I had just finished a hard shift working at the Rec and my body was aching. I spent most of the time helping people all over the gym, showing them what to do, how to use machines properly or spotting them if they didn’t have a friend with them who could help them out.

All of that got me a little pumped and I really wanted to get on the machines properly myself, so when I finished my shift I went to my locker in the staff room and changed into my spare workout clothes, joining the few guys who were still working out in the weight room.

When a few of the guys saw that I was joining them as a student and not as a member of staff they called me over to work out with them. They told me how amazing my body was and that they hoped to look like me one day. I explained that they all could with the right diet and exercise regime.

What they said next was probably my undoing because they started talking about how much weight I could bench and press and how many squats and sit ups I could do, which brought about a round of healthy debating until I told them that there was only one way to find out; to watch me.

For the next 45 minutes I pushed myself to the absolute limit. I got the guys to add weights on to the leg press every minute or so, watching my quad muscles tense and flex with every rep, until I couldn’t push any more, but had managed to set a personal best. I did the same thing on the weight bench, lifting and lifting until I really felt the burn in my biceps and triceps, by which point a few other guys had gathered around and were watching me work out, some with admiring stares.

I shocked them all after that by doing 300 sit-ups in 10 minutes as they all counted along, none of them able to believe that I just kept going the whole time until they reached the 300 count. Afterwards I stood up and pulled the bottom of my shirt up to show them my abs, which were pulled tight and looked amazing. Then I started on my squats.

By the end of the workout I was drenched in sweat and my whole body ached, but I was really pleased with myself and had many of the guys who had been watching me pat me on the back, telling me how incredible I was. They respected me for my ability, my stamina and my commitment. I knew from now on when I gave them advice about workouts that they would all follow it.

I took a quick shower, joined by some of the guys who had watched me work out and we joked around a little as we all washed the sweat off our bodies and then got dried and dressed. I said goodbye to them all and they asked when I worked next. I told them and headed back to the dorm.

As I was climbing up the stairs I could feel my calves pulling and my shoulders were a little tight. There was a part of me that said not to push things too far but I loved the attention given to me by my audience so I just kept going.

When I got to our room I dropped my things off in my bedroom and went to the fridge to get a bottle of water to quench the thirst I hadn’t realised had built up throughout my workout. I drank the whole bottle almost in one breath and then sat back on the sofa.

I can’t have been in the room for much more than five minutes when Colt walked in. He looked at me sitting on the sofa, fidgeting uncomfortably, and laughed.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re fidgeting and you’re fully clothed,” Colt smiled, “something’s wrong.”

“I just got in from the Rec,” I said.

“And?” Colt asked.

“I pushed myself a little too hard and I’m feeling a bit sore.”

“Are your muscles feeling tight?” Colt asked.

“Yeah, man, I’m really gonna regret going so hard in the morning.”

“You probably will,” Colt laughed. “Lucky for you I’ve become quite experienced with guys pushing themselves a little too much while I’ve been over at the Athletics Department.”

“Yeah? And what do the players do?” I asked, thinking I could use their techniques to help me.

“Well, we have an ice bath that can be used after practices and home games, but since we don’t have one here we can forget that. The other thing we do is that the guys get full body massages to relax their muscles.”

“Full body?” I asked, wondering what that entailed.

“Yeah, as in arms, legs, back and chest. We don’t have some trainer rubbing the guys asses or cocks, Kris, as much as you’d love that.”

“Fuck you!” I laughed. “Where am I gonna get a massage from?”

“I could give you one,” Colt said. I studied his face to see if he was serious.

“You?” I asked.

“Yeah. I’ve seen the guys who work on the football players after practice so I pretty much know what they do.”


“So you want me to massage you?”

“Yeah, bro, can’t hurt.”

“Okay, stand up, turn around and take your top off,” Colt said, walking toward me.

I did as he said and pulled my top over my head, tossing it onto the couch. Colt stepped in behind me so I could feel that he was there but he didn’t actually touch me. He was blowing into his hands and rubbing them together to try to warm them up.

When he finally touched me I moaned feeling his strong grip on my shoulders and knowing he would really be able to manipulate my muscles the way they needed to be. He put his hands on my shoulders but he didn’t move them. Instead he brought his thumbs together so they were on the back of my neck, moving them gently around in circles. It felt so good my head instinctively rolled back but he pushed it forward and kept up the movements, moving around the skin on my neck.

“Oh fuck, that feels good, Colt,” I moaned as he continued the soft, circular movements.

“Don’t speak, just relax and let me do what I need to do. You’re really tense,” Colt said, keeping his palms on my shoulders but now rubbing his thumbs further down so they were on my back.

His fingers started to massage the muscles in my shoulders as his thumbs continued to work on the top of my back. Then he moved down to the shoulder blades, again using his thumbs to push against the muscles, pressing on them quite hard. I think Colt was trying to see if he could feel any knots that needed to be worked out.

He carried on down my back, walking his thumbs down the skin, stopping before he got to my ass and moving around to my sides, still just using his fingers to feel and probe my muscles. After that he used his fingers to move up my arms, moving up from the wrist, up the forearm and over my biceps and triceps, which he spent quite a lot of time on.

Without saying a word he put his hands on my shoulders and turned me around, moving a hand to my chest. Instead of using his thumbs he used the tips of his three fingers, not using the little one, to press against the hard muscles, moving them around in circles and then a figure of eight as he moved over my pecs. It felt almost like he was caressing me but I knew there was nothing sexual in it. Still, I couldn’t help but feel my dick twitch slightly.

He moved his hand down until he was using his index finger along with his middle finger to gently press against my abs, again moving in circular motions. It felt so good and I kept moaning as I leaned forward and rested my head on his shoulder.

“Okay,” Colt said, moving away from me. “Follow me.”

I said nothing and just followed Colt into our bedroom. He pulled my bed out from its position against the wall and made sure that he could walk all the way around it before turning to face me.

“Okay, get naked and lay face down,” he said as he went over to the bedside draw to get our big bottle of lube. “I don’t have any lotion so this will have to do.”

I pulled off my shorts and boxers as Colt laid a towel on my bed. I followed his orders and climbed up onto the bed, lying face down on the towel with a pillow under my head. I could still feel how tense my muscles were.

After maybe a minute of just lying there, wondering what Colt was going to do, I felt the first drops of the lubricant spill onto my back. They were quickly rubbed in by Colt’s masculine hands, damn they felt good.

Just like he did with my neck, he mainly used his thumbs to rub the liquid in to my skin, getting it a bit slippery, allow his hands to move more smoothly over the skin. He then used his three fingers again and moved them in semi-circles over my back and down my spine, working his fingers deep into the muscles.

When he reached my lower back I subconsciously started pushed my ass up a little higher in the air, maybe hoping he would start massaging that too, but he seemed to completely ignore it, travelling up my back again toward my shoulders. 

For the next ten minutes Colt focused on my lats, delts and traps, placing the palm of his hand flat against the muscles, lifting up his fingers and then pressing down hard as he moved around each muscle, going in different directions and using different pressure so he would be just teasing the surface one moment and then really pushing against the muscles, kneading them, making me groan as I felt him actually working the tension out of my body.

I felt so relaxed and could have almost fallen asleep as his hands were working on my back, travelling back down towards my ass. Once again he skipped over it though, pouring the lube onto the backs of my thighs, using his thumbs, yet again, to work it into the muscles, really delving deep as he manipulated my hamstrings.

When he ran his hand against the skin on the back of my knee I yelped, not expecting the jolt of electricity that shot through my body. He didn’t seem to care because he just moved on so he was running his hands over my calves, pushing into the muscles, making them feel like they were moving down my leg.

Colt’s next move surprised me because I never expected him to keep going until he had my foot in his hand. He pressed his thumbs against the sole, using a nice amount of pressure as he moved his thumbs from my heel to my toes, never breaking contact on the forward movement. Usually I didn’t like people touching my feet because they are quite ticklish, but what Colt was doing didn’t tickle, soothing the flesh instead.

“Okay, turn over,” Colt said.

I was a little disappointed that he never worked on my ass but I did as he said and flipped over onto my back. I didn’t realise that while Colt’s hands had been working my body that my dick had become hard and I was a little embarrassed. It wasn’t that Colt was seeing my erection, he’d seen and felt it more than enough times, it was more that what was supposed to be just a normal massage had made me feel so good that my cock was now throbbing.

Colt just shook his head and poured more lube into his hands, starting at my ankles and working up my legs until he was using his fingers to knead my quadriceps. He was pushing hard on them, moving from up near my crotch down to just above my knee.

Every time his hand accidentally brushed against my balls I would moan, but he made no effort to touch them, or my cock, which was resting on my abs, rock hard and leaking precum.

After he had done both legs he moved up to my shoulders, much to my disappointment, and used his fingers to probe beneath my skin, pushing them into the muscles on my shoulder just above the clavicle bone.

I threw my head back and moaned as Colt moved down to my chest, again using his three fingers and then his palm to move around my big pecs, rubbing and kneading them. He poured some of the lube onto my pecs and had taken his own top off. He then leaned in and cupped my pecs in his hands, squeezing them and rubbing my nipples with his thumbs.

Fuck, it felt good, and my dick continued to throb.

He moved his hands down and started tracing my abs with his fingers, pushing against each one and really digging his fingers into them to massage them deep. As he reached the bottom of my abs he went to work on the cuts at my waist, using the same three fingers and circular motion he had been using on most of my body to firmly rub the flesh beneath. When he was doing that his hand kept brushing against the head of my cock, making me moan as it jerked against his hand.

Colt chuckled and applied some lube to his hand. Finally he wrapped it around my cock and gently jerked me. He moved his hand slowly, running it up and down the shaft, circling the head, making sure to combine the lube with my precum as he took it into his hands and ran his thumbs up the shaft from the base to the tip, over and over again. I was so hard.

“How does that feel?” Colt asked.

“Amazing!” I gasped.

“Still feeling tense?”

“Fuck no! I feel so relaxed, well, apart from the part of me you have in your hand.”

“Well I guess I’ll have to do something to relieve you of that tension,” Colt said, smiling.

I thought he was going to continue jerking my cock, but he let go of it, letting it slap back down against my abs. I lifted my head up to see him pulling his shorts and boxers off, tossing them aside. His dick was as hard as mine was. Then he went to the drawer and got a condom out of it, quickly ripping open the packet.

My dick throbbed knowing we were about to fuck, but then at the same time I remembered that Colt hadn’t touched my ass so it wasn’t lubed up or anything. I started to turn over when Colt placed a hand on my hip, pushed me down onto my back and then slid the condom over my hard cock.

I was going to fuck him!

Colt continued to stroke my cock, pouring lube onto it and rubbing it all over, getting it nice and slick for its journey into his ass. He poured some more lube into his hand and then reached around to apply it to his ass, sliding his fingers inside and slowly fucking himself to get ready.

With his ass lubed he climbed up onto the bed and straddled me, sitting back on my thighs so his hard, veiny cock came to rest against my covered cock. He reached down and wrapped his hands around both of our dicks and then he started moving his hips, thrusting his dick against mine as he jerked us both with his hands. Shit, that was so hot.

After about a minute of that he lifted my cock up and moved so that he was hovering over it. Instead of sitting down on it though, he sat down on my abs and leaned forward, letting my dick slide between his cheeks, running up and down the crack of his ass.

He moaned and leaned down to kiss me. I opened my mouth straight away and welcomed his tongue, which pressed against mine and then started dancing with it. As we continued to kiss, Colt rocked his hips backwards and forwards so my cock was moving up and down the crack of his ass as he squeezed his ass muscles together, creating greater friction that felt so damn good.

Breaking the kiss, Colt sat back and lifted his ass up, taking my cock into his hand again. He gave it a quick stroke and then positioned the head so it was pressed against his hole. Then he started lowering himself.

We both groaned as his ass started to give way. It was so tight around the head of my cock as I pushed it inside him. Colt had probably been fucked less than any other guy I had been with, and he certainly didn’t make a habit of it, which why his ass was really squeezing my dick.

He took his time in lowering himself onto my cock. First, stopping with just the head inside him, feeling my cock and his ass twitch, then another two inches, and the next two, and then a final push until my dick was balls deep in his hot ass.

I didn’t move and just enjoyed the feeling of Colt’s ass as it clenched around my cock. He was panting a little bit and I knew he had to be hurting somewhat, but I also knew that the pain would soon fade so I reached up and ran my hands up and down his thighs.

Colt looked down at me and smiled. He leaned forward with my dick still inside him and placed his hands on my pecs. He started massaging them again, using his whole hand this time to firmly manipulate the hard muscles beneath his hands.

He kept massaging me, occasionally tweaking a nipple, but the pain in his ass must have disappeared because he started to ride me gently, never taking his hands off my chest. He rose up, pulling my dick from his ass, and then he sat back down, forcing me up inside him.

Colt started running his hands all over my body as the pace he was fucking himself on my dick with picked up until he was really driving his ass down on my cock. We were both moaned as his ass started crashing against my thighs and his cock kept slapping me on the stomach as it flailed around, hard and leaking precum.

Soon he leaned back and was bouncing up and down on my dick, riding me hard and fast. I gripped hold of his hips and started to fuck up into him, meeting his downward thrusts so I was drilling him even harder. He was moaning with pleasure and it only made me fuck him harder.

I loved the feeling of my dick sliding in and out of his ass. It was effortless and his ass wrapped around my dick better than any other hole I had ever fucked. Then he made it that much better by clenching the muscles in his ass to really squeeze my dick as it was sawing in and out of him.

I threw my head back and moaned, my breath getting trapped in my throat. It felt so fucking good and I could feel my balls begin to tingle. I wanted to tell Colt to stop or slow down but his ass was milking my cock so well that I just couldn’t. I needed to cum.

Colt must have felt my dick expand in his ass because his efforts increased so he was really slamming his ass down onto my cock, using every muscle he had to massage my cock as it plunged deep inside him.

“FUCK!” I screamed as my dick exploded in his ass.

I kept shooting as he continued to ride me, slowing down again but still moving on my cock. About ten shots must have rocketed out of my dick into the condom before it finally stopped and I collapsed back on the bed.

Slowly Colt pulled himself up off of my cock and stood on the floor beside the bed. His dick was still rock hard and I watched as he poured lube onto his hand and then applied it to his cock. He stepped up to me and I thought he was going to jerk off onto my chest, since he hadn’t touched his cock the entire time he had been riding me, but instead he reached over and carefully took the condom off my cock.

I was still trying to catch my breath when Colt rolled me over on the bed so I was on my stomach and climbed up on top of me, sitting on the back of my legs so I couldn’t move. I looked over my shoulder to see that he still had the condom in his hand and my eyes went wide when he tipped it up, pouring the contents, my cum, onto my muscular ass.

Using his fingers he rubbed my cum all over my cheeks, paying special attention to the crack. He used his whole hands to massage my ass, taking each cheek into one of his strong hands and squeezing and kneading them, getting constant moans out of me.

He slipped his lube and cum covered fingers into the crack of my ass but he never touched my hole. I wasn’t sure what he was doing but then he leaned down and started kissing my ass, letting his tongue slip out from between his lips to taste the cum on my ass.

After he had licked some of the cum off my ass cheeks he placed his hands on them, spreading them so he could get his face between them to start lapping up the cum he had rubbed into the crack as well as flicking his tongue over my hole, making me moan.

He drove his tongue into my hole and I screamed. It felt so good. He went around the hole in circles and then poked it with the tip of his tongue, applying more pressure until his tongue was probing my ass, almost popping inside. He was really eating my ass out.

When he pulled his face back he started kissing up my back. Just as his lips met the skin between my shoulder blades I felt two of his fingers slide inside my spit lubed hole. I moaned, arched my back and pushed my ass back onto his fingers, driving them deeper.

I turned my head and bit down on the pillow beneath me to muffle my screams as he started fucking my ass with his fingers, driving them in and out, swirling them around, constantly hitting my spot and making me feel so good.

Colt quickly jumped off me, pulling his fingers out of my ass. He went to the draw and pulled out another condom, this time rolling it down his own throbbing cock. He climbed back up onto the bed and got between my legs, pouring lube over his cock and then onto my hole.

He leaned down and used the tip of his cock to rub the lube into my hole and then I felt him pressing forward. I pushed out and the head of his cock slid into my ass. I gasped and clutched the sheets beneath me but he held still and let me get used to him being inside me again before slowly pushing more and more of his dick into me until he bottomed out.

With his cock balls deep inside me he remained still, not moving in or out, but he did keep making his cock jump inside me, which made me yelp and then whimper because it kept crashing into my spot.

Fuck! It felt so good. I loved having him inside me.

Slowly he started to move, pulling almost all of his cock out and then sliding it back in all the way, sometimes forcing the last inch inside me, making me groan and jump.

“Fuck me, Colt!” I screamed.

He didn’t answer me with words, but he did start moving faster, using shorter thrusts as his cock slid in and out of my ass. I was lying flat on my stomach but I was thrusting my ass up to meet Colt’s cock as he drove it down into me, spreading my legs a little further so he had better access.

The pace gradually got faster until Colt was really pounding down into me. He reached up and placed his hands on my shoulders, his grip was tight and he use it to pull me back onto his cock, impaling me fully on his throbbing dick that was doing a number on my ass.

I buried my face in the pillow as my moans got loader, his dick feeling so good inside me as I felt mine growing again until it was fully hard and leaking onto the towel beneath me.

As Colt continued to pummel my ass with his cock it sent my own dick brushing against the towel and the friction was incredible. Along with Colt’s dick in my ass, my cock rubbing against the towel had me constantly on edge and begging to cum for a second time.

Colt’s desperation to cum was clear in the way he was fucking me. He was wailing away on my ass, the slapping sounds filling the room. He had never fucked me so hard, sweat was dripping off his forehead onto my back, which was also covered in a thin sheen.

He continued to drill my ass for another five minutes before I felt his dick start throbbing inside me and his thrusts became that little bit more urgent. Then he quickly pulled his dick out of my ass with a pop, threw the condom off his cock and thrust his dick up between my ass cheeks, sliding up and down my crack, humping my ass still, but he was no longer inside it.

Just as his dick ran up the crack, the head slipping out, it started to shoot its load all over my lower back and I moaned as I felt the hot cum landing on my skin, my own dick exploding beneath me but having nowhere to go so it just created a pool on the towel.

Colt kept his dick still as it pulsed and continued to fire shot after shot onto my back. I clenched my ass on his shaft, which really made him groan and he shot even more cum onto my skin as my dick twitched, lying in the cum it had just shot.

“Holy fuck, that was good,” Colt groaned, collapsing onto my back.

“Amazing, bro. If that’s the kind of massage I get every time I push myself too hard I need to do it more often.”

“Yeah, well just don’t start expecting it every time you come home from work,” Colt laughed, rising up and slapping my ass.

“I won’t!” I chuckled, looking back at him over my shoulder. “Maybe just once a week.”

“In your dreams!” Colt smiled.

“After that it might be!”


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