Posted:   October 20, 2010

Needless to say, I was shocked to see Mom with Kris’ parents.  On the other hand, I was tickled to death for her to be here and knew she had to pull some strings at her job to accomplish this trip away on this Saturday of this game.

“All of you wait right here,” Kris stated to all of our friends gathered in our room. “Matt and I will escort them up.  I want them to meet each one of you.”

Kris and I headed down.  Mom was excited as to see me as I was to see her.  She gave me a very sincere hug and a peek on the cheek.

“Matt, you look great, son,” Mom said. “You do need a haircut though.”

I heard Kris’ parents, Walt & Jenny Stanton laughing. “Linda, I think they both need a good cut,” Jenny laughed.

“Mom, you know I’m not cutting it, so get over it,” Kris said and pushed his hair from his eyes.  “Now, I want you to meet all my friends before we chow down.”

Walt rolled his eyes, “He’s still the same Kris I see.”

I snickered slightly, “Maybe a tad worse but he’s the best friend I could have.”

“Without me, Matt would be perfectly content in sitting all day in the room,” Kris laughed. 

We entered the hall that was full of life now.  We climbed the stairs and entered our room.  It was so crowded with the three extras.  Our friends were great sports about this and were very cordial. I grabbed my camera to capture this moment in my freshman year.  Coming here I wanted tons of pictures like I had from high school, but had neglected taking them other than a few.  We headed down to tailgate in Stanton’s SUV.  I could see we weren’t the only ones enjoying this activity even though the stadium was a good half mile hike from the dorm.

At first, our friends were shy about digging into the fresh bought fried chicken, slaw and potato salad.  I grabbed a plate without thinking while the others stood back.  Kris pulled them there to eat.

“You guys eat all you want,” Jenny said. “Kris told us he had a crew.  We bought plenty of food knowing we had some hungry teenagers.”

They dug in and delighted in taking part.  We spread across the parking with chairs all around.

“What’s so funny?” I asked Scott and Corey seeing how they were laughing and caring on.

“Matt, there’s no doubt who is your mom,” Scott laughed. “She’s as skinny as you.”

“Look who’s talking, bitch!” I said and felt a hand slap my back. Now they were rolling with laughter seeing Mom was still in control.  I was flush with embarrassment for opening my mouth.

“I know Kris is not a saint by any stretch of the imagination,” Jenny laughed. “So Matt, are you controlling Kris?”

“Oh yeah, he’s been a very good boy,” I said. “He’s too busy to get into trouble.”

“I know that’s right,” Juan laughed. “He knows everyone on the hall and their life history.”

“I told him to make the most of it,” Walt said. “Guys, you better enjoy this while you can before real life hits you in the ass.  Then you have job, married and have kids.”

“Sir, we’re all having a good time,” Scott laughed. 

It was great to see how we all blended together.  Kris was all smiles and glad to see how his parents accepted and liked all his new friends.  My mom was probably shocked to see how I was just part of the gang.

After the main course was gone, the home baked cookies and cake were brought out to our delight.  The food here was good but nothing like what we got at home. 

After we ate and socialized, the others headed up to prepare for the game.  I was finally able to get Mom aside for some private time.

“What do you think?” I asked her while we sat apart from Kris and his parents.

“Matt, I’m beyond pleased.  I was worried stiff you would hate and feel out of place.  Unless this is some show, I am relieved and very happy to see how things are going.  I worry each night and say a prayer that you will be protected here,” she solemnly stated. “Do they know you’re…”

“They all know.  The best part is they could care less now. They have never given me one second of grief.  We are all friends as you can tell,” I said with my voice getting louder with excitement.

“Matt that is so wonderful.  Jenny was worried as well about you,” she said.

“Mom, I may have found someone too,” I smiled.

“Great!” she said and rolled her eyes in disbelief. “Which one, the skinny one?”

“No, it is Corey,” I smiled.

“Son, I’m very impressed but I know how you are.  You crave affection and love.  I hope you are not leading yourself for a huge let down.  I won’t be here to pick you up.”

“Mom, I can handle it.  We just began,” I said. “He’s cute, huh?”

“I’ll admit he is very cute,” she said.

We talked about my classes and everything concerning college here.  I could tell she now was glad she came to see for her own eyes that I was doing well.

We made the long hike about an hour before kickoff for the football game.  Kris was right and the stadium was a mad house.  Our school colors, blue and black, were everywhere you looked.  We said goodbye temporarily to our parents and headed to be a part of the student section, which was general seating.  We were about two thirds of the way up in the massive stadium with the excitement growing by the second as it filled.  I took in all there was with the sights, sounds and smells of my college football game.  The others knew something was brewing between Corey and me and allowed us to stand next to each other for the game.  By standing, I mean standing.  I only was able to sit down at half time.  The game was a blow out against a very weak opponent but at the same time it was killer and a great experience for me and all my new friends.  By the end, we were all hoarse from screaming and being a part of the crowd.  Kris could barely talk.

The worst part of the night was saying goodbye to my mom.  She held me as long as possible before leaving to make the long trip back home during the night.  I was so glad to see and show her my new life but sad to let her go.

“Fun,” Kris barely spoke.

“It really was,” I said.  We walked inside and headed up to our room.  It was now past 11 at night.  Kris walked down the hall to the big room in the center of the hall to be with everyone that was gathered there.  I have mentioned this before but we had one great RA, Rick.  He was stern about certain things like late night noise and a few spats between guys.  Tonight he allowed us to gather as a group after the game.  There were probably 12 of us there.  I sat next to Corey while we all horsed around and talked. 

At 12:30, Rick made us break it up and head to our rooms so the ones not there could get some peace and quiet. 

I headed back with Kris, Scott and Juan to our room. 

“Matt, what the hell are you doing here?” Kris squeaked out.

“I live here,” I replied.

“Dude, we all know,” Scott said. “Get your ass down there with Corey.”

“Maybe he wants to be alone,” I said.

“No, he doesn’t.  If I were you, my ass would be in his room forever,” Juan said.  “I’m not gay but dude, Corey is fucking…”

“Hot, huh?” I smiled.  I got off the bed.  “I get your point.  See you later.”

“Don’t let him fuck your ass too much,” Scott laughed.

“I wish,” I smiled and headed down the hall. 

I knocked on Corey’s door.  He answered in his boxer briefs with the television going. “You want some company?” I asked.

“You don’t even have to ask,” Corey smiled and kiss me on the cheek. “I didn’t want to ask you and seem so forward but I wanted to be alone with you tonight some.”

“From now on, ask me,” I said. “Kris, Scott and Juan told me to come here.  They know what’s going on now.”

“I’m partially to blame but I let out the good stuff,” Corey said.

We lay on his bed together.  In a matter of minutes, we were lip-locked with the door locked.

“Matt again, you showed what kind of person you were.  You are the perfect son.  I envy your relationship you have with your mom,” Corey said.

“Do your parents know you’re gay?”

“They know but handle it differently than how I saw your mom handles it.  At first, it was hell.  My step dad was rude and very cold.  My mom accepted but would hardly talk about it now.”

“Ummm… my mom has accepted from day one.  She has even tried to set me up at times,” I said.

“There again you could fall into a pile of shit and come out smelling like a rose.  You have the best roommate here along with a very supportive parent.  How does your dad take it?”

“I have a dad somewhere out there but I haven’t seen him since I was 7,” I said.  “That part is where my luck ends.  I envy Kris and his relationship with his dad.  That said my mom is beyond great.  I don’t know how she does what she does but she’s the best I could ever hope for.”

“Now I can see why you’re so close,” Corey said.  “Matt, this may be not the right time but you would stay with me tonight?”

“Of course I will,” I said and tried to temper my excitement that he would even suggest such a thing.

“We have sex great, if we don’t great.  I want to fall asleep with you here with me and hold you against me all night,” Corey said.

“Corey just being with you is great,” I said.  “You know these bed are small.”

“That’s the best part of it,” Corey smiled. “We better enjoy this while we can.  Who knows when we can do this again?”

“Yeah, when Dick gets back…” I started to say and had my mouth covered by his.  He was developing into a great kisser and working his tongue.  He caught me a little off guard when he slipped his hand down the front of my shorts.  His hand did feel good and intensified our kissing.  My hands found his hot ass and had his boxer briefs down to his knees.

“So much for no sex,” Corey smiled.

“We’re both 18 and have sexual urges.  I love it,” I said and open mouth kissed him.  My clothes weren’t on long after that and Corey’s boxer briefs were off.  Naked, we did like any other gay guys and enjoyed the body contact. With Corey much heavier, I crawled on top and rubbed our hard cocks together with Corey’s hands all over my ass.

He initiated the next part and started sucking my 8 inch boner.  He didn’t act timid and went for it with no objections from me.  I wanted part of the action as well and turned to suck his cock that was dripping like a faucet.  We moaned with each other’s cocks in our mouths. 

WHAM! We heard the neighbor slam his bed against the wall and temporarily distracted us.  It did give us an excuse to stop and meet lips.

Corey broke the kiss, “Matt, I want you to be my first.  Can I fuck… no, make hot love to you?”

His plea needed no answer and got my answer with a kiss deep kiss.

“So can I?” he asked again.

“Corey, you can fuck me… make hot love to me… have anal intercourse  whenever and however you want,” I said quietly and nibbled on his pierced ears.   He leaned over with my lips on his neck.  He had a condom and lube ready for the intimate moment. 

“I might need your help,” Corey said and unrolled the condom.  I lubed it up and my ass as well.

“Just go with it.  Every guy naturally knows how to fuck,” I said.

“Okay,” Corey said.

I spread my legs and watched carefully his moments.  Now I wanted a picture of this moment to capture Corey entering me.  He grabbed my legs and threw them on his shoulders and push them forward just a little.  I looked into his eyes and felt his eyes as well.  He looked down and stuck his hard cock at my hole.  I pushed out to accept his cock.  He struggled to find the right spot to enter me.  I continued to push out and felt the head enter past my sphincter and go into my ass.  There was a little pain at first but nothing too bad.  I rolled my eyes into the back of my head and felt him going deeper.

OOOO Corey,” I moaned and loved this feeling now exploding throughout my skinny body.

“Fuck yeah, feels so good!” Corey shouted before kissing me. The kiss allowed my ass to adjust after not being fucked in a few months.

“Just fuck me now,” I said after the kiss and feeling the joy of him in me.

“Damn, your ass is so hot!”

“I love how you feel in me,” I said. 

He started slowly moving in and out.  After a few thrusts, he slipped out and applied more lube.  “You okay?”

“Never better,” I eked out with the great feeling running through my veins. 

He reinserted his hard cock in me.  I pulled him closer while we stared deeply into each other’s eyes.  The old dorm bed shook but I didn’t care if we were heard.  My brain was doing flip flops with the feeling and sight of Corey deep in me.  I reached down to jack off.  We leaned over and pushed my ass higher off the bed.  He kissed my neck while slowly fucking me.

“Harder Corey,” I said and was almost delirious.

MMM,” Corey groaned and increased the pace with our breathing increased.  He was doing great for a rookie.  Whatever he desired, I would do now.

“OOO Corey, fuck me!” I screamed. “Fuck my ass, you stud!

He continued to fuck me with our hands all over each other in this great sensual act of two guys having intimate intercourse. 

After a few minutes, I rolled on my side and slung my leg over his.  He was back inside and nibbling on my ear with his hand jacking me off.  This was different to him and took a few moments to adjust to the position.  I loved it and could feel his hot body pressed into my back.  I turned for a kiss.  He kissed me and groaned in my mouth.  I felt a warm sensation while he filled the condom up.

“Damn! Fuck! Shit!” Corey cursed.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “It did feel so good.”

He pulled out and slowly took off the filled condom.  He returned to jack me off with one hand resting on my stomach.  I felt the urge and grabbed him for a kiss while I exploded.  The climax felt great and was as intense as ever with milky man juice on my stomach and pubes.

“Matt I never expected to have feelings like this for a guy so soon here, but damn, I think I’m fucking in love!” Corey said.

“I’m feeling the same way,” I stated.

We rolled around kissing, touching and petting in our bliss.  I never wanted the feeling to dissipate.  No drug could make me feel the way I felt after we had sex.  The feeling went away and left us spent.  Since neither of us slept naked, we donned our underwear.  Corey held me close and it was tight in the small bed.  I didn’t care and loved the closeness we had.  We kissed and petted until we were both asleep.

I woke the next morning Sunday in a strange room.  It took me a moment to gather my bearings.  I looked and saw Corey staring at me on top of his roommate’s bed.  He walked across and joined me.

“I had to move.  It was too hot sleeping like that,” Corey said after we kissed.

“Thanks,” I replied.

“I owe you a world of thanks.  I wanted my first fuck to mean something and did it ever.  I’m glad it wasn’t some random hookup.  Matt, it felt so right like there wasn’t a damn thing wrong with what we did.”

“Corey, my first time was a random hookup off the internet.  I wanted to see if I was truly gay and got fucked by a kid basically I knew nothing about.  I loved the sex part but felt empty afterwards like I did something nasty and detesting.  I did have a boyfriend until June.  He was great but failed in comparison to you.  He was scared of his emotions.  We rarely kissed and after sex, he would just leave me there.”

“Matt, I did the same shit with girls,” Corey said. “There’s no doubt after last night or should I say early this morning I’m gay.  I had doubts to whether it was just a fascination with the male body or male looks.  I was attracted to them but didn’t know how I would really act after having sex with a guy.  I felt so complete and so assured after we did make love to each other.  It felt so natural with you and easy.  I thought I would be so nervous but you didn’t let me be nervous.”

“It did feel great huh?  It felt like it should when two people have sex together.  It was unforced and I can see it was an act of love.  Corey, would you care to relive that with me now?”

“I would love it,” Corey said.

We got naked in no time.  Right when he entered me, my phone rang.  I didn’t care who it was, I was having sex at the moment.  He again was gentle and loving.  We kissed more and felt so at ease doing this very natural loving act.  I rode him a little before he had me on my back and making great love to me.  We enjoyed the eye contact and intimacy while the sex was slow and unhurried.  Corey did pull out in time and covered my stomach with his morning load.  I was right behind him and shot a good load.  He wanted to taste it and did so but just a small taste.  I was a cum lover and delighted in tasting our mix. 

I checked my phone to see I missed a call from Kris.  I called him back after Corey I finished kissing.  Kris wanted to grab something to eat and needed someone to eat with since the others were gone out.  Corey and I dressed quickly and meet Kris at my room.


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