Posted:  October 24, 2010

The short walk down the hall gave me a chance to gain my composure.  Kris was on the phone when Corey and I walked in.

Kris hung up the phone, “OOO Shit!”

“What?” I asked but did have one big smile across my face.

“I don’t even have to ask I know what you two did but Matt, I’m proud of you but so insanely jealous,” Kris stated with a good pat on the back.


“That didn’t sound right.  I’m jealous you’ve found someone in a week where I’m still searching.  I thought I would be the one getting the action around here,” Kris clarified.

“You basically egged me on last night,” I said.

“Are you pissed, Kris?” Corey asked.

“No, I’m not pissed at all.  I’m happy to see Matty here with that big smile.  Seriously bro, I was a little worried about Matty coming here and how he’d fit in but damn he’s making it very well,” Kris said and never called me Matty before in his life.  “Let’s go eat.  I’m starving over here.”

We headed out that Sunday about noon.  We chatted about the game before and definitely were in for the next home game next weekend.  We saw our campus in a little disarray with trash scattered about from the large home crowd and the countless tailgaters.   We found a few places open at the student center and grabbed what we could; being it was Sunday along with being the Sunday before Labor Day.

We headed back to the dorm and stayed in my room.  Shortly we had Jess and Michael, who lived near Corey and was about as average looking as they came around here, in our room.  Michael was quieter than us but enjoyed laughing at the stupid things that came out of Kris’ mouth.  He and Corey did have something in common for both disliked their roommates.  Michael didn’t like his because he was rude and obnoxious.  I never heard of him but as normal Kris knew the guy and didn’t care for him much either.  If Kris doesn’t like you, something is wrong somewhere with you.  He could find the good in people in the shortest of time.  He didn’t discriminate either and was friends with all races and mental ability.  He had a sweet side and buddied up a slower kid in our class from high school.

Corey and I hung with the group all day and night.  We were beginning as a couple but did enjoy being around the others.  I didn’t mind at all and now fit right in with the group.  Now I wasn’t afraid when the sex talk came around and did give the others a few laughs for I began to open more and feel these guys were now all friends.

That night, Corey and I agreed to stay apart though I would have been with him in a heartbeat.  Maybe I was going too fast for me at this time.  It did give Kris and me some time together and sort things out with all that was swirling around us and the somewhat hectic pace we were going.

“You really do like Corey, don’t you?” Kris asked after the room was cleared.

“Of course I do.”

“I can really tell now.  You did your best to stay apart from him but you two ended up together so much.”

“Do you think the other guys are uncomfortable with us?  We did hold hands some and sat with our arms around each other.”

“I don’t care what you as long as you keep your clothes on.  I think the others are very open-minded about you two.  It’s even been a good experience for me.  In the past, when you were with your boyfriend, I never saw you and wasn’t around you.  You are showing no matter what gender there can be a relationship.”

“I shouldn’t gossip like this but I will.  Corey told me he’s been hit on since he openly said he was gay.  He won’t tell me who,” I stated.

“I bet I know, Scott and maybe Stephan,” Kris said.

“Stephan is a given, duh.  I think Scott too but I don’t know who else,” I said.

“You have got to find out.  Ask him in that moment after you know… you guys…”

“I’ll ask but I don’t think he will tell.”

“So is he good in bed?” Kris turned to me and asked.

“You really want to know?”

“Ummm… I guess so.  You can ask me the same question when I get my ass laid,” Kris said.

“Oh like you wouldn’t freely tell in the first place just to brag now,” I laughed. “I was his first guy.  He was a little nervous but once he was inside it felt so good.  The best part was he was very passionate and affectionate.  There are you happy.”

“Yeah Matt, I love you like a brother dude but that’s almost fucking sick,” Kris said. “You let him stick his cock in your ass?”

I slung my pillow and hit his bare stomach. “Don’t ask if you don’t want to know the truth.  He felt so good when his cock…”

“I get the picture!  Damn!” Kris said and playfully returned the hit.

“Kris, I want the truth and this won’t leave this room.  Would you get with a guy to just see what it was like?”

Hell no.  I remember what Scott and Juan said about it and you over there telling me how great it is.  Matt, I’ll leave that up to you. I have zero desire to experience sex with some dude,” Kris said.  “Would ever fuck a girl? Or have you ever?”

“No to the last part. I don’t know if I would or not.  I like girls but not attracted to them sexually just like you with guys.  I might to see what all the rage is about.”

“Dude, it is the best feeling in the world to slid your dick in between some wet pussy lips.  It’s the greatest feeling ever,” Kris said with emotion.

“Would you ever let a guy suck you off?” I asked.

“That I might consider hearing you guys talk about it.  Another deal here for you Matt.  You fuck a girl and I’ll fuck a guy… hold on, I’ll let a guy suck me off.”

“You’ve never ass fucked a girl?”

“Well… you got me there.  Karen and I did it twice this summer to see what it was like.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah, I was fingering her while fucking her ass.”

“Then I’ll do the deal if you will fuck a guy.”

“Damn!” Kris rubbed the growing stubble on his chin. “Deal but you have to have evidence and better yet find me a guy.”

“Stephan would love it,” I laughed.

“Fuck you!  My dick is not going in his ass.  He’s too girly for me.  I want to fuck Corey.”

“Fuck you too!  No way!”


“His ass is still virgin and he’s mine for now. All mine!” I laughed.

“I think someone still has work to do.  I bet you can make him scream like a little bitch.  I’ve seen you enough to know you are rather big.”

OOOO, you noticed.  Kris, you’re not bad either.  You may have Corey beat there.”

“I’ve heard enough.  Let’s get some sleep,” Kris said.

I turned out the lights and crawled into bed.  I was sure Kris would jack off but I didn’t have the urge to and wanted to save it for Corey.

We were up early on that Monday, Labor Day.  I went to the shower and ran into Scott and Jess as they were getting out.  I did have to look but did so discretely.  I had nothing to be ashamed of seeing neither came close to my size but did like the looks of Jess’ uncut meat and hairy bush.

“What are two doing up so early this morning?” I asked now naked and proudly I might add.

“We’re hitting the links today.  Your boy is going too,” Jess said while toweling off.

“I had no idea,” I replied.

“I guess he doesn’t tell you everything then,” Scott laughed. “I thought you guys were tight.”

“We’ve just started.  He knew I wasn’t interested plus you’ll be back in a couple of hours,” I said.

“More like 5 hours unless I blow up and get pissed off,” Scott said and wrapped the towel around his waist.

“Have fun,” I said with the water now warm enough to shower.

I went back to the room with Kris listening to his iPod and jamming.  I freely dropped my towel without a thought and pulled off his headphones.

“Did you they were going golfing today?” I asked.

“Yeah, they talked about last night,” Kris said. “Why?”

“I saw Jess and Scott in the shower and just heard about it,” I said.

“For one, put on some underwear or something.  Damn!  I know you have a big dick but shit!  Are you mad at Corey?”

“I’m disappointed though I shouldn’t be since I thought we were doing something together today,” I replied.

“Get over it,” Kris said. “You can’t control him.”

I didn’t something I never do and jumped beside Kris naked to aggravate him.  He surprised me and just laughed before he had me in a playful headlock and messed with my drying hair.  We heard a knock.  I got up with a towel around my waist to answer the door.  Corey was there and looked hot as ever in his golf attire, nice shirt and short hanging low on his waist.

“Matt, I heard you didn’t know I was going today.  We talked about it right there with you in the room,” Corey explained and shut the door. “I know we talked earlier about doing something today.”

“I guess I wasn’t listening or my mind was elsewhere,” I said.

“When I get back, we’ll do something, just the two of us, okay?” Corey said.

“That’s fine.  I can write my paper on the art piece and get ready for this week,” I said.

“See ya,” Corey said and made things better with a nice kiss.  I didn’t care if Kris was watching and needed it.  Corey left the room to head to play golf with our friends.

“Don’t think you can control him and take him away from things he likes to do.  I hate when girls think they can occupy all my time and only be with them,” Kris said.

“I know that.  We can do things later on,” I surmised. “There will call for times when I want to do things without him.”

“I don’t see what the big deal is anyway,” Kris said. “You guys just started.”

“After you’ve fucked a girl and feel there is love and that bond, don’t you want to be with them alone… hold on, I’m talking to Kris.”

“Right on.  Sure after I fuck a girl and feel love, I like being with her but that doesn’t mean we’re joined at the crotch.  I make time for her.  You tell Corey this and you’ll lose him quicker than you got him no matter how great the fuck or how in love you feel.  You said you are his first so give him a little space to adjust to this.  If I were you, I would back off and let him breathe some.  Down the road, if it continues, then you can be with him all the time.”

“You’re right and how stupid do I feel now,” I said and got dressed. “Kris, no matter what you’re still my best friend.  It’s actually great we can talk about things like this.  I never imagined we could be so frank about things but we are. This is actually kind of cool.”

“Hopefully, you can help me out at times as well.  We offer each other a different prospective. You liking dick can make me see how girls feel,” Kris laughed.

“Fuck you, okay,” I laughed. “I get your point.”

“I’ll leave that to Corey,” Kris laughed.  He went to shower while I got ready to put some food in my aching stomach.  He returned from the shower and gave me the same naked treatment.  The only problem with that was I didn’t mind seeing Kris naked.  He had a lot going for him and was cute with surfer look that fit him perfectly in my eyes.

We grabbed Juan and Michael since they were stirring as well.  We had to simmer Michael down since he was constantly bickering with his roommate and told him he needed a new roommate soon.

We returned and I got the privilege of joining Kris at the rec center to work out.  The other two had things to do that afternoon plus I wanted to continue to see if that could fill out my skinny frame with possibly muscle added along the way.  Kris helped me out and encouraged me in the weight room.  I was very weak but did give it an effort.  I was slightly embarrassed by my lack of strength where Kris was really going at it hard to maintain his nice body for the ladies as he called it.

At the dorm after the workout, I looked over my scribbled notes to begin writing down my instincts and reactions to the painting.  I was a perfectionist with my studies and labored over making it sound intelligent.  After that, I opened my books and read a few chapters to be on top of things for the coming days of classes.

Near 4, Corey came to my room with Kris now back.  We left to be alone while we still had the chance with his roommate gone. 

“Corey, I’m sorry and feel I owe you an apology,” I said once we were back in his room and alone.


“I think I overreacted to you going with them.  I had in my mind we would do things today together.  I guess I should be a better listener,” I said.

“After you said that earlier, you may have left the room for a minute while we talked about going,” Corey said with his arms wrapped around me.

“The main thing is did you have fun?”

“Oh yeah, those guys were fun.  Scott is a damn good golfer and put me to shame today,” Corey said.  “Have you ever gone?”

“No and don’t ask either.  I’ve been to the range.  Let’s just say I look really gay swinging a club,” I laughed.

“I want to see that then,” Corey laughed.

“No you don’t and don’t ask me to go.  You go and enjoy it,” I said.

We held off kissing and making out long enough.  His lips pressed against mine while our hands felt each other up.  Now I didn’t care where or how Corey touched me.  I loved his gentle touch and loved touching his nice body.

CLICK! The door flew open.  His roommate Lee walked in the door.  It was obvious what we were doing.

“My fucking roommate is a fucking fag!” Lee shouted and was pissed.

“I am!” Corey stated boldly with me still in his arms.

“Get the fuck out of my room then!” Lee said.  I could see something was brewing.

“Bitch, this is my room as much as your room.  If you don’t like it, leave,” Corey stood and tried to stay under control.

“Oh, you’re a tough guy now with your little faggot boyfriend here,” Lee said, mockingly to us. “You make me so sick!”

“Deal with it,” Corey said.  “I’m not scared of you one bit, motherfucker!”

I pulled out my phone and sensed this was getting heated.  I quickly texted Kris to help control the growing situation.

“I’m not scared of you either Corey,” Lee said with a scowl on his face. “You’re nothing but a cock sucking, ass fucking fag!”

I could see Corey was really pissed. “Just leave, please,” Corey asked nicely and under control.

“Fuck you,” Lee said.  He did something he really shouldn’t have done and hit Corey in the stomach with his closed fist. “You deserved that!”

Corey took the punch without much sign of pain but was pissed with his face red as ever. He did push Lee back a little but to gain a little space.  “You’re fucking pathetic! The worst part is you’re so jealous of me!”

Lee slapped Corey in the face right when the door opened.  I know Kris heard the sound of the slap.

“What the fuck? Did you just slap Corey?” Kris asked with Scott and Jess along as well.

“Yeah, I slapped the faggot’s cock sucking face, bitch!” Lee said like he was the biggest badass ever. “Are you here to stop me?”

“I am.  You have a problem with those two you have a problem with me and a few others.  You got that shit!” Kris said and was as mad as I had ever seen him with the veins in his neck about to bust.  I was cowered in a corner and hated to see this outburst. I was shaking in fear that this was getting too far out of hand.

“You’re probably a faggot like those two are,” Lee said.  He was really overloading his ass now.

“What’d you just say?” Kris said with his teeth clinched and loudly.

“You heard me, faggot!” Lee said.  He barely got the words out of his mouth when Kris landed the right hand across Lee’s face.  He hit him squarely on the jaw and made a good clean hit.  Lee was stunned to say the least and grabbed his jaw and spit out a little blood onto the floor.

“You want some more!” Kris said and was in a fighting stance.

“What’s this all about?” I heard our RA Rick ask and knew it wasn’t good.

“He hit me Rick for no reason,” Lee said and grabbing his jaw.

“No reason my ass.  You slapped the hell of Corey and called me a faggot.  You were berating my two friends because they are gay,” Kris stated and stood his ground.

“Lee, were you harassing Corey and Matt?” Rick asked and now in the center.

“Yeah I was.  They were making out or some shit when I walked in.  They are fucking queers!” Lee said still holding his jaw.

“Corey? Matt? Is that true?” Rick asked.

“You know we’re gay if that’s what you mean,” Corey replied while I was about in tears.

“Yes Rick, Lee got pissed at Corey when he walked in on us kissing.  He hit him the stomach and slapped him across the face,” I said.

“You’re a damn lying faggot!” Lee said.

That just went all over Kris. He had to be restrained. “Bitch, let’s take this shit outside and I’ll fuck your ass up worse!  We’ll see who is the faggot around here!” Kris screamed and wanting more with Jess and Rick doing their best to control Kris.

“Kris, I’ve heard enough!” Rick was starting to lose his temper. “Both of you to my room now!”

Rick, Lee and Kris left the room with Kris still fuming mad.  Jess shut the door when emotions came all over me since I was the root of the disturbance.  I hated now that I was crying and normally was good at not showing my emotions but this involved two special people to me.  Corey held me close and did his best to comfort me.

“Matt, it is not your fault,” Jess said and sat down on the bed with us.

“Yeah, I think I witnessed the coolest shit ever.  Kris didn’t lie when he said he had your back.  Damn I want him forever to be my friend.  He knocked the shit out of that dick!” Scott stated.

“Fuck yeah he did.  That was one great right hook,” Jess said. “He doesn’t take shit for people jacking with his friends.”

“He’s always… been like that for me,” I cried and felt so emotional.

“Remind me to never piss off Kris,” Corey said and held me.

“You can defend yourself, dude,” Scott said.  “What really happened to start all this?”

Corey told them what happened in full detail.  I told about texting Kris when I saw it might get out of control.  We heard a knock at the door and let Michael, Robert and Juan in the room.  We had to tell everything again since they had heard there was trouble.

Rick came back to the room, none too pleased.  “Corey, you know anyone willing to switch rooms with you?  This will not work and Lee is dead set against living you anymore.”

“I’ll do it in a heartbeat,” Michael said. “I hate my asshole roommate.”

“Ummm… I’ll ask him Michael and see if it can’t happen.  In the meantime, all of you need to clear out of here,” Rick insisted.

“Why?” Corey asked.

“Because I said so,” Rick showed his authority.

We marched down the hall and saw Kris sitting in the hall like he was in detention.  He gave us high fives while we proceeded to my room.  We sat on the beds and waited to hear the final verdict.

Rick opened the door, “Corey, Lee says he’s not moving.  Michael’s roommate has agreed to move if you will.”

Michael smiled. “Please Corey!”

“I’ll do it,” Corey said.

“Fine, I still have things to deal with. Make it as quick as possible,” Rick said. “Normally we have to do some paperwork but we need action now. I can cover the rest.”

We all walked down the hall.  Jess and Scott helped out Michael’s roommate move while the rest of us helped Corey. It was a quick resolution to a problem that probably wasn’t getting any better.

In an hour, we had successfully moved things back and forth.  Now I started to worry what Kris’ consequences were in this entire ordeal.  We as a group walked back and found Kris in our room.  I could see he was still steamed and didn’t let it go easily.

“I’m sorry I got you involved,” I said and gave Kris a big hug.

“It’s not so bad.  Rick went light on me seeing how I was taking up for you two.  I think he went down hard on Lee to send a message since he started all this shit.  I did get wrote up and will have that mark against me but it was worth it.  Ain’t no lame ass motherfucker going to call me a fag and hit someone because he doesn’t agree with their lifestyle.”

“Damn, you laid a good one on him,” Jess bragged to Kris.

“I did. That felt so good and was worth it.  I think he got the message,” Kris smiled.

“I did,” Scott said. “No way am I messing with you or your friends.”

“I don’t put up with shit.  I don’t care how big you are or what.  He had no right to do what he did,” Kris said.

“Thanks Kris.  You saved my ass from a lot of trouble.  The best part is I no longer have to live with him,” Corey said.

“Yeah, this is great!” Michael chimed in.

“Matt, you better watch ole Michael here.  He may be moving in on your territory,” Jess laughed.

“Oh no!” Michael said. “I would have taken anyone besides that ass I had. I think Corey’s a nice guy and don’t have any problem with him or Matt being gay.  I have a cousin who is gay and know what to expect.”

“Great, then get used to this,” Corey said and laid a kiss on my lips.  We kissed for a minute and enjoyed it.

“Okay we get the point,” Kris said and we kept going.

“Stop it! You’re grossing my ass out,” Jess said.

We stopped and laughed. “There’s more if you want one too, Jess,” Corey laughed.

“Matt can have mine,” Jess said. “After that display, my ass needs to see some hot porn to erase that thought from my mind.”

“Yeah, a good hot porn would be great right about now with all the drama that’s went on here,” Scott said.

“Well come on then.  Robert and I have a nice collection going,” Jess said.

“Are you serious?” Michael asked.

“Yeah, I’m dead serious,” Jess said. “I thought you guys knew we were a big stash going in our room. You’re welcome to borrow anytime.”

“Let’s go check this shit out.  I need to see some good fucking since my ass is not getting any,” Kris said.  They all stood to leave.

“We’ll stay here unless it’s gay porn,” Corey said.

“Hell no, nothing but straight hardcore shit,” Jess said. “I think you two need some alone time and don’t need a porn.”  They laughed with Kris locking the door.

“What a day!” Corey lamented.

“I know.  My emotions have been so out of whack today,” I stated.

“You think you could turn on the romantic one and…”

“I can damn sure do that,” I smiled. “I think I need a little loving with a hot guy about right now.”

Corey stripped me and I stripped him.  It was plain to see we were horny as hell and wanted each other at this moment.  We swapped blow jobs before Corey entered me.  The feeling of his cock deep in me was now both delightful and very sensual.  He took his time and fucked me gently to make this moment last.  I could feel the love building and growing between us liked I would hope I find here at college.  I came with Corey still in me before he pulled out and came across my face as I insisted he do.

We kissed passionately in the throes of romance and intimacy.  He enjoyed our after sex make out session about as much as he did having sex with me. 

We were still holding each other when I heard a key in the door. 

“Hold on!” I screamed.

The door opened.  “It’s just me,” Kris said and got his eyes filled with us lying together naked. “Damn this room smells of sex.”

“It sure does,” I smiled. “Do we need to get dressed?”

“Ummm… no not for me you don’t.  This is another learning experience of I’m sure many to follow,” Kris said.

“It would help from now on if you would knock unless you are comfortable with seeing us having sex,” I said.

“Yeah, I will but I knew what you horn dogs would be doing,” Kris said. “We have some unique friends.  I was part of a really fucked up thing with Jess.  He and Robert are porn freaks and have the goods to show it.  Corey, your new roomie had a small accident you might say.  He busted his nut in his shorts.”

“Are you serious?” Corey laughed.

“Worse was when Jess thought it was cool to whip out his shit and start jacking off with all of us there.  Watching porn is cool and all but these dudes went too far for me,” Kris said.

“Did you or any other others join him?” I asked.

“Ummm… yeah we all did in the end,” Kris said.

“Here you said we wouldn’t enjoy it,” Corey laughed. “I would have loved a good circle jerk.”

“It wasn’t like that.  We kept our hands to ourselves,” Kris said.

“Did you bust?” I asked.

“Yeah, did you?” Kris returned the question.

“Of course I did and got a hot facial…”

“Sick Matt!  Fucking sick!” Kris said.

“So you all are close buddies as ever now that you’ve all jacked off together, huh?” Corey said laughingly.

“I don’t care if I ever experience that ever again.  Nothing felt right about it,” Kris said. “It was so uncomfortable.”

“Well, do we know any more about someone?” I asked.

“No more than I did going in,” Kris said.

“What are talking about?” Corey asked us.

“We have suspension Scott is not totally straight,” I said.

“I can answer that one.  He’s not like Kris and doesn’t object to having sex with guys but he loves women.  His philosophy is to go with whatever makes him feel good but preferably girls right now,” Corey said.

“Is one that hit on you, Corey?” Kris asked.

Corey looked at me, “We’re friends and we do talk.”

“I’m not saying but you can cross him off.  He sees I’m taken now.  We talked about it today playing golf but he doesn’t want to interfere,” Corey said.

“So he is one then,” Kris said.

“No, he mentioned it today for the first time as more less a comment like if you and Matt break up, I would like to mess around with you one day,” Corey said.

“Would you?” I asked.

“Only after we’re finished and over with would I even consider it.  I see both of you as I was before I started working out.  I was skinny like Scott and why I’m very attracted to you, Matt,” Corey said with a kiss.

“Forget me working out then,” I said. “If you like it then I’ll stay this way.”

“No, you do need a few pounds on ya.  You look almost sickly.  Look at her chest. Your hips stick out,” Corey pointed out my glowing faults with my body. “Your back bone dominates your back.  Your legs are like…”

“I get the point.  Keep shoving food down my throat,” I said.

“No, I do have a great protein powder that might if you wanna try that,” Corey said.

“He needs something,” Kris said.

“I’m up for anything,” I said. “I know I need some weight but just thought it would eventually happen.”

We talked just a little longer before Corey dressed and left to go to his new room.  I threw on some boxers and was out with the television going.  I hated to see the holiday weekend come to a close but it sure was one hot weekend I wouldn’t soon forget.


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