous about this.”

“Why?” Corey asked.

“Dude, we’re going to a gay bar for one. We just hope we don’t feel like we don’t belong,” Colt replied.

“Nothing says we even have to stay,” I said. “So how have you enjoyed Holland so far?”

“It’s really kickass,” Colt replied.

“What’s not to love?” Kris pined. “I mean we can smoke weed legally, drink and buy beer, and it’s a pretty cool place, minus all the art shit. Corey?”

“It’s great, as advertised. I can be myself and not be looked at for holding Matt’s hand. It is just so different and you know everyone has been nice.”

We talked a while longer about what we’d seen and done before Kris and Colt left to dress.  

“Matt, are we on the same page about tonight?” Corey asked as we were getting ready, to be sure.

“I think so. I’m very secure in our relationship. It may be fun,” I replied.

“Okay then,” Corey said. “Now what’s your bet on those two?”

“Kris will eat it up, but I don’t know about Colt. It will be a big test for them. It will be for all of us really since we’ve never been to a gay bar before.”

“I just look at it as one of those functions we attend but with strange Dutch gay boys,” Corey said.

We met our friends in the lobby before taking the tram to our destination. Being early gave us the chance to eat and have a drink or two before going. As the time drew closer, I was extremely nervous and really didn’t know what to expect. Fredrik could sense all of our apprehension and said we could go just for the bar and dancing if nothing else.  

Standing in the short line, I could see we were in a crowd of young guys with a few older guys mixed in. My stomach was in knots with Corey’s hand trembling. He leaned over and kissed me hoping we’d both calm down. I paid for us to enter, including our new Swedish friends. We stepped into a small room and undressed. 

“Fuck, you guys are big,” Fredrik said with his smallish uncut cock.

Kris was shaking out his arms and appeared nervous just like me, “Thanks.”

“You will be a big hit with your cut dicks,” Jonas said with his very nice and big uncut cock hanging between his legs. Both were thin, with Jonas’s hip bones sticking out. 

“Let’s do this shit,” Colt said.

We walked into the main area and saw the array of naked men of various ages but generally younger like us. From just the few I encountered initially I could see we were in the minority with our cut cocks. We ordered a drink and could feel the music shaking the bar. It was very loud and noisy, but then again it was a dance club with a slight twist. 

Kris leaned over and said in my ear, “I don’t know about this.”

“Me either,” I said.  

We grabbed our beer and headed to find a table with Fredrik and Jonas right behind us. It felt as though all eyes in the place were on us with the three big muscle guys we had. We found a spot and began drinking our brew. Corey put his arm around my waist while I observed many who I considered eye candy. There weren’t many with hairy bodies, but there were quite a few with ink and piercings so we fit in with that aspect. 

“I’m ready,” Kris announced, finishing his beer and setting down his mug.

The six of us went to the crowded dance floor and began moving with the music blaring through the loud speakers. It was for sure a very unique experience out on the dance floor naked. We were cracking up watching Kris and Colt dance, or what they called dancing. Both had big smiles on their faces and seemed to be enjoying this experience. Corey and I were doing our best with Fredrik and Jonas showing all of us up. The floor was crowded so it was nothing to bump into a naked guy, or guys. I enjoyed the vibe of the place, along with seeing lots of hot naked guys. 

After four songs we moved off the floor to take a break. Kris motioned he needed to use the restroom and headed off. As we were observing the action, I noticed Colt and a very nice looking guy chatting. Colt and the guy left us but I lost track of exactly where he was going.

Fredrik poked me in the side, “Your friend may be gayer than you think.”

I shrugged and didn’t care actually. The four of us returned to the dance floor after a quick drink. The second I walked out on the floor, this really cute young looking guy bumped into me and grabbed my cock. He said something but I didn’t understand. I glanced at the three of them with Corey motioning his head towards the guy. The guy reached over and grabbed my bare ass but this time whispered in English how he wanted my big dick. I didn’t know what to do at that very moment until I saw Corey make advances at this older guy with a nice uncut cock. The guy grabbed me by the hand and started pulling me away, with Corey smiling. I did notice our two Swedish friends were getting friendly with two or three guys as well as I was leaving.

Off the floor, he said, “I won’t hurt you. I just want to suck your big fucking dick.” The guy was cute with short dark hair, a slim body, an uncut cock with lots of foreskin and a very hot little ass. Right then, I told myself I’d blow him but fucking him was out of the question.  

He led me up some stairs into a very dark room. I could hear moaning, grunting and sucking with an array of guys having sex. This was definitely different. He moved me against a wall and kissed me on the lips. He travelled down my body until finding my cock. My hands found his hand while I leaned up against a wall. He licked my cock and played with my balls. I felt his mouth slip over the head. I moaned softly with his hands running up my abs while he was sucking me. 

He stopped and asked, “You like?”

“Fuck yeah!” I said. “You like my big dick?”

“I love your big fucking cut dick!” he said and returned his mouth to continue sucking my hard cock. He was doing a great job and had me feeling the pleasure of getting my cock sucked. 

I pulled him up and didn’t want to cum just yet. I kissed him on the lips and wheeled him around against the wall. I slid down his slim hairless body and played with his small nipples. He pushed me down to his hard cock. I dropped to my knees and began licking under the foreskin. His hands were behind my head while I licked his cock and then sucked his low hanging nuts. I reached up and grabbed his cock to take it in my mouth. I was horny as ever and wanted to please him as well. His cock was hard and not real thick so it was easy sucking it. As I was enjoying his cock, another guy who looked a little older stuck his bigger uncut cock out. I stopped on one and enjoyed the other one.

“Great fucking cocksucker,” the new one said.

“He has a big cut dick too that tastes great,” the other one said.

I alternated back and forth trying to please the two cocks that were before me. The new guy pulled me up and dropped straight to his knees. “Fuck yeah,” he said and grabbed my cock. The other one joined him to suck me. 

I don’t know how long it was, nor did I care, before feeling the urge to blast my load. I announced, “I’m about to cum.”

The first one clamped his mouth on my cock while I groaned and flooded his mouth with my cum. He took it out to let the other one catch the last blast of cum. I felt weak after the two had blown me. The first one and I serviced the other one until he blew his thick load all over the other one’s cute face. I stayed down and finished off the first one but let him cum on my chest. I stood and kissed both. The first one led me to a shower. 

I returned downstairs and didn’t see any of my friends. I grabbed a beer and stood. I denied one offer from an older guy, even though he was hung and would have been fun. Finally Kris emerged and saw me. He came walking up and kissed me on the lips. “Bro, this place is the shit.”

Corey was next to appear and came to kiss me. He grabbed me and filled my mouth with his tongue while clutching my ass. I broke the kiss and asked him, “Having fun?”

“Oh yeah,” he smiled, “But not too much fun.”

“Now where the hell is Colt?” Kris asked after getting a beer.  

“I have no clue,” Corey replied. We went to the dance floor and enjoyed dancing together. Both were letting loose and having a great time. Finally Colt came and joined us. 

Just before closing we found Fredrik and Jonas. We paid our tab and headed to dress. Kris moaned about dressing and said he had a blast. We exited the club onto the street with Corey holding my hand. We walked a short distance before boarding the tram. 

“Fun, huh?” Jonas asked us on the tram.

“It was,” Colt said loudly. 

“I think we may have seen the true Colt tonight,” Corey stated.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience for damn sure,” Colt laughed.

“I’ll second that,” Kris said.

“So did everyone get fucked?” Fredrik asked.

Kris quickly said, “I did and I loved it.”

We laughed at his quick response. Fredrik and Jonas said they did as well. They had a very casual approach to sex but stated they knew who they were sleeping with and loved each other, which was all that mattered in the end. 

We exited the tram and entered the hotel. We bid our new friends goodnight at our floor with their room up one more floor. Kris and Colt followed us to our room. We came in and gathered around.

“First things first, I better not hear about this night ever again,” Kris stated.

“I agree one hundred and fifty percent,” Colt said right behind him. “I fucked a guy and then I got fucked, along with sucking off two other guys.”

“Damn, you slut,” Corey laughed.

“I got fucked too and had my dick sucked, plus sucked off two really nice dicks too,” Kris said. “Maybe three now that I think about it. One guy was really hot but he was all over my shit.”

“I’d say you are very bi,” I said.

“What about you?” Colt said and pointed to me.

“I just sucked two and had two suck me,” I replied.

“Same here. One guy begged to fuck me but I didn’t really want to. Was it me or were there some very hot guys there tonight?” Corey said.

“Oh my God was there ever. I was in heaven,” I said. “Nothing but naked guys with nice floppy dicks.”

“Just imagine if there were straight clubs in America like that one. My ass would be there about every fucking night,” Kris said. 

“Mine too. I’d be like Fredrik and Jonas and say it was for fun,” Colt said.

“Boy, there would be so many unwanted pregnancies,” Kris laughed.

“I know,” I laughed. “These Dutch do have a very carefree attitude towards sex.”

“They do enjoy it,” Corey said. “My guy was Dutch and loved how built I was.”

“I literally had to swat them away,” Kris laughed.

“If another person tells me they love my accent, I’m gonna fucking kill someone,” Colt said.

“We are different,” I said. 

“We are, but I love being different,” Kris said. 

“Kris, was dancing nude and being nude the entire time not the shit?” Corey asked.

“I’ll just say I found another place I could live. I don’t know if I would go that much but I loved being naked. It was damn sure different than last week…”

“Yeah, no one was wanting to suck our dicks,” Colt laughed.

“Matt, in case you’ve started writing for us…” Kris started to say.

“I haven’t just yet,” I said.

“Leave this night out,” Kris laughed.

We talked until about two in the morning before saying goodnight. I got in bed with Corey and felt him hold me close. “I enjoyed it but there’s nothing compared to what we have.”

“I agree. Did you get fucked?” I asked.

“Man, I kinda wanted to but couldn’t bring myself to it. Did you fuck anyone?”

I laughed, “I was the same way. I know this one really hot boy wanted me to but I had just nutted.”

“Oh well, it was still a blast. No harm done since I’m holding you tonight.”

I turned and kissed him. It wasn’t long before I heard his loud breathing while his big arms were wrapped around my body. In a way, I now envied Kris and Colt with the freedom to enjoy casual sex.

The next morning, Thursday, I woke and saw it was lightly raining outside our window. We were prepared and knew it rained regularly here. Finally we were up and about. We took our umbrellas and headed over to enjoy the Anne Frank house. I had to clue them in on the meaning of it while walking over in the light rain. Arriving, there was a line to enter the small house. We stood in line with our umbrellas, as did the others. In front of us were two cute women. Kris struck up a conversation with the women who were from Germany. It was interesting hearing their way of life while they too were interested in ours. 

Standing in line took longer than it did to see the house. I did have a new respect for her and her family while being holed up in such tight quarters. It was still raining, but just sprinkling. We walked over to the Homomonument with Corey and I having our picture taken often at the site dedicated to the gay people and their struggle during the awful war. We grabbed a few brochures from the nearby stand before starting our walk back. 

We all marvelled at the seemingly endless canals and continued to see and dodge bike riders. We agreed taking a bike out one day would be great fun. Nearing our hotel, the rain had stopped but it was still cloudy and dreary. I hinted at going shopping but Kris and Colt weren’t thrilled with the idea, while Corey stated it sounded good to him.  

After a short rest, we told Kris and Colt we were off to enjoy a day together. 

“You didn’t have to come,” I said, leaving the hotel.

“I wanted to and it means I can be with you alone. We can see this great city together, plus I did want to go shopping. I’ve got some money burning a hole in my pocket.”

I kissed his cheek before we hit the street. Corey now had a better sense of direction than I did and led us to the heart of the city. I was still snapping pictures as I had the entire trip. We perused the many shops and enjoyed seeing a slightly different style. We found some very hot underwear and had to have them, along with me buying a tee shirt saying “I love my boyfriend” with Corey buying one but in a different color. Corey was also tempted to buy one saying, “Love Dick” but didn’t. We did get a picture of it though. 

We returned and took a nap. Our sleep was interrupted by our phone ringing in my ear. I looked to see we had slept three solid hours. It was none other than Kris ready for the night.  

Tonight we weren’t joined by our Swedish friends for they had gone somewhere nice to enjoy a meal but they did ask all of us to join them before doing so. We dressed and headed out in search of food. We ate well with all four of us enjoying a nice steak, potatoes and salad.  

It was still daylight once we finished our meal. Since we were in the general area, we decided to see what the Red Light District was all about, though it was still early. Passing by a nice looking bar, Kris pulled us inside. It turned out to be the best of both worlds with a coffee shop on the first floor and a large bar occupying the second. 

“Bros, since we’re here,” Kris said, gesturing to the bar that sold the legal smoke. 

Colt laughed, “We’re gonna be nothing but fucking pot heads before we leave this place.”

“Who cares?” I stated. “We’re here to have fun and enjoy stuff we can’t back home.”

“My boyfriend is so right,” Corey said.

“So, are we sharing or getting our own?” Kris asked.

“Let’s share since that last one kicked our butts,” Colt said.

Kris left to see what was offered. Colt didn’t stay around too long and was right behind him. Corey and I wandered outside to find a table with four chairs and took a seat. Kris and Colt came out with Colt holding a sizable rolled joint in his hand.

"Bros, we're lucky they said next year they were thinking of making it illegal for non residents to buy this fine shit," Kris stated.

"Man that would suck," Corey said.

Colt lit the joint and inhaled before passing it to Kris. Usually I’m apprehensive about sharing a joint with others but I wasn’t here since we had shared spit on other occasions. We toked on the joint and kicked back while staring at the crowd of people passing by. 

We finished the joint with the other three hitting it hard. We travelled up the stairs to the bar.  

“First round is on me,” Kris stated and laughed. “I can’t wait to say that shit back home too.”

“We know, just get us beer. I’ve got major cottonmouth going here,” Colt stated. 

We found a table that overlooked the street. Kris came back with four big mugs of foaming beer. We held up our frosted mugs and toasted to our trip and our friendship. It was very idealistic with us sitting around and sipping on a cold one while talking and looking out the large windows at the people on the street.  

With darkness now setting in just after 10, we finished one beer with a promise to return on our way back. We only had to walk a block and naturally crossed a bridge to see how crowded this area of the city was. Barely down the street, we saw a very hot girl standing in a window illuminated by the red lights.

“Bros, I hate to say this, but this is more like it,” Kris said.

Colt laughed, “It is. Just one thing crosses my mind seeing her.”

“How bad you wanna fuck her?” Corey laughed.

“No, how many dicks have been in that pussy,” Colt said. “Just think about it.”

“Fuck,” Kris commented. “I do know one that I wish was in her… holy fuck!”

It was another girl who was just as pretty. 

“So how do you decide?” I asked.

“The cheapest for damn sure,” Colt said and caught the stare of some people with his accent.

I heard about not taking pictures in the Red Light District but I took a few of the general area. As I was taking one, a policeman came and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Boy, none of the girls or else you and your friends are out of here,” he said.

“Yes sir,” I said. “So are just general pictures okay?”

“Just put the camera away and then there won’t be any trouble,” he replied.

My camera went back in my pocket for the time being. We walked around and did notice the girls weren’t the thing here. There were live sex shows and different sex shops. We continued to walk and were amazed at the overall beauty of the prostitutes. We turned around and headed down the other side to take in this experience.

Much to my surprise, we passed up the shows and continued on. As we were walking by, a blond girl in little of nothing saw us and began peeking on the glass for our attention. Kris and Colt were curious and stopped while Corey and I hung back. The glass door opened. 

“How much?” Kris asked.

“Fifty euros for anything you want, stud,” she replied.

“Fuck that shit,” Kris laughed. “I’m not paying for pussy.”

“Me either,” Colt said, “Especially not that much.”

The girl walked back in the door and slammed it with Kris and Colt laughing. 

“Fifty seems like a bargain to me,” I said while we continued.

“Really?” Kris asked. “You think so?”

“I sure don’t,” Colt said while we were stopped by what looked to be a bum.

“Any spare change?” he asked and looked awful.

“Get a life, bro,” Kris said rudely. I reached in my pocket and handed the guy a few coins, feeling sorry for the guy.

“Please tell me you didn’t just give him money,” Colt stated.

“I did,” I said. “He looked like he needed it.”

“Dude, now we’ll be hounded the rest of the night,” Colt said.

“I doubt that,” Kris said. “I don’t know about y’all but I’d rather be back at that bar than this place. Yeah it’s different…”

“And seedy if you ask me,” Corey said. “I agree with Kris. Let’s just go hang at that bar for the rest of the night.”


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