Posted:  October 28, 2010

Tuesday after Labor Day, it was back to class after a really great weekend.  I wanted to catch with Corey to see how his night went with his new roommate but knew it could wait.  Kris and I parted ways for our first class but did meet up like we normally did to go to our one class together, history, after the first one.  Like normal, I was in charge of taking notes while Kris did his own thing in the large auditorium like classroom.  We ate together after class to fill our growling stomachs before venturing back to the dorm.

I was so curious now to see how things were developing but had the great displeasure of seeing Lee, Corey’s old roommate while walking down the hall in my dorm.  I saw him and kept walking.  He gave me the biggest ‘go to hell’ look and mumbled something under his breath.  If that was what he enjoyed, so be it or I would sick Kris on him in a heartbeat.

I knocked on the door and waited for an answer.  Corey came to the door in his boxers with his normally spiked hair now a mess on his head.

“Ummm…what time is it?” Corey asked, rubbing his eyes.

“It’s past one,” I replied. “You didn’t just get up?”

“I did,” Corey said still trying to wake up. “I guess Michael got up and went to class.  Neither of us had an alarm clock after the switch.”

“Use your phone until you can get one.  That’s what Kris and I do.”

“I never thought of that,” Corey said.

He sat on his bed and pulled me to him with his nice arms. “How’s it going so far?” I asked.

“A lot better.  He is considerate and neat.  Only thing is he’s a little odd,” Corey replied.

“At least an odd you can live with,” I stated.

“Yeah, maybe I put it wrong.  Quirky might be a better term.  He has some unique ways about him,” Corey said. “Another thing, he’s not shy either like I thought and sleeps in the nude.”

OOO some side action down here,” I teased and poked his ribs.

“Get real.  He’s okay and all but I get all the action I need with you,” Corey said with a little smile. “I guess I need to do something today.  I feel really bad I missed my two classes today.”

“Good thing it’s early in the semester,” I stated.

“You and Kris wanna go work out after I get up from here?”

“I went yesterday but I guess two days in a row won’t hurt,” I said.  I pulled out my cell with Kris was eager as ever to go again.  We did go again with Kris and Corey testing and pushing each other while I was doing my own thing and adjusting to a real weight room.  The nicest part was seeing all the hot guys that frequented the gym and took great pride in their bodies like Corey did. 

Now all of us were beginning to get a sense of routine here.  Having made so many friends gave me a different take on a lot of lifestyles and viewpoints.  Most of my friends were like Kris and from generally middle class families where Mom made it okay.  No one really showed off if they had money and kept things level for all of us involved.

The week sped by now at furious pace with the classes charging full speed into the year.  I found enough time to be with Corey and didn’t over do it like I had done in the past with other boyfriends.  My problem was I craved love and easily became attached to someone who was willing to show me attention.  In the past, I crashed hard and felt the effects of the fall.  I didn’t want that to occur since Corey and I were a big of a part as anyone with Kris the designated pack leader as he liked it.  As the week progressed, I began seeing more girls around the various rooms and saw the others desire relationships.  Kris was a part of the trend thanks to Jess’ new found fling’s help.  Now, I waited to see Kris in action with an interested party.  I couldn’t blame the girl, Liz, since I too found Kris to be attractive and a great guy.

Friday a few left such as Michael, Corey’s roommate, and Robert. I was lucky to have Michael gone and maybe have Corey to myself alone in his room for two straight weekends.  I knew the ending couldn’t be any worse since he had seen Corey and I be affectionate in the room and thought nothing of it.  Michael was happy to get rid of his old roommate and have Corey instead.

A large group of us headed out to the rec center to end the week.  Scott and I had plans to hit the pool once again and take a break from the weight room.  Again it was hard and Scott showed his superiority in the water.  I swam at a good pace for the nice work out.  

We returned to the dorm and chilled like normal in my room.  Even though the room was small, we crammed inside and no one wanted to be left out.  We cranked up the video games and got insanely loud with Kris, Scott and Jess being the centerpiece of Guitar Hero.  The game was great and gave us lots of interaction.  While one played, the others could chill and talk.  The talk that afternoon was another party they had planned with dates for Jess, Kris and Scott.  Juan and another guy, Kendall, who had entered our circle from downstairs, were going stag.  Kendall came along after the game and now was seen around more often than not.  If anyone’s family in the group had money, it would be Kendall’s.  He drove a sweet ride and dressed expensively and stylish.  At first he didn’t want any part of us knowing Corey and I were gay.  Slowly he saw we were not that different and privately apologized to me this week for not accepting me and Corey at first.

“Corey, you and Matt gonna come with us, right?” Juan asked.

“You know we could,” Corey said.  “You might need a little gay flavor to show you how it’s done.”

“You two are welcome to join us,” Kendall stated. “Juan and I are going it alone.”

“Bro, look who you are talking to back there,” Scott said.

“I’m sure not everyone there is totally straight,” Kris said. “Scott, you’re going.”

“Fuck you bitch!” Scott retaliated in a joking way. “We’ll see who gets some stank tonight.”

“Jess, any chance we get at least head tonight?” Kris asked.

“I sure hope so or else those damn movies will be showing late tonight,” Jess said in reference to his porn collection that was now famous throughout the hall and dorm.

“So Matt, you and Corey joining us?” Juan asked.

“I guess we could to check it out.  I’ll have my bodyguards there with me in case someone talks smack,” I said.

“No one will know unless you two start macking,” Scott said.

“We’ll talk about it and let you know if we’re going,” Corey said.

Shortly our room cleared with everyone leaving to get ready.  Corey hung back with Kris and me.  We saw no harm in going for a little while and might be fun change.  Corey left right after that.  The plans were to be cheap asses and eat on campus first before meeting up the girls.  Then we would head to the party off campus and check things out.

Kris and I showered and got ready to go.  Kris was again seeing the benefits of me and did borrow a necklace since he never wore one.  I think he liked the look and squirted on some of my Versace cologne he liked.  My wish was we were the same size in clothes and could share that way but that wasn’t happening though I thought maybe I had added a little weight or it was wishful thinking.

I was a little surprised to see all of their girls come to our dorm.  Kris needed a good talk to about that.  Liz, Kris’ girl, looked very cute but wasn’t as outgoing as Kris, but hell who is.  Jess’ girl was downright smoking hot if I can say so.  Scott’s girl was like Kris’ and just cute.  We all headed to eat as a herd you might say with everyone going all out.  Now I could see Kendall had money with his True Religion jeans and shirt, which aren’t cheap.  I’ll admit Kendall was cute and wore his brown highlighted hair like Corey’s and had earrings as well but I didn’t think he was gay.  I was now had my Gaydar going full time here in each class and had a good sense who was gay and who wasn’t though you can be totally fooled both ways.

We headed out with Kris and Liz with Corey and I.  Once in the privacy of Corey’s ride, Kris spoke, “Liz, so you know, Corey and Matt are a couple.”

“You’re kidding?” Liz said. “I had no idea and all you guys know.”

“Oh yeah, it’s all good,” Kris said.

“It’s becoming truer every day, the cutest guys are now gay,” Liz said. “I had the perfect girl for each one of them. I swear I had no idea.  Usually I can tell the minute I meet them.”

“Thanks, we appreciate that,” I turned and stated. “We want to blend in and not stick out.”

“Kris, I’m proud of all of you.  Usually guys just freak when they find out a guy is gay,” Liz said.

“Matt and I have been friends way too long to let his sexuality come between us.  People need to get over it and deal with it. However, I’m a little surprised at how accepting everyone is though,” Kris said.

“I am too and so thankful.  It has been so easy,” Corey said. “You know Kris is our bodyguard.”

“I heard all of you laughing about it,” Liz said.

“I basically had to beat Corey’s old roomie’s ass for degrading them because they were gay.  He hit Corey for no reason other than he was gay.  I don’t let people mess with Matt because he’s gay,” Kris said.

“Kris, you are a sweet guy,” Liz said.

“I know,” Kris laughed. 

We parked where we could and headed inside.  The maze of people was astonishing.  We were welcomed in with open arms.  Scott and Kris found the alcohol punch in the back and came back with glasses for some of us.  I had no idea alcohol flowed so freely at these parties and was a real eye-opener.  I stayed close to Corey and tried not to lose him.  I did feel so out of place here though.  I wasn’t a big drinker but did accept Corey’s drink that he got for us.  I knew a face or two from my classes and was glad the rest of our friends were there.  We mingled mostly bumping into people and stepped out back for some air.  The air wasn’t much better between the marijuana and cigarette smoke.  We sat down and were passed a joint.  Corey took a big hit but I passed.  We turned around and saw Scott and Kendall coming out.  If I wasn’t mistaken, Scott pulled a blunt from his pocket and lit it.  He spotted us and walked over to over us a hit.  Corey took another hit and so did I.  I hate sucking joints that has had no telling whose mouth on it.  I knew these guys so it was okay in my mind. 

“Good party, huh?” Scott asked with his eyes blood shot as ever.

“Oh yeah,” Corey said.

“Damn Matt, I would have never guess you blazed,” Scott said.

“I do some and enjoy the high sometimes,” I replied.

We passed around again among us friend but did have one guy bum a hit off of it.  We chilled outside for a while before heading back in.  Corey had a few more drinks where I laid off of them, so someone could get us back to the dorm. 

After a couple of hours, Corey and I had had enough for the night.  I snatched the keys from his hands to get us home safely.  Before leaving made sure Kris and Liz had a ride back which they did from one of Liz’s friends.  We said goodbye and thanks plus to call us if they needed anything.

“That wasn’t too bad, huh?” Corey said while we headed back. “Matt, I really wanted to go since in high school I was such an outcast.”

“It wasn’t too bad,” I said. “Did you get a shock?”

“Hell yeah!” Corey said. “You hit that blunt hard.”

“I like to smoke every so often but don’t make a habit of it,” I said. “I hate wet joints though.”

“Matt, I smoked a lot of pot in high school when I was alone and depressed to escape reality.  I thought I would here but I have no reason to now other than at parties like that,” Corey said.

We headed inside and went straight to Corey’s room.  We snuggled up in his bed together for some meaningful time together.  Corey wasn’t too bad drunk, just feeling good.

“Matt, seriously you don’t know how fucking awful it was in high school.  I had some serious flashback when Lee hit me.  I was never invited anywhere with anyone after I came out.  The town I was from which is small was so bad.  I know people that had records that weren’t treated as rudely as I was.  I seriously hated it there and now doubt I will ever see that place again.  You know my mom hasn’t even called me since I got here but that’s no big surprise.  Her embarrassment is gone and she can show her face again around town,” Corey spoke solemnly.

“I had no idea you had it that bad.  As you can see, now you just tag along and are welcome anytime with me or Kris.”

“I know.  So far, this is way more than I dreamed of.  I wanted to escape and start over.  I wasn’t going to be upfront until I met you and saw how a real gay guy acts and lives.  You are a God-sent to me in a lot of ways, you and all of the guys.  I never dreamed I would have so many friends to pal around with,” Corey got emotional. “Everyone is the shit you know.  We are equal and no one cares if I’m straight or gay.  Damn, I love this place.” Corey was getting very emotional by this revelation.

I wiped the tears from his face and kissed him. “I love it here just as much.  I love you too.”

“Matt, I love you as well,” Corey said. “Matt, I’m ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“I want you to take my cherry tonight.  I want you in me in the worst way.  I’ve searched the internet and know it can be a little painful especially with your big long dick but it’ll be worth it.”

“Corey, are you clean?” I asked.

“I suppose a trip to the bathroom would be nice plus I need to piss too,” Corey said. I went along with the drinks running through me.

We returned to his room.  We locked the door behind us and slowly undressed each other slowly.  We kissed a lot and enjoyed that part a lot.  I took every chance I had and revered every inch of his nice fit body.  Corey loved the admiration I showed while taking my time before licking his nice cock.  I licked the head slowly and sucked each nut.  I returned and tasted his cock.  I opened my mouth and gave him the best blow job I knew how.  I took my time to hear his moaning and groaning.  I used everything I knew.  I kissed him a few times to let him calm down to only return for more.  He played with my hair some.  I knew by the end he was extremely horny and leaked a little goodness for me.

Corey did his best on me.  He was getting better each time and more comfortable having a cock in his mouth.  I think he was growing to enjoy pleasing me each time.  It took me a few times to feel right and enjoy sucking cock.  I pulled him close before ending the moment.

“I’m so ready, Matt,” Corey said.

“I’ll be as gentle as I can. I wouldn’t dare hurt you for nothing.  If it hurts too bad, we can stop and wait til later,” I said.

“My mind is made up.  I’m taking this cock,” Corey grabbed my cock that was hard and oozing precum.

I put him on his knees.  I greased up a finger and slowly inserted into his hot tight ass.  I went slow and not very deep to start.  I could see his ass was so hot and very tight.  I didn’t rim him and disliked doing so but would have if he would have asked.  Once I felt him adjust, I tried two fingers and heard him moaning.

“I’m ready,” Corey announced. “I read it is easier on your side.”

“I think it is easier doggie style but whatever you want,” I said.

“Let’s try on my side.  Either way is going to hurt, right?” Corey said.

“Yeah it will but after that it is fucking crazy good,” I said.

I put on a condom and lubed us up generously.  I kissed him and told him to relax as much as possible.  I jacked a few times and was rock hard with the thought of what was about to occur. 

“Here goes,” I said with a kiss of his neck.

I put my hard cock at his hot hole.  Corey pushed out but I didn’t penetrate him.  We kissed again and give it another go.  I felt my cock head enter and slip right back out.  I tried again and successfully was in a few inches.  I could hear him breathing heavily.  I kissed his neck and waited.  I slid in another inch or so to be half in him.

“Just a few more inches,” I said. “You okay?”

“It hurts,” Corey stated in a little pain.

I slid another inch and waited.  He screamed into his pillow with pain.  I waited to let the pain subside.  I slid the rest in.

“I’m in all the way,” I whispered in his ear.

Oh fuck,” Corey said.  “Give me a minute.”  He was breathing audibly.  I wrapped my arms around his chest and held him close. I moved and heard him whimper. I waited more while kissing his bulging neck. I could feel his chest expanding and contracting along with his heart racing. I moved again to gauge his reaction.  His ring was clamped down so tightly on my hard pulsating cock and felt very good.

“It hurts, huh?” I asked quietly.

“It does but getting better.”

“Corey, your ass is so tight.”

“Matt, your cock is really fucking big.”

I moved again and heard a difference in his moaning. I didn’t stop and slowly fucked him.

“OOOO fuck me!” Corey moaned deeply.

“Feel good now?”

OOO yes!”

I went a little harder and slipped out.  He reached around but I was back inside him. I wanted to jack him off but waited.  I knew I was bumping his prostrate and didn’t want to overly excite him.  I continued the nice steady pace while Corey and I moaned and groaned.  I started to sweat a little from our body heat.  I loved hearing Corey moan ‘fuck yeah, ooo, yes’ with each movement.  I knew what he was feeling and felt great as well. 

He wanted to try missionary next.  I slowly pulled out and heard him scream.  He got on his back and spread his hot legs wide.  I kissed his thighs and leaned over to keep this hot moment going.  It hit me then seeing his gorgeous face and nice body there ready to take me.  I was fucking one hot guy that was my dear boyfriend.  I went slowly again.  Our lips met as we moved as one in rhythm. My head was swimming with ecstasy while fucking Corey.  His ass was tight around my cock and squeezing it.  I couldn’t hold out much longer and did my best to go as long as I could.  I pulled out and quickly sprayed his lower body with a huge load.  Corey jacked only a few times and shot skyward an arc of milky cum. 

“Matt, you’re the best lover ever,” Corey said while I wiped off his body with such delight and joy.

“You’re not too bad either,” I said. “Now your cherry is popped.”

I know,” Corey kissed me hard.  “Thanks!” We kissed with open mouth in our glow.  We gently grabbed each other’s cock and kept kissing.  The love was evident between us and the scent of sex lingered around us.  We lay there together and held each other close.

We arranged the beds together for comfort without much noise.  There was a crack in the middle but we didn’t care.  I felt so comforted to lay my head on his hard pecs and have him run his fingers through my hair until I was sound asleep naked with him. 

I was asleep when I felt Corey pecking my shoulders.  I rubbed my eyes and focused enough to see my phone in his hand.

“That was Scott.  They need you!” Corey said.

My heart skipped a beat.  I bolted up from the bed…


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