Posted:   November 3, 2010

Without thinking or asking why, I grabbed my shorts and bolted from Corey’s room.  I walked briskly down the hall fully awake, scared and saw Juan outside.

“Thank goodness, maybe you can control him,” Juan said.

I opened the door and saw Scott and Jess with Kris in a headlock to keep him under control.  I could see and smell Kris was well beyond drunk.  Kris saw me and ran directly to me. 

“I don’t know these people. What are they doing here, Matt?” Kris said to me. His eyes looked possessed and unlike any others I had seen.

Maybe he wasn’t drunk and on something worse. “Hey leave us alone just a minute,” I told the others who weren’t much better but no crazed.  Scott reeked of marijuana mixed with whiskey while Jess just plain smelled.

“Matt, who were those guys?” Kris said.

“Kris, they are our friends.  Do you even know where we are?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m in my room,” Kris said with a weird sound coming from his throat.

“Room, what room?”

“Home, where else?” Kris replied.

“Let me go talk to those people and see why they are in your room,” I said.

“If they come back, I’m kicking someone’s ass!” Kris screamed at 2 in the morning.

I headed out to see if they could fill in the blanks.  “We don’t what the hell he did?” Jess slurred.

“I do.  He did fucking meth, knowingly or not.  It makes you very delusional and spastic,” Juan said. “My brother was hooked on that awful shit.”

“Any suggestions?” I asked Juan.

“Who knows so I would just stay there with him until he comes down.  Whatever you don’t let him leave the room,” Juan said.

“I don’t have another choice then,” I said.

“I bet someone is pissed,” Scott laughed.

“I’m not,” Corey spoke up in his boxers. “Kris would do the same for Matt.”

I said goodbye and walked in the room with Kris balled up on his bed. I did the only thing I knew and went to lay with Kris.  He was sweaty and his heart was pounding heavily.  I now feared he was in danger.  I called Juan up to get some more facts.  He knew for sure that it was meth but had no clue how or where he got it or what else to do.  He advised me to stay tight and maybe Kris would fall asleep.

Kris stared at me with his odd eyes.  He mumbled incoherently to the wall. I tried to make it out but he was too bad.  I put my arm around him and held him close with fear and tears in my eyes.  I had a strong feeling someone did this to him without his knowledge or else he wanted to try it to see what it was like.

“Matt, why are you holding me?” Kris asked.

“To make you feel secure like you would do for me,” I said.

“Those guys were after me weren’t they?”

I didn’t know what to say.  “I don’t think so,” I said.  “You want to go to sleep.”

“I can’t they might jump me,” Kris said.

“Let me lock the door and turn out some lights.  Those mean guys can’t touch you in here,” I said.

I headed to the door and locked it. “They better not else I’m fucking someone up,” Kris said.

“I think they are gone,” I said and did my best to try to convenience him.

I continued to hold while Kris stared at the wall next to him.  I feared this was really going to be a very long night.  Kris curled up with all but the side light shining.  In a few minutes, he was sleeping but I could sense it wasn’t a good sleep.  I didn’t want to let go in fear he might wake and start over again.  I loved Kris like a brother and hated to see him like this.  Now being with Corey was the furthest thing from mind. After an hour or so, I finally went back to sleep.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I heard.  I opened my eyes and saw Kris pressed against the wall.  My old Kris was back.  “My damn head is fucking killing me. Get the hell off me.”

I let go of him and surprisingly had held him all night.  “Kris, I want the truth.  What drugs did you do last night?”

“None, all I did was drink and took maybe a hit or two.  Why?”

“Somehow someway you were crazy last night.  I was called here to get things under control.  Juan knows you did meth, so fess up,” I said.

“Matt, there’s no way I would even consider doing that shit,” Kris said. “You know me better than that.  I like to have a good time but that shit fucks people up.”

“Does it ever,” I stated. “Kris, I trust you and think someone fucked with you last night at that party.  You may have grabbed the wrong drink or something.”

“I may have.  All the cups looked the same to me,” Kris said. “I will kick someone’s ass if that was done intentionally.”

I heard a small knock at the door.  Juan and Scott were to check on us before going to the game. 

“How is he?” Juan asked.

“My head’s ringing but I’m fine,” Kris said. “What the hell happened?”

“Dude, you were fucked up in a bad way. You just snapped like something went off in your brain. Jess and I had to hold you down.  You thought we were there to hurt you.  We did the only thing we knew and called Matt.  Matt, you were a life saver there,” Scott said.

“Kris, you seriously didn’t know how you got it?” Juan asked.

“No, the last thing I remember is drinking some water,” Kris said. “I did that to stay hydrated.”

“Out of cup or bottle?” Juan asked.

“I saw a cup and drank it,” Kris said. “I think we left after that.”

“I think you can dilute it in water.  I bet someone was pissed as hell,” Juan said. “That explains it maybe but we may never know.  All I know you were on meth or something that was strong.  I’ve seen it too often.”

“So are we going to the game or what?” Scott asked.

“I’ll go,” Kris said but not in the most convincing manner.

“I’ll check with Corey and see what he wants to do.  Right now, I could go back asleep.  I think I finally dosed off at 4:30,” I said.

I called Corey to see what he wanted to do.  Since he had a great time at the last game, he was all for it.  Kris and I scrambled to shower and get ready.  Kris downed Tylenol after Tylenol but was ready to go despite the long night that had occurred.

“I don’t know what you did, but thanks,” Kris gave me a hug.

“Nothing you won’t do for me,” I said.

“Matt, I wasn’t sure how this initially would work out… you know this roommate thing… but it couldn’t be better for me,” Kris said.

“I was skeptical at first that you would desert me and run off but you’ve been the exact opposite.  I can’t thank you enough,” I said.

“Good friends are hard to find,” Kris said. “A trusted one is even harder to find and keep.  We’ve been through a lot over the years and this is just another chapter in our book of friendship.”

We finally found the others along with their girls and made the long hike to the stadium for the noon kickoff.  They shared stories about last night while Corey and I hung in the back of the pack to listen.

“My ass is sore this morning but I loved it,” Corey whispered in my ear while we trailed behind.

All I could do was smile and found a silver lining in the events of the previous night.  I just hoped things wouldn’t be so dramatic every weekend.  At least with all of us, things were rarely dull with some many different personalities all mixed together.

The game didn’t match the last one for us as far as enthusiasm on any of our parts.  We all tried to get into the game but it was too early to act wild and crazy like the previous game.  I even sat down once the game again got out of hand.  We all had enough by the middle of the fourth quarter and left the stadium to hike back to our room.  I don’t know who was dragging the worst of all of us.

I let Kris and Liz have our room and headed down to Corey’s room with Michael gone home.  I lay on the bed and was out in a matter of minutes. I finally woke up and saw Corey on his computer doing some homework.

“Someone’s understandably tired,” Corey said when I kissed his neck.

“Yeah in the worst way,” I said. “I’m sorry I ran off last night and didn’t come back.”

“Sorry for what? You were needed last night in the worst possible way.  All the guys bragged on you for coming to Kris’ aid and more so hearing how you held him all night to make sure he was fine,” Corey said.

“Oh… it was really nothing in hindsight,” I stated.

“Matt, we are all envious of your friendship and all wish we had a friend like that just one time in our lives.  I know I do,” Corey said.

“Still I missed sleeping with you,” I said.

“There’s always tonight,” Corey smiled.  “Tonight it’s just me and you, babe.  We’re going out on a date no matter what.  We can go eat and then catch a movie.  I think we both need to get away for one night.”

“I can damn sure go for that,” I smiled.  “Let me go change right quick and we’ll do that.”

I was off to our room and politely knocked before hearing Kris yell to come inside.  He was there with Liz and watching television together.  I change my shirt real quick with Liz there, put on some fresh deodorant, brushed my teeth and gave a few squirts of cologne.  Kris followed me out the door.

“What’s your plans?” he asked once we were out in the hall.

“Corey and I are going to eat and catch a movie,” I replied.

“Are you staying with him tonight?” Kris asked.

“I was planning on it,” I replied.

Kris gave me a big smile. “Where are your condoms?”

“I see where this is going.  In my underwear drawer, second shelf down on the bottom,” I smiled. “Kris, good luck!”

“Thanks and cross your fingers,” Kris smiled. “I need to get laid and stay up with you.”

Corey and I headed out after I got back with everyone going their separate ways this Saturday night for a change.  It was bound to happen that we would find dates and enter an exciting world of dating someone new and fresh.  Corey and I talked a lot while we ate at the first place not run over with fans from the game.  We were open about our past and our hopes for the future.  Where I was set on doing something with computers, Corey was like most freshmen and undecided at the moment.

We went to the movies and saw a film we knew little about since the others were sold out.  It turned out to be slow but had a nice story to it.  The best part was we sat in the back and held hands the entire time in the darkened theater.

We went back to the dorm with hopes of no drama and being alone.  We stayed dressed the entire night but got in a hell of lot of lip time together.  Corey was affectionate as I was since he too desired to have someone he could call his own and yearned for affection.  I was proud to be that one. 

I woke the next morning with Corey’s gentle touch across my cheeks.  He was delicately petting me and staring at me.  We headed off here on campus for breakfast and coffees to kick start the day.  While we were eating, Corey received a call from Scott wanting to hit the links.  He hung up and asked my feelings about going.

“Look Corey, I love being with you as much as possible.  You go ahead and have fun.  I need to study and do laundry as well.  Unless we have a set date, go and don’t ask.  I’ll find out some way,” I stated.

“I feel guilty now about going without asking.”

“We’re just dating.  Do whatever you feel like and don’t ask me for my permission to do things with others.  We need separate lives.  I may want to do something with Kris and not involve you.  The best thing is to inform someone so we don’t worry.  There will be times when I want to go shopping alone or just get away to be alone.”

“You’re right Matt.  We can date exclusively but have separate activities.  I too like my alone time to escape,” Corey said.

We finished up and headed back so Corey could meet up with Scott and the others to play golf.  I figured by now Kris’ business would be done.  I quietly knocked on the door and didn’t hear a reply.  I slowly opened the door and found Kris asleep at past noon this Sunday.  He rolled over and opened his eyes.  He stretched out and sat up in bed, trying to hide the obvious tent in his boxers.

“So?” I asked with a big smile.

“Don’t fucking ask.  All I got was a few feels like a damn 15 year old would get,” Kris said in disgust. “You’d think she would want to get laid.”

“Kris, if all you’re after is sex, she might sense that and not want the same.”

“We kissed a lot and Liz is a great kisser but that’s as far as it went,” Kris said. “I had the damn blue balls after that shit.”

“If you like her, be patient.  If not, find some whore here.  I’m sure there are plenty that will spread their legs for you.”

“Holler if you know of one,” Kris laughed. “It’s nice having a female though.  So where’s Corey today?”

“He went golfing with Scott and I think Jess and maybe another guy named Noel,” I replied.

“Noel is Kendall’s roommate.  He’s pretty cool but has a lot of friends from his high school here,” Kris said and didn’t surprise me in the least he knew him.

“So who here do you not know?” I asked.

“I don’t know anyone on the third and fourth floor… I take that back.  I met Stacy at the party.  He lives on the fourth floor,” Kris said.

“Do you have plans today?”

“Not really, do you?”

“Just studying and doing laundry is all,” I said.

“I guess we do need to do laundry.  I’m about out of clothes,” Kris laughed.  “Let me eat and we can do it together in the dungeon.”

Kris got out of bed and headed to shower while I pulled out my books and turned on my computer to start studying.  Kris returned and left after calling Juan and Kendall to grab something to eat there on campus.  When Kris returned, I was deep into my studies but needed a break.

“Are you ready to do laundry?” I asked Kris.

“You can but we’re going to play basketball,” Kris replied with Juan and Kendall there with him.

“That’s fine with me,” I said.

“Matt, would you mind doing mine for me?” Kris asked.

“Yeah I mind.  You can do it when you get back,” I stated.

“I’ll pay for both of ours,” Kris pleaded. “I ruined a shirt the last time I did it.  Please!!!”

“Fine, where’s the money?” I gave in without much resistance.

Kris handed me all the quarters he had.  He bagged his clothes and towels up.  I had mine ready to go.  He at least helped me carry it down.  I left it for a moment and hoped no one would touch our things.  I grabbed a few books and headed back down to the dungeon as it was called.  I threw our first load in together and started it.

I was deep into studying when I looked and saw Stephan hauling in his things.

“There’s the lucky guy,” he said to me. “How did you score such a fine hot guy like Corey, boyfriend?”

“Lucky I guess,” I replied.

“I would say very lucky.  I bet he is one hot lay, huh?” Stephan prodded.

“Stephan, I don’t kiss and tell, so drop it,” I replied.

“OOO, someone is sensitive today,” Stephan said in his high pitch voice.

“No, I don’t go blabbing about things like that.  Besides that’s none of your business,” I said.

“Where’s your bodyguard today?” he asked.

“If you referring to Kris, he’s gone like he normally is,” I said.

“I heard he takes up for you.  What a wuss.  I don’t need anyone to take up for me.”

“We’re friends.  It goes all over him when someone harasses me.  I do things for him as well.”

“I bet I know what,” Stephan smiled and threw a few things to start his laundry.  “I don’t know why you have to keep everything so private.  I’m proud of my conquests.  You know the guys here love having their cock sucked and some even like to fuck a good hot ass.”

“Good for them,” I said. “I like being monogamous.”

“OOO I don’t.  I like to have em all,” Stephan said. “I bet we could set my room ablaze.  I’ve seen you step out of the shower.  I bet Corey loves your big cock.”

Now I was getting rather hot under the collar.  “Corey’s a great guy.”

“You are so touchy and need to be proud of who you are,” Stephan said.

I heard the washer stopped and went to start drying our things.  “For one, I’m not ashamed of who I am.  I don’t go around and let everyone know I’m gay.  You’re lucky you don’t get that ass beat.”

“I can tell when someone is ashamed of being gay.  I’m out and very proud.”

“That’s easy to see.  Not every gay guy is like you Stephan. I don’t deny it but then again I don’t announce it to everyone.  You might try that sometime and maybe you’ll be respected more.”

“Go to hell, Matt,” Stephan said and turned away from me.  I think I had my point.  I returned to my studies. “So no one respects me, huh?”

“Truthfully, no Stephan, you’re not,” I said.

“You’re only saying that to cover up your faults.”

“From one gay guy to another, just chill out.  Stephan, I hate to say this but you are the butt of a lot of jokes around the hall.”

He dropped his head, “I know and have heard the laughter.  Any suggestions?”

“For one, it’s okay to be proud and out but you shove it people’s faces.  You dress to show off and make people talk.  Two, don’t be so forward and let things happen,” I said and knew I was hurting his feelings. “Do you have a boyfriend now?”

“I did but not now,” Stephan said. “I dress how I feel.”

“That’s great Stephan but not every day for class.  Another thing, don’t flirt with every guy here.  It really makes them uncomfortable.”

“I like flirting,” Stephan said.

“I do too but straight guys hate it and makes them hate you even worse than they already do.  You’re damn lucky you haven’t got your ass royally kicked,” I said.

Stephan changed his laundry to dry while I put another load into to wash. “Matt, what’s your major?”

“Ummm… undeclared but probably computer related, why?”

“You need to go into gay counseling.  You’re damn good,” Stephan said. “You’ve been very honest with me and told me things I needed to hear.  You think I could change and have a few friends here?  I’m very lonely and a few friends would be great.”

“Stephan, it is okay to be out and proud but tone it down a little,” I said. “The guys here won’t automatically change and treat you with respect immediately.”

“I know respect is earned,” Stephan said. “Matt, thanks.  I need an attitude adjustment and someone to be forthright with me.  I always been this way and expected people to accept me for who I am.”

“They will accept you but you went about the wrong way in my opinion.  I’m gay and didn’t like being around you.  Even for me, you are way too out there.”

We talked more about a few gay things like fashion which Stephan was so into.  I could hear his pleas for friendship and continued to offer advice.  We talked until my laundry was finished.

Kris was back in the room with Kendall and Juan chilling. Kris helped lug all the laundry back up and did have sense enough to put it away.

“I see who you got stuck with down there,” Kris said in reference to Stephan.

“We talked,” I said.

“I feel sorry for you being stuck there for over an hour with Stephan,” Kris said.

“He’s such a girly guy,” Juan commented.

“I know.  We had a long talk about that.  I offered some advice and he’s willing to tone it down some.  He was crying out for someone to his friend,” I said.

“Good luck on that shit,” Kris laughed. “No one here can stand to be around him or even see him now.  He really makes me sick.”

We had to explain things to Kendall to get him in the loop since he didn’t have a clue how we were talking about.  He didn’t have anyone like that but sensed he did have maybe one or two gay guys on his floor.  He knew Corey and I was and didn’t comment much on that. 

I heard a knock at the door.  I was closest and went to answer hoping and expecting to find Corey there.  I opened and saw Stephan there.

“Matt, would you like to come to my room and chill for a while?” Stephan asked.

I could feel all eyes on me.  “I guess I could do that,” I said.  I turned to Kris, “If Corey comes looking for me, tell him where I am.”

“Will do,” Kris said almost laughingly.

We walked down to his single room. I didn’t mind having Kris as a roommate; matter of fact rather enjoyed it.  I looked at his posters that cluttered the walls.  Stephan sat on his bed while I grabbed a chair.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said and just then saw the looks I get,” Stephan said.

“Did I hurt your feelings?” I asked. “I was brutally honest.”

“A little bit,” he shrugged his shoulders.  “Do you think I need to take down a few of the stuff on my walls?”

“That’s a good start.  You can leave a few you really like such as the hot fireman calendar and the more artistic ones but the others should be stored away for now,” I suggested.

“I do like the fireman calendar,” Stephan smiled.  He took off the wall and let me see all the hotties displayed in it.

“These are done in taste,” I said in reference to the calendar. “Stephan, everything is overdone here.  I’m happy you are proud of being gay and wish at times I was this… ummm… bold but you need to realize where we are and people do get offended, right or wrong.”

He happily showed me his closet full of clothes.  I only wish I had the funds to spend and did compliment on his taste in a few of things and gave slight suggestions on what not to flaunt out every day.  Slowly, I found things about him I liked but there were certain things I still was uncomfortable even being gay.

Corey came to the room and was shocked to see I was there.  He looked around the room. 

“Here you two can sit here,” Stephan offered up his bed.

“Thanks,” I said and we changed places.  Corey just looked at me strangely.

“You two do make a cute couple, you know,” Stephan commented. “I wish I could someone half as hot as Corey.”

“How’d it go today?” I asked Corey. 

“Okay, I shot a lot better but Scott still whipped my ass,” Corey said.

“Corey, when did you come out?” Stephan asked.

“Ummm… right before I started my senior year, why do you care?” Corey asked rudely.

“I was trying to be friendly,” Stephan asked.

“There’s a first,” Corey said.

“Here’s exactly what I’m talking about, Matt.  Even when I try, guys are so damn rude to me,” Stephan said.

“No shit, you’re always hitting on me and flaunting your ass around.  Stephan, you scare me,” Corey stated.

“Corey, Stephan is trying to change if you would allow him to.  We’ve had a long talk about this already.  If the two of us can’t at least give him half a chance, the others won’t give him the time of day,” I said.

“He brought this on himself from day one,” Corey said.

“I know that and I’m sorry, Corey.  I’m begging for help and need to change.  I’m very lonely and so envious of all you palling around.  I think it’s great all the friends you have.  I don’t have a sole here to talk with or do anything with.  I stay on the internet and chat in those online groups to feel sociable.  I’m asking you and the others to give me another shot at this.  I’m not changing everything but I’m going to try to not be so forward,” Stephan stated, almost in tears.

“We can give him the courtesy of seeing where it goes,” I said. “He’s been very normal with me so far since I’ve been here.”

“Stephan, I’ll try and sorry for being such an ass,” Corey said.

“Thanks Corey.  I’ll do my best to tone it down but my mind is programmed to say what I think,” Stephan said. “Corey, how did you get so fit? I love your body and sure Matt does as well.  The other guys are scared to say but are probably envious of you.”

Corey took a deep breath, “I started out last year after I came out.  All my friends left me and like you I was bored.  I could work out alone without anyone.  Slowly I noticed a change that fueled me even more.”

“Wow!  Everyone at my high school knew about me.  I didn’t have any guy friends but had ton of girl friends that helped me through high school.  The guys too were scared of me and I slowly didn’t care and became more flamboyant about it,” Stephan said.

“I just holed up at my house when I could or left and hung out at the gym most of the time,” Corey said.

We talked some more until Kris called me to see if we wanted to grab a bite.  I told him to come down when he was ready.  Now I was in a quandary and wanted to ask Stephan to join us if he wanted.

“Stephan, you want to go with us?” I asked against better judgment.

Yeah, I love to,” Stephan said with enthusiasm.

Corey gave me a look. “I’ll take the blame for this,” I stated.

Kris and most of our crew came to the door.  I told them Stephan wanted to go with us.  I could see the look on their faces.  No one said no but they weren’t happy it.  We headed out to the union to eat what was available.  We found a large table and so far Stephan was quiet and barely spoke.  We all talked except for Stephan. 

We finished up eating without incident and headed back. 

Stephan finally spoke up and complimented Kendall’s shirt he wore.  Kendall was shocked to see Stephan knew the brand, which was high dollar.  The others shot Kendall a look but proudly told where he got it when Stephan asked.  Stephan was doing his best to try to fit in and what he asked was a good start. 

“I have never heard of Salvage shirts,” Kris commented.

“They are like Affliction or Ed Hardy,” Kendall said.

“All his shit is high dollar,” Noel said. “His wardrobe is like some damn designer’s closet.”

“Very high dollar, I think,” Jess said. “What does cost about one hundred?”

“More actually,” Stephan said. “I wish I had the bucks to splurge on those.”

“It does look nice though, Kendall,” Scott said while we kept walking.

Once back at the dorm, Stephan went to his room and thanked me and Corey for trying.  Corey and I headed to my room since his roommate was now back.  Kris was kind enough to allow us some alone time and hung at Scott’s room for a while.

I was so thankful for Kris’ kindness and took full advantage of it.  I don’t think I was the only one who wanted some alone time.  Corey had me naked in record time.  He was playful but affectionate.  He was down on me quickly like we were racing time.  His wet mouth felt so good on my cock.  He licked the head and underside until taking into his mouth.  He could only manage a few inches and used his hand to accentuate his mouth.  I moaned and thoroughly loved Corey’s mouth and hand.  He kissed my stomach.

“I can’t enough of your big cock now, Matt,” Corey said. “I was hoping we would get this chance.”

“Me too,” I said.  He dropped back down and continued for a few hot minutes.  He kissed back up my body.

“I want fucked again,” he said. “I may be dirty.”

“I can live with that,” I kissed him.  I sucked his cock for just a little while before retrieving the condoms and lube.  I fingered his ass a little before unrolling the condom.  His ass looked so hot and so tempting.  Corey got on his stomach on my bed.  I slowly inserted my cock but wasn’t successful.  I applied more lube that did the trick.  His ass ring was still tight as ever but felt so damn good.  I slowly slid in him and kissed his neck and back. 

“OOO Matt!” Corey screamed.

“Your ass is so hot,” I said.

I started slowly fucking him and hearing his deep moans that fueled our passion.  I kissed his neck and turned his head to ram my tongue in his mouth like my cock was doing to his tight ass. 

OOO fuck me!” Corey screamed.

I continued fucking him and went a little faster.  He flipped to his back.  Seeing his hot body only intensified my lust for him.  I slid back inside after cleaning some shit off my condom and applying more lube.  I pushed his legs forward.

OOO harder! Fuck that ass!” Corey moaned.

I leaned over for a kiss and found his cock hard.  I jacked him off while pounding his tight ass.  Our skin popped together and the bed shook along with our lips smacking.  Corey didn’t last long with my intense hard fucking. 

“I’m cumming!” he announced.  I felt his ass tighten and saw his every muscle in his torso contract.  It was a beautiful sight seeing his milky white cum flow out of his cock.  I pulled out and jerked only a few times.  We cleaned up our mess and collapsed on the bed together. 

It was very hot and still passionate.  We rolled around on my bed kissing and hugging.  We dressed and waited for Kris to return. 

Kris came knocking about 20 minutes later.  I answered the door dressed in shorts. 

“Damn, it smells like sex again in here, you two horn dogs,” Kris laughed.

“What did you expect?” Corey asked.

“I shouldn’t be surprised,” Kris laughed. “At least someone’s getting fucked in this room.  It sure as hell ain’t me.”

“You knew we would, so stop it,” I laughed.

“It’s all good,” Kris said.

“I better go and do a little studying,” Corey said.

“Okay, no problem,” I said.

“See ya tomorrow,” Corey said.  We kissed goodbye and Corey headed to his room.


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